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Looking for help with our Share-A-Sale program. Any advice is greatly appreciated .

I manage a fashion jewelry brand called Helen's Jewels ( We've been on Shareasale since Feb 2015.
It is not going well for us and I want to make it work. We have increased our commission to 30% to draw in more affiliates, but that hasn't helped. we update our datafeed everyday via a service called GoDatafeed.
We would like to recruit fashion bloggers from our space to promote our products, but most of them do not want to join Shareasale. They are mostly linked up with rewardstyle or shopstyle (2 of the most popular affiliate channels for the fashion industry)
What can we do to make our program succeed?
Here is our current program:
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!
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Skimlinks is a sub-affiliate network that conveniently adds affiliate links in your posts. You don’t have to worry about including it. The regular links you put it will automatically turn into affiliate links. 10. Shopstyle Collective. Shopstyle Collective is like Skimlinks; it’s also a sub-affiliate network. One of the easiest ways to get started with Pinterest affiliate marketing is with a program called ShopStyle Collective. This is a collective of many different merchants in which you can create pins for their products and earn a commission when someone simply clicks on the pin. Instead of applying to individual brands within the affiliate network, once you get into the sub-affiliate network, you have access to all of their brands. These are the more popular sub-affiliate networks out there: 8 / RewardStyle. Apply here. RewardStyle is a popular sub-affiliate network, especially with fashion bloggers. Yes! Affiliate links success does not rely on how many followers you have, but instead on how loyal and engaged your following is. Most merchants will give you a 24 hour limit. Anything ordered typically counts, as long as they reached that site via your affiliate link. Shopstyle Collective. This is one I don’t use that often and I 2. Shopstyle Collective. Another affiliate network, Shopstyle Collective is very easy to sign-up for, as long as you have a proper website or blog. Shopstyle Collective is also one of very few affiliate networks that pay out commissions per click. So, you don’t have to complete a sale to get your commission: you just need clicks. 3. Impact Radius

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