An ad for a betting website on TmarTn's Youtube Channel... Oh no no no

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Deception , lies and csgo
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CSGOLotto is now SteamLot

After a week of CSGOLotto drama I decided to look at csgolotto web page. To my surprise they closed down the web page softly. But if you wait 5 seconds the page redirects you to steamlot... interesting. Domain is registered in Russia via a whois cloaking services. Hosting cloaked via cloudflare. I guess they closed the site to escape maybe charges for the old site. From the looks of it they have new admins.
New admin:
Whois info:
Domain Name: STEAMLOT.COM Registrar: REGISTRAR OF DOMAIN NAMES REG.RU LLC Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 1606 Whois Server: Referral URL: Name Server: KEN.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM Name Server: MAY.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM Status: clientTransferProhibited Updated Date: 20-jun-2016 Creation Date: 14-may-2016 Expiration Date: 14-may-2017
Doesn't look shady *cough cough
It looks like people are getting scammed with their winnings:
Edit 2:
Guess they removed the redirect. Maybe they saw this post or someone told them.
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So TmarTn just deleted all of his CSGO betting videos in light of recent events.

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Faze Rain own CSGOWild and a bunch of Faze members sponsored without disclosing

So after seeing all the drama about CSGOLotto, I've been hearing a lot about how Nordon Shat aka Faze Rain, owns part of After going through and looking at Faze Rain's youtube channel, I looked at most of his videos of him gambling on CSGOWild. All of them "now" say the video is sponsored by CSGOWild, but I'm not sure if that was done before or after the CSGOlotto drama.
Since he disclosed that he was sponsored by CSGOWild, I moved onto Faze Adapt. He only has 1 video that I could find of him gambling on CSGOWild.
Faze Adapt Video:
Faze Rain is in this video telling Faze Adapt how the website works. In this video several shady things happen. First Faze Adapt says he is new to the website, yet when he bets on the roulette his account shows that he is verified, which means he has been on the website before and contacted support. You can also see a Twitch Streamer known as PhantomL0rd also is verified.
Pic of him verified:
The other shady thing is when he is betting, 2 times during the video he "randomly" wins thousands of dollars even though he lost. They try and play it off like it was a glitch.
First time happens at 3:15, he wins $5,000.
Second time happens at 4:19, he wins $11,000.
Faze Adapt never says he is sponsored by CSGOWild at all, not even in the description.
Proof showing the description says nothing about sponsorship:
After Faze Adapt I went onto Faze Blaziken, this is where there is even more proof that Faze Clan is more involved with CSGOWild. In this video, again Faze Rain is helping him gambling on CSGOWild. Blaziken says he is going to put everything from his inventory onto the site. When he is depositing the skins, he shows his past trades. In his trade history, you can see him getting a $500 item from Owner of csgowild, Gagey.
Faze Blaziken Video:
When he opens his trade offers, you can see his past trade:
Picture of the trade:
Owner of CSGOWild Steam Profile:
Just a few seconds later, Blaziken says that Faze Rain gave him the $500 knife. But if Faze Rain gave him the knife, that means Gagey is Faze Rain? Also if the Owner gave you a knife to make the video, doesn't that mean that this is a sponsored video? He doesn't say at all in the video or description that this is a sponsored video.
Blaziken saying Rain gave him the knife:
Proof showing the description says nothing about sponsorship:
Of course none of this is hardcore proof that they are sponsored or own the website but both of these videos have information that says otherwise. People have tried to look up who owns CSGOWild but they haven't had any luck.
Here is another post about it and why they can't find who owns it.
It would be nice to get more interest and eyes on this because I don't want Faze Rain or anyone else involved to get away why Tmartn and Syndicate take all hate. There is definitely something fishy with the faze clan and csgowild.
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Will there be a class action lawsuit against TmarTn and clowns from CSgoLotto?

I just watch a video of a guy losing his 2k knife to this piece of shit TmarTn on his own betting site. Where are the thousands and thousands of people that have lost money on this website and why is there no class action lawsuit being put together to bury this guy? I have never used his site but I can't believe people aren't going crazy over this.
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Is Dota 2 Gambling going to become a problem?

We all know about CS:GO betting and gambling sites and there notorious reputation as being scandelous with the likes of Tmartn etc
However, has this sparked interest for Dota 2 gambling sites to be born. Currently I know of two main Dota 2 gambling sites which are commonly used. The most popular one being Dota Jackpots: I used this site quite a lot because of its simple layout and no limits on the value of the pots. However, I am 17, and have already lost $345 worth of skins on this site. Is it my fault? Yes, it is my fault because I should be fully aware of the issues surround gambling and its habit of becoming addictive. I knew from when I used to play CS:GO not to use gambling sites......but I did because I wasn't fully aware the impact it would have on my bank account and mental state. I visit Dotajackpots a lot an I almost always either see people begging for skins or crying about losing all their skins. Should valve rework their API to shutdown these sites. I believe they should. Those that use the site know already that they are hosting a Roshan Roulette, where you have the chance of winning one of 9 arcanas or a skin from the "$5000" instant win pot. I did some more digging into the site and contacted the devs of it and found that this website used this same Roulette on the previous site called "Plunder" this made me think that they must have changed identity after the CS:GO issues.
Anyway, I want to know your guys opinions on the matter and whether you have had troubles with gambling yourselves.
Here is a vid of me losing quite a lot of money on the site:
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CSGO Lotto and owners sued over ‘illegal gambling’ allegations

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Yesterday Trevor "Tmartn" Martin was snuggling with his dog and apologizing in a YouTube video about his CSGO Lotto ownership; today, he, the gambling site and his business partner are being sued.
The lawsuits accuse Valve and third-party sites like CSGO Diamonds, CSGO Lounge and CSGO Lotto of allowing millions of Americans to link their individual Steam accounts to websites that allow players to gamble with their CS: GO weapon skins.
CSGO Lotto is among third-party sites that allow players to place bets on various casino-style games, lotteries, jackpots and other games with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins, according to the lawsuit.
Martin and Cassell are the owners of Lotto, according to the site and "They actively promote Lotto as a gambling service, including to minors."
He also said that he "Does not condone minors under the age of 18 to use CSGO Lotto." Unlike other Counter-Strike betting sites that do allow minors to place bets online, CSGO Lotto only allows legal adults to gamble.
The defendant and Martin are both in Florida, according to the suit, and CSGO Lotto is incorporated in Florida.
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[Other] Impersonating Youtuber item scam / SkinFreak / 76561198227980292

So this person added me trough one of my trusted friends (Who he also tried to scam).
He tried to impersonate the user "SkinFreak" sending me a link to the Youtube channel ( )
Too bad this person has a trade link on his profile, which leads to the legit user, named below.
After checking who the real SkinFreak is, I made a little conversation up with him, asking him for tips on not to get scammed and why he is trying to scam.
User information (Scammer):
steamname: SkinFreak
steam3ID: [U:1:267714564]
steamID32: STEAM_0:0:133857282
User he tried impersonating (The legit Youtuber):
steamname: SkinFreak
steam3ID: [U:1:196938288]
steamID32: STEAM_0:0:98469144
Screenshots Scammer next to the legit person
Part of the conversation + Scammer
Full converstation
11:08 - SkinFreak: hey
11:08 - iTzJeffrey ツ: hi
11:10 - SkinFreak: do u watch my videos
11:10 - iTzJeffrey ツ: no
11:10 - SkinFreak:
11:14 - iTzJeffrey ツ: That's actually really smart
11:14 - SkinFreak: what
11:14 - iTzJeffrey ツ: putting your phone on a drone to hatch pidgeys :)
11:14 - SkinFreak: yeah
11:14 - SkinFreak: since you like my content can u help me with something
11:14 - iTzJeffrey ツ: At first i tought you would be a bastard with 10 subs that just adds everyone for promoting lol
11:15 - SkinFreak: can u help me
11:15 - iTzJeffrey ツ: sec
11:16 - SkinFreak: k
11:16 - SkinFreak: u there
11:16 - iTzJeffrey ツ: yes im here, hold on a moment.
11:17 - SkinFreak: k
11:18 - iTzJeffrey ツ: Well what do you need?
11:19 - SkinFreak: can i use your knife for a video then i will give it right back i just need my fans to see i have a knife because i got scammed
11:20 - iTzJeffrey ツ: Yeah sure, which one would you like?
11:20 - iTzJeffrey ツ: I also have a second account, which has all my other knives.
11:20 - SkinFreak: can use 2
11:20 - iTzJeffrey ツ: Would a ST Karambit crimson web do?
11:21 - SkinFreak: can i use 2 ok ones for video would make for good content
11:21 - iTzJeffrey ツ: Yeah that's fine. If you name me in the discription of the video :)
11:21 - SkinFreak: ofc i will give you a shoutout
11:21 - SkinFreak: if u want
11:21 - iTzJeffrey ツ: That'd be great
11:21 - SkinFreak: ok
11:22 - iTzJeffrey ツ: Do you also need rifles?
11:22 - iTzJeffrey ツ: i have a few dragonlores :)
11:22 - SkinFreak: ehh no it should be fine
11:22 - SkinFreak: but its up to u man
11:22 - iTzJeffrey ツ: You sure?
11:22 - iTzJeffrey ツ: it would make good content ;)
11:22 - SkinFreak: up 2 u
11:22 - iTzJeffrey ツ: you're the one to decide
11:22 - SkinFreak: ehh no
11:22 - iTzJeffrey ツ: Well, you
11:22 - SkinFreak: 2 knifes will do
11:22 - iTzJeffrey ツ: are making the video's right?
11:23 - SkinFreak: yeah planning on doing it right after or soon after like 10 mins or so
11:23 - iTzJeffrey ツ: I saw that you're also making video's about people watching out to be scammed
11:23 - iTzJeffrey ツ: got any tips on that for me? :)
11:23 - iTzJeffrey ツ: I mean, i wanna help youtubers, but some pro tips would be cool :)
11:24 - SkinFreak: try not to go on the bad betting websites like tmartns i think thats a scam personaly
11:24 - iTzJeffrey ツ: What about fake steam profiles?
11:24 - SkinFreak: and also like third partie trading web sites
11:24 - iTzJeffrey ツ: there are quite a bunch of them
11:25 - iTzJeffrey ツ: and they just lead to steam
11:25 - iTzJeffrey ツ: you're verified, because i saw the blue symbol on your YT channel :)
11:25 - SkinFreak: yeah
11:25 - iTzJeffrey ツ: Any tips on that?
11:26 - SkinFreak: just make good content
11:26 - iTzJeffrey ツ: I mean
11:26 - iTzJeffrey ツ: Tips on fake steam profiles, to not get scammed haha.
11:26 - iTzJeffrey ツ: You sent me your youtube, so i know you are real :)
11:27 - SkinFreak: yeah for sure bro
11:27 - iTzJeffrey ツ: Can i ask you one more thing before i trade you the ST Karambit crimson and the FN doppler 0.006 float?
11:27 - SkinFreak: i dont want that one
11:27 - iTzJeffrey ツ: Which one?
11:27 - SkinFreak: i want a less value
11:27 - iTzJeffrey ツ: I only have 500$ + knives lol
11:28 - SkinFreak: lol
11:28 - iTzJeffrey ツ: But can i ask you one more thing?
11:28 - SkinFreak: what
11:28 - iTzJeffrey ツ: Well, you sent me your youtube right?
11:28 - SkinFreak: yeah
11:28 - iTzJeffrey ツ: The link on the youtube, leads to a different person
11:28 - iTzJeffrey ツ: so
11:29 - iTzJeffrey ツ: Why are you giving me tips on not getting scammed, if you're scamming me?
11:29 - SkinFreak: ?
11:29 - iTzJeffrey ツ: Or atleast, trying to.
11:29 - SkinFreak: lol you think im scamming you
11:30 - iTzJeffrey ツ: Mate, i want a legit answer.
11:30 - iTzJeffrey ツ: WHY are you trying it?
11:30 - SkinFreak: trying what
11:30 - SkinFreak: lol but for real im not scamming you
11:30 - iTzJeffrey ツ: Don't act dumb, i've been playing you all the time.
11:30 - iTzJeffrey ツ: Now give me a legit answer on why you are doing it.
11:32 - SkinFreak: ok i guess you dont trust me what ever ill just ask someone else
11:32 - iTzJeffrey ツ: Yeah, you're being that 12 y/o kid that goes around steam to get free stuff?
11:33 - iTzJeffrey ツ: Faking youtubers
11:33 - SkinFreak: what ever fam im out get ready for your steam profile filled with dick comments
11:33 - iTzJeffrey ツ: Nice
11:33 - iTzJeffrey ツ: i actually like that.
11:34 - SkinFreak: bye bye have a good time
11:34 - iTzJeffrey ツ: That just shows how much of a kid you are.
11:34 - iTzJeffrey ツ: Oh
11:34 - iTzJeffrey ツ: i sure will
11:34 - iTzJeffrey ツ: Cya, have a great time!
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Tmartn CSGO Gambling Website TmarTn scammer gambling site V.2 (CSGOBETSPIN.COM SCAMS!) TmarTn Apology Video - CSGO Gambling Scam Tmartn, ProSyndicate and JoshOG CS GO Scandal Part 1 YouTube

Wrong. TmarTn is promoting the application because affiliates who recruit more people get placed in tiers and receive benefits for recruitment. He also strongly denied that the application, which lets you bet virtual tokens on live matches which can later be exchanged for rewards, is a betting app. Now e-celebrities ProSyndicate and TmarTn have posted videos of themselves gambling on such websites, with video titles like WINNING BIG $$$$!!! (CS:GO Betting) promoting the website Research by another YouTuber, HonorTheCall , revealed that the the pair founded the website themselves, drawing massive attention after H3H3 TmarTn released . PC Games news and reviews from GO skin betting site, CSGOLotto. and receives a piece of the casino’s income stream through foreign websites in order to While TmarTn and ProSyndicate weren’t the only bad actors, their public depantsing pushed the skin betting industry into focus. In 2016, Valve was targeted with a lawsuit that alleged the company was complicit in an illegal gambling industry. That lawsuit forced Valve to actually moderate the communities and issued cease-and-desist letters to a variety of skins betting websites. The Federal Trade Commission has reached a settlement with Trevor “TmarTn” Martin and Thomas Florida district court against both Valve and other third-party betting websites. CS:

[index] [9274] [14644] [12618] [5257] [5511] [3718] [6836] [10910] [2295] [7183]

Tmartn CSGO Gambling Website

Also be advise it is not a tmartn csgo betting or a prosyndicate csgo betting video. This video talks about tmartn cs go scam and prosyndicate cs go scam. Game Call of Duty: Black Ops III; Trevor “TmarTn” Martin and Tom “ProSyndicate” Cassell are two popular YouTubers, who, in late 2015, came up with a brilliant scheme to make themelves rich. They were going to run a classic ... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Queue Kyle breaks down the best sports betting sites of 2020. He highlights the areas that the sportsbooks excel at and which apps would be best for certain types of bettors. Read more: https://www ... This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.