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What is this, how does it work, who is Aykut?

Short Answer:
Create a new post with your website URL (and with your questions if you have any).
I will review it quickly and give you 1 actionable step for free. So you can act on it and improve your website (and sales!).
Do you want me to check your website in detail and give you more actionable steps? Yes, it is possible. I do it on Fiverr. To learn more:
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Long Answer:
I guess you ask yourself who is this guy. Fair enough.
My name is Aykut Pehlivanoglu.
I am the founder of,, &
I generally prefer to stay behind the scenes. But I like communicating our users directly and helping them improve their websites. So I decided to create a more manual service.
I can't be here all the time. So if you want to analyze your website in an automated way day and night, go check our tool:
I created this website value calculator in 2011 and it has evaluated 15,000,000+ sites since then.
You can learn how it works at Don't forget to check the Worth Of Web website in detail. You will find many other useful tools and resources.
Do you want to learn more about me still? Wow, may the force be with you :)
I graduated from METU as a chemical engineer. I haven’t worked in the chemical industry though except for a couple of internships.
I served as an officer in the Turkish Navy for a year. After that full-throttle in the software industry.
I co-founded a software development company and a game studio. I ran the software company for 12+ years, my partner and I ran the game studio for 9+ years.
I was the Marketing and Operations Director of an American web brokerage for a few years.
I am fluent in English and Turkish, ok in French, a beginner in Russian and German.
Related links:
Some of my interviews:

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Privacy/Security tools

Long post ahead.
and how more Filipinos are moving online because of the quarantine.
Make no mistake however that privacy is a global issue especially during this internet age where there is mass surveillance. Some examples of what companies can do with your data here. I don't consider myself an expert and encourage you to do any further research on your own as well.
I decided to use one to avoid throttling by my ISP (P2P/Torrents, streaming) and for peace of mind in protecting and hiding my real IP address. The bonus was being able to access US/UK Netflix content. Now with the Anti Terrorism bill and fake Facebook accounts popping up, I'm all the more protective of my online activities.
My main consideration in choosing a provider was whether they had an actual, physical server here in the Philippines instead of using a virtual server (IP address will be Philippines, but you connect to a server from Hong Kong/Singapore). If I pay, I might as well pay for one that is actually providing a server here. This was because I plan to keep my VPN on 24/7, even during gaming, so latency/ping is important. You can read here and here on the tests I used to check the location.
My VPN research shown here. This isn't meant to be a formal database of any sort, these are just my notes. For what it's worth, I ended up choosing StrongVPN because they are so far the only provider I've seen with physical servers here and that support the newest VPN protocol (Wireguard).
Take note almost all of the providers have a trial, or a 30 day money back guarantee. So I was able to try about 5-7 for free to see which one suited me best. If deciding on a VPN, make use of the trial because the best connection is different for everyone. Almost all reviews you see online are from people based in the US/Europe so I had to try them on my own. FWIW my ISP is Converge.
What about free providers? You usually get what you pay for and these free providers usually sell your data in exchange for a free VPN. Perhaps the only ones I would trust would be Windscribe (which has a monthly data cap) and ProtonVPN. You'll have to connect to a Hong Kong server for both.
What about for my mobile? I personally keep mine on 24/7 because (from what I've heard from the grapevine) our telco providers actually do have access and can look into everything that you do while connected to mobile data. And they do. Which, in my opinion, is just creepy.
A VPN is just one small part of a whole privacy suite though, so am also giving info on the other stuff I found to complement a VPN:
You can read about DNS here. This goes hand in hand with a VPN and most VPN providers actually provide their own DNS servers too. I choose to use my own.
Firefox and Chrome both have DNS over HTTPS in their settings. Please check your mobile phone if you have Private DNS settings. I have a Samsung phone and I have this in my settings.
Personal recommendation: NextDNS - fairly new player and they just recently partnered up with Mozilla (Firefox). Free (up to 300,000 queries a month), uses local currency pricing - PHP99/mo or PHP900/yr). The free tier is fine, but this depends on how much browsing you do and how many devices you will use it for. I put it on my browser and phone and almost reached the limit before the month was over.
Compared to the other two, this one is highly configurable and customizable. You can choose the specific ads & tracking blocklists you want to enforce, whitelist domains, and choose whether you want to keep any or zero logs. I keep logs for 1 month so I can also troubleshoot and see which blocklist blocked which domain in case a website or element won't load. It also has an analytics page that is pretty cool to see. Example: 1 2 3 . You might be surprised on how many queries are being made in the background while you browse, just to track you.
For the more savvy out there, you can opt to even use the DNS servers on your router so all devices connecting to it are protected (no more setup for each device). Am considering this just to make sure my parents won't accidentally click through scammy sites, lol. A big plus in using this on your phone (depending also which blocklist you choose) - no ads, even in my free phone apps. Hehe
If you want your entire computer using the DNS (the queries made outside your browser ex. system apps, games, apps like Viber desktop, etc), I use YogaDNS as suggested by NextDNS from their setup page. The app is highly configurable too.
I use Firefox which is an open source browser, and the company/foundation behind it supports privacy and free/open internet initiatives. It also is highly configurable if you know what you are doing (via about:config). Privacy Tools is a great resource I used for some of the add ons and about:config tweaks I used to "harden" my browser's privacy and security. This might be for more advanced users though.
Add ons that I have:\_0\_pb?\_\_mk\_de\_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=tea&pd\_rd\_i=exampleProduct&pd\_rd\_r=8d39e4cd-1e4f-43db-b6e7-72e969a84aa5&pd\_rd\_w=1pcKM&pd\_rd\_wg=hYrNl&pf\_rd\_p=50bbfd25-5ef7-41a2-68d6-74d854b30e30&pf\_rd\_r=0GMWD0YYKA7XFGX55ADP&qid=1517757263&rnid=2914120011
is really just:
As also mentioned above, enable DNS over HTTPS in the settings.
Other tips
Do I really need to use these/install all these? It is really up to each person to decide on where they are willing to compromise privacy for convenience. You can check out the privacy subreddits here and find that some people refuse to use Windows, refuse to use programs unless they are open source, deleted their Facebook accounts, etc.. To each his/her own. I decided I still am using some services by the corporate giants, but I just choose to try as much as I can to limit what I put out there there. And while cost is of course an important factor, just always remember: If it is free, you are the product.
Hope this helps and hope everyone stays safe not only from the virus, but from threats online.
Parting words:
... Saying that you don't need or want privacy because you have nothing to hide is to assume that no one should have, or could have, to hide anything -- including their immigration status, unemployment history, financial history, and health records. You're assuming that no one, including yourself, might object to revealing to anyone information about their religious beliefs, political affiliations, and sexual activities, as casually as some choose to reveal their movie and music tastes and reading preferences.
Ultimately, saying that you don't care about privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different from saying you don't care about freedom of speech because you have nothing to say. Or that you don't care about freedom of the press because you don't like to read. Or that you don't care about freedom of religion because you don't believe in God. Or that you don't care about the freedom to peaceably assemble because you're a lazy, antisocial agoraphobe. - Edward Snowden
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Content Marketing is on the rise: Here is a breakdown of alternative (FREE) video editing platforms

I've broken down the best free video editing software as content marketing (especially video) is on the rise and people can get wrapped up in spending horrific amounts on software that produce similar results to the free options. Here's the breakdown:
(Before I get shouted at, there are no affiliate links of any description).

Da Vinci Resolve

Da Vinci Resolve is an incredibly powerful editing package. It's definitely one of the more advanced packages with features that include: colour correction, multi-cam editing and audio correction. It has plenty of tools to perfect your footage with text creation both 2 and 3 dimensional.
This is perfect for anyone that wants to do more with their video than trimming it and uploading it. We would say this is the closest to Adobe Premiere Pro in terms of a free video editing software, it really is hard to beat!


Blender was originally designed as a 3D design platform - but is now one of the leading video editing software. It comes with video editing software that is in-depth and comes with an easy-to-use interface that can be used to simply trim some footage or edit, sync and colour correct.
Blender has it all, it mirrors Adobe Premiere Pro's Lumetri scopes with its own Luma waveforms to assist you with all your colour correcting needs. As well as colour correcting Blender allows you to use the masking tools for any additional FX you may want to add to your footage.
It definitely sits more in the advanced editing camp, so if you're looking for something to trim some footage, we recommend looking elsewhere but if you're looking to edit and create some advanced colouring and masking - even some 3D visuals, Blender is definitely the one for you.


This one is for Mac users and is really simple to use. The intuitive interface allows anyone to pick it up and get started on their own video editing journey. It's ideal for learning the basics and can be used as a stepping stone to the more advanced video editing software.
We wouldn't recommend it for anyone looking to colour correct or edit complex footage, it's best for simple editing and learning the basics.

HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express is a very professional and smooth looking video editing program, the capability it has for a free video editing software is insane.
The layering and masking features in HitFilm express are reminiscent of Adobe Premiere Pro and work to a decent level as well. With these, you'll be able to use all the basic masking and layering techniques you need to create your films.
The easy to use interface is another benefit of HitFilm express, easy to manage and find your way around. They also do a great job of providing you with guides and tutorials - ideal for beginners.

Other features include the following:

Overall a great free video editing program, we'd say it was slightly catered for the mid-level editors due to the tools available, but it's the perfect platform to carve your way in the editing industry.


Shotcut is an open-source program similar to Blender and supports a whole range of video formats which is a massive bonus. One huge benefit is that it supports 4K editing where a lot of free video editing software lacks the ability to.
The native timeline editing means you have a lot of freedom and creativity when it comes to editing your footage. Another positive from the makers is you don't need to constantly import clips, so it makes editing a lot quicker and efficient in that sense.
Shotcut is ideal both for beginners and intermediate filmmakers, definitely one of our favourites for ease of use and capabilities.


A bit different this one, it's solely for mobile - but worth the mention, especially if you need to splice up a quick video for social media.
Quik is developed by the makers of GoPro and is very similar to their other video editing app called Splice. It offers lots of editing options for mobile devices including transitions and audio editing.
However, we have it on this list as it's able to automatically sift through your footage and find key moments and even add transitions - the best thing is it's available for both Apple and Android, unlike Splice.


VideoPad is another we had to include on the list. It's a great platform, one we love to play around on all the time. It's got a great library full of premade transitions for you, excellent if you are new to editing.
You can reduce camera shakes and stabilise videos as well as being able to export your footage in many different formats. If you're an advanced editor or filmmaker you'd be better off looking to use Da Vinci Resolve or Blender - editing software with more capability. However, if you are new to editing this is one of the best starting points imaginable, easy-to-use interface, simple and with a multitude of transitions.
When looking for the best free video editing software, take into consideration what capabilities you need it for. Are you making simple edits for social media videos? Are you needing it for an indie feature project?
Make sure you scope out your project and read the reviews above to make the best decision for you. Filmmaking doesn't have to be expensive and you can make some incredibly detailed films on a minimal budget these days.
Check out a few more articles below to set you on your filmmaking journey and don't forget to sign up to our FREE newsletter with all the latest news, filmmaking contest, resources and filmmaking tutorials so you don't miss out!
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#BlackLivesMatter Info and Resource Mega Thread

A lot of white people are at a loss. For the first time, they're finally starting to recognize their privilege. That means a whole lot of white people are asking "What can I do to help?", "Why is this happening?" and "How do we fix it?". So here we go. If you have articles or information to add, comment it below.
We'll begin with Teen Vogue:
1. Listen without being defensive
If you're truly interested in genuine change, the most important development you can make is evolving your worldview. In fact, one can argue that being open to evolving your ideas is the precursor to even desiring to see change occur. But the most important part of active listening is fighting the human urge to respond to someone's social critiques by being defensive.
Sometimes when we hear someone explaining why something is negatively affecting them, we feel compelled to inform that person of all the ways our life is difficult, too. Or, we choose to only focus in on the one part of their analysis that possibly could be a negative statement about ourselves. It's critical to listen to groups like Black Lives Matter with an open mind and heart, instead of only selectively listening to the parts you want to contest.
2. Do not dehumanize "criminals"
The anti-police brutality movement is not about asserting that every Black person who comes in contact with the police is a great, upstanding person. It's about believing that senseless killings and excessive force are not right, and definitely should not be focused in one community. Part of what makes America great is the commitment to due process. If someone does something wrong, they should face the consequences of the law — and not broken bones or mortal wounds before a trial takes place.
Deprogramming your mind away from seeing suspects as evil criminals with irretrievable souls is the fastest way to avoid finding yourself aligning with bigots.
3. Make it a voting issue in your area
Being conscious of prejudiced social ills is a great start forward. Ready to put your thoughts into action? The best way to get started is to find out who your local politicians are, and ask them one simple question: "What is your policy on ending police brutality?"
You will either have a substantive conversation with a great person serious about creating change, or you will be ignored or given an incredibly insulting or roundabout answer...which will tell you everything you need to know about their commitment to addressing this problem. As a voter, that politician should be working for your vote and you don't need to be intimidated to remind them of that.
4. Join Campaign Zero
If someone ever asks you, "So, what's the plan to end police brutality?" send them directly to Campaign Zero's website because it breaks it down in a comprehensive 10-point plan. The site helps you find your local rep, provides an infographic on state-by-state legislation, and even tells you where the presidential candidates stand on these topics. It's an amazing resource to utilize and an awesome cause to stand behind.
5. Use your privilege
Black Lives Matter and many of the other organizations fighting state-sponsored violence are predominantly comprised of Black women, many of whom are also part of the LGBTQ+ community. If Black women are out protesting and you see them being abused, treated unfairly, or being discriminated against, using your privilege to intervene could help save someone's life. After all, white women have always been a part of upholding white supremacy.
6. Go out and protest
Do not be fooled into believing that protests are about violent clashes with the police, or choking on tear gas, or getting arrested. Social actions take many different forms.
Creating a social media page dedicated to tracking particular issues or cases is one great way to help out. Walk-outs are an effective way of spreading a message and can be organized at your school or in a large social group. Starting online petitions on a site like is also an effective way of making your voice heard.
7. Donate to victims' families
Families of the victims are often left scrambling to pay for unexpected funeral and legal costs. Look for a GoFundMe or other crowdfunded account account set up on behalf of victims, and verify it to make sure it’s legitimate. (Direct friends and family will typically be making donations and leaving supportive comments). In instances where protesters are arrested and may not be able to afford bail, look to see if there are bail funds you can donate to to help them out.
8. Advocate for mental health intervention
The part of this discussion that continues to be woefully unnoticed is how many victims of police brutality also have mental conditions. Some reports say that at least half of all police shooting victims struggled with some form of serious mental health crisis. An important part of saving lives is creating more resources to help people experiencing these issues, especially in poor neighborhoods and Black and brown communities.
9. Record police encounters responsibly
First, know your rights. Second, be respectful, courteous and don't interfere with the scene taking place. Third, make sure you have a special app so if you do witness something important or you find yourself being detained, your video can't just be easily erased. Check out this comprehensive resource guide on safely and ethically filming police misconduct for more information.
10. Push to remove and punish bad police officers
It is important to realize that Black Lives Matter is not waging a war on police — it's waging a war on bad cops. The type of officers who disrespect their badge by not upholding their duty to protect and serve citizens. The type of officers who assault the most vulnerable amongst us instead of protecting them. The type of people who shoot first and ask questions later. These are not men and women who we should be fine with keeping their jobs.
The first step can often involve contacting the police department that the officer works at (which is typically released to the public before their identity is) and demanding that the officer's identity is revealed to the public. If you already have the officer's name, the next step is to contact your mayor and demand that the officer be relieved of their duties. Use social media sites and online petitions to rally support for the cause.
11. Help good police officers speak up
In our society, where so many people are hellbent on framing this discussion as either being "pro-police and anti-black" or "anti-police and pro-black," a lot of good officers are being caught in the crossfire of being loyal to their comrades and being loyal to the public trust. When police departments and police unions refuse to identify any officers as being unfit for the job, even after being caught on camera doing something horribly wrong, it makes life very difficult for the good officers because speaking out would make them traitorous in some people's eyes. That is why it's so crucial to foster an environment that helps good police officers report the bad police officers and be praised for it, instead of being punished.
This can be done by advocating for transparency from your local and state police. The creation of a civilian review board (like the one in Ferguson) can help provide everyday people with direct access to higher ups in the department, and making official recommendations to their local government. The board can also praise officers who do a good job and make sure the people who act properly are recommended by citizens for promotions.

Support local black owned businesses. If Little Rock has a list, so does your city. Google "Black owned businesses in (your city)".
This Twitter thread and the links contained within:
not to be the white asshole who just got here five minutes ago & is already like "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DIDN'T KNOW THIS, GOD, MEGAN," but in researching my book I learned some stuff history class omitted which might be helpful to other white folks, specifically about Fred Hampton. BTW this thread is not for Black folks, who know this already, or for white activists who have already done the work and educated themselves on their history
this thread is for, like, your white relatives who think all protest and all Black activism is inherently threatening And this is not to position myself as an expert, but to share some information, documents and further resources that might help contextualize why one of the state's most powerful weapons against Black people is nice white people. So, COINTELPRO stands for Counter-Intelligence Program, and it was a secret FBI project created by J. Edgar Hoover designed to spy on, infiltrate and discredit every progressive activist movement, with a particular emphasis for Black civil rights leaders, especially the Panthers. If you've heard about, like MLK being wiretapped and blackmailed about his affairs, that was COINTELPRO. They also gave an advance heads-up to KKK-affiliated cops to let them know when Freedom Riders would be coming through town, so they could arm up and be ready for them. COINTELPRO had three core goals w/t the Panthers:
  1. to discredit radical leaders in their own communities, by falsely painting them as snitches or sellouts, spreading rumors that they were collaborating with the FBI or law enforcement, so their own people wouldn't trust them 2. to force rifts between different coalitions with the same values - whether between, say, a very liberal Black civil rights org vs a more centrist one, or between a Black activist group and a Latinx one - to sow chaos and prevent cooperation; and 3, most relevant to our current national conversation - to create a framework in which the vast, vast, vast majority of white people saw not just the Panthers but the entire Black civil rights movement as a violent, disruptive threat which needed constant police control. And the only reason we know that these things were carefully-crafted tactics is that in 1971 a group of white activists broke into an FBI field office in Pennsylvania, stole a bunch of documents and revealed the existence of the then-secret COINTELPRO operation to the public. But the thing about human brains is that when you've believed something for so long that it FEELS TRUE, it is hard to receive or absorb even the most concrete facts in opposition to your idea. So even seeing literal FBI documents saying "HEY, LET'S CONVINCE EVERY WHITE PERSON THAT THE BLACK PANTHERS ARE A BUNCH OF DOMESTIC TERRORISTS LOL" didn't UN-convince white people that the Black Panthers were a bunch of domestic terrorists, because it still FELT TRUE This is a PDF of a pamphlet from 1980 called "Counterintelligence: A Documentary Look at America's Secret Police," and I cannot urge too strongly that white people read it. It's full of leaked FBI memos and documents, including those from the 1971 raid.…The greatest danger to the FBI's supremacy was the risk that white people would start realizing, "hey, wait a minute, Black people aren't scary, and the things they're asking for are actually super reasonable, and the way they're being treated is horrible"
so they just .... lied If you grew up, like I grew up, with the vague notion that the Black Panthers like, just went around wantonly shooting at cops, then you might never have learned - I know I didn't - that a huge part of their role in communities was stuff like free breakfast programs for kids. Also, they were by and large armed DEFENSIVELY, not OFFENSIVELY, with firearms and licenses obtained legally, which they used to protect their neighborhoods (cops were less likely to wander in and fuck up some kids for sport if there were a few armed Panthers on the corner) Anyway, so this brings us to Fred Hampton.
I cannot stress enough to white folks who have never heard of Fred Hampton how different our world might be in 2020 if this one man had not been murdered.… here's a fuller and more detailed biography of his life for anyone who wants more reading
also check out the People's Law Office, who fought for justice for him over the course of decades……“The Assassination of Fred Hampton: How the FBI and the Chicago Police Murdered a Black Panther” by Jeffrey Haas (a Jewish civil rights activist and a Panther lawyer) is also a great book, and all of this has far more information than I can dump on you in a Twitter thread, BUT So Fred Hampton was this just extraordinary young person, who really wanted to play for the Yankees when he grew up, but instead he decided to go to school to study law, to help his people. He was a youth organizer for the NAACP in Chicago and a WILDLY charismatic speaker. He joined the Panthers and rose through the ranks so quickly that he was Chairman of the Chicago chapter by like, age 20? And his specialty was coalition-building.
Which is, of course, how he landed on COINTELPRO's radar. The thing that Fred Hampton was really, really good at was going to a group of people with seemingly conflicting ideologies - rival gangs, for example - and convince them of their shared interests, shared need, and common enemy: the white supremacist power structure. The FBI decided to murder him when he was 21 years old, just as he was on the cusp of brokering a transformative collaboration between the Black Panthers, the Latin Kings, and a coalition of white churches to begin organizing in earnest around fair housing. He was drugged by his bodyguard, who was an FBI plant, and assassinated. You can find the details yourself, I don't want to put more brutalization of Black bodies into everyone's timelines, but what you need to know is that the cops broke into his house and fired 99 times. The Panthers fired exactly one shot in response, which was an accidental reflex of a dying man whose hand clenched on the trigger as an unconscious muscle spasm. But part of COINTELPRO was making sure Hoover had local white government leaders in his pocket, and he had locked in the support of state's attorney Edward Hanrahan, and if you read some of the shit they said in the news about the Panthers shooting first, your blood would boil. “Chicago Police Sgt. Daniel Groth, who led the fourteen police raiders, said: 'There must have been six or seven of them firing. The firing must have gone on ten or twelve minutes. If 200 shots were exchanged, that was nothing. It’s a miracle that not one policeman was killed.'" fucking Hanrahan:
"The immediate, violent and criminal reaction of the occupants in shooting at announced police officers emphasizes the extreme viciousness of the Black Panther Party. So does their refusal to cease firing at police officers when urged to do so several times." quotes above taken from this article, which is great -…it cannot be overstated that THE ONLY REASON THE COUNTRY EVENTUALLY LEARNED THAT THIS WAS BULLSHIT was because two years later those people broke into the FBI office and leaked all those COINTELPRO documents that revealed all the details of the murder plot. and it STILL took like 18 years and multiple lawsuits for the surviving Panthers' names to be cleared and for the cops who committed the murders to actually be charged with a crime. Fred Hampton had done nothing wrong except be charismatic and passionate and fight to build a coalition of diverse communities that could have changed not just Chicago but the whole country if he had been allowed to grow up into the elder statesman he deserved to become. And even knowing that the Panthers were victims of a truly insane and terrifying level of stalking, harassment, infiltration, kidnappings, murders, blackmail, threats and violence, FROM THEIR GOVERNMENT, the narrative about them among white people was already locked in. So, white people: that nervous, uncomfortable feeling you have when Black people are visibly no longer afraid of us in public? when they hold up signs, when they shout, when they march, when they fight back?
congrats, you're giving J. Edgar Hoover just what he wanted from you. that feeling of "i mean I don't like racism either, but do they have to be so AGGRESSIVE about it?"
that message was focus-grouped and finely-crafted and distributed through whisper networks and has soaked into the air you breathe and the water you drink, by your government. And the fact that COINTELPRO, as Hoover initially conceived of it, was performatively disbanded after it was revealed to the public does not mean that the FBI or law enforcement actually abandoned those tools.
Those tools still work! They're working now! When you learn white people history in white people schools your whole life, one of the most poisonous threads running through it is this confident, implicit trust in institutions. This idea that the government, while imperfect, is nonethless reliably on the side of Good For All. Most white people learn about the Civil Rights Era only through a few carefully-selected MLK quotes misinterpreted as a call for niceness. If you're about the Black Panthers at all, it's often with an air of danger and menace, even now. So I didn't learn about Assata Shakur and the Panther 28, I didn't learn about Fred Hampton and COINTELPRO, I didn't learn about Nixon and J. Edgar Hoover and the Southern Strategy and the FBI's strategic attacks on Freedom Riders, until I was in my thirties. we as white people have NO LIVED CONTEXT for what it means to grow up as Black in America, where the entire system of law enforcement is not just not there to help, but is actively at war with you, and carefully rewriting the narrative to make the victims look like the threat. all of this is to say:
read up on Black history. especially the parts that make you feel uncomfortable in your whiteness. sit with that. that's our work.
examine your sources. law enforcement and government have a vested interest in redirecting your fear to Black protesters. the American government has been invested since its inception, and with redoubled efforts since the Civil Rights Era, in convincing white people that Black people need our permission and approval for how they ask us to give them some rights, and we can say no if they're too rude. And whoever you are, however woke you think you are, that is IN YOU
it was sure as hell in me
it's BAKED IN. we've been breathing it in our very air. this notion that the only good protest is nice, quiet, polite, and "you're not helping your case" if things get loud and messy. a lot of people have been tweeting good threads, which I've been boosting whenever I see them, about the danger of the white protest tourist, who wants the dopamine rush of smashing windows but without the messy internal work of the "how" and "why" but i look at people like Portland's mayor, Ted Wheeler, with his curfew and his disappointed dad lectures about property damage, and I think about how delighted someone like Hoover would be to see even Democrat leaders still, in 2020, doing his fucking work for him. the things we believe about the world come from somewhere. and we HATE admitting that we're wrong, or that we've been the victim of a disinformation campaign, or that we've been manipulated. it's terrifying to realize up is down and down is up and you were lied to the whole time. but white people:
we were lied to the whole time. and we will never stop being the fucking problem until we start digging deep and rooting out all the things we were told to be true by people we should never have trusted. tl;dr, fuck J. Edgar Hoover. last link, I promise, but this is a TV special created for the 40th anniversary of Hampton's death and everybody should watch it
okay now i'm done…Good morning I’m thrilled this blew up and that white folks are learning about Fred Hampton
please know that I am not a historian, I write time travel sci-fi and this is a tiny incomplete slice of the story, which is why I included so many sources for further reading This came up in the replies but the documentary “Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution” (on Netflix,and for non-US folks I think people were finding it on YouTube) covers a lot of the stuff I left out. I found it really helpful and hopefully you will too. If you want another story about a person you should have learned about in history class, did you know that Tupac’s mom was a WHOLE BADASS??? Add Afeni Shakur and The Panther 21 to your reading list after Fred Hampton.…A group of 21 Panthers were wrongly accused by the cops of a bunch of terrorist plots in NYC and at age 22, with no legal training, and pregnant, Afeni Shakur served as her own counsel in the trial and FUCKING WON and cleared all their names, where is her movie some further context on the documentary I mentioned above! as always, it's helpful to consume information from a variety of sources and check everything for implicit bias.
Anti-Racism Reading List (Source):
Anti-Racist Starter Kit: Stamped from the Beginning - Ibram X Kendi A People's History of the United States - Howard Zinn (There is a "young people's" version for elementary and middle school readers) White Fragility - Robin Diangelo So you want to talk about race - Ijeoma Oluo I'm Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness - Austin Channing Brown Me and White Supremcy - Layla F Saad Stamped - Jason Reynolds & Ibram X. Kendi
Anti-Racist Intermediate Kit: The Burning House: Jim Crow and the Making of Modern America - Anders Walker The New Jim Crow - Michelle Alexander The Condemnation of Blackness - Khalil Gibran Muhammad Dying of Whiteness - Jonathan Metzl A Different Mirror - Ronald Takaki How to be an AntiRacist - Ibram X Kendi How the South Wont the Civil War - Heather Cox Richardson
Anti-Racist Topic Specifics: Evicted - Matthew Desmond Nobody - Marc Lamont Hill Lies My Teacher Told Me - James W Loewen Why are all the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria - Berver Doniel Tatum, PhD The Color of Law - Richard Rothstein Blackballed - Darryl Pinkney Lies My Teacher Told Me - James W. Loewen
Anti-Racist Lit; Bios, Non-fiction, novels, personal narratives: The Warmth of Other Sons - Isabel Wilkerson The Fire Next time - James Baldwin Malcolm X - Alex Haley Between the World and Me - Ta-Nehisi Coates Killing Rage Ending Racism - Bell Hooks Becoming - Michelle Obama An American By Marriage - Tayari Jones A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota - The Color of Water: A Black Man's Tribute to His White Mother - James McBride Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption - Bryan Stevenson The Myth Of Race - Robert Sussman
Anti-Racist Lit - Black Feminism: How we Get Free - Keeanga-Yamhtta Taylor Black Feminits Thought - Patricia Hill Collins Ain't I a Woman Black Women and Feminism - Bell Hooks Bad Feminist - Roxane Gay Eloquent Rage - Brittney Cooper In Search of Our Mothers Gardens - Alice Walker Sister Outsider - Audre Lorde Women Race & Class - Angela Y Davis Assata: An Autobiography - Assata Shakur To Exist is to Resist: Black Feminism in Europe - Akwugo Emejulu and Francesca Sobande
Anti Racist List Black LGBTQ+: Giovanni's Room - James Baldwin Zami - Audre Lorde Real Life - Brandon Taylor Unapologetic A black, queer, and feminist Mandate for Radical Movements - Charlene A Carruthers No Tea, No Shade: New Writings in Black Queer Studies - E. Patrick Johnson Since I Laid My Burden Down - Brontez Purnell The Other Side of Paradise - Staceyann Chin No Ashes in the Fire - Darnell L. Moore The Summer We Got Free - Mia McKenzie Black Like Me - John Howard Griffin Rising Out of Hatred - Eli Saslow Black On Both Sides: A Racial History of Trans Identiy - C. Riley Snorton
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These Are the Voyages...
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This article is about the series finale of Star Trek: Enterprise. For the books on Star Trek: The Original Series, see These Are the Voyages (book series). For the Star Trek quote, see Where no man has gone before.
See top of
"These Are the Voyages..."Star Trek: Enterprise episodeEpisode no.Season 4 Episode 22Directed byAllan KroekerWritten byRick Berman Brannon BragaFeatured musicDennis McCarthy Kevin KinerCinematography byDouglas KnappProduction code422Original air dateMay 13, 2005Guest appearance(s)
Jonathan Frakes as William Riker
Marina Sirtis as Deanna Troi
Jeffrey Combs as Thy'lek Shran
Brent Spiner as Data (voice)
Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard (voice, end sequence)
William Shatner as James T. Kirk (voice, end sequence)
Episode chronology← Previous "Terra Prime"Next → —List of Star Trek: Enterprise episodes
"These Are the Voyages..." is the series finaleof the American science fiction televisionseries Star Trek: Enterprise. The 22nd episode of the fourth season and the 98th of the series overall, it first aired on the UPN network in the United States on May 13, 2005. "These Are the Voyages..." is a frame story, where the 22nd-century events of Star Trek: Enterpriseare shown through a 24th-century holodeckre-creation during the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Pegasus". The episode features guest stars Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, and Jeffrey Combs, as well as a voice cameo from Brent Spiner. Series creators Rick Berman and Brannon Braga, who co-wrote the episode, conceived "These Are the Voyages..." as a valentine to Star Trekfans.
Set in the 22nd century, the series follows the adventures of the first Starfleet starship Enterprise, registration NX-01. In this episode, the story moves to the year 2370, when Commander William Riker grapples with making a difficult admission to his commanding officer about a cover-up. Riker, after consulting Counselor Troi, turns to the simulated events of the year 2161 for guidance, when the crew of Enterprise travels home to Earth for both decommissioning and the formation of the United Federation of Planets.
Reaction to "These Are the Voyages..." was negative. Critics and cast alike believed the Next Generation frame robbed the characters and their fans of closure, and that the death of Commander Tucker felt forced and unnecessary. The final episode attracted 3.8 million viewers, the highest number since the previous season. After a strong premiere, Enterprise had grappled with declining ratings throughout its run. By the fourth season, fewer than three million viewers tuned in each week despite what some fans and critics considered an increase in episode quality. After selling the syndication rights, UPN and Paramount announced in February 2005 that the fourth season would be the show's last. With no new Star Trek episodes in the fall of 2005, the 2005–2006 season was the first year without a first-run Star Trek in 18 years. Despite the cancellation, Paramount hoped to revive the series, and Berman began work on a possible new Star Trek film, which was ultimately rejected in favor of the J. J. Abrams-directed Star Trek.
In 2370, Commander William Riker, aboard Enterprise-D, is troubled by the events depicted in the Next Generation episode "The Pegasus", and seeks guidance. At Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi's suggestion, Riker sets a holo-program to the date 2161, some six years after the events of "Terra Prime", to a time when the original Enterprise (NX-01) is due to be decommissioned after ten years of active service. The starship and its crew are also returning to Earth for the signing of the Federation Charter, and Captain Archer frets over the speech he will give to the assembled delegates.
En route, Riker and Troi observe as Enterpriseis contacted by Shran, a former Andorian Imperial Guard who Archer believed was dead. Shran is married to Jhamel ("The Aenar"), and their young daughter has been kidnapped. He asks for Archer's help in rescuing her from Rigel X. Archer decides to assist, despite Commander T'Pol's warning that they may be late returning for the ceremony. Riker joins the Enterprise crew as it assaults Shran's enemies and brings his daughter safely back. Troi also advises that Riker assume the role of ship's chef, hoping to earn the confidence of the simulated crew. As he prepares food with the crew, he learns more about their memories and impressions of Tucker.
He also watches as the kidnappers board Enterprise, and how, in order to save Archer's life, Commander Tucker overloads two conduits and dies after being mortally wounded. Riker notices that Archer is troubled that he must write a speech about how worthwhile their explorations have been, despite his friend's death, but T'Pol assures him Tucker would have considered it worthwhile. On Earth, Troi watches as Archer enters a crowded grand hall to give his speech and Riker joins her, now sure of what course he should take.[1] The final shot of the episode is a montage of the ships named Enterprise: (NCC-1701-D, NCC-1701, and NX-01) as Captains Picard, Kirk, and Archer recite the "Where no man has gone before" prologue.

Jonathan Frakes relished the chance to portray Riker once again.[2]
"These Are the Voyages..." was written by Braga and Berman, the pair's only script of the fourth season. Enterprise writer Mike Sussman told TrekNation in May 2005 that Braga had considered the idea of an episode crossover featuring characters from other Star Trek series prior to the finale. Sussman's original idea for the episode was to have The Doctor of Star Trek: Voyager treating an ill patient who may or may not have been Archer trapped in the future. Due to the subject matter, Sussman said his version would not have been suitable for the final episode.[3] In interviews, Berman said the episode had always been intended as the season finale regardless of cancellation, and gave conflicting answers regarding whether Trip would still have been killed if the show was to continue.[4][5]
Allan Kroeker directed the episode, his third series finale following Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's "What You Leave Behind" and Star Trek: Voyager's "Endgame".[6] "These Are the Voyages..." featured guest appearances by Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis as their Next Generation characters William Riker and Deanna Troi. Brent Spiner, another Next Generation veteran who had guest-starred earlier in the fourth season of Enterprise, had an off-screen speaking role as the android Data.[6] Jeffrey Combs appeared as the Andorian Shran, whom Coto had wanted to be a permanent addition to the cast in the event of another season.[7]
Filming of the final episode began on Friday, February 25, after the first half of the day was spent completing "Terra Prime". Principal photography took eight days to complete, one day longer than usual. The snowy complex set of Rigel X, first seen in the pilot episode, was used, as was the rarely seen Enterprise galley. Enterprise-D locations such as hallways and the observation lounge were re-created. Frakes and Sirtis arrived just as a "Save Enterprise" rally was being held outside the lot. Similar to "What You Leave Behind", many of the production staff cameoed for a large crowd scene at the end of the episode, as Archer prepares to give his speech. Fifteen "VIPs" including writers Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, André Bormanis, and Manny Coto joined two dozen extras in forming part of the audience. The rest of the digital set was filled by a computer-generated crowd. After their parts were finished, the final dismissal of each cast member was met with applause. Jolene Blalock and Scott Bakula were the last actors to be released, and Bakula gave a speech thanking the production crew for making the cast feel welcome. Filming ended on Tuesday, March 8, and the sets were struck. Frakes and Sirtis returned on March 9 to complete green screen shots, which would be used when their characters entered or exited the holodeck.[6] Before the episode's release, Berman would not elaborate on the final episode's content, saying "It's going to have some surprising twists and turns. It's somewhat of a valentine."[8]
Upon broadcast on UPN, various responses were published about this episode. This includes commentary by production, cast, audience, and the press.
Cast reception

Jolene Blalock, who played T'Pol, was highly critical of the series finale.
"These Are the Voyages..." was negatively received by both critics and the show's cast. Before the episode aired, Blalock called the episode "appalling."[9] She followed up her remarks by saying she was upset over the finale being a The Next Generation episode rather than an end for Enterprise.[10]Connor Trinneer (who played Commander Trip Tucker), felt the finale should have had a memorable farewell that he described as a "MAS*H moment", but the producers did not want such an element.[4] Anthony Montgomery (who played Ensign Travis Mayweather) was similarly displeased with the finale and said, "I feel there could have been a more effective way to wrap things up for our show as well as the franchise as a whole. It just seemed to take a little bit away from what the Enterprise cast and crew worked so diligently to achieve over the past four years."[11] While Frakes enjoyed working with Sirtis again, he said "the reality is it was a bit of a stretch to have us shut down [the Enterprise cast's] show," and that in hindsight it was a disservice to them.[2] The early criticism forced the show's producers to hold a conference and address the issue. Braga admitted there was cast unrest, but defended the episode as a way to close not just Enterprise but Star Trek as a whole.[12]
Critical reception
Reviewers were also critical of the Next Generation tie-in. Sci Fi Weekly's Patrick Lee said the framing story "reduces [the Enterprisecast] to the status of lab rats." Lee further noted that even without the guest appearances, the episode did not live up to the best offerings of the season, including "In a Mirror, Darkly".[9] National Post's Alex Strachan called the Next Generation cameos reminders of better Star Trek, compared to the "bad make-up effects, bad acting, bad music" of the latest show.[13] Rob Salem of the Toronto Star said the cameos served no narrative purpose, and that the episode "robs [the] characters (and their fans) of any significant long-term development or satisfying sense of closure."[14] Reviewers also criticized the episode's ending, where viewers never got to see Archer's rousing speech.[15][16] IGN said the episode was "Berman and Braga's parting shot, making sure that everyone knew who was in charge," and that the sharp contrast between "These Are the Voyages..." and "Terra Prime" brought into relief the reason neither should be allowed to produce Star Trek ever again.[16]
The death of Tucker was another object of controversy. Salem described the development as "a major character is pointlessly killed off in service of a pointless plot device,"[14] a complaint echoed by IGN.[16]Actor Connor Trinneer, who played Trip, said during a convention appearance that the character had "gotten out of much worse scrapes than that," and the death seemed forced. The writers, Trinneer contended, wanted to kill off a character to "get the fans talking," and so Trip was killed off simply to manipulate viewers.[17] Several critics ended their reviews by saying that whether fans would be disappointed or pleased by the episode, the majority of casual viewers would not care one way or another.[13][18][19]
WhatCulture ranked this episode the 19th worst episode of Star Trek.[20]
In 2017, this episode was rated number one worst episode of the Star Trek franchise of all series before Star Trek: Discovery, by ScreenRant.[21]
Reception analysis
In response to some of these criticisms, Coto said he personally considered the two-part story "Demons" and "Terra Prime" the actual finale of the Enterprise storyline.[22] Berman said "I've read a lot of the criticisms and I understand how some people feel, but [Braga] and I spent a lot of time coming up with the idea and a somewhat, I would say, unique ending to a series, especially when you’re ending it prematurely. [...] You never like to disappoint people, but I think it's nonsense to say that it was more a Next Generationepisode than an Enterprise episode. The only elements of [The Next Generation] that were present were there as a sounding board to allow us to look at a mission that took place six years after "Terra Prime"."[23]
In 2009, Den of Geek, while acknowledging cast critiques of the finale, said "These Are the Voyages...'" was the tenth best episode of the series, praising the inclusion of Riker and Troi and remarking the "undeniable joy in seeing the familiar and beloved characters back on screen."[24]
Home media releaseEdit
The episode was released on DVD home media as part of the season four box set on November 1, 2005 in the United States.[25] The Blu-ray release of the final season of Enterprise was made available on April 29, 2014.[26]
Series cancellationEdit
On February 3, 2005, UPN and Paramount announced that the fourth season of the show would be its last.[27] The network waited until the series had been sold to syndication before making the announcement.[8] The cancellation marked the first time new Star Trek episodes would not appear on television in 18 years, since Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered.[28] The fourth season continued production so Paramount could sell an attractive 98 episodes to syndicates.[8]
"Broken Bow", Enterprise's 2001 premiere episode, attracted 12.5 million viewers in its first broadcast,[29] but ratings quickly dropped to a low of 5.9 million viewers. Enterprise was threatened with cancellation by the third season.[30] The show survived by slashing its budget amid broadcaster UPN's schedule revamp.[8] The show was moved to Fridays in 2004, while the rest of UPN's programming became more female-friendly, in part due to the success of America's Next Top Model. The third season introduced a season-long story arc, to some of the best reviews of the entire series.[30] In the fourth season, Manny Cotobecame executive producer after writing and co-producing the show since 2003. While Coto's episodes were hailed by critics and fans as equaling the quality of previous Star Trek television series,[29] the average viewership dropped to 2.9 million,[8] with a series-low showing of 2.5 million in January 2005.[28] According to TrekNation, Enterprise's final episode attracted 3.8 million viewers, an increase of 69% over the previous season's finale.[31]
A series-ending wrap party was held for the cast and crew at the Roosevelt Hotel in April. Cast members spoke about their feelings about the end of the series. John Billingsleysaid the show "was a great ride, and it changed my life. It's something that will last forever for me." He was happy to say goodbye to the two-hour makeup sessions to create his character, Phlox. Many of the cast were taking a break and going on vacation before seeking new acting jobs. Among the notable guests were Star Trek: Nemesis screenwriter John Logan, who was not affiliated with Enterprise, and Peter Weller, who appeared as a villain in "Terra Prime".[32]
Actress Jolene Blalock (T'Pol) criticized the early stories as boring and lacking intriguing content. She felt early Enterprise scripts ignored basic tenets of Star Trek chronology, and offered "revealing costumes instead of character development". UPN executives said the male-oriented episodes of Enterprise did not mesh with the viewership of its other top shows, such as Top Model and Veronica Mars.[29] Brannon Braga suggested the reason for cancellation was viewer fatigue, noting that "after 18 years and 624 hours of Star Trek, the audience began to have a little bit of overkill."[33] Fans, meanwhile, criticized Berman and Braga for ignoring Star Trekcanon and refusing to fix their shows. Michael Hinman, news coordinator for SyFy Portal, said that in addition to the oversaturation of Star Trek, there "also is an oversaturation of Braga and Berman. [...] They couldn't sit back and say, 'You know, we just can't keep this fresh.' No, it was more about their stupid egos, and their nonsensical 'Even if it's broke, don't fix it' attitude."[34] Braga defended the series, noting that The Next Generation faced little competition from other science fiction shows, while Enterprise had to contend with a plethora of shows such as Battlestar Galactica.
Newspapers covering Enterprise's cancellation and its final episode often said the failure of Enterprise was evidence that the franchise had moved too far from its roots and grown too dark. Andy Dehnhart of MSNBC said that "while the writers and production designers deserve credit for offering worlds that were perhaps slightly more believable, they lost the fantastic, wondrous approach to space travel that The Next Generation borrowed from the original Star Trek and then perfected."[35] USA Today's Michael Peck said that without the "dreams" of earlier series, "Star Trek becomes just another television drama."[36] Melanie McFarland of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, meanwhile, said the show "never found the sense of uniqueness within the Trek universe that every version that came before it possessed."[37] Despite the cancellation, Paramount remained optimistic. Studio head David Stapf looked "forward to a new chapter of this enduring franchise in the future."[28]Berman and screenwriter Erik Jendrensen developed a concept for a new film taking place after Enterprise but before the 1960s television show.[38] Meanwhile, Paramount asked Roberto Orci for ideas to revive the franchise, resulting in the production of a reboot film set in an alternate timeline from the 1966–2005 franchise simply titled Star Trek, released in May 2009 and directed by J. J. Abrams.
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These Are the Voyages... on IMDb
These Are the Voyages... at Memory Alpha (a Star Trek wiki)
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But, that being said, it’s important to recognize and remember that simply participating in YouTube does not guarantee your success. Some people make a little money; others make a staggering amount each month.
The difference usually comes down to things like time, effort, audience, creativity, and strategy.
If it were easy, everyone would be doing it and we’d all be rich. But it’s not easy. It takes a lot of work.
Here are a few people who made it happen and became millionaires — YouTube legends — in the process.

Ryan Kaji — YouTube’s Top Earner in 2019

At only eight years old, Kaji is one of the most successful YouTube celebrities of all time. In 2019, he earned a whopping $26 million by posting videos to his channel, Ryan’s World. Ryan’s audience of 23.7 million subscribers tunes in regularly to see him unbox and play with toys, perform kid-friendly experiments and explore the world.

Dude Perfect — YouTube’s Runner-Up for Top Earner in 2019

Dude Perfect is a channel that features five friends in their thirties who perform stunts, play sports, and battle each other in a variety of unique challenges. The channel has 48.8 million subscribers and over 9 billion views across over 200 original videos. According to a CNN report, Dude Perfect earned $20 million from YouTube in 2019.

Good Mythical Morning with Rhett and Link

The duo behind the channel known as Good Mythical Morning comes in at number four on the CNN list of top YouTube earners for 2019, pulling in an impressive $17.5 million dollars. They create videos that allow them to, in their own words, “eat truly unbelievable things, explore surprising new products and trends, compete in original games with celebrity guests, implement serious experiments in hilarious ways, and more.” Good Mythical Morning has 16 million subscribers and over 6 billion views across over 2,000 videos.
It’s almost unbelievable when you stop and think about how successful each of these channels has become. But if you think it happened overnight for any of these YouTube personalities, you’d be wrong.
Getting to this place took a lot of time, energy, and planning. It wasn’t fast or easy. Consider the following: the Dude Perfect channel was created in 2009, the Good Mythical Morning channel in 2008, and the Ryan’s World channel in 2015.
Remember this: each of them was once in the same place you are now — wondering what kind of videos to start creating and sharing, feeling doubt and fear and wondering whether it’s even worth it, and eager to figure out how people actually make money on YouTube.

How to make money on YouTube — The basics

So here’s the big question: how the heck DO you actually make money on YouTube?!
It might seem like a mystery, especially if you’re thinking in terms of millions of dollars, but there’s actually a fairly clear playbook that you can follow to start earning from your videos and viewers. You won’t make a million bucks in your first year, but you’ll likely make something.
Remember, everyone has to start somewhere, and if you can prove that you’re able to make even $1 dollar from the time and energy you put in, there’s likely an opportunity to make more.
Ready to jump in? Here are 5 steps to follow that will put you in a better position to make money on YouTube.

Step 1: Create a channel and build your audience

Before you even think about making money on YouTube, you need to spend time thinking about what kind of videos you want to create and share with people. Knowing the blueprint for earning money is one thing, but creating videos that people actually want to consume is an entirely different challenge.
Not sure what kind of channel or videos to create? Here are a few questions you can ask to help you decide:
Once you have some answers to your questions, your next job is to find out if any of the topics, categories, or niches are underserved on YouTube.
In other words, where are the gaps that you could be filling with your own original video content? We’ll learn more about finding your niche a little later in this article.
When you think you have a good idea, create your YouTube channel.
From there, the best thing you can do is start planning and creating videos that will connect with people and help you build your audience.
YouTube actually has a great guide that offers a handful of tips and videos on how to get viewers once you start creating videos. They recommend focusing on five areas: Targeting, Discoverability, Accessibility, Collaboration and Shareability. You can learn more about each of these areas and hear from experts by visiting this section of the YouTube Creator Academy.

Step 2: Join the YouTube Partner Program

To monetize your channel and start earning money from your videos, you’ll need to apply to join the YouTube Partner Program, or YPP for short. Joining the YPP will give you access to a handful of features that you can use to start monetizing your video content, including ads.
According to YouTube, in order to be eligible to apply to join the YPP, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 valid public watch hours on your channel.
This is why joining the YouTube Partner Program shows up as step 2 on this list — it can’t happen right away. In order to be considered, you have to first spend time creating and publishing content AND building your following (see step 1).
To apply, you’ll also need to set up an Adsense account. You can learn more about Adsense here.
When you meet the minimum requirements of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 public watch hours, spend some time reviewing the application checklist that YouTube provides to potential partners. It will help you understand how your channel and content will be evaluated and what to expect when you apply.

Step 3: Create, create, create

Whether you’re in the YouTube Partner Program or not, you should always be focused on creating original content for your audience to watch and engage with. The whole point of YouTube isn’t to make money — it’s to provide value to a community of people. Money is just the byproduct of good video content that people like watching.
Brian Dean takes this approach with Backlinko, a channel that over 280K people subscribe to for actionable SEO and marketing tips. Says Brian:
“The main goal is really just to get our content in front of people. So it’s partly to get a new audience, but also to send really compelling content to our existing audience. And that’s just how cool YouTube is that you can actually do both with a single video and a single channel.”
“And in fact, in our videos, we don’t even really have a call to action to sign up for an e-book. A lot of people do this thing called a bridge where at the end of a video it’s like, hey, if you like this, come to our site, you can get an e-book or for a webinar or whatever. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But I just like to focus on the content.”
Brian is one of those people that pumps out A TON of great content all the time.
If you want to get to his level of consistency and quality, the easiest way is by creating and following an editorial calendar each week.
I like to use Asana when I build editorial calendars, but there are a lot of tools out there to choose from. Pick the one that you think will work best for you over time.
The purpose of an editorial calendar is to force you to plan ahead. Engaging content on YouTube is creative, but it’s also strategic. This doesn’t need to be anything crazy, but you do have to have a clear strategy and a consistent schedule that you can commit to if you ever want to start earning money.
There are always exceptions to that rule — but it can make it much easier if you aren’t trying to come up with content on the fly.

Step 4: Start testing different ways to earn money

There are a number of different ways to earn money on YouTube.
If you get accepted into the YouTube Partner Program, you may get access to the following monetization features:

Ad revenue

When you turn on video monetization, you’re allowing ads to show up on or near your videos. There are a variety of different types of ads that could appear with your video, including display ads, overlay ads, skippable video ads, non-skippable video ads, bumper ads, and sponsored cards. Your videos must meet YouTube’s advertiser-friendly content guidelines to be eligible for ads.

Channel memberships

Channel memberships allow you to give members-only perks to viewers who subscribe to your channel for a monthly recurring payment. You can go here to learn more about how channel memberships work.


Some partners will get access to a feature called “the merch shelf,” which allows you to showcase your channel merchandise right on YouTube. The merch shelf will also allow you to link directly to a store where viewers can purchase merchandise from you through a supported merch partner.
You can go here to learn more about how to sell merchandise on your channel.

Super Chat and Super Stickers

These features give your viewers the opportunity to engage and interact with you more prominently during a live chat. Viewers can purchase a Super Chat to highlight their message within the chat, or they can purchase a Super Sticker to pop a static or animated image into the live chat feed.
Live streams can be surprisingly profitable if you put the time and effort into them. That’s what Nick Nimmin, a YouTube educator with over 500K subscribers has learned over the years. His channel is an incredible resource for anyone that’s serious about digging into YouTube and looking for tips, tricks, app, etc. Nick states:
“When it comes to profitable content, almost every video my channel makes some kind of money. However, the things that generate the most money on my YouTube channel are my live streams.”
“And the reason for that is because we have people’s attention from anywhere from three to six hours, almost every single week. And during that time we have a bunch of different questions that we’re answering about YouTube and over and over and over again.”
Nick explained that because they spend so much time interacting with viewers and proving that they are experts, it builds trust and creates additional revenue-generating opportunities for their business outside of YouTube.

YouTube Premium revenue

YouTube Premium revenue gives you a portion of the fee a premium subscriber pays if they watch your content.

What if you can’t join the YouTube Partner Program?

If you *don’t *have the ability to join the YouTube Partner Program yet, you can earn money through the following routes:


You can use sites like Patreon to give subscribers and fans additional perks and exclusive content in exchange for funding your channel or efforts. You can learn more about crowdfunding from YouTube experts on this YouTube Creator Academy page.

Creating influencer content for brands

You can get hired by companies and brands as an influencer and create original content for them. This is usually easier once you have a loyal following and a clear niche or community you’re serving with your videos.
It’s a tip that Shayla Christine, from the YouTube channel Living On A One Way, recommends. She says:
“To monetize in the beginning, you want to work on brand partnerships more than you want to try and get money from your views.”
Shayla explained that if you’re really committed to a particular niche or community (like travel), you’re probably already talking about certain products and brands anyway — so you might as well reach out to them and find out if they’d be interested in partnering with you.
Bradley Hoos also gave me some great advice when it comes to finding the right partners to work with when you’re looking to make some money as a creator. Bradley is the Chief Growth Officer of The Outloud Group, a leading agency in the influencer marketing industry.
“YouTube creators should start to explore partnership agencies or managers once they start consistently getting 30K views on YouTube,” said Bradley. “At this stage, when dollar amounts are still relatively low, creators still have time to do their research and test out partners without meaningful downside financial risk.”
“I always encourage creators to ask other creators for their take on who is trustworthy and adds value,” he added. “As an influencer agency that represents talent, the greatest compliment we receive is when creators recommend us to other creators — and we do our best to ensure that we live up to the high standards creators have shared.”

Licensing original content

You can use services like Jukin Media to allow companies and media organizations to license your videos.

Promoting your products or services

You can use your videos to educate viewers about the products you sell on your ecommerce store or the services your business provides. It might seem like an indirect way to make money, but a lot of YouTube influencers find success with this strategy.
They record a great video that features their business or promotes their products and then they add a link right in the description of the video that sends viewers right to a product page or sign up screen.
Jim Fricker II and May Larios, hosts of Spanish and Go, a wildly popular and creative YouTube channel with over 80K subscribers, agree. Here’s what they had to say when I spoke with them:
** “Our biggest tip for someone trying to make money on YouTube is to diversify your income sources. If you get enough views, you can make decent money simply from monetizing your videos through Google Adsense, but the real money is in finding and creating resources to help your audience in other ways.”**
“You can partner with a company and make sponsored videos, develop your own online courses, use affiliate marketing, design and offer merchandise for sale, and even create in-person events like we do with our Spanish immersion retreats in Mexico,” they added.
But as you go about creating content, just make sure you stay on top of the ever-changing guidelines from YouTube. That’s the warning I got when I asked Kevin Kohler, the creator of TheBackyardScientist with nearly 5 million subscribers, about any trouble he’s run into with generating an income from YouTube. “The biggest issue that I’ve had is trying to monetize content on YouTube, is the changing content guidelines. YouTube is always changing its advertiser friendly guidelines. So it’s best to stay on top of that and know what kind of content you can and can’t make. And if a video does get demonetized or deemed unsuitable for all advertisers, not only do you lose out on ad revenue, but also potential viewers, because the algorithm is less likely to recommend a video that’s been deemed unsuitable for advertisers.”

Step 5: Keep going (but stay healthy)

The final step in the journey to making money on YouTube is to just keep going. It’s a long game, after all. It’s going to feel pointless at the beginning when you’re still building your audience, developing your style, and figuring out how to make videos efficiently, but keep at it and don’t give up.
That being said, don’t keep going if it’s risking or negatively impacting your physical or mental wellness. Taking care of yourself should always be your first priority — not making videos. If you need to take a break from your work, by all means, take one.

The importance of discovering your niche

The most successful people on YouTube aren’t the ones who create content for everyone — instead, they create content for a very specific kind of person. They identify a niche, or small subset of the population, that acts as the center of their universe when it comes to developing ideas and producing new content.
Think of a niche like a community of friends that shares the same one hobby, skill, or passion — like nerding out on mathematics.
Finding and deciding what your niche is will help you build community with your content, and when you build community, your videos and your channel are both more popular.
The result of that? More potential earnings from ads, viewers, and loyal fans.
Here are two examples of people who have carved out a very specific niche on YouTube:

First We Feast

First We Feast is the channel that created the _Hot Ones _video series. In this series, host Sean Evans interviews guests — popular actors, musicians, and famous figures about their lives and work. You might be thinking, “that seems pretty broad…not much of a niche.”
That’s where the hot wings come in.
On this show, Evans not only interviews famous people — he asks them to join him in eating a progressively hotter wing for each question he asks them. The result, as you know if you’ve seen his videos before, is pretty entertaining.
This year, Evans will premiere his 11th season of Hot Ones. His First We Feast channel has over 8 million subscribers and his video content has been seen over a billion times since he launched the channel in 2014.

Simone Giertz

Simone Giertz makes bad robots. She creates funny videos on YouTube that show her building robots and mechanical creations that don’t always hit the mark.
One of her most famous examples is an alarm clock that literally slaps you in the face when it goes off in the morning.
Despite the deadpan brand of humor she infuses into her content, Giertz has used YouTube to successfully position herself as a bright scientist/engineer and an incredibly creative and inspiring artist.
It’s another example of someone taking a broad topic or interest (robotics and engineering) and zeroing in on a specific niche (making bad, barely-functioning robots that delight and entertain viewers).
She calls herself the Queen of Shitty Robots, and now everyone else does too. Her channel has over 2 million subscribers and her videos have over 100 million views.
Today, her fame and dedication has allowed her to move beyond just building bad robots. Most notably, she recently produced a video that documented the process she went through to turn her Tesla into a pickup truck (she called it Truckla).
She’s also created videos on meditation, art, and the extremely personal and scary experience of finding out she had a brain tumor (and getting surgery and radiation to remove it).

How to find your niche

You might already know exactly what kind of videos you want to create and what kind of person you want your videos to connect and resonate with. If you aren’t quite there yet, here are a few steps you can follow to find your niche:

Step 1: Know yourself

As marketers and entrepreneurs, it can be tempting to focus only on the data and the trends, but I’m going to urge you to think a little selfishly when trying to land on your niche.
You should ask yourself what kind of videos you want to create, how you can help people, and what kind of legacy you want to leave. What are you passionate about? What do you love talking and learning about? What do you like to spend your time doing?
These are all questions that can direct you toward the right niche and community on YouTube.
Remember: the majority of top earners on YouTube have been doing this for a long time — some even a decade or more.
Adam Likenauger, the genius behind ILoveBasketballTV, a channel that over 1.92M people subscribe to, echoed this thought when I asked him for his advice.
“YouTube is hard,” he said. “It’s difficult. If it was so easy. We’d all be walking around with these massive gold play buttons for having a million subscribers. There is a reason so few people accomplished that level of success. And to me, it has more to do with the long struggle and road ahead.”
“Staying consistent and staying passionate vs. anything else when it comes to YouTube. If you want to succeed with YouTube, I’ll tell you honestly. Start with the passion.”
YouTube is a long game, and your niche should be something that you’re confident can grow and evolve with you over time.

Step 2: Keep an eye on emerging trends

If you’ve taken time to complete step 1, you can and should try to identify and keep an eye on emerging trends that could influence the niche you operate within.
You can follow trends by seeing what’s being viewed and shared most on YouTube, spending time digging into Google Trends, or just by subscribing to and following channels that inspire or interest you.
The YouTube Creator Academy also has a great resource on how to find your niche. You can go here to read the articles and watch the videos.

Step 3: Think about who you’re trying to reach

When you’re working on landing on the right niche, it’s also worth thinking about your future viewers — the people you want to see, share and engage with your videos. You should ask yourself: what does this group of people care about? What are their interests? What content could help or entertain them? What channels and websites do they visit and subscribe to now? How old are they? Where do they live? What do they do for work? Do they have families? Are they single?
Answering these questions will help you start to build viewer profiles that you can use when creating video content that actually connects with and entertains people.
It’s not easy — if it was, everyone would be doing it. When I talked to Rob Terkla about this, he agreed. Rob runs LunkersTV, a YouTube channel that has over 1.5M subscribers. Here’s what Rob had to say:
“It’s extremely hard,” said Rob. “Probably one of the hardest, hardest things to do to make money on YouTube is to gain an audience and capture their interest for at least seven to eight minutes. That’s the only way you’re going to make money.”
Rob has spent a lot of time trying to create videos that pique the interests of his viewers. He must be doing something right because collectively, his videos have over 232,000,000 views!

Step 4: Just start creating

At some point, you have to stop analyzing and planning and start doing. The sooner you can get started, the faster you will evolve and improve.
You can have a general idea about the niche or community you’re trying to serve with your video content, but eventually, those ideas need to be tested.
When I asked Jim Meskimen, a famous impressionist and actor with over 30K subscribers and 12M+ video views, for his take, he gave this advice:
“Be productive. In other words, don’t expect to make just one video or 12 videos or even 100 videos. You’ve got to really knuckle down and be productive. It’s gonna take more than you think.”
Don’t wait too long to start creating and sharing videos with your audience. They are your best source for understanding whether you’re on the right track in terms of the focus of your videos and the overall theme of your channel.

Creating video content people will love

When you’ve created your channel and landed on your niche, your main job going forward is to create video content that people love. You want to produce videos that drive people to subscribe to your channel, engage with your videos, share it with friends, and return to see your new content each time you hit publish.
Here are a handful of tips on how to create video content that people will love to watch and share:

Be obsessive about quality

To make a compelling video, you have to be obsessive about audio and visual quality. Competition for attention on YouTube is fierce — you only win by creating a presentation that draws people within the first few seconds and keeps them watching until the end.
To ensure that you’re able to produce high-quality content that meets the ever-increasing expectations of viewers, invest in professional recording equipment and software, or hire someone that can help you produce your videos.
You don’t need to spend a fortune — but it’s typically important that your videos are better than what your mom posts to Facebook. Equipment does make a difference, but understanding how to use even the most basic equipment is what really counts.
Learning about the rule of thirds, transitions, and other technical things that make a shot either look good or look odd will be 10x more effective than simply buying the most expensive camera around.

Be consistent

The biggest mistake most people make when getting started on YouTube is that they ignore the importance of consistency. They publish one great video, drive a ton of engagement and land a bunch of subscribers, then go dark in publishing and lose all the momentum they built with the first video.
To build a loyal following on YouTube, you have to commit to a consistent publishing schedule. You have to keep giving fans and subscribers (and the algorithm) more of what they want. That’s again where the editorial calendar comes into play.
Producing more videos will not only help you build your audience, but it will also help you create better videos over time.

Watch your metrics

Don’t just create videos you think will do well—look into your analytics on past videos to understand what topics and ideas really resonated with people.
You can access a lot of data from your YouTube videos, but here is a list of the most important metrics to keep track of, according to HubSpot:
To learn more about each of these metrics, explore the guide from HubSpot.

Ask for feedback and ideas

Get feedback from your subscribers whenever you share a new video on your channel. You can do this by verbally making the ask at the end of your video (“leave a comment below and let me know what you think!”) or by including a graphic with a call-to-action (“send me an email about what else you’d like to see on this channel!).
Asking for regular feedback shows your subscribers that you’re not just broadcasting content for them to consume, but that you are willing to engage with them and listen to their ideas, which can help you build loyalty and keep viewers coming back for more each month.

Be different and test bold ideas

More than 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. To cut through the noise, you have to be willing to go out of your way to make videos that surprise and delight people.
That means thinking more creatively and taking more risks.
It means seeing what everyone else is doing with video and intentionally choosing to do something wildly different.
It means not being afraid to produce and publish something that falls completely flat with your subscribers.
“It’s difficult to get traction for certain videos,” says Nathan Chan, who manages the Foundr Magazine YouTube channel. “You just don’t know what will work. So it’s important for us as we cover many topics, with many sales funnels, and many courses to ensure that we do a series of videos i.e. 8-10 on a certain topic with the hope that one will take off!”
Going viral typically doesn’t happen when you do what everyone else does.
It happens when you create something truly unique that stirs emotion in people and compels them to share with others.
Creating original content also makes it a lot easier to earn money on YouTube. That’s one of the many lessons musician and songwriter Molly Kate Kestner shared with me.
“YouTube rewards consistent uploads,” said Molly. “And if your content is original, then you can actually monetize off of it. That’s probably one of the biggest challenges that I’ve ever faced with monetization is I realized, oh, if I’m uploading covers of songs, I can’t actually make money from this because it’s not original. So it’s been beautiful because it’s inspired me to upload more and more original music and content.”
By taking action on this lesson, Molly was able to publish a video of an original song that earned over 1.5 million views in less than 2 weeks (it currently sits at 16+ million), a performance on Good Morning America, and a recording contract.
Need some inspiration? Here are the top 100 YouTube videos of all time.

A crash course in recording equipment

If you want to create great YouTube videos that have the potential to make you money, you need to invest in the right recording equipment.
While this section could easily have an entire post written around it, here’s a quick list of budget-friendly starter equipment you should have at your disposal.
But remember, you don’t NEED the gear. The content itself, the emotions you invoke, the personality — that’s what people are subscribing to, not your “L-series lens.”

Canon EOS Rebel T7i DSLR Camera Deluxe Video Creator Kit

This video creator kit from Canon will provide you with all the starter tools you need to start shooting high-quality video and audio. It includes a camera, three lenses, a shotgun microphone, a tripod, chargers, batteries, memory cards, and a backpack case. This will be your most expensive investment as far as equipment goes, but you can buy it online for around $800-900 dollars.

Photo Video Studio 10Ft Adjustable Background Stand

This backdrop kit will help you create a professional background for your videos. It includes an adjustable crossbar, light stands, spring clamps, sandbags, and a bag to store and carry everything. You can buy it online for around $40.

LED Video Light Kit with 2M Light Stand

This lighting kit will make it easy to create the right ambiance for your videos. It includes stands, filters, lights, and batteries. You can buy it online for about $80-90 dollars.
If you’re not quite ready to make an investment into any professional-grade equipment, don’t let it prevent you from getting started. iPhones and Android phones have great cameras and lots of apps you can use to create great low-budget videos for your YouTube channel.
If you decide to go this route to start, spend time reviewing these helpful tips on how to record a professional-grade video using your iPhone from Wistia.

Wrapping up

Making money on YouTube is hard, but it is possible. There are countless examples of people who were just like you that were able to put in enough time, energy, creativity, and consistency to make it happen.
They had different journeys and challenges along the way, but they all began with the same first step: they started creating videos and never looked back.
Kallen, the YouTube creator behind Slapped Ham, a YouTube channel with over a million subscribers, echoed this call to action when I asked him for his thoughts.
He said, “my best piece of advice for people looking to make money on YouTube is to just start! So many people get frozen by the creative process and think what they have to put out, it has to be perfect. It absolutely doesn’t have to be. So jump in, get involved, have fun and find your voice first.”
So there you have it! If you want to earn money on YouTube one day, make your commitment to get started this year — don’t wait for the perfect ideas or the ideal time. Start now.
I came across this article and thought a few entrepreneurs here would find it valuable. You can find the original article here.
submitted by jdquey to Entrepreneur [link] [comments]

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