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Ethereum Secrets ✖️ Geheimnisse des Astraleums ✖️ World of Warcraft Quest Guides ✖️ Quest 1202: A Mission of Mercy (WoW, human, paladin) [Quest 10970] - A Mission of Mercy [Quest 10971] - Ethereum Secrets Toosexehto Ethereum Prison Key AoE

50 50 Ethereum Prison Key Item Level 1 Disenchants into: Not disenchantable Use: Unlocks Ethereum prisons. 1 (Expendable) Charges Ethereum Prison Keys are keys used to open an Ethereum Prison. Contents[show] Prerequisites For the Ethereum Prison Keys to drop or allow one to roll on them within a party, one has to be honored with the Consortium and has to have completed the quest A Mission of Ethereum Secrets is a repeatable quest granting 250 Consortium reputation. It involves farming for a [Ethereum Prison Key] then opening an Ethereum Prison, killing the level 70 non-elite who spawns and looting the [Ethereum Prisoner I.D. Tag].. You will only need to complete this quest once to continue the chain. However, only after you have Revered reputation with the Consortium does the next Key - Key - Unlocks Ethereum prisons. 5. Fly to Ethereum Staging Grounds (57, 37) and start killing mobs until you loot the Salvaged Ethereum Prison Key. 6. Return to Commander Ameer (59.5, 32.4) and turn in quest. Ameer uses the Ethereum Prison Key on the Salvaged Ethereum Prison next to him. 7. Accept the next quest "Ethereum Secrets" from him. 8. Furthermore, it would seem that the keys can be combined to form a special key that accesses another prison type. Now I just need more keys... Progress I know it's asking a lot but think of the lives that could be saved! Completion <Ameer deftly combines the keys and begins to read the markings on the newly formed key tablet.>

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Ethereum Secrets ✖️ Geheimnisse des Astraleums ✖️ World of Warcraft Quest Guides ✖️

World Of Warcraft Quest Guide Ethereum Secrets Quest ID 10971 Playthrough Netherstorm This video is made by World of warcraft Guides and Gameplay Hope you enjoy remember to like and subscribe ... • Loot the corpses of the Ethereals until you receive a SALVAGED ETHEREUM PRISON KEY from its corpse. • Travel back to Protectorate Watch Post at coords 59.4, 32.2. • Turn in the quest to ... Toosexehto Ethereum Prison Key AoE 50 keys yields 150gold and about 10 large prismatics with 43 of them being actual mobs. 7 others are just rep. My Mission is to create some big as f*ck Video Encyclopedia of World of Warcraft. This includes Quests, Dungeons, Raids and other Stuff like Farming specific Items. ... hOw to-Ethereum Prison Key ... • Loot their corpses, until you receive an ETHEREUM PRISON KEY. • Travel either to coords 54, 40 or 54, 46. • Click on the Ethereum Prison, which will appear as a pinkish orb.