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A PC-User's Purchase "Guide" (it's not...just the ramblings of an idiot) to High Quality Audio on your system.

Hello friends, today I'd like to talk about an aspect of our glorious systems that get overlooked a lot: our audio experience on our battlestations. Thanks to paoper for formatting. Again disclaimer that I am an idiot, so take this post with a grain of salt. Better info and more accurate info from people way more knowledgeable than I am is readily available from /audiophile /budgetaudiophile and /headphones, this is just a start-up guide for the beginner.
NOTE: The monster I gave birth to has become too long. I felt that instead of a short list of things to order, I needed to give context as high fidelity is really all about what sound is like in your experience. Also a fun read if you are interested. Feel free to skip to the actual list (ctrl+f active speakers, passive speakers, headphones, subwoofer, amplifier)!
I have limited the price range of the products, because this is after all just food for thought and not even a proper guide; real audio purchases will require elbow-grease and research from your end to see if the product's sound signature will match your preferences in music and sound. If your product is not here, do not worry. I have put in products that I have had experience with and those that were recommended by multiple reviewers I hold in high regard (with the exception of a 2.1 system you will see later), and I had to consider the endless number of headphones/speakers vs the ones that are worth your hard-earned cash (and products vs how they compare to my current setup which includes both "high-end" and budget options).


I've been building systems for myself and others since I randomly took a buildapc course in middle school (currently 28) and enjoy music very much (I grew up on linkin park, dre, biggie smalls, 3 6 mafia, tupac, ac/dc, red hot chilli peppers am fond of electro and dubstep and various genres of music). I have 2 decades of experience playing saxophone, clarinet, and the electric guitar, and have performed in jazz bands, rock bands, and an orchestra. My ear is highly trained from raw musical performance and not just listening to speakers from home, as well as having the nuance to differentiate between good speakers. I have owned many many forms of audio gear (instruments, speakers, headphones, studio monitors).

So wtf is this?

So occasionally while answering questions on this subreddit (mainly on why new builder's systems aren't posting, or what components they should get, or just mourning with fellow builders for systems that have passed on as well as celebrating the birth of new systems and fellow pc builders who take their rite of passage of building their own system with their own two hands) I would come across the occasional "what speakers/headphones are best under $xx" and with the state of pc products being "gaming rgb ultimate series XLR" or w/e, it's hard to discern what audio products are actually worth your money. Note that if you are using just "good enough" cheap speakers, any of the speakers/headphones on this list will blow your mind away. Get ready to enter a new world of audio.

Why should I bother getting better speakers/headphones?

I have owned $20 logitech speakers, I currently own $1500 speakers. I have owned varying levels of headphones. The first half-decent (to my standards) speakers I had was a hand me down stereo set from an uncle. This thing was massive, but this thing was good. It's difficult to explain to you the sensation of music enveloping you with great speakers. Speakers are meant to reproduce sound, as in the sound of the instruments in the song. So great speakers and headphones can literally make you FEEL the music like at a rave or a concert or performance in the comfort of your home. This is why Home Theaters were so popular in the 80s/90s.
Upgrading will GREATLY enhance your music, netflix and gaming experience. In fact with passive bookshelf speakers, you can not only use them for your desktop setup, but also chuck them together with a tv and you've got a fine starter home theater system in your hands. You can even upgrade down the line incrementally, one speaker at a time, to a 2.1, 3.1, 5.1, 5.2, 7.2 Dolby Atmos Home Theater Setup where your movies make you feel like your in SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.
I currently live in a small apartment with my TV right next to my battlestation, and when i want to sit down on my couch and watch TV, I simply move 1 speaker from my desk to next to my TV, turn my AVR on and I have an easy 5.1 home theater in my tiny apartment. Move the speaker, revert back to 2.1 (or 5.1 if i choose to but i dont because of badspeaker placement when I'm sitting at my desk) amazingness at my battlestation. Consider this an investment into massively improving your experience of playing video games, watching netflix, or listening to music. You think those 4k graphics and ULTRAWIDE monitor is giving you more immersion in your game? Shit...having great speakers or headphones can make you feel like you're IN NORMANDY BEACH DURING THE FUCKING LANDINGS

General considerations (or feel free to just skip ahead to the list)

Now, I totally understand using simple logitech speakers due to budget/space/easy-access from best buy or not knowing about the wider audio world. So I am here today to give you a perspective on what audio components are TRULY worth your hard-earned cash. I have owned $20 logitech speakers in college, I have owned guitar amps as well as studio monitors/other speakers ranging from $100-$1500. Do know that all of this information is readily available in /BudgetAudiophile /audiophile and /headphones . I am merely condensing all of it into a single list, and attempt to sort of explain it to the pc builders, or just an idiot rambling.
If you would like more information on specific speakers, I would check out reviewers on youtube like zerofidelity, steve guttenberg, nextbigthing (nbt) studios, and thomas and stereo. For headphones, metal751, innerfidelity, Ishca's written reviews, DMS.
Z reviews is okay and he reviews everything from amps and dacs to speakers and headphones, but he gives 90% of his products good reviews, and has affiliate links to every single product he you see where my dislike of him as a reviewer comes from. He is still an expert audiophile , he just chooses to not use his knowledge and ramble on in his videos, plus the shilling. Great place to start for audiophiles, as he is still a professional. I just think many move on to other reviewers.
Also with speakers, speaker placement is extremely important. Get those speakers off your desk and the woofers/tweeters to your ear level NO MATTER THE COST. Stack boxes/books, buy speaker stands/isolation pads from amazon, at worst buy yoga blocks from amazon. Put your speakers on them, get ready for even better audio.
General rule of thumb: dont buy HiFi at msrp. There are ALWAYS deals on speakers/headphones to take advantage of at any given time (massdrop for headphones, parts-express, accessories4less, crutchfield, adorama, Sweetwater, guitar center, etc). Speakers will get cheaper over time as manufacturers have to make room for new products/refreshes of the same models just as with headphones. If theres a particular headphone model you want, check to see if massdrop has it (website where users of the website decide what niche products the website will mass order, and both the website and you the users get reduced pricing).
Now this list is just simple guide. Obviously for $150 budget, theres probably like 10 different speakers to choose from. You will catch me repeat this many many times but sound is subjective, I don't know what genres of music you enjoy and what sound signatures in headphones/speakers you would prefer (warm sounds? bright? aggressively forward? laid back sound signature? importance of clarity vs bass?) So consider this list with a grain of salt, as this is after all, the ramblings of an idiot on reddit.


So I will be splitting this list into 4 categories:
And before I start, bass depth and low end does not fucking equal bad boomy bass. I absolutely detest low quality boomy bass like in Beats headphones and general "gaming speakers" or w/e. Also the budetaudiophile starter package is the dayton audio b652 + mini amp combo from parts-express. All the speakers that were considered were basically compared to the b652 before making it on here (and whether they justified the price bump over the b652)

Active vs. Passive (crude explanation)

So when a speaker plays music from your pc, the audio is processed by the audio card on your motherboard, which is then sent to the amplifier where the signal is amplified, and then finally is sent to be played on your speakers. Active speakers like logitech speakers that have a power cable running from the speakers directly to the wall socket have built-in amplifiers to power the speakers, whereas passive speakers require a separate amplifier to amplify the audio signal and feed the speakers power. Active vs passive, no real difference as both types of speakers will have good audio quality depending on how they are made and which ones you buy, but in the ultra budget section of speakers (under $300) actives tend to be cheaper than their passive counter parts. This is due to the manufacturer cutting corners elsewhere.
Take for instance the Micca MB42X passive speakers($90) which also have a brother, the Micca PB42X ($120) powered speakers. Same exact speaker, but built in amp vs the amp you buy. Obviously the mb42x will sound marginally better purely from the virtue that the amplifier is not inside the goddamn box. But the mb42x + amp + speaker wire will probably cost you anywhere from basic $130 to $200 with difference in amplifier and whether you use bare speaker wire or banana plugs/cables. Cabling aesthetics and management will be greatly affected, with sound quality affected to a lesser degree, or more (but at what cost?). Amp choice to be explained later.
Now generally speakers should be recommended based on your music/audio preferences and tastes as speakers and in a larger part, speaker brands will have their own unique sound signatures that some will love and others will hate as sound is such a subjective experience. But since this is meant to cater to a wide audience, note that my list is not the ALL inclusive, and again is only the ramblings of an idiot.


If you want to add bluetooth capabilities to your wires active or passive speakers, simply buy the esinkin W29 wireless bluetooth module, plug your speakers in, connect to your bluetooth on pc/phone/w/e, enjoy.


Simply connect to your PC or TV via 3.5mm (or the occasional usb).
Note: you may experience a hissing with active speakers that may annoy you to no end even up to the $400 mark. This is a result of the amplifier being built in to the speaker in close proximity, as well as sometimes the manufacturer cutting corners elsewhere. Passive speakers do not have this unless you buy a really shitty amp. Note that while bigger woofer size does not necessarily indicate better quality/bass, this does more often than not seem to be the case as manufacturers put bigger woofers on the higher stepup model.
Note that while I have included 2.1 systems here, I would always recommend you get good bookshelves first, save up money and buy a subwoofer separate.

Example options


These speakers will require you to buy a separate amplifier, as well as separate cables. But the passive route allows you to have a modular audio system that allows you to upgrade parts as you go along in your life (yes I said life for once you dip your toes into high fidelity, you will get hooked onto a great lifelong journey searching for the perfect setup), or even just add parts in altogether (like having a miniamp on your desk for your passive speakers, having a separate dac or bluetooth module for your speakers so you can connect the passive speakers via USB or bluetooth wirelessly, stacked on top of a headphone dac/amp combo, stacked on top of a preamp, etc). Amplifier list to follow later.
Passive speaker specs to pay attention to will be their impedance (measured in ohms) and their sensitivity (measured in xx db/1w/1m). Speaker ratings in wattage are measurements of how much power can be driven to them (higher watts, higher volume...once again crude explanation). A 20 watt x 2 channel amp (measured in 4 ohms) is enough to power 4 and 6 ohm speakers rated at 100 watts to moderate/decently loud listening levels on your desktop. Now the sensitivity thing. A speaker with a rating of 85db/1m/1w means it will produce 85 decibels of noise at 1 meter with 1 watt of power. Now this not make the same speaker go up to 90 decibels may require 10 or 15 watts of power depending on other variables. Depending on how loudly you play your music and what impedance/sensitivity your speakers have will result in your choice of amplifiers. More on this later.
The thing about passive bookshelf speakers are that you can use them in your desktop setup, AND with your TV as a legitimate starter 2.1 home theater setup (which you can upgrade to 3.1, and then 5.1/5.2, just buy a used receiver from craigslist for 50 bucks, ez)

What you will need for passive setup:

Note that passive speakers and amp require you to purchase speaker wire separately (fairly cheap) and strip them (youtube video will guide you, very easy). Or if you like clean cable management and easy setups, banana plug cables from amazon will set you straight, and while these banana plugs and cable are nice and PURELY OPTIONAL, they will add up in cost as your buy more of them for frankenstein 2.1 cabling. Also a 3.5mm to rca cable will be required. The connection will be your pc -> 3.5mm->rca->amp->speaker wire-> speaker wire->speaker. (replace speaker wire with banana plug if going that route). Subwoofer connection will be explained in subwoofer section.

Example options


Okay here is where we need to get into specific numbers. Active speakers have built-in amplifiers so they are exempt. But passive speakers will require separate amps and so you will need to pay attention to certain specs. In speakers you will need to pay attention to their impedance (measured in ohms) and their sensitivity (measured in xx db/1m/1w). The typical mini amplifier will be class D (small form factor amps for desktop use) and their wattage per channel will be usually expressed in 4ohms. Take for instance the popular SMSL SA50. This is an amp that delivers 50 watts to its 2 channels, rated at 4 ohms. Speakers will have impedance of 4, 6, or 8 ohms usually. 50 watts at 4 ohms can be 25 watts at 8 ohms, but is probably more like 20 watts at 8 ohms, refer to product specs for specific wattage ratings at specific ohms. Speakers with high sensitivity (85-95 db/1w/1m) that have 6 ohm impedance are easier to drive with lower wattage.
But here's the thing, an the smsl sa50 will not deliver 50 CLEAN watts. Somewhere in the 30-40w range distortion will start to appear. But for reference, 30 clean watts is enough to drive sony cs5s to uncomfortably loud levels in an apartment (the whole apt, not just your room) so listening on your desktop, you only really need 10-15 clean watts (only after turning up your preamp input to maximum volume, which in this case is your youtube/windows10 volume level). Do note that if you have the space, a used $60 AV Receiver that will just shit out watts and have 5.1 surround will be the best, but these things are massive.

Example options

If you need more watts than the AD18, you're gonna need to get a class a/b amp that just shits out watts for cheap, or get a used av receiver. If you want a new one, the best budget option is the DENON AVR-S540BT 5.2 channel AVR from accessories4less.


Good subwoofers are expensive, and cheap subwoofers will hurt your listening experience rather than improve it (muddy boomy shitty bass). Your best bet may be to simply find a used subwoofer from craigslist or offerup, just dont get the polk audio PSW10, this is a very common sub you see on the 2nd hand market, because it is a shitty sub and so people get rid of it. Now as to whether you need a subwoofer. If you are in a dorm, don't get a subwoofer. Because.... if you live in a dorm, do not get a fucking subwoofer. Now if you live in a small apartment, fear not, proper subwoofer management will save you noise complaints. A good subwoofer will produce good quality low end you can hear and feel without having to turn up the volume. You want to look at the subwoofer's lowest frequency it can go to. That will show you how "tight" the bass will be. Now, low volume levels on a good sub will produce that bass for you without vibrating your walls (though subwoofer and speaker isolation as well as PLACEMENT (refer to the sub-crawl) will do more for getting the most sound out of your speakers without having to turn up the volume....and just turn off the sub after a reasonable time)
Now as to how to add a subwoofer to your system will depend on what setup you have and the available connections. If your speakers or amplifier has a subwoofer output, simply connect that to your subwoofer, set the crossover freuency (the frequency at which the subwoofer will start making sound) to 80hz, or lower depending on how low of a frequency our bookshelves can go down to.
If your speakers/amp do not have a subwoofer out, you will need to find a subwoofer that has high level speaker inputs. You will need to connect your bookshelves to the speaker outputs on the subwoofer via speaker wire/banana plugs, and then run speaker wire/banana plugs from the subwoofer input to your amplifier, ending with rca to 3.5mm connection to your pc.

Example options


Okay, I keep saying headphones and not headsets right. But you ask, Kilroy, you're an idiot. You're posting on buildapc for PC gamers and builders but you're talking headphones and not headsets. How idiotic are you? Pretty big, but friends hear me out. Now I used to live in South Korea, where PC Bangs (internet cafes) set the nation's standards for computers. All the places had to get the best bang for the buck pc gear to stay in business and remain competitive (all 100 computers at these places had like i5-6600k and gtx 1080 in 2015 or something I don't remember, along with mechanical BLUE SWITCH FUCCCCCCKKKKKKKK (imagine 100 blue switch keyboards being smashed on in a small underground area in Seoul) keyboards and decent headsets.
So I have tried MANY MANY different headsets, here is my conclusion. Just get proper headphones and get either get an antlion modmic, or V-MODA Boompro mic both available on amazon. (short list of mics later) or get proper headphones and usb mic. Okay, I have seen the headphone recommendation list, and the only one I would give any (if at all) weight to in the usual pc websites that our subreddit goes to, is the list from rtings. These guys mainly measure monitors and tvs (very well might i add) but the writer for their audio section is lacking it seems.
Please dont get Astro AXX headphones or corsair rgb xxxxxx w/e. Please for the love of god, take your good hard earned cash and get yourself a NICE pair of cans my fellow PC users. The mic part is secondary as GOOD headphones will forever change your PC using and music listening experience FOREVER
The TWO EXCEPTIONS that I have observed to this rule are the Hyperx Clouds and Cooler Master mh751/752.

Example options

Now obviously, there's other choices. A metric fuck load of them. But I had to account for how much you should be paying (price range) for upgrades in sound quality and performance.

Example options (Wireless headsets)

Okay. Wireless headsets, now let's think why do you need a wireless headset? Do you want to walk around your house while on discord? Maybe you want to keep the headset on while having to afk real quick for a smoke break or whatnot.

HEADPHONE AMP/DAC (digital to analogue converter)

My knowledge/experience with headphone amps and dacs are...extremely lacking, I'm more of a speaker guy. But, here is a list for you guys.


Other mics? Yes, but are they worth the extra $$ for marginally better audio recording? You decide.

Concluding remarks

Cool. Stay safe in these dark times brothers. Have a glorious day.
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Companies connected to Trump received large taxpayer-funded forgivable loans: A list

Yesterday, the Small Business Administration and Treasury Department disclosed the recipients of 660,000 Paycheck Protection Program loans. The list only includes those who received at least $150,000 in funding, which is less than 15 percent of the total number of loans. The administration originally tried to hide this information.
Recipients do not have to repay the loan if they keep (or re-hire to meet) their pre-COVID-19 levels of employment and compensation and spend the funds on approved expenses.
Explore the list yourself: The Washington Post turned the original spreadsheet into an online searchable database.
This post is about the relevant “highlights” from the list. Some of the connections to politicians are stronger than others. However, the point isn't so much that certain politicians are unethically profiting - the point is that the American people deserve to know where their money is going. Especially when so many "average" Americans are struggling. In other words, draw your own conclusions from the data.

Connections to Trump & family

A New York shipping business (Foremost Group) owned by the family of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, the wife of the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, received at least $350,000. “Ms. Chao has no formal affiliation or stake in the business, but she and Mr. McConnell have received millions of dollars in gifts from her father, James, who ran the company until 2018.”
Kasowitz Benson Torres, founded and run by Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, Marc E. Kasowitz, received a loan for between $5 million and $10 million. Mr. Kasowitz and the firm represented Trump during Mueller’s investigation and for decades before Trump was elected president.
The American Center for Law and Justice, whose chief counsel is Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow, got between $1 million and $2 million. Sekulow also defended Trump during the Mueller investigation and impeachment proceedings.
Jared Kushner connections:
  • Esplanade Livingston, a Kushner family entity that owns the land in Livingston, N.J., where the family’s Westminster Hotel is, got between $350,000 and $1 million. Esplanade Livingston’s company address is the same as that of the Kushner Companies real estate development business.
  • Princeton Forrestal, a real estate entity owned by various members of the Kushner family not including Mr. Kushner, received a loan of between $1 million and $2 million. It is at least 40 percent owned by Kushner family members.
  • The New York Observer, the news website that Kushner ran before entering the White House and is still owned by Kunsher’s brother-in-law’s investment firm, was approved for between $350,000 and $1 million
  • In addition, up to $2 million was approved for the Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy, a nonprofit religious school in Livingston, N.J., that’s named for Jared Kushner’s grandfather and supported by the family.
In April, a bank approved a loan of between $150,000 and $350,000 for the Pennsylvania dental practice of Albert Hazzouri, who golfs with Trump and frequents Mar-a-Lago. In 2017, Hazzouri used his access to the president to pass him a policy proposal on club stationery on behalf of the American Dental Association. He addressed the note to Trump “Dear King.”
A firm that raises money for Trump’s re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee received a loan of more than $1 million, according to the data set, while a company that produces Trump’s political advertisements received between $350,000 and $1 million.
  • The New York Times does not identify these companies by name. I tried to figure out which companies they were referring to but could not be sure. We already knew that Phunware, a Trump re-election campaign data collector, received $2.85 million — nearly 14 times the PPP average of $206,000 (reported in April).
Billionaire property developer Joe Farrell, a prominent Republican fundraiser, received up to $1 million in taxpayer coronavirus relief funds. Farrell, a developer in New York's exclusive Hamptons beachfront community, has thrown fundraising parties for Trump… Farrell this year rented out his 17,000-square-foot, $40 million East End estate, Sandcastle, for close to $2 million to a wealthy Manhattan family trying to escape the coronavirus for six months.
Dozens of tenants at buildings owned by Trump or managed by his companies received funds… More than 20 businesses listed at 40 Wall Street, an office building that Trump has owned since the mid-1990s, also reportedly received government loans totaling at least $20 million. Among the recipients were law offices, financial service firms and nonprofit organizations.
Sushi Nakazawa, a restaurant at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, received a loan of between $150,000 and $350,000.
Churches connected to President Donald Trump and other organizations linked to current or former Trump evangelical advisers received at least $17.3 million in loans… City of Destiny, the Florida church that Trump’s personal pastor and White House faith adviser Paula White-Cain calls home, got between $150,000 and $350,000. First Baptist Dallas, led by Trump ally and senior pastor Robert Jeffress got between $2 million and $5 million. Other loan recipients included several churches and organizations connected to allies who joined Trump’s evangelical advisory board during his 2016 campaign.
A company with a name matching one listed on the 2017 financial disclosure of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos received at least $6 million.
Perdue Inc., a Bonaire, Georgia-based trucking company founded by Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, received a PPP loan of between $150,000 and $350,000. An Agriculture Department spokesperson said the company is owned indirectly by a trust of which the secretary’s adult children are 99% stakeholders.
American Media, the publisher of the National Enquirer, received a loan in April from Bank of America Corp. of between $2 million and $5 million, records show. American Media is run by Trump’s longtime friend David Pecker. Furthermore, American Media is owned by Chatham Asset Management, a New Jersey-based hedge fund that oversees about $4 billion.
Cottage Hospital, a 25-bed critical access facility in Woodsville, New Hampshire, received between $2 million and $5 million in PPP loans. The hospital’s CEO, Maria Ryan, is a longtime close associate of Rudy Giuliani’s. Ryan currently co-hosts a talk radio show with Giuliani called “Uncovering the Truth.” Cottage Hospital’s annual revenues typically exceed $30 million, according to its most recent publicly available federal tax return. Ryan’s salary, the last filing shows, is nearly $300,000.

Congress and other political connections

Wineries partly owned by Rep. Nunes, R-Calif. Nunes listed on his 2018 public financial disclosure forms roles as a limited partner with investments in Phase 2 Cellars in San Luis Obispo, California, and Alpha Omega Winery in Saint Helena, California. The PPP data shows the wineries received loans of $1 million to $2 million.
KTAK Corp., a Tulsa-based operator of fast food franchises owned by Rep. Kevin Hern (R-Okla.), received between $1 million and $2 million. Hern had advocated increasing the size of loans available to franchisees, including in a March letter to Senate leaders Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.).
Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) benefited when three of his car dealerships, located outside of Pittsburgh, received a combined total of between $450,000 and $1.05 million. Kelly is a multimillionaire.
Several plumbing businesses affiliated with Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-Okla.), all based in Broken Arrow, Okla., each received between $350,000 and $1 million.
Rep. Rick Allen’s (R-Ga.) construction company in Augusta received between $350,000 and $1 million
EDI Associates, a company the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi invests in, received between $350,000 and $1 million.
Rep. Nita Lowey’s (D-N.Y.) husband's law firm Lowey Dannenberg P.C. received a loan between $1 million and 2 million. Her husband, Stephen Lowey, is listed as chairman emeritus on the firm's website and is retired from the firm.
Lobbying and policy group Waxman Strategies, which is run by former Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., and his son Michael, which received a loan of $350,000 to $1 million.
Before the release of the data Monday, three members of Congress said they or their spouses had received PPP loans: Rep. Roger Williams, R-Texas; Rep. Vicky Hartzler, R-Mo.; and Rep. Susie Lee, D-Nev.
An affiliate of Americans for Tax Reform, the influential conservative group that has been a vocal critic of government spending, received between $150,000 and $350,000. ATR founder Grover Norquist has criticized the unemployment insurance provision of the CARES Act, which he said “delays recovery,” and signed a letter urging lawmakers not to approve a second stimulus bill.
The Ayn Rand Institute, named for conservative philosopher Ayn Rand, received a loan of between $350,000 and $1 million, which it called “partial restitution for government-inflicted losses."
Citizens Against Government Waste, one of the country’s most prominent anti-government spending organizations and a frequent critic of the CARES Act, took between $150,000 and $350,000 in loans as well.

Other noteworthy recipients

More than 5,600 companies in the fossil fuel industry have taken a minimum of $3bn in coronavirus aid from the US federal government. The businesses include oil and gas drillers and coal mine operators, as well as refiners, pipeline companies, and firms that provide services to the industry.
Yeezy, which California business filings show is a holding company registered to Kanye West, received between $2 million and $5 million to support 106 jobs. West is estimated to be worth $1.3 billion.
Washington lobbying shops, high-priced law firms and special-interest groups also received big loans, according to the administration, the latest indication of how the government’s centerpiece effort to shore up mom-and-pop shops set off a race by organizations far afield from Main Street to secure federal money.
  • Wiley Rein, which has a large lobbying practice focusing on trade issues, received between $5 million and $10 million
  • Van Ness Feldman and Beveridge & Diamond, two law firms that focus on helping energy industry clients push their agendas in Washington, received loans between $2 million and $5 million
More than 100 law firms received loans ranging from $1 million to $10 million, the data showed. The list included well-known names like Boies Schiller Flexner, the high-priced law firm run by David Boies, which received between $5 million and $10 million.
A number of prominent private schools were listed as loan recipients, despite the controversy over whether such institutions should take the money. Some also have political connections in DC.
  • In New York City, St. Ann’s School took a loan valued between $5 million and $10 million.
  • Kent Place School, a private school in New Jersey, was reported to have received a loan worth between $1 million and $2 million.
  • Sidwell Friends, which has educated the children of presidents, received a loan worth between $5 million and $10 million.
  • Georgetown Preparatory School, which the Supreme Court justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch attended, received a loan worth between $2 million and $5 million.

The more you know

Fair distribution? There was no apparent link between the amount of economic damage suffered by states and how successful the small businesses in them were at getting the loans from the program. North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas all saw loan approvals of at least 90 percent of their eligible small-business payroll, even though they rank among the least-affected states in terms of unemployment claims during the crisis.
Just a small fraction of the bailout. Keep in mind that the Paycheck Protection Program is just one part of the government’s bailout. There are other, bigger, bailout efforts that the federal government is not required to tell us about.
Here are some articles about the bigger business and financial sector bailouts:
  • ProPublica: How the Coronavirus Bailout Repeats 2008’s Mistakes: Huge Corporate Payoffs With Little Accountability
  • Brookings: What’s the Fed doing in response to the COVID-19 crisis? What more could it do?
  • NYT: How the Fed’s Magic Money Machine Will Turn $454 Billion Into $4 Trillion
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Face Masks - A List of Face Coverings for MFA

Aight -- I've been low-key kinda hyped for wearing masks during the whole epidemic and have started collecting them to accessorize with. To that point, I did my best to spin up a list (AKA spreadsheet) of brands that I've found that have some cool designs going on, as well as to list any causes (AFAIK) that they might be donating to/supporting.
All of this is still a work in progress, so I'm just slowly adding stuff as I go.
DISCLAIMER -- I am NOT affiliated with any of the businesses, companies, or brands listed. They're just selling some masks I thought were cool that I wanted to share. I am not, and have no intention of, profiting from this in any way.
Additionally -- not all of these masks are up to CDC standards/specs or classified as N95. Some are and/or have filter pockets though, and I might try to specifically flag those ones if I get the chance.
TL;DR - I tried my best to create a list of masks from a lot of "mainstream" fashion labels. Link.
Please let me know if y'all have any comments or suggestions!
P.S.: I really hope this is in line with community guidelines mods plz be merciful.
Edit: Dang y'all -- it's so dope to see all the cordial discussions going on in the comments. Thanks for recommending masks and informing each other on other options and suggestions!! Coupla updates:
Please keep the discussions ongoing y'all -- it's so dope to see all the support and care in the sub going on!!
Edit II: Thanks for the continued input and suggestions y'all -- as of this edit, I think we've got about 150+ masks on the list. Several "quality of life" updates to the list:
Edit III: List is still going strong and we've got about 150+ brands at the moment, with about 100+ on the way. I'm still fleshing everything else out, but since this has gained a lot more traction and people have been asking about health concerns and CDC/WHO standards, I'm slowly also trying to detail and make more information readily consolidated/available. I also might try to start doing/posting reviews on masks based on availability and (personal funds).
Edit IV: I've had some brands and users reaching out to me to show support, so I'm working to start up a blog and post information, updates, etc. regarding masks (and hopefully even COVID19 info) because people have been asking for recommendations and this has been useful in not only (hopefully) raising awareness for others, but in educating myself and learning more and more about masks, COVID, and current medical standards.
I'm still not a healthcare/medical professional, nor am I claiming to be, and this is in no way being done for profit or marketing -- it's just something that progressively spiraled out of a hobby of mine into a legitimate avenue for discussions and education, and I have no formal affiliations or stakes in any of the brands that I've listed/detailed. Starting off with an Instagram for now while still putting together a blog/website (both currently under construction), but it should just serve to act as a more formal medium for what I'm doing here and on the spreadsheet but with more write-ups, details, and even fit pics for different masks.
Please keep in mind: I'm a "one man shop" and this list may or may not have been made on a whim because I wanted to keep a running list of brands that I liked. So please keep the suggestions coming and I'll do my best to update/course correct accordingly. If you or someone you know personally owns/runs a brand, please PM me and I'll try to include it (once again: I am not including Etsy/eBay/FB/etc. shops because that's a slippery slope and harder to "track").
This is still an ongoing WIP, so thanks for the continued support and feedback! Please also make sure to checkout/show some love to some of the other lists that are out there:
Please reference the following links for information/details regarding health and safety standards with respect to buying, wearing, and even making masks:
My original list can still be found here.
Instagram (WIP) can be found here. -- UNDER CONSTRUCTION
Please feel free to DM me with any questions/inquiries -- thanks y'all!
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My 7yo nephew is raising money to replace 1 of 27 broken windows in his inner-city Chicago church/community center which helps stop gang violence/affiliation. Can you help?

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Musings on the Free Zone: Hateful Redditors, Self-Appointed Warlords, and What Comes Next

I'm seeing a ton of misinformation being posted about the Free Zone and Capitol Hill in general and I just wanted to take this opportunity to clear some things up and discuss ways to move forward.
I'm a mixed race photojournalist from Detroit who has lived in Capitol Hill for the past five years and I've worked at two restaurants in the Free Zone (I call it the Free Zone for ease of writing fucking CHAZ a thousand times).
Like so many others, these blocks of Capitol Hill represent "home" -- it's the heart of Seattle's art scene, nightlife, and progressive gay community.
I've been fortunate enough to track this entire movement from its inception and I've been able to witness the in-fighting of the organizers and the lack of strategy amongst our police department.
Please check my post history for more information of my past efforts. I'm currently part of the group forcing Mayor Jenny Durkan to be recalled.
First off, it's important to discuss the false allegations currently being floated by the Assistant Police Chief and KOMO News. No, their precinct was never under the imminent threat of fire. No, the protesters aren't trying to extort local businesses. No, there aren't ID checkpoints.
These rumors are baseless and would be almost funny if the situation weren't so tense and polarizing.
These "hot takes" are being perpetuated and regurgitated by right-wing media pundits to paint the Free Zone as some sort lawless-vegan-Waterworld. It's preposterous.
Anybody who has ever lived or worked in Capitol Hill -- the LGBTQ+ headquarters of Seattle -- knows that this notion of painting us as violent, pyromaniac Antifa Anarchists is asinine.
Which leads to the next point: a surge of "hate subredditors" flooding the Seattle subs with biting cynicism and tons of displaced anger.
From the looks of the posts, and the content of the comments, it looks like not only have these users never lived in Cap Hill, it seems unlikely that they've ever even visited at all.
While their rhetoric is divisive -- and fueled by Trump and Breitbart and Sinclair Broadcasting -- it really isn't an effective tactic of making a mature, sustained argument.
So avoid giving these users the attention they so desperately crave.
As for the "warlord": We as Capitol Hill residents have to hold him accountable for his actions just as we did with the police.
His self-centered antics in the name of peace have absolutely de-legitimized the cause and has all but eradicated the progress our protestors have made.
And now he's threatening the Free Zone's representation as a whole.
To the rest of the world: Trust us, this guy doesn't represent our movement, our message, or the people of Capitol Hill AT ALL.
He showed up about 4 days late in his Tesla, with an AK, preaching peace, then got into a fight with a popular live-streamer, then he's Dr. King for a few hours, then his crew booed our elected city councilwomen and mocked her accent, then he threatens a graffiti artist's life and breaks the dude's glasses, then his people have the audacity to lie about it.
We don't stand for that shit and we never will.
It distinctly goes against the principles established in the Free Zone and we all know it.
He's been trying to hijack these protests for his own cause since, like, day 4... but now he's out of control.
He will absolutely be held accountable for his actions, but in a peaceful, proactive Capitol Hill way. We'll all make sure of that.
As for moving forward, it's really quite simple. As a BLM movement supporter since Aiyana Stanley-Jones was murdered by Detroit police in 2010, before BLM was even a hashtag, I've been following these issues closely and with increasing disgust, intensity, and frustration.
Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the uprising that George Floyd's murder would cause -- it's incredibly inspiring to see the collective outrage of America.
Keep in mind that the BLM King County movement is only loosely affiliated with the national chapter and I've witnessed first-hand the disorganization of the organizers.
And, in all fairness, that AMA with the BLM National leader the other day didn't look too good either, despite being bombarded by racists questions, including the "13% // 50% argument".
Within the BLM movement -- like any social movement advocating for change -- there are conflicting messages, differing demands, exaggerated ideas... It's all very confusing.
In my opinion, this movement has grown beyond just Black Lives and is now addressing oppression as a whole -- from women to Natives to queers to Hispanics to Asians to Amish? -- and to remain narrow-minded by the color of our skin defeats the entire purpose of the cause.
Yes, we all started here because we're disgusted by the treatment of blacks by police. But as we congregate and communicate and share our individual messages, we're all starting to realize just how prevalent oppression is in our everyday society. Even in a liberal safe-haven like Seattle.
One thing we should agree on is the amount of power Jeff Bezos has over the city of Seattle. If you think that he doesn't play a hand in all this, you're sadly mistaking.
His reputation with law enforcement agencies is well-documented and his facial recognition software has been proven to be discriminatory -- it's terrifying when you think of the considerable wealth and influence he has.
Bringing this fight to him, and the other leaders of Seattle's big tech companies, is an important step in dismantling the system and actually achieving lasting reform.
In my opinion, it definitely starts with recalling Mayor Durkan and firing Police Chief Best.
I think taxing Amazon is a good idea and using that money to invest in the communities and residents Bezos benefits from.
I think reallocating the funds of the Police Department is also a great idea and using the surplus to turn the East Precinct into a museum or community center that honors those who have lost their lives to police brutality.
That should be a no-brainer PR move.
Until then, I'll continue to thoroughly enjoy the camaraderie and positive atmosphere of the Free Zone -- and all the memes -- especially considering the violent week we all just endured.
Basically, this whole thing is about optics. So, moving forward, let's continue to keep that in mind when outsiders try to threaten our reputation and hard work.
And let's continue to build up our community together to keep Capitol Hill the lawless-vegan-Waterworld it was intended to be.
If anybody has any questions, comments, or concerns, DM me.
Edit (3:14pm): Spotted -- Cops on bikes and a large truck filled with stuff from the East precinct
Edit (3:36pm): ITS HAPPENING
Edit (3:57pm): Cops are definitely inside the building but they're not doing anything.
Edit (4:00pm): No sign of Raz.
Edit (7:10pm): Still pretty chill. The cops did show up, there was a tense moment but they left and only pepper-sprayed one guy -- I know you guys are probably disappointed. Heard Raz is here, haven't seen him though. A few arguments throughout the day, mostly among the protesters. There was an anti-abortion dude that they yelled at, but that's pretty normal for around here.
Edit (7:17pm): A sleeping homeless guy just got hit in the face with a soccer ball and didn't wake up.
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DISCUSSION RE: IF and Spinoffs: Problems, Pitfalls, Successes, the Future of MBI/OTT Discussion Groups

Hey, everyone.
I apologize for my lack of posting activity here recently. I've been working very long hours for months because of COVID-19, and free time has been in short supply. Additionally, to be honest, working on the front lines throughout this pandemic has changed a lot for me in terms of priorities and perspective.
Regarding the scrapping of IFGW: I am still learning about what has happened over there, but I do believe it is beneficial for these discussions to happen. This is a good opportunity for each of us to have a look at what brings us to groups like this, and decide how to, elsewhere, or both. To all who have been displaced, you are welcome here.
Each group discussing MBI/OTT/FD/malingerers has unique preferences and beliefs about how these topics should be approached, and that is normal and to be expected. People come to fora like these for many different reasons. It is very unlikely that we will all come to a consensus, and that is okay.
There are many similarities between what has gone wrong in the past here at IF and in all of the subsequent offshoot subs over time; some unique to this subject matter and some that are germane to Internet group dynamics as a whole.
Whenever you have any community focused on identifying and discussing problematic behavior in others, there will always be a heightened propensity for toxicity to develop. Critiques and callouts can easily and rapidly degrade into harassment and bullying, with devastating consequences. These are very serious problems, and every community needs to navigate these issues as they arise.
In our genre specifically, Dr. Feldman’s research has shown that MBI/OTT infiltration is not only common; it's all but an eventual certainty. People like those we discuss devote massive amounts of time and energy to obsessing on every aspect of their illness. It becomes their identity. Focusing on and posting about every minutia of their symptoms and quests for medical attention become their whole world.
MBI/OTT’ers are intensely fixated on interacting and competing with others for attention and validation, and are therefore always the ones who will be most attracted to these groups.
To date, I am unaware of a single patient-centered or faker-exposing community in the history of the Internet that has remained free of infiltration by MBI/OTT's at some point, and we are no exception. Many of the people who have served as moderators here at IF have inevitably been discovered to be MBI/OTT themselves (I'm in the process of finishing a post on this). Unsurprisingly, we have now learned that this has been an issue at IFGW as well.
This issue of group infiltration is not restricted to callout subs alone. Any illness-focused group will eventually contend with people like this. When a notable member is outed as an MBI/OTT'er, especially someone in a position of authority, it can divide the community between supporters and dissenters of said person. No matter how much evidence is presented for or against, there are those who will steadfastly support one side or the other. The resulting irreconcilable differences can eventually cause enough dissonance to destroy the group altogether.
Please keep in mind that I have never participated at IFGW. I am far from having the full story, and I am still learning about all that has happened. From what I have gathered thus far, the abandonment and ultimate deletion of the sub’s content by moderators seems to have resulted from the combined impact of several factors: content conflicts with Reddit’s TOS guidelines; a series of moderator issues in terms of team dissonance; internal power grabs; harassment, interference with subjects outside of their subreddit; and the revelation that several mods were MBI/OTT themselves.
The final blow for many participants there apparently came from the revelation that the founder of IFGW also created and ran munchpool: literally, an actual death pool subreddit in which people made bets on who, when and how the people discussed at IFGW would die. I cannot state emphatically enough that the latter is unequivocally inexcusable, indefensible and extremely disturbing.
We have personally weathered numerous moderator problems which have adversely affected our own sub in the past: inexperience and poor behavior, unbalanced power dynamics, absences, MBI/OTT infiltration; poor policy decisions; overzealous banning. The only way a sub survives is if these problems are admitted and addressed. We have worked hard to remedy those issues, and will continue to do so as any difficulties arise.
We wish to share the following for those who may be new here or are unsure of our current approach to the topics of MBI/OTT/FD/malingering:
[1] illnessfakers is not affiliated with any other subreddit. We have no corresponding social media accounts, and no presence on any website outside of Reddit. We are here, and here alone.
[2] If you visit other MBI/FD/OTT/malingering-related subreddits, please make sure you are where you intend to be before posting. What may be acceptable in one sub, may not be in another.
[3] We have periodically been made aware of content and conduct attributed to us which will never be tolerated here. Every sub community has their own approach to discussion regarding these topics. We are not here to dictate how others do things. What we do feel it important to address, however, are several areas in which our policies could not be more different:
**We are here to discuss specific individuals for whom there is substantial evidence of MBI/OTT behavior. We discuss their MBI/OTT antics ONLY.
We are not here to harass, bully or pick apart people's every move; interfere in anyone's life; make up cruel nicknames; critique appearance; discuss or question anyone’s pronouns, gender or sexuality; or interact with subjects in any way (including family, friends, employers or medical professionals). We are not here for quantity over quality, and we will not condone or accept any form of baiting or devious means in order to obtain content. This policy is absolute; there are no exceptions, no matter who you are.
We comment exclusively on MBI/OTT-related social media content, and only that which has been posted by the subjects themselves. Altering images, creating memes, and obtaining information about their lives outside of the content they post, are prohibited. We are not here to diagnose or make any definitive statements regarding the content we discuss. We observe from a distance and speculate only.
We support Reddit’s “Remember the human” statement. The people we discuss are human beings. We must never forget that. Please, be civil to one another here, as well.
Many members here are chronically ill and/or disabled themselves. We acknowledge the validity and importance of patient support spaces and understand that they are a lifeline to many people. We condemn attacks on CI and disability communities at large.
We believe that this group provides a necessary and valuable means of empowering people to dare to ask questions, while it is absolutely verboten and taboo to do so on any other mainstream social media platform.
In an oppressive, pseudo-positive "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil" environment, as has existed in patient support spaces online until recent years, there is ample opportunity for manipulators to exploit that critique-free zone...and oh, how they have. This is a big part of why Dr. Feldman has mentioned that IF is a net benefit to society.
Awareness of MBI is now firmly seated in most CI spaces, for better and for worse. We are heartened that patients and peers who benefit from support spaces online are educating themselves to recognize and reject those who would exploit them for personal or financial gain.
I genuinely hope that all of you are safe and well. These are very difficult times. Please take care of yourselves.
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More of an “I don’t work THERE story.”

I manage a women’s clothing store in a small shopping center that includes a few other clothing stores, 2 higher end housewares and home goods stores, 3 restaurants, and several (kinda pricey) boutiques. This center is in a fairly affluent area of a largely blue-collar city so the sense of entitlement I see daily is outrageous. is my story:
After being shut down for 2 months due to covid-19, our store reopened about a month ago. Since we aren’t in a mall that dictates specific hours, all stores haven’t reopened and several (ours included) are operating on shorter hours. This isn’t unusual as we normally all operate in different hours anyway. I’m willing to be that 90% of the phone calls we receive are people asking if we’re open and what our hours are. Last week, I had to endure this conversation:
Me: thank you for calling (store). This is (me). How can I help you?
Karen(K): what are your hours?
Me: we’re open 11-6 today
K: well is everyone there open until 6?
Me: no ma’am. We all operate with different hours.
K: well that’s just dumb. Is (other store on the complete other end of the center) reopened yet?
Me: I’m sorry but I couldn’t tell you. I think they have but you’d need to call them and verify
K: WHAT?! No! That is YOUR job! Go check for me!
Me: I’m sorry but I’m the only manager on duty so I can’t leave my store right now. I’d be happy to give you their phone number though.
K: ugh fine.
I give her the number and she hangs up. 2 hours later, the phone rings again and the name on the caller ID looks familiar but I still answer
Me: Hello thank you fo—-
K: what kind of sale is (other store) having?
Me: ma’am I’m sorry but I think you have the wrong number
K: no I don’t. You all work at the same place. I dont understand why it’s so hard for you to do your job.
Me: I work for (my company). We are, in no way, affiliated with (other store). I have no way of knowing anything about their sales and promotions.
So I went in back to email my dm and warn her that there was probably going to be a complaint coming through about me and what the story was. She thought it was hilarious. The rest of the day went smoothly until about 20 minutes from closing when I get a call from (other store)
Other Store Manager (OSM): girl you aren’t gonna believe the crazy phone call I just got from my DM....
Me: $5 says I will believe it
OSM: Karen called our head office and complained. I was so confused until I realized you were the only other manager here w your name. Wtf happened?
I told her the story and left it at that. I found out later that she threatened to sue (other store) company over my behavior. Apparently, she spent so much time on the phone with me that it resulted in lost wages for her and she should be compensated. Obviously, nothing ever came of that.
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Arrested for protesting. 23 hours in jail my story.

Long post: edit - correct dates, last week.
Saturday night /Sunday morning (6/6 - 6/7) 12:10 am After being rushed out of the park in front of the justice center by gangsters in full riot gear I was pulled off my bike by a arm wrapped around my neck and arrested for IPO (interfering with police officer).
After being pulled off my bike and slammed to the ground, I was zip tied and escorted to an area off the street with several others who had been detained for being in the area after the PPB charged the crowd outside of the Justice center. As I sat there zip ties restraining my arms, an officer searched my belongings with no consent of search. We then had our ties replaced with cuffs, tagged with tape, and loaded into our police van that held 8.
We arrived at the dt police station were several wagons were stationed in the garage. Through the wire window I could see a sergeant gesture at our Van and said “should we unload these ones next”. This caught my attention because it was the start of my noticing of the rhetoric the force used on severe occasions; implying the arrested individuals were seen as objects rather than people.
Unloaded one by one (I was last in the van), we were lined up in an office hallway where we were read our rights. Once being read our rights we sat and waited for interrogation, if we so chose to speak without a lawyer present. As I waited to be questioned I was mocked several times for having a bike. One detective said “addressing other officer - oh and we got a biker tonight, way to go buds. Addressing me - don’t worry you’ll get it back... eventually” fallowed by laughter by several members.
After refusing to speak without a lawyer present, I and several other protesters were taken by a transport squad into an elevator to a basement garage level. We were then escorted and held for about half an hour outside of the booking area. In the heavily gated section of a garage area, where the transfer squad sergeant with a white goatee stood over me. Gun in hand trying to justify that he was a “good cop” and how the PBB is a necessity to stop criminal intent; his main argument in this was the bureaus ”victories” regarding sexual assault... “this set me off a bit”
Eventually we were shuffled through into booking. With all the arrests they made, the room was scrambling. I was guided by arm to a table area where where a booking officer began to ask me questions. I was hesitant to answer any questions and began asking questions myself. To this the booking deputy responded “SEE THIS IS THE TYPE OF SHIT I HAVE NO PATIENCE FOR.” (Yes she actually yelled this). For my search, I was told to remove my shoes sweatshirt, and pants (because I was wearing skin tight running tights under my normal pants). I complied and was searched.
After the search I was hustled by force by two officers to get my mugshot. One holding me one holding my pants and shirt. It was here where I saw my first clock, it read 1:25 am.
My picture was quickly taken and two deputies from the mug shot area began to escort me to an area where many other protesters were waiting. The area resembled a hospital waiting area, with rows of arm chairs and TVs. About halfway to this area, the booking officer that blew up at me, came up behind us with a hushed voice and said “no. Put him in the cell.”
I was pushed into a small, incredibly filthy dirty cell equipped with the fountain sink/toilet combo, and a 4 ft wood bench. As I was rushed into the cell, And saw that my clothes were dropped outside the door. As they shut the door I asked them if I could at last get my pants and was bluntly told “I can’t let you have those in there.” Feeling half naked in a long sleeve black undershirt and black skin tight running pants I didn’t want to touch anything.
If I did touch something their was no soap, nor did I know how to use the sink/fountain on my toilet. I needed answers, soap, water, and my pants. A button stood on the wall near the door. It appeared as if it was meant to summon assistance. I hit it several times and waited, only to receive no response.
The window on the cell door was covered on the outside allowing only very muffled voices to pass through. Attempting to get someone’s attention felt fruitless.
I began to meditate, sitting crossed legged elevated on the ledge in between the toilet/fountain and wood bench. This brick wide ledge stood about 4 feet off the ground and, even though filthy, was the cleanest surface in the cell. Being only a brick wide also reduced the amount of contact I made with any surface in the cell.
Deep in a bliss state, I was disturbed by an officer pounding on the window of my cell door yelling through a slot to get down off the ledge. I told them “I’d rather not, this is the cleanest surface in here.” In response I was reassured that the cell was cleaned after every visitor... I told them simply to “do better” and started making demands. I demanded my pants, soap, instructions to use the sink, a time frame of how long I would be there, a call out of jail, and an explanation of why I was put in the cell. I only received a bar of soap and instructions on how the fountain works.
I continued to meditate on my ledge in my skin tight pants, and undershirt. I was undisturbed for hours, apart from the occasional corrections officer coming and peeling back the blinds on the window to check on me.
I began to get tired, and decided to bite the bullet and sit on the wood bench leaning my back against the discolored wall. From appearance I would assume this film on in the wall was the accumulation of grease from past people’s hair, bodies, clothing, ext..
I dozed off to be awoken what may have been shortly later or hours, by a inmate assistant who brought me a paper bag of food. I asked them for my pants, but they apparently couldn’t help me with that. The contents of this paper bag were limited only including a mandarin orange, piece of bread with a scoop of peanut spread, a squeeze packet of strawberry jelly, and a milk carton.
I washed vigorously and sat down in preparation to feast. I ripped the paper bag to creat the best plate that I could in an attempt to keep everything as sanitary as possible. Finishing the meal faster than I prepared for it. I piled my trash in the milk carton on the sink/fountain and returned to my bed room for another nap. It had gotten colder. I tucked my body and legs into my thin undershirt to try and stay warm. It was here that I began to appreciate the wood bench for the woods ability to retain body heat compared to the concrete wall. I slept sitting up in a ball.
Awoken from what felt like a very deep sleep a officer knocked on my door. I awoke and went to answer and asked for my pants. She had some further processing questions for me like what gangs I was affiliated with, any medical concerns, and so forth. Tired and groggy I answered. The final question though perked me up. She asked if I would like to have a phone account set up to call out. My ticket out, “yes!”
It was now a waiting game. I didn’t feel like sleeping anymore so I began to meditate again. I couldn’t connect with myself and got too impatient to try anymore.
Failing at meditating, I had to find something to do to pass the time. I looked around my cell. Filthy.. Looking at the bench I was sitting on. Filthy. I was disturbed to think that someone one else would have to suffer in this cell like I had been forced to.
I began to clean. Using the orange peels, hand soap, and ripped paper bag, I began to scrub the walls around the bench. I cleaned until I ran out of paper bag to scrub with.
I made a difference or I went a bit crazy. The wall looked slightly lighter and in some spots it was as if the natural color was compliantly restored. I felt more comfortable in my surroundings and accomplished. With this feeling I sat and feel asleep again.
Again I was awoken. This time by my cell door opening. The officer asked me if I was ready to finish processing.... are you fucking kidding me...? I said “yea.” And was escorted to a phone near the entrance to the booking area.
I saw a clock 9:30am - Sunday I was instructed to answer the phone when it rang. The call explained my bail and that court date would be decided Monday at 2:00 pm. I acknowledged. I was then asked if I would like to buy essentials for like $1.80 - toothbrush, tooth paste, deodorant, pen, writing pad. Yes! The person on the other end then hung up. I was taken to “medical intake” area and asked a series of questions regarding my health. This is where the concern for Covid-19 first made an appearance. I was in fine health, but tired. I asked the medical personal about my call to make bail they said that was not their department.
I was escorted back to my cell. On the way back I asked about a call out of jail. The deputy escorting me said they would “look into it.” I resisted the officers arm holding me as they unlocked my the cell. Quickly bending down to pick up my pants and slipping them on. The officer was alarmed at first but relaxed as soon as they saw I was just putting pants on and just said “alright.”
Shortly after my return I was taken out of the the cell again. It was explained to me that I would be transferred to a different cell in a medical wing of the jail. The reason of why I was being transfers was not explained.
10:15 I was escorted by an officer to a changing area where I was told strip in preparations of a search. I striped bare and was told to lift my junk, turn around, bend over, and cough three times. Finally given jail attire to put over my naked body. Blue and pink for Multnomah.
I was taken to my new cell. Witch was much nicer and cleaner than the previous. Provided with a bed, pillow, blanket. It even had a window. Nearly immediately I was given a meal - served on this tray was a sad attempt at something like hamburger helper, canned peas/carrots, and pink coolaid to wash it down. I don’t eat apart from a few bites.
A inmate assistant came to retrieve my tray and I was finally given my toothbrush and paste. After freshening up I took a look around the new cell and noticed two buttons on the wall near the door. Similar to the last cell, but these two were labeled one read “medical” the other “deputy”.
I rang for the deputy. Over an intercom system the deputy responded. I asked about receiving my phone call out. He told me that I was waiting to have my temperate cleared by medical before I could call out. I asked for a time frame and was told to “hang tight.”
Maybe an hour passed with nothing happening. I pressed the medical button. Same response over an intercom. “What can I help you with?” I told them how I was told to wait for them to clear my temperature to make a phone call. The voice over the intercom “said I’ll look into that.”
Minutes later a deputy came to my cell and introduce them as the new deputy on duty in that wing. I asked them if I was going to get to call out and explained that I was told medical had to clear my temperature. The new deputy was unwilling to speak with me as I had been marked A nuisance by being put in the booking cell. He told me that the previous guy was “new” and that they were wrong that I had to be cleared by medical. They then told me that I failed to agree to have my phone account set up at booking to allow for a call out and that I wouldn’t be getting one and was told “congratulations” for it. I guess I was stuck there until 2pm Monday: the time to meet in court for arguments of my trial.
No chance of calling the bail line, a friend, family, a lawyer.. I began to draw. Listening to the deputy’s and some inmates discuss and laugh about protesters being run over.
laid in my bunk and dozed off. Waking what I believed to be hours later. It was a day of over cast so I couldn’t get an accurate time of day from the sun.
I meditated connecting on an incredibly deep level. Remaining like this for hours. Until dinner came around - Meat patty, bread, slice of cheese, canned veggies, sweet beans, brownie, and coolaid to wash it down.
I mustered to put some of this food down. And went down for a nap after eating. I woke when it was dark out. And started drawing again, Undisturbed for hours.
A deputy came to the cell door with a price of paper asking for a signature. Saying it looks like someone is bailing you out. I asked the time 10:30 pm Sunday night. I signed and was told to wait for it to be processed.
12:00 am Monday. I began my release being escorted to a changing area to put my cloths back on. After I was given my personal belongings that I had in my pockets back (phone, keys). Finally being escorted out of the jail at 12:35 am Monday morning. Looking at the paper of my release it stated that I “self bailed” but did not hand an money over.
I was stripped of my rights and dignity and held against will in solitary for nearly a day. I was lied to multiple times. In jail their is no one to hold the officers there accountable either.
Iv gone out and protested every day since my release and will continue to. I have no fear of being arrested again nor do I fear anyone associated with that organization. I will keep fighting and standing against their broken system helping anyone in my community who stands in solidarity. I will challenge anyone who disagrees. It is time for us to listen, validate and create change. BLM
Side note, after retrieving my bike from impound I noticed a small leak in both tires. I can’t prove it but I have no doubt this was in retaliation of my protesting as well.
Don’t let fear control you. Turn into curiosity of what more you can do.
Fuck the police.
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Psylisa's Guide to Beadle & Grimm - 7/16/20

Welcome all, to another edition of Psylisa's Guide! I'm extremely tired, and after a long wait, we've finally got Beadle & Grimm to a relatively bug-free state to where I can examine what they bring to the table. Plus I can't sleep tonight, so might as well knock out the guide for everyone's beautiful glowing faces tomorrow. So let's have a look under the hood, shall we?   First up, I want to discuss Beadle and Grimm a bit mechanically. Each is a separate, unique hero but occupying a single slot. Using their Ultimate will allow you to switch between them, and the longer one isn't being utilized, the stronger he will become when you do switch them out. That's the gist of it, anyways. They also share another unique mechanic, in that if either of them qualifies for a variant or Patron or some other restriction, then they BOTH qualify. This allows you sneak in Beadle or Grimm as long as one of them meets the requirements. Nifty!  

CNE Blog Highlight

----- Core Stats Beadle -----
Race: Dwarf Class: Rogue/Wizard Alignment: True Neutral
Age: 91 Affiliation: None
STR: 13 DEX: 17 CON: 12
INT: 16 WIS: 10 CHA: 8
Role: Support/Gold
----- Core Stats Grimm -----
Race: Human Class: Barbarian Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 26 Affiliation: None
STR: 18 DEX: 12 CON: 16
INT: 12 WIS: 9 CHA: 14
Role: DPS, Support
Eligible for Patrons: Mirt the Moneylender, Vajra Safahr, Strahd von Zarovich.


Special Order - Chicken (Beadle) - increases gold dropped by the enemy Special Order - Brew (Grimm) - increases damage taken by the enemy Special Order - Brew Filled (Grimm) - 10 stacks of Brew debuff  


Magic Wand (Beadle): Beadle bonks a random enemy with a wand (dealing half damage). This unleashes two magic missiles that fly out and hit two other random enemies for full damage.   Giant's Bane (Grimm): Grimm cleaves through the nearest enemies with his two enormous greatswords.   Get Buff: Beadle and Grimm increase the damage of themselves or the Champions around them. Beadle — increases the damage of Champions within 2 slots of himself by 100%.
  Grimm — increases the damage of Grimm by 100% for each Barbarian in the formation, stacking multiplicatively.
  Special Order: Beadle and Grimm provide a utility to help the party.
Beadle — Whenever Beadle damages an enemy that is not at full health, that enemy will drop 25% more gold when it is killed. Does not stack with itself.
  Grimm — Enemies damaged by Grimm take 25% more damage until they are killed (except from ultimates). Can stack additively up to 10 times on a single enemy.
  Long Rest: While Beadle is active, Grimm's buff increases by 1 stack every 10 seconds. While Grimm is active, Beadle's buff increases by 1 stack every 10 seconds. When a Champion swaps out using their Tag Team ultimate, their stacks are reset, and while they're in-play their stacks reduce by 1 every 10 seconds. Stacks are additive.
Beadle — Increase the effect of Beadle's Get Buff by 10% per stack.   Grimm — Increase the effect of Grimm's Special Order by 10% per stack.
  Inseparable: Beadle and Grimm are so inseparable that if either one qualifies for an adventure restriction based on their tags, ages, ability scores, then both can be used.


1st Specialization Choice (Beadle) As Quick As Me: Increase the effect of Beadle's Get Buff by 100% for each Champion with a DEX score of 17 or higher, stacking multiplicatively and then applying to Get Buff multiplicatively.   As Clever As Me: Increase the effect of Beadle's Get Buff by 100% for each Champion with an INT score of 16 or higher, stacking multiplicatively and then applying to Get Buff multiplicatively.
  2nd Specialization Choice (Grimm) Chip Away: Increases the effect of Grimm's Special Order by 100% (up to 50% per stack) Strongman Contest: Grimm's Get Buff now also adds a stack for any Champion with a STR score of 18 or higher.

Ultimate Ability

  Tag Team: Their ultimate attack changes based on who is currently in-play.
Beadle — Grimm leaps into the fray, smashing a random enemy and all nearby enemies before leaping back into the formation while Beadle teleports into the shadows to recover. Grimm — Beadle teleports into the center of the battle and explodes with arcane magic, damaging and stunning all enemies. He then slips quietly back into the formation as Beadle leaps away for a brief rest.


Get some Rest Use the Tag Team Ultimate to bring either Beadle or Grimm into the game with 1000 or more stacks of Long Rest.


Slot 1: Self DPS buff Slot 2: Global DPS buff Slot 3: Get Buff buff Slot 4: Special Order buff Slot 5: Long Rest buff Slot 6: Ultimate Damage buff

Who should I focus on?

My advice: 1) Beadle and Grimm 2) Shandie 3) Xander

My Thoughts

Beadle and Grimm pack a punch. There's no other way to say it. The gameplay seems a bit complex due to the swapping mechanic, but ends up fairly basic once you realize the game can do the work for you. Optimally, you'll want to swap yourself and not use the automated method, as doing so will result in some MASSIVE buffs that couldn't be had otherwise.   Here's an example: Base Get Buff for Beadle - 2.87e5% with 3 qualifiers for specialization and 40% feat Buffed Get Buff for Beadle - 2.18e7% with 3 qualifiers for specialization, 40% feat, and 40 stacks of Long Rest.   As you can see, taking advantage of Long Rest leads to some very large buffs for a small stack count. 40 stacks is just 400 seconds, or about 6 and a half minutes for a 100x increase in damage. This is with absolutely no gear, as well.   The fun starts when you realize that if you place Grimm in first and build up stacks of Special Order to 10, they then persist when Beadle comes in. This means you'll get the best of both worlds; Grimm's Special Order buff on top of Beadle's Get Buff buff when you swap. I found the optimal play here is to start with Grimm in your lineup and farm as much Long Rest as you want. Do make sure he's within 2 slots of your DPS, so when you swap you instantly gain Beadle's Get Buff without needing to readjust your formation. 10 minutes for me seemed to be the sweet spot, yielding about a 200x boost without gear. Go to the stage you want to kill, then ensure he inflicts 10 stacks of Brew on the pack of enemies. Use his Ultimate to swap to Beadle, and nab your very large Get Buff along with Grimm's persistent stacks of Special Order. You win! This also becomes especially deadly if you are using Stoki's Ki Explosion or another ability that can double-dip into debuffs. After you clear, you'll need to swap back to Grimm to restart the process.   The only downside to this type of gameplay is that when you push like this, you reach a point where the only progress you can make in killing new levels is to repeat it for each new level; and all that time waiting for their Ultimate cooldown as well as powering up Long Rest adds up. Simply placing a familiar on their Ultimate does an adequate job, just not min-max optimal. It's certainly easier to do that, however!   If you don't mind the swapping/yo-yo DPS mechanic, Beadle and Grimm will fit nicely in your formation. Even if you're just leaving them idle, they'll be a decent addition, especially with proper formation placement and a familiar on their Ultimate. I don't think players can go wrong with these champions.   Since Grimm is tagged as DPS, I guess I'll mention him here. Bottom line: don't use him as DPS. While he's not a terrible DPS, the entire point of Grimm and Beadle is that you swap them (either actively or passively with a familiar on their Ultimate). When you utilize Grimm as a DPS, you short-change yourself of Beadle's buff as you can't have both simultaneously. And while Grimm can power up similar to Krond for having strong champions in your party, it's so much more restrictive and such a lower buff value that it's not worth it. The only thing useful about Grimm as a DPS is potential with Artemis; but again, I say potential. The problem here is the Grimm provides absolutely zero buffs that can be Observed, so he really only functions as a springboard for other buffers to work their magic and to be Observed on him. Certainly not what you are seeking from a Support/DPS for Artemis play.   And I suppose Beadle is a Gold champion; he's much better at that than Grimm is at DPS, mostly because it's a rather automatic function that just happens. Don't expect anything mind-blowing here, he's just a free gold buff much like Donaar. Slot him in, apply debuff directly to the forehead, then slot him out for gold finders that need to be active in your party (like Nrakk).
EDIT: I missed the fact that Beadle's Gold ability is tied to his Special Order ability, which has a gear slot available for improvement. I've upgraded his Gold score, thanks all!


Support: 10/10 Gold: 9/10 DPS: 5/10



Open Bugs

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Foreign woman who committed suicide in Italy in 2007 is still unidentified

I don't know why this particular Jane Doe remains with me. In 2007 I still lived in Italy, though not in the area as I was away at Uni, but I don't remember reading or hearing about this, even though it must have been in the news for a while. I just "found" her while going through the "Chi l'Ha Visto?" (an italian TV programme aimed at finding missing people and things like that) archives and found it so strange that a foreign woman would go in the hills outside of Prato to die.
Who was she? Was she Danish or Polish? Was she involved with the Danish Royal Family? Was she a doctor or a scientist?
As follows, all the information I could find.
On November 13th 2007, at 08:30, the body of an unidentified woman was found hanging from an olive tree in a field near Via di Cavagliano, in Prato, Tuscany. To this day, she hasn't been identified and she's buried in the Chiesanuova cemetery in Prato as "Ignota" ("Unknown"). Various sources that I used to sum up the little is known about her (unfortunately none of them in English):
Original article that came out when the body was found (in Italian).
Chi l'Ha Visto? page (There's an "English" version linked at the bottom, but it's not a very good translation). This page has a picture of her face.
This newspaper article (in Italian), which has pictures of the items found with the woman as well as two pictures of her.
Another article has some more info, but it really goes over the top with the melodrama (still in Italian).
The woman looked to be between 50 and 60 years old, around 160cm (about 5'2") in height ( blonde, well-groomed and well kept. According to the ME she died a not too long before she was found, likely around 7 a.m.
Note that I found her height stated as 170cm/5'7", weight as 75Kg/165lb and shoe size 41/US Men 8 in the National Registry of Unidentified Bodies, but I can't find the post mortem report online to check which one is true.
She was wearing a dark grey t-shirt, a dark jumper, dark trousers and shoes. A woolen coat was carefully folded at the base of the tree, with the shoes on top. Articles mention that both the coat and the shoes were of a "particular make" with labels leading back to Eastern Europe brands but fails to mention anything more than that. One article I found mentions that the shoes were Polish. All clothes were clean and in good conditions.
A bag was hanging from the tree, inside of which there were a leopard print hard headband, white-frame sunglasses with wide tiger-striped stems (branded "Vinetic)), a small comb, a €20 note and the following items:
  1. A coupon for subscription to Scientific American filled in block letters with the name Henrik Eis and PO Box address: 211 - 85547 Payson AZ USA. The option of paying by credit card is checked. Written on the back of it: Victoria Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada. (NOTE: At the time the Chi l'Ha Visto? article came out, looking for Henrik Eis on the web brings up a doctor in Malov, Denmark, who specialises in laser dermatological surgery, but in some articles the name has been misspelled as Enrick Eis, so I'm not sure if this is reliable information. Source in Italian.)
  2. Page with an article in the Scientific American from September 2007 with a picture of a molecule (NOTE: or an actual drawing made on said molecule, text isn't too clear, but from the picture in the article, I'd say the former). The article is about a software to aid in the development of molecules. (? Once again, the source Italian text is unclear)
  3. A tourist map of Vancouver Island in English.
  4. An article from a Danish magazine about the royals of Denmark, the article is accompanied by some colour photos: there is an underlined phrase and in the white margin of the page some sentences written in pen, mostly taken from the text of the article. No idea about this, I don't know Danish, but a Facebook post on a Polish community that deals with unsolved cases mentions that there are several spelling mistakes in the handwritten notes ("Dater" instead of "Datter", "Kong" instead of "Konge") these errors may suggest that Danish was not the native language of the deceased woman.
  5. Page of the Florentine Metro newspaper from 9th November 2007. November 8-10 the Laser Florence 2007 international conference took place there.
  6. A map of Copenhagen airport, with a map depicting sea connections between Copenhagen and the other islands of Denmark on the back.
  7. A Trenitalia 20Km ticket valid for regional routes, unstamped, with the annotation in pen "Time 13.15 Viareggio" (Viareggio is a seaside town, in the opposite direction of Prato from Florence). One article mentions that there was a train leaving for Viareggio at 13:15 on November 12th from Firenze Campo di Marte.
  8. A post-it note with scientific-related sentences in English (from what I can read in the pic: "generation of surfase [sic] plasmans[?]-density waves of electrons that propagate along the interface like the ripples that spread across the surface of a"), “I lowe Niels Bohr” written on the back. (NOTE: I'm pretty sure the "lowe" is a misspelling in the Italian article, but I can't find a picture of this post-it note to confirm this).
  9. Fragment of a French greeting card that appears to have been signed by "Roberta" and "Michel", with partial text in French on the back of it. The words as far as I can make out are as follows, with / marking when it's a new line:"lieu de prière/esprime très b[on?...]/matérnité ch[??]/Qu'elle vo[...]/J'admire". My French isn't great, but a tentative English translation would be: "place of prayepraying/expresses very (well?)/maternity/That she/I admire".
  10. Victoria Map with circles made in pen around the Conference Center and note written down: "24-27sept Conference". On that date in that Center, there was at least one event: the annual Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) Conference.
  11. A leaflet about dioxide carbon laser used in dermatological surgery with the address "Cambrige Science Park Milton Road Cambridge CB4 4FR U.K." penned on the back.
  12. Blank SAS baggage label.
  13. A potato flat bread from a Tuscan bakery brand, packaged on 12th November 2007, BFE 15th November 2007, packed in a container.
  14. Minute Maid soft drink, "ACE" (orange, carrot and lemon) flavour.
  15. Livol Multi Total Teenager by Dansk Droge AS (vitamin supplements from what I understand).
  16. Part of an envelope with sender Hendes Majestaiet dronning Ingrids hof Federik VIII’s palae 1257 Kobenhavn, stamped 17th December 1999. From the Polish FB post: "a fragment of letter paper and an official envelope of the Danish royal family with a stamp on December 17, 1999. This type of envelope was attributed to the Queen of Denmark, Ingrid, who abdicated by giving the crown to her daughter Margrethe five days after sending the letter and who died a few months later."
  17. A postcard with cut corners overlooking a seaside resort, with "Antalya" (Turkey) written on it.
Since 2007, no one has asked for the body of the deceased woman and no one has been able to identify her. No Italian hotel has reported unclaimed luggage. DNA was collected in 2008 with the intent of being compared with archive in Northern Europe as Well as Canada, but there doesn't seem any development on that front.
According to this article, the only person who seemed to have recognized the woman was a psychologist from San Marino, Doctor Pelagalli, who is sure she saw her during a conference in Florence, at Villa Viviani. Accoding to the article, Pelagalli remembered the woman clearly, having noticed the unique sunglasses that she also had. According to the doctor, the woman had the handbag with her, as well as several scientific publications. She had been following several talks and apparently she also asked questions about computer science applied to laser technology. She spoke in Italian with a foreign accent and told her she was a medical doctor. She wore make-up and was well-groomed, but she seemed to be sweating a lot and removed her make-up at some point.
According to the article, the convention was invite-only and neither Doctor Pelagalli nor the deceased woman were among the speakers. The organisers, however, added that they could have simply been interested in the subject matter and followed the lectures.
I've seen several theories around, mostly in the Italian press or on some forums:

The official Danish Royal Family letterhead lends some credibility to this, but I don't know how she could still be unidentified to this day if this were the case.
Maybe? The scientific note written in English (#8) seems to have some misspellings or words that don't make sense, but maybe she wasn't EFL or my transcribing skills aren't very good.
Not sure about this one. While the glasses seemed to have been a company gadget (Vinetic produced microchips, nothing to do with sunglasses), she could have obtained these at a conference. Sometimes companies give out such gadgets, I have so many sunglasses from companies such as Lufthansa, Samsung, Red Bull and such and I'm not affiliated with any of them.
This seems plausible? According to some articles and the Polish write-up, the shoes do seem of a Polish brand that doesn't export. Could be she also went there on a conference and bought a pair of shoes?
I mean... It could be possible? She seems to know at least three languages (English, Danish and French) and if that witness testimony is to be believed, she also spoke Italian, but other than that and the how she came to be where she was, I don't really see how she could be linked to secret services.
This seems to me more plausible than the secret services theory to be honest, but it's impossible to know.
I'm originally from a city close by and while I've never been to the particular location where the body was found, it seems pretty remote and I find it really puzzling that a person not familiar with the area would choose to end their life there. And even if this woman was specifically looking for a remote or peaceful place, how did she get there? There is no bus at that time in the morning. The distance from the train station or the city isn't much, but going on foot doesn't seem plausible. Even if she'd set off at 5 or 6, in November it's quite dark and these streets have little to no lights, not even taking into consideration the fact that she probably was unfamiliar with the roads.
If she went by taxi, how come there's seemingly no record of it? It could be that it was a unlicensed cab or something like that of course, but it's still pretty strange.
I can't find any news in English apart from a couple of posts on web sleuth forum threads and I don't really know any Danish to try and look, but maybe someone here does and can find more information? It seems most avenues of investigation have been followed, including the one relative to this Henrik Eis mentioned in #1, but seemingly without anything resulting in concrete evidence.
Other Italian language articles I used to write this up:
I also found a Polish Facebook post related to this woman, I can't post the link here as it seems it's against community policy, but from what I understand it's from a "Unsolved Mysteries" community and running it through google translate results in pretty much the same information that I mentioned above. It's also the same article that mentions the misspellings in Danish.
It would be great if someone with Danish knowledge could either confirm or deny the claim that the Danish written text has misspellings and maybe see if they can find any information about this in Danish language media.
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Summation of current Events, Town Hall

Happy 50k. We’re trending also.

Anyway… so for me, personally, yesterday was exhausting. And I’m a little sad and frustrated, but that’s just how it is.
So for those of ya’ll who are coming from trending, or were asleep during most of it, or if you just need a refresher, here’s basically what happened:
Adam Rapoport responds to Illyana Maisonet who criticized Bon Appetit’s stance on racial solidarity. Maisonet mentioned she pitched a Puerto Rican story to the magazine and was denied by Meryl Rothstein for being “5 years behind.” Tammie Teclemariam posted a pictured in response to this conversation of Rapoport in brown face, the picture dated from 2013, later revealed to be a 16 year old picture.
As the picture and post gained wind, various current and former TK staffers condemned their Editor in Chief. Sohla El-Waylly was the first to call for his resignation, and pointed out on her Instagram story that she has been pushed into the videos as a display of diversity, also stating that only white editors get paid for the videos they make.
As various TK staffers continue to condemn the actions of Adam Rapoport, several of the video hosts vow to not produce videos for the channel until the pay inequality has been rectified. Adam Rapoport later steps down as Editor in Chief.
More details can be found be clicking on any of the links in the pinned comment below.

Now to talk about us for a bit:

So, where does that leave us, as a community of fans of Bon Appetit? Me?, well I am shocked and disappointed, and largely at a loss for words. I’m usually pretty good at expressing my thoughts on decisions BA makes and to make a mistake this institutionalized in wearing my brain thin. I think almost all of us are left frustrated as this Test Kitchen environment is revealed to us to be quite uglier than we would like to admit.
Things will be changing internally at Bon Appetit. I can only assume, since none of the mods here are affiliated with Bon Appetit. It is frustrating to hear about this kind of shit during nationwide protests against police brutality and racism, especially since Bon Appetit’s videos largely served as an escape from the heaviness of real life, to know that the things that the American people are out fighting for are things that have been quietly swept under the rug at Bon Appetit. This is an issue of institutionalized racism gone unchecked, and it isn’t unique to Bon Appetit, the world of journalism, or the United States itself.

So, now for some housekeeping things:

As things were happening, we loosened our rule against Personal Criticism because for the most part a lot of it was assumptions based on things TK hosts did in videos. We loosened it because what people were saying about Adam Rapoport were not based on assumptions. They were based on a picture, and the words of everybody who worked under him.
And now, we’re going to reinstate that rule because even though there’s still a lot that Bon Appetit and Conde Nast has to rectify, Adam has stepped down. Criticizing him at this point, hundreds of comments later is not productive. It’s a bit toxic at this point.
Speaking of toxicity, in general, please be nice to other people on the subreddit. If what you want to say isn’t nice, at least try to be productive with your criticism, don’t be spouting off baseless hate. In addition, please be understanding with the rest of the Test Kitchen staff, current and former, they are also dealing with the consequences of Adam and the Company’s actions, they don’t need further harassment.
Also, since it’s slowed down, since the conversations currently center around race, understand that while there is an overlap between normal behavior and racist behavior, be aware that someone’s actions, especially on camera, aren’t always based in racism, but often a simple brain fart.
All of this being said, and despite how everyone might be feeling, I’m proud of this community. Most everyone generally had good intent, and there was a lot of productive, helpful discussion. We still have a ways to go, Bon Appetit has a ways to go, and we’ll see what happens.

What can we do:

There is currently a stickied post by u/cayenne_west, who offers a variety of different things you can do to demonstrate your disdain for Bon Appetit’s actions, emailing Conde Nast, unsubscribing from the magazine and Youtube Channel, and unfollowing social media accounts. There are also links there to donate to several Human Rights and Black Lives Matter groups.
Check out the Current Events Archive, which I’ll retire for the time being. Most of the stuff in this thread will be there as well, it mainly shows you stuff as it was happening to the subreddit.
Thanks everybody for being you. Hang in there.

edit: added rule specifying witch hunting and targeting posts
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The SmashWiki's stance on the current events

Hi, everyone. My name is Aidan, and I have been a user on the SmashWiki under the username "aidanzapunk" for the past seven years, and an administrator on the SmashWiki for the past two years.

Historically, the SmashWiki has never really had a social media presence, the closest being our now defunct affiliation with SmashBoards, and a YouTube channel that hasn’t had a new video in over six years. However, we plan on remedying this, beginning with this official statement that I am presenting to you, the reader, on behalf of the administrative staff.

We at SmashWiki fully support those who have come forward and spoken out, and can offer nothing more than our sincerest apologies. We do not condone the actions done by those accused, and do not intend to change those opinions. However, we also will not stand by and let the information that is to be covered get disrupted by edits that users, anonymous or not, make. This ranges from putting information front and center at the top of an article, to removing it altogether—both of which have occurred and have been fixed. We have also used the word "vandalism" to describe these edits to the page, and, while I myself put a statement out regarding this previously (, we would like to reiterate here that an act of vandalism on the wiki is different from an act of vandalism in real life, as the former refers to information or text that serves to disrupt the rest of the page, whether it be done under malicious intent or not.

We would also like to state that, regardless of the staff’s individual opinions on the statements that have been brought forth, the information will be covered on the wiki in a neutral tone, meaning that statements will be treated as allegations until confirmed true. We, again, do not intend to undermine the voices of those who have come forward and fully support those who have done so, but it should also be understood that it is our job to report on the information as it has been presented to us. Many Wikipedia-like websites do this as well, as it is, especially in situations like this, extremely important to report on the facts as accurately as possible. As was stated previously, attempts to change how this information is covered will be undone, and more intensive action will be taken if the attempts persist. In the event that a page is protected to prevent anonymous users from changing the information, but new information is brought to light and has not been added to the page itself, we ask that it be mentioned in the respective talk page. Additionally, none of the pages previously made for the accused will be deleted, as doing that, much like removing the information covering the allegations, would be the equivalent of saying they are not important, or did not happen.

As I mentioned, the SmashWiki has historically not been in touch with the greater whole of the Super Smash Bros. community. However, there are tweets, Facebook posts, Reddit comments, etc. that have been posted online, and that we do see. We are in the process of fixing this. Right now, however, we felt it would be appropriate to speak out on the current events, given how much they are affecting the community at large. We, again, fully support those who have come forth and spoken, and regrettably cannot offer more than our sincerest apologies. Any questions or comments can be directed to the SmashWiki's Discord server (, where any of the administrative staff are available for contact, as well as the general user community.

Thank you for reading.
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What I've Learned in Over 3,000 Hours of Inspecting Lab Diamonds (Intro Post)

Hi! I’m Lindsay and I’m a lover of high quality lab diamonds. I was an early adopter of the product, using them for my engagement ring and wedding bands in 2012.
In 2015, I founded Ada Diamonds, a custom fine jeweler of lab diamonds, with my partner and spouse Jason Payne. He’s been on Reddit as u/Ada_Diamonds for a few years, and he encouraged me to join Reddit to share my hands-on experience with lab diamonds with the community, so here I am!
My Background with Lab Diamonds
I have spent over 3,000 hours in the last five years hands-on with lab diamonds: inspecting, judging, filming, curating, sampling, and assessing lab diamonds. Every week I personally examine 25-50 lab diamonds, in addition to those evaluated by the rest of our team.
I am passionate about inspecting lab diamonds in person before purchase. As a lab diamond jeweler, I would never, ever, ever purchase a lab diamond sight unseen, no matter how good the price or the video.
Why will I not purchase a lab diamond sight unseen? We reject at least a third of the diamonds that arrive at our showrooms every single day. A certificate and low-resolution video of a lab diamond can give you clues about the quality of a diamond, but it is not enough information to definitively determine the quality.
We use online certificates and videos to assess whether a diamond should be inspected, but we would never pass a lab diamond from a cert or from a 400px video. Lighting and color can easily be manipulated and edited in 360 videos, rendering them essentially useless for properly assessing a lab diamond’s quality.
In addition, the resolution of the videos is low enough that you cannot read the laser inscribed ID on the diamond, so you cannot be sure that the diamond in the video is actually the diamond that is shipped to you. We have heard from multiple members of the trade that a number of wholesalers are swapping videos for better diamonds (with similar inclusions) to sell unexceptional diamonds.
How Do I QC a Lab Diamond and What Do I Look For?
When we order hand-picked lab diamonds for inspection, they are shipped to one of our showrooms where they are verified, examined, judged, filmed, and tested. We use both traditional jewelers tools as well as scientific laboratory equipment to evaluate the quality of the diamonds. We do this in our own controlled environment and full-spectrum lighting. We do not buy at trade shows or offices where lighting can be tuned/optimized to hide defects in diamonds.
Similarly to mined diamonds, much of our quality control criteria is based on the fundamentals of gemology. Is the diamond grading accurate? Does the color, clarity, cut/make match what we see in person?
Then we assess make (the quality of the cut). We specialize in fancy shapes above 2ct, so we look for bow ties, light leakage, crown paneling, pavilion bulge, culet size, fish eyes, empty and lifeless centers, uneven chevrons, etc. We are happy to capture Ideal Scope or ASET images for our clients, but we find that ASETs do not tell the full story of a diamond’s appearance.
Unique to lab diamonds, we look for characteristics indicative of poorly/cheaply grown CVD and HPHT goods. For CVD, we look for brown and gray undertones, black polycrystalline inclusions (particularly on the girdle), strain or graining in the diamond, signs of iterative growth patterns called striations, and obvious HPHT post-growth treatment which can give a CVD diamond a “straw” or light yellow gray color.
For HPHT, we look for blue nuance from boron, gray undertone from metals such as titanium, phosphorescence (which is not the same thing as fluorescence), zoning by growth sector, and metal flux inclusions.
We use the same criteria for every lab diamond we bring in house, from small bags of melee to larger certified goods.
Once we receive a lab diamond, we use a variety of tools to measure some of these unnatural characteristics of lab diamonds. But most importantly, we get tons of media. Examining a lab diamond in isolation is not as effective as comparing it to others of lesser and superior quality. We send multiple videos, comparisons, and our opinions to clients all over the world who trust our eyes and judgment to help them select a lab diamond.
We use the same strict criteria for lab diamonds we inspect for our Public Purchase Program, our in-house program to buy second-hand lab diamonds from members of the public.
What Has Surprised Me
By far the most surprising thing about inspecting lab diamonds in person is how different they can look from their v360 videos, particularly fancy shapes like ovals. Online videos are often blasted with light, using low exposure and bright LED's to mask dark color and light leakage. In particular, it's very difficult to judge bow ties from videos versus in person. Conversely, some v360 videos are so low quality and poorly filmed that a lab diamond can be gorgeous, even if it had an ugly video.
Why I’m On Reddit
I’m here to help educate the Reddit community by sharing examples of good vs bad lab diamonds that I have inspected in person. I’ll keep my comments focused on the diamonds, and not the companies that sell the diamonds.
I can advise you whether or not we would bring a lab diamond in house for inspection based on its cert; however, I cannot advise on whether a given diamond is a beautiful stone, based on a cert and a video.
Given the wide range of quality I have personally witnessed over the years for lab diamonds within the same 4 C’s, I think it’s completely nuts to purchase a lab diamond off of a cert or video. Every lab diamond is different and there is no way to know what it will look like until you’ve seen it live.
I’m here to help you understand how qualities of lab diamonds present to the average person in the normal course of life. How do striations really look to the naked eye? Can I see phosphorescence without gemological equipment? If you irradiate a blue nuanced diamond, will it look gray? Does HPHT post growth treatment matter if it makes the CVD diamond look better? These concepts are not covered on IGI or GCAL certs. And they aren’t just academic topics; these are things that directly impact a lab diamond’s appearance and resale value.
I’m here to show you what a particular size or shape of diamond looks like on my hand (size ~5.25 finger), or that of one of my many female colleagues who range from ring sizes 4 to 6.5.
I’m here to share unique technological advancements in lab diamonds and what we’re witnessing in the market regarding supply, quality, and price.
What I’m Not Here to Do
I’m not here to trash talk a competitor. I'm proud of the high integrity organization that we've built that is rooted in quality diamonds and customer experiences. If you’re interested in our company, I would encourage you to read our 100% authentic Yelp and Google reviews.
I’m not here to promote a diamond we have for sale over one you’re considering from another retailer. If you’d like to check out Ada Diamonds, I’d love to earn your business. But if you’ve found a diamond you love from someone else, then congrats!
I’m not here to play armchair gemologist. I am hands-on with lab diamonds, in our showroom, every single day. I don’t sit at home in my pajamas commenting on certificates and videos while sending out affiliate links. If you ask for my opinion of a lab diamond that we have at Ada Diamonds, I will send you a video of that actual diamond, on my actual hand, in our actual showroom. If you ask for someone’s advice on a lab diamond, and they haven’t personally looked at the diamond in person, they are incapable of definitively assessing the diamond's quality, period.
I am excited to bring my experience with this beautiful and innovative product to the Reddit community!
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r/neoliberal May 2020 Demographic Survey Results

neoliberal May 2020 Demographic Survey Results
The neoliberal demographic survey received a total of 1510 responses. It was conducted between May 26th and May 29th. Below you'll find information on the responses for each question asked. Any answer categorized under "other" was unique. Because Reddit posts cannot contain more than 20 images, the less interesting/important images will be linked instead of embedded. See my comment for further information.

Basic Demographic Information

The question "How old are you?" received 1502 responses. 75.4% (1160) said their age is in the 18-30 range.
1499 respondents provided their gender.
  • Female: 7.3% (110)
  • Male: 91.4% (1370)
  • Nonbinary/Genderfluid: 1.3% (19)
1489 respondents indicated if they were transgender or not. 3.7% (55) said they were transgender. Among those 55, 69% (38) said they were female, 9% (5) male, and 22% (12) nonbinary or genderfluid.
1477 respondents provided their sexuality.
0.3% (4) reported being demisexual and 1.8% (27) pansexual.
Race and Ethnicity
1474 respondents provided an answer to "Are you a person of color (PoC)?" Of them, 17.2% (253) said yes, and 82.8% (1221) no.
1497 people provided their ethnicity. Below is a chart indicating how frequently the categories of ethnicity were selected. Note that all respondents were able to select several categories, meaning the numbers add up to over 1497.
78.9% (1181) selected "White/Caucasian", and 67.3% (1007) exclusively selected "White/Caucasian".
1490 people provided their country of residence. 70.1% (1045) live in the USA.
1494 respondents provided their religious affiliation.
In addition to what is visible on the chart, there were seven other, six "spiritual but not religious," three Quakers, two Daoists, and two Unitarians.
Relationship Status
1488 respondents provided their relationship status. Click here for the chart. 63.8% (950) reported being single, 13% (194) having a long-term significant other, 12% (178) being married, and 10.8% (161) having a significant other. In addition, 0.2% (3) said they were engaged, and 0.1% (2) divorced.
1472 respondents answered the question "Do you have a disability?" 8.4% (124) said they were disabled; 91.6% (1348) said they were not disabled.

Education, Employment, and Housing

Education Level
1478 respondents provided their highest completed level of education. 59.8% (898) reported that they had a bachelor's degree or higher.
Employment Status
1493 respondents answered "What best describes your employment status?" In addition to what is visible on the chart, 0.7% (10) replied that they were an unpaid worker like a caretaker or full-time parent.
Field of Work
I'm embarrassed to say I had to scrap the results to this question. About 20%, or one out of every five, survey takers didn't respond to this question. Those that did very frequently used the open-answer "other" option. The end result was that the data was quite garbage, to the point where I believe exact numbers or an chart would actually be more misleading than informative. I'll provide you with the broad strokes: About 20% are in computer science, and 10% are in engineering, social sciences or humanities, economics, and management/business/administration each; so just over half are in one of those five fields.
Area of Residence
1499 respondents described their primary area of residence as urban, suburban, or rural. Click here for the chart. Urban and suburban numbers were similar, at 45% (675) and 47.5% (712) each, while rural picks up the remaining 7.5% (112).
Living Situation
1484 provided their living situation. Click here for the chart. The plurality of respondents (41.8%, 621) live with their parents. 22% (329) reported living with their significant other, while 18.3% (271) reported living with roommates and 17.7% (263) reported living alone.


Political Views
  • Economic
1500 respondents provided their policital lean for economic issues. The center of gravity for the respondent's economic viewpoints was strongly center-left, with a general propensity for moderation.
  • Social
1502 respondents provided their political lean for social issues. Respondents strongly identified as left wing or center-left (91.6%) on social issues.
  • General
1498 respondents provided their political lean in general. The plurality of respondents indicated they were center-left, suggesting that respondents placed a higher priority on economic issues than social ones.
Supported Policies
1500 respondents checked at least one policy that they supported. Carbon tax (94%), LGBTQ rights (95.9%), and free trade (95.3%) were the most commonly supported. Single-payer healthcare (30.3%), hate speech laws (39.0%), and the abolition of the corporate tax (28.9%) were the least commonly supported.
Below is a matrix indicating how many people who supported the policies associated with that row also supported the policy associated with that column. There are some interesting tidbits, such as that people who support hate speech laws are also the most likely to support single-payer healthcare. Credit goes to u/duneduel for the creation of this chart.

The Neoliberal Project and neoliberal

1317 respondents reported being aware of at least one of the following: The Neoliberal Project meetups, Exponents magazine, The Neoliberal Project podcast, or the Discussion Thread. Click here for the chart. Exponents magazine was the least well-known, at 29.7%, and 94.7% of people who selected at least one option were aware of the Discussion Thread. 50.3% reported being aware of the meetups, and 74.9% reported being aware of the podcast.
1489 respondents answered the question "Do you listen to the Neoliberal Project podcast?", with 287 (19.3%) responding affirmatively.
Discussion Thread
1477 respondents provided if they use the Discussion Thread or not. 65.9% (974) reported they do.
By request, I ran crosstabs on demographic and political differences between people who reported using the Discussion Thread and those who said they do not use the Discussion Thread. There was no significant difference in age, gender, sexuality, transgender identification, or identification as a person of color. There was also no significant difference in self-identification of social or economic political leans. Oddly enough, there was a notable difference in how people identified their political lean in general. Respondents who use the Discussion Thread identify as Center-Left 5.3% more than those who do not use the Discussion Thread, and left wing 6.4% less often. This suggests a slight lean towards moderation, away from left-wing politics, in the Discussion Thread compared towards outside the Discussion Thread.
Moderator Satisfaction
1486 provided their satisfaction with the team behind neoliberal on a scale of 1 (very unsatisfied) to 5 (very satisfied). The most common response was 4 out of 5, at 712 (47.9%). The average satisfaction was 4.16.
Survey Satisfaction
1489 respondents provided their satisfaction on the survey on a scale from 1 to 5. The most common response was 4, at 615 (41.3%). The average response was 4.14.
1460 respondents selected either the liberal symbol of 🐊, the depraved symbol of Jill Stein, or, in a true centrist move, both. The majority (1348, 92.3%) selected 🐊, far more than selected Jill Stein (194, 13.3%), but some contest that this was due to electoral interference where Jill Stein was not present on some people's ballots.
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