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This SubReddit is for discussion of CrossFit, functional fitness, weightlifting and the lifestyle, nutrition and training methodologies involved.

All the best deals on fitness related products

A subreddit dedicated to finding the latest and best deals on any and all fitness related goods: clothes, gear, supplements, you name it. *Please post directly to the item on sale, not to a third party splash page. *Please designate the country of sale at some point in the post title. *No P2P sales. *No blogspam or affiliate links (unless you can offer the community a great deal on products).

In your experience as an affiliate, how hard is it to find a company that offers products/ services that perfectly fits your nice?

I've heard many affiliates get really upset when a company they've worked with doesn't continue a professional relationship. Since it can get pretty tough finding another company that fits your niche, how do you go about finding better companies to work with?
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[Amazon Affiliates] If I have different Amazon associates accounts (for multiple locales) and link them in the ass. website, will my product affiliate links direct the user to the most fitting amazon store for his location, or is it still necessary to publish different links for each of the locales?

Asking because I'm new to this kind of marketing, and also because I used to see people posting links for several countries but nowadays I usually only see one link.
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An Affiliate Discovery Tool: Product Market Fit??

Is there a market for an AI-backed affiliate discovery tool?
Imagine you're an advertiser (merchant). You input some data into a form, upload a list of keywords and competitors and hit "RUN"... and a list of hundreds of mega-relevant affiliate is generated from across the entire web.
Backgrund: I've been in the affiliate space for some years; managing programs for some pretty huge tech companies before launching an agency.
Challenge: For all my clients the single biggest challenge we face is Affiliate Discovery. Signing up to a network (be it AWIN, Rakuten, Webgains) doesn't often solve the problem. Most affiliates on those networks are incentive sites (cashback, discount code, voucher). And I invariably end up finding a large portion of my clients' affiliates from OUTSIDE the networks.
I try to avoid incentives at first to avoid non-incremental users, and focus on blogs, influencers and even businesses for cross-referral.
The Discovery Tool woud generate list of affiliate based on a broad range of relevancy criteria and show information like category, reach (traffic, subscribers) target audience/customer, region, contact information and draw from all over the web.
Would advertisers use this?
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I created a Health/Fitness/Longevity related product listing, grid-style responsive design. Do Affiliate pages like this have any value?

I created mostly as a Ruby on Rails learning project. I'm interested in the kinds of products I listed and had fun writing the short blurbs below each picture. They mostly link to Amazon or other affiliates.
But, other than the learning I achieved, do pages like this have value? It seems like paying to drive traffic here would be overboard. Maybe all I can really do is create a corresponding FB and Twitter page and try to gain a following that way? (which I've done, but haven't seriously given them much attention). Though I strangely gained a handful of followers with little effort.
I guess my main question is, could a site with such shallow, but maybe sometimes humorous content still build up a following enough to provide some revenue? In your opinion, is it worth it to continue putting effort into this, or better to just be happy with what I learned, and move onto something different?
I'm considering just throwing this onto Flippa and seeing what people bid on it.
Any other criticisms much appreciated.
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Any advice getting starting?

I'm going back to school and looking for about $42,000 for school. I am looking to start with affiliate marketing. Is there any way to make a decent amount before October with affiliate marketing to help offset this and have a passive income once I quit my job?
I'm very much into health and fitness. I'm looking for some recommendations getting starting with affiliate marketing. Any advice?
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For a quick, easier search - has compiled this whole thread. Special thanks to u/SHIFTnSPACE. - This is now a part of the sidebar as a button widget!

What is an MLM?

Multi-level marketing (MLM), also called pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketing, is a marketing strategy for the sale of products or services where the revenue of the MLM company is derived from a non-salaried workforce selling the company's products/services, while the earnings of the participants are derived from a pyramid-shaped or binary compensation commission system. ​
If you see a company and are not sure that it belongs on this list, please reach out. I have compiled this list from the sources listed at the bottom along with input from community members. This list may not be 100% accurate but the goal is to get it as close as possible.
31 - Bags
5Linx - Home & Business Services
Abby & Anna - Clothing
ACAN Pacific - Utilities
ACN - Utilities
ActiLabs - Skincare/Health
Adornable.U - Accessories
Advocare - Dietary Supplements
AeroGrow - Garden Tools
Agnes & Dora - Clothing
AIM Global - Nutritional Supplements
Akasuka (Japan) -
Alcone - Beauty
Alice's Table - Flower Arrangement Classes
All'asta - Home Goods
Allysian Sciences -
Aloe Vera of America (Young Living) - Nutritional Supplements
Aloette - Beauty
Alphay Int - Nutritional Supplements
AlureVe - Skincare/Health
Amare Global - Nutritional Supplements
Ambit - Utilities
Amelia James -
Ameo - Essential Oils
American Income Life - Financial
Amsoil - Motor Oil
Amway - Health/Beauty/Home Goods
Ann Summers - Product
Ann Summers (UK) - Adult Novelties
Anorak (UK) - Home Goods
Anran (China) -
Apollo (India) - Juice
Apriori - Skincare/Health
AquaSource UK - Nutritional Supplements
Arbonne - Skincare/Health
ARIIX - Water Purification
Arsoa Honsha (Japan) - Fitness/Weight Loss
Asea Global - Nutritional Supplements
Asirvia (shut down) - Marketing
Aspire/Digital Altitude - Marketing
ATC Coin - Crypto Currency
Athena's - Adult Novelties
Atomy - Skincare/Health
Ava Anderson -
Ava Rose - Clot
Avisae - Weight Loss
Avon - Beauty
b:hip Global - Health
Bachar Nutrition - Nutritional Supplements
Bamboo Pink - Jewelry
Barefoot Books - Books
Bath.Ologie - Bath Bombs
Beach Body - Fitness/Weight Loss Videos
BearCereju (Japan) - Cosmetics
BeautiControl -
Beauty Counter - Cosmetics
Beauty Society - Beauty
beCAUSE Cosmetics - Cosmetics
Become International (US & AUS) - Cosmetics
Bedroom Kandi - Adult Novelties
Beever (UK) - Hair Care
BelCorp (Latin America) - Cosmetics
Bellame - Skincare/Health
Bemer - Appliances
Better Way Design/Imports - Clothing
Biogreen Argentina -
BioPerformance - Automotive (Fuel Pills)
Bod-e Pro - Nutritional Supplements
Body by Vi/Visalus - Health
Body Shop at Home - Beauty
Boisset Collection - Wine
Boston Finney (shut down) -
Bounce Life/Network - Insurance
Bud Star (Canada) - CBD/THC Products
BurnLounge (shut down as pyramid scheme by FTC in 2012) -
Buskins - Clothing
Butterfly Beauty - Cosmetics
Cabi - Clothing
Cambridge Weight Plan/Diet - Dietary Supplements
CAN - Utilities
Captain Tortue - Clothing
Carico Int - Home Goods
Celebrating Home - Home Goods
Cellements - Skincare/Health
CEO Movement (Not MLM but scammy) -
Chalk Couture - Chalkboard Signs
Chalky & Co - Home Goods
Chandeal (Japan) - Clothing
Charle (Japan) - Clothing
Charlie's Project - Clothing
Chef's Toolbox (AUS) (Insolvency) - Kitchen Accessories
Cherish Natural Products -
Chloe & Isabel - Jewelry
Clever Container - Home Goods
Close to My Heart - Scrapbooking
Cloud 9 Parties - Adult Novelties
Cobra Group/Appco -
Cocoa Exchange - Food
Color by Amber - Jewelry
Color Happy -
Color Street - Nail Wraps
Colour Me Beautiful (UK) - Clothing
Compelling Creations - Jewelry
Conklin - Roofing
Cookie Lee (shut down) -
Cosway (Malaysia) - Health/Beauty/Home Goods
Country Scents - Product/Candles
Create Your Life - Health
Creative Memories - Scrapbooking
Credit Repair USA - Financial
Crunchi - Cosmetics
Cutco - Knives
CVSL - Multiple Companies
Daisy Blue Naturals - Personal Care
Damsel in Defense - Product/Self Defense
Darceys - Candles
David Lerner Associates, INC - Financial
Dazzle and Daze - Clothing
Deutsche vermögensberatung/Dvag (Germany) - Financial
Diana (Japan) -
Dione Cosmetics - Cosmetics
Direct Cellars/DC Nation - Wine
Discovery Toys - Educational Toys
Divvee/Nui -
Dot Dot Smile - Clothing
DoTERRA - Health/Oils
Du Northing Designs - Clothing
Dubli Network - Financial
Dudley Beauty - Cosmetics
DXN - Health/Beauty/Home Goods
Dynamic Essentials -
EcoWarehouse - Home Goods
Elepreneuer -
Elk River Soaps - Personal Care
Ella Tina - Clothing
Elli Kai - Clothing
Elvacity - Nutritional Supplements
EmGoldEx/Global Intergold -
Enagic/Kangen Water - Ionized Water
Endless Xpressions - Clothing/Accessories
Enersource Int - Nutritional Supplements
Enjo (AUS) - Cleaning Producs
Envy Jewelry - Jewelry
Epicure (Canada) - Food
Equinox International (dissolved in 2001) -
Ergo (Germany) - Insurance
Essante Organics -
Essential Bodywear - Clothing
European Grouping of Marketing Professionals/CEDIPAC SA (dissolved 1995) -
European Home Retail (dissolved 2007) -
Evanescence Network - Health
EVER Skincare - Skincare/Health
Evolution Travel - Product
EvolvHealth - Health
Faberlic (Russia) - Health/Beauty/Home Goods
Family First Life - Insurance
Family Heritage Insurance - Insurance
Fantasia - Adult Novelties
Fantasia (Canada) - Adult Novelties
Farmasi -
FES Connect - Financial
Fibi & Clo - Footwear
Fifth Ave Collection - Jewelry
First Fitness Nutrition - Dietary Supplements
Fit4Mom - Clothing
FITTEAM Global - Dietary Supplements
Flamingo Paperie - Art
Fleuresse -
FM World (UK) -
For Tails Only - Pet Supplies
Forever Living - Health/Oils
Forex Education (iMarkets Live branch) - Crypto
Forex Entourage - Financial
Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing (dissolved 2013) -
Four Oceans - Health
Fragant Jewels - Bathbombs
FreeLife - Nutritional Supplements
Frontrow -
Fuel Freedom Int - Automotive
Fund America (Bankrupt 1990) -
Gano Excel - Nutritional Supplements
GelMoment - Beauty
Gemstra - Jewelry
Genesis Pure - Nutritional Supplements
Global Legacy Initiative -
GoDesana - Pet
Gold Canyon - Product/Candles
Golden Days (China) - Health
Grace & Heart - Jewelry
Green HoriZen - CBD
Greeting Cake Company - Cake Kits
H2O At Home - Personal Care
Hale - CBD Oil
Hanky Panky Parties (Canada) - Adult Novelties
Happy Coffee - Coffee
Harvard Risk Management (Legal Shield) -
Hayward's Gourmet Popcorn - Food
HB Naturals - Health
He(L)o - Health
Healthy Peach - Dietary Supplements
Heavenly Chia - Food
Heka Corp - Fitness
Helo Wristbands - Health
HempWorx - Health
Herbalife - Health
Heritage Makers - Scrapbooking
Hinode - Cosmetics
Holiday Magic (shut down) -
Home Interiors - Home Goods
Honey - Beauty
Honey & Lace - Clothing
Hualin Biotech (China) - Health
iCoinPro - Crypto Currency
ID Life - Health
Igniting Passion (Canada) - Adult Novelties
iMarketsLive - Financial Trading Software
Immunotec - Health
Imperial Candles (UK) - Candles
In a Pikle - Bags
Income Advantage -
India Hicks - Product/Accessories
Infinitus - Health
Initials, Inc - Bags
Inkd Up Nails - Beauty
innov8tive nutrition - Nutritional Supplements
InteleTravel - Travel
Intimo (AUS/NZ) - Adult Novelties
Isagenix - Dietary Supplements
ItWorks! - Health
J. Elizabeth - Clothing
J. Hilburn - Clothing
J.R Watkins -
Jafra - Beauty
Jamberry - Beauty
Jamby - Clothing
Jamie at Home (shut down) -
Janice Collection - Home Goods
Java Momma - Coffee
Javita - Coffee
Jbloom - Jewelry
Jequiti - Cosmetics
Jerky Direct -
Jeunesse - Beauty
Jewel Kade (31) - Jewelry
Jewelscent - Product/Candles
JK Apparel (Canada) - Clothing
Jordan Essentials - Beauty
JoyMain (China) - Health
Joyome (Plexus) - Beauty
JuicePlus - Nutritional Supplements
Jump Natural - Health
Kaesar & Blair -
Kalaia - Skincare/Health
Kalo & Co - Pearl/Jewelry
Kangen Water -
Kannaway - CBD Oil
Karat Bars - Gold
Kaszazz - Scrapbooking
Keep Collective - Jewelry
Keep Me Safe - Cos
KETO (Pruvit) -
Keto Coffee - Coffee
Ketones - Health
Kirby - Vacuums
Kleeneze - Home Goods
Kobold (Vorwerk) -
Kyani - Health
Labella Baskets - Home Goods
Lady Godiva Beauty - Cosmetics
Lavylites - Beauty
L'BRI - Beauty
LeadUp Consulting -
Legal Shield - Legal Services
LegArt (Canada) - Leggings
Legend Age (China) -
Legging Army - Clothing
Legging Girl - Clothing
Lemongrass Spa - Beauty
LeReve (Canada) - Cosmetics
Le-Vel (Thrive) - Health
Lia Sophia (dissolved) - Jewelry
Life Abundance - Pet
LIFE Leadership - Financial
Life Tree World - Food
LifeBrook -
LifePlus (US/Germany) - Dietary Supplements
Life's Abundance - Pet Supplies
LifeVantage - Dietary Supplements
Lilla Rose - Jewelry
Limelife - Skincare/Health
Limu - Health
Limu - Nutritional Supplements
Linen World - Home Goods
Lion Crown -
Lipsense - Beauty
Liv International - Travel
Live Sore - Clothing
Longabeger Company - Baskets
Longrich (China) - Beauty
Lorraine Lee Linen - Home Goods
Love Winx - Adult Novelties
LR Beauty & Health - Beauty
LuLaRoe - Clothing
Lulu Ave - Jewelry
Luminess - Cosmetics
Lyconet/Lyoness -
Lyoness - Financial
M. Global (Jamberry) - Jewelry
M. Network - Nutritional Supplements
Maelle Beauty - Beauty
Magnabilities - Jewelry
Magnolia & Vine - Jewelry
Makeup Eraser - Cosmetics
Man Cave - Kitchen Accessories
Mannatech - Dietary Supplements
Mark. - Financial
Market America - Health/Beauty/Home Goods
Marly Ray - Pearl/Jewelry
Marvelous Mouse Travels - Travel
Mary & Martha - Home Goods
MaryKay - Beauty
Maskara - Beauty
Matilda Jane - Clothing
Max & Madeleine - Skincare/Health
Maxwell Clothing - Clothing
MCA - Financial
Medifast - Nutritional Supplements
Melaleuca - Health/Beauty/Home Goods
Metabolife (dissolved in 2005) -
MiA Bath and Body (Closed) -
mialisia - Jewelry
Miche EU - Accessories
Miki (Asia) - Nutritional Supplements
MOA Nutrition - Nutritional Supplements
Modere -
MojiLife - Essential Oils
Monat - Hair Care
MonaVie (went into foreclosure 2015) -
Morinda Bioactives - Personal Care/Dietary Supplements
Motives Cosmetics - Cosmetics
Multpure - Water
My Club 8 - CBD Oil
My Daily Choice - Nutritional Supplements
My LALA Leggings - Clothing
myEcon - Financial
National Safety Associates - Dietary Supplements
National Wealth Center - Education
Natura (Brazil) - Cosmetics
Nature Direct (AUS) - Essential Oils
Nature's Sunshine Products - Dietary Supplements
Neal's Yard Remedies Organic - Beauty
NeoLife - Dietary Supplements
Neora (Nerium) -
Nerium - Skincare/Health
NeVetica - Pet Supplies
New Era (China) - Nutritional Supplements
New U Life - Health
Neways - Personal Care
Nikken -
Noevir - Beauty
Nomades - Jewelry
Noonday Collection - Jewelry
Norwex - Cleaning Producs
Nouveau Riche (real estate investment college) (dissolved 2010 -
Nspire Network - Feminine Products
NuCerity - Skincare/Health
NuSkin - Tooth Paste/Personal Care
Nutriboom -
NXIVM - Financial
Nygard - Clothing
Omnilife - Dietary Supplements
One Hope Wine - Wine
Optavia - Health
Opulenza - Jewelry
Organo Gold - Coffee
Oriflame - Personal Care
Origami Owl - Jewelry
Our Hearts Desire - Jewelry
Paid 2 Save - Travel
Pampered Chef - Kitchen Accessories
Paparazzi - Jewelry
Paperly - Paper
Park Lane Jewelry - Jewelry
Party Girl - Candles
Party Lite - Candles
Party Time Mixes - Food
PartyLite - Candles
Passion Parties - Adult Novelties
Pawtree - Pet
Paycation - Travel
Peach - Clothing
Pearl Chic - Pearl/Jewelry
Peekaboo Beans - Clothing
Perfect (China) - Cosmetics
Perfectly Polished - Beauty
Perfectly Posh - Beauty
Personally Poetic - Jewelry
PHP - Insurance
Pierre Lang - Jewelry
Pink Zebra - Candles
Piphany - Clothing
PixieLane - Clothing
Plexus - Health
Plumeria Bath - Beauty
Plunder - Jewelry
PM International - Health
Pola (Japan) - Skincare/Health
Poofy Organics - Beauty
Powur - Solar Panels
Premier Designs - Jewelry
Premier Financial - Financial
PrimeMyBody - Health
Primerica - Financial
Princess House - Kitchen Accessories
ProDoula -
ProYoung - Health
Pruvit - Health
Pulse Cosmetics - Cosmetics
Pure Haven - Cosmetics
Pure Romance - Product
PureHaven - Home Goods
PUREly - Essential Oils
Purium - Health
Qnet - Nutritional Supplements
Quanjian Natural (China) - Food
RadiantlyYou -
Rain International - Health
Rainbow Vacuum - Vacuums
Real Time Pain Relief - Health
Red Aspen - Beauty
RED Safety - Security
Regal Home and Gifts - Home Goods
Reliv - Health
Reliv - Nutritional Supplements
Renatus Real Estate - Education
RevitalU - Coffee/Health
Riway - Deer Placenta
Robert Kiyosaki -
Rodan+Fields - Beauty
Roland (Vorwerk) -
Rolmex (China) - Kitchen Accessories
Royal Tongan Limu (dissolved in 2003) -
Royaltie Gens - Marketing
Ruby Ribbon - Clothing
Saba - Health/Beauty
Sabika Jewelry - Jewelry
SafeGirl Security - Self Defense
Salad Master - Home Goods
SARSO (India) -
Scentsy - Health/Oils
Schneider's Gourmet World - Food
Scout & Cellar - Wine
Seacret - Beauty
SendOutCards - Gift Cards
Senegence - Skincare/Health
Shakeology (BeachBody) - Dietary Supplements
Shaklee - Dietary Supplements
Shopping Sherlock -
Shrimp & Grits - Clothing
Signature Homestyles - Home Goods
Silpada - Jewelry
Silver Icing - Jewelry
Simple Man - Personal Care
Simply Success Elite -
SimplyFun Games - Education
Skinny Body at Home - Dietary Supplements
SkinSanity/Tomorrow's Leaf - Skincare/Health
Smart Circle -
Smartway -
Solavei (dissolved 2015)[ -
Solvei (bankrupt) -
Sophie Paris (France/Asia) - Clothing
South Hill Designs - Jewelry
Southern Living at Home - Home Goods
SouthWestern Advantage - Education
Sseko - Clothing
Stampin Up - Paper
Steam Energy - Utilities
Steeped Tea - Tea
Stella & Dot - Clothing
Stream Energy - Financial
Style Dots - Jewelry
Success University - Education
Sun Hope (China) -
Sunrider - Health/Beauty/Home Goods
Sunset Gourmet - Food
Sunshine Empire (dissolved 2009) -
Surge 365 - Travel
Sweet Legs - Clothing
Sweet Minerals - Beauty
Symmetry Financial Group - Insurance
Syntek Global - Automotive
T.O.P Marketing Group -
TAG Team Marketing -
Taisei/Green Planet/Kaikisui (Japan_ - Purifiers
Tara at Home - Home Goods
Tastefully Simple - Food
Tavala - Health
Tealightful - Tea
Team National - Financial
TeDivina - Tea
Telecom Plus (UK) - Utilities
Telexfree (bankrupt 2014) -
The Advert Platfrom - Crypto Currency
The Body Shop at Home - Beauty
The Landmark Forum - Health
The Super Affiliate Network - Marketing
Thermomix (Vorwerk) -
Thirty One - Bags
Thrive - Health
Thrive Life - Food
Tiber River Naturals - Beauty
TKO WorldWide -
Tocara (Canada) - Jewelry
Tom James - Clothing
Total Life Changes/TLC - Health
TouchStone Crystal - Jewelry
Touchstone Essentials - Dietary Supplements
Tracy Negoshian - Clothing
Trades of Hope - Jewelry
Tranont - Financial
Transformational Beauty - Cosmetics
Travel Evolution - Travel
Traveling Vineyard - Wine
TraVerus Global - Travel
TriVita - Nutritional Supplements
Tropic Skin Care - Skincare/Health
True Peak Revolution (Europe) -
Truvision Health - Health
TS-Life - Nutritional Supplements
Tupperware - Tupperware
Unicity - Health
United Sciences of America (dissolved in 1987) -
United Warehouse (UK) -
US Health Advisors -
Usana - Nutritional Supplements
Usborne - Books
Utility Warehouse (UK) - Utilities
Valentus - Dietary Supplements
Vantel - Product/Pearls
Vasayo - Health
VectoCutco - Knives
Vemma - Dietary Supplements
viaOneHope - Wine
ViBella - Jewelry
VIC Cosmetics -
Vida Divina - Tea
Vie at Home (closed) -
Virtuity Financial Group (World Financial Group) -
ViSalus (Body by VI) - Dietary Supplements
Vitality Extracts - Essential Oils
VivaMK - Cleaning Producs
Volo - Health
Vorwerk - Home Goods
Votre Belle Maison (UK) - Giftware
Voxxlife - Health
Wakaya Perfection - Health
WakeUpNow (dissolved 2015) -
Watkins Inc - Health/Home Goods
Wealthperx - Travel
Wikaniko - Home Goods
Wildtree - Food
Willing Beauty - Beauty
Winasun - Health
Wine Shop at Home - Wine
Wines for Humanity - Wine
Wink Naturals - Health
World Financial Group/Pinnacle Leadership Development - Financial
World Leadership Group (dissolved in 2008) -
World Ventures/Wealth Wave/TKO WorldWide - Travel
WoTaBu - Travel
XanGo/Ziji - Health
Xerveo - Dietary Supplements
Xoom Energy - Utilities
Xooma - Weight Loss
Xstream Travel - Travel
Xyngular - Health
Yanbal Int - Jewelry
Yandi (China) - Nutritional Supplements
Yelloow - Beauty
Yevo (closed) -
Yofoto (China) - Health
Yoli - Health
Yoonla -
YOR Health - Weight Loss
Young Living - Health
Youngevity -
Younique - Beauty
YTB International - Travel
Zepter -
Zija - Health
Zilis - Health
Zinzino (Scandanavia) -
Zrii - Skincare/Health
Zurvita - Health
Zyia - Clothing
Zyn - Travel
TOTAL COUNT = 594 ​ This list will be continually updated (5/19/2020).
2018 Archived MLM Mega Thread

Sources: , Special thanks to u/Copacetic1515 (I could not stick your thread)

For income disclosure information: Updated 2019 Thread

Other Helpful Links: Discussion about World Financial Group
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Face Masks - A List of Face Coverings for MFA

Aight -- I've been low-key kinda hyped for wearing masks during the whole epidemic and have started collecting them to accessorize with. To that point, I did my best to spin up a list (AKA spreadsheet) of brands that I've found that have some cool designs going on, as well as to list any causes (AFAIK) that they might be donating to/supporting.
All of this is still a work in progress, so I'm just slowly adding stuff as I go.
DISCLAIMER -- I am NOT affiliated with any of the businesses, companies, or brands listed. They're just selling some masks I thought were cool that I wanted to share. I am not, and have no intention of, profiting from this in any way.
Additionally -- not all of these masks are up to CDC standards/specs or classified as N95. Some are and/or have filter pockets though, and I might try to specifically flag those ones if I get the chance.
TL;DR - I tried my best to create a list of masks from a lot of "mainstream" fashion labels. Link.
Please let me know if y'all have any comments or suggestions!
P.S.: I really hope this is in line with community guidelines mods plz be merciful.
Edit: Dang y'all -- it's so dope to see all the cordial discussions going on in the comments. Thanks for recommending masks and informing each other on other options and suggestions!! Coupla updates:
Please keep the discussions ongoing y'all -- it's so dope to see all the support and care in the sub going on!!
Edit II: Thanks for the continued input and suggestions y'all -- as of this edit, I think we've got about 150+ masks on the list. Several "quality of life" updates to the list:
Edit III: List is still going strong and we've got about 150+ brands at the moment, with about 100+ on the way. I'm still fleshing everything else out, but since this has gained a lot more traction and people have been asking about health concerns and CDC/WHO standards, I'm slowly also trying to detail and make more information readily consolidated/available. I also might try to start doing/posting reviews on masks based on availability and (personal funds).
Edit IV: I've had some brands and users reaching out to me to show support, so I'm working to start up a blog and post information, updates, etc. regarding masks (and hopefully even COVID19 info) because people have been asking for recommendations and this has been useful in not only (hopefully) raising awareness for others, but in educating myself and learning more and more about masks, COVID, and current medical standards.
I'm still not a healthcare/medical professional, nor am I claiming to be, and this is in no way being done for profit or marketing -- it's just something that progressively spiraled out of a hobby of mine into a legitimate avenue for discussions and education, and I have no formal affiliations or stakes in any of the brands that I've listed/detailed. Starting off with an Instagram for now while still putting together a blog/website (both currently under construction), but it should just serve to act as a more formal medium for what I'm doing here and on the spreadsheet but with more write-ups, details, and even fit pics for different masks.
Please keep in mind: I'm a "one man shop" and this list may or may not have been made on a whim because I wanted to keep a running list of brands that I liked. So please keep the suggestions coming and I'll do my best to update/course correct accordingly. If you or someone you know personally owns/runs a brand, please PM me and I'll try to include it (once again: I am not including Etsy/eBay/FB/etc. shops because that's a slippery slope and harder to "track").
This is still an ongoing WIP, so thanks for the continued support and feedback! Please also make sure to checkout/show some love to some of the other lists that are out there:
Please reference the following links for information/details regarding health and safety standards with respect to buying, wearing, and even making masks:
My original list can still be found here.
Instagram (WIP) can be found here. -- UNDER CONSTRUCTION
Please feel free to DM me with any questions/inquiries -- thanks y'all!
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The best boxer briefs — Typical Contents

This is the first guide in a series from Typical Contents, a kind of “wirecutter for clothes”. It’s by the team behind Epochs, a now defunct menswear blog.
We’ll be reviewing categories of clothing in hopes of finding the best item(s) in that category. This first post focuses on finding the best pair of boxer briefs. We bought all 13 pairs tested using our own money and there are no referral or affiliate links contained in this post.
Over the past six months I've been on a personal crusade to find the best pair of mens boxer briefs. The reason? I'm investing the time and money now, upfront, so I never have to think about what underwear I buy ever again. During this quest I've researched over 20 pairs of underwear, and wore and washed 13 pairs over six months (and I will continue to test and update this guide accordingly). CDLP's Boxer Brief came out on top; they're light and comfortable, look great and can be had for a reasonable price when bought in multiples.

Best overall

CDLP Boxer Brief
An incredibly comfortable pair of underwear thanks to their light and airy lyocell material and lack of a fabric label. They're not quite so hard on the wallet in multipacks and subscriptions. Made in Portugal.
View on CDLP's website
CDLP’s Boxer Brief came out top in our testing. They were the most comfortable fit, perfectly hugging the wearer in a reassuring and supportive way. The unusual lyocell material was light, soft and has significant stretch. The material did have a slightly unusual sheen but this lessened on the body of the garment after a few washes (but remained on the waistband). The printed label on the inside is an excellent touch, avoiding the irritation of fabric labels. The waistband seam is moved off centre, preventing irritation in the small of the wearer’s back. The Portuguese manufacture oozes quality and means you’ll be supporting well paid workers. They are also durable: After six months of weekly wears and washes they show no issues.
£29 is expensive for a pair of underwear but its on par with others also made in developed countries. The price per pair can be brought down significantly by multipacks and CDLP's "Automatique" subscription service. A three pack costs £75, reducing the price per pair to £25 (a nine pack reduces the price per pair to £21.60 but costs an eye watering £195). Combining the three pack with a three month subscription reduces the price to £59 every three months. This reduces the price per pair to a relatively reasonable £19.
We were also impressed by CDLP’s presentation. The garments themselves exude a premium but understated feeling which is preferable to the brash loudness found in a lot of mens underwear. The bright yellow box the underwear arrives in was not only visually arresting, but made the unboxing feel special. It was reminiscent of a Mr Porter or Apple box opening experience.
This is the best pair of underpants I've ever owned. In the entire rotation this is the only pair I really looked forward to putting on. If you only want to own a single model of boxer brief, these should be it.

What we’d like to see improved

As CDLP’s founders themselves say, they “are not perfect”. We'd like more transparency around their factory in Portugal, more transparency about their lyocell material, its environmental impact, and manufacturing process. We’d also like to see some sort of recycling/disposal programme where old or worn out pairs can be sent back to the company for recycling alá Patagonia and others.

Also good

Sunspel Stretch Cotton Trunk
A well crafted pair of underwear that is comfortable and will last a long time. The material is more substantial than our top pick, but was less breathable and light feeling. Made in Portugal.
View on Sunspel's website
The Sunspel Stretch Cotton Trunk is just as comfortable as our top pick, the CDLP Boxer Brief. They have an excellent, supportive and flattering fit, and conform well to the wearer's body. Unfortunately it does have a fabric label, which we found annoying. Where this pair differs from our top pick is the material, which is a more traditional cotton/elastane mix. It is thicker and more substantial feeling than CDLP's lyocell offering but we prefer CDLP's lighter feeling material. The quality and durability on display from Sunspel is outstanding, and we expect this pair to last a very long time. Do not confuse these Stretch Cotton Trunks with Sunspel's Superfine Cotton Trunks, which are 100% cotton and we did not favour in our testing (they are also more expensive).
Sunspel do not offer multipacks or any kind of subscription service meaning what you see is what you get in terms of pricing, barring sales. All in all Sunspel has a nearly as compelling offering as our top pick for the same price (or more expensive if you take multipacks and subscription discounts into account) as our top pick. But purchasers will not be disappointed with the quality and fit on display from this heritage British brand.

Budget pick

UNIQLO Mens Supima Cotton Boxer Brief
Nearly (but not quite) as comfortable as our top picks, but there are significant sacrifices made in durability, quality and—arguably—origin. Made in Sri Lanka.
Buy on UNIQLO's website
For the more fiscally minded there is the UNIQLO Mens Supima Cotton Boxer Brief. They have an excellent, close fit and were almost (but not quite) as comfortable as our more expensive top picks. We were honestly surprised at how close they came though. The construction and quality doesn't feel as robust as our top picks and don't expect them to last nearly as long as the pairs made in Portugal. We wish they didn't have a fabric label, although it is at least a small one.
There was some slight confusion between different models with identical names on UNIQLO's website. Likely they are similar models from different factories that changed season to season. Perhaps this is a hazard of fast fashion. Speaking of which, there is some debate around the ethics used in UNIQLO's factories, despite the company’s claims. Bear in mind that this is a rock-bottom priced piece of clothing made in Sri Lanka, so ethically minded shoppers should probably steer clear.

Why you should trust us

We are the team behind the (now defunct) menswear website Epochs. Epochs examined the cultural and social history of menswear and produced some well received articles in the menswear community (e.g. Epochs Field Guide to Nautical Clothing, Epochs Field Guide to Camoflauge). We pride ourselves on our in-depth approach to research and focus on good design.
Luke McDonald is a fashion writer and stylist at London-based Thread. He has written many articles about menswear and styled a wide array of fashion shoots at Thread. Patrick McDonald is a designer based in Vancouver and has been a Muji underwear enthusiast for many years.
I (Andrew Emerson) am a designer in London. Finding the best pair of underwear became a mission of mine when I ended up with a drawer full of identical boxer briefs from a clothing subscription service in 2019. The consistency was nice but the quality was poor, so I decided I would replace my dozens of pairs of this brand's boxer brief with another model.

How we tested

Researching began online. We looked at a number of Reddit threads on malefashionadvice (thread 1, thread 2) and buyitforlife (thread 1, thread 2). We also looked at The Wirecutter’s “Best Boxer brief for Men” and “Best Travel Underwear 2020” articles as well. The Strategist had three relevant articles: ”The Best Men’s Underwear on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers”, ”What’s the Best Men’s Underwear?”, and ”What Are the Best Boxer Briefs for Men?”.
We also looked at brands that we had previous experience with, and that had permanent basics collections such as Everlane, Sunspel, ARKET and UNIQLO.
We looked to get a spread on different materials (cotton, cotton/elastane, wool, synthetics), different origins (Europe, Middle East, and Asia), and price points. Finally we purchased a shortlist of these using our own money.
We created a set of criteria that all pairs were judged against (see “What to look for” below). All purchased pairs were put in rotation for several months and notes taken on first and subsequent wears. We tracked the different pairs, stored notes, and ranked them using a Notion database. Finally we compiled our findings into this article. We intend to update this page periodically as we try new pairs (keep and eye on our changelog for updates) as there are other pairs we would still like to try.

What to look for in a pair of boxer briefs

We looked for a pair of underwear that was suitable for every day wear and most of life’s occasions; work, sleeping in, date night, running to catch a bus, dropping kids off, lounging around your apartment (but not for going to the gym or exercising in, you will need specialty underwear for that).
Boxer briefs only: We looked specifically at boxer briefs so that discounts more loose fitting boxers, and legless varieties like briefs. Boxer briefs were chosen because they are more supportive and comfortable than their cousins, and are flattering without being overly revealing. They are a modern, balanced undergarment for men.
Availability: Garments should be widely available and be almost always in stock. We discounted most high street labels because they have many different models that change frequently. We preferred those that were underwear specialists, or had a permanent collection of underwear.
Colours: We tested everything in black. This was to have a fair comparison, but also we prefer an understated look. It’s also more practical and won’t discolour.
Length and rise: Is the pair long or short in the leg? High or low rise? A balance is important here, but generally we want a regular rise combined with a slightly shorter leg length. Longer leg length can look antiquated, but a very short leg length can be uncomfortable and veer into hot pants territory (that’s bad). A slightly shorter leg can be flattering.
Fit: How tight or loose the pair is. Being boxer briefs, we are looking for a closer fitting garment, without being tight. The fit or cut is also a key factor when considering aesthetics. The fit should be flattering to the shape of the wearer, but bear in mind that it won’t make you look fit if you’re not.
Material: The main body will be some combination of cotton, wool, lyocell, elastane (spandex for our American compatriots). We found about 5-10% elastane is necessary for a comfortable, slightly stretchy fit. Without elastane, the garments had no give, weren’t fitted enough, and were generally less comfortable (they also tended to ride up the leg more). The waistband is generally a synthetic material with a percentage of elastane. The material of the waistband wasn’t as important as how it fit and felt (see below for more on waistbands).
Waistband: Two things to consider — softness and width. It should have a soft handle and be wide enough to spread the load. It also shouldn’t be too tight, or turn over easily.
Keyhole: Pretty much the only “feature” that mens boxer briefs can have; does the garment have a keyhole or not? We do not have a strong preference; slightly preferring without for simplicity. However it was not a factor that was taken into account when making our picks.
Durability: How does the garment hold up in day to day wear? How does it cope with being washed again and again? Despite what Tom Ford says, we don’t believe in throwing out our underwear after six months. We believe underwear should be able to stand up to being worn and washed at least once per week for around twelve months. We will update this guide as we continue to wash and wear our top picks.
Label/tag: Underwear should not have tags, which are annoying and itchy. Labels/tags printed directly on the garment are strongly preferred.
Price: Price can vary significantly, but we found there are generally a low and high price bracket, mostly depending on where the garment is made (see “origin” below).
Origin: Where the garment is manufactured. Today’s shoppers are much more conscientious about the ethics of their clothing. We gave preference to garments manufactured in developed countries and made in ethical, transparent ways.
Multipacks and subscription: Often a good way to reduce the price per unit. Subscription services are a great way to build up your underwear collection and of injecting fresh pairs into your rotation.

The competition

The ARKET Pima Cotton Trunks had too narrow a waistband which caused pressure on the wearer's hips. The tag is very long and caused irritation. They were also more expensive than our budget pick, which took them out of the running for us.
Although similar in many ways to our top pick (particularly the excellent lyocell material), the CDLP Boxer Trunk offers a more aggressive cut and a lower rise than their Boxer Brief cousins. However we found the leg length overly short and the cuffs of the legs more loose fitting than our top pick, leading to a overall less secure feeling fit. Some people may prefer the more sporty look, and the pair could be described as more flattering than any of our picks, but for everyday wear we prefer the CDLP Boxer Brief.
The Everlane Boxer Brief is a comfortable and all round good pair of underwear. They fit well, are the right length, and look good. The printed tag is a great touch as well. They fit was good, but were ever so slightly on the loose side in medium and weren't as flattering as the rest of our picks. The issue with Everlane's entry was the price. At £14 they are nearly three times more expensive than our budget pick for about the same experience. And although our top pick is priced at £29, they can be had for as low as £19 (and they're made in Portugal, not Sri Lanka). Shipping to the UK was also very expensive at £12. Overall they are a Very Good pair of boxer briefs but they're too expensive to be a budget pick and don't quite reach the excellence of our top picks.
The Rozenbroek Organic Bamboo Jersey Trunk is the only pair we wore that was manufactured in the UK, and is well priced for such a claim. Unfortunately we found the waistband very uncomfortable. It was too stiff, tight and thick. The edges were also slightly sharp and dug into the wearer’s hips. The bamboo material was comfortable, stretchy and light but Rozenbroek don't show the exact material breakdown on their website or on the garment itself.
Saxx is a brand well known and liked on the internet, featuring on many favourites lists. We tried the Saxx Undercover Trunk and found the cotton/modal/elastane material light, airy and supportive. One of Saxx's primary selling points is their "ballpark" technology, which is designed to cup the wearer’s genitals. We found this to be somewhat uncomfortable in practice though, with the fabric edge of the "pouch" rubbing annoyingly against the skin. The Vancouver, Canada based brand also isn't transparent about where it makes its product, which appear to be Chinese in origin. This lack of transparency made us somewhat uncomfortable, and £21 is on the steep side for China made underwear. The branding and marketing is also slightly over the top and in your face, especially compared to the understated approach of our picks. Finally Saxx is quite difficult to get outside of Canada and the US, and we had to resort to specialty outdoor shops to purchase ours in the UK.
The baggiest fit we tested belongs to the Smartwool Men's Merino Sport 150 Boxer Brief, which took them out of the running for us. This was a shame, because the merino wool construction was soft and light. £35 is also too much to be charging for a pair of underwear made in Vietnam.
The leg length was a little too long on the Stór Bamboo Boxer Brief and as a result they don't flatter the wearer. The bamboo material mix is soft and breathable and conforms well to the body and feels comparable to the lyocell used in our top pick. The origin (Turkey) is a little suspicious as it isn't listed anywhere on the website or the product. I had to reach out to the company to find out where they were made.
Being 100% cotton means the Sunspel Superfine Cotton Trunks don’t have much give, which created problems when worn. When combined with slightly too tight leg openings, it meant they tended to ride up over time, eventually leading to a nappy like appearance which then had to be readjusted. The tag is also a little annoying. Having said all that the waistband was soft and comfortable, and they are constructed well.
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Am I doing something wrong?

Ok, so I have a 3 years old blog, it's about men's fitness, fashion and grooming. Currently I am getting around 3-5k visitors a day, mostly from pinterest and about 150 organic visitors...I have 198 posts in total...I am very active on Pinterest... currently I am using AdSense and Amazon affiliate for income from my blog...I am making around $400-600 a can I increase it?
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A list of people in the MS Universe

MS/Chief Hun: The Purple Status Younique Presenter. this sub was created to discuss her dodgy business endeavors
C, AKA Bae: MS's on & off boyfriend
Louie: her pet cat
Trainer: A Melaleuca Hun and MS's personal fitness trainer
JB: Owns and online & IRL boutique, friend of MS. AKA Chair Burning Friend. They burned a chair at a bonfire party together in March 2020
KG: MS's former Black Status Upline. She quit Younique to join Arbonne, and has since disappeared from MS's social media.
MH: MS's current Black Status Upline
MS2: A Blue Status downline Younique Presenter & IRL friend. Also sells BS Haircare.
STG: Sells products for teeth whitening, self tanner, and a lash serum. Sold training pre-COVID to perform teeth whitening and tanning in client's homes. Now has an official affiliate program for those who purchase a presenter kit.
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Arbitrary list of popular lights - Summer Solstice 2020 edition

Happy Solstice!
In honor of Summer Solstice for the northern hemisphere, I've made an updated list of popular lights. Today is a couple days after (sorry!) the day you're least likely to need a flashlight north of the equator, but it increases every day after so it's a good time to buy a flashlight.
Because a definitive buyer's guide is too hard, I've made an arbitrary list of popular lights you should consider if you're shopping for a light. There is no best flashlight, so this is not the last word in what's good, but a list of lights that are often bought or recommended here with a touch of my own opinion thrown in. Exclusion from this list doesn't mean a light isn't good. To search more lights by their attributes, try
Where possible, official manufacturer URLs are linked here. Sometimes the manufacturer offers good deals through direct orders, sometimes vendors have the best prices. There are coupon codes available that apply to many of the lights listed. I'm hosting a version of this list on my own site with affiliate links because a few people have asked for a way to give me a kickback.
Shipping/availability may be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, items shipped from China are often taking 2 months to arrive. Supply chains and warehouse stock also appear to be disrupted as well, so you may have to be more patient than usual if you want certain flashlights, chargers, and batteries.

For those in a hurry

If you don't want to learn much, just get one of these.

All of the lights in this section come with a rechargeable battery and have a charger built in to the light. The battery will be a standard size you can buy online from third parties, and the charger will use USB as its power source, though some options do use a special cable. Aside from the Catapult, all have very good color quality compared to the average LED flashlight, improving your ability to see details.
These are at the top of the list not because they're the best in some objective sense, but because they're easy to own and use, and easy to buy. They score well on most measure flashlight nerds care about while also being suitable for non-enthusiasts.

About specs and considerations

Moved to the wiki due to character limit

Mainstream lights

Everyday Carry Lights

These are selected for pocketability first and performance second, but most of the larger options are perfectly adequate for house/cacamping/etc... uses. This section excludes right-angle designs that double as headlamps, but many people do use those for pocket carry, so see that section as well.


AAA battery

AA battery

CR123A/16340 battery

18350 battery

18650 battery

This category is so popular it gets subcategories. If you're looking for a lot of power and runtime that's still possible to carry in most pants pockets, this is your battery.

Dual-switch lights

A tailswitch controls power, a sideswitch changes brightness. The ease of explaning the UI makes these perfect to hand out to others.

E-switch lights

Electronic switches enable shortcuts from off to useful modes - usually lowest, highest, and last-used.

Other by use case

Right-angle lights and headlamps

If I could have only one portable light, it would be a right-angle light that functions as both an everyday carry light and a headlamp. Some lights in this form factor also offer a magnetic tailcap, allowing them to act as mountable area lights.



All of these use one 18650 battery.


Duty lights

These are suitable for first responders and possibly members of the military in combat roles. The focus is on simple operation, reliability and a good way to make sure the light starts on high.

High-performance lights

Most lights on the list are easy to carry, with performance constrained by size and thermal mass as a result. After all, the best light is the one you have. Here are lights to bring when you know you'll be using them.


Turn night into day, but not necessarily very far away


What's that over there? WAY over there? The hotspots of these lights tend to be too focused for comfortable use up close, though using a diffuser is an option. These tend to be most useful for search and rescue, boating, and the like.
FL1 throw is the distance at which large objects can be detected in clear air. At half that distance, there's usually enough illumination to see clearly, though with more extreme throwers, the distances may be so great as to require binoculars to see clearly even during the day. Throwers have visible backscatter from the atmosphere even in clear air, which may obstruct the user's view of the target. Warmer color temperatures tend to have less.


Some throw, some flood... probably a lot

Other lights

Stuff that doesn't fit somewhere else goes here.

Enthusiast lights

Enthusiast lights can be subject to a bit of a flavor of the month phenomenon, and this section isn't necessarily going to try to include them all. What you'll find here are enthusiast lights with some staying power. There will probably be an Emisar D4 of some description this time next year, but not necessarily the latest new FW variant or whatever's currently trendy from Nightwatch.

Everyday carry

Jacket pocket, maybe


* BLF GT90 - the GT with a Luminus SBT-90.2 for over 7000 lumens and 2700m throw claimed, but that's going to be limited by heat and power. For sustainable performance, the original may have the advantage. For short bursts, this will be most impressive. 360, but look for discounts

Edit 20200624: added Tool AA, NU25, KR4, KR1
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Monthly discussion topic - Best passive income ideas for women

We will use this thread to note down all ideas which are effective in earning a substantial passive income. We will only consider those ideas which are -
  1. low risk, high reward
  2. Should earn you money even while you sleep
  3. Have the ability to expand exponentially
  4. Should help you reach your wealth goal (I will explain in another post on how to set your wealth goal)
I will list down some of the ideas that I feel are best for this purpose. You all also list down some ideas in the comments below.
  1. Make an app - It doesn't have to be anything too fancy. Many simple apps are also pretty popular on Apple and Google store. There is a period-tracking app that I use, which is pretty basic, but thousands of people buy it's pro version every day. The same goes for some apps that I tried for staying focused. I ended up uninstalling the ones with too many bells and whistles and paid for a simple one instead. Apps have the potential to go huge and give you enormous returns for a long time. The key is doing your research properly. Checking out other apps. Reading what kind of feedback people are giving it. Making notes of what people are saying in their reviews. What features they would like to see. Remember it is not about inventing something new altogether, rather making some changes to what is currently available. Like there were plenty of messaging apps already available when Snapchat was introduced in the market, yet it became popular because it came with a feature where messages are deleted upon opening which is what many people wanted from their messaging app. People always crave something new. Give it to them and you have your profits.
  2. Develop a game - Similar to an app, a game also has the potential to bring in tremendous returns. And just like an app, simple games can also become pretty popular. We all know the profits that simple games like "Angry Birds", "Talking Tom" brought in for their makers. You can develop games for iOS, Android, or create indie games as well. Game engines like Unity have made it possible for beginners, having basic coding knowledge, to start making games. Here also you have to do your research and see what people like and don't like. Join gamer forums, Reddit subs, Facebook groups to interact with gamers. Also, use these platforms to promote the new game that you developed and get feedback from users. Keep some money aside to advertise your game on social media, it provides a huge boost.
  3. Create online tutorials - Online education is seeing enormous growth in recent years. There are multiple ways you can earn money by making online tutorials. Make videos and upload them on free websites like YouTube to earn ad money and from affiliate marketing. Or you can make videos and put them on websites like Udemy to earn money when someone buys your course. The paid model mostly works for courses that are STEM and technology related. Even if you do put your courses on Udemy, you have to provide some free content on websites like YouTube or Facebook, so you can build your audience. Give some free coupons to your Udemy course every month so you can get reviews on them. Remember if your course has no reviews, no one is going to trust it and pay money for it and this is the mistake most people do when they upload their course on Udemy. Courses with a decent amount of reviews are guaranteed to bring good sales. So focus on reviews and not money in the initial stage.
  4. Upload YouTube videos - Apart from tutorials, there are many other types of videos that you can put on YouTube. Comedy, vlogging, cute pet videos, cooking, make-up, technology, fashion, even how to organize your stuff. One of my favorite channels from which I have learned a lot about organizing stuff in my house - Of course, your videos have to actually provide some entertainment or information for people to watch them. If you are just making videos that are similar to other popular videos, people will have no incentive to watch your videos. But don't go around making videos in genres that no one watches. Try making videos in a popular genre giving them a unique twist. This Mexican grandmother amassed more than a million followers in just one month on her cooking channel by making her dishes in an outdoor kitchen -
  5. Create an online blog/website - Blogging has become pretty oversaturated in recent times and doesn't provide very good returns anymore. What I would recommend is providing some free content on your blog or website and then also creating premium content for which users need to pay. Just like YouTube, you can use this medium for affiliate marketing as well.
  6. Become an Instagram influencer - You might think you need millions of followers on Instagram to start earning money from affiliate marketing or sponsored posts, that's not the truth though. I have seen influencers having around 13 thousand followers making sponsored posts and hosting giveaways. I look for mostly STEM based content which is not overcrowded so maybe that is why even with low followers women are able to earn money in this area. Some genres on Instagram are very oversaturated like Fitness and Travel. I would suggest not venturing in them. Also don't do anything if that requires you to invest tons of money like getting expensive clothes, jewelry, gadgets. Start with a limited budget and do something creative. Make-up, artwork, cooking, home organization, STEM related posts. Choose a niche and stick to it. Post regularly and use as many hashtags as possible. Also, if you are choosing something like STEM, post some interesting content in the description along with the picture. Interact with other Instagram accounts in your niche. That's the best way of pulling the crowd towards your account.
  7. Make money from your artwork - If you have some hobbies like crocheting or painting, put it up on image-based social media like Instagram and Pinterest. People like watching pretty things on social media. Give them escapism and you can earn money from it. Try combining different things. This artist uses fashion designing with real-world elements like flowers, leaves - Create an audience and not only can you earn money by affiliate marketing and sponsored posts but you can also create your own merchandise by printing your artwork on t-shirts, mugs, etc, and sell it on Etsy or Amazon. Try making some artwork which the rich will like to purchase, so even if you sell very products, you get enormous profits on it. Have some expensive quality items in your shop, some big-ticket items for the huge payout, but make sure to entice smaller wallets with "bread and butter" sales that are the backbone of your profits with frequent sales. Also, don't forget to include items that complement each other. As an example, if you're selling handspun yarn, don't forget to include things like knitting needles, nice needle holders, patterns, etc.
  8. Create a brand - If you use multiple ideas given above, you can create a brand. You are getting great views on YouTube, your courses are making good money on paid online platforms, you have a decent number of visitors on your website/blog and you also make sponsored posts on Instagram and most likely you have a hit app of your service. Congratulations, you have a brand in your control now. You could be offered millions of dollars by giant corporations in lucrative buyout deals. Whether or not you want to sell your brand is your personal choice. I would suggest selling it off while it's still popular and making huge money off it, while still retaining some stake in it. This is why I don't recommend starting your YouTube channel, Instagram account, a website using your name. If Facebook was named "Mark Zuckerberg" it wouldn't look such an attractive prospect to buyers, would it? Create a brand name and promote that instead.
  9. Write a book - Once you have established yourself in your field and people are willing to pay money to gain knowledge on your area of expertise, consider writing a book. You can market it on your personal social media handles. Even if you sold out your brand to someone else your name will be popular by now thanks to the brand you created. Of course, if you have some brilliant story in your mind as J.K. Rowling had for "Harry Potter", you can start with writing a book right away. Books are ageless and will keep making money even after your death.
  10. Monthly allowance and Gifts from Boyfriend/Sugar-Daddy/Husband - If you are open to dating men, find yourself a provider type. Instead of getting traditional gifts from him like clothes, handbags, make him give you money or jewelry or some other stuff which you can sell and get money. The key here is using the money you get from him to start your own business or investing in the above stated passive income sources. Don't stay dependent on him forever giving you money.
  11. Investing in real estate - Real estate is generally considered a good investment provided you do your research and purchase land in a prime location. The rent money you get from real estate is purely passive and you can always sell it back and earn a profit on it when the market is good. Once you have secured enough money using the above-stated methods, buy some real estate and start getting rent from it.
(Note - I only suggest women above 25 to actually implement these ideas. Younger women please just read and learn for now. Concentrate on your studies and get a job in your preferred field. Once you feel you are ready and have the correct mindset, only then venture out to try the above ideas)
An average Millionaire is said to have at least 7 different sources of passive income. So you should be using all these ideas in conjunction with each other. Let's illustrate this with an example -
Suppose it's cooking you are very good at. You have decided that you want to do something in this field. So ideally first you should get a job related to cooking. You can learn many things in a job. What the customers demand, what they like and don't like. You can also hone your skills there. Learn new recipes, the art of presenting food. Meanwhile, save as much money as you can by cutting down all unnecessary expenses (I will make a separate post on how I achieved this and can now live without a job for at least 3 years while I focus on my business). Now when you have saved enough money and ideally got a partnesugar-daddy/husband to support you financially just in case, quit your job and focus on building your brand. I say quit your job because building a brand is full-time work. Doing it after office hours, you will most likely be tired, not have enough energy or motivation and it will reflect in the quality of your work. Once you have embarked on your journey of building your brand, the first step is to learn as much as you can. Watch YouTube videos of various food channels. Read various recipe blogs. Notice what people like and don't like. Also join various Facebook groups, Instagram accounts, and Reddit subs based on the topic of cooking or food. See what type of content users interact with most, what they are demanding. Make note of everything you learn. Go to Pinterest boards to get ideas of how to present food in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. Inspiration and creativity come from regular learning and observations.
When you feel you have gathered enough information, start being a producer. Start a YouTube channel for your recipes. You can select a niche like vegan recipes, recipes for PCOD. One of my favorite Youtuber posts various types of diets. I have personally tried and benefited from some of them - Of course, when you start, you will have no views. Don't worry, we will solve that. Keep sharing your videos on various Facebook groups. Post on Instagram using multiple hashtags. Recommend them on Reddit cooking communities that you are active on. Basically promote, promote, and promote some more. Don't lose hope if you do not get the views and subscribers that you would have liked. This is the stage where most people give up. Keep posting quality content. The views will come. Meanwhile start a blog and showcase your recipes there also. Sharing them on social media is mandatory too. Interact with Instagram accounts and Facebook groups in your niche, help users who are asking some questions, they will be more likely to subscribe to your page if you interact and help them. Build your audience on social media. Remember this is a hard thing to do and that is why I say it's a full-time job.
After you build an audience, you can enable ads on YouTube and your blog/website. Start affiliate marketing and make sponsored posts on Instagram. Keep growing bigger and better. Create an app for your service, maybe an interactive game where users learn your recipes while cooking them using Bitmoji avatar. Write a book describing your struggles in the Cooking industry and how you made it big. Maybe you will be called to a talk show or as a judge on some cooking show. Or maybe you get your cooking show. Dream big and don't give up until you achieve your wealth goal. Always remember "you miss 100 of the shots you don't take".
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If HQ were to collapse

Let’s play a game, CFHQ collapses. What next?
If another organization, or the ashes of those that really care within the current org, want to raise up a new and improved CF, how would they do it?
Firstly, I think the organization needs to take a breath and figure out what they are. The current model of CF makes absolutely no sense and is a piss poor business model. What are you selling and why do I invest in it? Find your mission statement. Suggestion: Sell a cohesive fitness program separate from your competition.
Secondly, as mentioned above, there needs to be a distinct line between general fitness utilizing CF principles, and completion. Right now, that’s up to individual Box owners, but it needs to come from the top down. Coaches need to be much better trained than the current L1, L2, etc. on why certain movements are programmed. This scoffing at real Strength & Conditioning education from CFHQ has poisoned their own culture. Provide thorough training and education to your affiliates, continued education mandatory to keep coaching, have certifications that are needed to program, keep shoving the latest S&C knowledge down people’s throats.... do not assume you know better than thousands of others, use the knowledge and provide it to your affiliates as a part of their annual fee. Not this one weekend $1,000 BS.
Lastly, really analyze what GPP is. If you say you’re programming GPP and hold your affiliates accountable for that, then you should never see 100 snatches for time or 5 rounds of 20 pull ups in an AMRAP. It makes no sense. Save the high capacity stuff for completions, keep the GPP GPP.
I think CF can 100% use some new ownership, some better leadership, and some humble pie. I love what CF has to offer, but that is 100% because of the coaches and owners of the various boxes I’ve been a member of. It has nothing to do with CFHQ. If they want to save their business, or raise a new one, they really need to provide a lot more to their affiliates.
BONUS: If I ran a massive company that partnered with some big names, why wouldn’t I create some start up deals that help keep costs low and could potentially reduced membership fees? Why wouldn’t I provide demographic studies to my affiliates and potential affiliates so that they can market their business appropriately, why wouldn’t I continuously have people checking in with my affiliates making sure they have a direct line to HQ and that we constantly improve our product to help affiliates thrive, and thus the community grow.
Sorry for the rant.
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Spencer from Skylight Gear delivers

Skylight Gear Pics
Hey ultralight peoples! Many of you may have heard of a magical unicorn rain jacket that is fully waterproof, breathable, well made, and almost half the weight of a frogg toggs!
Well, let’s hope you’ve spotted a double rainbow and found the pot of gold recently cause this magical piece of gear is REAL!
Before I get into it, I’m not sponsored by or affiliated with Skylight in any way, and I didn’t get any discounts for writing this review. In fact, I’ve never been asked to say anything publicly about his gear.
Spencer from Skylight is dedicated to his craft. He’s excited about making the best product possible, and is super passionate about the ultralight mentality. Anything he sells to you, he would (and does) take hiking himself.
When I asked him if he could make me a rain jacket, he said he was swamped but was interested to see how it would hold up on a full thru hike so he was willing to squeeze me in. Lead time: ~6 months! But I didn’t care. He’s super upfront about when he will have time to sew and doesn’t ever make any timeframe promises he can’t keep. He’s busy and he’s the only one sewing so if you want this beautiful unicorn, you may need to have a lot of patience.
Throughout the time from when I first got on his list and when he actually sewed my rain jacket, he probably spent 2-4 hours communicating with me in extensive detail about exactly what I wanted. And I got so excited that I started asking about other custom stuff: rain pants and zippered shorts. With each piece, he ran through every single fabric, feature, sizing detail, and pricing for each of those. He made me feel like I was custom designing my own stuff from scratch! It was actually super fun! And then ultimately every single detail we talked about was executed with absolute perfection.
Rain Jacket (3.2 oz) - $200 shipped -7d silnylon -black torso, gray sleeves -full front zipper, pit zips, integrated stuff sack pocket, improved hood design, shock cord wrist adjustments, KAM snap waist adjustment, critical seams taped (hood, neck, top of sleeves)
Impressions: When I first got it, God decided that humanity needed a wake up call and sent the second great flood to Georgia. It stormed nonstop for two straight weeks. Thankfully Spencer had sent me Noah’s Ark, and I walked dry, comfy, and well ventilated to class every day with my new toy. It is fully waterproof, I promise. Also, the integrated stuff sack is a miracle. He made it the perfect size so that it just barely fits. This yields a teeny tiny little ball about the size of a clif bar. Very impressive.
Shorts (2.6 oz) - $65 shipped -1.7 oz Airwave fabric (Spencer had a few ideas for the fabric material and I had no idea what they were, so he shipped me little sample squares which helped me greatly in deciding which fabric to go with) -6” inseam, custom sized to be exactly the size of another pair of shorts I love, 2 side pockets (right pocket zippered), and 1 back pocket (zippered)
Impressions: These are PERFECT. They fit exactly right and the seam-work is gorgeous. I wanted a zippered right pocket because I like to carry my phone in my shorts pocket but I kept dropping it last summer. I also wanted a heavy duty zipper because I wanted it to never get caught and also wanted it to be easy to operate with one hand. The pocket came out perfectly. He sized it specifically for my phone, and the zipper is smooth as butter. The back pocket is super handy too for my trail wallet or whatever other little things I want to keep zipped away. Overall my favorite piece of clothing I own.
Rain Pants (1.7 oz) - $90 shipped -black 7d silnylon -custom sized, partially seam taped (outside seams), tapered lower leg/ankle with no adjustments
Impressions: These came in pretty recently. The stitching is perfect, obviously. The sizing is perfect, obviously. I wore them during one rain storm. Super comfy, didn’t get wet. I’ll definitely have to be careful with these though. Again he sent me samples of the different options for fabric. I went with 7d because usually whenever I wear rain pants I get hot and sweaty so I wanted the lightest waterproof fabric possible. 7d is LIGHT. For a rain jacket that’s really not a concern at all but for rain pants I’d be a bit scared to sit down on a rough surface like a rock or walk through brush or something like that. I think it’d hold up, but still a bit nervous. We shall see!
So in all the talks with Spencer over my custom stuff, he mentioned that he had made a prototype Alpha polartec hoody that was my size. I decided to jump on it because he had messed up the hood a bit and so it was heavily discounted. While I was at it, I picked up a pair of Alpha polartec mittens.
Fleece hoody (4.9 oz) - $75 -size small -alpha polartec material
Impressions: Alpha polartec is magic. Look it up. It’s RIDICULOUSLY breathable, but somehow is also incredibly efficient at insulating. Wear the fleece by itself with wind/cold - you’ll be freezing. Wear the fleece with a wind or rain jacket in the same temps, you’ll be super toasty. The main benefit is that it keeps you ridiculously warm when you’re either sitting still or wearing a wind layer, but then sheds all that uncomfortable body heat as soon as you move around or take the wind layer off. The mechanical action from walking is enough to squeeze out the clammy warmth you feel with other fleece materials (and especially down jackets). Also, it’s SO LIGHT. As for the jacket itself, Spencer made it for himself and then made the hood way too long at first. He fixed the hood and finished the trim before selling it to me, so it’s 100% functional and pretty. Only issues are it’s a tad bit short/skinny on me, and the hoods volume is a little shallow. But I also got a $30 discount so I love it.
Fleece mittens (0.6 oz) - $18 -alpha polartec material
Impressions: Not really sure. It hasn’t been cold enough to use them. They do fit well and are super comfy and REALLY warm. They might fall apart if they were used with trekking poles, but I use one trekking pole and don’t like to use my poles if it’s super cold out. When I do wear these, I’ll pair them with my rain jacket which has sleeves long enough for me to turtle my hands inside the sleeve and cinch it up so it acts like a rain mitten. That should keep the fleece mitten from tearing and also will hold in that warmth. Excited to see how these turn out. Might be really nice for sleeping if I want to keep my arms outside of my quilt.
I’m about to start a PCT thru (staying as responsible as possible and minimizing community contact to an extremely low level - I’ll be contacting less people/communities than I was before quitting my job), so I’ll have long term gear reviews for ultralight once I’m done.
Skylight Gear: IG: @skylightgear Reddit: u/savvlo
tl;dr - Skylight Gear is incredible. Buy stuff from him. Good luck getting in his queue. If you do, be very grateful.
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[Review] Herve Leger Bandage Bodycon Dresses from Taobao


I have wanted a Herve Leger dress for forever. The tight bodycon silhouette, the bandage fabric, and flattering low-neckline to me are the ultimate symbol of sexiness. So about 2 years ago I embarked on a journey to hunt for the perfect HL replica. I went through so many laughable dupes from Amazon and Aliexpress until I found this sub and the holy grail which is Taobao. I then spent a considerable amount of time browsing on Taobao to find the highest quality seller with the best replica (at this point I was no longer satisfied with dupes and I wanted branded reps with the pretty little square tags). After countless of hours spent browsing Taobao and copying&pasting into Google translate to converse with sellers. I finally found a promising store and bit the bullets and bought 2 dresses. Here comes the review:

Purchase & Timeline

Order Timeline


Quality 10/10 for both dress

Omg, where do I even begin? I grasped the moment I opened the package. The dresses came in a Herve Leger labeled plastic dust bag and it smelled good, like luxurious fabric. They were so heavy it felt so expensive. The fabric is smooth and thick yet incredibly soft, not see through at all even with the white dress. It was also very cooling on the skin. IT FELT SO EXPENSIVE on. It's nothing like the cheap thin and overly stretchy fabric from those Amazon dupes. I could already tell from first glance that this fabric will hold all my rolls in (lolol). The white dress’ fabric is even thicker, with the patterns distinct and feel-able (i don’t know how to describe it but you can feel the pattern with your fingers). it’s heavier than the black dress but similarly stretchy and forgiving (you can see it gives me the illusion of having a nice butts haha).
The quality of the fabric is so important for this kind of dress because it is meant to hold your body in and tighten everything and give everything a little push-up if you will. So it has to have some weight and strength to it. The fabric has to be able to "Stand on its own", especially with the peplum dress, because you want it to hold the peplum shape.
The stitches are even, tight and secure. There is not one stitch out of place. I was so happy to inspect the dresses because they were so well-made. The measurements are very close to what was shown, slightly larger imo.
At the time of purchase, I had not touched an auth Herve Leger dress in person, but about 6 months later i ended up buying an auth HL dress. To my surprise, the auth arrived even slightly thinner than the rep. But the stitchings and the cuts are similar, which I will explain more below.
In short, the quality is excellent - well beyond expectation, and I would not have any issue wearing the black dress to work next to people who wear thousand-dollar suits.

Accuracy 8.5/10 for black dress and 8/10 for white dress

This one is a little harder to judge because one of the dreseses are of older releases and I could hardly find many pictures of auths online. But I will try my best to be as nit-picky and possible. Please let me know if you think I missed something
Black Dress:
White Dress:

Satisfaction 11/10

The dresses are amazing. IT's so pretty on. Even though they are slightly large on me, they hug all my curves. I am beyond amazed with the quality. The dresses look and feel like the real deal and feel so high quality. I would not hesitate to wear this to walk into high-end shops on Rodeo drive.

Seller Communication and Service 10/10

Sophie is AMAZING. She has decent English and very quick to respond! When we found out about the issue with custom she was quick to work with me about an alternative solution! 100% will come back!
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A quick business lesson from CrossFit...

CrossFit has given us all so much. Here’s some top steps to make the business you own as successful as CrossFit:
Step 1: engage a community with a great product
Step 2: make communities pay to affiliate with this brand, and then give them next to nothing in return!
Step 3: create a worldwide event, capture that with some of the best filmmaking and commentating in sport and use it to push the message out with the brand.
Step 4: give up on step three and remove everything that was built and obviously profitable - force others to see how replaceable you are in the competitive arena.
Step 5: during steps 1-4, try to do as many things as possible to make the company appear like useless assholes. Belittling comments, lack of engagement or transparency, random shitty emails from CEO. Provide zero value and actively undo all of the framework that you provide.
Step 6: Reduce the entire workforce to marketing and sales. This is always a good idea. All franchises are built on this. McDonald’s without burgers right?
Step 7. At the height of your success, and at a time when you could easily make the most of a focus on community, make sure the crazy CEO has easy access to Twitter so they can make hurtful, racist comments and (bonus points) spread misinformation and conspiracy theories.
Step 8: Profit!
GG deserves to lose it all. He gave up on CrossFit a long, long time ago.
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Case study - Fitness Site Journey

Hi, this is a case-study of my fitness site journey on a site I originally built in November 2018.
For various reasons I didn't do anything with it, and it's been online and aging ever since. The few articles that were there received a big boost in Google's Core Algo Update in March 2020.
So in April I decided to add more fuel to the fire and really give this a go, and have been working on it for 5 hours a week ever since.
I wanted to start this for some accountability and for constructive feedback.
My background:
I've been working as an SEO professionally for close to 10 years. I run a couple of businesses and own over a dozen sites. I've worked as a freelancer, owned an agency, run a business comprised of affiliate sites, flipped an eCommerce brand and much more. Now I'm looking to work on passion projects which weren't always the most profitable or viable in my case.
My aims:
Short term - Get to $1,000 USD/Mo Revenue
Long term - Build a fitness brand which will monetize with our own products.
My strategy:
I focus on niche research and keyword research a lot. In this case the domain is broad which will allow me to expand laterally later, however I have picked a single angle/niche to start off with.
As for keyword research it's one of those areas where people both over-simplify it and over-complicate it at the same time. I think that making sure you're competing for the right search terms is critical and so I spend a lot more time on this than most do and the main difference is that I'm not focusing on as many variables.
My content strategy is the hub and spoke method as from my own analysis I believe this is what will work best for my keyword set.
This means that much of the content isn't commercial in nature as I am trying to cover the topic as much as possible. Not all subjects themselves are commercial keywords.
I focus on covering the subject in a satisfactory manner. E.g. I do not believe that longer content for the sake of longer content is a good idea.
I'm currently publishing 2 articles per week and I'm then posting the articles on my branded social accounts.
I am creating personas on fitness forums and posting links to my site after I've reached a certain amount of posts, but only when a good opportunity arises to do so. I am also doing high-quality blog comments. These are the pillow links I'm building for the site as it had 0 links when I started up in April.
The plan is to complete a topic a month for 2 months, then spend a month optimizing and improving existing articles before moving onto the next two topics.
As this is a passion project I am writing the articles myself.
Progress so far:
So far I have 21 articles in total which is the combined total of what was originally on the site and what I have now been adding since April.
The site now has over 100 position 1-10 keywords. It's acquired 2 links from lists of top fitness sites, my guess is this is because of the design and the fact the content gets shared on social channels.
I was getting around 100 clicks a day until the May Update which has only hit the site around 10%. This update seems to be massively in favor of authority, which is something the site doesn't have loads of yet. I am thankful it didn't get hit harder.
Monetization - Solely Amazon right now... It made $88 last month and this month so far it's only at around $30.
Next Month:
Next month will start the optimization process of tweaking the content. It will also be the month where I am going to focus on researching the next topic to cover.
I am going to be preparing to start outreach as I want to start getting some links to the better pieces of content I've created.
I will also be publishing a single piece of content a week which will be posted to the blog rather than a specific category. This will be geared towards gaining traffic from social.
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Zoom Terms And Conditions

Zoom will provide the Services, and you may access and use the Services, in accordance with this Agreement. If You order Services through an on-line registration page or an order form (each an "Order Form"), the Order Form may contain additional terms and conditions and information regarding the Services you are ordering. Unless otherwise expressly set forth in any such additional terms and conditions applicable to the specific Service which You choose to use, those additional terms are hereby incorporated into this Agreement in relation to Your use of that Service.
System Requirements . Use of the Services requires one or more compatible devices, Internet access (fees may apply), and certain software (fees may apply), and may require obtaining updates or upgrades from time to time. Because use of the Services involves hardware, software, and Internet access, Your ability to access and use the Services may be affected by the performance of these factors. High speed Internet access is recommended. You acknowledge and agree that such system requirements, which may be changed from time to time, are Your responsibility.
  1. DEFINITIONS. The following definitions will apply in this Agreement, and any reference to the singular includes a reference to the plural and vice versa. Service specific definitions are found in Exhibit A. “Affiliate” means, with respect to a Party, any entity that directly or indirectly controls, is controlled by or is under common control with that Party. For purposes of this Agreement, “control” means an economic or voting interest of at least fifty percent (50%) or, in the absence of such economic or voting interest, the power to direct or cause the direction of the management and set the policies of such entity. “End User” means a Host or Participant (as defined in Exhibit A) who uses the Services. “Initial Subscription Term“ means the initial subscription term for a Service as specified in an Order Form. "Service Effective Date" means the date an Initial Subscription Term begins as specified in an Order Form. "Renewal Term" means the renewal subscription term for a Service commencing after the Initial Subscription Term or another Renewal Term as specified in an Order Form.
  2. SERVICES. Zoom will provide the Services as described on the Order Form, and standard updates to the Services that are made generally available by Zoom during the term. Zoom may, in its sole discretion, discontinue the Services or modify the features of the Services from time to time without prior notice.
    1. Beta Services. Zoom may, from time to time, offer access to services that are classified as Beta version. Access to and use of Beta versions may be subject to additional agreements. Zoom makes no representations that a Beta version will ever be made generally available and reserves the right to discontinue or modify a Beta version at any time without notice. Beta versions are provided AS IS, may contain bugs, errors or other defects, and Your use of a Beta version is at Your sole risk.
  3. USE OF SERVICES AND YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES. You may only use the Services pursuant to the terms of this Agreement. You are solely responsible for Your and Your End Users’ use of the Services and shall abide by, and ensure compliance with, all Laws in connection with Your and each End User’s use of the Services, including but not limited to Laws related to recording, intellectual property, privacy and export control. Use of the Services is void where prohibited.
    1. Registration Information. You may be required to provide information about Yourself in order to register for and/or use certain Services. You agree that any such information shall be accurate. You may also be asked to choose a user name and password. You are entirely responsible for maintaining the security of Your user name and password and agree not to disclose such to any third party.
    2. Your Content. You agree that You are solely responsible for the content ("Content") sent or transmitted by You or displayed or uploaded by You in using the Services and for compliance with all Laws pertaining to the Content, including, but not limited to, Laws requiring You to obtain the consent of a third party to use the Content and to provide appropriate notices of third party rights. You represent and warrant that You have the right to upload the Content to Zoom and that such use does not violate or infringe on any rights of any third party. Under no circumstances will Zoom be liable in any way for any (a) Content that is transmitted or viewed while using the Services, (b) errors or omissions in the Content, or (c) any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of, access to, or denial of access to Content. Although Zoom is not responsible for any Content, Zoom may delete any Content, at any time without notice to You, if Zoom becomes aware that it violates any provision of this Agreement, or any law. You retain copyright and any other rights You already hold in Content which You submit, post or display on or through, the Services.
    3. Recordings. You are responsible for compliance will all recording laws. The host can choose to record Zoom meetings and Webinars. By using the Services, you are giving Zoom consent to store recordings for any or all Zoom meetings or webinars that you join, if such recordings are stored in our systems. You will receive a notification (visual or otherwise) when recording is enabled. If you do not consent to being recorded, you can choose to leave the meeting or webinar
    4. Prohibited Use.You agree that You will not use, and will not permit any End User to use, the Services to: (i) modify, disassemble, decompile, prepare derivative works of, reverse engineer or otherwise attempt to gain access to the source code of the Services; (ii) knowingly or negligently use the Services in a way that abuses, interferes with, or disrupts Zoom’s networks, Your accounts, or the Services; (iii) engage in activity that is illegal, fraudulent, false, or misleading, (iv) transmit through the Services any material that may infringe the intellectual property or other rights of third parties; (v) build or benchmark a competitive product or service, or copy any features, functions or graphics of the Services; or (vi) use the Services to communicate any message or material that is harassing, libelous, threatening, obscene, indecent, would violate the intellectual property rights of any party or is otherwise unlawful, that would give rise to civil liability, or that constitutes or encourages conduct that could constitute a criminal offense, under any applicable law or regulation; (vii) upload or transmit any software, Content or code that does or is intended to harm, disable, destroy or adversely affect performance of the Services in any way or which does or is intended to harm or extract information or data from other hardware, software or networks of Zoom or other users of Services; (viii) engage in any activity or use the Services in any manner that could damage, disable, overburden, impair or otherwise interfere with or disrupt the Services, or any servers or networks connected to the Services or Zoom's security systems. (ix) use the Services in violation of any Zoom policy or in a manner that violates applicable law, including but not limited to anti-spam, export control, privacy, and anti-terrorism laws and regulations and laws requiring the consent of subjects of audio and video recordings, and You agree that You are solely responsible for compliance with all such laws and regulations.
    5. Limitations on Use.You may not reproduce, resell, or distribute the Services or any reports or data generated by the Services for any purpose unless You have been specifically permitted to do so under a separate agreement with Zoom. You may not offer or enable any third parties to use the Services purchased by You, display on any website or otherwise publish the Services or any Content obtained from a Service (other than Content created by You) or otherwise generate income from the Services or use the Services for the development, production or marketing of a service or product substantially similar to the Services.
  4. RESPONSIBILITY FOR END USERS. You are responsible for the activities of all End Users who access or use the Services through your account and you agree to ensure that any such End User will comply with the terms of this Agreement and any Zoom policies. Zoom assumes no responsibility or liability for violations. If You become aware of any violation of this Agreement in connection with use of the Services by any person, please contact Zoom at [email protected]. Zoom may investigate any complaints and violations that come to its attention and may take any (or no) action that it believes is appropriate, including, but not limited to issuing warnings, removing the content or terminating accounts and/or User profiles. Under no circumstances will Zoom be liable in any way for any data or other content viewed while using the Services, including, but not limited to, any errors or omissions in any such data or content, or any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of, access to, or denial of access to any data or content.
  5. ZOOM OBLIGATIONS FOR CONTENT. Zoom will maintain reasonable physical and technical safeguards to prevent unauthorized disclosure of or access to Content, in accordance with industry standards. Zoom will notify You if it becomes aware of unauthorized access to Content. Zoom will not access, view or process Content except (a) as provided for in this Agreement and in Zoom’s Privacy Policy; (b) as authorized or instructed by You, (c) as required to perform its obligations under this Agreement; or (d) as required by Law. Zoom has no other obligations with respect to Content.
  6. ELIGIBILITY. You affirm that You are at least 16 years of age and are otherwise fully able and competent to enter into the terms, conditions, obligations, affirmations, representations, and warranties set forth in this Agreement, and to abide by and comply with this Agreement. Your access may be terminated without warning if we believe that You are under the age of 16 or are otherwise ineligible.
  7. INTENDED USE; RESTRICTION ON USE BY CHILDREN. The Services are intended for business use. You may choose to use the Services for other purposes, subject to the terms and limitations of this Agreement. Zoom is not intended for use by individuals under the age of 16, unless it is through a School Subscriber (as that term is defined in Exhibit A) using Zoom for Education (K-12). Individuals under the age of 16 may not create accounts or use the Services except as described herein.
  8. CHARGES AND CANCELLATION. You agree that Zoom may charge to Your credit card or other payment mechanism selected by You and approved by Zoom ("Your Account") all amounts due and owing for the Services, including taxes and service fees, set up fees, subscription fees, or any other fee or charge associated with Your Account. Zoom may change prices at any time, including changing from a free service to a paid service and charging for Services that were previously offered free of charge; provided, however, that Zoom will provide you with prior notice and an opportunity to terminate Your Account if Zoom changes the price of a Service to which you are subscribed and will not charge you for a previously free Service unless you have been notified of the applicable fees and agreed to pay such fees. You agree that in the event Zoom is unable to collect the fees owed to Zoom for the Services through Your Account, Zoom may take any other steps it deems necessary to collect such fees from You and that You will be responsible for all costs and expenses incurred by Zoom in connection with such collection activity, including collection fees, court costs and attorneys' fees. You further agree that Zoom may collect interest at the lesser of 1.5% per month or the highest amount permitted by law on any amounts not paid when due. You may cancel your subscription at any time. If you cancel, you will not be billed for any additional terms of service, and service will continue until the end of the current Subscription Term. If you cancel, you will not receive a refund for any service already paid for.
  9. TERMINATION. The Zoom website contains information on how to terminate Your Account. If you have purchased a Service for a specific term, such termination will be effective on the last day of the then-current term. Your Order Form may provide that a Renewal Term will begin automatically unless either party provides notice of termination at least thirty (30) days prior to the commencement of the next Renewal Term. If You fail to comply with any provision of this Agreement, Zoom may terminate this Agreement immediately and retain any fees previously paid by You. Sections 1 and 3 through 20, inclusive, shall survive any termination of this Agreement. Upon any termination of this Agreement, You must cease any further use of the Services. If at any time You are not happy with the Services, Your sole remedy is to cease using the Services and follow this termination process.
  10. PROPRIETARY RIGHTS. Zoom and/or its suppliers, as applicable, retain ownership of all proprietary rights in the Services and in all trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos, and domain names ("Zoom Marks") associated or displayed with the Services. You may not frame or utilize framing techniques to enclose any Zoom Marks, or other proprietary information (including images, text, page layout, or form) of Zoom without express written consent. You may not use any meta tags or any other "hidden text" utilizing Zoom Marks without Zoom's express written consent.
  11. COPYRIGHT. You may not post, modify, distribute, or reproduce in any way copyrighted material, trademarks, rights of publicity or other proprietary rights without obtaining the prior written consent of the owner of such proprietary rights. Zoom may deny access to the Services to any User who is alleged to infringe another party's copyright. Without limiting the foregoing, if You believe that Your copyright has been infringed, please notify Zoom as specified here.
  12. EXPORT RESTRICTIONS. You acknowledge that the Services, or portion thereof may be subject to the export control laws of the United States and other applicable country export control and trade sanctions laws (“Export Control and Sanctions Laws”). You and your End Users may not access, use, export, re-export, divert, transfer or disclose any portion of the Services or any related technical information or materials, directly or indirectly, in violation of any applicable export control or trade sanctions law or regulation. You represent and warrant that (i) You and your End Users are not citizens of, or located within, a country or territory that is subject to U.S. trade sanctions or other significant trade restrictions (including without limitation Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and the Crimea) and that you and your End Users will not access or use the Services, or export, re-export, divert, or transfer the Services, in or to such countries or territories; (ii) You and your End Users are not identified on any U.S. government restricted party lists (including without limitation the U.S. Treasury Department’s List of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons and Foreign Sanctions Evaders List, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Denied Parties List, Entity List, and Unverified List, and the U.S. Department of State proliferation-related lists); and (iii) that no Content created or submitted by You or your End Users is subject to any restriction on disclosure, transfer, download, export or re-export under the Export Control Laws. You are solely responsible for complying with the Export Control Laws and monitoring them for any modifications.
  13. NO HIGH RISK USE. The Services are not designed or licensed for use in hazardous environments requiring fail-safe controls, including without limitation operation of nuclear facilities, aircraft navigation/communication systems, air traffic control, and life support or weapons systems. The Services shall not be used for or in any HIGH RISK environment.
  14. INJUNCTIVE RELIEF. You acknowledge that any use of the Services contrary to this Agreement, or any transfer, sublicensing, copying or disclosure of technical information or materials related to the Services, may cause irreparable injury to Zoom, its Affiliates, suppliers and any other party authorized by Zoom to resell, distribute, or promote the Services ("Resellers"), and under such circumstances Zoom, its Affiliates, suppliers and Resellers will be entitled to equitable relief, without posting bond or other security, including, but not limited to, preliminary and permanent injunctive relief.
  16. INDEMNIFICATION. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Zoom, its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, consultants, agents, suppliers and Resellers from any and all third party claims, liability, damages and/or costs (including, but not limited to, attorneys' fees) arising from Your use of the Services, Your violation of this Agreement or the infringement or violation by You or any other user of Your account, of any intellectual property or other right of any person or entity or applicable law.
  18. AGREEMENT TO ARBITRATE; WAIVER OF CLASS ACTION. If You are located in the United States, You agree to resolve disputes only on an individual basis, through arbitration pursuant to the provisions of Exhibit B. The parties expressly waive any right to bring any action, lawsuit, or proceeding as a class or collective action, private attorney general action, or any other proceeding in which any party acts or proposes to act in a representative capacity.
  19. PRIVACY AND OTHER POLICIES.Use of the Services is also subject to Zoom's Privacy Policy, a link to which is located at the footer on Zoom's website. The Privacy Policy, and all policies noticed at are incorporated into this Agreement by this reference. Furthermore, if Your Use of the Services requires Zoom to process any personally identifiable information (“PII” or “Personal Data”) Zoom shall do so at all times in compliance with our Zoom Global Data Processing Addendum is incorporated in these Terms of Service. Additionally, You understand and agree that Zoom may contact You via e-mail or otherwise with information relevant to Your use of the Services, regardless of whether You have opted out of receiving marketing communications or notices.
20.1 Choice of Law and Forum. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed under the laws of the State of California, U.S.A., as applied to agreements entered into and to be performed in California by California residents. Except as provided in Exhibit B, the Parties consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the state courts located in and serving Santa Clara County, California and the federal courts in the Northern District of California.
20.2 Waiver and Severability. Failure by either Party to exercise any of its rights under, or to enforce any provision of, this Agreement will not be deemed a waiver or forfeiture of such rights or ability to enforce such provision. If any provision of this Agreement is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, that provision will be amended to achieve as nearly as possible the same economic effect of the original provision and the remainder of this Agreement will remain in full force and effect.
20.3 General Provisions. This Agreement embodies the entire understanding and agreement between the Parties respecting the subject matter of this Agreement and supersedes any and all prior understandings and agreements between the Parties respecting such subject matter, except that if You or Your company have executed a separate written agreement or you have signed an order form referencing a separate agreement governing your use of the Services, then such agreement shall control to the extent that any provision of this Agreement conflicts with the terms of such agreement. Zoom may elect to change or supplement the terms of this Agreement from time to time at its sole discretion. Zoom will exercise commercially reasonable business efforts to provide notice to You of any material changes to this Agreement. Within ten (10) business days of posting changes to this Agreement (or ten (10) business days from the date of notice, if such is provided), they will be binding on You. If You do not agree with the changes, You should discontinue using the Services. If You continue using the Services after such ten-business-day period, You will be deemed to have accepted the changes to the terms of this Agreement. In order to participate in certain Services, You may be notified that You are required to download software and/or agree to additional terms and conditions. Unless expressly set forth in such additional terms and conditions, those additional terms are hereby incorporated into this Agreement. This Agreement has been prepared in the English Language and such version shall be controlling in all respects and any non-English version of this Agreement is solely for accommodation purposes.
Master Subscription Agreement: Exhibit A
Services Description
This Exhibit A to the Zoom Terms of Service (“TOS”) describes the Services that may be ordered on an Order Form, or provided by Zoom, and sets forth further Service-specific terms and conditions that may apply to Zoom’s provision and Customer’s use of the Services. Capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the meanings assigned to them in the TOS.
  1. Definitions. For purposes of this Service Description, the following definitions will apply:
Host” means an individual who is an identified employee, contractor, or agent of Customer to whom Customer assigns the right to host Meetings. A Host may hold an unlimited number of Meetings, but only one Meeting at a time. A Host subscription may not be shared or used by anyone other than the individual assigned to be a Host.
Meeting” means a Zoom Video meeting.
Participant” means an individual, other than the Host, who accesses or uses the Services, with or without the permission and knowledge of the Host.
Zoom Documentation” means this Exhibit, the Zoom website ( and any additional description of the Services which may be incorporated into this Agreement.
Zoom Meeting Services” means the various video conferencing, web conferencing, webinar, meeting room, screensharing and other collaborative services offered by Zoom Video that Customer may order on an Order Form.
Zoom Phone Services” means voice connectivity services, including, but not limited to, interconnected VoIP services, provisioning of direct dial numbers, and related services offered by Zoom Voice Communications, Inc. (“Zoom Voice”) that Customer may order on an Order Form.
  1. Zoom Meeting Services. Zoom Meeting Services enable Hosts to schedule and start Meetings and to allow Participants to join Meetings for the purpose of collaborating using voice, video, and screensharing functionality. Every meeting will have one Host. Chat features allow for out-of-session one-on-one or group collaboration. Further features, functionality, and solutions are described at
  2. Zoom for Education (K-12). Zoom for Education (K-12) allows schools and educators to use Zoom Meeting Services for educational purposes. Zoom maintains policies and procedures designed to comply with applicable requirements of student privacy laws including, without limitation, GDPR and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and applicable state laws (the “Privacy Laws”). The Privacy Laws may provide students or their parents with certain rights in their personal information. If you are a parent or student and you have questions about the Privacy Laws or your related rights, please contact your school administration. Zoom will not use any student data for marketing or advertising purposes, or any other commercial purpose, except to provide Services to our School Subscribers. If you are a “School Subscriber” — typically meaning a school or school district administrator or a teacher — you represent and warrant that you have been duly authorized by your school or school district to create an account, use the Services, and to agree to these contract terms. You further agree to use your account solely for educational purposes and solely for the benefit of your school or school district and its students. If you are a School Subscriber subject to U.S. or similar law, you consent, for yourself and your school or school district, to Zoom’s collection, use and sharing of personal information of End Users including those who are children under the age of 13 in accordance with Zoom’s K-12 Schools & Districts Privacy Policy and You instruct Zoom to process the personal data of End Users in accordance with such policy. If you are a School Subscriber subject to GDPR or similar law, you determine the legal basis, means and purposes for processing the data, and instruct Zoom to process personal information of End Users, including those who are children under the age 16, in accordance with Zoom’s K-12 Schools & Districts Privacy Policy.
  3. Zoom Phone Services. The following sets forth the further terms and conditions that apply to the Zoom Phone Services.
    1. Definitions: For purposes of the Zoom Phone Services, the following definitions apply:
Device” means the device assigned to a virtual extension or individual digital line set up within an account or by Zoom at Customer’s direction or request.
Phone Host” means the individual assigned to a number which enables use of the Zoom Phone Service. A Phone Host is a “Host” for purposes of the definition of End User
Zoom Phone Calling Plan” means the pricing structure that enables Phone Hosts and End Users to access the PSTN. Calling plans may be “Metered” or “Unlimited” as defined on the Order Form.
Zoom Phone Commitment” means the minimum monthly bundle of minutes that a Zoom Phone Metered Calling Plan Customer commits to use in connection with Zoom Phone Services.
  1. Telecommunications Provider. Zoom Voice is the telecommunications provider of Zoom Phone Services and sets the terms, conditions and rates for Zoom Phone Services.
  2. Description of Services. Zoom Phone Services are cloud-based phone services that use voice over internet protocol (VoIP) to provide Customer with the following services and functionalities (as selected by Customer on an Order Form):
    1. Zoom Phone Service. Zoom Phone Service is a cloud-based phone service that allows two-way voice calling and private branch exchange (PBX) functionality, and a feature set as described on the website.
    2. Public Switched Telephone Network Communications (PSTN) Access. Phone Hosts and End Users can be enabled to make and receive calls to the PSTN and be assigned a direct inward dialing phone number (DID) via a Zoom Phone Calling Plan.
    3. Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC). BYOC allows customers to use the telecommunications provider of their choice to provide PSTN access and inward DID numbers. Zoom provides BYOC customers with software that enables On Net Access and access to a range of Zoom call management features and functions. BYOC enables customers to (i) have PSTN capability in regions where Zoom does not offer PSTN Access; (ii) maintain relationships with currently deployed carriers; and/or (iii) configure deployments for flexibility and redundancy. Customer must ensure that its carrier provides all regulated telecommunications services and is responsible for telecommunications regulatory compliance
    4. Additional Zoom Phone Services. Additional functionality such as enabling common area phones, and additional Toll Free and DID phone numbers may be purchased as described on the Order Form.
  3. Billing and Invoicing. Zoom will bill Customer on behalf of Zoom Voice based on the Charges set forth on the Order Form. Charges based on usage, or overage amounts that exceed the Zoom Phone Commitment, will be billed in arrears, the month following the month a Charge is incurred. No adjustment will be made, or credit or refund given, for usage that is less than the Zoom Phone Commitment.
    1. On Net Access. On Net capability will be provisioned by default for all Zoom Meeting Services. Phone Hosts may access and use On Net services at no charge for so long as the underlying license to the Zoom Meeting Service remains active.
    2. Taxes. Customer acknowledges and agrees that Zoom Phone Services are subject to certain Taxes and Fees (including, but not limited to, assessments for universal service) that are not applicable to Zoom Meeting Services. Accordingly, Zoom shall invoice Customer for Taxes and Fees associated with the Charges.
  4. Reasonable Use and Right to Review. Zoom Voice offers unlimited and metered Phone Calling Plans. These plans are subject to this Zoom Voice Communications, Inc. Reasonable Use Policy. Zoom Phone Calling Plans are for normal and reasonable business use; unreasonable use is prohibited. Use of Zoom Phone may qualify as unreasonable if Customer (a) engages in business activities that involve continual, uninterrupted, or consistently excessive use of Zoom Phone Services, (b) makes any misrepresentations to Zoom Voice that materially affect volume or type of use of Zoom Phone Services, (c) engages in fraudulent or illegal use of Zoom Phone Services, including any activity that violates telemarketing laws or regulations, or (d) uses Zoom Phone Services in any manner that harms Zoom Voice’s network or facilities or interferes with the use of the service by other Customers. Use that is inconsistent with the types and levels of usage by typical business customers on the same plan may be used as an indicator of abnormal or unreasonable use, including but not limited to abnormal call lengths; abnormal call frequency; abnormal call duration; abnormal calling patterns that indicate an attempt to evade enforcement of this Zoom Voice Communications, Inc. Reasonable Use Policy. Zoom reserves the right to review Customer use to determine if it is consistent with this Zoom Voice Communications, Inc. Reasonable Use Policy. In the event Zoom Voice determines that You may be engaging in unreasonable use, Zoom Voice will determine the appropriate remedy and will take action to remedy any unreasonable use, including, at its sole discretion, discussing the use with You, moving You to an appropriate Zoom Phone Calling Plan, terminating certain Hosts, and/or otherwise modifying, suspending or terminating Your Zoom Phone services.
  5. Termination of Zoom Meeting Services. Access to Zoom Phone Services requires a corresponding license to Zoom Meeting Services. In the event that the Zoom Meeting Service license is terminated, the equivalent access to Zoom Phone Services will also be terminated. At such time, Customer will be billed for any incurred usage charges, and will not be credited for any pre-paid amounts toward the Zoom Phone Commitment.
  6. Zoom Voice Policies. Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Zoom Voice Communications, Inc. policies found at apply to Customer’s use of Zoom Phone Services.
  7. Zoom Emergency Calling (E911) Customer Obligations. Customer acknowledges and agrees that Customer has read and understood Zoom Voice Communications, Inc.’s Emergency Calling or 911 Customer Notification, found at, which sets forth specific limitations of Zoom Phone’s emergency calling capabilities and Customer’s obligations with respect to its End Users. Such obligations include, but are not limited to:
    1. ensuring that all Phone Hosts receive Zoom Voice’s Emergency Calling or 911 Customer Notification;
    2. ensuring that all assigned phone numbers are registered for emergency calling purposes through the E911 link within Customer’s account, and that all registration information remains accurate and up to date; and
    3. distributing warning stickers or other appropriate labels warning End Users that emergency service may be limited or not available and instructing Phone Hosts to place such stickers on or near the Devices and other equipment used in conjunction with Zoom Phone Services.
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