Betting Odds on Jon Jones’ Future Released Following

[Officia] UFC 167 : St-Pierre vs. Hendricks [Spoilers]

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MAIN CARD (7:00 pm PT / 10:00 pm ET)

Welterweight Georges St-Pierre (-250) vs Johny Hendricks (+195)
Light Heavyweight Rashad Evans (-190) vs. Chael Sonnen (+155)
Welterweight Rory MacDonald (-450) vs. Robbie Lawler (+325)
Welterweight Josh Koscheck (+105) vs. Tyron Woodley (-135)
Flyweight Tim Elliott (-165) vs. Ali Bagautinov (+135)

FOX SPORTS 1 PRELIMS ( 5:00 pm PT/ 8:00 pm ET)

Lightweight Donald Cerrone (-125) vs. Evan Dunham (-105)
Middleweight Ed Herman (+145) vs. Thales Leites (-175)
Welterweight Brian Ebersole (+165) vs. Rick Story (-205)
Bantamweight Erik Perez (-450) vs. Edwin Figueroa (+325)


Welterweight Jason High (-315) vs. Anthony Lapsley (+245)
Bantamweight Will Campuzano (+300) vs. Sergio Pettis (-400)
Light Heavyweight Gian Villante (-360) vs. Cody Donovan (+270)
All odds taken from Bovada at time of post. Visit the link to view by fractional (UK) and decimal (AU) odds
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[LONG]Jones’ Rollercoaster Ride from (mostly) /r/MMA's perspective

McGregor’s rise from /MMA's perspective
Rousey's rise from /MMA's perspective
Garbrandt's rise from /MMA's perspective
USADA's rise from /MMA's perspective
Got the idea from CounterClockworkOrng, who in turn go the idea from /soccer’s growing believe.
Once again for the second day in a row, I have decided that Reddit is worth more of my time than trying to graduate. But that’s tertiary level procrastination in a nutshell
The greatest talent the octagon has ever seen.
That has been the general consensus about Jonathan Dwight Jones, who we know as Jon “Bones” Jones, as his career. Some might go as far as him being the perfect fighter; ridiculous reach and range, abnormal and amazing athleticism. He became the youngest UFC champion at the age of 23 a mere 3 years into his professional career. With the spotlight shining on him, the MMA fans bode the question: how will the young champion deal with the newfound fame?
Victory after victory, Jones went through the gauntlet of what is arguably the most difficult title run in UFC history. However, his opponents were not the only things Jones was doing battle with. No, a much more sinister fight was going on in the octagon inside his head, fighting the demons of fame and fortune forced prematurely down Jones’ throat.
In similar fashion to previous posts, comments are taken from a range of pre-fight and post-fight threads in each chapter of Jones’ career. The Bonnar, Hamill and Matyushenko fights I took comments from another site. Bonnar because I assume he was well-known due to his TUF fight, Hamill because I felt the DQ would have been a hot topic of discussion and Mayushenko because he was a former title challenger. Also because I could find sweet fuck all on Reddit.
Hope you enjoy the read
2009 January 31: UFC 94 – UD win vs. Stephan Bonnar
Pre-fight (NeoGAF): 578 Comments
  • “I'm going to go for the upset here. I didn't like how Bonnar looked at the weigh in and it is such a long lay off to get back into fighting. Jones by KO in the 1st round.” – Bishman
  • “Bonnar hasn't fought since 2007, so ring rust might be a factor. I really doubt it though, he'll take Jones down and sub him.” – Sinatar
  • “Stephan Bonnar - From what I saw of Jones in his first fight he's a good wrestler and agressive striker. But his striking is also very sloppy and Bonnar is slick as hell on the ground. I'll take Bonnar by sub.” – Brian Fellows
  • “Bonnar by decision. Welcome back Bonnar, here's a tune up match to get back into the groove.” – Suzaku
  • “i really like bonnar and think he will beat this guy (who?) handily. the only questionable thing is his recent surgery and that this will be his first fight since 2007. bonnar by TKO” – op_ivy
  • “Stephan Bonnar returns after a year-long layoff to fight an undefeated nobody. Bonnar.” – Boogie
Post-fight (NeoGAF): 578 Comments
  • “Great fight...I'd love to see Jones again with better cardio to finish the next fight! Only 21 years old...WOW!” – Shawnwhann
  • “Jon Jon with the Matrix punch to the throat. I like this guy.” – **Lion Heart*
  • “21 yrs old, that boy is gonna be a problem.” – puebla
  • “Jones looks good. It's hard to tell what his cardio is. He gassed early but damn the sheer amount of takedowns from awkward positioning shows that he might have good wind.
    He has flashy striking but that probably won't hold up against the best. Without good GnP or subs he'll probably lose a few matches later in his career. I'll keep an eye out though.” – Future PhaZe
2009 December 5: TUF 10 Finale – DQ loss vs. Matt Hamill
Pre-fight (MMAJunkie): 151 comments
  • “I was hoping Bones Jones would be the underdog. Damn betting lines are actually paying attention to the sport now.” – Skanx
  • “Bones looked awesome when he dominated Bonnar!This dude is for real!If he comes out & dominates Hamill,he should get a fight against another top LHW to see who gets the winner of Shogun/Machida 2,that's how good he is.” – damaged
  • “I want Hamill to win and slow down the hype train but thinking Jones is gonna take it.” – keystone
Post-fight (MMAJunkie): 151 comments
  • “disqualification? Jon Jones???? man he was destroing Hammil and the ref did not call the tko is his foult!!! UFC sould kick his ***” – gaz_berserk
  • “holy sht Jones is a bad *** mofo, still the fight should be call a NC...” – bjj_rage
  • “Jones will be a champ, right after shogun.” – bjj_rage
  • “DQ?!?! bulls---! Well at least Jones was classy bout it. Hammil was finished without those illegal elbows for sure. I'm joining the Bones Jones bandwagon.” – Punchdrunk
  • “Mazz used Instant replay. He made the right call, Hamill's eyes started bleeding immediately after one of those final illegal elbow. Downward elbows to the eyeball region? I can agree with that being an illegal strike.” – hansard85
2010 March 21: UFC Live: Vera vs. Jones – TKO win vs. Brandon Vera
Pre-fight: 32 comments
  • Jones - I think the hype is deserved. The way he threw around a wrestler the level of Hamill amazed me. I think he's got the ability to say where the fight takes place, and Vera hasn't looked good since forever.” – SimonS
  • Vera defeats Jones -- Jones has become a favorite of my. Lately all my favorites have been losing. Therefore, he will lose. Yes, my reasoning is irrational. I really would love to see Jones win though!” – Philll
  • “great match. hopefully this is the last nail in the Vera coffin, such an overrated fighter.” – Venturestein
  • “I'll take Bones. He's consistently been impressive. Vera looked really good when he entered the UFC. I haven't been impressed with him since he beat Mir, though. It's a good match up.” – Coopstain
  • “Interesting fight! I can't pick a winner, mainly because it depends on which Vera turns up on that day.” – PantsMcGee
2010 August 1: UFC Live: Jones vs. Matyushenko – TKO win vs. Vladimir Matyushenko
Pre-fight (Penny Arcade):
  • “Matyushenko's a good wrestler, but if he's better than Jones in that regard, it's not by enough. On the feet, Jones will have the speed, power, reach, and creativity advantages.” – Wet Bandit
  • “Jones did slow down at the end of his fights with Bonnar and Gusmao, but Matyushenko isn't the sort of fighter that can tire Jones early and hes passive enough that he would still lose rounds to Jones even if he does tire him out. So I can't see Jones losing but its good for Jones development as Matyushenko presents a few problems for Jones without being to stern a test.” – eEK!
  • “In actual MMA news, alot of people seem to be discounting Jon Jones' opponent, which does not seem wise.” – Spectrum
Post-fight (Penny Arcade):
  • “I love watching Jon Jones fight.
    I just wish we could have seen more.
    (Shit that was quick)” – Spectrum
  • “And Jones passes another test that didn't really look like a test. That was seriously too fast of a fight, almost nothing happened. That crucifix position can be so deadly, nice to see side-control used offensively.” – [Tycho?]
  • “Jones is the future.” – facetious
2011 February 5: UFC 126 – SUB win vs. Ryan Bader
Pre-fight: 55 comments
  • “I can't wait to see Jones/Bader. I think Jones will win handily, but this will be his toughest opponent. But, he threw Hamill around like a rag doll! And Bonner is no slouch either...
    Just my 2 cents...” – sheepdog69
  • “Jones vs Bader!! I've been waiting for this for so long. The winner of this is getting a title shot within the year, and the loser's career is going to stall.
    They're both so good, but I'll take Jones.” – althepal
  • “And a second thought about Jones/Bader. Seems nice but I'd rather see Bones/Phil Davis. They're both great wrestlers, one has great standup, other has some slick submissions. That would truly be an interesting matchup.” – Xarvas
Post-fight: 43 comments
  • “I don't know why but for some reason I pictured Bader being bigger than Jones, boy was I wrong. He's even bigger than Shogun. It's gonna be a good fight.” – dcontrol
  • “Jones looks like a monster every time I see him, but his jesus schtik is getting annoying.” – RealityTvStar
  • “I wonder if Jones was so cautious because of the power in Bader's hands. I don't think he's felt threatened by any of his other opponents to date and this could signal a change in his style when fighting "up".
    I think Jones was the better fighter, but it'll be interesting to see if he's as loose when he squares off against Shogun.” – cm03d
  • “Jones showed us why he was the 4 to 1 favorite, and why he needs stronger competition, but I was floored when I heard he was going to get the next title shot. What about Matt Hamill? Not that I think Hamill is a better fighter by any means, but technically he does have the victory over Jones, and hasn't lost a fight since they met. Odd choice by Dana, I'm sure someone else would be more deserving of a title fight. But, all that said, I think Jones is up to the challenge and I can't wait for the fight.” – [deleted]
2011 March 19: UFC 128 – TKO win vs. Shogun Rua
Pre-fight: 85 comments
  • “The Jones hype train on this forum has hit 88mph. You guys are fucking nuts. Jones has the huge edge grappling?!?! Really?!!?” – [deleted]
  • “I think Jones is a new and unique challenge, but I have to go with Shogun on this one. He can be extremely aggressive when he wants to be, which I'm not sure if Jones would be completely used to yet.
    I think Jones' chances would have been better if he didn't take this fight so soon after the last.
    I really like Jon Jones, but I gotta go with Shogun. Big fight experience.” – dog_eat_dog
  • “At this stage in Shogun's career, i think JJ is a challenge. Just not his greatest challenge ever.” – originalnutta
  • “He fought and beat so many top guys; little Nog, Rampage, Overeem and he just got done cold cocking Machida. That being said, im not sure any of them has the kind of arsenal that Jon Jones has. And while I dont see him being able to outstrike Shogun, I give him a huge edge in the wrestling and grappling department.” – vikhound
  • “I don't think Jones has the experience necessary to be a champion yet. Rua has been to war. Though Bones could certainly prove me otherwise... he's likable enough so I have no personal objections to seeing him at the top of the class.” – flampoo
Post-fight: 56 comments
  • “Hate to see Rua get mauled like that... Jones is a beast.” – Powermad
  • “At the very end when Herb Dean calls the fight, if you look at Shogun's hand he's tapping out. Very, very rare to see a guy tap out from strikes. Especially for a title fight. Jones just thoroughly destroyed him.” – mookx
  • “Rua even looked a little out of shape, it was not the same guy who fought Machida the second time. Having said that, Jones has been walking through all of his opponents” – geekysamurai
  • “shogun was done from the first round. sluggish as hell, not like himself jones is massive compared to him” – uutana
2011 September 24: UFC 135 – SUB win vs. Rampage Jackson
Pre-fight: 30 comments
  • “I don't really like this fight but it'll be fun to see Rampage get slaughtered.” – iorgfeflkd
  • “unfortunately, rampage is now a counter puncher who throws too slow. matt hamill is lumbering, and jones is definitely not.” – jfjjfjff
  • “I hope Rampage gives Jones hell, I will be rooting hard for him. We still have not seen how Jones responds to being hit with bombs the likes of which Rampage can throw. That said, it is not hard to imagine Jones running through him. Rampage has not looked like a fired up and motivated fighter in a long time. Being at Wolfslair probably isn't doing him any favors either. Sigh.” – red1392
  • “I want to see Jones defeated. I can't stand him anymore.” – kn33ch41_
Post-fight: 77 comments
  • “Jones showed great respect for Rampage's power and did everything he could to stay as far away from it as possible. Far from treating him like a boy, he treated him like a very dangerous and physically powerful package that definitely needed to be handled with care. A "boy" is someone Jones would have definitively beaten in the first round. He treated Rampage like a man, and that's why it took three and a half rounds to get the submission.” – serpentjaguar
  • “I thought Rampage actually played it out as best as he could. Hang in there, make it through the rounds, and see if you can get some punches in . Problem is, Rampage's conditioning just isn't up to par with Jones', and midway through the 3rd round that was clearly evident. Hopefully Evans will be a true test to exactly how much damage Jones can do to an opponent as fit as he is.” – grec530
  • “I think this fight went how most people envisioned it would. I still am anxious to see what happens when somebody actually connects with the face of Jones. I have a feeling Jones will go undefeated until he moves up to HW where he will be quite as dominant.” – [deleted]
2011 December 10: UFC 140 – SUB win vs. Lyoto Machida
Pre-fight: 195 Comments
  • “Jones reach is just unfair lol!” – shaqfearsyao
  • “I think it'll be a draw by double front kick knockout.” – JollyPanther
  • “Jones finally being tested.” – JollyPanther
  • “I hope Machida makes Jones eat a big helping of humble pie.” – sirmuffinman
Post-fight: 642 Comments
  • “Not only did he submit a black belt, but we got to see him take a few hard shots to the head and body. Handled them well I thought, stayed composed. Very impressive. So, who's next?” – [deleted]
  • “Those elbows and that wrestling.
    I don't know why he waited so long to go for a takedown.
    It was interesting to see Jones afraid and not dominating the entire time.” – ImaG
  • “machida was looking damn good until that elbow on the ground. it was awesome seeing him tag jones like that. it really looked like he could do it for a while there. feels bad man.” – boywbrownhare
  • “Standing Guillotine? I thought it was a myth.” – raisedinva
  • “The way Machida slumped to the floor was unreal.” – mequals1m1w
  • “My heart is broken. But machida is such a fucking warrior. He said that he would die but he would not tap. Fucking brilliant. It was such a great fight. They should do it again.” – monster21faces
2012 April 21: UFC 145 – UD win vs. Rashad Evans
Pre-fight: 75 comments
  • “It'll be a candidate for fight of the year if JBJ wins. 4 straight wins over the other top 5 guys = Solidifies himself as the #1 LHW in MMA history.
    And since when has a Bones Jones win not been an exciting, highlight reel quality fight?” – King_Rajesh
  • “why does reddit have the same mentality for everything thats trying to make money. if you guys dont care for the product then dont fucking buy it, and dont rain on my parade for wanting to enjoy it.
    I think its gonna be a good match up and I believe Rashad has the best chance to beat Jones.
    I dont exactly think theyre styles will match up for a fight of the year but I still am interested in all facets of MMA, rather than the usual brawl.” – me_gusta760
  • “I'd love to bet against some of those 42% who think Rashad is going to win.” – euthanatos
Post- fight:
  • “This isn't a fight that will be sung about by minstrels recounting the legend of Jon Jones, but it was an impressive performance. If there's one potential game-changer that did occur during the fight it's that standing elbow strikes may start to be seen as a legitimate move rather than a novelty.” – iorgfeflkd
  • “So, what's next for Jones? Henderson?” – Edamus
  • “Wow. Who can even touch Bones?” – milkycratekid
  • “What's up with all these haters on Jones? He's the most entertaining fighter I've seen in a long long time. Quit bitching and witness greatness when you see it.” – gatordude731
  • “I've always liked Evans and continue to do so...he took some ugly fucking elbows and never went down. Dude is a STUD. That said, Jones is pretty fucking fantastic. Those elbows...really? Man.” – somedudeinlosangeles
  • “I think Evans was fighting to survive. It's a shame, but it says a lot that Jones didn't put him away. Those elbows were pretty cool.” – Huck77
  • “Can Jones go to HW and get knocked out already?” – [deleted]
2012 September 22: UFC 152 – SUB win vs. TRTor
Pre-fight: 330 comments
  • “Jon Jones utilizes the front kick a lot. I hope Vitor takes this into consideration.” – ickiscool88n
  • “Jones losing would be pleasant but Vitor winning by decision is borderline impossible given the stylistic matchup. Vitor can win by ko/tko, which he fortunately is very good at, but I don't think he can survive 5 rounds vs Jones if he doesn't finish it. If he does survive to decision he'll be on the losing end based on Jones' reach and wrestling.” – Poppadoppaday
  • “Props to Belfort, dude is a beast, hope he can still be as fast at 205. What if he wins? That would throw a huge wrench right in 205's mouth.” – xKrazExMNUx
  • “Machida has a legitimate reason to turn down the fight. He finished fighting 3 weeks ago, and probably wants a full camp before fighting his arguably his toughest opponent ever in a rematch. Can't blame him. That said, props to Vitor, I would love to see Vitor KO Jones with a blitz.” – TheMeatball
  • “lets just all agree that jones would absolutely DESTROY sonnen” – duxjason
  • “I still cant believe that Jones fought through that armbar.” – mtheory007
  • “Tapping out a black belt with what, 3 years of jiu jitsu training? Gotta give props to that.” – [deleted]
  • “With every fight. Jones gets dragged deeper and deeper in rough waters. We need to inject some youth into the LHW #1 contender position. All these ex-champions are skilled, but lack the powereflexes/fearlessness that someone young (and talented) can bring to the equation.” – Truesday
  • “Props to Vitor. He came in on short notice and did way better than Rampage or Shogun” – tambrico
2013 April 27: UFC 159 – TKO win vs. Chael Sonnen
Pre-fight: 85 comments
  • “I predict that Sonnen rushes Jones to get a takedown immediately, but Jones avoids it. They exchange blows standing where Jones dominates and Sonnen, after getting hit hard, desperately dives for a takedown. Jones sprawls and reverses the takedown. He immediately goes into some GnP and wins by TKO round 1.” – 5ofakind
  • “Jones' reach is going to be such an issue for Chael..” – ZeGermanVon
  • “Chael's just there to pick up his last UFC paycheck, seeing as this is the last chance the UFC can milk him. I see it playing out much like Sonnen v. A. Silva II and will continue to wonder how the hell Chael got another title shot. Jones TKO Rd. 1” – craigs119
  • “Sonnen wins by spinning back fist.” – /umonsterism/
Post-fight: 195 comments
  • “Too soon to call him "Broken Bones Jones?"” – t7george
  • “...oh man, Jones' toe.” – coldcoal
  • “I now believe Jon Jones is capable of beating Anderson Silva by Chael Sonnening Silva better than Chael Sonnen.” – hedonist_juice
2013 September 21: UFC 165 – UD win vs. Alexander Gustafsson
Pre-fight: 278 comments
  • “Jones is a 7 to 1 favorite.
    Tyson was a 42 to 1 favorite over Buster Douglas.
    Anything is possible.” – enthos
  • “Jackson knows Jones' surest road to victory is to turn it into a wrestling match. I expect that's what Jones will do. I like the mauler, but he won't last 2 rounds.” – ImaG
  • “I think Gus has a small chance on his feet and will get decimated on the ground. Everyone has a puncher's chance... cliche but true. I hope Gus wins but Jones is too much.” – alex613
  • “Gustafsson has a puncher's chance, just like almost any decent LHW would. I suppose it's possible.
    that said, if the chances of an upset were very high, we probably wouldn't be referring to it as an upset.
    despite his height he's still at a reach disadvantage and doesn't use his range nearly as well as jones. Jones has faced better fighters in every facet of MMA and often beat them at their own game, when he was still a less developed fighter than he is now.” – ghostmcspiritwolf
  • “I believe Gus has the right mental attitude to win, if he has the skills I am not so sure. He's from my hometown, I must believe! :)” – Riding_my_bike
Post-fight: 196 comments
  • “Jones vs. Gustafsson II can't come around soon enough.” – [deleted]
  • “I think all questions about Jones' chin are answered.” – SelfReconstruct
  • “I love seeing competitive title fights. Sure its cool seeing Jones dominate somebody but its so much more rewarding to see a 5 round fight were neither fighter really loses and they both leave everything they got in the cage” – neS-
  • “I think the most serious injury to Jones must have been realising that his success to date has been based primarily upon his freakish anatomy.” – Tiddernud
2014 April 26: UFC 172 – UD win vs. Glover Teixeira
Pre-fight: 80 comments
  • “Texeira hits hard and is well rounded but I doubt he can close the distance on jones. I see jones picking him apart.” – _2chainz
  • “Glover isn't getting enough credit, he's a monster. He might not beat Jones, but he's a serious threat. If he connects it might be all she wrote.” – VergilisBroken
  • “If I were Glover I would bet my fight on leg kicks and trying to get a TKO out of it.” – exarban
  • “Nobody is really giving Glover or even talking much about him, it'd be so crazy if he actually manages to knock him out” – OceanRacoon
Post-fight: 302 comments
  • “Jones proves that kung fu eye pokes work! Score 1 for kung fu - finally.” – [deleted]
  • “Felt more like glover was frustrated that bones could literally pat him on the head at will” – thebowcat
  • “I hope his next opponent shows up wearing goggles, to make a point.” – HereComesTheTruth
  • “They need to start deducting points every single time he pokes an eye. No more resetting every fight. One eye poke. Point deduction. Two eye pokes. DQ.
    I want to like Jones. I don't care about his attitude. I don't care if he's arrogant. He's a fantastic fighter but stop fucking raking your fingers into peoples eyes.” – [deleted]
  • “I thought it was really dirty how Jones kept on putting his open hand in Glovers face after already poking him twice in the eyes. Probably made Glover think twice about coming forward since nobody wants to get poked in the eyes a third time.” – CishyFunt
2015 January 3: UFC 182 – UD win vs. Daniel Cormier
Pre-fight: 142 comments
  • “I'll bet two months of reddit gold on Jones.” – [deleted]
  • “Jon Jones, decision victory. I just don't see Cormier being able to deal with the technical striking of Jones. He has never fought anybody with striking anywhere near as good as Jones so I think he'll struggle. I do think Cormier has the better wrestling but I think that Jones striking advantage is more significant than Cormiers advantage on the ground. Cormier has that wrestler toughness though so I see Jones peppering him with shots from range and picking up the decision.” – ThugjitsuMaster
  • “This is a two time Olympic wrestler who's never lost a single minute of an MMA fight. He's dominated guys a lot bigger and stronger than Jones. He trains with better guys than Jones trains with. He's better on the ground than Jones and he's better with his hands than Jones. He's been calling Jones out for years and knows this is his chance to make good on his promises.
    If you don't think DC has the punching power to put Jones to sleep then you're kidding yourself. I'm not saying he is going to land a big shot, I can't predict that, but I can say that if he does it will be a game changer. If DC thinks he is going to stand in front of Jones then he lost already. He will get picked apart by the reach like everybody else. I'm betting that he won't do that. DC's footwork is too good to think that after 15 fights he will decide to abandon it.” – PoppaTittyout
Post-fight: 333 comments
  • “DC had T-Rex arms when compared to the spread of JJ's legs, couldn't reach anything for a takedown.” – cyneLic
  • “I can't believe that all y'all are talking about is the incidental eye poke. Jon Jones just obliterated DC. He out wrestled one of the best wrestlers in the world.” – wtjones
  • “I only gave DC round 2, but my heart was racing and I don't remember the rounds clearly.” – Fraugheny
  • “Lets call it like it is:
    Jones won the fight. He was the better fighter. With or without the poke he wins it. I think if both guys had unlimited cardio DC actually wins it. But that's a ridiculous scenario and in the real world Jon is still champ and deserves it.
    But at least one free eye poke every fucking goddamn fight? Every major sport in the US determines penalties based on past performance.
    If Jones was a hockey player he'd be missing an entire season for his repeat offenses. If he was in the NFL he'd miss 6 games and lose a million in salary.” – cyberslick188
2015 January 6: NSAC - Cocaine vs. Drug test
  • “Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through cocaine who gives me strength"
    -Jon Bones Jones” – Fury666
  • “You know you've made it in life when you get your own cocaine megathread. I hope to be this famous one day” – clearly_blazed
  • “It is appalling that people are more outraged by someone testing positive for recreational drugs out-of-competition than they are when someone tests positive for performance enhancing drugs after a fight.” – eBurner
  • “It's not so much the cocaine use that bugs me, it's the cash-fueled phoniness and hypocrisy on the part of Jones and the UFC.” – ShaolinRolls
2015 April 27: Alberquerque - Hit and run vs. Pregnant Woman
  • “Remember the time he was a hero and chased down that purse snatcher?” – KevinJD
  • “So as of now it's a possible hit and run. Shitty thing if it's true but far better than the 3 car pile up that involved a pregnant woman, cocaine, him fleeing from cops and a DUI. Modern day journalism does it again.” – geetea
  • “He's gone full circle. Once he was the guy chasing bad guys, both in and out of the ring. Now, he's the bad guy being chased...” – DenominatorX
2015 April 29: Indefinite Suspension & Stripped Title vs. Dana & Lorenzo
  • “Only Jon Jones can take the title from Jon Jones.” – pepsiboycoke
  • “Remember when he tried to fool everyone into thinking he was a nice guy and all cool?” – SuperSheep3000
  • “UFC have been pretty "professional" with these big names fucking up over the past year. Sonnen was fired from his job, Anderson removed from TUF coaching, Wanderlei suspension and now Jones being stripped. Crazy.” – [deleted]
  • “I am not of fan of Jon Jones in any way but hopefully he can get his life together. As much as i'll root against him, he's still a man with problems....heres to hoping things get better for ya Jon” – Jayman121594
  • “Jon Jones, the most dominant fighter in MMA History. His only two defeats come to the hands of a deaf male and a pregnant female.” – brewski4broski
2016 April 23: UFC 197 – UD win vs. Ovince Saint Preux
Pre-fight: 197 comments
  • “OSP looking more similar in size to Jones here than at the media stuff they did.” – Wheynweed
  • “How does bones make 205...fucking how.” – someonekillthelights
  • “Can't imagine a scenario where he wins, but OSP deserves all the credit in the world. I hope he puts on a great performance, regardless of the result.” – [deleted]
  • “OSP gonna pull the upset.
    Lol wtf did I just say” – jsb93
Post-fight: 194 Comments
  • “Well, I am whelmed.” – Convulsus1028
  • “I honestly feel DC getting injured was a blessing in disguise for Jones. He may have won but he definitely looked rusty. If he would have fought DC coming straight from his layoff, I feel he would have lost.” – VictorM51
  • “I just noticed Jon did not eye poke him.” – ShaquilleONose
  • “So Rust is real and Dominick Cruz is just a special man?” – domodoyy
  • “Tbf to Jones a big part of his camp is creating gameplans for specific fighters and Jones himself said he would watch tape on DC every single night. Also he was obviously training for a fighter with a shorter reach as he barely threw any punches because he was scared if getting ko'd in OSP's range.” – chrisg515
2016 July 8: NSAC – USADA vs. Pissing Hot
  • “In the immortal words of Daniel Cormier: "Jon Jones, get your shit together."” – 1ce9ine
  • “Are you fucking kidding me?” – bboeker29
  • “he just proved everything Cormier said about him right” – [deleted]
  • “Well I guess DC was right when he said that Jones is never going to change..... fuck man” – Kayosss
  • “I guess when Jones said ever minute of training DC did would be a waste of his life....he meant it” – M_Night_Shamylan
2016 July 18: NSAC – USADA vs. Anti-Oestrogen
  • “One of the substances was apparently hydroxy-clomiphene, better known as Clomid. Very potent estrogen blocker.” – MMA__Junkie__
  • “Also, Jon Jones can't pronounce "Clomid."” – BoredMehWhatever
  • “I'm no expert, but I can't think of anything that screams "I'm off my cycle!" more than that.” – MumrikDK
  • “He was just blocking the estrogen so he wouldn't turn into a pussy /s” – xjayroox
2016 November 7: USADA – Suspension vs. Tainted Dick Pills
  • “Jon "Boners" Jones, will make for stiff competition when he fights for the belt, in an expected long, hard battle.” – Keith11
  • “Time for #prayforjonesboner” – wymore
  • “He went with the anderson silva defense? Seriously?!
    I fucking love this sport. HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” – DrowsyGiant
  • “OMG I pray that at some point DC calls him limpdick jones” – GrandfatherJesus
  • “The biggest waste of talent of all time.” – doolidood
2016 December 12: SUG 2 – SUB win vs. Dan Henderson
  • “Imagine if Hendo fucking subs him” – nickfield1996
  • “Both have been shitting on each other ever since Hendo/Jones card got cancelled. Im sure Jones is dying to get his hands on him. I want to see this” – BrolysFavoriteNephew
  • “Can you imagine the shitstorm if Dan landed the H-Bomb and KO Jon?” – dumsubfilter
  • “I love watching MMA fighters compete in other arenas like this. It's cool to see them do their thing outside of the octagon once in a while and just having a good time.” – TSA_Precheck
  • “I think this was a missmatch, Jones should got a larger opponent.” – KeriNeuman
  • “That super duck. Yes.” – HunterAHomistek
2017 July 29: UFC 214 – NC (KO win overturned) vs. Daniel Cormier
Pre-fight: 1499 Comments
  • “I will go ape shit if Jon open with a flying knee like he did against Shogun” – sch0225
  • “This is actually MMAs rumble in the jungle, its just sinking in that in a few hours we'll be watching the biggest fight in MMA history with arguably the two best fighters in MMA history.” – vaspap
  • “I don't think i've ever been as emotionally invested in any one single fight as i've been for DC/Jones, and wanted someone to win so badly. I really hope DC pulls a W out of this one, he really does deserve it, and get that money for a 3rd fight.
    I honestly think the sport is much better off having DC as the champ than Jones.” – OldManPip
  • “Despite everything I told my mom about Jon, she's still rooting for him because he has "kind eyes and a good smile"” – Fischka
  • “Imagine Jones pops for something after the fight lol” – LlewelynMoss1
  • “Jon still has 24 hours to burn down an orphanage.” – platinumbjj
Post-fight: 6792 comments
  • “”Definitely glad Jon was humble in victory. I love DC as a person, seeing him that torn up hurts. Really hope he looks past this and starts the next step in his career – GoldenJakkal
  • “That leg trip Jon did when DC was rocked is one of the smartest things I've seen. Gets rid of the potential counter ko.
    Also Jesus christ. When DC was rocked, he looked like what I'd look like if Jon offered a fight to me.” – artofsteal
  • “Really technical breakdown by Jones throughout the fight. If you noticed, Jones kept targeting the body... He got a pattern going, and once DC bought into that pattern, expecting the liver shot, Jones went high and got the shin-to-dome. I watched the fight a second time, and it looks like the entire fight was a setup for exactly that finish.” – caleeks
  • “Just heard a guy here at the pub say hes not a true champion until he beats” – psiren66
  • “Holy shit. Those first two rounds were so great too.” – MagnumPearHoly
  • “Fuck, feel bad for DC
    Jones just gave big respect to DC, class act” – boooosto
2017 August 22: Pissing Hot vs. USADA
2017 August 23: Turinabol vs. USADA
  • “"Turibababababababa. I can't even pronounce it, Joe. How could I have taken it?"” – NeverFarted
  • “Can't eye poke USADA” – Sidewalkbandit
  • “Looks like Jones will get that match with Lesnar after all. Except it will probably be on Monday night.” – PowerfulAP7
  • “Does Jackson Wink have a pharmacy under that cage?” – buzznights
Edit: Formatting and names
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[Official] UFC 167 - Betting Odds

Main Event Aus UK USA
Georges St-Pierre vs Johny Hendricks 1.37 - 2.92 2/5 - 19/10 -260 - +217
Rashad Evans vs. Chael Sonnen 1.48 - 2.52 4/7 - 11/8 -180 - +155
Rory MacDonald vs. Robbie Lawler 1.22 - 4.00 1/4 - 3/1 -335 - +275
Josh Koscheck vs. Tyron Woodley 1.82 - 1.91 10/11 - 10/11 -105 - -115
Tim Elliott vs. Ali Bagautinov 1.60 - 2.24 4/6 - 6/5 -45 - +125
Preliminary card (Fox Sports 1) Aus UK USA
Donald Cerrone vs. Evan Dunham 1.97 - 1.77 10/11 - 10/11 -115 - -105
Ed Herman vs. Thales Leites 2.71 - 1.43 8/5 - 1/2 +180 - -210
Brian Ebersole vs. Rick Story 2.99 - 1.36 8/5 - 1/2 +180 - -210
Erik Perez vs. Edwin Figueroa 1.25 - 3.70 2/7 - 13/5 -335 - +275
Preliminary card (Facebook/Youtube) Aus UK USA
Jason High vs. Anthony Lapsley 1.30 - 3.32 1/3 - 9/4 -295 - +245
Will Campuzano vs. Sergio Pettis 4.00 - 1.22 3/1 - 1/4 +330 - -410
Gian Villante vs. Cody Donovan 1.31 - 3.26 3/10 - 5/2 -340 - +280
Odds from:
UFC Careers
UFC Website
UFC Youtube Channel
MMA Wikipedia Page
Our resident artist WoodStainedGlass has kindly offered to give away some of his work in a betting tournament.
Click here to read the original thread
DaBake has set up a subreddit and offered to take charge of it, hop on over and get your picks in for a chance to win some awesome origianl MMA posters...
Click here to view the subreddit.
Good Luck.
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r/MMA UFC 167 Ultimate Viewer's Guide – How to watch, Fight Previews, Media, Odds and more!

IT'S (almost) TIIIME!!! UFC 167 – St-Pierre vs. Hendricks - The UFC's 20th anniversary event - is Saturday. Here you will find a basic primer for new and casual fans, as well as collection of links and useful information for the fans of any degree. Be sure to check the comment section to find the post continuation for "How to Watch" information, etc.
Be sure to check out the Official /mma betting thread and join the /mmatournament linked within for a chance to win some original MMA artwork.
I wanted to give one more shoutout to the /boxing mods/contributors for the "viewer guide" inspiration for those that didn't see it in my 166 post. They regularly do a great job with these over in that subreddit and provided a great foundation to work off of.
Event Date: Saturday, Nov 16, 2013
Location: MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada


All odds taken from Bovada at time of post. Visit the link to view fractional (UK) and decimal (AU) odds, or see the /mma betting thread linked above.


Weightclass(lbs): Fighter (US odds) vs. Fighter (US odds)
PPV Main Card (10:00 pm ET / 7:00 pm PT) - See “How to Watch” for your local time.
  • Welterweight Championship (170): Georges St-Pierre (-265) vs. Johny Hendricks (+205)
  • Light Heavyweight (205): Rashad Evans (-190) vs. Chael Sonnen (+155)
  • Welterweight (170): Rory MacDonald (-375) vs. Robbie Lawler (+285)
  • Welterweight (170): Josh Koscheck (-100) vs. Tyron Woodley (-130)
  • Flyweight (125): Tim Elliot (-160) vs. Ali Bagautinov (+130)
FOX Sports 1 Prelims (8:00 pm ET / 5:00 pm PT)
  • Lightweight (155): Donald Cerrone (-120) vs. Evan Dunham (-110)
  • Middleweight (185): Ed Herman (+170) vs. Thales Leites (-210)
  • Welterweight (170): Brian Ebersole (+170) vs. Rick Story (-220)
  • Bantamweight (135): Erik Perez (-375) vs. Edwin Figueroa (+285)
Facebook/Online Prelims (6:30 pm ET / 3:30 pm PT)
  • Welterweight (170): Jason High (-300) vs. Anthony Lapsley (+230)
  • Bantamweight (135): Will Campuzano (+325) vs. Sergio Pettis (-450)
  • Light Heavyweight (205): Gian Villente (-350) vs. Cody Donovan (+265)
*Note: Online prelims may start 15 minutes later. I put the earlier time from to be safe.


Georges “Rush” St-Pierre (Champion) vs. Johny “Bigg Rigg” Hendricks (Challenger)
"Tale of the Tape" Fighter stats via UFC event page
As the UFC’s top PPV draw and one of MMA’s pound-for-pound best fighters in the world, Canadian Georges St-Pierre defends his title for the first time in the US since March, 2010. A win in this fight would secure GSP the uncontested record for most UFC title victories - a record he currently shares with Anderson Silva at 11. A win would additionally give him 19 overall victories in The Octagon, breaking his current tie with Matt Hughes for the most in UFC history.
GSP is best known for his athleticism, dominant wrestling, and technical fighting. Despite having a Kyokushin Karate base that he trained in since childhood and having never competed in the upper levels of amateur wrestling, he currently holds the UFC record for most successful takedowns (84) and highest takedown accuracy (75%). Conversely, he also holds the UFC record for most strikes landed (2,398) and most significant strikes landed (1,153), having largely achieved this figure via his active top control after forcing the fight to the ground.
When prompted to disclose anything special he was doing in preparation for this fight, GSP stated that he did in fact have “something special” he was working on, which he described as “something I should have done a long time ago”, and “something I lacked a lot”. When asked about it in a follow-up interview, St-Pierre was naturally unwilling to divulge any more details about what the reporter at that time called GSP’s “secret weapon”; an expression the fans quickly adopted as well. St-Pierre says publically that he believes Hendricks is the greatest challenge of his career, but is confident that his obsession with Hendricks as an opponent and his own preparation will drive him to victory.
In October, GSP’s head trainer Firas Zahabi was quoted as saying this could be GSP’s last fight. Zahabi quickly dismissed that notion, saying his words were misunderstood and taken out of context. GSP last defended his title in March, where he won a one-sided unanimous decision over welterweight contender Nick Diaz.
Johny Hendricks enters this fight as the consensus number 1 contender in the UFC’s welterweight division. As an amateur wrestler he was a 2-time NCAA division I champion and 4-time All-American athlete. Since making his professional MMA debut in 2007, Hendricks has amassed a 15-1 record, with his sole loss coming at the hands of Rick Story in a 2010 unanimous decision. Since then he was won 6 straight fights in the welterweight division, made up of 3 decisions and 3 first round knockouts.
Designated a power-punch, southpaw Hendricks is known for his heavy left hand which he used to secure all 3 of his recent KO victories mentioned above. However, Hendricks believes he has nearly as much power in his right hand as well, and went on record saying the goal was to use that hand to finish this fight with St-Pierre.
Hendricks is coming off of a unanimous decision victory over former UFC welterweight interim champion Carlos Condit in March of this year. In that 3-round fight, all 3 judges scored the first two rounds in his favor, and the 3rd for Condit. Hendricks struggled in the third due to a hand injury and fading gas tank. This will be his first 5-round fight, leading many to question if his cardio will be enough to carry him into the later rounds if necessary, especially against a high-action fighter like GSP. Hendricks affirms that he has adapted his training for a 5-round contest, and that he sets a pace according to scheduled fight length.
There have be no publically disclosed injuries leading up to this event, with the odd exception of Hendricks suffering second-degree burns on his back from film lighting used on the set of a UFC 167 commercial. The burns kept him from training for a day or two in late October.
Drug Testing:
How much time ya got? Below is the barebones rundown of a complex series of events which has been a big talking point over the last few months. You may look here if you are interested in a slightly longer recap of this saga, with links to additional details.
St-Pierre invited Hendricks to join him in enhanced PED testing administered by a voluntary organization in the months leading up to this event, and Hendricks accepted without hesitation. Hendricks’ camp then took issue with the organization St-Pierre chose for the testing, citing what they interpreted as issues regarding impartiality due to a perceived relationship between Georges and the organization.
Hendricks then offered to undergo the testing with St-Pierre through an elective athletic commission program, which uses the same standards for testing as the aforementioned organization. A series of miscommunications followed where statements from St-Pierre’s representatives were interpreted as a refusal to participate in testing through the commission, and all cooperative efforts between the opponents broke down entirely.
St-Pierre’s management clarified that they were willing to undergo enhanced testing through both the voluntary organization as well as the commission, and have followed through by doing so leading up to this event. It is unclear whether St-Pierre has actually undergone the testing from the commission, but we last heard that he applied for it and was awaiting the paperwork in late September. Hendricks on the other hand ceased all efforts to pursue any enhanced testing via either channel.
Experienced ref Mario Yamasaki draws the main event. /mma opinions varied with the announcement of this assignment, with the most prevalent concerns referencing his inconsistency, and occasional quick stand-ups – something that was reaffirmed when he restarted fighters during an event last weekend while one was working toward a submission on the ground. Others were fine with the selection and didn’t consider Yamasaki to have a significant track record of mistakes. The “inconsistency” perspective stems from a few questionable stoppages, both early and late, as well as a lack of consistent cage presence, where his authority wavers from a lack of command to overly interfering. Hopefully with the main event assignment it is not a stretch to expect that the veteran ref will be more cognizant of the action.
Sal D'Amato, Glenn Trowbridge and Tony Weeks draw the main event.
Technical Breakdowns:
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Anyone placing bets for UFC 167? Here are the betting lines and some analysis.

Curious to see how other redditors are betting on UFC 167.
Here are the betting lines:
I've made up my mind (so far) on the following fights:
We haven't seen much from Bagautinov, but one thing is certain: russian fighters are always underestimated, and always end up making waves. This guy was a 2012 Sambo champion, packs huge power and great wrestling. I feel like the odds should be reversed for this fight. We'll see.
FYI this is Anthony Pettis' little brother. He's a known name so naturally people will be heavy on him. The guy's undefeated in MMA, and yes, he's GOOD. 4 to 1 good though? I'm not sure about that. Betting Campuzano on this one.
Ebersole is one of the most experienced guys in all of MMA. He's REALLY good at neutralizing otherwise superior fighters/brawlers. Story's record has been super shaky in the past couple years, I think Ebersole can take this, +189 is great value.
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UFC 214 - Fighter Previews and Predictions

The most anticipated card of 2017 is 3 days away and the fight fan in me is salivating at these match ups. I wanted to be equally excited for all the fights so I watched some tape on the unknowns down the card and figured I'd provide some background information on them (Kattar, Albu, Brooks). I've posted the text below but you can see a cleaned up version at Tomorrow's Fights along with some other analysis to get you through to the weekend.
UFC 214 Cormier vs. Jones 2 airs live Saturday 6:30 PM EST on Fight Pass, 8:00 PM EST on FXX (not FS1) and 10:00 PM EST on PPV.
Light Heavyweight Daniel Cormier © +195 vs. Jon Jones -250
Daniel Cormier is 38 years old and 19-1 in his Career. He holds an 8-1 record in his UFC run with the lone loss coming from the challenger Jon Jones. DC is well known for his Olympic Freestyle Wrestling credentials where he failed to medal, something he talks about often in his pre-fight interviews. Cormier started his career as an undersized heavyweight, electing not to cut any weight due to past kidney issues. He blew up the regional circuit capturing the XMMA and KOTC heavyweight belts before joining Strikeforce and running through their Heavyweight Grand Prix. Cormier uses a good fundamental boxing game to set up his wrestling. From there he will use a pressure top game until he can get to the back and finish.
LAST FIGHT W - Submission RNC Anthony Johnson
Jon Jones is 30 years old 22-1 in his career, 16-1 in the UFC. With an incredible frame for the 205 division, Jones uses his unpredictable striking game to out point opponents and then overwhelm them with his strong wrestling and top game. Jones had one of the most impressive runs through the light heavyweight divisions, winning the belt in 2011 by obliterating Mauricio Shogun Rua, then going on to defend it a record 8 times before being stripped.
LAST FIGHT W - Dec Ovince Saint Preux
VERDICT: I was less excited than most when the initial rematch was announced at UFC 197. Since their first fight however, Jones has only fought 1 time, winning a tepid decision over Ovince Saint Preux. Cormier on the other hand, has fought 4 times since then. I did not think the first fight was competitive past round 3 due to Cormier gassing and that was two years ago. Cormier's success came in the clinch in the first fight, but he also took the most damage there eating body knees. His team is going to have to come up with a new gameplan this time around, but unfortunately I just don't trust a 38 year old Daniel Cormier to execute it for 25 mintues. Even if the Jon Jones that fought Ovince Saint Preux shows up, I think that's enough to take 3 rounds off Daniel Cormier. I only hope we get to see Jones on his back this time. Jon Jones via Decision.
Welterweight Tyron Woodley © -210 vs. Demian Maia +170
Tyron Woodley is 35 years old with a 17-3-1 record and 7-2-1 in his UFC career. Gaining notoriety as a boring wrestler coming up, he amassed 10-0 record in Strikeforce before succumbing to a Nate Marquardt Tekken Combo. Woodley broke that stereotype in his first UFC fight blasting a hole through Jay Hieron's head, and has ever since utilized a powerful boxing game to score stoppage wins over Josh Koshcheck, Carlos Condit, Dong Hyun Kim, and Robbie Lawler to capture the title.
LAST FIGHT W - Dec Stephen Thompson
Demian Maia is 39 years old and 25-6 in his career with an impressive 19-6 UFC record. Maia is a legit 4th Degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Fabio Gurgel and he shows it in the cage. Joining the UFC in 2007 he submitted his first 5 opponents including a triangle win of Chael Sonnen after a beautiful lateral drop off the side of the cage. Maia went through a rough period where he put too much faith in his kickboxing, perhaps feeling too pressured to become more well rounded, before reverting to his jiu jitsu roots. Now he works to supplement his superior grappling with a powerful wrestling game designed to transition from a single leg straight to the back.
LAST FIGHT W - Dec Jorge Masvidal
VERDICT: I’m having a tough time shaking the vision of Woodley possibly melting Maia as he comes into wrestle. It’s totally possible this is a first round knockout for Woodley. Giving me pause on that outcome is Woodley’s tendency to get caught with his back on the cage. That's exactly where Maia likes to get his takedowns, driving in on a single leg almost never expecting to finish it. Once on the cage, Maia looks to crawl onto your back, placing his first hook in. Everyone knows it's going to happen, yet no one can stop it. If Woodley gives Maia this opportunity over and over, there is a chance we can see a submission here, but if it goes into the 4th and 5th round I can’t see Maia's cardio lasting that long, especially with a shortened camp. It pains me to say it, but the most likely outcome here is Woodley by KO.
Women's Featherweight Cristiane Justino -1000 vs. Tonya Evinger +650
Cris “Cyborg” Justino is 32 years old, 17-1-1 in her career and 2-0 in her UFC career. Cyborg has fought her career between 140 and 150 lbs, bursting onto the scene with her knockout of Gina Carano in 2009, ending Carano's interest in MMA. Cyborg is a physical specimen, easily overpowering every woman she has fought in mixed martial arts. She is a bully in the clinch and looks to end fights early with powerful boxing that has become more technical over the years. She is a brown belt in Brazilian jui jitsu and has experienced success in submission grappling competition, though it has never made an appearance in the cage.
LAST FIGHT W - TKO Lina Lansberg
Tonya Evinger is 35 years old, 19-5-1 in her career and making her UFC debut, filling in for Megan Anderson. Evinger is the 135 lb invicta champ moving up in weight to fight Cyborg. She's has a well rounded game with basic kickboxing and great top game grappling. She started of her career with a paltry 9-5, losing to Carano, Alexis Davis twice, and Sara McMann before going on a 10 fight win streak to capture Invicta gold.
LAST FIGHT W - Submission RNC Yana Kunitskaya
VERDICT: Cyborg is too big, too strong, and too effective of a striker for anyone at 135 to contend with. However, Evinger is tough as nails and has a better wrestling and top game than most of the recent challenges for Cyborg. This won’t be competitive but it will be nice to see Cyborg have a tougher test than her last two opponents. I think Evinger is tough enough to make it to the 2nd round but that's where it ends. Cyborg by TKO.
Welterweight Robbie Lawler -160 vs. Donald Cerrone +130
Robbie Lawler is 35 years old, 27-11-1 in his career and 11-5 in his UFC run (initial and return). Lawler came out of the Militich fight camp in 2002 and was billed as a super prospect with great wrestling and heavy hands. He was famously knocked out by Nick Diaz in 2004, then submitted by the Late Evan Tanner in his subsequent fight before exiting the UFC at 8-3. For the next 8 years Lawler fought for a myriad of promotions at weights as high as 195. He found success in Elite XC but turned into sort of a journeymen fighter in Strikeforce, falling asleep in press conferences, fighting above his natural weight class, and turning in lackluster performances for a paycheck. When Strikeforce was absorbed by the UFC Lawler immediately dropped to 170 and took fighting seriously again, rattling off 3 straight victories before fighting for the title in a close loss to Johnny Hendricks. Lawler has developed into a modern sprawl and brawler with a tight combination boxing game and effect leg kicks. His defensive wrestling is some of the best at Welterweight.
LAST FIGHT L - KO Tyron Woodley
Donald Cerrone is 34 years old, 32-8-1 in his career and 25-8-1 in the WEC/UFC. Cerrone has a background in Kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do, and amassed a 28-0 kickboxing record before turning to MMA. Cerrone has always looked to employ his rangy kickboxing game in fights, but somewhere along the way he developed a slick ground game as well. To be a successful striker in MMA you either need excellent takedown defense or a threatening ground game. Cerrone chooses the latter.
LAST FIGHT L - TKO Jorge Masvidal
VERDICT: This is going to be an excellent tactical striking match up. Lawler has an issue with volume, so it's possible Cerrone can put points on the board throughout 3 rounds to come up with a Decision. I don't think that happens here though. Cerrone has struggled with pressure boxers like Rafael Dos Anjos and Nate Diaz, and I would argue he hasn't looked good since his Rick Story fight a year ago. I’m taking Lawler, assuming the time off has healed any injuries. He is going to have significant size on Cerrone, and although he doesn't exactly fit the mold of the pressure boxers Cerrone struggles with, he should be able to impose a similar game. Wildcard - does Cerrone try to wrestle here? I don't think so. Lawler by Dec.
Light Heavyweight Jimi Manuwa -205 vs. Volkan Oezdemir +165
Jimi Manuwa is 37 years old and 17-2 in his career, 6-2 in the UFC. A British prospect that came up through the London regional circuit via UCMMA, Manuwa was offered a UFC contract in 2010 but famously turned it down to get more experience. Like many successful fighters from England, Manuwa’s bread and butter is his striking. He employs a powerful rangy boxing game. He’s shown to be lacking in the wrestling department with subpar takedown defense and a mediocre jiu jitsu game. Wikipedia says he's a purple belt but I haven't seen much evidence in the cage to suggest even that's true.
LAST FIGHT W - KO Corey Anderson
Volkan Oezdemir is 27 years old and 14-1 in his Career, 2-0 in the UFC. He comes from a kickboxing background having a 5-0 record from fights in Switzerland. Oezdemir likes to overwhelm his opponents with a powerful striking game and has 10 KO/TKO wins. His lone loss came in Bellator to Kelly Anundson.
LAST FIGHT W - KO Misha Cirkunov
Fun fact, Oezdemir fought 3 times at heavyweight, and fought 3 times in 1 night in 2013, at a tournament in Denmark.
VERDICT: Oezdemir wont look to take Manuwa down here, and even if he does he has shown nothing to expect he has a competitive enough wrestling game to get past even Manuwas poor takedown defense. Look for this fight to take place on the feet, with Manuwa getting the better of the exchanges en route to a KO. Manuwa by KO.
Featherweight Ricardo Lamas -135 vs. Jason Knight +105
Ricardo Lamas is 35 years old, 17-5 in his career, 12-5 in the WEC/UFC career. Lamas is a tough top game grappler boasted by his NCAA D3 wrestling credentials and a legit Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt. Lamas has developed a basic but effective muay thai game to supplement his brutal top game, but he still wants the fight on the ground. He works some of the best elbows from the top since Jon Jones turned hammels face into ground beef. His TKO win against Erik Koch was savage. Go watch it.
LAST FIGHT W - Sub Guillotine Charles Oliviera
Jason Knight, 25 years old with a 20-2 record, 4-1 in the UFC. Fights out of the Alan Belcher MMA club, he has a brown belt in brazilian jiu jitsu and likes to employ the rubber guard/mission control position. He is a tough, durable fighter who has never been stopped. Knight got by on aggression and active jiu jitsu in his early career before debuting in the UFC against Tatsuya Kawajiri. He lost that fight due to his comfortability on his back which is an issue for a lot traditional jiu jitsu fighters. Kawajiri took him down whenever he wanted, and Knight could not submit him (though he had a few good triangle attempts). Knight has fixed a few of his flaws and the best evidence of that is his Chas Skelly fight, which you should go watch right now if you haven't seen it. Knight was not content to fight from his back, pushing the action with his awkward striking, and using his wrestling and jiu jitsu to stay on top, or sweep from the bottom to get back on top and score.
LAST FIGHT W - TKO Chas Skelly
VERDICT: Knight is 10 years younger with a ton of momentum behind him. You can bet it's better for the UFC if he gets a win here, as Lamas is trending towards the end of his career. On one hand, its easy to say that Lamas can do the same things Kawajiri can to win this fight. On the other, Knight has improved since that loss and fights with a different sense of urgency. This is a great test for Knight, and the question here is do we get the Skelly fight, or the Kawajiri fight? I’m going with the former and taking Knight by a semi-surprising TKO. Knight via TKO.
Catchweight (140 lbs) Aljamain Sterling -135 vs. Renan Barão +105
Aljamain Sterling, 27 years old, 13-2 in his career, 5-2 in the UFC. Another great nickname, The Funk Master Flex. He has a background in wrestling and was a Two Time NCCA D3 all American. Sterling looks to get you down and get to your back.
LAST FIGHT W - Dec Augusto Mendes
Renan Barao is 30 years old with a 34-4-1 record in his career and 11-3 in the WEC/UFC. 39 fights and only 30 years old, the guy has MILES on his body. Barao came up through the Brazilian regional circuit which is known for padding fighters a bit like the American boxing scene. His first 23 opponents don't have a Wikipedia page sans Rony Jason. Barao was deemed as the best P4P fighter by Dana White after clearing out the bantamweight division. With sharp muay thai and slick jiu jitsu it was tough to see what Barao's weakness was. Enter TJ Dillashaw - a young, fast, athletic striker with power and good enough defensive wrestling to avoid Barao's lethal jiu jitsu. Barao appears to be moving out of his prime quicker than most fighters due to the miles on his body. He struggles with strong fast power punchers as we see in his loses to Dillawshaw and Stephens.
LAST FIGHT W - Dec Phillipe Nover
VERDICT. Aljamain Sterling is not TJ Dillashow or Jeremy Stephens. He doesn’t have the power striking to threaten Barao and unless Barao's jiu jitsu is far out of practice he should be in control of this fight. Also to note, this fight is being contested at catchweight of 140 lbs which should favor the Brazilian. Barao by Decision.
Featherweight Brian Ortega +110 vs. Renato Moicano -140
Brian Ortega (T-City) is 26 years old, 11-0 in his career, 3-0-1 in the UFC, a brazilian jiu jitsu black belt training under Rorion Gracie with Ryron, Rener, and Ralek. Love watching this guy’s ground game. The way he slapped on the triangle on Diego Brandao and isnta tapped him was a thing of beauty. He’s got an awkward striking style but its effective. His two knockout wins in the UFC come from him hurling elbows at a broken Thiago Taveres and winging knees at Clay Guidas face. He’s got a weird Yoel Romero tendency by finishing most of his fights in the 3rd round. He also has issues imposing his game. He was losing those Guida and Brandao fights until the finish which is concerning. One of these days he isn't going to be so fortunate to snatch that 3rd round finish and he’s going to lose a decision, which I assume is why the odds makers favor Moicano.
LAST FIGHT W - KO Clay Guida
Renato Moicano, 28 years old, 11-0 in his career, 3-0 in the UFC. Tall and long for the division, rangy striker with a solid submission game. Has his flaws as a fighter but one thing is for sure, he is a winner. He fought a tactical range kickboxing fight against Jeremy Stephens to get the win as a big underdog. He will definitely be looking to do the same here as he isn't going to want to contest Ortega on the ground.
LAST FIGHT W - Dec Jeremy Stephens
VERDICT: This might be a bit of a heart pick, but i’m going Ortega by submission. I trust his team to come up with a way to get this fight to the ground and stop Moicano from point fighting him to a decision like the Stephens fight. However, if Ortega is content to give away rounds on the feet like the Guida and Brandao fight this could easily result in a boring decision against him. Ortega by Submission.
Featherweight Andre Fili -335 vs. Calvin Kattar +255
Andre File is 27, 16-4 in his career, 4-3 in the UFC. Fights out of team alpha male and has an effective game as wrestle boxer. Fili strikes a little more than your average Alpha Male team member. Points for an awesome nickname - Andre “touchy” Fili.
LAST FIGHT - W Dec Hacran Dias
Calvin Kattar is 29 years old and 16-2 in his career, debuting in the UFC as a late replacement for Doo Hoo Choi. He's made a career out of being a decent striker with good boxing fundamentals. Most of his fights go to decision. Fun fact he has only fought twice since 2013.
LAST FIGHT - W Dec Chris Foster
VERDICT: Calvin looks to be a decent prospect with a good record, but there is a reason he is still not in the UFC at 16-2. Not exciting, nothing special, and two loses to mediocre talent. I'm also not impressed with his takedown defense, as he lets himself get backed up against the fence. Andre Fili has had some mental laspses in the UFC with his up and down record but he is still improving and has more than enough in the tank to beat someone like Calvin. Andre Fili by TKO after Kattar slowly realizes fili is better at everything he does well. Fili by TKO.
Women's Strawweight Kailin Curran +120 vs. Alexandra Albu -150
Aleksandra Albu is 27 years old, 2-0 in her career and 1-0 in the UFC. Has not fought since April of 2015! She was nursing injuries and is in her last year of university writing her thesis. Her background is in Karate (black belt) and Judo. She claims she has 4 fights in Thailand that are unofficial because they were in sketchy tournaments that were unrecorded. Totally Possible. She is an incredible athlete who bullies her opponents with a strong aggressive boxing game. She has no problem planting her feet and swinging away.
LAST FIGHT - W Sub Guillotine Izabela Badurek
Fun fact: UFC lists her at 6-0 but doesn't show her mysterious 4 Thailand fights on their website
Kailin Curran is 26 years old and 4-4 in her career but only 1-4 in her UFC run. She has a background in kickboxing and wrestling and is billed as a good athlete. She's an average all around fighter with less than stellar grappling. Half of her losses come by way of submission.
LAST FIGHT - L Dec Jamie Moyle
VERDICT: Albu hasn't fought in two years but shes still better everywhere than Kailin Curran, aside from maybe the clinch. She's a better athlete and more powerful striker. Albu by submission which probably gives curran her pink slip. Will be curious to see if Albu looks physically the same as she did in the Badurek win. Albu via Submission.
Flyweight Eric Shelton +135 vs. Jarred Brooks -165
Brooks is 24, 12-0, this is his first UFC fight. He has an awesome nickname - the monkey god. Brooks fights like a mini poor mans Chad Mendes. Short, stocky, winging punches and ends some combinations with a double leg. He is very aggressive. It will be interesting to see if he is as reckless in his UFC debut. Most beserker type fighters on the regional circuit come into the UFC a little more cautious and sometimes it hurts their style. Also worth noting Brooks is pretty tiny, at 5'3" and has fought at 115 before.
LAST FIGHT W - KO Jun Nakamura
Eric Shelton is 26, 10-3, 0-1 in the UFC but went 2-1 on TUF losing a majority decision to future winner Tim Elliot. Coached by Pete Spratt, very creative striker, good scrambler (as are most 125ers). Great Athlete.
LAST FIGHT L - Split Dec Alexandre Pantoja
VERDICT: This is a fight Eric Shelton should win on Paper. He's fought much MUCH better competition than Jared Brooks and has decent wrestling chops himself. However, Shelton has a problem exposing his back in fights, and also has an issue sitting back and waiting too long to counter, giving long periods of rounds away. Brook is a total unknown, but all his submission wins come by way of rear naked choke (with the exception of an arm triangle) which is a bad sign for Shelton who leaves his back open too much for my liking. Even if Brooks can’t get the finish, i’ll take him to win on points due to his volume and aggression. Brooks by Decision.
Lightweight Josh Burkman +230 vs. Drew Dober -300
Burkman is 37 years old, 28-15-1, but only 1-5-1 in his most recent UFC stint after going on an 8-1 tear on the regional circuit and famously choking out Jon Fitch in WSOF. Wants to be on top working his wrestling and top game grappling. Wrestled in highschool, 2nd place in state championships at 171 lbs. Lots of choke wins, favors guillotines.
LAST FIGHT L - Dec Michel Prazeres
Drew Dober 29 years old 17-8-1 in his career going 3-4-1 in his UFC run. He wants the fight on the feet due to his Muay Thai background (two time amateur world champion). Wrestled in highschool and has a purple belt in BJJ, though grappling is his weakness. He trains at team elevate with Matt Brown.
LAST FIGHT L- Submission RNC by Olivier Aubin-Mercier
VERDICT - I'll bet this fight resembles the Burkman vs Paul Felder fight. Burkman comes out strong and wins the first round, but gets tired. He wont be able to take Dober down in rounds 2 and 3 and I see him getting picked apart and losing striking exchanges. Dober did get choked out in his last fight but I don't think Burkman has quite the prowess on the ground as Mercier does. Dober wins a fairly uneventful 3 round decision. Dober by Decision.
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