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Welcome to Gettysburg (Day One)

Day Two Here
Day Three Here
Gettysburg is by far my favorite battle of all time.
First, it is an all-American battle in an all-American war, and myself being an old school nationalist it carries significance that other battles simply don’t; I may find Austerlitz or Stalingrad nifty, but nobody there was my people.
More, it was an extraordinarily clean fight. At any point, a soldier on either side could hurl down their rifle and grab some sky and be reasonably assured of having their surrender accepted without reservation, and for that matter their captor could rely on their new POWs to trudge back to the rear under light guard in good faith. Even though much of the fighting took place in an urban environment with embedded civilians, only one civilian died in the fighting. Let me tell you, the more military history you read up on, the clearer it is that massacring civilians before, during, and after a rough fight is par for the course. One might even say that butchering unarmed men, women and children of the enemy tribe is the de facto military objective more than half the time; it might be some weird, half instinctual, proto-game theory going on: “We told them to surrender or else. They didn’t surrender, we won anyway, and now there’s gotta be an ‘or else’ to persuade the next batch of holdouts that we mean business.” In the long run, butchering the first village usually made it morelikely the next three villages would get the message and surrender without a fight, saving the invaders men, materiel, and time. Or perhaps it’s that killing civilians has always been pure bloody-mindedness. But not at Gettysburg. Gettysburg is where the American platonic ideal of soldiers fighting soldiers and leaving the civilians be actually happened.
Another aspect to the battle that fascinates me is how utterly unplanned it was. Neither army had intended to fight there, and between the scale of the brawl, the rapidity of developments, the intransigence of their subordinates, and the communications lag, neither the Confederate general Lee nor the Union general Meade had a grip on the situation at all until the second day of the battle, and neither could enact their ideal plans until the third day. It was something of a clusterfuck for both sides, and the course of the battle depended on the initiative and guts of small unit commanders with little idea of what the big picture was.
Gettysburg tends to be remembered as the turning point in the war, when it stopped being a gallant passage at arms between roughly equal powers and started being a slow, painful inevitable grind towards Union victory. This is not exactly accurate; only with years of hindsight could anybody construct a narrative that framed this fight as the turning point, for at the time Gettysburg was seen as just another grisly slaughter yard in a long series of them. Still, between this fight and the conquest of Vicksburg out west, this does appear in hindsight to be the high watermark in terms of Confederate progress towards successful seccession. Certainly it was the last time any Confederate army went on the strategic offensive. For diehard secessionists (both during the war and in the years after), this was the last hurrah before the war started being truly hopeless.
It is also, I should mention, a place of spiritual significance for me. Myself being secular humanist with a vaccination against Protestantism from my younger days, I don’t have much in the way of codified religion. But when I was a youngin’ visiting relatives out east, I got to visit the battlefield. I found myself standing in front of a monument on the field on the north end of Herbst Wood (where the right flank of Iron Brigade stood and charged on the first day of the battle). It described how a Michigan regiment of about a thousand men stood on that spot and suffered two thirds casualties over the course of the day. I read the details on the monument, and stared up at the mustachioed rifleman staring defiantly to the west.
Looking left and right, I saw more monuments every fifty yards or so in a straightish line, spreading out to mark where a human line had once stood and bled. And I turned my back on the monuments to face away, and behold, I saw an opposing line of Confederate monuments stretched out horizon to horizon about a hundred yards away. Two lines, violently opposed but unmoving; courage and horror frozen into place forever. And the world there seemed very big, and very grand, and I felt very small and unworthy. The air was at once colder and hotter than any air I’d ever felt. The wind cut through my clothing and reminded me that flesh was mortal but spirit was eternal. This was holy ground, soil consecrated by blood. Shi’ite Muslims have Karbala. Catholics have the Road to Calvary. Australian aboriginals have Uluru. I have Gettysburg.
A brief note- I will be including maps periodically to show the progression of the fighting. These maps must be taken with a grain or three of salt. They are intended to show relations between the armies and the terrain, not to mark the exact positions or dispositions of the units, nor to show an exact proportion of numbers involved. This is because I am not an expert mapmaker, and I thank you in advance for your understanding. First, a map of the northern part of the battlefield. Note how many roads lead there, and note the high ground of Cemetery Hill and Culp's Hill to the south of the town.
The Battle of Gettysburg happened because Lee needed to go on the offensive, and Lee needed to go on the offensive because of the big picture. I shall cover the broad outline just so the significance doesn’t pass anybody by.
The Confederacy in the Spring of 1863 was in a terrible dilemma. The leadership had two urgent problems, either one of which could (if unaddressed) destroy their enterprise, and to make things worse they didn’t have the resources to solve either of them alone without a miracle.
One, the Union was fixing to shove yet another army down Richmond’s throat. Two years of failed invasions into Virginia had been brutal to both sides, but the North had immense reserves of cash, food, industrial output, and manpower with which to replenish themselves, and the South simply didn’t. The Army of Northern Virginia on which every invasion thus far had broken was underarmed, underfed, and undermanned, and if these issues were not fixed then they’d be seeing Union soldiers in the Confederate capitol before Autumn. There had already been a push that year, which Lee had staved off at Chancellorsville. There was plenty of time left before winter for a second attack.
And two, Vicksburg, the railway hub that sat on the Mississippi River, was under dire threat. The Union had already grabbed New Orleans at the south end and pushed north up the river, and had been pushing south down the river since day one of the war, but Vicksburg prevented the whole river from falling in to Union hands. Vicksburg alone let the South shift resources and information from its Western half to its Eastern half. Losing it could be a death blow. The garrison of Vicksburg was also underarmed, underfed, and undermanned.
The fresh crops taken off the farm and the fresh host of new recruits also taken off the farm were middling at best. Even throwing all the resources they had at either problem and letting the other develop as it would might mean losing on both fronts. Splitting the resources in half to prop up both didn’t seem promising either. Lee, being something of a strategist, developed a third option. There was no point (he reasoned) in trying to prop up Vicksburg at this point- it would take weeks to shift reinforcements that far west, and by then it would be midsummer. If the siege lasted that long, either the garrison would fold or disease would rip through the Yankee army and drive it back home, as it had the last two years running. In either scenario, further support would affect nothing. Therefore, he proposed a bold plan- don’t sit around waiting to get hit in the face. Invade north. Take the fight onto their turf.
The more the Confederate leadership considered it, the better it sounded. Northern land hadn’t been ravaged like Virginia had- it would be easy to live off of the enemy’s food for once, thus lessening the headache of their constant supply problems. It was also an election year, and the anti-war Democrats were raging at the ocean of blood and gold being wasted on bringing States back into the fold who very clearly wanted to go their own way. One good, solid victory on Northern soil could tip the balance, drive home the point that that war was unwinnable. Get the Black Republican warmonger Lincoln kicked out of the White House, get a reasonable Democrat in, and next year they just might get a negotiated peace that would lead in time to true and recognized independence.
To which end-
Lee snaked his newly reinforced army of about 75,000 men up through the Shenandoah Valley, using the mountain range to mask his movements instead of using to well-worn direct route that the Union was camped on. He would end up north of the bulk of the Army of the Potomac, simultaneously threatening Washington D.C., Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Philadelphia, which for a guy trying to score a symbolic victory to discourage the enemy voters put him in a pretty nice spot.
Lincoln freaked out, told Hooker and his Army of the Potomac to go out and beat Lee, to utterly destroy his army, and also not leave any weak point undefended, which are just the kind of orders one enjoys receiving. Hooker, having a bit of an ego and a poor history of getting his ass kicked by Lee, got into a feud with Lincoln’s advisors and impulsively offered his resignation as Commander of the Army of the Potomac following some stupid spat with the bean counters back in Washington. Lincoln called his bluff and fired him three days before the battle, putting General Meade in charge of the whole damn army with almost no prep time.
I should cut the narrative here to cast moral aspersions right quick. The Union were the good guys, and the Confederates were the villains. That said, the North made for really terrible heroes, and the South had more than its fair share of virtues. This was not a grand crusade of freedom-loving Yankees tearing down the moral abomination of human bondage. This was a brutal, no holds barred death struggle between the efficient new urban Industrial Revolution and the rural Cavalier latifundias. Only a smallish segment of New England Puritans and bleeding heart Quakers hated slavery on moral grounds- the rest of the North either hated it on financial grounds, didn’t give a fuck one way or another, or were actively supporting racial slavery. And on the flip side, most Southerners who fought in the war perceived quite accurately that outsiders were coming into their world to demand submission, and had decided to give these invaders the William Wallace treatment. This is a normal and admirable response that every healthy society should have in its toolbox, and in my not-even-slightly humble opinion it is a damn shame that so many people endured so much agony in support of so un-American a cause.
For you see, when Lee’s army reached Pennsylvania, they kidnapped every black person they could find, free or not, and sent them all south in chains. There was no attempt to ascertain their status by some legal due process, no splitting of hairs. The bare skeleton of Confederate ideology, the great Truth that would have snuffed out by continued political loyalty to the Union, had been that all men were not created equal. To be more precise, men had white skin, and anyone with black skin was not a man and did not have the rights of man. As such, anyone with black skin was to be sold into slavery and threatened with torture and death if they refused to labor in the cotton fields. The army that invaded the North was, in practice, the biggest slave-hunting gang that had ever set foot on American soil.
The side wearing grey were staunch defenders of a country based on the Ideal of Ethnic Supremacy, and the side wearing blue were fighting for a country based on the Ideal of Equality. There were a million nagging features of material reality in the South and the North that challenged both of these Ideals, but there were no Ideals to challenge these Ideals, save only for each other. We know that this is true, because as the war shifted away from a Federal attempt to rein in wayward states to an all out assault on the institution of slavery, more and more Northerners balked at the idea of dying to set niggers free; men who had fought for years to bring the rebels into the fold again threw down their rifles and went home in disgust after they heard of the Emancipation Proclamation. And as it became clearer that poor whites who never owned slaves were expected to die for plantation owners’ right to stay rich, fewer and fewer Southerners were willing to jump into the meat grinder feet first; many of them deserted to go home and form Unionist bushwhacker gangs instead. Speaking of the draft, a higher percentage of southerners dodged the Confederate draft than in Vietnam, yet Vietnam is remembered as a deeply unpopular war while the Lost Cause has painted the South as a unified bloc striving as one against the Yankee oppressor.
Also, the Confederacy had a draft imposed upon the states by its federal government. So, yeah, State's Rights. Tell me how that worked out.
To reiterate. Both sides are not the same. We are rooting for the Union. Slavery. Etc.
Pushing on-
The two armies surged northward, on parallel tracks with Lee on the west side of the Appalachians and Meade on the east side. Being critically low on recon drones and spy satellites, the only ways to find the enemy army was to send guys out on horseback to physically look at them before riding back, and to talk to locals whether they’d seen anyone wearing the other team’s uniform recently. Clouds of skirmishers, cavalrymen, and small detachments of infantrymen from either side scattered themselves in all directions, straining to catch a glimpse of the other army. The first side to locate the enemy, amass sufficient force, and maneuver against them would probably win, without regard for right or wrong.
JULY 1st, 1863
Early Morning
General John Buford had a 2,500 strong brigade of cavalrymen patrolling southern Pennsylvania, being one of dozens of detachments sent out to find the enemy army. Using human intelligence from locals in Gettysburg, he learned that there was a column of rebel infantry marching down the Chambersburg Pike.
And indeed there was. Advance scouts from Buford’s brigade made visual contact with a column marching south towards Gettysburg. The ball was now rolling.
The story goes that the Confederates were looking for new shoes and heard that there was a stockpile in Gettysburg. As far as I can tell, this is a baseless legend- inspired by the true fact that the rebel army didn’t have enough shoes, but baseless nonetheless. The three Confederate commanders marching towards Gettysburg (Archer and Davis with a brigade apiece and Heth as division commander coordinating them), were simply doing what their counterpart was doing- reconnaissance in force, hoping to develop a lead for the rest of the army to follow. 7,000 infantry under Archer and Davis were about to pick a fight with 2,500 cavalrymen under Buford. The currents of this morning fight would provide the grooves for the next three days to follow.
Buford’s men fought as dragoons; the horse let you scoot around to where you need to go, but you got off it and fought on foot. They Union cavalry broke into tiny little four man teams to bloody the approaching Confederates’ noses. The terrain was a bushwhacker’s paradise- plenty of rocks and trees to hide behind, and plenty of low, rolling hills to speed off behind to break line of sight. One man would hold the horses while the other three crouch-ran forward under cover to pop off rounds into the enemy column from the sides of the road. When the enemy infantry redeployed from a fast moving but harmless column formation into a slow moving but dangerous line, the three shooters would run back to their buddy to mount up and retreat to a new position.
The cavalrymen were outnumbered nearly three to one, and their carbines had less range and power than the rebel rifles; then again, the terrain was working for them and their breechloading carbines could shoot much faster than the enemy’s muzzleloading long rifles. It was very close to being an fair fight, as long as the cavalry could stay mobile and keep their distance. Buford and Heth both had unclear, contradictory orders- “Push forward aggressively to locate the enemy, but do not enter into a general engagement until we know what we’re up against.” It was an order that must have made sense in the tent when Lee and Meade sent their own versions off. You wouldn’t want to force a battle until you knew the enemy’s location and disposition and the terrain you were going to be standing on, any more than you’d want bet it all on a poker hand before looking at your cards. But to the guys on the front line, it meant “charge forward, but do not charge forward. Attack, but do not engage. Show some initiative, but don’t pick a real fight.” Heth decided they were up against a skeleton crew of skirmishers, and he had orders to check out Gettysburg. He send riders back with a quick report and a request for reinforcements. Buford decided that if the whole damn rebel army was heading his way, he needed to delay their advance for as many hours as he could to give the rest of the Union army time to get to Gettysburg- the high ground south of the town looked like ideal terrain to fight from and he wanted his buddies to get there before the rebels. He too sent riders back with calls for help.
And meanwhile, the murderous, hazardous stalking of the rebel column continued as it trudged towards Gettysburg.
Meanwhile, in the Rear with the Gear
Imagine running a marathon- 26 miles and a bit from start to finish. That’s how spread out a Civil War army is, from vanguard to rear guard. You can’t really concentrate 75,000-100,000 people together that closely. Disease starts killing people off really fast, feeding everyone is a headache, and if you have to march out, the lead element will march all day before stopping for the night, while the rear element hasn’t even left camp yet. It’s unwieldy. So they all spread out to grab some real estate and forage easier and not choke on each others’ dust and crap.
The riders from the Chambersburg Pike were spreading the word through the marathon length of the armies. Units were halting, turning around. Captains and colonels and generals were consulting maps to figure out what roads to take to get south or north to Gettysburg from where they were now. Regiments were putting their heads to together to figure out whose company oughtta go in what order.
The movements were slow and and ungainly and awkward, but they were starting up.
Mid Morning to Noon
The rolling hills on either side of the Chambersburg Pike stopped at McPherson’s Ridge, a grand place to make a stand- plenty of cover, steep incline. In any case, there wasn’t much further to retreat to. Archer and David pushed the cavalrymen, Archer on the south side of the road and Davis on the north. Thoroughly annoyed infantrymen backed up on the Pike behind them, eager to get at the enemy but without frontage to occupy.
Buford dug in on McPherson’s Ridge, and the full force of Heth’s division slammed into him. Denied their mobility by the necessity of holding territory, the fair fight turned into a meat grinder for the dismounted cavalrymen. When Confederate artillery set up on Herr’s Ridge, it turned into a bloodbath.
Buford, at last, got in contact with somebody who outranked him. General John Reynolds, second in command of the whole Union army, rode ahead of his division to get eyes on the situation.
The two struck a deal in the middle of a firefight. Buford promised to hold to the last man, and Reynolds promised to reinforce him. It was an exercise in trust; if Buford’s men held firm and Reynolds let them down, they’d be swamped and slaughtered to a man, and if Buford’s detachment broke and scattered, Reynolds’ reinforcements would march directly into a line of hills held by an entrenched enemy force of equal size. Failure on either side would be fatal. Reynolds rode south again, leaving Buford and his dwindling cavalrymen to fend off 10% of the Confederate army all alone.
Meanwhile, Buford’s thin line was cracking. Outnumbered, outgunned, and unable to advance or retreat... That which was inevitable to start with was happening now. Davis’ brigade was pressing against Oak Ridge on the Union right, and Archer's was taking Herbst Woods tree by tree. Buford’s men were giving ground they couldn’t afford to lose. Confederate artillery was blasting giant holes in the ranks of the defenders.
That’s when the relief came- two fresh brigades of infantry coming up the Emmitsburg road, under generals Cutler and Meredith. Cutler got there first, taking up positions on Oak Ridge and straddling either side of the Pike with cannons. Their massive volleys disrupted Confederate momentum and silenced some of the rebels’ big guns as everyone scrambled for cover. Grateful and exhausted cavalrymen sidled off to the flanks to safety. Meredith’s brigade is still lagging behind- that’s the problem with columns, only the guys in front can do anything.
If Buford and Reynolds expected everything to be right in the world once reinforcements arrived, they were very much mistaken. Those men out there attacking up Oak Ridge were some of the finest infantrymen in the world- dedicated, disciplined, contemptuous of death. They did not stop being efficient killers just because they now fought peers instead of the hornet-like cavalry skirmishers. Cutler’s brigade was facing a small tidal wave of battle-maddened Southern veterans, and had no time to dig in and situate themselves before the moment of impact. Davis’ men ripped into them like a pack of starving wolves. Cutler’s men fell back to safety on the top of Oak Ridge. In pieces.
Meanwhile, Meredith’s brigade was finally in position to retake Herbst Woods on the south side of the road.
Now, Meredith’s brigade were the absolute elite of the Union army. They were the grizzled veterans, the old crew, the best drilled, the most experienced, the hardest of the hard. They were nicknamed the Iron Brigade, and the Black Hat Brigade, because they were authorized to wear dashing black foraging caps to signify their status as the best of the best. With their comrades north of the road falling back, it was imperative that the Black Hat Brigade protect their left flank. To which end, Reynolds frantically snapped orders for them to line up and charge Archer’s men who were occupying Herbst Wood.
Their charge was met by a storm of musket fire that churned the Iron ranks into blood and guts. But this was the Black Hat Brigade. For them, taking ten percent casualties in a single minute was just another Tuesday. They got in close to the rebel line to return the volleys with a vengeance, and then charged with the bayonet. Archer’s men saw the distinctive black hats come for them through the musket-smoke. For the first time, they realized that these were no mere cavalry skirmishers, no half-assed militia company facing them. The best of the best of the Army of the Potomac was coming at them at terrifyingly close range. Archer’s men cracked and scattered. The ones who stood firm, died. The ones who threw down their rifles and grabbed sky were allowed to live as prisoners. The ones who ran, lived, but found the Iron Brigade hot on their heels. Meredith’s elites carved through Archer’s brigade like it wasn’t even there.
Reynolds was a good leader. A great one, in fact. He was decisive, experienced, competent. Many thought he should have gotten command instead of Meade. As his men retook Herbst Wood, he turned behind him to check on how close reinforcements were, some rebel rifleman did his cause a world of good, and shot Reynolds in the back of the head.
Now the situation got pretty weird- Davis’ brigade had kicked the shit out of Cutler’s brigade and was pursuing them on the north side of the road, and the Iron Brigade had kicked the shit out of Archer’s brigade and was pursuing them on the south side of the road. Neither victor was aware of what had happened across from them, and soon enough they would pass each other by almost touching the edges of their lines. The first one to figure out what was happening would get to win.
As it so happened, General Doubleday (in command now that Reynolds was dead) saw the danger and the opportunity first. He broke off an Iron regiment from his reserve to swoop in and protect the flank just in time, setting them up in a defensive stance facing the road. That regiment was joined by another broken off from the Iron assault, and yet another from Cutler’s brigade, who had seen the maneuvering and joined in on its own initiative. It was like a ballet, all three regiments coalescing into a single front facing north across the road, as though they’d spent the last week rehearsing. Under their protection, the rest of the Black Hats gave chase to their prey.
When Davis finally turned and attacked, they were chopped down by a mass of highly accurate fire from the newly entrenched men. Confederates died by the dozens and were maimed by the score. As they reloaded, the Black Hats were astonished to find that the whole Confederate brigade vanish into thin air, like magic. The firing stopped; no more targets. It was bizarre.
The three regiments advanced cautiously. And were gutted by a close range surprise volley by the hidden Confederates as they tried to scale the fences on either side of the Pike.
It turns out that there was a cut in the side of road, deep enough for a man to jump down into with only his head able to peek out. Davis’ men had leapt into it as a source cover when the firefight started and found it was a grand place to shoot out of. But it was also a death trap. Once the Union regiments figured it out, they got in close enough to fire blindly down at point blank range into the milling mass of men.
Davis’ men surrendered, thousands of them all at once. Unable to move, unable shoot back, it was really the only choice. And with that, the first round of Gettysburg was over. Oak Ridge and Herbst Wood had held, and about 150,000 odd soldiers were converging on Gettysburg to shift the tide of war this way and that.
The rest of the first day was not free of drama, and heroics, and mass suffering. But it was free of surprises. The iron laws of physics had decreed that more Confederate units would be on hand for the fighting in the afternoon, and so it was. Fresh rebel troops swept down from the north and from the west, relieving their exhausted comrades and preparing themselves to assault Oak Ridge and Herbst Woods. Fresh Union troops arrived from the south to reinforce what they had and to extend their line out east, protecting their right flank and screening off the town itself.
Hours passed without a shot being fired. Everybody was reorganizing themselves, resupplying, carting the wounded to the rear to let the surgeons saw their shattered limbs off. Two small things happened that delivered a Confederate victory on day one, and a Union victory on day three. Union General Barlow pushed his brigade out to occupy Blocher's hill, and Union General Steinwehr plopped two of his brigades on top of Cemetery Hill. The first created a huge gap in the Union right, and the second secured the invaluable high ground for the rest of the battle.
Meanwhile, three Confederate divisions set themselves up for a concerted attack- Heth would press into Herbst Wood on the Union left, Rodes would assault Oak Ridge at the center, and Early would swoop down the Harrisburg road to threaten the Union right. When the big push came at around 2 p.m., it was badly organized and mismanaged. Southern commanders couldn't get it together and attack at the same time. Individual units charged at Oak Ridge alone, like a mob of Hollywood henchmen attacking the hero only to be smacked around one by one. Cutler's men didn't just fight them off; it was closer to mass murder. General O'Neal's brigade swooped down off of Oak Hill only to be cut down by musketry and cannon fire, and they did it without O'Neal, because O'Neal stayed in the rear while his men died. When O'Neal's brigade fell back having suffered heavy losses, Cutler shifted his men to greet the new threat from Iverson's brigade, who also charged without their commander. Iverson's men marched in parade perfect order across open ground, without so much as a molehill for cover. The story goes that during the assault, Iverson looked out from safety and saw half his men lying down on the ground. Iverson was pissed off because he thought his men were surrendering. In fact, he was watching his brigade die in droves.
The issue wasn't morale. The Confederate troops were eager to get at the enemy. The problem was purely organizational in nature. The men in charge of telling people what to do were simply too confused and disoriented to work out the solution in real time. While O’Neal and Iverson were getting bloodied, Barlow’s men on Blocher Hill were getting slaughtered. Barlow’s desire to hold the high ground on the defense was understandable- high ground being a grand place to fight from- but he was about one mile ahead of any friendly units. This meant that it was trivially easy to flank and destroy his brigades.
Georgia men under generals Early and Rodes linked up to flank and destroy Barlow’s isolated brigades. A thick stream of filthy, bloody, and terrified Union men flowed back to the town of Gettysburg, leaving a gaping hole in the Union line and spreading their panic like the plague. Victorious Confederates whooped and hollered. As the men to the north of town trade massacres- the failed assault on Oak Ridge being roughly balanced by the disastrous dissolution of Barlow’s brigades- Heth finally attacked the Iron Brigade still occupying Herbst Wood in the west. He’d been delaying it all afternoon, stymied by the contradictory orders from Lee. Lee, who was several miles away and not at all in touch with the situation, still wanted to avoid a general engagement. But now, Heth has been let off the chain to avenge Archer’s brigade.
Heth’s full division attacked Herbst Wood. It was a slow, hot, gory fight. The attacking rebels are aggressive, but also methodical and well-organized. The Black Hats made them pay for every tree they seized. But there’s only one outcome for a fight like this.
The Iron Brigade has the ghastly honor of having the highest casualty ratio of any Civil War brigade, North or South. Out of the 1,885 men in their ranks that morning, 1,153 (61%) were be dead or maimed by nightfall on the first day. The fates of individual units from within the brigade are even more gruesome- in the 2nd Wisconsin regiment, 397 out of 496 (80%) were killed or wounded. But despite the horrific losses, they didn’t break. They gave ground slowly and in good order, but they gave ground nonetheless. Iron does not break, but it does bend.
By late afternoon, the dominoes fell as they were always going to. With the debacle at Blocher’s Knoll, any hope the Union had to hold the right was lost. The Black Hats were being ground into sawdust on the left. And Rodes has finally gotten his brigades to charge at the same time, overwhelming Cutler’s defense.
Every Union man was running now, some in a blind panic, some withdrawing in good order like professionals.
The open field battle turned into urban warfare as the Confederates chased the Union army through the streets of Gettysburg. Companies blocked the streets to hold off the enemy advance long enough for the comrades to scamper. Marksmen played sniper games in the windows, either shooting men in the back as they ran away or ambushing overly aggressive platoons, depending on the color of their uniform.
The Union men were desperate to reach Cemetery Hill, south of the town. High ground and the reinforcements already stationed there promised safety. The Confederates were just as desperate to catch them first and seize that invaluable terrain for themselves.
A great deal of “woulda coulda shoulda” ink has been spilled over the orders that Lee gave to General Ewell, the man in charge of Rodes and Early: “Take Cemetery Hill if practical”. But Ewell saw two brigades with a lot of artillery standing on top of what appeared to be a natural fortress designed by God to repel infantry, and his men were exhausted to boot. Ewell decided it was not practical, and so did not try. Just one of those things, I expect.
In any case, the day was a Confederate victory. Every spot on the map the Confederate troops wanted to go, they had went. They had crushed all resistance, had even gone toe to toe with the cream of the Army of the Potomac and won. Their enemies were in flight before them.
There was, possibly, a certain amount of disquiet because the enemy had merely been driven from one ridge into another ridge, one even steeper and with more cover than the last. And rumor had it the rest of the Army of the Potomac was coming at them.
But that was a problem for the next day.
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Plus500 is an international financial firm providing online trading services in contracts for difference (CFDs), across more than 2,000 securities and multiple asset classes.
Heightened market volatility (again) could further boosted Plus500's growth
Ever-changing situations, fast-paced dynamics and large volume of boisterous spectators are indeed what characterised the global financial markets in the first half of 2020. Following the surprising V-shaped recovery from the market bottom in late March, Stocks retreated over the past few weeks as the global markets are gearing up toward another period of heightened volatility. The VIX index had a noticeable pick up over recent weeks (see charts below) as more and more confirmed COVID-19 cased were being reported following the ease of the lockdowns as well as recent protests both in the US and aboard. In addition to a looming second wave of COVID-19, there are several other potential risk factors, such as Trade conflicts between US and Europe and the upcoming Presidential election, which could significantly influence investor’s confidence over the stock markets and stimulate more tug of wars between the bulls and the bears of the markets on a day-to-day basis.

VIX index - Risk is gradually returning
Source: Refinitiv Eikon
Uncertainty triggers volatility, and Plus500 is certainly one of the a few companies that make money from this directly. The stock has performed very strongly this year (+52% YTD) relative to the board UK stock market (FTSE down by 18.3% YTD) thanks to the record level of trading activities by its customers. It also added more than 82,000 and 100,000 new customers in Q1 and Q2 respectively which exceeded their expectations for both quarters.

Plus500 stock price since 2018
Source: Refinitiv Eikon
There are other reasons to stay optimistic about the stocks: Plus500’s business operation is reasonably well diversified in terms of geographical location (see chart below). It’s also fairly cash rich for company of its size. Plus500 has a negative net debt of over $287 million in the current financial year and a projected free cash flow yield of 31.6% in 2021, which means they are unlikely to face any potentially significant liquidity concerns which often can cause businesses to go bankrupt (such as the position Wirecard find themselves in this week). Furthermore, Plus500’s shareholder returns policy is to return at least 60% of net profits to shareholders, through a combination of dividends and share buybacks, with at least 50% of this distribution being made by way of dividends. Its current dividend yield of 4% p.a. will be particularly appealing to incoming seeking investors.

Source: Refinitiv Eikon

Plus500 stock profile
Source: Genuine Impact
Another Wirecard situation?
Ultimately the stock’s future price momentum will dependent upon the sustainability of the market volatility as well as uncertainties in regulatory landscapes. As showed in the chart earlier Plus500’s business operation spreads over several jurisdictions and they are authorised and regulated by the market regulators in the UK, Cyprus, Australia, Singapore and Israel, which means that any change and update in regulatory framework concerning CFDs or other financial instruments will likely to significantly affect Plus500’s business operation and influence market expectations on their future revenue and growth. Rewinding the clock to February 2019 its stock price more than halved over a two-week period, when the Australian market regulator announced restrictions in CFD trading rules which adversely affected Plus500’s profitability. Similar regulatory uncertainties in the future could easily cause its stock profit to slump. It’s also worth noting that Plus500 also had its fair share of accounting controversy in the past. One incident was that in its 2017 Annual Report, Plus500 announced that they did not generate net revenues or losses from market P&L in 2017. However in February 2019 the company issued a contradictory report stating that it had incurred a $103 million loss from client trading activity in the 2017 financial year, causing investors to cast doubts over the credibility of their published financials and their stock prices to plummet. Investors and regulators are likely to be more sensitive and aggressive than ever toward these kind of accounting irregularities for any public company after the Wirecard case.

Analysts upgraded their 2021 and 2022 revenue projections
Source: Refinitiv Eikon
Agree to disagree
The market seems to hold a slip view on the stock. As a matter of fact the four broker analysts that provide research coverage on Plus500 cannot have a less divided opinion on its outlook which is reflected in the ratings they give out (one strong buy, one hold, one sell and one strong sell) and range of target prices they’ve set (£6.65 - £21.38, current price at £13.01). However, over the past few months there appears to be a consensus amongst these analysts on the stock’s future growth momentum as they all lifted their 2021 and 2022 revenue projection for Plus500 (see chart above), thanks to the increasing trading volume and customer growth over the past few months. Their average revenue projections for 2021 was $365 million back in March 2020, and has now been lifted to $574 million for the same period, representing a 57% increase (roughly in line with the stock's YTD performance).
This upward momentum is likely to continue if volatility resumes in the coming weeks. Like their competitors in the sector, Plus500’s financial performance this year will be dependent, among other things, on the global financial market conditions providing sufficient trading opportunities for customers.
Thanks for reading my post and I appreciate any feedback and comments! Stay safe and all the best with your investments.
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Fuck you Djanga51 you owe me $5!!!!!!

About a year ago I bet u/Djanga51 here on this sub with witnesses to boot that the Australian government would admit we were in recession before the next election. I'm just about to leave for work but just saw on the ABC that ...... we are officially in recession. It may be true that I have no proof yet, but I'll work on that later. In the meantime I'll go to work and plan how I'll spend my millions.
You'll note the flair is conflict, that's because I'll kick your ass if you don't pay up.
Mods feel free to delete, but I've waited a year to rub this in his face. Thankyou kindly.
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President's Speech - 17th Parliament

Members of the House of Representatives and Senators of the 17th Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, ladies, gentlemen, and those otherwise identified,
Recognition of the land our parliament stands upon, Ngunnawal land, shapes reflection upon the 40,000 history upon this continent, and the history and culture that so reflects and boldens who we are as a nation today. I wish to personally respect the Ngunnawal elders, both past, present, and emerging, and welcome all who have come across this land to be here at this time, as well as recognise those who have not been able to be with us at this time.
As we enter the 17th parliament, we shall take a moment to respect the duties and responsibilities that are handed to us as we are elected and sworn in as members of parliament or as Senators. To serve both chambers is a privilege, as is serving the people of Australia, and it is most important to have the best interests at heart in this chamber of serving the people of this country, and serving the nation of Australia with dignity and honour.
This incoming government will remain dedicated to fighting for the education of each and every Australian, and that starts with ensuring that our nation’s education remains affordable for everyone. By keeping tertiary education free, we can ensure that no Australian is disadvantaged by their financial situation in terms of their pursuit of education up to the highest levels.
My Government will also wish to reduce government funding to private schools by 30%, and put that money back into the public system, to also follow this goal of education no matter your personal finances. Beyond affordability, this incoming government will also help ensure education becomes more manageable for students, and teaches them more core skills in life. With our plans to reduce the yearly assessments by 25%, as well as reforming the Humanities curriculum from years 7-10 and making the overall curriculum assist students in gaining all-round development, we hope to ensure that students gain a better quality of education, while reducing the stress levels that come with constant assessments.
Finally, with my Government’s coming introduction of a targeted grad scheme for rural schools, we hope to ensure the students across this nation can receive the highest quality education from the highest quality teachers, regardless of their location. For this government, education is of the utmost importance, and you can expect to see that idea translate into legislation and government policy. Culture specific support for First Nations people to learn within the education system which takes into account their language and culture in curricula will be implemented, supporting aboriginal families and children to learn. My Government will also work to increase Australian history teaching opportunities in the field of Asian and Pacific migration, along with inclusion of aboriginal perspectives on colonial history within the education curriculum that discusses important and yet overlooked topics such as the Australian genocides as mandatory learning within the history subject at more mature levels.
This incoming government will strive to deliver the best possible outcomes for all Australians at home and abroad. This government will also work towards providing an accessible and modern path for Asylum Seekers and those seeking to move to Australia temporarily or permanently. This will involve the raising of the Refugee Quota, a streamlined process of Asylum Seeking and support to be provided to those with Work Visas who have been stranded in Australia and currently lack access to appropriate social services.
This government will also work towards establishing first a travel bubble between states which have currently contained the Coronavirus and New Zealand. This travel bubble may be extended to pacific nations as well and will serve to reinvigorate the tourism industry domestically and in our pacific allies. In the longer term, after the coronavirus crisis has been settled, this government intends to pursue an free movement union with New Zealand, and our Pacific neighbours such as Fiji, Niue, Samoa, Tonga and other Pacific States.
The government will also work towards a transparent security system for Australians. To do this, legislation will be implemented that will subject ASIO to Parliamentary Committees, ensuring that it is well regulated and achieving the best results for Australia and her security. Legislation will also be created that will restrict ASIO from spying or wiretapping Australian residents’ private devices without probable cause and legal warrant.
In line with the recent cyber attacks against Australian Government, Business and Individuals, a Cyber Defence Task Force will be created so as to defend Australian interests from malicious web based attacks. To this government, reform of immigration, increased integration with our pacific allies, increased accountability of security services to the public and a strong commitment to the continued prosperity of the Australian people is paramount. This government through legislation and government policy will implement these measures to the benefit of all Australians.
The coming government is committed to delivering the best outcomes on health and sport. Currently the incoming government is faced with a pandemic crisis that is causing a significant public health emergency. As a result, the #1 priority for the incoming government is the constraining and defeat of the pandemic. This involves coordination between state, territory and federal government and a commitment by the people of Australia to work their hardest to control the spread of the virus. This government will implement measures as appropriate to control the spread of the virus, including Lockdowns if necessary, to prevent the emergence of a second wave and to ensure the safety of Australians from this pandemic.
Outside of Coronavirus, this government is looking to upgrade hospitals across the nation in a Hospital Modernisation Scheme worth $500 million that will provide world class equipment to hospitals across all of Australia. The General Practitioner Accessibility Agency Bill that was passed last term will be further implemented and refined, improving access for regional Australians to a GP quickly and cost-effectively.
This government will also look to create and improve Telehealth for increased GP access, convenience and safety for the general populace, and for our medical professionals. This government will also look to increase funding for sports in regional Australia, such as Equestrian to drive tourism and reinvigorate these communities. The Formula E, electric car racing tournament will be sponsored to promote Electric Vehicles and to revitalise the economy through tourism and celebration.
Sports Integrity Australia will be created out of an amalgamation and strengthening of the existing multitude of Sport Integrity and Anti-Doping Agencies. This will ensure Australia is up to world standards in Sport Law and will furthermore provide an avenue for assistance for our Australian Athletes and Sports Workers to provide the best possible games to the Australian people. This government is clearly committed through investment and legislation to the combatting of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the promotion of regional Healthcare, to upgrading Australian Hospitals, providing Telehealth services to Australians and to the promotion of and the integrity of Sport across Australia.
This Government believes in the rights of LGBTQIA+ people, and as such it will immediately place a complete moratorium on unjust medical intervention in intersex people unless the intersex individual is of the age to give informed and independent consent to such operations (16 years old), or if such an intervention is deemed absolutely medically necessary for the physical health of the child by a doctor. Particular training on LGBTQIA+ issues will be given to all health professionals, and all government employees within prisons, police, courts, and the military for that after.
My Government will put together a specific Transgender Health division of the healthcare systme that will increase trans healthcare access for those who need it, and will streamline hte process of getting trans youth the psychiatric and medical support they need, along with increasing coverage of trans healthcare across Australia and increases to the funding of funding options for gender-affirming surgeries that are currently underfunded. In general, specific health programs will be set up to address the health needs of LGBTQIA+ people, with input from gender and sexuality diverse people and their communities.
As the COVID crisis develops, gaps in our mental health system have become exposed. A time of crisis is a time of mental strain, and this government will be committed to meeting the growing need for mental healthcare. This government will be providing teletherapy services so that those who cannot leave their homes are still able to get the treatment they need. In addition, it will work to reduce the cost of mental health care to ensure that it is easily accessible and end the days of mental health treatments being a luxury good.
In respect to the Treasury, it is a top priority for this government to correct the previous budget statement and it’s inaccuracies, and also institute a new budget for the financial year of 2021-2022, which gives infrastructure projects, suitable programs and reasonable response to the people of Australia in regards to the COVID-19 crisis. This government shall also aim to implement unitary taxation within Australia and to avoid double taxation, cooperate with governments in other countries to implement this policy and a financial transactions tax, so that multinational corporations will pay their share for the amount of profit they create in each country.
My government shall implement corporate tax brackets as well, in order to allow the government to separate small businesses from large businesses, and allow them to keep more of their profit proportionally. My government shall implement budget repair levies in order to repair the deficit that was caused by the COVID-19 crisis, to minimise the deficit and to be able to fund programs which are beneficial for the Australian people. On top of this they will look into putting together an Assets and Wealth tax that will ensure people with a net asset wealth over $1 million will pay a tax of 1% on that wealth, and people with a net asset wealth of $2 million will pay a tax of 2% on that wealth. This tax will feature exemptions for people who are asset poor and income wealthy, and people with major drags on their assets like mortgages and will be used to fund new benefit changes in the COVID-19 response. To encourage more top-down redistributive taxation, and bottom-up growth that can support our many spending initiatives, we will add two new tax brackets at $100k-149.999k earnings, and $150k up.
As economic effects of the COVID continues, my government shall look at the implementation of a Coronavirus Economic Support and Recovery Fund, which is to help provide economic support to industries hit by this pandemic. This Fund will look at providing support and economic relief to the arts and entertainment sector, the manufacturing sector and the renewable energy and electricity generation sector.
The entire economy has been hit hard by this crisis, but it is imperative that industries which have been unable to function, such as the Arts, are recognised and provided the help they need, and that Australian Manufacturing is finally given the opportunity it needs to become a dominant factor of our economic recovery. My government will therefore also put support into Australian Made, to get more money flowing into Australia’s locally made products and locally owned businesses, to support the economy from the grassroots and up during recovery.
As said, my Government will be spending a lot of money on supporting Australia’s residents through COVID-19 recovery, and for that it will undertake an unprecedented effort to close tax loopholes through a Parliamentary commission into loopholes, inefficiency, and evasion; and will work to monetise previously untaxed areas. For example, my government will look into introducing a tax on dynastic and inherited wealth at over $3,000,000 in net assets.
This tax will feature exemptions for people who are asset poor and income wealthy, and people with major drags on their assets like mortgages. Alongside this it will explore a progressive corporation tax that implements separate tax brackets to let small businesses keep more of what they earn whilst larger corporations contribute to Australia’s need for spending.
My Government overall will seek to focus the economy. COVID-19 has given Australia the perfect opportunity to start judging societal progress differently, not just based on GDP which is described by its own creator as inaccurate to judging success. My Government will rather use wellbeing factors such as wages, employment, and other socioeconomic factors that will place wellbeing as the main factor of economic growth, not just GDP.
My Government will work in the area of constitution and governance to correct major holes in our country’s systems and create a fairer Australia. This will start with a Presidential Commission into democratic reform, with the intention to implement a proportional representation electoral system that will consider the low representation of party’s general election votes in comparison to their seats won in the House of Representatives. In the spirit of democratic reform, my Government will also legislate the right of Australian citizens and permanent residents over the age of 16 to vote, and the right of incarcerated people to vote - as everybody deserves participation in our democracy. On top of this, it will legislate the right of public servants in their capacity as private citizens to engage in political advocacy and activism, participate in trade unions, and to represent or be elected to activist organisations - given the unique and often underrepresented view that our civil servants can often have.
To ensure fair elections, my Government will implement a complete ban on political donations from for-profit corporations, ensuring nobody who gets in bet with large corporations gets unfair advantages in campaigning. Alongside this, caps on individual public donations and donations from not-for-profits will be introduced. My Government will also look to introduce optional preferential voting for the senate, and to reduce the deposit required for a candidate to stand for election to Parliament, in the interest of removing financial barriers to democratic participation. Public funding of political parties and candidates for campaigns will be set at a level that increases democratic participation by voters, and reduces the influence that corporations have over the prominence of political parties further. My Government will legislate that all local councils use a form of ranked choice voting, if they do not already, to increase democratic representation in all levels of Government.
In a number of constitutional amendments, my Government will place sections in the constitution to recognise Australia as a constitutionally multicultural society, recognising the importance not only of aboriginal culture but of all non-white cultures in Australia. It will also replace the sections 44 and 45 of the constitution with more modernised and fair statute around corruption, treason, and serious criminal cases; rather than the outdated clause that was originally there. Political enfranchisement will be granted to offshore Australian territories such as Norfolk and the Christmas Islands, ensuring once again that all Australians are guaranteed participation in our democratic processes.
My Government will establish an Australian Bill of Rights that includes provisions in line with the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, that embodies international human, civil, and political rights, and includes factors such as race, sex, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, religion, gender Identity, gender expression, sex characteristics, etc, as classifications protected from discrimination.
After the previously government endeavoured to isolate Australia from the world, and stop Australia’s potential throughout the international community, my government will endeavour to take a new path to those prior. Instead of destroying alliances, or fear mongering trade partners, my government will work with the international community to promote trade, human rights, and unity through these troubling times that the world faces.
Within the new spirit of internationalism, my government will move to build upon the principles established under the First Youmaton Government and pursue an active foreign policy regarding the recognition of emerging nations and protection of human rights. My government recognises the incredible dangers nations such as Kosovo, Israel, Palestine and Sahrawi all face in their ongoing struggles to maintain recognition as other nations seek to gain from their dissolution, and within such my government will move to protect these nations alongside others through the creation of the protected recognition status. Nations with the protected recognition status will become recognised by Australia under law, removing the uncertainty that comes with a change in government revoking certain recognitions recognised by the prior.
The themes of peace and unity shall be recurrent within my government’s foreign agenda, promoting international cooperation and ensuring treaties signed by Australia are properly followed. My government is completely committed to the maintaining of the 1961 Antarctic Treaty, maintaining the incredible nature and wildlife of Antarctica, and ensuring scientific endeavours continue to happen across our portion of the continent. Pursuant to the commitment made by my government, additional funds will be allocated to the assistance of pacific island nations in their race to combat the coronavirus and climate change, alongside general measures to expand Australia’s cooperation with the Pacific region as the world recovers from the ongoing pandemic.
Protecting our Nation from external threats is one of our far most responsibilities as a Government. My Government shall ensure that our Australia is protected and there shall exist continued funding to enable our Armed Forces to purchase modern equipment which will enable them to protect Australia better. Protecting our borders is a duty that we are all bound to, and maritime borders are no exception, therefore my Government has decided on bringing in due legislation to ensure that no nuclear armed or powered forces should be deployed within Australia’s maritime borders.
In continuation with my Government’s desire to ensure that we have a peaceful world, the incoming Government has decided to issue due regulations to ensure that the use of the Australian Defence Forces must be only for defence or peace-keeping, not offensive or invasionary action, unless in the circumstances of averting a major violation of human rights in a foreign nation, or to counter the military invasion of a sovereign country, and this arrangement must take precedent ahead of international agreements.
My Government realizes that wars involve heavy blood shed, and huge losses to families, therefore, to prevent a future situation of war, my Government pledges to work towards a stop on the militarisation of space, supporting initiatives to clear space debris in cooperation with international space agencies and encouraging and participating in treaties that prioritise achieving arms control and global disarmament, my Government will also make it a policy that the use of violence against civilians or against elected governments, undertaken by the state, an organisation, or particular individuals, will be rejected and combated both diplomatically and militarily with all assistance provided to countries which need them.
My Government recognises that the “human” factor of the armed forces plays a very significant role in its operations, and to enable the safety and security of our women in the Armed Forces, my Government will create legislation to ensure that rape and sexual violence during armed conflict are to be tried as war crimes, under the protocols as described by the Geneva Convention. In order to promote an Armed Forces that is efficient and quick, my Government will conduct a Review into the current rank and structure of the Armed Forces and ensure we are having an efficient and workable Armed Forces and also create framework to remove all items with Royal titles and ensure that quality equipment and new generation defence equipment is given to our forces.
My Government understands and recognises the contributions made by our veterans in the Armed Forces throughout their tenure of service to Australia, and therefore, my Government pledges to create and fund a Housing Program using Defence Housing Australia for all Veterans to ensure that every veteran gets access to housing upon completion of tenure of service and also issue a formal Apology to all families whose members were or are involved in wars leading to poor mental health and significant injuries and develop and implement a Veterans Strategy to ensure that all of our veterans have a comfortable return after their tenure of service.
My Government recognises that in today’s world, International Cooperation is required, and at the same time, the limits for it must be drawn as well and therefore my Government pledges to strengthen global cooperation in Intelligence and look at expanding Intelligence sharing and Joint Military exercises with countries across the globe, excluding those who have committed Human Rights Violations, and primarily use arms that are banned as per International Conventions and kill indiscriminately such as landmines, cluster bombs, and depleted uranium; to ensure our military is prepared to fight in every terrain. My Government will immediately phase out joint exercises with all armed forces known to have committed human rights violations.
In continuation to our aims for peace and cooperation, my Government will work to ensure that the signals intelligence base outside Alice Springs designated ‘Pine Gap’ will be closed permanently in the next five years. Our Defence Industry is one to be proud of and at the same time be promoted and therefore my Government pledges to create incentives for investors and researchers in Australia to ensure that we are able to have cutting-edge technology and military sciences in Australia and also ensure that countries that commit Human Rights Violations and their country’s corporations are not included in such schemes. My Government believes that the global arms industry is a dangerous one, and that as long as Australia is mass exporting weapons to foreign countries we have no guarantees that those weapons won’t be used to commit human rights violations, kill innocent civilians, or wage unjust wars. As such, my Government will work to set a 10 year target on reducing the size of the Australian arms industry to be a locally sustained sector that supplied the Australian military and will, eventually, no longer be an export industry. This will begin with an end to the subsidisation of exports of weaponry, weapon components, and arms fairs.
In regards to Agriculture and Rural Affairs, my government shall look into eliminating the Goods and Service Tax on fertilisers and other essential farming goods that increase the yield of crops in order for farmers to gain more of a profit and have a more sustainable livelihood, and shall also look into subsidy programs for both of them. My government shall also aim to create a provincial agricultural scheme in order to increase the yield of agriculture and its efficiency in the long term, and so that farmers may benefit.
My government shall make sure that Australian Postal services and banking services are accessible in rural areas, as both are essential in daily life, and should be accessible wherever people are in Australia. It is important that we also make sure that we protect the ecological health of the Lake Byre Basin, so that farmers who use the resources may be able to do so in the best possible manner with the most effective outcome. My government shall also seek and invest in methods of water extractions so that farmers can gain the water they need to grow their crops, and to counter the effects of natural disasters such as drought.
Last month the people of Australia visited polling booths to decide the future of the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory within their statuses in this nation. Whilst my government expresses its regret in the Australian Capital Territory not being granted equal status to other areas of the nation, it expresses its incredible joy at the notion of the Northern Territory being approved to be a state by the population of Australia. My government holds incredible regard to the mandate given by the people, and unlike prior administrations will implement the results of this national vote in full, and as such the Northern Territory will become a state of Australia by the end of this term.
All aspects of the Australian economy have been hit hard by this crisis, and one of the hardest hit is Australian Manufacturing. Be it industrial hubs found in urban centers, or smaller towns in regional areas, workers and employers have been put under an undeniable stress which nobody should be forced to experience. As such, it is vital that we provide support to these hardest hit industries in our path to economic recovery. My government will follow the recommendations which have been made by the ACCC through various investigations and reports in previous periods across sectors which have been struggling, such as the dairy industry, to ensure that jobs and communities are able to stay afloat in an environment which benefits consumers, workers, and business owners. My Government will key and vital public infrastructure projects all across Australia, be they projects related to public transport, such as the supporting the Victorian Government's suburban rail loop, or projects related to water security which are found in Queensland. These projects help not only create a better environment for the community who will benefit from these projects, but provides essential work to the people who will be involved in the development of such programs.
For too long have the First Nations peoples right across our great continent.had to suffer several burning injustices through their entire life. Be it the average lower life expectancy Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders on average experience, the economic contributions they make which are often swept under the rug, or the systemic racism they experience on a daily basis. We simply cannot sweep injustice aside, ethically, morally, or practically.
My government will work towards implementing the fundamental principles of the Uluru Statement, and the recommendations of the Bringing Them Home inquiry, the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, the Ampe Akelyernemane Meke Mekarie Report, the HREOC Social Justice Reports into suicide and income inequality, and the Evatt Review. My Government will be seeking to pen a proper Treaty with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to address the wrongs done to them since colonisation and grant them a proper voice in Australia. My government will work towards establishing indigenous recognition in the Constitution through a referendum, while recognising and acknowledging the values and contributions of Aborigional People - and furthermore will work to grant aboriginal people with a representative body that will exist in an advisory capacity with the Federal Government, elected from all first nations people in Australia.
My government will continue to support the Makarrata Commission and will work with local land groups to work towards establishing a Voice to parliament, just one of the components of the Statement from the Heart. Furthermore, My government will work with those in the Northern Territory on their way to statehood to ensure that Indigenous people are able to control their own destiny, and are involved through the entire State-building process.
One of the founding principles my government upholds strongly is that of environmental justice, and the ongoing battle against climate change. Climate change is a crucial issue to tackle, which is why my government shall be implementing schemes to transition workers out of non-renewable jobs, into jobs that will support a renewable economy. We shall encourage families to assist in the fight against carbon emissions by looking at a subsidy scheme for families that implement solar panels in their home, and make use of other methods to increase efficiency in the home.
My Government shall seek to create an independent Environment/Climate Change commission, to advise the governments on programs and measures to counter climate change and to protect the environment, for the benefit of the people of Australia and the environment we live in. It will ensure that the Minister responsible for Climate Change will work with the Independent Environmental Commission to create yearly carbon budgets every year through to 2050, supported by a well funded and integrated emissions reduction plan that sets appropriate targets and provides reporting on all economic sectors that produce emissions on their progress towards the net zero carbon goal. My Government shall seek to end tax concessions and subsidies to businesses that actively harm the environment we live in, as the government of Australia should not assist industries that harm our environment and our wildlife. This government shall also seek to make it more difficult for corporations to clear land to protect the wildlife of Australia, as Australia has some of the most remarkable creatures on the planet, which are becoming extinct due to corporate negligence and activity.
Climate change is one of the biggest existential threats facing Australia today, and as such my Government will put together specific legislation that outlines step by step goals for climate change action (phasing out of coal power, energy transition, then carbon zero) in specific legislation, and gives power to the Independent Environmental Commission to consult with and pressure the government on these actions. This legislation would include a loose target of net zero carbon by 2040, with a leeway of 10 years more if the transition experiences holdups.
My Government acknowledges the importance of our watercare, and as such will adopt strong nationwide freshwater quality standards, including for pathogens, dissolved oxygen, nutrients, periphyton a.k.a. slime, and macroinvertebrate health. Furthermore, it will take action to protect waterways, wetlands and estuaries from excessive sedimentation caused by erosion and land use practices (including “spray and pray”) that lead to soil loss. As part of their efforts to protect the environment, my Government will place a complete moratorium on new coal power plants, fracking, and new offshore seabed exploration and mining. This will allow these fossil fuel industries a safe and secure transition that will allow the current projects to close naturally, while support networks are set up to get new workers into green industries and retrain previous workers. My Government will also put an end to subsidies and tax concessions for environmentally harmful industries, instead putting subsidies and support into the development of green industries and retraining to support this effort, through a Green Jobs Fund.
My Government will ensure that major polluting sectors shall pay a Carbon Tax with exceptions in the field of small business and small-scale farming or agriculture. Emissions pricing should be transparently set and managed by the Independent Environmental Commission, and should incentivise emissions reduction . Further consideration will be taken to ensure business sustainability and job protection to ensure equitable outcomes. To support these efforts from the Government end, my Government will be bringing energy generation and distribution under public control in order to facilitate a swift transition to 100% of Australia’s energy being generated from renewable sources, through increases to the energy target as well as other actions such as public investment, regulations to support renewable energy generation and ensure high efficiency standards under Government care in generation, storage, and conservation.
My Government will support the creation of a renewable exports industry, promoting growth in sustainable sectors for the future such as renewably-generated liquid fuel, direct connections to neighbouring countries economically, and the support of developmental green technology and energy alternatives. It will also promote agricultural, forestry, and land use regimes in which absorption of carbon emissions exceeds carbon emissions. A Government fund will be set up to research into the effects of climate change and innovative ways of combating it, alongside increased funding for environmental legal aid. To support the efforts against Climate Change from the grassroots up, my Government will put together a subsidy for individuals, families, and rental owners who work to improve the insulation of their homes, and make their homes more efficient by installing solar power generation to them. This same standard for the subsidy will be applied to new social housing to ensure that the public sector makes the effort.
In respect of Social Services, my government shall aim to provide a COVID-19 Poverty Response plan in order to benefit those who are put in difficult financial situations due to the consequences of COVID-19 and subsequent policies. My government shall also aim to provide a family support payment in order to support those who are less fortunate, but have children to look after. It will consist of $178 dollars for each family for the first child, and then $112 per subsequent child to a cap of three children. This will put money in vulnerable families pockets to support their children, and get families through the hardships of the pandemic.
In these times of COVID-19 and for the future, my government shall also implement a Mental Health Fund that seeks to increase youth health coverage, lower the cost of therapists and psychiatrists, train new mental health workers, and properly support people with mental health issues. This is for an effort to extend mental health support across Australia, so that all Australians may have adequate access to mental health support for the recovery of COVID-19, and beyond. On top of this, my Government will ensure that all Centrelink staff are properly trained and supported to ensure that people can promptly access their full entitlements and provide individual tailored assistance to help people find work, including people with disabilities.
On top of this, my Government believes that our public media entities should be properly controlled by independent democratic boards elected from the people that work there, in order to be truly cooperative and fair businesses. Furthermore we believe that the ABC and SBS should be free from advertising, and should be funded properly to compensate for the funding they receive from advertising.
The money levied off of high net assets and wealth will be used to fund the COVID-19 Poverty Response Plan. This will constitute a massive social services overhaul that will replace *all* working age benefits with a single Guaranteed Minimum Income payment of $306 per week. Sole parents, people with disabilities, and/or people who cannot work will get an additional rate of $103 dollars, bringing their base payment up to $409. The Guaranteed Minimum Income payment will apply to all working age people who cannot earn the amount of money they’re entitled to under it from working, and will have no abatement rate so as to encourage people to work more if they want more money in the pocket. This will put more into the hands of Australia’s most vulnerable workers affected by the pandemic, and will simplify beneficiary administration to lower costs in the long run. This transformative policy will mirror the successful benefit changes seen in other like-minded countries, and will give Australia the grassroots-and-up boost it needs to get back on its feet economically as we push through the pandemic, and help create a better Australia than the one that went into the pandemic.
RunasSudo AK President
Hon. NGSpy MP Prime Minister
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'This is why I run as an Independent - to avoid such politicking!' - A Followup Interview with General_Rommel before the General Election

'This is why I run as an Independent - to avoid such politicking!' - A Followup Interview with General_Rommel before the General Election

  • By Alex Stevenson 01/07/20

As the 16th terms draws to a close, many politicians and would be politicians are staking their bets around the Country, with political parties of varying shades of views vying for Government. One independent however has already left their lasting impact over Australia, and now their mind set on Sydney, Former High Court Justice General_Rommel. Since we last talked to him, Rommel has has several more of his bills be passed into law, such as his bill regarding the future use of Nuclear Fission. With this in mind, we decided to reach back out to the Former High Court Justice to give an update on their thoughts on the 16th term as a whole, Riley8583's departure from Sydney, and reflections on the future of Australian Democracy

The Honourable General_Rommel


Since the last time we had the chance to chat, a lot seems to have changed in Australia, one of which seems to obviously be The PrimeMinister, with Riley8583 being replaced with AussieConservative. Do you see this as a positive change or a negative change?

No change at all, Alex, because frankly they both are cut from the same cloth. Both of them, I want to point out, come from that particular side of the LNP that seeks to move white supremacist motions in the House, and also engineered that ridiculous Anthem Council in a bid to delay the implementation of I Am Australian as the rightful choice of the people of Australia as our National Anthem. Honestly, as a nation we would be much for the better if we rid the two from politics.

You mention 'white supremacist motions', presumably referring to the repeating 'it's ok to be white' motion, but over this last term, we've seen a vast array of motions from the Government which seem designed to garner attention. Another one would be the controversial Pride Month Motion which spend almost no time talking about what pride is, and the motion regarding face covering bans, which seemed to attempt something a motion would not be able to handle. Do you think these motions are designed for any underlying motive or logic, or are just being put out there to generate a headline?

The sad fact is that I am not an expert at far right extremist tactics. But what I can say is that such motions that attempt to divide are things that must be met with uniform disdain. And if elected as the Member of Sydney, I will see to ensure a fair go for all, not just a fair go depending on your cultural likes or dislikes or your colour of your skin.

Now It's hard to talk about Sydney as a race without talking about the current member, Riley8583, who has left the Prime Minister's chair, and lest his seat to run in Capricornia. Every Prime Minister has their legacy which they will be know for, both good and bad, but what do you think Riley8583's legacy as Prime Minister will be?

Let me put it this way - his legacy as Prime Minister is that he decided to flee to regional Australia because he refused to serve the people of Sydney when I basically declared my candidacy nearly three months ago. It says a lot about the LNP - always talking about the supposed winners of society - until it is shown to be untrue. This Prime Minister will be remembered for having had poor leadership, for having most of the activity in the Parliament driven by everyone other than the Prime Minister, and for abandoning the people of Sydney.

It's pretty clear though your speeches, previous interviews, and comments like that, that you are not a big fan of the LNP. With that being said, do you believe that there are members of the LNP in either the House or the Senate who are worthy of redemption, or are deserving of praise?

Look there are a few that, from time to time, have put up some Bills that have benefited the people of Australia and the people of Sydney, but at this stage I do not have any further commentary on the LNP shenanigans. Of course, this is why I run as an Independent - to avoid such politicking!

It seems pretty clear that you will be elected the Member for Sydney, provided we don't see some totally bizarre, unexpected twist of fate come about. When you are elected, what is the first piece of legislation you would like to submit in person be?

Well actually, to be frank, the first thing I want to make clear is that nothing in life is certain, and the claim that it seems pretty clear that I will be the next Member is only that - a claim. A political truism that we should all know of, is that the only poll that matters is the poll on Election Day. So I am not taking this seat for granted, and I never will - unlike the former Prime Minister who has now ditched the seat. As for the first piece of legislation, it probably will be a small amendment to the Migration Act - I do not want to say anything more, but it will be for the promotion of the dignity of people who are undergoing the relevant processes for appealing a decision as to a visa grant for refugees. The major Bill I plan to work on is a revolution of our discrimination acts, which is very fragmented right now. Fixing this would do Australians a whole lot of good.

You have said in the past your admiration for the establishment of a Bill of Rights, something which you have made clear in some of your personal essays, and something which some,while not all in the SDP, are also in favour of. To briefly cover this, would this be a constitutionally enshrined Bill of Rights, or a statutory 'Bill of Rights Act'?

A constitutionally enshrined Bill of Rights is necessary to avoid the legislature and executive from making decisions inconsistent with the concept of human rights. The fact remains that as much as we are a developed economy, in some social, civil and political rights, our standards fall short of world best practice. This is an opportunity to reinvigorate our democracy to ensure that Australia is fit for purpose in the 21st century.

To turn to the upcoming election, while Sydney seems like a relatively safe seat - although it is never helpful to assume -, there seem to be a vast array of interesting seats and contests across the Country, which seats are you most interested in watching, come election night?

I generally do not read the gossip emanating from the other electorates, and so far no particular candidate has struck me as yet as to deserve an endorsement from me. But if I do see something substantial from any candidate, I will be indeed endorsing that candidate.

It may be a bit of a tough question to ask in a non-biased way, given you have introduced several bills through proxy members of Parliament, but do you have a favorite piece of legislation which has arisen over this term, whether it has passed or failed?

Whilst there may be Bills that have been consequential - such as the Coronavirus package - I think my most favorite Bill has been the Intelligence Services Amendment (Defining National Economic Well-being) Bill 2020. It was a Bill to prevent national economic well-being to be construed so broadly as to authorise intelligence services to use their very wide remit to target very small nations to benefit a single company. And I am glad to have seen that Bill pass. I like to think that at least with some members of the LNP, they do have a good heart somewhere.

This has been a highly active term of parliament when measuring by number of legislation introduced. While it is always important to remember that quantity is not always quality, so you see this trend as being a positive trend which future terms should aspire to follow, or do you think that the breaks should be put on a bit in terms of number of bills introduced?

I do think the brakes are needed. The vast majority of the Bills have been minor tweaks of legislation that has been written in an alternative universe. Honestly I am starting to think that minor Bills that make slight changes but are fully written by ourselves, is probably better for us as a Parliament to ensure that we have the proper emotional attachment to the Bills that are introduced.

Now, I know that you said you have been above speculation and gossip, and polls are ultimately just polls, however you have seen them grow increasingly narrow in a few key seats, to where it looks like a real possibility that the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition could lose their seats. Do you think this speaks to something greater?

Simply put, a parliamentarian who does not tend to their own backyard will see the flowers wilt and the weed come into place to turf the parliamentarian out. Nothing more, nothing less.

To close on the same question I asked you last time, with a lot more changes and revelations since then, Do you believe that the future for Australian Politics is bright, or bleak, and why so?

I am not sure, honestly. Sometimes, after a long day of campaigning, I sit down and think about what is going on around the world, what is going on in Australia, and the meaning of democracy in application in the 21st century. And add to that structural factors such as rebalancing of the weight of the world economy, climate change, and now COVID-19. The future of Australia is brighter when we stand together against ideas that seek to divide us. We must look into our better nature and see what we can create when we come together with a vision for a better Australia. If so, then perhaps indeed, the future for Australian politics will be bright - because we will have served the people of Australia to the best of our abilities.

And with that. It'd like to say thank you, and I wish you the best in these uncertain and unresolved times.

Thank you, pleasure to talk with you
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Check out which of these shocking coronavirus predictions from 2/23 came true so far, and which didn't. What will happen next?

On February 23rd, I posted a couple of coronavirus predictions. I was mocked on economics at the time, because the things I anticipated seemed ridiculously outlandish in “normal” pre-coronavirus America.
More and more of the stuff I anticipated came true in the weeks that followed. From today’s perspective, my predictions don’t seem so outlandish anymore. Now they just seem like statements of fact and common knowledge.
A lot of people have asked me for an update and more predictions. So here we go. Let’s start by looking at which of the predictions came true so far:


“They're gonna shut down his rallies, and the Democratic primary, to avoid more mass infections.”
March 10: Sanders, Biden cancel rallies as coronavirus fears haunt the campaign trail (NBC)
March 12: Amid virus fears, Trump moves away from rallies — for now (Associated Press)
March 30: 14 States Have Postponed Their Primaries Because of Coronavirus. (New York Times)

“The Olympics in Japan will be cancelled.”
March 24: Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics Officially Postponed Due To Coronavirus (Forbes)

“Air travel between the US and Europe will be suspended.”
March 11: Trump is suspending all flights from Europe to the US to fight coronavirus (Quartz)

“There will be severe supply/food/medical shortages in the coming weeks.”
March 13: The toilet paper shortage caused by the coronavirus is real (Washington Post)
March 24: ER Doctor describes impact of medical supply shortage (MSNBC)
March 26: Coronavirus measures could cause global food shortage, UN warns (The Guardian)

“As the market continues to decline, mega-funds that hold billions in passive ETFs will automatically dump their holdings when certain price triggers are reached.”
March 3: In a Down Market, ETFs Could Make Things Even Worse (Wall Street Journal)
March 29: Coronavirus puts an end to ETFs’ decade-long spree (Financial Times)

“Before the end of March, the Dow will crash so bad, they will halt trading.”
March 9: Trading halted as U.S. stocks plummet (Axios)
March 12: Trading halted after stocks plunge following Trump's coronavirus response (MSNBC)
March 16: Stock markets halted for unprecedented third time due to coronavirus scare (TechCrunch)

“There will be tens of thousands of dead people by the end of March, and tens of millions of dead people by the end of 2020.”
March 31: U.S. Coronavirus Death Toll Surpasses China As Global Fatalities Top 40,000 (US News & World Report)

“In the next few days, we'll be seeing outbreaks in every country on earth”
Global coronavirus map (John Hopkins University)

“The market is not going to keep going up up up anymore. It's gonna keep going down”
March 31: Stock markets suffer worst quarter since 1987 (BBC)

“In a few days you'll see massive panic buying and empty store shelves in the US.”
March 16: Panic Buying Leaves Empty Shelves At Supermarkets And Stores (Today Show)

“In a few weeks, people will refuse to accept cash (if you can even find an open store at all) because cash spreads the virus.”
March 7: Dirty money: The case against using cash during the coronavirus outbreak (CNN)
March 16: America Closed: Thousands Of Stores, Resorts, Theaters Shut Down (NPR)
March 20: Paper money shunned for fear of virus spread (ABC News)
March 26: Merchants shun cash as coronavirus infection fears widen (Nikkei Review)

“Entire cities in the US will be put under quarantine, just like in China, South Korea and Italy. The same will happen all over the world, until WHO officially announces that it's a pandemic. From that point on they will no longer try to contain the outbreak, but manage it somehow, by telling people to avoid others.”
March 11: WHO declares novel coronavirus outbreak a pandemic (CNN)
March 14: Why Experts Are Urging Social Distancing to Combat Coronavirus Outbreak (USCF)
March 18: New York: The city that never sleeps on lockdown (BBC)
March 19: California Orders Lockdown for State’s 40 Million Residents (Wall Street Journal)
March 20: Illinois governor issues order requiring residents to ‘stay at home’ starting Saturday (Chicago Tribune)

“A lot of medical personnel will quit their jobs and not show up for work, rather than risk getting infected.”
March 20: “Two of her nurses had just quit, in tears. “They were fed up,” she said. “They couldn’t take it any longer.” (New York Times)
March 25: Georgia Nurse Quits Her Job After Being Assigned To The ‘Corona Floor’ (BET)
March 26: Sibley Memorial Hospital nurse quits over ‘lack of protection’ (WTOP)
March 27: Health care workers on frontlines feel like 'lambs to the slaughterhouse' (CNN)
March 27: More Than 50 Doctors in Italy Have Now Died From Coronavirus (Newsweek)

“The police force and the US military will have more and more infected and quarantine thousands of troops. It's already happening in South Korea. The US bases in the epicenter of the South Korean outbreak quarantined themselves and are under lockdown.”
March 27: Defense department reports more than 600 cases of coronavirus and 2 related deaths (CNBC)
March 30: Pentagon orders military bases to stop releasing specific COVID-19 numbers (The Hill)
March 31: 15 percent of NYPD officers out sick amid coronavirus crisis: commissioner (New York Post)
March 31: Commander of aircraft carrier hit by coronavirus outbreak warns Navy 'decisive action' is needed (CNN)


“There will be tens of thousands of dead people by the end of March, and tens of millions of dead people by the end of 2020.”
My prediction of tens of thousands dead by the end of March was based on the same math model as the prediction that there will be millions dead by the end of 2020. Since the March figures were true, the year end figures will most likely be true too.
March 31: U.S. Coronavirus Death Toll Surpasses China As Global Fatalities Top 40,000 (US News & World Report)

“The US healthcare system will collapse”
The pandemic follows very similar trajectories in countries all over the world. We are 2 weeks behind whatever happens in Italy and Spain. So looking at what’s happening in other countries is a good predictor of what will happen in the US in the coming weeks, because it’s already happening elsewhere.
March 12: U.S. states scramble to slow virus spread, prevent hospital collapse (Reuters)
March 16: Doctors: COVID-19 pushing Italian ICUs toward collapse (Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy)
March 20: Brazil's health system will collapse by April: Health minister (Aljazeera)
March 26: Spain’s healthcare system on verge of collapse as another 655 die of coronavirus (Metro UK)
March 25: More Than 1,000 Massachusetts Doctors Sign Plea Warning Health System Could Be Close To Collapse (WBUR)
March 27: New York City Hospital Director Says Equipment Supply Will Only Last Through March (NPR)
March 31: Hospitals Tell Doctors They’ll Be Fired If They Speak Out About Lack of Gear (Bloomberg)

“There will be millions of uninsured or underinsured Americans going bankrupt because of insanely high medical bills, because millions of Americans will require extensive ICU treatment that will last weeks. It will cost a fortune. People who are lucky enough to survive will be bankrupt.”
This pandemic is the perfect time to start Medicare for All, like the systems they have in the rest of the civilized world. America is the only country where people have to worry about sky high medical bills.
March 10: Kept at the Hospital on Coronavirus Fears, Now Facing Large Medical Bills. Care was mandated by the government, but it’s not clear who has to pay. (New York Times)
March 19: Total Cost of Her COVID-19 Treatment: $34,927.43 (Time)

“When the US government tells us to quarantine and stay home to slow the spread of infections, the quarantine will fail, because homeless people and drug addicts will continue to spread the virus.”
We still haven’t reached the point of a nationwide lockdown yet, but there are already signs that it’s failing because people aren’t listening:
March 24: A shortage of illicit drugs is imminent due to the coronavirus lockdown – and the consequences could be deadly (The Independent)
March 29: People Are Throwing Coronavirus Parties, Prompting Arrests And Citations (Huffington Post)
March 30: Cops Break Up Drug-Fueled Orgy, Confiscate Liquid Ecstasy and Cocaine (Rare)

“We'll be seeing an explosion of infections in India in the next few days.”
India hasn’t done nearly enough testing in the past few weeks. That’s why we didn’t see the explosion of officially confirmed infections yet. But it’s finally starting to show.
March 20: Coronavirus: Why is India testing so little? (BBC)
March 20: India scrambles to fight its hidden coronavirus epidemic: ‘The explosion is already here’ (The Indendent)
March 22: Indian Migrant Workers Crowd Trains, Defying Virus Curfew (US News & World Report)

“At least one old politician (Trump, Bernie, Biden, members of Congress or the Senate) will probably die from coronavirus before the end of the year. Probably more than one since it's so fatal for old people.”
No one in the Senate, Congress or White House has died of the coronavirus yet, as far as we know. But there have been several infections reported inside the beltway in recent days, as well as among political leaders around the world. Statistically speaking, it’s only a matter of time before a high ranking US politician dies from the virus.
March 13: Canadian PM Trudeau's wife tests positive for coronavirus (BBC)
March 21: Rand Paul is first senator to test positive for coronavirus (CNN)
March 27: Coronavirus in Congress: Lawmakers who have tested positive (The Hill)
March 27: Coronavirus strikes UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, his health secretary and his chief medical adviser (CNN)
March 31: White House predicts 100,000 to 240,000 will die in US from coronavirus (CNBC)

“This pandemic will be a cataclysmic change to our way of life. A bigger change catalyst than 9/11. There was a world before coronavirus, and there will be a world after coronavirus. But it won't be the same world. This nightmare is worse than a nuclear war.”
We’re not quite there yet. But we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg so far. The coming weeks will be much worse. But already it is pretty clear that Covid-19 has changed the world forever and is one of the biggest disasters in human history.
March 20: How the World Will Look After the Coronavirus Pandemic The pandemic will change the world forever. (Politico)
March 31: NYC paramedics overwhelmed by coronavirus cases: "We've had 9/11-type calls for eight days" (CBS News)
March 31: The coronavirus has now killed more people in the US than the 9/11 terror attacks (Vox)
March 31: America's deadliest day to date: Coronavirus death toll soars to 3,180 - an increase of 605 with a person dying every TWO MINUTES - as 22,000 new infections are recorded and experts say the worst is yet to come (Daily Mail)


“I think it's a pretty safe guess that Trump will inevitably get infected with coronavirus in India, and within the next 30 days, he'll have symptoms. And in the meantime, while he's symptom free, he'll infect hundreds if not thousands of people at his rallies.”
Out of all my predictions from 2/23, this is the only one that I got wrong.
But using Trump as an example was really only meant to illustrate that the virus will not stay in Wuhan, but even reach the upper echelon in Washington.
And at the time I made that prediction, one day before Trump’s India trip, it seemed the most obvious way he will get infected.
As far as we know, Trump has not been infected yet. But several people around him have. Well, who knows, maybe they didn’t infect him, because he infected them. Maybe Trump simply was lucky enough to have very mild symptoms.
March 9: Republicans who came in contact with Trump self-quarantine (Politico)
March 13: Trump dinner companion tested positive for coronavirus, White House physician says (Politico)


13 coronavirus predictions for April, the rest of 2020, and beyond. Let's hope they don't come true.

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[NATIONAL- 25TH - POST 1] Deputy Prime Minister Winston Wilhelmus has a televised speech to launch the Liberal National Party campaign for people to enjoy while practicing safe social distancing practices

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Wilhelmus kicked off the Liberal-National Campaign for the General Election in Empire Park, Newcastle today with a televised speech to households across Australia
Throughout this term, we have seen lives lost through Socialist Democratic inaction, and throughout this term, we have seen this inaction bleed through the cracks of Opposition to demonstrate that they can not govern effectively.
They couldn’t do it before, and they can’t do it now. In national cabinet meetings, the Leader of the Opposition and the Shadow Treasurer could not make a coherent argument to support their position that we should not financially support Australians. This Government has spearheaded financial programs to give Australians direct cash support through the reduction of taxes, an inevitability under this Government and we delivered.
This Government spearheaded policy to end the spread of COVID-19, the Socialist Democrats did nothing of a substantive nature while they were in power to combat COVID-19 - we closed the borders, these restrictions are expiring soon and will be reviewed by our Health Ministry to determine the most sensible direction forward with our regulations. The one thing that has guided this Government’s thought process in regards to the novel Coronavirus is common sense. A great deal of cases came through the border, we shut them down, investors were using their status to come over and spread their cases, we shut them down. We’ve regulated business to minimise the spread of Coronavirus, our response has been extremely effective, the only country that rivals our stature in regards to the defeat of COVID-19 is New Zealand, and their policy was far more restrictive to a degree of thousands of percents than us.
Had it not been for a mindless protest, letting down our 25 million team in Victoria, we would be a shining example in the world on how to beat this damn thing. We are so close, and we have so much more to do.
What more do we have to do, you may wonder? You may remember that the totally devoid of respect Socialist Democratic Party shot our tax cuts down for all income earners and for Australian businesses. The income tax and the corporate tax need to be lowered now, more than ever as a direct means of providing substantial cash support to businesses to keep them afloat. On top of this, the Socialist Democrats screamed and squirmed, but we got the job done on cuts to the Luxury Car Tax and the Goods and Services Tax. We have delivered for Australians, and we have much more to deliver yet!
A common theme we have seen out of the radical left in recent months is inadequate, economic mismanagement, compared to our superb economic management. In his term as Treasurer, Hopeless NG forgot $40 billion from our budget. He forgot 2.9% of our national GDP, this exceeds our entire defence spending! In tax refunds, that is $1600 extra per household, that’s an extra $1600 to go into renovating your kitchen, supporting your family, buying a dog, investing in your kids’ scholarship fund. Instead, he forgot it, I wouldn’t even be surprised if he tried to take the money and run, embezzlement is a classic Socialist trick and would have made us one step further to the Soviet Union. They decry billionaires saying “nobody needs a billion dollars”, but they’ve changed their tune, they now say “no country needs forty billion dollars”.
We’d like to know what the Opposition measures incompetence on, the fact Hopeless NG hasn’t been replaced yet by someone who knows how to use an abacus is astounding. How can this immaculate and pristine Government be held to account by a kid with a broken calculator that is dirtier than a pigpen? It’s a joke, and it shows you just how seriously one should take the alternative to the Liberal Nationals, as they certainly fail to take themselves seriously.
The fact of the matter is that we present a coherent plan for all Australians. We are supporting farmers in the Hunter region right here in Robertson, we’re going to build light rail in Canberra, we’re supporting the Northern Territory by upgrading the Buntine Highway, Central Arnhem Road, and the Alice Springs to Darwin Corridor, we’re building a $750 million Solar Power Station there - 250MW, that’s got all the Megawatts, the best Megawatts you bet. In Adelaide we’re duplication the Joy Baluch Bridge, electrifying the Gawler Rail Line, and investing in the Adelaide Springs to Darwin Corridor, the Regency Road to Pym Street section, and the Adelaide North to South Corridor. In Tasmania, we’re upgrading Hobart Port, the King Eye Water Supply, and plenty of highway upgrades, alongside chucking a billion in for Light Rail in Hobart. The list goes on, we’re spending millions to billions on making it easier for Australians to pick up their kids from school, to go to school, to go to work, and to go out. We’re pitching in, we’re doing our job.
Every dollar is accounted for under Liberal-National, and that’s because we care where we spend your hard-earned- tax money, and when it’s evident that Government is going over it’s limit in accruing revenue, we cut it back. We cut it back because it’s not our money we’re working with.
It’s your’s.
That’s what this Government is about. This is your Government, not our Government, and it is as accountable as a Government of the people should be. We have sought to limit and restrict Government in it’s continued capacity, and we stand by the words of the 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, in that “Government is not the solution to the problem, Government is the problem”. Australians already have the money to get through the Financial Crisis that will dawn on us all and has begun to sound it’s warning calls of battle against us, however Government is taking that money away, and we need to make sure that as we go to war with the forces of the market working against us, that we work with the markets, we work with businesses, and we work for Australians in this recovery period. The battle with COVID-19 is nearly over, but an even more powerful warhorse is rearing it’s head for battle, and we must make ready before it’s too late, Australia. We need the Liberal Nationals more than ever.
Thank you.
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ADP Press Statement - Australian Democrats are working for you in Cunningham

Hon Jayden Williamson OAM Press Conference - Australian Democrats are working for you in Cunningham Date – 24 June 2020 Location - Cronulla High School, with all media practising social distancing
Thank you for coming out today. Firstly, it is lovely to come back here in the lovely electorate of Cunningham. I am here today to talk about this lovely electorate, the Australian Democrats and the next election.
The Australian Democrats have been working for you and Australia for the last month, and we have seen increasing polling time after time. The Australian Democrats believe that it is important to have a centrist alternative to keep the bastards honest around Australia. Australia needs us, Australia needs an alternative voice.
This electorate of Cunningham has a lot of great people, features and is a great tourist hotspot. The incumbent MP is stranger, a man that, before the election, was a stranger to this electorate. Stranger has introduced a few bills, but not active enough to the standard that this wonderful electorate should deserve. The electorate of Cunningham should think of a new voice for Cunningham, an alternate voice, a voice not bound to party politics. I introduce you to the Australian Democrats.
The Australian Democrats is a centrist option for the electorate, and we have some very good policies. The Australian Democrats will advocate for a Federal ICAC, will introduce legislation with one of the best environmental policies introduced to parliament, more Mental Health legislation, re-establishing the tourism industry in this electorate after COVID-19, and most importantly, reforming our taxation system so it is better for you. The Australian Democrats are the party of reason, the party for delivering a voice.
The election has been called, it is time to think about who will be leading you into the next election. It is time for a new change, it is time for an alternative voice, it is time for a Member who is not bound by parties, who believes in no party politics. So, next election, you can vote for a Member who time and time again has voted for with their party, or you can vote for someone who has the guts to tell them how it is. So I will leave you on that, just think about it. Next election, your best bet is to vote #1, vote Australian Democrats.
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[Mayo - 9th - Post 4] Lily records a YouTube video

The lily-irl for Mayo campaign headquarters is brainstorming solutions to a pressing issue.
“My problem is, right,” says Lily, “I want to engage with the voters. I want to just, you know, have a conversation with them? I feel like I can make myself heard that way. But I can’t think of a way to do it, and I don’t want to go outside and meet them because of the COVID risk.”
“Record a YouTube video,” a staffer suggests.
“I would normally just write an op-ed or something, I guess,” Lily continues, “but the Super Mario Bros. livestream has done my wrists in. Carpal tunnel I bet.”
Aides look at each other in confusion. “Couldn’t she just, you know, dictate it to someone?” one staffer says to another.
“Shut up, it’s for the sake of the narrative.”
“The what?”
“Oh, god. If ONLY there was SOME WAY,” complained Lily.
lily-irl says words into a camera and uploads it to YouTube
“Hello, YouTube! It’s your girl, lily-irl, back with another Minecraft Let’s Play video! Remember to hit like and subscribe for more amazing content.”
“Haha, I’m just joking. I’m lily-irl. SDP candidate for Mayo. If you’re watching this video from somewhere else in the world, hi! Mayo is a division in the Australian House of Representatives. I’m trying to be elected. There’s a by-election. Hope that clears that up. Now, back to more brilliant content.”
“Yesterday, I was streaming myself on Twitch. I promise, I’ll pick the stream back up! Just need a rest day. My thumbs aren’t what they once were. Need to give them some rest, you understand. It’s good, strategically speaking. Probably. Today, I’ll be doing a video on YouTube. That’s what you’re watching right now. Cool.”
“It’s been an, uh, interesting, campaign so far. The Liberal-National Party, presented with a prime opportunity to preserve their unstable majority in the House of Representatives, decided to stand umatbru. Now, they’re a lovely chap, I’m sure, but they seem to think that they’re standing against the Victorian Labor Party. Which, I mean, there’s a few issues there. Given that, well, we’re not in Victoria, and the Victorian Labor Party isn’t standing. Which makes sense. Because they stand in Victoria. And we are not in Victoria.”
“Now, I don’t mean to sound too self-promotional, but apart from the SDP it’s been a fairly quiet campaign. We’ve gotten a few scathing attacks against the Victorian Labor Party from the Liberal-Nationals, and we’ve also seen a poster from TheOWOTrongle of the Australian Democrats. I know Trongle; I like Trongle. Graphic design is not their passion, poor lad. I hope they’re okay. I do like the Australian Democrats. A more cynical version of me would call them ‘centrist melts’ or similar, but no, they’re genuinely okay. Good bunch there, good people to work with. Promoting an opposing party probably won’t sell me to the electorate very much, so I’ll stop that now.”
“One thing I do want to talk about is the motion to recognise Pride Month currently before the House of Representatives. It was tabled by the Deputy Prime Minister, and my god, it’s awful. It’s the Parliamentary version of rainbow capitalism; you know, “HERE IS RAINBOW LOGO. BUY OUR PRODUCT, HOMOSEXUALS.” It’s like that, but worse. Or better, in a way? At least they’re not really putting in the effort to pretend like they give a shit about LGBTQ+ people; they’re just saying “oh, it’s pride month, and by the way, fuck taxes, am I right?” Do they think that we don’t read the motions we vote on? Were they banking on that? I don’t know, I really don’t. It doesn’t make sense to me.”
“It’s been, of course, impossible to ignore the recent protests ongoing in Australia and throughout the world regarding the Black Lives Matter movement. I just want to say: I support these protests, one hundred per cent. Australia is not blameless: we have to recognise the structural failures that exist here, too.”
“I’m already dreading uploading this video, just because I know how long it’s going to take to upload. The SDP, however, are pledging to fix the botched rollout of the National Broadband Network. We will get Australia connected through fibre-optic broadband connections, accessible to everyone from Canberra to Perth and beyond.”
“I hope everyone is staying safe in this new COVID era. It’s been getting a bit tedious having to stay at home, but we’re getting through the worst of this crisis, and I of course thank everyone for the mental and physical sacrifices they’ve made throughout the last few months.”
“Well, it’s been a fun chat, but I’m going to wrap it up now. I’ll keep fighting hard for the people of Mayo, and I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me again in the coming days. You can sign up for updates through my website, which is linked in the video description. Thanks everyone for watching!”
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[The Athletic] Rebooted: When Murdoch tried to buy Manchester United

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(Not my work)

There are some things I personally don’t believe in, like reptilian shapeshifting and I am questionable about the Flat Earth theory. But the rest of this stuff to me is groundbreaking. Please take your time and research. Remember to question everything. No one here is asking you to believe anything, read this and research what has been discovered and you might not leave this rabbit whole the same way ever again. I never will.
The person who wrote this: https://www.reddit.comFillupontacoz/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
Disclosure Red Pill Links Package: Good vs. Evil

The InfoWar Has Begun: Disclosure Is Imminent, Prepare Yourself & Loved Ones

For anyone truly interested in trying to overcome their Cognitive Dissonance, Dunning-Kruger Effect, or Reality Tunnel and are ready to take the #RedPill so they can begin to understand what is really going on right now that the MSM/Lamestream Media is covering up, I recommend you thoroughly research & journey down the rabbit hole starting with the coded Q Map Archive in combination with these daily trends on Twitter:
Hashtags Evidence, Examples, Proofs & Testimonies
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#MandelaEffect Trump Removed From Home Alone + 450 Examples + 100 Examples + Thread: CERN & The Mandela Effect + CERN & Hidden Parallel Universes
#FlatEarth Explanation + Intro Guide + 200 Proofs: Book + Video + Globalist Globe Narrative Exposed + Laser Experiment + Balloon Experiment + Rocket Experiment + Scientific Terminology + Clinton Hints We Are Enclosed Within A Firmament + Sky Stone, Pieces Of The Firmament + Bible Verses: Firmament + Flat Earth + Religions Depict Earth As Flat Enclosed Within Firmament + Dean Odle: Satanic Infiltration Of Flat Earth + Typical Globalist Flat Earth Debunking Methods + Military Operations To Conceal Flat Earth + Longest Standing Treaty Known To Humankind Which Prevents Individual Exploration & Habitation Of Antarctica + NASA: Aircraft Calculations Consider Earth To Be Flat & Non Rotating
All views expressed on this site are my own and do not represent the opinions of any entity I have been, am now, or will be affiliated with. I assume no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in the content of this site/post. The information contained in this post is provided on an "as is" basis with no guarantees of completeness, accuracy, usefulness or timeliness.
I do not expect anyone to simply believe me, I expect you to do your own in depth research, think logically, and make your own decisions. The choice is yours to know.
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DAY 4 -- COVID-19 is changing the world, and what does that mean, are you ready?


First, the growing realization that this 10 to 20 day isolation is only the first of many is sinking in. I didn't put that in my initial post above for fear of people saying, "fuck it, let's just get it all over with" and making things worse than they are already going to be.
But, the UK seems like they may give that a go. That's a brutally human A - B test, if I ever saw one. Damn.
Today, various media outlets are reporting 1 in 5 families have lost work. That's only a few days in.
Here's what we need to be thinking really hard about:
Life changed, and it's gonna stay changed for months. My most optimistic return to normal timeline is a solid year, maybe, just maybe end of this one.
Patients have received a trial vaccine this week. You can bet that will be fast tracked, and sadly it will happen for financial reasons, with full legal immunity too, because crisis. The money grubbers will see all of this as an "amazing opportunity" and will fully believe their risks and rewards are what the world is all about, but I digress.

This mess goes one year minimum.

How you gonna make your month? Most of us have nothing, or have liabilities, small businesses, gig work, you name it. Nothing that really counts in something like a pandemic. And a real one, where humanity is busted back to the very basics, along with some antivirals to start from.
I am going to cancel a lot of stuff, but will absolutely leave my Bernie donations until the last bloody fight has been fought. That man can have it as long as he thinks he can use it somehow. The home we have is pretty secure. We won't lose it, but could take a hit across the board otherwise. We are planning for that right now.
The DNC is botching this whole thing. And a pandemic is an excuse too. Would not be surprised to find there is a coronation, convention cancelled (they are broke ass anyway, and Bloomberg's terms will be harsh), Biden propped up, drugged to the gills long enough to sell a speech or two, then it's lose to Trump.
,,,think about Trump too.
Did you all see UBI being floated about? Amazing, isn't it?
Makes me wonder how far ahead Yang was thinking. Due to his position in life and who he must know, he had to see this coming well ahead of most. Maybe that CNN gig is more than it seems.
I am not excusing any Biden endorsements with that, just to be clear. I am stating facts and musing about what they can mean.
Here is what I think about Trump: He's profoundly stupid, and might even be sick. He's got 3-4 more days before it cannot be hidden, if he is. Keep a watch out. if, suddenly he's unavailable, you know he got this thing. And I rate him having it at 70 to 80 percent.
In his "good answer" press gaggle to excuse the test fiasco today, he revealed he's going to step back and let people toss stuff out.
And there is the Stafford Act, which throws out a lot of basic rules in the spirit of "get this done." Look out people!
You can bet your ass he's going to take the option that makes him out in the best light possible. Votes, election, he knows he's got a good shot at another 4, if, if, if!
Remember what the other stupid President did? That's right, sent people checks! I remember mine. Good old W sent me what, $350 and some change? The big message so far is, you are on your own and that just isn't playing well. No shit? Shocker! I know, right? But, it's true, and here is the one thing about Trump that many who voted for him counted on: Dramatic change.
Last election was an establishment referendum election. This is one too. So shall the next one be, and the one after that. it's because of need, and this pandemic just cranked the implications and timeline up on that need to 11. Instead of a slow grind for a decade, hello! It's gonna happen right fucking now. This week marks the pivot point where more begin to realize it than not, and as that rolls up?
Trump knows damn well what that means, and will act. And whatever it is won't be pretty. If we do end up with $1K / month, just for shits and giggles, where is the medicine everyone is supposed to take? (metaphorically) One option will be a very highly authoritarian travel and social policy. Think like this: Having to pay those poors hurts, so we need to make sure it counts, and you will have it about right.
The alternative? Hold the thought, I come back to this.
Think about the growing, raw need too. It's going to come on real fast. A majority of this nation was already in severe economic distress. That's why our movement exists, and Bernie is even a thing right now! And this hits? Look out people!

Be kind. Be human. We are gonna need one another. Big.

In a little less than 20 days, most hospitals are gonna be swamped. Medical people will be put into service, and or cancel all that isn't necessary. If you have elective procedures in your future, I very strongly urge you to put all that off.
(my dental work is on hold, and I'll look like a bum for some time now... lol, ask me whether I care. Nope.)
The waves of work stoppage will come every few days now. Industry by industry, they are going to figure it out real quick.
Demand is down, the virus remains with us, and will remain with us, IT CAN LIVE in the air for a FEW FUCKING HOURS, and on surfaces for A FEW DAYS. This is not going to be easy. And it's just out there now. No going back on any of it.
Please think about your risk, and that of yours. If you really need isolation now, you are going to continue to need it for a considerable time. Best case is we keep the health care system able to handle the worst and not too many of us die. It gets worse from there.
Life changed. Do what it takes to internalize it. You will be ahead of most if you do that work right now.
But let me return to that thought I asked you to hold above! Alternatives.
In a macro sense, here is what we've got to face:
The US is not a strong social democracy. It looks more like weaker ones in Asia and other more market driven parts of the world, Somalia, etc... than it does "the west", like the Nordic nations, central Europe, and friends.
When I look at nations like Australia, New Zealand, and friends, I see lower populations, a strong social democracy, mineral resources (Hello Norway!), and a more human centric culture. An example would be Australian welfare. Anyone can get a little under 1K a month with rent stipend, and it's not hard. Plenty do, and the rest don't care. They get it and life overall is good. Now, with News Corp over there spamming them with FOX BS, word of drug testing, means testing and other constraints aimed at duplicating Reagan's "welfare queens" to undermine a solid social democracy are working slowly, but the damage is not yet done, nor deep.
We could head that direction. That's Bernie, essentially. Call this path A.
Or, we can head down the road we are on, everyone for themselves, money before people, authoritarian policy, fuck the poors, and all that crap. Honestly, UBI type schemes take us away from social democracy, and toward a much more brutal culture, because it allows what has been festering here, killing our sense of humanity toward one another to stand, and be amplified, improved, made more resonant!
We could continue in that direction. That's Biden / Trump. (and Biden may mean Trump) Call this path B.
More interestingly, as the vice continues to close in on us, squeeze very hard now, most people won't give a fuck. They will be looking for basic answers, "How do I make my month?" and will take relief in any form.

This pandemic is the ultimate shock doctrine!

Think path of least resistance. That's going to dominate, without some very significant happenings, meaning we are more likely to continue building on the mess we've made rather than attempt a clean up. Does not favor Bernie, does not favor us.
I said the politics have changed. They have. But now life has changed, and not just for a little while. It's big time change that will endure and leave a mark on us on par with World War type marks.
As a progressive, Berner, I must think about the implications of path B. Obviously, the Plan A is the one many of us prefer, but... The current momentum is aligned with plan B. B for Biden, the puppet.
We may see and experience very significant pressure to just go away, shut the fuck up. Say The Donald gets sold on a payment to everyone. Say it's 1K to every American, probably minus the ones making 200k and up, or something. Say it actually does go to the poors, unlike Kamila's working families only deal.
What do you all think is going to happen when we frame a social democratic revolution up against that cash relief every month? When big business sees it as much cheaper than actually being humans instead of psychopaths? When the existing power sees it can augment and accelerate their transition back to fiefdom, and a gilded century is on the horizon?
And that is all I will say on this dispatch. There is more, but I want your thoughts.

Be Careful

Now, physically, and politically. Make sure you've got outs. Think about a few months from now.


Because there is absolutely no returning back to where we came from, and that is true whether you liked it or not, whether you want it or not.
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WATCH LIVE: Federal Election 2019 Coverage and Results  Nine News Australia My 2019 Australian Federal Election Prediction. Election aftermath 2019 Australian Election Campaign - Behind the News Psychology of Betting: Jack Houghton Interview - Part 2

The Australian Elections Betting Strategy: Keeping up-to-date with the news is obviously essential, as you’ll want to be continually aware of which direction the political landscape is headed in. Gauge the mood of the public as mentioned, being conscious of what those around you think or, if abroad, what people are saying online through Elections Betting Australia. Online election betting has become an accepted feature of Australian elections these days, and Australians are able to place wagers on their own election results as a form of Australian sports betting.. The two basic factors at play are firstly, a natural urge to place a bet on current events and in particular sporting results, and secondly, the age-old tradition We here at the Australian Betting Organization believe there is huge potential to make big money in political betting. One of the best ways to predict the outcome of an election is to follow the money. The candidate backed by the most amount of money usually has some of the best odds to win. Politics is very much a propaganda driven machine. An Australian betting agency on Thursday paid out early on bets that opposition leader Tony Abbott would win parliamentary elections in just over a week’s time. It is the first early pay-out in Political betting Political Betting Explained. Voting in Australia’s federal elections has been compulsory since 1925…but betting on political markets is a much more recent thing. For the House of Representatives, a preferential ballot system has been in use since 1919, in single-member seats.

[index] [7008] [13836] [6394] [10413] [6056] [3004] [13140] [12088] [1266] [12080]

WATCH LIVE: Federal Election 2019 Coverage and Results Nine News Australia

Join Antony Green, Leigh Sales, Annabel Crabb and the rest of the ABC News Australia Votes team for live coverage of the 2019 federal election. Live election results and more here: https://abc.net ... Jack Houghton is the author of dozens of Psychology of Betting articles on the Betfair Hub, as well as the co-author of 'Winning on Betfair For Dummies'. He joined us for an interview covering all ... ABC News Australian Federal Election Night 2019 - Duration: 6:25:53. y4t7sds12 28,582 views. 6:25:53. COVID-19 survivor feared for his life on virus 'super spreader' cruise ... Welcome to Political Analysis - Election Predictions! In this video, we discuss the election betting odds for each candidate, Republican Incumbent Donald Trump and Democratic Candidate Vice ... The PM, Scott Morrison, called an election, the Governor-General dissolved Parliament and parties started their election campaigns. We find out exactly what ...