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Every sport was touched by COVID-19. Every single one. Even the NFL had to do their draft online. The NBA, the NHL, MLB, and so many others – they had to stop their seasons and figure out new plans on the fly. Now, at least, we’re at the point where some things are starting to come back. We’re all cautiously optimistic for the NFL season (even if it doesn’t have fans). The NHL has set training camp dates for July, with the idea that the games will be played later on in the summer (to wrap up the season). Horse racing, thankfully, is coming back in a big way, too. Here at BetNow, you can bet the Belmont Stakes.
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/r/HorseRacing Census 2019 (results)

/HorseRacing 2019 Census (results)

Thank you to everyone who took the inaugural /HorseRacing census. We had 237 total responses over the course of 6 days. While I'm on my pedestal: FUCK SURVEY MONKEY FOR CHARGING YOU IF YOU WANT TO RETRIEVE THE RESULTS OF A SURVEY WITH MORE THAN 100 RESPONSES. THIEVES!
If there are any questions, please do reply to the post! I'm happy to provide more details.

Q1: How old are you?

Age Percent Count
Under 18 3% 6
18-24 22% 51
25-34 41% 96
35-44 22% 51
45-54 8% 19
55-64 3% 8
65+ 2% 5
Answered 236
Skipped 1

Q2: What is your gender?

Gender Percent Count
Male 89% 209
Female 10% 23
Other 2% 4
Answered 236
Skipped 1

Q3: How are you involved with racing?

Inolvement Percent Count
Casual Fan 69% 141
Handicapper 54% 127
Track Worker 5% 12
Work with Horses 9% 21
Total Degen 18% 43
Answered 236
Skipped 1

Q4: What is your home race track?

Answers were broken down based on the location of the track chosen
Country Percent Count
Australia 2% 5
Canada 2% 5
Ireland 1% 2
Italy 0% 1
Nebraska 0% 1
South Africa 0% 1
Turkey 0% 1
United Kingdom 2% 4
United States 91% 193
Answered 213
Skipped 24

State Percent Count
New York 20% 39
California 17% 32
Illinois 10% 19
Kentucky 9% 18
New Jersey 7% 14
Maryland 5% 9
Ohio 4% 8
Pennsylvania 4% 8
Florida 3% 6
Texas 3% 5
Washington 3% 5
Minnesota 2% 4
Louisiana 2% 4
Massachusetts 2% 3
Philadelphia 2% 3
Arizona 1% 2
Arkansas 1% 2
Indiana 1% 2
Colorado 1% 1
Delaware 1% 1
Iowa 1% 1
Nebraska 2% 3
New Mexico 1% 1
North Carolina 1% 1
Virginia 1% 1
West Virginia 1% 1
United States 193

Track Percent Count of Track
Saratoga 12% 22
Arlington 10% 18
Santa Anita 9% 16
Monmouth Park 7% 14
Belmont Park 6% 11
Churchill Downs 6% 11
Golden Gate 5% 9
Keeneland 4% 8
Laurel Park 4% 7
Parx 3% 6
Del Mar 3% 5
Emerald Downs 3% 5
Canterbury 2% 4
Woodbine 2% 4
Belterra Park 2% 3
Gulfstream Park 2% 3
Lone Star 2% 3
Suffolk Downs 2% 3
Thistledowns 2% 3
Fairmount Park 1% 2
Indiana Grand 1% 2
Oaklawn Park 1% 2
Penn National 1% 2
Pimlico 1% 2
Sam Houston 1% 2
Tampa Bay Downs 1% 2
Aqueduct 1% 1
Arapahoe Park 1% 1
Arizona Downs 1% 1
Colonial Downs 1% 1
Delaware Park 1% 1
Delta Downs 1% 1
Fair Grounds 1% 1
Fairgrounds 1% 1
Finger Lakes 1% 1
Gulfstream 1% 1
Lincoln Race Course 1% 1
Miami Valley 1% 1
Mountaineer 1% 1
Paririe Meadows 1% 1
Pocono Downs 1% 1
Presque Isle Downs 1% 1
The Meadows 1% 1
Turf Paradise 1% 1
United States 187
Woodbine = 4
All other international tracks chosen had one selection

Q5: How long have you been involved with racing?

Experience Responses
Less than a year 9% 21
1-3 years 22% 50
3-10 years 29% 67
10+ years 39% 90
Answered 228
Skipped 9

Q6: How often do you wager?

Frequency Responses
N/A 8% 17
Every day 8% 18
A few times a week 36% 82
About once a week 14% 32
A few times a month 23% 52
Once a month 4% 10
Less than once a month 7% 15
Answered 226
Skipped 11

Q7: Which online wagering website do you use?

ADW Responses
TVG 41% 91
TwinSpires 35% 78
Bet America 7% 16
NYRA Bets 17% 38
DRF Bets 10% 22
Other 32% 72
Answered 223
Skipped 14

Q8: Who is your favorite horse of all time?

Horse Percent count
American Pharoah 7% 16
Secretariat 7% 16
Zenyatta 6% 13
Justify 4% 8
Arrogate 3% 7
Rachel Alexandra 2% 5
Smarty Jones 2% 5
The one that wins 2% 5
Cigar 2% 4
Barbaro 1% 3
Big brown 1% 3
California Chrome 1% 3
Ruffian 1% 3
Seabiscuit 1% 3
Seattle Slew 1% 3
Silver Charm 1% 3
Songbird 1% 3
Winx 1% 3
Yoshida 1% 3
Answered 216
Horses with less than 3 votes not shown
Honorable Mention:
  • MaBallzEzHairy
  • Me
  • Not Maximum Security
  • Your Mom

Q9: Who will be the Eclipse Champion 3 year old?

Horse Percent Count
Not Sure 27% 50
War of Will 19% 35
Omaha Beach 14% 27
Maximum Security 11% 20
Tacitus 8% 15
Travers Winner 2% 4
Country House 1% 2
Global Campaign 1% 2
Guarana 1% 2
King for a Day 1% 2
Mitole 1% 2
Plus Que Parfait 1% 2
Tax 1% 2
Winx 1% 2
Answered 188
Horses with less than 2 not shown
Honorable Mention:
  • ¯_(ツ)_/¯
  • A 4k Claimer at MNR
  • Can they skip this year?
  • Wad of Will

Q10: What is one thing racing could do better?

Answers were placed in groups based on response
Suggestion Percent Count
Attract Families/Younger Crowd 16% 29
Horse Safety 11% 20
Central Governing Body 10% 19
Marketing/Public Image 7% 13
Statistics 6% 12
Drug Control 5% 10
Fix Santa Anita 5% 10
Lower Takeout 4% 7
Technology 3% 6
TV Coverage 3% 6
Larger Field Size 3% 5
Change Betting Structure 2% 4
Steward Transparency 2% 4
Answered 186
Honorable Mention:
  • Free Hot Dogs
  • Ban Stronarch
Further Details
Attract Families/Younger Crowd
  • "If they made the PPs (the formats and especially the data dumps) more accessible to younger people, they'd get more interested in running numbers and wagering. I have a bunch of friends who think it's impossible to figure things out, but would love to try their hand at handicapping. As it is, PPs looks like Greek."
  • "Lower the learning curve to enable new young fans to get interested without needing expert family/ friends to teach everything"
Central Governing Body
  • "Work to consistently and uniformly enforce rules across the entire industry, simply for the sake of not only protecting the horses but creating a better public image."
Marketing/Public Image
  • "Transparency" x3
  • "Be more open to the general public about how they treat their horses."
  • Stop being so f'n stingy with racing data. You want fans? Give 'em something they (fans) want, not what you think they want."
  • "Have the tracks collectively purchase DRF and run it as a not-for-profit to get people interested in racing for a low price"
Fix Santa Anita
  • "Pressure Santa Anita to make a surface change, it’s giving racing lots of bad press. "
  • "HD Video"
  • "Upgrade its technology, especially in the streaming and data presentation aspects."
TV Coverage
  • "TV broadcasts that are actually focused on horse racing and not C-list celebrities"
Change Betting Structure
  • "Radically amend the parimutuel system by slicing the house take and offering prop-type wagers that are more appealing to young gamblers"
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XBet Sportsbook, Casino, and Racebook Review

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Why Bet Sports with Xbet

At Xbet, we’ve hand-picked and hired the most experienced, skilled online gaming professionals. Our collective vision is to establish Xbet as the world’s leading online sports betting and gambling website. Our business model is to provide you with a unique, personalized, stress-free gaming experience whether you play on sports, casino games, or horse racing. Our superb customer service team is available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone, email or chat. Xbet also offers incentives via industry-leading bonuses and special promotions.
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How to Watch USA Horse Racing Free Online in Australia??

I'm from Australia but I have a keen interest in USA horse racing.....Our local racing telecasting Sky Racing show about 8-10 races (inc harness racing) from across the US but as for the other 100s of races, it's very hard to get to watch them.
I know if you make a betting account TVG or Twinspires (and there's probably several others as well I'm sure) they give you the free vision of all races, but that leaves Aussies hamstrung because even using a VPN it's impossible to create a USA betting account from outside the country and have it verified (I've tried) because you need an SSN matching up with your personal details to be verified to be able to view the races.
Is there any way to watch all the venues online for free? We get the MASSIVE races like the Derby, Preakness, Belmont, Breeders Cup etc on Sky Racing but even big G1's like the Haskell the other week I was unable to watch.
It's strange because many of our online betting services in Australia bet on these races but there's no readily found vision of them for Australian's.
If anyone has an idea of how I can get around the twists & turns and make an American betting account to watch or better yet somewhere that live streams for free I'd love to know. I quite like NBC's coverage of the major races but we can't even get that being in Australia even with a VPN because NBC requires a USA cable network subscription.

Thanks In Advance!
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XBET.AG Sign Up Bonus!!

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Opinion: Nascar should take advantage of the new sports gambling laws

I'm posting this to see if people think I'm crazy or not. There are a lot of posts on here about how Nascar is losing fans each year. But with the landscape of sports gambling changing in this country on state by state basis, I really feel like there is an opportunity for Nascar to cash in.
I look to horse racing as the prime example. The Belmont is this weekend and it'll have thousands of people watching at home who have money on the race. If you watch the broadcast, they play up the gambling aspect of the race as much as anything else. At the end of the race, they show how much the winning horses paid out if you bought a ticket. Nascar should do the same thing.
It's a long term plan, but each track could get a sports book so people can bet in person. They would also have to develop a singular authority for online betting across all tracks. I don't know if too many sports books currently offer exactas, trifectas, and other parlays like horse racing, but that's what they should shoot for, the same type of crazy bets where people can hit big. The broadcasts should take advantage of it and show/discuss it. Gambling isn't a taboo thing anymore, and I truly feel like it would be a way to bring more people to the track, and watching the race on tv.
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One Betting Angle That Has Proven Fruitful For Many Years.

Over the years, I have picked up quite a few angles that has proven to be successful at most racetracks. But these angles are mostly for handicappers that would like to collect pay-offs in chunks whether than a dollar or two at a time. Some of these angles you may not agree with but I can definitely say they have worked for me over and over again.
Angle #1) This angle has probably been the best of them all, but it usually takes a little tweaking every year or two. When I first started betting, OTB or online betting have yet to be introduced. However, since I was betting at tracks where I had to attend, I notice that all my serious winnings were coming on the same week of every month. So after a couple of years, I started charting which Saturday the favorites were winning, which Saturday the 2nd favorite were winning the most races, etc. I found without fail that the post time favorite was winning the last Saturday of the month(often at less than even money), the 2nd favorite would outfinish the favorite consistently the first Saturday of the month, The favorite would either beat or run second to a horse usually under 10-1 the second Saturday of the month. The third Saturday of the month, however, were bombs away. Horses were winning almost every race ranging in odds from 10-1 to 70-1 and the two favorites were rarely within sniffing distance of running 3rd, much less keying an exacta or tri.
When the OTB's started simulcasting and I have the option to bet many tracks on any given day, I also started charting the results for all the tracks I played and noticed each track was following this method but on different weekends.
Tracks on the first Saturday that ran longshots includes Gulfstream Park, Calder(now Gulfstream West), Tampa Bay, Remington Park, Churchill Downs, Ellis Park, Rockingham Park, Philadelphia Park are some of the ones I remembered.
Tracks that ran longshots on the second Saturday includes Santa Anita Park, Hollywood Park, Golden Gate Fields, Bay Meadows, Emerald Downs, Charles Town, Monmouth Park, Fairgrounds, Arlington Park, Lone Star Park, Los Alamitos, Turf Paradise, Mountaineer Park, Woodbine, are the ones I can remember.
Tracks that ran longshots on third Saturdays included Louisiana Downs, Delta Downs, Evangeline Downs, Sam Houston Race Park, Retama Park, Balmoral Park(Harness), Penn National, Indiana Downs, Hoosier Park, Sunland Park, Ruidoso Park are the ones I remember.
Tracks that ran longshots on the fourth week included Belmont Park, Zia Park, The Meadowlands(Thoroughbreds), are the only ones I can remember though I know there were several more.
Just a word of caution though. Most tracks will attempt to switch up the weekends every year or two to keep you guessing. I have seen some tracks split the card and run favorites for the first half of a card followed by longshots the last half of a card and vice versa but then they will do this a couple of Saturdays a month.
Also, this works on every day of the week the tracks are running but the longshots(over 8-1)will fall on different days every week. This is why it is important for you to keep your own records for every day of the week you wish to bet.
Now when I bet a longshot on a week that my charts tell me he should not win, I am not surprise when he does not pick up his feet. However, the same goes true for a favorite. I used to be perplex when I saw a favorite that should easily win a race not even make an attempt during the race. Also this does not mean that I make money every time a longshot wins. I still have to find and bet the horse I think will win which is still the hardest part. It just helps to increase your confidence on the ability of your horse's hidden form. The more confident you are, the more likely you will begin to pull it off more often!!!
I have a few more angles on horses running lines that I think will prove helpful and I will post them in the next couple of days when I get some free time. All my angles have come from years of learning and playing horses, but the big paydays are the only reason I keep playing the horses.
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Downloading daily racing forms

i want to download those black and white books they offer at the tracks with all the daily info on each race. I bought one at belmont for $5 last time i went. Can i get these online somewhere for tracks world wide? New to online horse betting and not sure what people use.
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I know this is short notice, so I apologize.
I have been trying to figure out the logistics of running a handicapping contest, and I think the best way to do this is to do a dry run. No prizes, no karma, nothing but kudos here right now; that does not mean that I WILL award prizes later, but it is something that I'm looking into.
Please note that this is the first time this has been done on this subreddit, so I expect there to be a lot of screwups and "I wish you would have done it this way, Shotgun" posts later. That's fine, any criticism (as long as it's subjective) will be carefully reviewed and considered and I'll make modifications to the way this will work later.
Now, for the track!
I've selected BELMONT, for July 4, 2012.
You can review the entries here.
If you need an official "card" for the track for that date, I can't (yet) help you; TimeForm should have one posted later tonight or tomorrow. I don't know of any other sources for this track at this time online for free.
For this test run, please use the following format.
Race, then dollar amount, then bet type, then the number of the horse(s). If you are boxing and/or wheeling, make sure you list the final price at the end of the line for the ticket.
You might also want to use the "four spaces at the beginning of the line" formatting to get the type to print as "code" to help with legibility.
So, for example:
RACE 1, $2 WIN, 3 RACE 2, $2 WPS, 3, $6 $2 EXACTA BOX, 3/6, $4 
Make sense?
Edit 2
Here's another race card to review for Belmont - TimeForm PDF
Edit 3
I obviously did not explain myself properly up above (first time jitters I guess). When I said that I've selected Belmont, I meant that the track that this competition will be involving is Belmont, for everyone.
at 7/4/2012 12:40pm ET
1st race at 12:50pm ET
ToreroTrojan ..... +16.60 Shotgun_Mosquito +16.60
shartin_tartan ..... ($37.80)
RichDavi ($45.80)
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[email protected] Stakes 2017 Live Streaming Free

149th edition of the Belmont Stakes will take place later today at Belmont Park in Elmont, NY. You can watch Belmont Stakes 2017 Live Stream on NBC. Live television coverage starts at 3 p.m. on NBCSN. The pre-race coverage begins at 5 p.m. on NBC.

Belmont Stakes 2017 Live Streaming Free

Belmont,.Stakes,.2017:,.Post,.Time,,.TV,.Schedule,.and,.Live-Stream,.2017,.Belmont,.Stakes:,.How,.to,.Watch,.|,.NBC,.Southern,.California,.The,.149th,.running,.of,.the,.Belmont,.Stakes,,.the,.last,.leg,.of,.the,.Triple,....,.You,.can,.live,.stream,.the,.Preakness,.on,.your,.desktop,.or,....,.Horse,.Racing,.News,.and,.Results,.- Latest,.2017,.Belmont,.Stakes,.odds.,.After,.would-be,.favorite,.Classic,.Empire,.was,.scratched,.from,.the,.Belmont,.Stakes,.on,.Wednesday,,.a,.wide-open,.field,.will,.entice,....,.WAtch,.Belmont,.Stakes,.2017,.Live,.Belmont,.Stakes,,.2017,.Belmont,.Stakes,,.WAtch,.Belmont,.Stakes,.2017,.Live,.Streaming,.Free. Filter,.posts,.by:,.Events,.Tracks.,.DRF,.Live.,.Albuquerque,,.Aqueduct,,.Arapahoe,.Park,,.Arlington,.Park,,.Assiniboia,.Downs,,.Balmoral,.Park,,.Belmont,.Park,,.Belterra,.Park,....,.Belmont,.Stakes,.2017:,.Live,.stream,.for,.the,.post,.position,.draw,.Star,.power,.is,.down,.from,.the,.first,.two,.races,.of,.the,.Triple,.Crown,,.but,.the,.field,.looks,.good,.for,.a,.fun,.race.,.The,.149th,.running,.of,.the,.Belmont,.Stakes,....,.Belmont,.Stakes,.2017,.Live Belmont,.Stakes,.2017,.Belmont,.Stakes,.2017,.Live,.Belmont,.Stakes,.Live,.Belmont,.Stakes,.Live,.Streaming,.Belmont,.Stakes,.2017,.Live,.Stream.,.Horse,.Racing,.Radio,.Network HRRN's,,.Call-in,.Show,.from,.June,.8,,.2017.,....,.HRRN,.ANNOUNCES,.BELMONT,.STAKES,.(G1),.BROADCAST,.SCHEDULE,....,.Mike,.Penna,.and,.Jude,.Feld,.broadcast,.live,.from,.our,.Jimmy,.John's,.of,.Lexington,.studio,.while,.Anthony,.Stabile,....,.Belmont,.Stakes,.2017,.Best,.Betting,.Sites,,.Post,.time,,.Live,.Stream,....,.Giddy,.Up!,.The,.2017,.Belmont,.is,.here.,.Let's,.review,.all,.the,.pertinent,.information,,.check,.the,.odds,,.make,.a,.bet,.and,.watch,.it,.live.,.My,.Belmont,.Gold,....,.XBTV,.LIVE,.|,.2017,.Preakness,.-,.Preakness,.Stakes,.XBTV,.Live:,.Watch,.Live,.Coverage,,.Interviews,,.Workouts,,.Analysis,.and,....,.in,.advance,.of,.the,.Ogden,.Phipps,.at,.Belmont,.Park,.on,.June,.10th,,.2017.,.Belmont,.Stakes,.2017,.Live,.Stream:,.Watch,.The,.Belmont,.Online,.Looking,.for,.how,.to,.live,.stream,.the,.2016,.Belmont,.Stakes?,.Find,.out,.how,.to,.watch,.the,.148th,.running,.of,.the,.Belmont,.live,.online,.for,.free,.here!,.The,.2017,.Belmont,.Stakes,.is,.the,.true,.test,.of,.a,.horse's,.talent,.and,.determination,.because,.of,.the,.grueling,.1.5-mile,.long,.track...,.Belmont,.Stakes,.2017,.|,.NBC,.Sports,.Live.,.Digital,.Only,.The,.Dan,.Patrick,.Show,.6-9,.General,.6am,.PDT.,.Digital,.Only,....,.NBCSN,.Belmont,.Stakes,.Access,.Horse,.Racing,.2pm,.PDT.,.Belmont,.Stakes,.2017:,.Date,,.post,.time,,.start,,.TV,.&,.live,.streams,.|,.Other,....,.June,.9,,.2017,.8:22am,.EDT,.June,.9,,.2017,.8:19am,.EDT,.Here's,.everything,.you,.need,.to,.know,.about,.the,.2017,.Belmont,.Stakes,,.including,.date,,.time,,.TV,.channels,....,.Belmont,.Stakes,.2017:,.Live,.stream,.for,.the,.post,.position,.draw,.-,.SB,.Nation,.Star,.power,.is,.down,.from,.the,.first,.two,.races,.of,.the,.Triple,.Crown,,.but,.the,.field,.looks,.good,.for,.a,.fun,.race.,.Race,.Day,.Live,.2017,.Wood,.Memorial,.Replay,.of,.Talking,.Horses,.Show,.Trips,.and,.Traps,.Replay,.of,.Aqueduct,.Live,.Cigar,.Mile,.Replay,.of,.2016,.Belmont,.Stakes,.(Pan),....,.Preakness,.2017,.livestream:,.Watch,.Triple,.Crown,.race,.online,.May,.20,,.2017,.-,.The,.142nd,.running,.of,.the,.Preakness,.Stakes,,.the,.second,.leg,.of,.thoroughbred,.racing's,.Triple,.Crown,,.is,.set,.for,.Pimlico,.Race,.Course,.in,.Baltimore,,....,.Belmont,.Stakes,.2017:,.Post,.positions,,.odds;,.Classic,.Empire,.out;,.Irish,....,.CLEVELAND,,.Ohio,.--,.Belmont,.Stakes,.2017,.post-position,.draw,.occurred,.today,.(Wednesday,,.June,.7),....,.Belmont,.post,.position,.draw,.live,.stream.,.What,.time,.does,.the,.Belmont,.Stakes,.start?,.TV,.channel,,.live,.stream,.info,....,.Early,.Belmont,.Stakes,.2017,.odds,.and,.analysis;,.Epicharis,.makes,....,.Time:,.Live,.television,.coverage,.begins,.at,.3,.p.m.,.ET,.on,.NBCSN,.before,....
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[MOJA]Belmont Stakes 2017 Live Stream Full Race Online/WinCast June 10

Watch Belmont Stakes 2017 Live Streaming – Preview, Date & Time: Saturday, June 10, Belmont Stakes 2017 Live Streaming – WatchESPN, ESPN,CBS,FOX, SEC Networks, BTN, ESPN News, ESPN3, CBSSN, PAC, DISH, DirecTV, SkyTV, JustinTV etc. You can watch Belmont Stakes 2017: Preview, Start Time, TV Channels, Live Stream, and Online TV Channel Info for 2017 Horse Racing Today Score and Updates News here. Belmont Stakes 2017 2017 Date/Time: When, What Channel on TV, Live Stream. Check out how to watch Belmont Stakes 2017 Live Stream? 2017 Horse Racing online via the XBOX ONE, XBOX 360, Android phone, tablet, Apple TV®, iPad 2, iPhone®, iPod touch®, PS3™, PS4™, PLAYSTATION®, PlayStation®Vita, ROKU®, Sony® smart TVs and 720p, 1080p, BrRip, DvdRip, High Quality live stream. 2017 Belmont Stakes results: Live updates complete field entries 2 hours ago - The 149th Belmont Stakes is set to go on Saturday night at Belmont Park in New York The now 11-horse field will hit the posts at 6:37 pm ET Belmont Stakes 2017: Post Time TV Coverage NBC Live Stream and bleacherreportcom2713039-belmont-stakes-2017-post-time-tv-coverage-nbc-live 3 hours ago - Saturday marks the end of the 2017 Triple Crown season with the running of the Belmont Stakes with one horse prepared to take home the title Belmont Stakes 2017 live stream: Where to watch online | ALcom 2 hours ago - Not going to be able to watch Saturday's Belmont Stakes on TV but still want to see who'll win the last of this year's Triple Crown races? You can live stream the 149th Belmont Stakes online through NBC Sports Live Extra or by using the NBC Sports Live Extra app for tablets and Belmont Stakes 2017 live stream: Watch online - FanSided https:fansidedcom20170610belmont-stakes-2017-live-stream-watch-online 12 hours ago - The 2017 Belmont Stakes will be held on June 10 Here's how you can watch the last leg of the Triple Crown races online via live streaming How to watch the 2017 Belmont Stakes online TV coverage radio wwwsbnationcom20176102017-belmont-stakes-live-stream-watch-online 7 hours ago - The 149th edition of the Belmont Stakes will take place later today at Belmont Park in Elmont NY You can watch the annual race on NBC Live Sat Jun 10 Belmont Park [PDF]WATCH LIVE | Belmont Stakes 2017 Live Stream From Elmont Race wwwpehrcorgsitespehrcorgfilesaskahskahskajkjpdf 10 mins ago - Belmont Stakes 2017 live stream: Where to watch online | ALcom 1 hour ago - Not going to be able to watch Saturday's Belmont Stakes on TV Belmont Stakes 2017: Live updates from Belmont Park | Other Sports wwwsportingnewscombelmont-stakes-2017wd6npbtlp95r1m4iw7embbfo7 June 10 2017 4:24pm EDT June 10 2017 4:17pm EDT Get live updates from the track at the 2017 Belmont Stakes Belmont Stakes 031815-GETTY-FTRjpg [live] Belmont Stakes 2017 live Online on FREE - Mike Kane MP wwwmikekaneorgasrstream12_live_belmont_stakes_2017_live_online_on_free Posted by Anonymous 5pc on June 10 2017 [live] Belmont Stakes 2017 live Online on FREE location for When? June 11 2017 at 10am - 1pm Belmont Live Stream: How to Watch 2017 Race Online - Heavycom heavycom2017belmont-stakes-live-stream-how-where-phone-computer-nbc-t 3 hours ago - Looking for a live stream of the 2017 Belmont Stakes? We have a full rundown of the options below The race has a post time of 6:37 pmHorse Racing Online: Betting predictions Horse Racing Online: Betting predictions
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[CONTEST] Picking WInners

Feelin' lucky punk?
Well with this contest, if you're going to win, you'll answer that with a definitive 'Yes.' This isn't going to be an easy contest. With a little determination though you'll have taken the reigns and steered yourself to the positive leaving little behind to fate. Uh, What?
I want to know who the best handicapper on /Cigars is.
I'm going to pick out 5-6 main races over the weekend of October 12th, plus an additional 2 bonus races this coming weekend and you'll get to pick one race of your own (if turnout is good and people are up for it, the contest will run the duration of October with races picked out each weekend except for this one, it'll be the same two, let me hear what you think). You'll make one selection per race. The horse you pick will have an automatic "$10 win bet" placed on it. The winner will have the highest payout of everyone playing. Anyone who plays the initial two races this weekend will have a small bonus consideration in the event of a tie (and solid preparation/races to review for next weekend).
If you've never handicapped a race before nor do you plan to, that's okay, guess away. The public picks the winner correctly 33% of the time. It usually doesn't pay that well but they're right. I recommend you start here though. The fundamentals of handicapping are based around class, form, speed, and pace. A good tool to figure these out for a horse are its past performances. There's a plethora online but if you're feeling ambitious(or I've piqued your interest) this isn't a bad list of reading material.
Personally those websites aren't bad but you really only need to poke around on That's the go to place. Read the articles I've provided and then stick to DRF, that's my recommendation. Also you are going to see past performances cost money, Do Not Buy Any!! I will be providing all the past performances for all the chosen races (if you live near a track there might be paper copies of the DRF around town; it's an expensive paper and you need to buy it for the day of the races you are playing and it's only available the night before at the earliest.)
Okay, so that's the background. Now back to the contest. It's simple really. Whoever has the highest payout after all the races are finished will be our winner (if we run it through the month it's the same premise). There will also be a runner-up for second best and a winner for single highest payout on a horse. The odds will be the final odds of the racetrack the horse is running on. I'll check the results and adjust the payout for a $10 win bet and that will be your payout. Your accumulated payout will be your final total and determine your placing. In the event of a tie I'll consider if any of the initial two races were played, if the person won, then I'll look to single highest payout among the tied competitors. Worst case we'll split a prize (or double one, we'll figure it out).
You can leave your selections in a comment below for each race. If you play the initial two this weekend clearly distinguish the races with the date. I will post the initial two races tonight. They will be from Belmont Park and they will be graded stakes races run this coming Saturday.
The races for the following weekend of the twelfth will be posted shortly as well. You won't be able to handicap them till next week though. Use the time to brush up on the basics and give it your best shot.
As for prizes...
I'm going to put together a bunch of cigars. Obviously our high roller will be receiving some high rolling cigars, 5-10 clubhouse /graded stakes class(super premium) sticks. The runner up is looking at closer to 5 grandstand/claiming level (less premium) sticks and the single highest payout on a horse will get 2. And a hug.
The winner, if he/she pleases will also get to place 5 $10 live win wagers through me on races of their choice. I'll put the wagers in for them, on the races they want, and forward any positive outcomes. So the winner is also receiving a $50 gambling gift card (essentially). The runner up will get one $10 wager. Maybe if we are in hangout or around for the days/races we can all watch in giddy anticipation of the outcome. I'll certainly post if this turn into a well paying contest.
If anything was left out on here, I probably have thought of it and just forgot to write it. Let me know if there are any questions. If there is interest beyond these two weekends we can consider extending it through the month of October as a sorta "fantasy handicapping" thing on the weekends.
If you want to play but don't want to handicap, that's fine don't shy away and feel free to guess. I'll be posting some limited info on the races, enough to make a guess from. If you want to take it more seriously, feel free, that's why I provided some links.
It's all in good fun, so try to enjoy yourself, that's what this is about. I thought this was neat since racing and smoking go together at times. A good cigar at the track, ;), hmm!
Have Fun and Good Luck!
edit: shout out to /horseracing.
open to everyone with a plus. I'm going to check with the mods about earning your plus through the contest by submitting a cigar ("wagering" it) to the prize pool or something.
guys do to the lack of response we are passing on this weekend, if it gets a few more before next wed we'll still be a go for the weekend of the twelfth.
This will be open to everyone as well, U.S.. If you want to participate internationally that's fine if you are willing to cover shipping costs in the even you win.
edit2: If anyone wants to, do two out of the three stakes at Belmont Today. Since someone asked, that's what I was planning but I wasn't going t, due to lack of response. Since a few of you are interested I figured I'd throw it out there.
8,9, or 10th at Belmont Today, Pick 2 races out of the three. (I Don't expect anyone to do it under such short notice)
Looks like we didn't get a good turnout. I don't think I'm going to scrap it altogether since I wrote all this out but for the couple of you who are interested I'll throw out a few races for saturday but all for fun. Due to the low turnout it isn't really a competition among three people. Do not think I'm doing this because I don't want to send sticks out, it just isn't much of a competition without competitors plus it's too easy to end up chalky and miss the bigger payouts with so few people.
Or if we want we could handicap the pick4 together ono saturday at belmont or SA. Or Handicap the card together and see if we can make some money together. I'm going to be playing Belmont Saturday anyway.
The races I'm thinking are:
All times listed are Eastern
Belmont Race 2 Claiming 15k 1:22 Keeneland Race 4 Claiming 50k 2:41 Keeneland Race 6 Allowance N2X 3:45 Belmont Race 7 Knickerbocker Stakes 4:02 Belmont Race 8 Allowance OC 4:34 Belmont Race 9 Athenia Stakes 5:06 Keeneland Race 9 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup G1 5:21 Santa Anita Race 7 California Distaf Stakes (Cal Bred) 7:07 (estimated)
Might as well do the 10th at Belmont too (5:38) to complete the 300k Guaranteed Pick 4.
Do whatever you can, I know it's a lot. I guess concentrate on what will give you the biggest scores. I'm mostly going ot be handicapping Belmont, that's where I play and where I've been making my living lately. I do play the other tracks at times though. Santa Anita also has a guaranteed pick 4 as well, I'm not sure if keeneland does.
Good luck. Since we aren't taking this as seriously as before if you want to post you picks beforehand and maybe we can talk about the positives and negatives, I'm certainly up for that.
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[Table] IamA Racehorse track rider, not sure if anyone would find this interesting, but if you want to know about this industry, AMA!

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Date: 2013-10-19
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Questions Answers
What kind of animal abuse/cruelty have you seen in the industry? I have seen a fair amount I am not going to lie. One of the stable I worked at, when the horses were being naughty, I have seen them punched in the nose/mouth, and the worse I have seen is a horse be whipped in the head, the whip struck its eye, and burst a blood vessel in its eye, so its eye was just all red like a demon, we thought it was gonna lose his eye, but a few days at the vets and he was fine.
I have heard of other trainers putting horses in the pool, and shocking them with a cow prodder, because the water makes it hurt them more. They call it 'hitting them up' If any jockey or trainer is found with one of them in their possession, they automatically lose their license.
I hate the cruelty that comes with it, I currently work at a stable where the horses receive no abuse, and it's the reason I work there.
Do you turn people in when you see the abuse? Unfortunately no, what jamessargeant said
I do huntejumpers and i have seen similar abuse. moved barns as well for the same reason. Yeah it's not jut racing that has abuse,
If you don't consider breeding them in a way that makes them prone to injury abuse. Unfortunately thoroughbreds are bred to be fast, and fast only. The good thing about it, is they do finish growing quicker than most breeds, but talking to a vet, she said that a big draft horse is more suited to racing than thoroughbreds. Meaning that a drafts body would be able to withstand the pressure of racing better than a tb's.
This is why i refuse to watch horse racing! Thanks OP for your honesty. No problem, but don't assume the horses are just abused for no reason. What I mean is that the horses were being extremely naughty, they defiantly deserved a telling off, but theres a difference between that and abuse.
Fucking Burnie... Burnie?
Does this sport still attract large crowds? The G1,2 and 3 races do, but there are a number of small races during the week, and the only people who come down those days to watch are really the owners of the horses. It's coming into summertime, and that's when all the big races are on.
What is a typical workday for you? A typical work day, get up at 3:45am, be at work at 4:20am, head to the track, ride between 1 and 3 horses for my trainer there. Then we had back to our stables, feed the horses, work the rest of the horses on the sand track at the stables. After clean all the waters, and pick up the poo from the paddocks, rake the walkway, and just make everything look all tidy and neat. Then take 1 or 2 horses to the beach to just wade them through the water. Finish work around 10am-12pm, we don't get any breaks either.
Jeez. Do they at least pay you decently? Nope I earn around $400-600 a week, depending on how many hours I do, I get $14 an hour and also work 6 hours a week. I wouldn't recommend this job to anyone. But if I ever found myself without a job, I can always turn to track riding because riders are always in demand, for the reason of it being such bad pay for such hard work.
This is hopefully my last year riding racehorses, hoping to pursue a career in the police force next year!
Did you say take the horses to the beach? Fuck, I am the wrong species. Nobody ever feeds me, cleans my poo and takes me to the beach. Best day ever might get two of the three but I have to do that myself. Life isn't fair. Haha yes we do, it's great for them!
The horses love it too, I got off my horse and he automatically tried to roll in the water, and after we've waded them through the water, if the horses want we let them roll in the sand.
Well that really sucks. At least you can tell people you've ridden million dollar horses. Good luck with police academy. Yeah the experience I have gained from being in this industry is awesome and really interesting! and thankyou! I really hope I get in
I know nothing about racing in Australia, or about the Australian police forces, but do any of the city police departments have horse mounted officers? Here in the United States, at least in Arkansas, they are pretty popular in cities, particularly in congested areas or during big events since they give the officers the ability to see greater distances, move quickly, and also be somewhat intimidating. Would you consider being a horse mounted officer? Yes we have them here in Australia, it's quite popular and hard to get into, but I am hoping with my knowledge and experience with horses I will be able to! :)
$14 aud? That's below the minimum wage. Minimum is $12 for my age
Have you considered that maybe, economically, that's backwards. High demand and limited supply should equal great pay. Yes we all know it's backwards!
You need a union, sir. But it is what it is, I can go work freelance and work up to 10 horses a day getting $20 per horse, but it's hard to keep a steady income, the trainers can just stop giving you rides.
That having been said, there were periods where I worked for some shitty trainers where I would have rather gouged my eyeball out with a spoon than go to work. I've been lucky all the trainers I've worked for have been awesome! one of the trainers use to be a very successful jockey and she would ride around with me and show me all techniques and how to handle different horses, I learned so much from her!
4-600 is not bad pay if it is weakly... For where I live it's quite expensive, so all that money is gone by the end of the week (well i put 200 away into savings each week) but hey I love my job,
You will see more severe abuse on the police force. You're young enough to rethink that career decision. Don't take this advice lightly. Good luck in your endeavors. Could you explain a bit more on the abuse in the police force?
Do you hope to ride horses for the police? Sure do! :)
I imagine the work is really hard but 14/h aint that bad for an 18 y/o. Atleast not where I live (Netherlands). That would be roughly 10-12€ per hour. Im 22 and I make about 8/h working in retail. Ofcourse, I get quite a big tax refund every year. I dont know how that works for you. It's not really the $14 an hour that's hard, but its hard to work enough hours during the week to get enough pay, but it's enough and gets me by :)
I'm afraid if you have an IQ over 100 you're not gonna get in. Haha what makes you say that?
No I understand the work is physically demanding. It just sounds like a decent wage but idk how it holds up to the rest of your country. I would probably be on the same wage if I were to work full time in retail. But for what I want out of life, it's not enough, and I think it's perfectly ok to go for a better paying job.
But yeah 26k a year is not much in Australia, like I am in my first year out of school and earning that much, so I know I can end up doing a lot better eventually.
How much (if any) of this industry is actually rigged? I know in Ireland there are a lot of people who won't bet on it as there has been so many allegations of rigged races over the years. Thanks for doing the AMA. I've heard of a few rigged races, the jockey continually lost on very good horses, when he use to normally win. But apart from that, hardly any, very harsh penalties apply if that sort of thing happens, trainers lose their trainers license, and jockeys lose their jockey license, which to them, is their whole careelife, so 95% don't risk it.
Oh really, I thought it would be more common. No rigging would occur in the big races because there is more incentive to win but in the smaller races you could make more money as a jockey or owner by throwing the race. But yeah how tall are you? And would you of become a jockey given the chance? And riding a horse looks really tough, like riding a horse in a gallop seems like it would require so much core strength, how tough is it? The stable I work at now, we race in most of the smaller races, and I haven't heard of any rigging and we don't do it, but who knows maybe there is, I'm not involved in that sort of stuff in this industry!
I am 5'8, if I was short enough I would become a jockey in a heartbeat! but I weigh 143lb, and I am not over weight, to be a jockey you want to sit around 110lb!
Oh man, soo much core strength, I have abs from just riding racehorses! you don't realise how hard you're working your own body till after the gallop because you get such an adrenaline rush.
But if u were to lose your license I doesn't sound like it would be that bad, considering the long hours of hard work But then they wouldn't have a job, they would lose their whole career and life.
In what country do you race? i just visited toowoomba (queensland) yesterday to see my fathers horses, and if you've raced in different countries are there any notable differences? I don't race, I just train the horse up to race fitness level. But I work in Western Australia. I know that over east, you race clockwise, and in WA we race anti clockwise, but that' the only difference I know.
A jockey I work with, has just come back from 11months in england, and she said it's a lot different over there. For starters, here we ride 2, maybe 3 horses at a time on the track. But in England she said there could be 60 horses and riders going around in one big group.
Hey, since you work in australia, do you happen to know a horse called "Red Dazzler" ? Unfortunately not!
Thank you for replying :D, also sorry for not reading the part where you said you aren't a jockey. I just looked him up, and he is a 2yo and just ran a trial at larkhill, is that the right horse? I go to larkhill track is the track we train at also.
Link to Nice! Don't know who I was looking at haha,
My dad owns him, im actually quite jealous of your job, i love horses but living in the suburbs they are basically aliens. something special about horses. That's wicked!
I live and work Rural, but up in the city there a blocks of land that are like 1/4 of an acre, and have stables, they just walk their horses to track each morning!
I like being rural and working the horse on a sand track rather than going to the actual race track every day.
Dang, thats pretty cool, i have so many more questions but ill stop, thanks for talking with me :D. Go ahead and ask! I am more than happy to answer :)
Although I am heading out soon so if I just stop replying I'm not ignoring you
Hardest fall? ever do any showing or jumping? I have been super lucky with falls! Only had (touchwood) 5 falls so far, lots and lots of near falls though :P.
Im very jealous. i used to show quite a bit. i love hitting the barn before sunrise, the smell of horses hay & leather. But hardest was walking out on a filly, she jacked up, put her head onto her chest ran backwards quickly, while rearing up and trying to spin. She ended up falling over sideways, my leg was trapped under body, I remember it all in slow motion and just thinking to be calm and weight for her to get up, then get the fuck out the way! haha, one of the workers said if I hadn't of moved to quick I would have gotten kicked in the head!
For personal riding, western, english, or the weird hybrid style saddle? I did do eventing, but I recently sold my horse (to Olympian Sonja Johnson!) I sold him so I could save up money and just enjoy being 18 and go out every weekend, and he is for a serious competitor, he has 4* eventing potential but I am not good enough to get to that height. So he is now in a home where he will reach his full potential! :)
What's the difference between a jockey and a horse racer? A jockey is someone who actually rides the horses in the race. horse racer, or I would say track rider, is someone who trains the horses. Rides them everyday and looks after them to get the horse to a fitness level o they can race.
Probably a stupid question but how much communication is there between the jockey and the track rider throughout the training of a horse? And is it possible for someone to be both a track rider and a jockey? Sometimes the jockey will gallop the horse at the track, other times the jockey, while I am walking the horse around the parade area ready to race, the trainer is telling the jockey about the horse and how to ride it. So not very much! another reason why jockeys are so skilled.
Yes it is possible for someone to be both, Jockeys come down the track in the morning and ride horses for trainers down there.
How did you first get hired as an exercise rider? My sister worked them before I did, so I started out on saturdays when I was 14 working with her to earn some money, and then sort of just stayed.
How much do you weigh? I am 172cm tall and weigh 65kg
5' 6" 143lbs. I think I am 5'8, but if I wanted to be a jockey I would have to sit at around 110lb, that ain't gonna happen with my height! hahah
Which stable do you ride for? I work for an online racing bookie in Melbourne :) That's cool! I use to work at Grant Williams, but now work for a smaller place with Kelly Grantham :)
Ah ok. Grant Williams trained Western Jewel yeah? Perth Cup winner I believe. Yeah he did, I got to ride her! I was working that afternoon she won, my and my friend were sitting inside watching it, he had 3 or 4 horses in the Perth cup, and out of them all we did not expect her to win, it was a very exciting day! :)
Haha congratulations! Don't know if you saw, but one of my old favourites Playing God just won at Ascot at 20/1. I backed that horse quite a few times when it came over to Melbourne for the Autumn Carnival. Good to see him get another win! I must of missed it! but he would have raced at Belmont, Belmont is our winter track, hasn't been any racing at Ascot yet, but it's always great to see your favorites win! My two favorite horses are Galaxy Prince, and Desert Palace :)
Was definitely Ascot, 9 races there today :) Do Grant Williams horses races in those pink colours with the white X? Shows how much I know then! didn't realise they were back racing at Ascot! I was supposed to go strap today for a horse called free time, but woke up really sick.
Most of Grant's horses have those colours, but it's not his own colours, it's a guy called Bob, don't know his last name. But Grant trains a lot of his horses, other trainers also have some of Bob's horse and use the same colours. I can't actually remember what grant's personal colours were.
Just wondering what group 1 winners you have been lucky enough to have ridden? A mare called Western Jewel, she won a G1 in 2011, Although the race she won, was changed in 2012 to a G2.
Another horse called Lord's Ransom, he was just retired this year. Actually I just looked him up, he hasn't one a G1, raced in a few, but won a few G2, he raced until he was 8 going on 9!
Another horse called Ranger, he is THE most laziest race horse, yet he is a superstar!
I think those are the Winners, but I have ridden a number of G1 place getters and even runners! It's because when we have a G2 or G1 race, security guards come and watch the horses that are racing to make sure you don't give them anything illegal.
Cheers for the reply, I know Ranger well, have torn up plenty backing him before. 2011 Kingston Town stakes, where Playing God went to the lead at the top of the straght and Ranger just couldn't get there coming from way back. Funny how you can remember things like that. Hahah yeah it is! it's the style a lot of Grant's horses run at, from the back. My last memory of Ranger before moving stables, was I was riding next to him with Grant's apprentice jockey who has come over from Singapore, and it had been raining all night so there was a puddle on the sand track. Ross (his stable name) or Ranger as you know him, lept over the puddle, then took off with his head between his knees bucking!
He is real cheeky with stuff like that :)
Is it true the horse is made to urinate and ejaculate before a race to make him lighter? Hahaha, no that's illegal. Never heard of the ejaculate thing before.
But before we gallop them, only some of the horses get stuff called Lasix (I could be spelling it wrong) it's for horses that bleed out their nose. It's hard work for the horses, and they end up breathing so hard that it can burst a blood vessel in their lungs. As they blow out through their nose the blood is blown up. For a horse to be bleeding, even a trickle 5min after they raced will normally result in them being banned from racing, for the blood to come out that quick would mean the horse would be almost drowning in their own blood.
But this Lasix stuff does make them urinate, and if given to much can make the horse dehydrated. It's also illegal to race on Lasix in Western Australia.
I took an ex race horse in for rehabilitation and to re-break him. Hes fantastic now, but has no voice box, someone said this is common practice to take the voice boxes out. Is this true? Why? It's called a tie back surgery, not many horses get them, but it helps with their breathing if they struggle, or if the 'flap' that is tied back doesn't work correctly. What I mean, is when the horse eats or drinks the flap covers the horses air way so food and water doesn't go down to their lungs, sometimes when they start breathing the hard the flap will obstruct the airway and the horse will struggle to breath.
Does his food and water come out of his nose? it's very common for that to happen to horses who have had a tie back surgery.
Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-size horses? I'm not a jockey, I just help train them :)
Defiantly a one horse sized duck, use to dealing with animals that size!
As a long time equestrian who's always wanted to get the chance to work in the racing industry, can you tell me how you started? I started because my sister got into it and I wanted to earn some money so I went to work on weekends and before school, and just all progressed from there.
What is the typical weight you'd need to get down to? For what I do, I don't need to be a specific weight, but obviously I can't be overweight.
Did you ride through high school? Yeah I use to work 2 school mornings a week, started at 5am, finished at 7:30,
Cool AMA! what kind of training must a Jockey go through? What makes a racehorse the 'winning horse'? I'm not a jockey, but in Australia, jockeys start off as apprentice jockeys for 4 years. They go to a school once a week, and go to fitness classes with other apprentices once a week. They have to do atleast 30 trial races, sometimes they might have to do 60 or more for officials to sign them off and then they begin race riding, still staying an apprentice. Apprentice jockeys have a 4kg claim in racing, meaning if the horse is to be ridden at 54kg, the apprentice is allowed to ride the horse at 50kg.
Interesting anecdote (hope it wasn't too long). In light of that, just how tiring is it during a long race and how do you condition yourself (other than riding)? Jockeys work extremely hard and have to be very fit
Generally, what is it like to ride young fit thoroughbreds that spend most of their time in a stall? Do you have to deal with a lot of unpleasant behavioral issues or are most of the horses fairly businesslike to ride? Well when they first come in, their first day of being ridden they will be perfect, normally well behaved and just really cautious of everything.
Second day they are super naughty, and from then on they are a bundle of energy, after the first few weeks they become a nice ride, well if they are a nice horse.
What is the male-female ratio among exercise riders and jockeys? I've always gotten the impression that it is still a very male-dominated field. There is probably around 2 or 3 female jockeys in a race of say 10 people.
What's your favorite thing about the industry? Who's the coolest person you've met through the industry? Coolest thing, pretty much is just understanding how it all works.
I haven't actually met anyone famous or anything in the industry, but i've met a lot of really rich people :P.
My family used to own a harness race horse when we were kids, and apparently some people used to "shake" the horses, which meant running a tube down into their stomach and filling them with baking soda. It supposedly helped remove lactic acid from muscle tissue so the horses had better endurance during the race. It was illegal, of course, and apparently any time the inspector would show up you'd see a couple of owners loading their horses back into the trucks so they wouldn't get caught. Have you heard of this before/is it common in that type of horse racing? This is the first I have heard of it! that's actually quite interesting though.
The only time we have a tube down a horses stomach is when we routinely have the vet out to oil the horses. The vet pumps oil into their stomach which flushes out any sand or blockages and prevents the horses from having colic
Would you have done anything differently as you developed experience? If you could jump into any other job you wanted right now, what would it be? Probably gotten out of this industry haha.
And into the police force, preferably mounted police :)
I come from car and motorcycle racing and the skill is obvious (well maybe it's not obvious in NASCAR), but I just don't get it from a horse riding perspective. Can you explain it in ways people that aren't involved can understand? These jockeys jump on a horse that a lot of the time they've never ridden before, they don't know how the goes round or how it normally feels. The horse is galloping in a group of horses, it wants to run, so the jockey has to hold the horse back, sometimes they can't if the horse is too strong, and if the horse gets to close to the horse in front they clip heels and both horses can go fall down, which can result in both horse and jockey dying. They have seconds to make decisions while riding which could be a difference of life and death. Jockeys maneuver the horse through the pack, they can get boxed in or get stuck 3 deep and it depends on the jockeys ability to be able to get the horse out of the situation. So they have to control a 500+kg animal that they don't know much about if it's not a regular ride, maneuver the horse through the field, keep the horse happy, it might not like being at the back of the field or it might prefer that, whilst watching out around them for what the other jockeys are doing and make sure they aren't interfering or getting to close to them and make sure other jockeys aren't doing the same.
My grandmother always says the sport needs another triple crown winner. Do you agree that this could give horse racing a needed boost? I think another triple crown winner would be super exciting!
Are you friends with any more well known jockeys like Garret Gomez or Pat Day? I'm not friends with any super well known jockeys, but I worked for Alana Williams, who was probably the best female jockey in Australia!
Are you male or female? How much sexism do you see on the backside? I know in the US, while it's exponentially better than it was in the past (women are now actually allowed on the backside and can gallop/race/train/walk hots ect), it still exists in peoples attitudes. Edit: how do you feel about people who want to ban racing all together? Female, there is a whole heap of sexism. A trainer told my female friend who is an apprentice jockey that when she races to try and look like a boy and ride like a boy, that will help her get more rides and become more noticed. It is defiantly still dominated by male jockeys, but there are more and more female jockeys every year. People who want to ban racing all together, well, for starters thats never going to happen, there is so much money in racing. But I think everyone can have their own opinion, but it annoys me how it's often people who bag out this industry have no idea what it's like. The trainers and jockeys love what they do, they have to to be successful, it's their life not just a job.
I work in the equine supplements industry and I wanted to ask what kinds of supplements your horses use? Feed balancers, joint supplements. etc? It would be great, if you as a professional horse rider, could give some insights and tell me what is missing in the supplements market? Racehorses at the stables I work at don't actually get a lot of supplements, my boss makes her own miss up, and adds a few things like livermol (sp?) and garlic, but that's all I know for what she feeds. With my own performance horse I use livermol and a magnesium powder, stuff called topline, and another powder to help strengthen his hooves.
I dated someone that does your job, and I couldn't do it for five times what they pay you. From getting up way too fucking early, to all the physical injury you have, and will receive doing this? It's totally not worth it. If you love it though it's alright.
Been many times when I've gone out friday nights and gone to work still drunk :P
Do you have a favorite horse? Favorite horse is Galaxy Prince.
Do you own a horse of your own? Yes I do own a horse, he is 20yo and semi retired, my other horse who I just sold to an Olympian, is a 7yo ex racehorse.
How do you prevent/deal with injures on the track? Prevent injuries by wearing a helmet and body vest, having common sense also helps as well :P
I meant injuries on the horse, but that's nice to know as well. Do you think the horses like to race? Or do you think they would rather be in the pasture? When a horse gallops sometimes their fetlocks hit their bumpers and that can cause rubbing, so for races we bandage up their fetlocks so it doesn't do that, some horses that also tend to knock their legs we put boots on them.
Apart from that their isn't much else we can do to prevent injuries.
All the good and well known horses do enjoy racing, it's why they are good. But not all horses do, I have seen so many horses come through with heaps of potential, and they get into the race and don't try at all because they don't enjoy it.
I think majority of the horses would actually prefer to just be in a pasture, that goes for performance horses such as eventers and showjumpers.
My old math teacher grew up around jockeys. She said they would do weird stuff to keep their weight down. Have you seen anybody try something dangerous to stay lean? Drugs and bulimia are probably the worst
Bute has to stand for clembuterol, another thing we commonly tested for. It's all coming back to me, especially the smell of month old horse piss, lol. Yeah we all have short names for the drugs, when I look at the bottles I don't even know how to pronounce them lol!
Bute would be very common, at my old stable we would give it to the horses after they raced so in the morning if they were stiff and muscle sore it wouldn't hurt so much
Im late but if you see my question: How much does the racing depend in the horse and how much on the rider (percentage wise)? Mostly on the horse, seen some great horses win with terrible jockeys!
But in saying that the jockey does a shit load of work, and it makes a huge difference on how the horse goes.
But if you have a slow horse and a good jockey, the horse isn't going to magically win,
How do I get a job like yours??? Ask horse people if they know of any racehorse trainers looking for a worker
Dick Francis (or his wife) wrote a great deal about horse racing and the life of jockeys. Are your lives really that full of mystery and intregue? What's an interesting situation you've been in because of your job? Jockeys lives are very full on. They work pretty much 7 days a week.
I think all of it is pretty interesting, people are quick to judge the racing industry, but half the time they don't know how it all works. But what I find interesting is when horses run in a G1 or G2 race security guards actually come to the stable to watch them to make sure they aren't given drugs of any sort and everyone has to sign some forms to say that we worked that morning. It's also pretty cool that because of this job I have gotten to ride some extremely well bred horses and well known horses! (well, well known where I live)
Thank you for doing an AMA - I've always dreamt of being a jockey, but I'm too tall. I didn't that you could be taller than jockey height and still be a track rider! I've been riding horses as far back as I can remember. Do you have any horses of your own? It's different depending on what country you live in I think. In Australia you can be any height and weight to be a track rider, but I've heard in other countries you need to a certain weight.
Has a horse ever fallen while you were riding it? What happened? I had one that ran backwards and tried to rear and spin, she ended up falling on her side and my leg was pinned under her. We were both fine, bit bruised though.
So many times the horses i've been riding have tripped in the sand and nearly face planted it into the ground, that's a scary feeling! makes your heart jump everytime because if they were to fall over fully, well your f*cked is one way to put it haha
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