What are Folds in Football Betting? - Accumulator Bets

You’re at a 6 handed final table with 7s8s in position with 104bb. 3 way flop: 9s,10s,5c. Checked to you, you bet 3bb and get a fold. The remaining player (102bb) decides to raise to 10bb. What’s your strategy as the rest of the hand plays out?

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Booking points 4-fold for tonight. Just a small stake odds here 6.81 - The Betting Guru

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Serious Question, does anyone play 5 card draw seriously? How does it work?

Curious about this one, since I'm sure some older folks this was their first home game of poker, but had anyone actually played it in 20 years in an organization fashion?
Obviously there's probably an easy mathed out solution for every possible hand on what you should keep and what you should draw. Can easily evaluate the relative value of your hand....
But then there's the showdown....would have to have a strategy for check fold bet raise, but damn going to be flying blind besides relative strength and live reads.
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Oompaloempia and Tybo3 haven been debating for 6 days straight now, who will fold? Place your bets here.

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Anyone put their selections in to a bet?

Just wondering if anyone has had any luck putting their super six predictions in to an actual six fold bet? And if they’ve had any luck with it?
I think the most correct scores I’ve got is three but one or two will let me down for the actual result based bet on bet365.
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Bet sizing in NLHE

At the beginning of the clip TrueTeller states that betsizing postflop is essentially the most important aspect of NHLE. However, we know, choosing a certain bet sizing has little effect on EV. Instead we polarize bet sizing on dynamic boards or boards that reduce the pfa uncapped advantage or range advantage
When betting a linear range into a polarized one, use a smaller sizing.
When betting a polarized range into a linear one, use a larger sizing.
When villain is likely to raise/fold, bet a smaller size with a linear range.
When villain is likely to call wide with lots of medium strength hands, use a larger size with a polarized range.
The SPR directly affects the optimal bet size. In general the lower the SPR the smaller your sizes ought to be.
Is too much emphasis placed on sizings?
A simplified strategy played well will capture more EV than a complicated strategy played poorly. This seems intuitive at first but I think it's an important aphorism.
Should a player with a significant edge on pool and decent blue line be inclined to increase sizings proportionately by a few % to increase EV realization or winrate in general for want of better nomanclature
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Day 2 Score Predictions

Hey guys, just for a bit of fun, im going to place a 4 fold bet today with score predictions for each match up. Here is what im thinking about going with but intrigued what people think;
Faze vs Subliners = 3-2 FaZe
Dallas vs Florida = 3-1 Dallas
Toronto vs OGLA = 3-2 Toronto
Paris vs Ravens = 3-0 Ravens
This would be ods of 168/1 so £5 would return £845
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NFL Weekend tips - First post (On a hot streak and it's only right to share.)

I've been betting on the NFL for a while, and have become pretty good at accumulators (usually 3 or 4 fold) betting the line and spread. Last night I picked an easy double (Bears -3, Bills +6) for a tidy profit and feel like I should start sharing. I'm £170 up in November from one or two £5/£10 bets each weekend. I look for match ups where I see the most value.
I expect some of these lines to move before Sunday (49ers will move towards +3 which is where that line should really be. I expect the Jets to increase towards 4/5) so try and get the value while it is still there!
Here's where I am going this weekend. I'm betting with Sky Bet (UK) and lines accurate at time of writing:
49ers vs Ravens - 49ers +5.5
Jets vs Bengals - Jets -3.0
Browns vs Steelers - Browns -2.0
Dolphins vs Eagles - Over 44.5 total points
4 fold @ 12.28/1

Let me know if you use this, or your opinions. I may start doing picks for every game if there is any interest.
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Hand Review, too nutty of a fold with AA?

50NL Ignition, no reads normal tables
Hero has AsAh in early middle position, opens to 3 BB, calls from late position and BB. 100BB effective
3 Ways to flop
Ks9c4s, hero bets 75% pot
Player behind raises 3.5x, BB cold calls. I tank and fold.
Thinking about our bet fold/bet continue range, I feel like this is jam or fold. I was thinking about continuing with most flush draws, jamming some nut flush draws, AK no spade, sets, two pair, AA no spade.
Bet folding low flush draws, KQ, AK and AA with spade. I feel like we don’t have too many air balls since we are multi-way.
Both villains could have flush draws, 99, 44, or K9, BB will have all combos of K9 off.
Thoughts on this range? I feel like it’s pretty borderline but maybe I’m just a fucking nit.
Thank you in advance!
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"Angle Shooting" is perfectly ethical. CMV.

I don't play poker often; rarely, in fact. But I just suddenly remembered the time I was learning some of the basics and I came across so many poker websites and forums saying that "angle shooting" was a scummy move, deserving of being shot, etc...and I was (and still am) completely perplexed as to why people think so. Therefore I'm turning to Reddit (as usual) to find out why.
So let's get right into it, first I'll start with what I don't consider acceptable angle shooting:
  1. Misdeclaring your hand at showdown (to get the other player to muck).
Firstly, only a nimrod would ever muck their hand before seeing their opponent's cards. Intentional AS allowed or not, how do you know your opponent didn't really misdeclare his hand accidentally?
Secondly, this kind of dishonesty can be countered by rules that forfeit such hands by default. So, not worth discussing.
  1. Hiding your true bet amounts/misdeclaring your bet amount.
See previous sentence.
  1. Ambiguous checking, betting and folding actions.
Easily countered by rules stating exactly what is considered acceptable actions to indicate intention. If where you're playing doesn't have such standard rules, I'd think twice before playing there.
Now for what I consider acceptable angle shooting:
  1. Making a motion that implies you want to fold, bet or whatever it is you can do at the table.
Firstly, there are rules that dictate what is considered a fold, bet, etc., such as going over the line. Anything that technically conforms to these rules is a perfectly acceptable action to gauge your opponent's hands from their response. Just why anybody would consider this foul play is bewildering to me. Isn't the point of the game to fake that your hands are better or weaker than what you have??
  1. Saying "raise" then "I meant call", or a more subtle version, "r....call."
I know the rule that says the first call stands, which is the point of this entire move. Again, I don't understand why players would consider this unethical. By doing this move, I confuse my opponents as to whether I really just made a verbal slip or my hand is truly something I'd want to raise with...which is the point of the game! The aim is to deceive my opponent into thinking my hand is crap when it's good (and vice versa)! By saying this sentence I create much more doubt as to the value of my hand. Why on Earth is this considered foul play?
  1. Flat out lies (saying "Flush!!! on the river when you don't have one, saying you haven't seen your hand when you have, etc.)
As long as you're not acting of turn, which is against the rules, there is no problem with lying because it's part of the game to lie. It's expected. You aren't hurting other players by lying, this isn't life. You should always be doubting whether every little statement your opponent makes is true or not. It's a game of DECEPTION, not a mystery novel. Why is verbally lying even considered unethical in a game where deception is an accepted (in fact, the main) strategy? Being only allowed to "lie" with your chips makes no sense, in that case the rules should ban all table talk, since all talk influences other players' decisions to some extent.
  1. Keeping your remaining denominations hidden from view of other players, or a jumbled up stack that makes counting difficult.
If there are rules against it, this point is moot since it's the rules. If there aren't, it's not my responsibility to let all my opponents know, "Hey! Look how many chips you took from me!". As a player, you should be aware of roughly how much your opponents have left. That is something that every player is able to do because the chip transfer at showdown is black and white and everybody can do mental math (if you can't, that's not my problem). So there is no "unfairness", the onus is on you to be aware of your opponents' chip standing. Everybody can use this tactic as well, you don't gain an unfair advantage since everybody can do it to you as well.
My conclusion: people who abhor "angle shooting" as I have defined it are forgetting that poker is a game of DECEPTION. Any deceptive action that doesn't break what should be very explicit rules, or rules that all players have agreed on (in friendly settings) should not be considered unethical. Such people are probably butthurt about being the "victim" of angle shooting when either a) they played in some place that doesn't have clear-cut rules, which is asking to be taken advantage of, or otherwise b) they're salty about being deceived in a game where the point is to deceive other people.
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£30 Community chosen 3 fold CSGO bet!

Hey guys! A bit of a long shot here. While in isolation during lockdown here in the UK, I took a bit of a chance and asked the betting platform ‘Midnite’ how many likes and retweets I would need to get a free £5 bet. Incredibly, they offered me £100 if I can get just 100 likes and 100 retweets!! I’ve not got a big following at all only about 100 followers but I’ve managed to rack up about 50 likes and 40 retweets. I have promised that if I hit this goal, I will do a 2/3 fold bet that someone who likes and retweeted suggests. If it wins I’ll give away the profit to a random retweeter or the one who suggested the bet, what ever you guys think is most fair. If you guys could help me out would be much appreciated. Remove if this isn’t allowed but I hoped this was on topic enough!
Here is a link to the tweet, Tweet
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How to improve hand reading?

Ok,so I had yesterday one of those sessions being card dead,with few playable hands,with stealing opportunities in late position being complicated due to a reg on my left (however table was okish since there was few weak regs and a whale punting despite him having a stretch of run good calling three barrels with gutshots and getting there or rivering two pairs with Jrag vs reg AJ)
After nitting it up,I had two spots where I could get away and want to see what you guys think what was the best moment two hero fold/bet?
1-1 Weak UTG+1 (~120) opens to 6, Reg calls (~200+),me nit BB (~120) 88,call.
Closing the action,implied odds if hitting set,don't want to bloat pot since probably i don't have fold equity despite being quiet for few orbits unless i make it to a ridiculous price (weak UTG is sticky pre and reg is capable of 4B light,5betting shoving 78s vs whale and cracking his "I had aces")
Flop (~19) T83r I check,UTG+1 cbets 8,BU calls,I raise to 35,UTG+1 calls BU folds.
At this point I think UTG+1 range is mainly overpairs,Tx good kickers,or two overcards.
Turn (~97) Ko I check,V checks.
I could probably keep betting instead of checking, right?I thought it was a good card for him to barrel and extract value that way.
River (~97) A I bet ~40,V shoves I call.
I doubted that he called flop raise with QJ,so I thought i had the best hand a certain amount of the time,(beating AT AK,KT..) However V had TT. Cooler?or could get away with it by defining his range with a turn bet?or could easily fold river raise?
Anyway,reload,card dead,and after a few orbits new player sits where one of the weak regs was.
1-1 Whale straddle 2,weak reg MP limps,new guy limps (~150) BU limps,me nit SB (~120) call 1 with K9cc,BB reg calls,straddle checks.
Flop (~12) QT5 all clubs Checks to the new guy who bets 10,I call,heads up to the turn.
I was on my B- tilt mode due to not getting cards,whiffing flops when I did,or getting non believers in steal spots that I didn't really thought about what could be his range,something like "ok this is it,whatever he has this is the hand to getting it in,if he has AXc fuck it,whatever"but probably having the best hand here
Turn (~32) 3c Check,check.
Killing action card sort of,I am kind of face up in a flushdraw and just got there if i was,and when I called flop something in me wanted to believe that V could have pair+flushdraw kind of thing that I beat.When he checks I am convinced that I had the best hand.
River (~32) Q I bet 25,V min clicks 50 I shove for a bit more
I didn't even noticed that now there were boats in his range,but on the turn I was 100% not folding any rivers. So yeah V QTo.
Should I better be raising flop in here?betting turn?fold river?
If I get any outcome out of all of this is don't slowplay big made hands out of position,and respect river raises.
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Folding (Martingale System) is one of the oldest betting tactics that is believed to have originated in France in the 18th century. The name of this method is based on an English casino owner Henry Martingale, who promoted promote this method positively to your guests. The owner of the casino introduced an effective gambling method for customers, sounding very enlightening. How effective is this method of folding? Can this method be used to earn profits when playing online betting?
The folding method is mainly used by professional gamblers when playing long-term fish (all season) and often betting draw results for a certain team. The reason is that the odds of a draw are usually quite high and based on statistics, there are about 30% of matches ending with a draw. The teams that match this method are usually the team at the end of the season, the position on the rankings is likely to join the Europa League.These are the teams that are not strong but are not under the bottom of the table.


If your bet starts at 10$ then your folding process is as follows:
Looking at the image above you can imagine it, but please do it. First, you need to prepare the important steps below to play the game effectively.


Although there are 5 opportunities, but you are not subjective, type in bad luck. Refer to the football tips provided by experts to improve the winning rate for yourself. Atnhacaionline.com regularly update free football tip for you to use to fold your bet every day.


If you want to start with 10$ the maximum capital you must have is 310$
For example: Choose the first bet level: 10$.
1nd bet: Bet 10$
2nd bet: 20$, which is folded, you double it: VND 10$ x 2 = 20$
3nd bet: Similar to the second bet, you double the previous bet amount, the second time you bet 20$, this time you will bet 40$.
The loop continues like that.
If you want to place an initial bet with a different amount, you can use the folding calculator below:
Note: You must have a stable source of capital, because if Your capital is not guaranteed, you will not be able to maintain the betting round when bet at high levels, now you will lose both capital and interest. So you have to know how to manage capital well when you fold the bet.


If you are a shy, unstable, insistent and suspicious person, make sure you can’t use this method effectively. Since the amount is increasing after each round of betting, you need to keep yourself a calm, unimpeded mentality whether winning or losing.


If you bet in this way, I guarantee that you will never lose, unless you are too unlucky (if anyone is unlucky to lose to a 5, 6 series in a row right? Clearly rare) when this happens).
I suppose, given that you lose the first match, you lose 10$, the second match you bet 20$. If the second bet you won, you have a profit of 10$ (20$ you bet + 20$ = 40$, minus the first time you lost 10$, then you have 30$ and a half, of which 20$ is the capital and 10$ of the winnings. And so, you keep folding, you lose no matter how much, but if you have only one win, you will have to take back all the capital and get a bonus of 10$. (Here, according to your bet amount, it is 10$, you can bet on the amount that is suitable for the amount of money you intend to invest. If you invest 310$, I think every match you fold 10$, it seems reasonable, but eat less but will eat for a long time and not afraid of losing money.
In case you win consecutively, bet 10$ in a row, you can get 10$ in your pocket, too easily.


Should we play folded betting, this depends on your ability and the game you are playing. I will analyze some of the conditions you need to play folding bets effectively and safely.
First, you choose the game to apply folding method, this is very important because each game will take your time differently and the dealer gives you the minimum and maximum bet. Suppose the bookmakers bet you at least 5K (5,000 VND) for casino and 10K (10,000 VND) for sports. With this low bet, it will be suitable for you to play quickly, because if you lose then you will not lose too much, but winning will win long and have money to spend.
You should play the casino for a time of 1 minute for 1 minute, playing virtual football for 3 minutes per game will save considerable time.
You should determine how many matches your prediction is wrong. Depending on the game, you need to formulate a specific folding strategy.
Once you determine the above issues, calculate the amount of money X increases if the losing bet is how much to make sure it doesn’t run out of capital. It should be noted that there are rare current players using this method with impatient or blind information about the matches they want to bet. Therefore, it is necessary to find out and determine the percentage of winning higher than 50 in each match to continue to fold, if you are an impatient, non-assertive player, then the fold method will not profitable and at the same time it makes you go to the island faster.
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2019 Brownlow Medal Predictions & Odd Discrepancies

2019 Brownlow Medal Predictions & Odd Discrepancies
I'm interested in seeing the results of the Brownlow Medal this year since it is the closest count in several years.
I've just put my customary multi-bet with the players I think will win their respective teams counts, a 7-fold bet paying ~$17. Wish me luck :) I, and a lot of others made a killing one year with LuxBet, plus a lot of us used a free bet to do it with as well. They weren't too happy and prevented multi bets on the same betting market after that ;)
Does anyone think that Dangerfield has it in the bag, or is it possible the other stars in the Geelong team can steal the necessary votes from him to win outright? Tim Kelly has had a great year too, and Ablett has had his moments. Maybe we'll have another tie?
According to the official AFL Brownlow Medal Predictor (well done AFL, although as mentioned below there may be a few bugs yet - however when I went back and looked at the stats for several games, it did seem like it wasn't just randomly pulling numbers out of the air).
Cripps, Fyfe and Neale all have a good chance of winning this year if other Geelong players take votes intended for Dangerfield. What do you think? Cripps has been amazing, he'll definitely need shoulder surgery in the off-season ;)
I didn't even bother following the counts the last few years because it looked like a one horse race since 2016. Mitchell in 2018, Martin in 2017 and Dangerfield in 2016 were so dominant and their odds so short that it wasn't worth betting on them.
This year though there may be some value to be had, or at least an upset in the making. I'm also interested in the players who poll the most votes for each team. Pendlebury could out poll big Grundy. Pendles to poll the most votes for the Pies is currently paying $5 and he historically polls well, in fact I'm surprised he hasn't won a Brownlow yet. Shame that he suffered from the current Geelong problem, too many good people around him in his peak. While Swan was a good player, I'd rate Pendlebury above him any day of the week.
Now for my most controversial pick in my multi-bet. The second year player from Hawthorn, first, second and even third years players don't normally poll well, and Hawthorn's James Worpel is currently expected to poll more than James Sicily and Jaeger O'Meara, not to mention Henderson who who's had a tremendous year and I'm a big worried about my bet falling through. Thankfully I only bet what I can afford to lose, otherwise the stress would kill me. I think the fact Tom Mitchell was out for the year means the umpires have simply god to show Worpel respect - he's an inside mid like Mitchell, while Sicily is a rebounding defender and Henderson a brilliant winger, even better than my man Smith this year. Sicily is paying $4.50 to be the highest polling Hawk if you're keen on him.
I find it interesting that the Brownlow Predictor suggests that Cunnington will win, and without much knowledge I was pretty agreeable until I saw that Higgins is paying $1.65 and Cunnington $2.60 - I like to find value in my bets whenever I can and Higgins end of year was pretty damn good.
St. Kilda has some funky odds too - but then again, they didn't win many games so I suppose they're trying to gauge their votes in losing teams, which is an extremely hard thing to do. Nevertheless, the AFL predictor says Ross will get 10 votes, Gresham 7 votes and Billings 6 votes - yet the odds are Ross: $5, Gresham: $26 and Billings the unbackable favourite at $1.14.
I don't know what to think about that TBH. I know that it's a team unlikely to get too many votes, but the predictor says the winner paying $5, second place-getter paying $26 and third place so short it's not worth betting on. Do they know something we don't?
Regardless, I'm putting a small amount on Gresham at those odds, why not.
In case you're interested I'm getting the odds from 365.
The $30 I spent (I lost a couple of first goal scorer bets tonight) gives me a bit more interest in Brownlow Medal night parked in front of the TV, plus a small chance to win some cash as well.
Oh, one more thing in case you think this is BS because there's no Neale/Crippps or Fyfe, here's the page with the odds and the following is stipulated on that page.
Brownlow Medal Most Individual Player Club Votes
  • Brisbane Without Lachie Neale
  • Carlton Without Patrick Cripps
  • Fremantle Without Nat Fyfe
So, I hope everyone is going to be cheering for these blokes on Brownlow Medal night. I might even give you a flair if you do ;)
Approx $350 return from $17 if all the listed players get the most votes in their respective teams, and approx $250 if the AFL Brownlow predictor was right and Gresham gets the most votes for the Saints.
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No goal between min 1-15 bets

I been noticing in certain leagues there are very few goals that are scored within the first 15 mins. The J league being one of them, so I tried out a 15-fold bet with almost all the games of the emporer cup to have no goals within the first 15 mins. Put a very small stake because it was just an experiment kinda.
It hit and I won 57 euros on a 50 cent stake.
Does anyone else play these bets, but then on a regular? Are there any leagues you've noticed that they work well on?
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The game of Thoch Buka, an Aagdrean favourite gamble

To win: Have the cards closest to, but not under the end results of the dice, or out-bet or out-bluff your opponents
To play:
Each player is dealt one card from each stack. To play, a starting bet must be put in each pool. There is a separate pool for each colour deck. The remaining cards not dealt are placed in the middle of the table.
Round 1:
Each player may exchange one card, which is placed face up in a discard pile, for another card of the same colour from the facedown deck. Once this is done, the dice are rolled and the results recorded. Then each player may bet to remain in the game. If a player does not like their odds, they may fold one or both hands (either red or green deck). If a player wishes to bluff, despite already being under the dice total, they may do so but cannot win a reveal hand scenario (detailed in round 3)
Round 2:
Each player may exchange a card of a colour they have not already exchanged. Once this is done, the dice are rolled and their results added to the previous results and recorded. Once again, if players believe their cards will remain above or match the dice results in the final round, they may bet to continue playing. They may also attempt to out-bet their opponents. Players may also chose to fold one or both hands.
Round 3:
Each player may exchange a card of a colour they have not already exchanged. Once this is done, the dice are rolled for a final time, their results added to the previous and recorded. This result has a maximum of 18 and minimum of 3. If players believe the card they have has a number closest to, but above, the number on the corresponding colour result, they may continue to bet to play. Once again they may also fold. Betting continues until players are satisfied with the pool or a player can no longer contribute to the pool (like poker all bets must be matched). If the players reach satisfaction of their bets before all but one player can continue betting (resulting in a win), they all reveal their cards. The player with the card closest to the corresponding colour result wins the pool.
Example game:
John, dave and sarah are playing. John is dealt G5 and R16, Dave is dealt G18 and R10, Sarah is dealt G2 and R3. Sarah's odds do not look good so far, whilst Dave is looking safe. John is in the middle somewhere.
Round 1: John exchanges his G5, and receives a G6. Dave holds. Sarah exchanges her G2 and receives a G16. The dice are then rolled showing Green as 5 and Red as 3. John folds his green hand, but bets on his red hand. Dave bets on both hands. Sarah matches both bets (she is hopeful)
Round 2: John holds with only an R16. Dave holds, and Sarah exchanges her R3 and receives a R8. The dice are rolled showing Green as 2 and Red as 4. Green total is now 7 and Red total is now 7. John bets red, Dave bets both, and Sarah folds red, but bets green.
Round 3: John holds (R16). Dave holds (G18 R10). Sarah holds (G16). The dice are rolled showing green 6 and red 5. The totals are now green 13 and red 12. John continues betting red, and Dave continues betting red as well. John decides that he can no longer beat Dave's red bet and folds. Dave (despite having a number under 12) wins the red pool. Dave decides to continue betting green and so does Sarah. They eventually stop matching each other and reveal cards. Sarah wins, as 16 is closer to 13 than 18 is.
I hope this made sense. Thoch Buka is one of many gambling forms in Aagdrean society, but is most well known (the equivalent of poker or blackjack).
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Leaking Secrets of playing BandarQ on the Trusted Online Pkvgames Site

Situs Bandarq website is an online gambling website that has 4-7 games in it (depending on the web). usually in 2015 all BandarQ Online Websites have 7 games. The BandarQ Online website is called because of the popular online gambling website because the BandarQ game is easy to win on the web, but that doesn't mean that it only has BandarQ games.
The BandarQ Online website nickname starts buming from online gambling fans from Situs Pkv Games Server. Usually the BandarQ Online / SItus Online Gambling website has 7 games:
Capsa Susun
Bookie Poker
Sakong / Bandar Sakong
In the 7 games, the thing that is most loved by online gambling fans is BandarQ games. because it's easy to learn just apply 2 dominoes. Easier to win depends on the online poker web that you choose, make sure you play in the recommended trusted web poker like in the table below.
apart from that tips and tricks from playing bandarq can not work, therefore from that we always update on the web that works with us to get to know the level of the victory of BandarQ.

Leaking Secrets of playing BandarQ on the Trusted Online BandarQ Website.

Every game has a weakness and every game is also not easy to win, agrees yes ..., in the BandarQ game from the Trusted Online BandarQ Website always has a gap for victory, but not every BandarQ fan knows about it from thousands of fans only some people understand. this time we will discuss techniques and tricks to play BandarQ games.
Choose a Play Table.
Accuracy in playing is very necessary, if you have a capital of Rp1,000,000, choose 50k room classification, and choose a table that still has room to play. with a capital of Rp1,000,000 you can become a dealer, if other players have the same capital or more, your next game will be a dealer. don't focus on being a dealer. indeed become a greater profit Bandar, but can not be set. how about just being a player? can & does not matter!
Play with Little Stake on the BandarQ Online Website.
In online gambling games it is natural and normal to be carried out by greedy / greedy lusts and eager to win the game, such traits will make you cluck hard! make sure your emotions and passions are controlled, consistently play with a minimum of Bet on the betting table. if you are beaten in the game round, for the next round but keep it with a minimum bet. instill the mindset of playing just to entertain or fill the free time! (key).

Stay inside the betting table.

With a minimum bet that you bet rotation on the table more is much better, if you are greedy wants to fold bet forget kemengan, you will lose !. because the longer / survive in the cashback bonus game that is shared by agents every week will be even greater.
Leakage Increases Win Rate in Betting Table.
In the round of playing in the betting table to 20 tarugan and above, the win rate is increasing. if the situation is still cluck, please migrate the seats that are still in the table. or if in 5x rounds you beat in a row or stand out you should migrate the seating of the game (not move the game table). if you have won Rp. 200,000 - Rp. 500,000 with a capital of Rp1,000,000 after or before via the 20th round please immediately at WD / withdraw funds.
You have to withdraw funds, in a situation of winning the desire to win more is very difficult to fight, so you must consistently control your mindset consistently quiet. interval of 30 minutes to 1 hour after withdrawing funds you can log into the game again to avoid robots that will land on the user id. why is it like a recipe ???! ... info from the writing that we made is not fabricating or hoaxes, we have connections in most Trusted Poker Gambling Websites that work the same as us.
Igat once again, do not train your mind to look for a win, if a minimum of Rp 200.00 has been won in 1 day just once playing it is more than enough to make an allowance.
Robbers In Table Game BandarQ Online Website.
It is no stranger to online gambling games that have robots said robbers, robots will be active or alighted if the victory you can exceed your capital when playing within 6 hours.
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Rules to Sabacc

For a long time I searched the internet attempting to find the best way to bring Sabacc to life in an easy to construct, understand, and play, version of the game. Based on many different rulesets online as well as observing how the game is played in Solo: A Star Wars Story, I have come up with the following rules that make the most sense and provide for the best experience of a Star Wars originated Poker game.
NOTICE: This game is recommended to use two exact same decks (ie: 2 Red Bicycle Decks)
THE SETUP: - Suggested 3 to 8 Players - 62 Card Deck - 3 Sets of Clubs/Spades from (Ace-10) - 3 Sets of Diamonds/Hearts (Ace-10) - 2 Jokers - 2 Dice - Goal is to be the closest to zero at the end of the round
HIERARCHY OF WINNING HANDS: 1. Joker’s Sabacc (or Idiot’s Array): A hand equaling zero with two jokers.
  1. Prime Sabacc (or Full Sabacc): A hand with 4 of the same value cards equaling zero and a joker.
  2. Full Staves: A hand with four of the same value cards equaling zero.
  3. Double Sabacc: A hand with two matching postive negative cards and a joker.
  4. Runsum (or Gee Whiz): A hand with either positive or negative 1-4 and a 10 of the opposite positive or negative sign.
  5. Corellian Straight (or Straight Khyron): A hand of four of sequencing cards equaling 0.
  6. Double Staves: A hand of four cards composed of two sets of matching positive and negative cards.
  7. Sabacc: A hand with matching positive/negative cards and a joker.
  8. Zero: A hand of two to five cards equaling zero.
  9. Closest to Zero
THE GAME: 1. Recommended game begins with each player receiving $3000-$5000 in chips - 8 of a Color at $25Each/$200Total - 8 of a Color at $100Each/$800Total - 4 of a Color at $500Each/$2000 Total - For $5000 add 2 of a Color at $1000Each/$2000Total 2. Next, there is a “Small Blind” left of the dealer and a “Big Blind” left of that. The small blind begins at $25 and the big is $50. These values double each time play returns to the first dealer or at a set amount of time decided by all players. 3. Next, two cards are dealt to each player and they must now either call the big blind, raise the bet, or fold. Once the bet is matched all around the blind stack is raked and placed into the sabacc pot. This pot can be won by winning a hand with a Sabacc or higher. 4. Each player is now dealt a third card and a face up card is dealt to the center of the table. This is known as the “Spike” Card. With their individual card each player can either keep it, swap it with a card in their hand, discard it, or swap it with the Spike card. Players can also swap a different card in their hand for the Spike card. 5. After each player makes their action, they may check, call, raise or fold. Bets must be at least the same value as the “Big Blind.” A player can only make one action per round. If all but one player folds before any bets are equaled, the remaining player would receive the antes from the blind round of betting. 6. Sabacc Shift: Betting is then followed by a roll of the dice by the dealer. If doubles all players discard all cards and are dealt the equivalent of how many they discarded. 7. Dealing repeats and a new Spike card is played over top of the previous card. The action/betting process followed by a role of the Sabacc dice repeats and then a third and final card is dealt to each player as well as another Spike Card dealt to the center. Last round of action/betting is played followed by a final roll of the Sabacc Dice. Can also play with only Snake Eyes forcing a shift or only odd doubles/even doubles. 8. Remaining players show cards. Hand closest to 0 wins the game pot. If the winning hand is a Sabacc or Higher, the winner also takes the “Sabacc Pot.” If this pot isn’t won, the money rolls over to the next round. 9. In the event of a tie with two basic hands of zero, the hand using more cards would trump. If both hands have the same amount of cards the hand using a more extreme value wins (ex: 9, -3, and -6 would beat 4, 2, and -6 because 9 is more extreme than 6). The same would go for a tie with a non zero as the best (ex: 9, 2, and -10 would trump 5, 1, and -4 because 11 is more extreme than 6). Ties between a Sabacc or higher are the same, more extreme values trump. In the event of a tie between a negative value vs a positive value, the positive value would win. 10. Next hand is dealt and play continues until one player owns all of the money.
[Hand Hierarchy Examples] https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cfHHY7eQRswD7AvP24SrqUzMJTFJ8q7P/view?usp=drivesdk
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Just wondering about this hand...

ACR NL$0.10/$0.25
VILLAIN BTN ($25.35)
SB ($19.22)
BB ($25.27)
LJ ($25.00)
HJ ($25.70)
HERO CO($33.31)
HERO is dealt [6c 6d]
LJ folds
HERO raises $0.80 to $0.80
VILLAIN 3-bets $2.35 to $2.35
SB folds
BB folds
HERO 4-bets $4.40 to $5.20
VILLAIN calls $2.85
*** FLOP *** [5d 5s 7h]
Main pot $10.22
HERO bets $5.37 (half pot)
*** TURN *** [5d 5s 7h] [8h]
Main pot $20.42
HERO bets $16.11 (3/4 pot)
VILLAIN calls $14.78 and is all-in
*** RIVER *** [5d 5s 7h 8h] [Qd]
VILLAIN shows [Th 9h] (a pair of Fives [5s 5d Qd Th 9h])
HERO shows [6c 6d] (two pair, Sixs and Fives [6d 6c 5s 5d Qd])
HERO wins the pot

Even though I won, is there anything I should have done differently to get the Villain off his flush draw on the turn? Or was he probably going to always stick around? Should I have bet bigger on the flop?
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Could've played better knowing what villain is capable of?

Local turbo tourney, unlimited rebuys +1 addon.
One of the first hands after the break, so no more rebuy possibilities. 3 people itm, we are 7 atm.
Villain - comes here to play,money is not problem, calling station, but knows how to play well. Capable of slowplaying and capable of callin allin with 3rd pair and runner runner draws.
Preflop- folds to Hijack (hero) with pocket 10's, with blinds 100/50 hero opens to 275, button (villain) calls and BB calls.
Flop- JT7 rainbow
BB checks, hero bets 400, villain calls, BB folds.
Betting here to start getting value from villain knowing what is he capable of.
Turn- 2d
Hero bets 400 again, villain folds.
Question - should I check the turn against aggro villain and let him bluff? Didnt want to call the flop bet from him and tur going check/check, thats why i decided to bet both flop and the turn.
Hand#2 same villain.
Blinds 200/100
Hero wakes up on the button with pocket 10s again. We are 5 handed atm.
Hero raises to 600, both blinds call, villain at the BB.
Flop - J68 with two spades
Sb checks, villain bets 1100, hero calls, sb folds.
Turn - offsuit 4
Villain checks, hero checks back
River - offsuit 5
Villain checks, hero checks back?
Chosed this line because i wanted to see what villain is betting with on the flop, villain shows A high.
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Coaching at a live table? [Etiquette]

I’m primarily an online player, but recently started going to my local poker hall in order to broaden my skill set, get out of my comfort zone, and stare at something other than a computer screen.
During my last live session, I was at a $2/$3 table when a new player sat directly to my right. He had a “friend” with him who sat behind him—not playing and not seated at the table, just literally sitting behind him. Throughout the session, it was clear the player’s friend was coaching him on exactly how to act—fold, bet, how much to bet, etc.
I know the guy actually seated at the table was a fish, as I actually noticed him earlier when I strolled by the $1/$2 table, and there too his friend was behind him. And at my table, I could hear his friend telling him what to do.
Anyway, the dude’s friend was legit, a much higher caliber player than most of us at the table. Before long, the new player was stacking chips—but only because he was following whatever his friend was telling him to do.
Regardless of the player winning or losing, is this acceptable at a live table? Even for lower stakes?
At the very least, I found it distracting, as I could hear them murmuring to each other during each hand. But it also kinda felt like angling a bit too...like, instead of playing against one opponent, it was two. For me personally, my overall stack wasn’t affected much because I could hear them talking and just got out of the way whenever he played a hand. But it felt unfair for the rest of the table.
TLDR: A fish sat at the $2/$3 table, his “friend” sat behind him and told him how to act during each hand. Is this acceptable at live tables?
EDIT: Thanks for the replies, guys! Next time I’m at the Hawaiian Gardens in CA I’ll keep an eye out for these guys and give the floor manager a heads up. (And I won’t be such a nit about confronting questionable/cheating behavior.)
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1/3 AK multiway wet board

$500 stacks effective

Hero raises to $20 from EP with AKcc and get five callers. One player is a loose fish who has been on a heater. Rest are the club's standard live regs who are a little too loose pre but not as spewy post.

Flop AsJsTc $120

BB checks to us and we are second to act. Hero feels confused and then goes on Reddit for advice... my instinct is to probably check call this flop and reevaluate the turn. Probably calling a second barrel and folding to a third when unimproved?

What is our preferred line here given we are against five other players? After thinking about this particular spot, I'm not sure I'd know the best line to take with our potential two pair and sets as well.

What hands should we triple barrel and stack off for value here, bet/fold, bet/call, etc? Is this spot even as tricky as I think it could be or is it something totally standard?
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2020 NASCAR Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500 Picks - Top Five Finish Predictions for Sunday June 7

WagerTalk TV: Sports Picks and Betting Tips 533 views 41:56 Betting Preview for NASCAR Folds of Honor Quiktrip 500 - Gone Racin' Full Episode 6/4/20 - Duration: 57:16. Difference between all multiple odds singles, doubles, trebles, all folds explained detaily. FOLDS OF HONOR QUIK TRIP 500 kicks off today. Coop, Mangone and Mikey run through the grid to get you the top value, best dominators, and fades for your Draftkings and FanDuel DFS lineups. The 1.5 ... 6/30 BET RAISE FOLD launch! betraisefoldmovie uploaded a video 6 years ago 1:45. BET RAISE FOLD: Martin and Max - Duration: 105 seconds. betraisefoldmovie. 6 years ago ... NASCAR LIVE - Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500 - Free DFS Picks Sunday 6/7 ... Betting Odds on Top 3 Finishers for Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500 NASCAR race - Duration: 5:09.