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SOAC - The next best thing besides a SPAC ESG ETF

SOAC - The next best thing besides a SPAC ESG ETF
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) has risen greatly in popularity in recent time. With many factors (including Covid) raising awareness around ESG it would appear there has never been a better time to invest in this market trend/values (besides maybe six months ago).
Government subsidies, decarbonization, climate change, industrial/infrastructure upgrades, technological advancements, ESG popularity, greenwashing and police brutality are but a few of the catalysts favouring ESG focused companies (ETFs, funds and SPACs like SPAQ/SOAC). The recent growth in EV market, solar stocks, renewable energy, Tesla, the Juneteenth stock’s and the green energy market (including SPACs - NKLA SHLL SPAQ) are but a few of the benefiters of this “movement” to date.
It’s not just day trading millennials (beckys/RH) who love this stuff but hedge funds are also benefiting from this trend (that is here to stay). It might be a personal belief of mine coupled with my passion for environmentalism but market trends do not lie (although can pop) – and if I can profit from this, why not?
SPAQ SHLL SOAC FMCI BMRG HCCH NKLA BLNK DGLY SOLO EVSI NIO UONE BYFC FMCI BYND RUN WKHS TSLA SHRM.. - a few quick/recent examples of companies with strong ESG verticals absolutely crushing the market. I watched the rise of DKNG (Atlanta fan haha) and NKLA (no product lol) but took a pass because I didn’t fully understand SPACs at the time - don’t be that guy..
Furthermore, ESG funds tend to outperform traditional investments (during downturns - like covid – and some SPACs were a safe haven (because of something called Escrow).
It seems like we need a SPAC ETF ESG focused on some of the above mentioned.. more like needed it six months ago (imagine the returns $$$)??
Very Basic (and inconclusive without further) Market Research:
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** all info sourced in links**
“A poll … by JP Morgan of 50 global institutions with $12.9 trillion under management found that 71% of respondents felt the economic shock of Covid-19 would increase awareness and actions globally to tackle climate change and “high impact, high probability” events like it. “Over the long run, COVID-19 could prove to be a major turning point for ESG investing,” said Jean-Xavier Hecker and Hugo Dubourg, co-heads of ESG and Sustainability at JP Morgan. “
The ESG SPAC Space:
There are a few (openly) ESG focused SPACs right now - SOAC is arguably the best. When you invest in a SPAC remember – you are investing in the team ie management, UW, legal and institutional backing (follow the money) C.R.E.A.M.
Sustainable Opportunities Acquisition Corp.SOAC
345m - 100% still in Trust18mo term – I like the short term (maybe we see a CCXX or BMRG early announcement)IPO May 6 2020 – Love the confidence of IPOing in the face of Covid½ Warrant/UnitCitigroup running the books soloKirkland and Ellis & Davis Polk and Wardwell are lawyers involvedCrescent term threshold of $9.2
Business Proposal:
“We believe that there are significant, attractive investment opportunities that exist within industries that benefit from strong Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) profiles. While investing in ESG covers a broad range of themes, we are focused on evaluating suitable targets that have existing environmental sustainability practices or that may benefit, both operationally and economically, from our management team’s commitment and expertise in executing such practices. We believe our management team’s experience allows us to evaluate targets in industries such as manufacturing (including auto, building materials), chemicals, services (including waste, environmental, construction), logistics (including transportation, distribution), technology (hardware, software, devices), agriculture (including biofuels) and energy (with focus on renewable generation, utility services, energy efficiency/management), among others. Furthermore, our target universe could include companies undergoing a transition to increase their environmental sustainability profiles, reflecting an opportunity to bring environmentally sustainable practices to companies that may not have historically been focused on environmental sustainability. We believe there is a wide array of companies undergoing this “brown-to-green” transition in our target universe. Companies in our target universe tend to have stable growth rates and would greatly benefit from access to public market capital.”
“The SOAC management team has extensive experience in operating and managing sustainability initiatives within a wide range of companies and industries throughout the U.S.”
Scott Honour (the one and only**) serves as the Chairman of our board of directors**. Mr. Honour has over 30 years of private equity investment experience and has been involved in over 100 transactions totalling over $20 billion in transaction value. Mr. Honour is Managing Partner of Northern Pacific Group (“NPG”), a private equity firm, which he co-founded in 2012. Prior to that, Mr. Honour was at The Gores Group, a Los Angeles based private equity firm, for 10 years, serving as Senior Managing Director and one of the firm’s top executives. During his time at The Gores Group, the firm raised four funds, totaling $4 billion in aggregate, and made over 35 investments. Mr. Honour also served on the investment committee for The Gores Group. Prior to joining The Gores Group, Mr. Honour was a Managing Director at UBS Investment Bank from 2000 to 2002 and was an investment banker at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette from 1991 to 2000. Mr. Honour began his career at Trammell Crow Company in 1988. Mr. Honour has served on the board of directors of numerous public and private companies including Solar Spectrum Holdings LLC, Anthem Sports & Entertainment Inc., 1st Choice Delivery, LLC, United Language Group, Inc., Renters Warehouse LLC, Real Dolmen (REM:BB) and Westwood One, Inc. (formerly Nasdaq: WWON), and is a co-founder of Titan CNG LLC and YapStone Inc. Mr. Honour earned a B.S. and B.A., cum laude, in Business Administration and Economics from Pepperdine University and an M.B.A. in Finance and Marketing from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.
David Quiram serves as our Chief Financial Officer. Dr. Quiram has over 20 years of leadership experience in technology, strategy and finance organizations with a deep understanding of the chemicals, emerging technology, bioscience and energy sectors. Previously, Dr. Quiram served as Head of Financial Planning and Analysis and Tax at GenOn Energy (“GenOn”) from 2017 until 2019 where he was responsible for standing up the financial and administrative functions of GenOn as a stand-alone entity from NRG Energy Inc. (NYSE: NRG). Prior to that, Dr. Quiram served as Head of Investments for Enterprise Services of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) from 2014 until 2017 where he directed investments into products and services. From 2010 to 2014, Dr. Quiram was with Accenture (NYSE: ACN) as a Senior Manager in their Strategy practice focused on transforming utilities, independent power producers, and energy retailers. From 2006 to 2009, Dr. Quiram worked at multiple roles at TXU Energy starting in finance and later served as Vice President of Retail Pricing and Procurement where he led the pricing and hedging for TXU Energy’s retail portfolio. Dr. Quiram began his career at McKinsey & Co where he worked as an Engagement Manager from 2001 until 2005, and as a Research Scientist at DuPont (NYSE: DD) from 1998 to 2001. Dr. Quiram earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering with Highest Distinction from the University of Virginia, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Rick Gaenzle has agreed to serve on our board of directors. Mr. Gaenzle has over 30 years of private equity investment and corporate finance experience; he is the founder and currently serves as a Managing Director of Gilbert Global Equity Capital, L.L.C., the principal investment advisor to Gilbert Global Equity Partners, L.P. and related entities, a $1.2 billion leveraged buyout and private equity fund. Mr. Gaenzle has spent the last twenty-eight years at Gilbert Global and its predecessor entity, completing over 110 direct equity investments, co-investments and add-on acquisitions for portfolio companies. Previously, Mr. Gaenzle was a Principal of Soros Capital L.P., the principal venture capital and leveraged equity entity of the Quantum Group of Funds and a principal advisor to Quantum Industrial Holdings Ltd. Prior to joining Soros Capital, Mr. Gaenzle held various positions at PaineWebber Inc. Mr. Gaenzle currently serves as a Senior Advisor to Impact Delta, an impact-investing and impact-measurement advisory firm; an Operating Partner of NPG; and Chairman of Lake Street Homes, a single-family rental investment vehicle. Mr. Gaenzle holds a B.A. from Hartwick College and an M.B.A. from Fordham University.
Isaac Barchas has agreed to serve on our board of directors. Mr. Barchas is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Research Bridge Partners (“RBP”), a socially-driven investment company, which he founded in 2016. RBP uses both concessionary and nonconcessionary investment to create startup companies based on university research and advance those companies into the venture capital markets. Prior to founding RBP, Mr. Barchas led the Austin Technology Incubator (“ATI”) at The University of Texas at Austin from 2006 to 2016. ATI’s Clean Energy Incubator was the first university clean tech incubation program in the United States. During Mr. Barchas’ leadership, ATI companies raised over $1 billion in the capital markets. Mr. Barchas joined the university from McKinsey & Co., where he worked in the Chicago, Sydney, Auckland, and Dallas offices, from 1996 to 2006 and served on the leadership teams of McKinsey’s North American Healthcare Practice and Global Organization Practice. Mr. Barchas has served on multiple private company boards and on philanthropic boards including Pecan Street Inc., the largest analytically-focused clean energy and climate data consortium in the United States, where he was a founding board member. Mr. Barchas earned a J.D. (honors) and M.A. (Century Fellowship) from The University of Chicago. He received an A.B. from Stanford University (honors and Phi Beta Kappa).
Justin Kelly has agreed to serve on our board of directors. Mr. Kelly is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of Winslow Capital Management, LLC (“Winslow Capital”), Nuveen’s center of excellence for growth investing. Mr. Kelly also serves as lead portfolio manager on the firm’s flagship U.S. Large Cap Growth Strategy. Mr. Kelly has been with Winslow Capital for over two decades and has transformed the firm from a single strategy, niche investment firm to a thought leader globally in growth equity investing with four strategies. Prior to joining Winslow Capital in 1999, Mr. Kelly was an equity analyst at Investment Advisors in Minneapolis. Prior to that, Mr. Kelly worked at Prudential Bache, from 1993 to 1996 as Investment Banker, and Salomon Brothers, from 1996 to 1997 as Investment Banker. Mr. Kelly earned a B.S. in Finance/Investments from Babson College.
Our management team will be supported by NPG, a technology and business services focused private equity firm based in Wayzata, Minnesota. NPG has considerable experience investing in ESG related portfolio companies with community impact, workplace diversity and integrity, and environmental resource management acting as cornerstones to key investment decisions. NPG has offset its carbon footprint to net zero, achieving CarbonNeutral® status. The partners of NPG have been involved in acquisitions, financings and advisory transactions totaling over $20 billion in transaction value and have significant experience investing across a variety of economic cycles and a track record of identifying high-quality assets, businesses and management teams with significant resources, capital and optimization potential. We believe that we will benefit from NPG’s prior experience.”

SPAC Risks:
SPAC’s tend to be 50/50 after merger IMOPotential EV or ESG bubble might be formingDoes anyone have an example of a SPAC in the last 15 years (or later) that has liquidated and didn’t pay out?(I honestly haven’t looked)I see 0.1% risk in SPAC shares/units long term (thanks to escrow)
Final Thoughts:
Future (disruptive) ESG companies (like PureCycle) might want to try and avoid previous mistakes (like UBER) by going the public via the SPAC route... Its kind of a thing these days (thank you Covid) and helps them to make more money faster, price their deal properly/more efficiently and gain (those all-important wall street) connections – I see you SPAQ .. also anyone else see spacs drop in the WSJ?
Completely speculative possible ESG SPAC’s – IPOC/IPOB, HCAC/JIH, GMHI/NPA, SBE/ALUS/TDAC, **KCAC/**SSPK, or JWS/PTSH? Who else are we missing?? Who else will pivot like SHLL, SPAQ, HCCH or get a BlackRock PIPE??
Disclaimer: This is not investment advice and I have positions in some of the above.
TLDR: ESG trend is here to stay and SOAC is a ESG SPAC with great a great team
**check out the discord link for more info, resources and tools**
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Hey guys;
I wanted to give some background info on this community for new subs. There has been a lot of confusion on how this subreddit even works, and now that the sub is growing and developing a more specific purpose, I think it's time to finally drop the facade of ironic memeing and explain so new subs don't feel left out.
Part9lore was started likely out of u/Pieninja314 (SPC regular)'s boredom in the wait for Stone Ocean. He made some memes about characters named Jolene Joestar, Fidelia Costello, and Thoko teaming up with Josuk8 in a made-up Part 9.
It was suggested he create a sub, so he did just that. About a month later, one of the SPC mods stickied a comment in their mascot contest post referencing part9lore. This is when the sub started to see decent growth.
There were essentially two types of subs early on, people who wanted to make up a story, and people who just wanted to meme. The sub was kinda anarchistic at that point, the mods really didn't want to limit anything.
As the days went on, certain characters and plot points started to catch on. People wanted them organized because they felt left out of the joke, so u/Storm3441 made a spreadsheet to organize what had been mentioned. Shortly after, u/davidlikesmemes and u/ATrueFool made the wiki to expand on the content on the spreadsheet.
Eventually, some plot points and characters started to become popular among the community, such as Big Orca and the Jibby/Doppio relationship. They didn't get popular because they were posted early on, they took off because they seemed just bizarre enough to be in a Jojo part.
Things really started to get serious, however, when u/the_kls started posting his extraordinary takes on Araki's art style, bringing some of the most popular characters to life, and making them feel like real Jojo characters, not just silly memes.
The Discord server proved to be the best way to do this, as people could talk the ideas over and figure out what we liked and didn't like.
Now, we kinda wanna make a story out of this. u/the_kls has inspired us and we're past being XD LOL RANDOM. We want the part to be Bizarre and funny, but in a JJBA way.
With the amount of amazing, dedicated contributors this sub has, it's becoming more and more likely we can make something really, REALLY cool out of this. There was discussion recently of a potential creative team who would do the writing, so more to come about that idea.
There are plenty of gaps in the story, this is where you guys can help :)
For now; I will summarize the Canon thus far:

Not sure if anyone cares, but if you wanna wait until JJBA: Silver Soul is completed with the potential of companion illustrations (we already have companion illustrations for several character reveals), please do not read this. We may have a full-length prologue posted soon, we have already more or less confirmed like 3 members of the writing team, so full-length chapters will likely be available for reading in the very near future. If you are just interested in taking in the story and reading it in order, I'd recommend not proceeding. If you want to help with the creation, go on ahead. If you wanna discuss the writing team, the discord server is the best place to do so.

Please don't comment; "YOU FORGOT MY ARC REEEEEE" because I didn't forget it, it just isn't canon. That doesn't mean it never will be, just be patient.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure:

~Silver Soul~

Silver Soul takes place after Jojolion. Assume everything in Jojolion after the chapter released around May 30th, 2020 is retconned. Josuke and the Higashikata family survive to the end, as does Yashuo. Josuke and Yashuo get married. Josuke becomes the CEO, and the company sees a massive rise in success under his leadership, becoming one of the most valuable companies in Japan. The pressures of being the patriarch of the Higashikata family weigh down on Josuke. He and Yashuo divorce. The Higashikata family pressure Josuke into expanding the HFC.
Jolene Joestar is a young, Floridan woman with no present family. When she was a younger, she was very close to her second cousin, Jibby Joestar, who is five years her senior. Jibby and Jolene grew up practicing martial arts and working on computers together, and these two things grew to be Jolene's passions. Jolene went on to get good marks in school and was accepted into college for computer engineering. She still practices martial arts every day as a hobby. At the beginning of the story, Jolene is framed for theft, with the police insisting she stole an old woman's car.
Josuke bails her out of prison. Jolene is confused, as she's never met this man. Josuke explains that he's a distant relative, and that she's being targeted as part of a plot by the HFC's biggest international rival, The Big Orca Vegetable Corporation. The CEO, Big Orca, seeks to own a global monopoly on necessities such as food, water and shelter. This is his perception of "true control".
Josuke and Jolene hide out at Jolene's friend's place, Thoko. Thoko is obsessed with video games. He is a stand user but not an aggressive or combative type. While planning their next move, they are attacked by one of Big Orca's agents: Whole Equestrian.
The battle is eventually won, with Jolene using her new fruit-awoken stand to retire Whole Equestrian. Thoko and Jolene suffer minor wounds however, so Josuke requests the strongest stand user employed by the Higashikata Fruit Company, Fidelia Costello, to come to Florida to help protect Jolene and Thoko. Fidelia is Hispanic, specific nationality TBD. When she was 14 years old, her parents were killed by a cult masquerading as a professional E-Sports team. Her father was a stand user, and Fidelia's primary goal when not doing her job is trying to find more info on this cult, and the former E-Sports team that killed her parents and fled into the shadows, never to be seen or heard from again. Because of this, Fidelia has a natural disdain for video games and the way modern culture has become obsessed with them.
Jibby finally returns, suddenly and mysteriously, now with a stand. Jolene is delighted.
Big Orca sends Doppio Kujo to kill the crew. Doppio choses to abandon Big Orca when he sees Jibby as the two were best friends at one point.
Jibby explains to the crew that in the past certain people were bestowed with a special power. They used these powers to establish themselves and change history permanently, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Jibby says he believes that William Shakespeare was one of these people, and suggests Doppio use his stand, Highwayman, to test this theory. The resurrection works, and Will confirms this, providing a small amount of information about the Historical Figures before leaving, refusing to join their team.
Later on it is revealed that Jibby is a double-agent. Jibby is ordered to murder Doppio for betraying the plan. The two battle alone, with Jibby winning and killing Doppio. Jibby gains a new stand here; Rasputin, which is far more powerful than his previous stand, Starships.
At some point, Thoko unlocks a second act for his stand, which is tremendously powerful, although he can only access it if he is doing well and having fun at the video game he is playing at that point. Thoko must have some form of console to use this Act. Game Over Act 2 will not work if Thoko is in a state of mental defeat.
While tracking down the CTO for BOVC, Big Band, the gang's car suddenly stops, then explodes after the gang gets out, injuring Jolene, Fidelia, and Josuke, though Thoko is unharmed as he was sitting by a tree gaming. The stand user B-G Odessa reveals himself, and uses his stand to destroy Thoko's DS during their fight. The fight ends with Thoko stabbing Odessa to death with a shard of his DS, which he made way stronger and lighter using Game Over.
Later on in the story, it becomes clear that only Game Over Act 2 will be strong enough to fight Big John, the Chief Legal Counsel for BOVC, but Thoko has been unable to summon him as he hasn't really enjoyed gaming since his DS was destroyed. They cannot buy a new one, as Nintendo was purchased by Big Orca to prevent the awesome power of GO Act 2, so they are unable to acquire a new one for him. Thoko had a DS when he was a kid, but he lost it in a bet to a local gaming celebrity and arcade owner, Funkytown. Josuke's intel indicates than not only is Funkytown's arcade owned by Big Orca, but FT is a stand user who's stand, Uptown Funk, can make it so that only one person/stand can damage him at a time. It's pointless to send more than one, so Fidelia goes alone. Fidelia makes a rare miscalculation in her finishing blow against FT. Her arms are suddenly cut off, which means her stand, Everyday Superhero, also loses it's arms. FT taunts Fidelia as she bleeds to death. Fidelia gets ES to kick a hole in a furnace and cauterizes her wounds. FT calls this pointless, as she couldn't even beat him with arms. FT comes in for the finishing blow, but does not realize that ES does not need arms to use it's power. ES is sent forward in a flash, deploying a belt on the ground that catapults FT straight towards Fidelia. Fidelia admits her first attack was a miscalculation, but she was reading FT the whole time, pretending to be weak, hoping he would get within range of her belts. Fidelia finishes him off with an extremely lengthy series of kicks, then leaves with the DS.
The crew must build Fidelia cyborg arms, and Jibby leads the engineering team that does this, with Jolene and ally Jefferson Airplane assisting. The arms work very well, but ES still has no arms.
Shakespeare is revealed to be working with 3 other historical figures, Cleopatra, Abraham Lincoln, and Alexander Graham Bell, who were revived through unknown means. They're all stand users, but they also have superhuman strength, speed, and endurance.
That's pretty much all we have so far.
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The truth behind Puskás Akadémia FC - How Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán stole a legend, built a stadium in his backyard and guided his team to Europe

The 2019/2020 season of the Hungary’s National Football League (NB1) – being one of the first leagues to restart play - came to an end on 27 June. If a casual observer (for whatever reason) decides to check out the final standings, he would be not surprised at the first two positions: record-champion Ferencváros defended their title, while regional powerhouse Fehérvár (Videoton) came in second. However, the third place team, Puskás Akadémia FC might seem unusual and one could think that there is a story behind that. Is there a team named after Ferenc Puskás? Did some academy youths make an incredible run for the Europa League qualification? Well, the observer is right, there is a story behind all this, but it’s absolutely not a fun story. It’s a story about how one powerful man’s obsession with football stole a legend, misused state funds and killed the spirit of Hungarian football. (Warning: this is a long story, feel free to scroll down for a tl;dr. Also, I strongly advise checking out the links, those images are worth seeing).
Naturally, political influence in football has been present ever since the dawn of the sport and we know of numerous state leaders who felt confident enough to use their influence to ensure the successful development of their favored clubs – Caucescu’s FC Olt Scornicesti and Erdogan’s Basaksehir are well-known examples of such attempts. However, I fear that very few of the readers are aware of the fact that Puskás Akadémia FC is nothing but Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán’s grandiose project for establishing his hometown’s club as one of the country’s top teams. Considering that Orbán managed to achieve this goal using state funds in an EU member democracy in the 2000s, one might even say that it might be one of the most impressive attempts of cheating your way through Football Manager in real life. Now that Puskás Akadémia FC escaped the desolate football scene of Hungary and is getting ready for the European takeover, I feel that it’s high time to tell its true story.

Part 1: Part time striker, part time PM

Our story begins in 1999 when the 36-year-old striker Viktor Orbán (recently elected as the country’s Prime Minister) was signed by the sixth-tier side of Felcsút FC residing in rural Fejér County. It might sound surprising that an active politician would consider such a side job, but given that Orbán has been playing competitive low-level football throughout his whole life and has always been known as a keen football enthusiast, people seemed to be okay with his choice for a hobby. Orbán spent most of his childhood in the village of Felcsút (population: 1,800), so it seemed only natural that he would join the team after one of his old-time acquaintances became team president there.
Orbán’s arrival to the club seemed to work like a charm as Felcsút FC immediately earned a promotion to the fifth league. The Prime Minister’s busy program did not allow him to attend every training session and game but Orbán did make an effort to contribute as much as possible on the field – there is a report of a government meeting being postponed as Orbán was unavailable due to attending Felcsút FC’s spring training camp. The 2001/2002 season brought another breakthrough for the side as Felcsút was promoted to the national level of the football pyramid after being crowned the champion of Fejér County. Sadly enough for Orbán, he suffered a defeat on another pitch – his party lost the 2002 election and Orbán was forced to move to an opposition role.
No matter what happened on the political playing field, Orbán would not abandon his club. Just before the 2002 elections, Felcsút was surprisingly appointed as one of the regional youth development centers by the Hungarian FA. Orbán continued contributing on the field as well (he had more spare time after all) but his off-the-field efforts provided much more value for the team as he used his political influence to convince right-wing businessmen that they should definitely get sponsorship deals done with the fourth-division village team.
Club management was able to transform the influx of funds into on-field success: Felcsút FC was promoted to the third division in 2004 and achieved promotion to the second division in 2005. Although these new horizons required a skill level that an aging ex-PM is not likely to possess, Orbán regularly played as a late game sub and even appeared in cup games against actual professional opponents. The now-42-year old Orbán did not want to face the challenge of the second division, so he retired in 2005 – but this did not stop him from temping as an assistant coach when the head coach was sacked in the middle of the 2005-2006 season.
Success on the playing field did not translate to political success: Orbán lost the elections once again in 2006. However, this was only a temporary loss: the ruling party committed blunder after blunder and by early 2007 it became absolutely obvious that Orbán would be able return to power in 2010. Now confident in his political future, Orbán opted for the acceleration of football development in Felcsút – by late 2007 he took over the presidency of the club to take matters in his own hands. Sponsors seeking to gain favor with the soon-to-be PM were swarming Felcsút FC, so the club was able to stand very strong in an era where financial stability was a very rare sight in the Hungarian football scene, accumulating three medals (but no promotion) between 2007 and 2009.
On the other hand, Orbán realized the value of youth development as well, and started a local foundation for this purpose back in 2004 that gathered funds for the establishment a boarding school-like football academy. The academy opened its doors in September 2006 (only the second of such institutions in the country) and Orbán immediately took upon the challenge of finding an appropriate name for the academy.
He went on to visit the now very sick Ferenc Puskás in the hospital to discuss using his name, but as Puskás’ medical situation was deteriorating rapidly, communication attempts were futile. Luckily enough Puskás’ wife (and soon to be widow) was able to act on his incapable husband’s behalf and approved the naming deal in a contract. According to the statement, naming rights were granted without compensation, as “Puskás would have certainly loved what’s happening down in Felcsút”. However, there was much more to the contract: Puskás’ trademark was handed to a sports journalist friend of Orbán (György Szöllősi, also acting communications director of the academy) who promised a hefty annual return for the family (and also a 45% share of the revenue for himself). Ferenc Puskás eventually died on 17 November 2006 and on 26 November 2006 the football academy was named after him: Puskás Academy was born.
Orbán shared his vision of the whole organization after the opening ceremony: “It’s unreasonable to think that Felcsút should have a team in the top division. We should not flatter ourselves, our players and our supporters with this dream. Our long term ambition is the creation of a stable second division team that excels in youth development and provides opportunity for the talents of the future.” Let’s leave that there.

Part 2: No stadium left behind

Orbán became PM once again in April 2010 after a landslide victory that pretty much granted him unlimited power. He chased lots of political agendas but one of his policies was rock solid: he would revive sports (and especially football) that was left to bleed out by the previous governments. The football situation in 2010 was quite dire: while the national team has actually made some progress in the recent years and has reached the 42nd position in the world rankings, football infrastructure was in a catastrophic state. Teams were playing in rusty stadiums built in the communist era, club finances were a mess, youth teams couldn’t find training grounds and the league was plagued by violent fan groups and lackluster attendance figures (3100 average spectators per game in the 2009/2010 season).
Orbán – aided by the FA backed by business actors very interested in making him happy – saw the future in the total rebuild of the football infrastructure. Vast amounts of state development funds were invested into the football construction industry that warmly welcomed corruption, cost escalation and shady procurement deals. In the end, money triumphed: over the last decade, new stadiums sprung out from nothing all over the country, dozens of new academies opened and pitches for youth development appeared on practically every corner. The final piece of the stadium renovation program was the completion of the new national stadium, Puskás Aréna in 2019 (estimated cost: 575 million EUR). Orbán commemorated this historic moment with a celebratory video on his social media that features a majestic shot of Orbán modestly kicking a CGI ball from his office to the new stadium.
Obviously, Orbán understood that infrastructure alone won’t suffice. He believed in the idea that successful clubs are the cornerstone of a strong national side as these clubs would compete in a high quality national league (and in international tournaments) that would require a constant influx of youth players developed by the clubs themselves. However, Orbán was not really keen on sharing the state’s infinite wealth with private club owners who failed to invest in their clubs between 2002 and 2010. The club ownership takeover was not that challenging as previous owners were usually happy to cut their losses, and soon enough most clubs came under Orbán’s influence. Some clubs were integrated deep into Orbán’s reach (Ferencváros and MTK Budapest club presidents are high ranking officials of Orbán’s party) while in other cases, indirect control was deemed sufficient (Diósgyőri VTK was purchased by a businessman as an attempt to display loyalty to Orbán).
Pouring taxpayer money into infrastructure (stadium) projects is relatively easy: after all, we are basically talking about overpriced government construction projects, there’s nothing new there. On the other hand, allocating funds to clubs that should be operating on a competitive market is certainly a tougher nut to crack. The obvious solutions were implemented: the state media massively overpaid for broadcasting rights and the national sports betting agency also pays a hefty sum to the FA, allowing for a redistribution of considerable amounts. However, given that the income side of Hungarian clubs was basically non-existent (match day income is negligible, the failed youth development system does not sell players), an even more radical solution was desperately needed. Also, there was definite interest in the development of a tool that would allow for differentiation between clubs (as in the few remaining non-government affiliated clubs should not receive extra money).
The solution came in 2011: the so-called TAO (“társasági adó” = corporate tax) system was introduced, granting significant tax deductions for companies if they offered a portion of their profits to sports clubs – however, in theory, funds acquired through TAO can be only used for youth development and infrastructure purposes. Soon enough, it became apparent that state authorities were not exactly interested in the enforcement of these restrictions, so some very basic creative accounting measures enabled clubs to use this income for anything they wanted to. Companies were naturally keen on cutting their tax burdens and scoring goodwill with the government, so TAO money immediately skyrocketed. Opportunistic party strongmen used their influence to convince local business groups to invest in the local clubs, enabling for the meteoric rise of multiple unknown provincial teams (Mezőkövesd [pop: 16,000], Kisvárda [pop: 16,000], Balmazújváros [pop: 17,000]) into the first division.
Although it’s not the main subject of this piece, I feel inclined to show you the actual results of Orbán’s grandiose football reform. While we do have our beautiful stadiums, we don’t exactly get them filled – league attendance has stagnated around 3000 spectators per game throughout the whole decade. We couldn’t really move forward with our national team either: Hungary lost 10 positions in the FIFA World Rankings throughout Orbán’s ten years. On the other hand, the level of league has somewhat improved – Videoton and Ferencváros reached the Europa League group stage in 2019 and 2020, respectively. Too bad that the Instat-based top team of 2019/2020 Hungarian league consists of 10 foreigners and only 1 Hungarian: the goalkeeper.

Part 3: Small place, big game!

As seen in the previous chapter, Orbán did have a strong interest in the improvement of the football situation Hungary, but we shouldn’t forget that his deepest interest and true loyalty laid in the wellbeing of Felcsút and its academy. Now that Orbán had limitless means to see to the advancement of his beloved club, he got to work immediately. Orbán handed over formal club management duties to his friend / protégé / middleman / businessman Lőrinc Mészáros in 2010, but no questions would ever arise of who is actually calling the shots.
First of all, no club can exist without a proper stadium. Although in 2011 Orbán explicitly stated that “Felcsút does not need a stadium as stadiums belong to cities”, no one was really surprised in 2012 when the construction of the Felcsút stadium was announced. Orbán was generous enough to donate the lands just in front of his summer home in the village for the project, locating the entrance a mere ten meters away from his residence. Construction works for the stunningly aesthetic 3,800-seater arena (in a village of 1,800 people) started in April 2012 and were completed in April 2014, making Felcsút’s arena the second new stadium of Orbán’s gigantic stadium revival program.
The estimated budget of the construction was 120 million EUR (31,500 EUR / seat) was financed by the Puskás Academy who explicitly stated that they did not use government funds for the project. Technically, this statement is absolutely true as the construction was financed through the TAO money offered by the numerous companies looking for tax deduction and Orbán’s goodwill. However, technically, this means that the country’s budget was decreased by 120 million EUR unrealized tax revenue. Naturally, the gargantuan football stadium looks ridiculously out of place in the small village, but there’s really no other way to ensure that your favorite team’s stadium is within 20 seconds of walking distance from your home.
Obviously, a proper club should also have some glorious history. Felcsút was seriously lagging behind on this matter as though Felcsút FC was founded in 1931, it spent its pre-Orbán history in the uninspiring world of the 5th-7th leagues of the country. Luckily enough, Orbán had already secured Puskás’ naming rights and they were not afraid to use it, so Felcsút FC was renamed to Puskás Academy FC in 2009. The stadium name was a little bit problematic as the Hungarian national stadium in Budapest had sadly had the dibs on Puskás’ name, so they had to settle with Puskás’ Spanish nickname, resulting in the inauguration of the Pancho Arena. But why stop here? Orbán’s sports media strongman György Szöllősi acted upon the contract with Puskás’ widow and transferred all Puskás’ personal memorabilia (medals, jerseys, correspondence) to the most suitable place of all: a remote village in which Puskás never even set foot in.
While the off-field issues were getting resolved, Orbán’s attention shifted to another important area: the actual game of football. Although academy players started to graduate from 2008 on, it very soon became painfully obvious that the academy program couldn’t really maintain even a second division side for now. In 2009, Orbán reached an agreement with nearby Videoton’s owner that effectively transformed Felcsút FC into Videoton’s second team under the name of Videoton – Puskás Akadémia FC. The mutually beneficent agreement would allow Videoton to give valuable playing time to squad players while it could also serve as a skipping step for Puskás Academy’s fresh graduates to a first league team. The collaboration resulted in two mid-table finishes and a bronze medal in the second division in the following three seasons that wasn’t really impressive compared to Felcsút FC’s standalone seasons.
It seemed that the mixture of reserve Videoton players and academy youth was simply not enough for promotion, and although Orbán had assured the public multiple times that his Felcsút project was not aiming for the top flight, very telling changes arose after the 2011/2012 season. Felcsút terminated the Videoton cooperation deal and used the rapidly accumulating TAO funds to recruit experienced players for the now independently operating Puskás Academy FC (PAFC). The new directive worked almost too well: PAFC won its division with a 10 point lead in its first standalone year which meant that they would have to appear in the first league prior to the completion of their brand-new Pancho Arena. Too bad that this glorious result had almost nothing to do with the academy - only two players were academy graduates of the side’s regular starting XI.
Orbán did not let himself bothered with the ridiculousness of an academy team with virtually no academy players being promoted to the first division as he stated that “a marathon runner shouldn’t need to explain why the other runners were much slower than him”. Orbán also displayed a rare burst of modesty as he added that “his team’s right place is not in the first league, and they will soon be overtaken by other, better sides”.
The promotion of PAFC to the first division made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move. Supporter groups were united in hatred all along the league and not surprisingly, away fans almost always outnumbered the home side at PAFC’s temporary home at Videoton’s Sóstói Stadium (demolished and rebuilt in its full glory since then). One of the teams, however, possessed an extraordinary degree of anger against PAFC: supporters of Budapest Honvéd – the only Hungarian team in which Ferenc Puskás played – felt especially awkward about the transfer of their club legend’s heritage to Felcsút. Tensions spiked at the PAFC – Honvéd game when home security forced Honvéd supporters to remove the “Puskás” part of their traditional “Puskás – Kispest – Hungary” banner – the team answered the insult with style as they secured a 4-0 victory supported by fans chanting “you can’t buy legends”.
Despite Orbán’s prognosis, other better sides did not rush to overtake his team, so PAFC, now residing in their brand new Pancho Arena, came through with a 14th and a 10th place in their first two seasons. Naturally, conspiracy theories began to formulate, speculating that government-friendly owners would certainly not be motivated to give their best against PAFC. However, as the league size was reduced to 12 for the 2015/2016 season, PAFC found themselves in a dire situation just before the final round: they needed a win and needed rival Vasas to lose against MTK in order to avoid relegation. PAFC’s draw seemed to be unlucky as they faced their arch-enemy Honvéd at home, but Honvéd displayed an absolute lackluster effort – fueling conspiracy theories – and lost the fixture 2 to 1 against a home side featuring four academy players. Vasas, however, did not disappoint, their 2-0 victory resulted in PAFC’s elimination and a very relaxed sigh all over the football community.
PAFC’s relegation seemed to be in accordance with Orbán’s 2013 statement, so public opinion supposed for a while that Orbán’s project came to a halting point and the Academy would go on to actually field academy players in the second division (especially as rostering foreign players was prohibited in the lower leagues). However, if you have read through this point, you know better than to expect Orbán to retreat – obviously, PAFC came back with a bang. With a ballsy move, PAFC didn’t even sell their foreign players, they just loaned them across the league, promising them that they would be able to return next year to the newly promoted team. The promise was kept as PAFC went into another shopping spree of experienced players (easily convincing lots of them to choose the second division instead of the first) and easily won the second league.
Orbán – now aware of his negligence – opted for the doubling the team’s budget, making PAFC the third most well-founded club in the whole country (only coming short to his friend’s Videoton and his party minion’s Ferencváros). With an actual yearly influx from TAO money in the ballpark of 30-40 million EUR, PAFC management had to really work wonders in creative accounting in order to make their money look somewhat legitimate. The books were now full of ridiculous items like:
Naturally, in the country of no consequences, absolutely nothing happened: PAFC went on with its spending and signed 35 foreigners between 2017 and 2020. They did so because they could not hope to field a winning team in the first league consisting of academy players, despite the fact that Puskás Academy has been literally drowning in money since 2007. This seems to somewhat contradict Orbán’s 2013 promise, stating that “Puskás Academy will graduate two or three players to major European leagues each year”. To be fair, there have been players who managed to emerge to Europe (well, exactly two of them: Roland Sallai plays at Freiburg, László Kleinheisler played at Werder Bremen) but most academy graduates don’t even have the slightest the chance to make their own academy’s pro team as it’s full of foreigners and more experienced players drawn for other teams’ programs.
Despite their unlimited funding, PAFC could not put up a top-tier performance in their first two years back in the first division, finishing 6th and 7th in the 12-team league. Many speculated that the lack of support, motivation and even a clear team mission did not allow for chemistry to develop within the multinational and multi-generational locker room. Consistency was also a rare sight on the coaching side: club management was absolutely impatient with coaches who were very easily released after a single bad spell and there were talks of on-field micromanagement request coming from as high as Orbán.
Even so, their breakthrough came dangerously close in 2018 as PAFC performed consistently well in the cup fixtures and managed to reach the final. Their opponent, Újpest played an incredibly fierce game and after a 2-2 draw, they managed to defeat PAFC in the shootout. Football fans sighed in relief throughout the country as ecstatic Újpest supporters verbally teased a visibly upset Orbán in his VIP lounge about his loss.
Obviously, we could only delay the inevitable. While this year’s PAFC side seemed to be more consistent than its predecessors, it seemed that they won’t be able to get close to the podium - they were far behind the obvious league winner duo of Ferencváros and Videoton and were trailing third-place Mezőkövesd 6 points just before the pandemic break. However, both Mezőkövesd and PAFC’s close rivals DVTK and Honvéd fall flat after the restart while PAFC was able to maintain its good form due to its quality roster depth. PAFC overtook Mezőkövesd after the second-to-last round as Mezőkövesd lost to the later relegated Debrecen side. (Mezőkövesd coach Attila Kuttor was fined harshly because of his post-game comments on how the FA wants PAFC to finish third.)
PAFC faced Honvéd in the last round once again, and as Honvéd came up with its usual lackluster effort, PAFC secured an effortless win, confidently claiming the third place. PAFC celebrated their success in a nearly empty stadium, however neither Orbán, nor Mészáros (club owner, Orbán’s protégé, now 4th richest man of Hungary) seemed to worry about that. While Orbán high-fived with his peers in the VIP lounge, Mészáros was given the opportunity to award the bronze medals (and for some reason, a trophy) to the players dressed up in the incredibly cringe worthy T-shirts that say “Small place, big game!”. Big game, indeed: in the 2019/2020 season, foreign players’ share of the teams playing time was 43.6% while academy graduates contributed only 17.9%.
On Sunday evening, less than 24 hours after PAFC’s glorious success, György Szöllősi, now editor-in-chief of Hungary’s only sports newspaper (purchased by Orbán’s affiliates a few years back) published an editorial on the site, stating that “the soccer rebuild in Felcsút became the motor and symbol of the revitalization of sport throughout the whole country”. Well, Szöllősi is exactly right: Felcsút did became a symbol, but a symbol of something entirely different. Felcsút became a symbol of corruption, inefficiency, lies and the colossal waste of money. But, hey, at least we know now: you only need to spend 200 million EUR (total budget of PAFC and its academy in the 2011-2020 period) if you want to have a Europa League team in your backyard. Good to know!

Epilogue: What's in the future?

As there is no foreseeable chance for political change to happen Hungary (Orbán effortlessly secured qualified majority in 2014 and 2018, and is projected to do so in 2022 as well), PAFC’s future seems to be as bright as it gets. Although consensus opinion now seems to assume that Orbán does not intend to interfere with the Ferencváros – Videoton hegemony, we can never be really sure about the exact limits of his greed. One could also argue that entering the European theater serves as a prime opportunity for making splashy transfers who could be the cornerstones of a side challenging the league title.
However, as all political systems are deemed to fall, eventually Orbán’s regime will come apart. Whoever will take upon the helm after Orbán, they will certainly begin with cutting back on the one item on Orbán’s agenda that never had popular support: limitless football spending. Puskás Academy, having next to zero market revenue, will not be able to survive without the state’s life support, so the club will fold very shortly. The abandoned, rotting stadium in Felcsút will serve as a memento of a powerful man who could not understand the true spirit of football.
But let’s get back to present day, as we have more pressing issues coming up soon: PAFC will play their first European match in the First qualifying round of the Europa League on 27 August. We don’t have a date for the draw yet, but soon enough, a team unaware of the whole situation will be selected to face the beast. I hope that maybe one of their players does some research and maybe reads this very article for inspiration. I hope that the supporters of this club get in touch with Honvéd fans who would be eager to provide them with some tips on appropriate chants. I hope that other teams gets drawn as the home team so Orbán wouldn’t get the pleasure of walking to his stadium for an international match. But most importantly, I very much hope that this team obliterates PAFC and wipes them off the face of the earth. 5-0 will suffice, thank you.
And if this team fails to do that, we don’t have to worry yet. Due to our shitty league coefficient, PAFC would need to win four fixtures in a row. And that – if there’s any justice in this world – is a thing that can’t, that won’t happen. Ball don’t lie – if I may say.
Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán redirected some 200 million EUR of taxpayer money over 10 years to fuel his ambition of raising a competitive football team in his hometown of 1,800 people. He built a 3,800-seater stadium in his backyard, expropriated football legend Ferenc Puskás’ trademarks and heritage and built up a football league where almost all clubs are owned by his trustees. His team, Puskás Akadémia FC was originally intended to be a development ground for youth players graduating from Orbán’s football academy, but eventually the team became more and more result-orianted. Finally, a roster full of foreign and non-academy players came through and finished third in the league, releasing this abomination of a team to the European football theatre. Please, knock them out asap!
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My Introduction to a Professional Sports Betting Syndicate

This is part 1 of a 3 part story I recently shared within The Betting Network community. The Betting Network or TBN is a group of sports bettors that all share information with a common goal of winning more bets. I also do weekly lessons, a mentorship program, game previews and just pass along any and all information I’ve gathered over the past 15 plus years, the main goal is to help members improve their overall sports betting IQ and help them avoid the brutal trial and error I had to go through before becoming successful in the sports betting industry.
I decided to share this story because of the feedback I received within The Betting Network, hope you guys enjoy it and also gain something from it.

PART 1/3

Before I get into the good stuff I have to explain what my job entailed at the time. The company I use to work for scraped sports betting information and data off the internet. A lot of pro bettors use “data scrapes” and what it does is it searches the internet 24/7 every second of the day for anything that has the keywords you programmed into the software. Think about how much time and effort this saves. You input “LeBron James Injury” and the second anything related to that is posted anywhere online it will be sent to you and even compiled in an organized fashion. You could put Steph Curry 3pt attempts and it will gather all that info and compile it. Data scrapes are really the only way a person could compile stats and information on entire leagues, it would take the entire season alone if you attempted to input it yourself without a scraper.
One of the most important data scrapers is for injuries and the company I worked for had it set up where it would be constantly searching the internet for injury related news and it would “ping” our computers already formatted so it could be sent out to members and social media. For example, this is what a “ping” would look like - CLE-F [LeBron James] - Calf- Questionable or GSW-G [Steph Curry] - wrist - Doubtful. Our job was to edit any errors and basically just click a button that was linked to send it out on all platforms, members text services, on twitter, everywhere we wanted. Our company's injury scrape was so good that live odds services like Don Best would simply have a scrape on our Twitter account. Pro bettors would just have notifications set for our tweets because we were breaking injury information 10 to 20 seconds before ESPN sometimes. By the way, 10 to 20 seconds is an eternity in the sports betting world. If you couldn’t tell already I’m no computer wiz, but what I believe separated our scrape from many others was how the information was formatted when we got it and how it was streamlined with all the platforms it needed to be sent out to after we got it. In other words, injury news breaks, we get the ping, hit one button and it’s sent. Other people may receive the injury information and have to type out the format and then send it out one by one to twitter or on their website. But like I said I have no fucking clue how it all works all I know is we were considered one of the best for NBA, NFL.
If you want to learn more about how to actually set up a scraper I provided a good intro to scraping link here: ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
The MIT Sloan conference is one of the biggest sports analytics conferences in the world. Myself and a few co-workers were sent to the Sloan conference to represent our company. It’s a big 2 day event and everybody from the sports world is there, anyone from sports book operators to NBA head coaches and players. Link below for this years speakers at Sloan ↙️↙️↙️
Anyone that’s heavily involved in the sports betting industry is usually there because it’s a great way to network with everyone all in one place. My company had a booth there and we would just answer questions, hand out promotional fliers and point out all the famous people we saw. This is where it gets good. While sitting at the booth a guy approaches me and asks: “What do you do”? Me: I’m a data analyst Guy: ok, but what do you do?
I explained to him my job responsibilities adding in a bunch of stuff to make it sound more important because the truth was I sat at a computer for 8hrs a day waiting for pings and answering phone calls where 90% of the callers had the wrong number. He pretended to be interested in the job details and before I could get into what he did or why he was there the convo ended with him asking if I’ll be attending day 2 of the conference. I said yes and he told me he would also be back tomorrow for day 2 and that after the conference tomorrow him and a bunch of guys were going to meet for drinks at the Westin hotel across the street from the conference, “drinks on me” he said while walking away.
The next day after the conference I went across the street to the Westin and they have a restaurant. I see “George” who I met the day before and invited me, he’s sitting at one end of a table that has 2 big tables pushed together making one big table. He waves me over and I sit next to him, there’s about 7 other people there. He tells me to order anything I want, drinks, food whatever and made a point to tell me and everyone there that he’s covering the bill. The Westin is really nice and expensive, not a place I would be going to eat and drink on my own considering I think I was making $16 an hour at this time. I couldn’t help but wonder why he invited me and only me when I had 2 other co-workers. After a couple hours and 4 vodka tonics I found out.
“George” was a professional bettor and was (still is) the head of a nationwide sports betting syndicate. He knew exactly what the company I work for dos and even knew my boss. Once we got into talking about what he does he wasted no time telling me what he wanted to do. He wanted me to notify him and his team about injuries before sending it out to the public, 15 seconds after to be exact. He knew that a majority of sports books used the live odds screen Don Best and that Don Best used our company for breaking injury news and if he was able to get the injury news before Don Best he would be able to beat the line on all the books that copied lines from them.
For example: Your bookie isn’t sitting in front of the computer moving the lines when an injury happens, it’s done automatically. Most local books set up what’s called an auto-mover and this copies the feed from another sports book. Some local books may copy the feed from say pinnacle or 5dimes or any book they feel has strong accurate lines. They can’t set up a direct feed to pinnacle or 5Dimes because established books such as those can detect software. So what they do is set the auto-mover up onto a live odds service like Don Best. Once the line moves on don best all the books that are copying lines will then move their lines.
George had software of his own that allowed him to bet games on thousands of accounts with a few clicks of a button. He explained to me how this would all work - I get the ping - CLE-F [LeBron James] - Rest - Out, I would copy and paste that onto the telegram messenger app and press send, he said sing happy birthday and when finished then I could post it to the world like I normally would. With his automated bet software he could pick off all the books that didn’t move the line yet based on Lebron being OUT. Of course not every single book was reliant on Don Best to move lines, many of the bigger well known offshore books had their own data scrapes and injury software, but more than enough books did rely on Don Best, who relied on my company. So the potential for this was through the roof.
I had some serious thinking to do, as much as I wanted to say yes on the spot my instincts held me back. I told him I had to weigh the pros and cons. After all I basically would be tanking my job duties and going from a committed employee to what seemed like a sneaky spy. It does our company and it’s members no good if I’m sending out information late or at the same time as every other company. Also, without getting too detailed regarding the financial arrangement I felt I needed to counter his offer. The biggest upside for me besides the money was my strong desire to get involved with a real sports betting syndicate but the negotiations quickly let me know that there is a dark side to the industry and I had one foot in.
To Be Continued....
PS I’ll likely share part 2 and 3 in the coming days.
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure OC Tournament #5: Round 1 Match 17 Remix Vs Klein

The results are in for Match 15. The winner is…
Suburban Regalia, with a score of 84 to Red Carpet Renaissance’s 45!
Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity Suburban Regalia 26-4
Quality Suburban Regalia 23-18 Reasoning
JoJolity Suburban Regalia 25-13 Reasoning
Conduct TEAM 10-10
The scene around them was a mess, a burning tree in the middle of the road, broken fence posts and fallen trees, and two men, bloodied and beaten before them.
It had taken Guy-Manuel Mota and Lemon Demon longer than they had expected, and the pair of a muscleman and gunman was a fearsome one, but regardless, they had managed to defeat their opponents unscathed.
Guy was feeling slightly smug after realizing all his partner had accomplished, and so, walked up to the apparent brains of the duo, currently laying there, trying desperately not to fade away, and laying on the ground by the busted-up fence, lifting up his chin with the end of his blade. “Still clinging to life, huh..? Barely, by the looks of it… Mind telling me who sent you? And who was that kid in the car?”
“They didn’t… Tell us…” The man, whom Guy didn’t know was called Antonio, grunted, before hacking up blood. “But I think it’s… Damned obvious… Who else has goons like this… Eyes all over the city… A need to take over this place?”
“What?” Guy was confused, as if he’d been presented a riddle to solve.
“Nnghh… Might be luckier if I die here…” ABBA continued, feeling his consciousness slipping. “Those psychopaths you’re working for… If I get put in one of their dungeons… Might be… Worse…” And then, his eyes shut.
Guy didn’t have long to think about that, however, his attention turned by the shouting of a grizzled old-sounding voice. “What in tarnation?!” A familiar semi truck had pulled up from the road, luckily still safe enough to drive on the near side, and out from it emerged a middle-aged man whose face matched his voice. He had buzz cut curly hair, a muscular, if lanky build, and was clad in a jean vest, pants, and a number of jean cuffs along each arm and attached to his belt with each article of clothing sporting a blueprint design to them.
The man stepped out of the car and started walking over, “What the hell happened here?! What’s this mess you’ve made of my pen?” The man looked right at Lemon, who had approached, and Guy.
“We just did our jobs, and dang well, too,” Lemon retorted, “so really, if you’re our backup here… You should be thankin’ us.”
“Well, that’s all well and good, but where is the bull?!” The man, then, asked, his temper still clear as he looked around. “Do you know what will happen if it gets away, or-?”
Matilda came up out of the car and tried to call the big man putting a hand on his shoulder, “Ernie, Ernie, Ernie, calm down, these guys are professionals! I’m sure they just hid the bull somewhere, knew your lil’ enclosure was so damn good those poachers we almost drove over would see it like a big red target! Just hidden, right?” Matilda looked at the pair, eyes both serious and nervous, “Ri~ight?”
Lemon Demon nodded, Right, yeah, he’s totally safe and sound and stimulated, too! Havin’ a damn content time, that sweet bull boy is, and I didn’t even tip him!” Lemon Demon started walking towards it, “Come on I’ll show you, it was quite the trick let me tell you… We can laugh about it while y’all and Omar Keshem sign us some nice fat paychecks!”
“We need to move,” a voice, frantically, uttered from the trees, and then, that green-clad birdman with the feather-plumed Roman helmet revealed himself within one. His armor looked scuffed. “Their ringleader, the man with a hammer, he’s coming too! They’ve suffered more losses than just those two, and the man is going to make a last-ditch effort to seize the bull and break Southward! Now we must hurry and rejoin the others! We’ve no time to waste!”
“Hammer… Shit, it’s him?” Matilda asked, “pile back in, everyone, hurry! We got a celebration to plan, and nothin’ like some last-minute turnabout is gonna get in the way of that!”
“Had enough joyrides for today,” the man named Ernie uttered, cracking his knuckles, “I’ll hold back, disassemble this thing, and if these guys are stupid enough to fight back or try to take me… I’ll put these fenceposts through their eyes.”
“Godspeed, Ernie…” Lemon remarked. “I’m sure all the rubber duckies are awfully fond of you!”
Leaving the much more gruff, much less old older man with a confused look on his face, the group, bull now in tow, drove off, leaving him to his work.
All these folks are having a pretty hectic night, clearly, and meanwhile, elsewhere in the district, we have a cryptid and an unlucky man trying to catch a dangerous beast
Somewhere in the Industrial District
The sound of workboots pounding against grimy concrete echoed through the alleys surrounding the Johnny and Cash Trash disposal facilities. A workman sprinted away from some unspeakable terror. He zigged and zagged around corners and weaved between pipes desperately. Every look behind him only further cemented his doom. The things that kept him up at night, his greatest fear was slowly but determinedly chasing him down. As he dived past some long forgotten crates he met the worst fate he could imagine. A dead end. He found a thick pipe and shuffled up next to it. Perhaps his pursuer would lose him. Perhaps…
Remix kept a brisk pace, sclera bloodshot and with a wide smile. It was a shame that the poor bastard had found him disposing of another victim, and his shrieks of terror more than confirmed that he had seen [God Shattering Star]. At this point though, it was no inconvenience to track him down and erase him. The thick footprints in the grime on the concrete and the scent of his terror made it no challenge to track him. Eventually, he would get tired, or run out of escape routes to scamper through. Any obstacle was quickly removed, and if it were not for the acrid smell of pollutants, this could not have been a more pleasant day for Remix.
As they rounded a corner, a thick streak in the grease noted that their prey had found their way behind a pipe near the dead end of the alley that hosted this cat and mouse game. Remix’s shoes clicked distinctively against the ground until they stopped. At this point they were close enough to deliver a killing blow. [God Shattering Star]’s hand shot through the pipe, half smashing half disintegrating it, and fully enclosed around the man's head and dragged him from around the pipe, lifting him off his feet as he desperately clawed at the stands fingers for some chance at escape. His screams were cut by a cracking of bone, and he slid out of the stands hand and onto the ground.
As their stand began to decay, Remix walked up to enjoy their handiwork. Another insignificant worm had been cleansed from this earth. As the stand was just about done, Remix spun, and what they saw delighted them. A man with spiky white hair and a mask on his shoulder stood staring at [God Shattering Star]. The courage it must have taken to not scream in terror must have been enormous, but the look on his face told Remix everything he needed to know. This man would be the next to be crushed by his hand.
A couple minutes before...
Things were on the upturn for the Judecca Highrollers. Though just a few weeks ago it felt as if luck wasn’t on their side, with a string of difficult negotiations with the district leaders about the construction of the railway between the Industrial and Waterfront districts all leading to middling results, things were changing. Following the [exhilarating performance]([]) pulled off in Sound’s Garden by Alexis and Cybil, things were going well for the Highrollers. It might’ve been due to the whims of fate, and it might’ve been due to the good PR that came as a result of said performance, but progress on the ever expanding railway was going steady, and everything seemed to be in order.
Of course, that didn’t mean there wasn’t room for improvement. Though the reason given to the workers for Klein Bras-Cheche Heitsugi’s appearance in the district was to overlook the construction of the railway, it wasn’t the only reason. Klein was also here to keep track of the factories and their workers, of the environment of the district and the murmurings of the workers within it. Unrest was brewing between the unions and the factory owners, and being aware of the specifics of it could certainly prove to be valuable for the Highrollers in their future ventures.
And so, after checking on the railway and seeing that things seemed to be going well over there, Klein began making his way around the area, keeping an ear out for errant conversations between the workers and making sure not to draw too much attention to himself. Then again, it often felt as if that was inevitable no matter what he tried. Wearing shades and altering his mannerisms helped to a certain extent, but he still couldn’t help but notice a few suspicious stares from people around him every once in a while, or take notice of an almost stifling silence that hung around the room for a few seconds whenever he let loose a little. At least the workers here didn’t pay him much mind due to their constant state of overwork, which was possibly the one minor upside for the awful working conditions of the district, though the thought of that wasn't particularly encouraging for Klein.
With his back leaning on a wall near an alleyway by the Johnny and Cash Trash Disposal Facilities, Klein took a break. This place reeked, but at least it was somewhat quiet, and some time alone to himself would be nice for Klein. He looked around, relaxed, and let go. Alone, he could let go of all the subtle mannerisms he kept up while near the workers of the district to make himself stand out less. And yet, he still felt a niggling doubt at the back of his mind, a need to stay alert, to be aware of his surroundings and of what was going on. Maybe it was too deeply ingrained for him to just let go of it in such an unfamiliar environment.
Not that Los Fortuna as a whole was unwelcoming to him. Both within the Highrollers and outside of the group, Klein had found allies and friends, people he felt at ease around, who he could truly be himself around. Nalksi, Alexis, Max, London and the rest of the staff over at the Elephant Bones… He wasn’t alone, at the very least.
Klein’s attention was taken when he noticed something odd happening at a distance away from him. Someone running desperately, getting away from something. He turned around to get a better look, and saw someone coming right from behind him. Near the person was…
Klein looked at the stand from afar. Was that..? He shuddered, trying to put the thought aside. Whatever that was, it was chasing someone, and seemed as if it was about to kill him.
He took a tepid step forward. That couldn’t be it, it couldn’t be related to The Black - he must’ve mistaken it for something else at the distance. Regardless, whatever it was, it was the work of a stand. Klein picked up the pace, trying to catch up. Not only to save the man in peril, but to get to the bottom of whatever that stand was.
Turning at a corner and dashing through the trail left through the grime by the chase, Klein eventually ran into a dead end and took a look at the scene in front of him. He saw two people, or more accurately, a person and a corpse, sprawled out onto the cold ground. In front of Klein was Remix, whose imposing presence loomed over the corpse. They seemed to have noticed him, turning and taking a look at him, their sickly yellow eyes standing out in the dark. Near them was…
If he had wanted to ignore that possibility before, Klein was standing right in front of it right now. Somehow, when looking at the stand, he saw The Black. An amalgamation made out of the bodies of his ancestors, affected by The Black just as he was, firstborns of the Bras-Cheche like him. Black fluid emerging from what remained of their corpses, bringing it all together and coalescing into a distorted, vaguely humanoid form, kept from falling apart by the horrid black fluid. A horrifying reminder of the fate that he had managed to avoid so far. Looking upon it, a dreadful thought crept back into his mind, one that he had tried to ignore whenever possible - was that going to be the case for long?
Klein shuddered in face of the enemy stand user, yet tried to keep a resolute look. He took a deep breath in. A deep breath out. He had to remain calm. Inhaling and exhaling, Klein took a slight step forward, in face of the looming stand. This… This must’ve been a fake. An illusion. And yet it looked so real. He could imagine himself, his corpse, lying among his ancestors, suffering the same fate as them. He inhaled and exhaled once more. This wasn’t the time to panic. This person had killed a man, and they would soon kill him if he didn’t do anything else.
He took another deep breath, before speaking up, trying to regain his usual, defiant tone. “So, care to explain what that corpse over there is?”
Remix looked at the man in front of them, standing defiant in face of his greatest fears. A bemused smirk found its way to their face. “Oh? You’re still standing after seeing the face of my [God Shattering Star]? After you saw how easily I finished off that worm over there? So you’re able to remain defiant in face of your greatest fear. You think you’re brave, don’t you? In reality, you’re just foolish.” Remix spoke with a mocking tone in their voice. These types of people, the ones who tried to stand up against them… They were few and far between, but disposing of them was always enjoyable, watching them pitifully struggle as [God Shattering Star] finished them off.
Klein stood his ground, staring Remix down. In response, they took a step forward, [God Shattering Star] leaning over to get closer to Klein. Remix thought to themselves about the current situation. They’d been spotted not once, but twice by now. They had to dispose of this worm quickly to get this over with. He seemed to be roughly 5 meters away from them, and was likely quicker than them. They’d have to incapacitate him first.
There was a momentary pause, as Klein and Remix stared each other down, both ready to make their move. In an instant, they did just that, [God Shattering Star] picking up a nearby piece of debris and tossing it towards Klein’s legs at a breakneck speed to shatter them, while Klein teleported upwards, narrowly avoiding the debris and landing on a narrow pipe, precariously balancing on it.
[God Shattering Star] picked up two more pieces, ready to finish Klein off, only for Klein to leap off of the pipe and towards a broken window on the other side of the alleyway, passing through it and entering the factory. It was the Johnny and Cash Trash Disposal facilities, if Remix remembered correctly. So was he running away after all? No, that wasn’t likely, going off of his defiant attitude… So was he trying to get reinforcements? Was this a trap?
Remix snickered to themselves. Whatever he tried, that man wasn’t going to get away. With a light step and a flick of the wrist, Remix ordered [God Shattering Star] to break through the wall, pieces of decaying material falling onto the ground with a thud. They crumbled under Remix’s feet as they stepped across their remains, entering the factory.
Looking around, they didn’t spot many people in the factory. One, maybe two workers, worriedly looking around, yet doing nothing. In the center of the factory was Klein, who was… on the ground, clutching his foot? Wait, did he… Did he hurt himself after jumping through the window? Was he that desperate to escape after all of that bluster? Remix broke out into uproarious laughter. Klein was strangely silent, an odd expression on his face, perhaps fear or anxiety.
Calming down, Remix shot Klein a glare, and ordered [God Shattering Star] to toss the pieces of debris it had collected at his legs, further shattering them with a loud crack, to which he responded with a pained grunt. Remix furrowed his brow. They’d have preferred to get more of a reaction out of him. And yet, no matter how silent he was, that wouldn’t change a thing. “I can’t help but wonder what’s going through your mind right now. Are you thinking of escaping? Of fighting back? Neither of those are possible in the face of my [God Shattering Star].” Remix took a few more steps closer, just enough so that he would soon get within range of Klein. It was then that they had spotted it - behind Klein, deep in the ground was a conveyor belt, leading the trash in the factory to the incinerator.
Remix chuckled, looking down on Klein. Tossing his remains into the incinerator would certainly be entertaining. He wouldn’t even need to use [God Shattering Star] to dispose of his remains. And then, he would finish off the few workers in the factory, who seemed to be watching the fight in confusion. They weren’t escaping - that was good. [God Shattering Star] would make quick work of them once Klein was finished off, and Remix would get this whole affair over with. Klein remained silent, looking down. “I couldn’t help but notice tha-” “Shut up.” Klein looked up, facing Remix head on, his defiant stare returning, before speaking up.
“You know, when I saw you in that alleyway, I wondered what kind of person you were, to have that as your stand, whatever it really is.” There was a faint grin on Klein’s face. “I gotta say, as low as my expectations were, you’re far worse than I expected. So you just go around killing people, calling them ‘worms’, huh? Well, let me ask you this - ”
Klein was getting on Remix’s nerves. They would have to finish him off quickly. [God Shattering Star] readied itself for a quick punch, but before it could make it the whole way towards Klein, Remix felt something tugging at his body, pulling him. Klein’s grin widened as he… got up? Were Remix’s attacks ineffective? Wasn’t his leg broken?!
“How does it feel to have a fool made out of you by one of those ‘worms’, bitch!?” Klein dashed to the side, narrowly dodging Remix’s flying body, which had been pulled by [Koan Sound] down into the conveyor belt. As they began falling, Remix went over what had just happened. They had been tricked by Klein, who had likely used his stand to somehow heal himself and get away.
They hadn’t expected this, but they certainly weren’t going to let that be the end of them. Sure, they had made a mistake in not finishing Klein off quickly enough, but Klein had made one as well, the moment he let Remix get close to him. “[God Shattering Star]!” Remix shouted out, the stand grabbing a hold of Klein’s leg and pulling him down into the pit alongside Remix, before tossing him onto the belt at a distance away from them. They weren’t going to let Klein beat them that easily.
Both sides fell onto the moving conveyor belt, Klein easing the fall by using [Koan Sound] and a well timed roll, while Remix let [God Shattering Star] catch them safely. They stood up, regaining their bearing, trying to stay still on the moving conveyor belt.
“You know, this conveyor belt’s about to speed up real soon from what I heard, and whoever can’t keep up is going to end up right in that incinerator over there.” Klein said, pointing towards the incinerator, which was behind Remix, while staring them down. “So, wanna see if this ‘worm’ can beat you again and take you out along with the rest of the trash?” Remix looked back at Klein, his eyes bloodshot, and his stare darker than ever, changing from the cocky smirk of before to something… harsher.
“Don’t get ahead of yourself, you pathetic lout.” Remix said, keeping up his pace so as to not fall from the incinerator. “The spirits of the dead congregate around me. I can see them wherever I go, the remainders of people who were unlucky enough to be trampled over by fate. Though some might grieve, soon enough, humanity forgets about them, and the ghosts are left as nothing more than a faint glimmer of the past. Pathetic, isn’t it? Any human, self assured as they may be, can be reduced to a corpse in a mere instant, and they are helpless to stop it.”
“My [God Shattering Star] has the power to utterly destroy, to cause even the most fortified of defenses or the brightest of lives to wither away into nothingness. Meanwhile, I am the only one capable of bringing them back, if only for a moment, channeling their spirits. All of this is to say that I hold unparalleled control over life and death, more so than anyone else. Due to this power of mine, no one has survived an encounter with my [God Shattering Star] so far, so please do tell me...”
Remix’s glare darkened even further, a manic grin finding its way onto their face. “...What makes you think you’re any different?”
Open the Game.
Location: A conveyor belt sunk 10 meters into the ground, leading to an incinerator.
The area is effectively 12 by 33 meters with each tile being 3 by 3 meters. The purple tiles are the conveyor belt, the red tiles are the incinerator (which extends offscreen). The grey tiles are concrete walls and the red arrows represent the flow of trash from the funnels and down the conveyor belt.
The players are represented by their tokens with Klein on the top left and Remix close to the top center. There are three ghosts on the map, the gray one closer to Remix, the darker grey one to the right of Klein and the white one near the bottom left. The ghosts will be mentioned more in detail below.
The yellow X marked circle is a crane arm and the various green shapes represent junk (treat these mostly as map decoration and not exact locations). The junk is piled up around 2.5 to 3.5 meter, the pile of junk rising somewhat smoothly in height depending on the concentration of it.
The dotted blue rectangles are the walkways above the players and will be mentioned more below.
Goal: RETIRE your opponent by rendering them unable to fight or knocking them into the incinerator!
Additional Information: Several walkways cross over the pit, elevated 1 additional meter above the edge of the pit with bottoms made of thick metal grates. At the beginning of the match the conveyor runs towards the incinerator at 8 km per hour, with this speed increasing by 1 km/hr every 30 seconds at a linear rate. Macerated garbage is dumped onto the conveyor at a steady rate, with chutes along the sides of the belt dropping .5/.5/.5 meter cubes of crushed aluminum cans and other similar objects onto the belt every 5 seconds. Though launching yourself above the edge of the conveyor pit is fair game, as well as hanging on the walkways above it, hanging onto the edges of or exiting the pit will lead to being ambushed by disgruntled factory workers and instantly RETIRED. For the purposes of the match, don’t cause serious damage to the conveyor itself or the walls of the pit, lest you get swiftly RETIRED by disgruntled factory workers as well. The walkways, however, are fair game.
The claw will be dropping trash around that area every 30 seconds around the area where it starts on the map. It drops around a 8 meter cube volume of junk every time.
3 spirits are on the beltway and are available for Remix to use, both of which have died in unfortunate accidents inside of the factory - two near the top side of the map with 2-3-3 physicals, 3 waste management (they can differentiate between the trash moving along the conveyor effectively and know where to go to best avoid any problematic spots) and 2 lifting (they're quite good at lifting up heavier objects that someone of their stature might not otherwise be able to lift), the other near where trash is dumped onto the belt with 3-2-4 physicals, Boxing 2 (they're an amateur boxer, but one that can still hold their ground quite well), and eyesight 3 (they've got good eyesight, allowing them to better pick up on subtle details and movements).
Team Combatant JoJolity
Suburban Regalia Final “Remix” “It may not have much range, but its punch is way faster than your pansy-ass 60kph. I haven’t measured it, but I bet it’s over 300kph. Wanna test it?” This pit you’ve fallen into seems such an inconvenience, but you’ll show them that something like that isn’t going to trifle you. Find creative ways to utterly bend the environment you’ve found yourself in to your will.
Judecca Highrollers Klein Bras-Cheche Heitsugi “If I slow down, I’ll die, Rohan will die… Sorry, I’ll be passing you now! There’s no path but through!” Well, this is sure as hell a situation you’ve found yourself in, but you may as well do what you can with it so you can take this guy out. Make varied and creative usage of the environment you’ve found yourself fighting in.
Link to the Official Player Spreadsheet
Link to Match Schedule
As always, if you would like to interact with the tournament community and be among the first to get updates for the tournament, please feel free to PM a member of our Judge staff for an invite to our Official Discord Server!
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Perfect Jobs For Each MBTI Type:

INTJ: Stock Investor-Able to use their Ni-Te to evaluate future potential of a certain asset and use data to predict its functionality. Mostly value investors (Warren Buffet style).
ENTJ: Startup CEO-They are attracted to new industries and fields where they can be pioneers,which startups provide. Mostly its tech or fintech startups where there is high potential for both huge profits and becoming well known in the media-achieving cult of personality. Te-Ni.
INTP: Software Engineer-Extremely attracted to this field which provides them with constant need for analysis and tweaking the system,finding loopholes and being logically consistent-Ti. Also there is a lot of novelty and need to keep up with new technologies which feeds their Ne.
ENTP: Stand-up Comedian-Somewhat stereotypical but nonetheless true because of the core need for clever understanding of both social,artistic and technical aspects of language,comedy and society. There are so many topics to be turned in to laughs and so many ways to look at the world through comedy which their Ne-Ti appreciates,also the social aspect of it with positive affirmation from others is a bonus for their Fe.
ISTP: Sports Bettor- Perhaps a bit strange but take a moment to analyse. Most ISTPs are highly cerebral people and sports are full of data,metrics and mathematics to use to figure out a perfect match-Ti. This is in line with their pragmatic approach to life. Also adrenaline and the high of sports betting go great with ISTPs Se and their need for sensory stimulation. The ISTPs are able to achieve a practical goal of winning money through their clever use of data which also brings a sense of concretenes to this field.There is also lots of glamour and attention given to big bettors so that can feed their Se-Fe.
ISFP: 3D Animator- ISFPs thrive in the artistic fields but much more than that they are very underrated at using their thinking to do their art. And animating requires a sharp eye and a knack for understanding space and body dynamics as well as an aptitude for detail and a certain flow of style. ISFPs are able to give their work meaning and beauty which can be achieved easily through animation since it is so visual. In general 3D animation needs patience,creativity and soul to truly bring characters to life which falls in line with ISFPs Fi-Se-Ni.
ESTP: Professional Athlete-(NBA,NFL player...) - ESTPs are naturally very physical people in tune with their environment. They can become extremely good players at top leagues and this motivates them to become great at what they do. Also the attention and idolization of athletes boosts their ego and they love being the center of attention at the court. In short sports provide ESTPs with everything they want out of life- Action,fame,women and cocaine. Se-Ti to the max.
ESFP: Prostitute...nah just kiding. Actor-Profession of acting has been a haven for ESFPs throughout history and many of the most famous actors were ESFPs. This field provides them with both glamorous lifestyle and fame they desire along with all the material posessions they want and also with becoming truly great at their craft and being in the moment,experiencing the emotion and wearing their character like a part of themselves which goes well with their Se and Fi need for authenticity.
ESTJ: Lawyer- This field gives ESTJs a stable high source of income,prestige and respect of their peers along with the opportunity to advance their careers and solidify their skills. Deep down many ESTJs care about justice and law provides at least the opportunity to fight for it. It is also full of information long before written with pre-determined rules which sides well with their Si,but also needs creativity and in the moment thinking to truly be good-Ne. Law needs you to be objective and put your feelings aside which ESTJs do quite easily with their Te.
ISTJ: Heart Surgeon-Perhaps an unusual choice but hear me out: ISTJs are detail oriented people to the max and this field needs that like no other,along with long education and a skyscraper amount of information to remember it appeals to ISTJs for many reasons like that. Also it can go well with their desire to help those in need and master their craft to the tiniest detail. Si-Te-Fi.
ESFJ: Human Resource Manager- This job is made for ESFJs since they are so in sync to other people and they can get to motivate them,work trough their problems or simply cheer them up. But ESFJs are not just some cute creatures,they are very much strategic in their approach and can be very systematic in bringing out the best out of people Fe-Si.
ISFJ: School Teacher- ISFJs are often looked down upon compared to some "smart" types,but ISFJs fulfill such a powerful role in our society. They as teachers provide most important education whilst following the school system of work Si and also managing to appeal to all students to form a small community of togetherness Fe. They will also employ many surprisingly innovative methods to make the student material easier to understand Ti-Ne.
INFJ: Psychiatrist- You probably already knew I was gonna say that. But INFJs incredible insight and thorough understanding of other people's psyche can't be ignored,which makes them perfect as psychiatrists. They are able to go deep inside their patients minds all the while employing scientific measures to truly identify the sources of their pain Ni. INFJs don't shy from trying out many innovative methods and this thing we all like here (cognitive functions and mbti) was invented by an INFJ so...Anyway this field also gives INFJs space to truly sit with other people's emotions and feel them as if those emotions were their own Fe. In the end besides the curiosity psychiatry also gives INFJs the opportunity to help people and make them shine brighter.
ENFJ: Non Profit CEO- ENFJs are similar to ENTJs in the regard that they also want to be pioneers except their goal is to ultimately improve people at large and give back to those in need. Of course this isn't the only thing attracting ENFJs to this field. Because they don't want to just help a couple of people,they want to improve the social system for everyone so that everyone or the majority can live well and not be opressed. Fe-Ni.
ENFP: Fiction Writer- Another perhaps stereotypical typing,but ENFPs Ne-Fi combo goes so well with the imagination needed to write fiction,and truly good fiction at that. They will create so many great characters,plot-lines and twists that they may forget some important details-inferior Si. But with their wit and desire to create something meaningful that other people can relate to their work will not go unnoticed.
INFP: Nurse- Maybe a little weird but hear me out again. This job requires much of it. And this type has the potential to have lots of it due to their strong Fi. Also the job is very personal and you get to know people intimately and perhaps even console them in their last moments,which INFPs with their Fi-Ne appreciate and understands how to bring peace to them.
~The End~
ps. if you are interested visit diogenism
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President's Speech - 17th Parliament

Members of the House of Representatives and Senators of the 17th Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, ladies, gentlemen, and those otherwise identified,
Recognition of the land our parliament stands upon, Ngunnawal land, shapes reflection upon the 40,000 history upon this continent, and the history and culture that so reflects and boldens who we are as a nation today. I wish to personally respect the Ngunnawal elders, both past, present, and emerging, and welcome all who have come across this land to be here at this time, as well as recognise those who have not been able to be with us at this time.
As we enter the 17th parliament, we shall take a moment to respect the duties and responsibilities that are handed to us as we are elected and sworn in as members of parliament or as Senators. To serve both chambers is a privilege, as is serving the people of Australia, and it is most important to have the best interests at heart in this chamber of serving the people of this country, and serving the nation of Australia with dignity and honour.
This incoming government will remain dedicated to fighting for the education of each and every Australian, and that starts with ensuring that our nation’s education remains affordable for everyone. By keeping tertiary education free, we can ensure that no Australian is disadvantaged by their financial situation in terms of their pursuit of education up to the highest levels.
My Government will also wish to reduce government funding to private schools by 30%, and put that money back into the public system, to also follow this goal of education no matter your personal finances. Beyond affordability, this incoming government will also help ensure education becomes more manageable for students, and teaches them more core skills in life. With our plans to reduce the yearly assessments by 25%, as well as reforming the Humanities curriculum from years 7-10 and making the overall curriculum assist students in gaining all-round development, we hope to ensure that students gain a better quality of education, while reducing the stress levels that come with constant assessments.
Finally, with my Government’s coming introduction of a targeted grad scheme for rural schools, we hope to ensure the students across this nation can receive the highest quality education from the highest quality teachers, regardless of their location. For this government, education is of the utmost importance, and you can expect to see that idea translate into legislation and government policy. Culture specific support for First Nations people to learn within the education system which takes into account their language and culture in curricula will be implemented, supporting aboriginal families and children to learn. My Government will also work to increase Australian history teaching opportunities in the field of Asian and Pacific migration, along with inclusion of aboriginal perspectives on colonial history within the education curriculum that discusses important and yet overlooked topics such as the Australian genocides as mandatory learning within the history subject at more mature levels.
This incoming government will strive to deliver the best possible outcomes for all Australians at home and abroad. This government will also work towards providing an accessible and modern path for Asylum Seekers and those seeking to move to Australia temporarily or permanently. This will involve the raising of the Refugee Quota, a streamlined process of Asylum Seeking and support to be provided to those with Work Visas who have been stranded in Australia and currently lack access to appropriate social services.
This government will also work towards establishing first a travel bubble between states which have currently contained the Coronavirus and New Zealand. This travel bubble may be extended to pacific nations as well and will serve to reinvigorate the tourism industry domestically and in our pacific allies. In the longer term, after the coronavirus crisis has been settled, this government intends to pursue an free movement union with New Zealand, and our Pacific neighbours such as Fiji, Niue, Samoa, Tonga and other Pacific States.
The government will also work towards a transparent security system for Australians. To do this, legislation will be implemented that will subject ASIO to Parliamentary Committees, ensuring that it is well regulated and achieving the best results for Australia and her security. Legislation will also be created that will restrict ASIO from spying or wiretapping Australian residents’ private devices without probable cause and legal warrant.
In line with the recent cyber attacks against Australian Government, Business and Individuals, a Cyber Defence Task Force will be created so as to defend Australian interests from malicious web based attacks. To this government, reform of immigration, increased integration with our pacific allies, increased accountability of security services to the public and a strong commitment to the continued prosperity of the Australian people is paramount. This government through legislation and government policy will implement these measures to the benefit of all Australians.
The coming government is committed to delivering the best outcomes on health and sport. Currently the incoming government is faced with a pandemic crisis that is causing a significant public health emergency. As a result, the #1 priority for the incoming government is the constraining and defeat of the pandemic. This involves coordination between state, territory and federal government and a commitment by the people of Australia to work their hardest to control the spread of the virus. This government will implement measures as appropriate to control the spread of the virus, including Lockdowns if necessary, to prevent the emergence of a second wave and to ensure the safety of Australians from this pandemic.
Outside of Coronavirus, this government is looking to upgrade hospitals across the nation in a Hospital Modernisation Scheme worth $500 million that will provide world class equipment to hospitals across all of Australia. The General Practitioner Accessibility Agency Bill that was passed last term will be further implemented and refined, improving access for regional Australians to a GP quickly and cost-effectively.
This government will also look to create and improve Telehealth for increased GP access, convenience and safety for the general populace, and for our medical professionals. This government will also look to increase funding for sports in regional Australia, such as Equestrian to drive tourism and reinvigorate these communities. The Formula E, electric car racing tournament will be sponsored to promote Electric Vehicles and to revitalise the economy through tourism and celebration.
Sports Integrity Australia will be created out of an amalgamation and strengthening of the existing multitude of Sport Integrity and Anti-Doping Agencies. This will ensure Australia is up to world standards in Sport Law and will furthermore provide an avenue for assistance for our Australian Athletes and Sports Workers to provide the best possible games to the Australian people. This government is clearly committed through investment and legislation to the combatting of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the promotion of regional Healthcare, to upgrading Australian Hospitals, providing Telehealth services to Australians and to the promotion of and the integrity of Sport across Australia.
This Government believes in the rights of LGBTQIA+ people, and as such it will immediately place a complete moratorium on unjust medical intervention in intersex people unless the intersex individual is of the age to give informed and independent consent to such operations (16 years old), or if such an intervention is deemed absolutely medically necessary for the physical health of the child by a doctor. Particular training on LGBTQIA+ issues will be given to all health professionals, and all government employees within prisons, police, courts, and the military for that after.
My Government will put together a specific Transgender Health division of the healthcare systme that will increase trans healthcare access for those who need it, and will streamline hte process of getting trans youth the psychiatric and medical support they need, along with increasing coverage of trans healthcare across Australia and increases to the funding of funding options for gender-affirming surgeries that are currently underfunded. In general, specific health programs will be set up to address the health needs of LGBTQIA+ people, with input from gender and sexuality diverse people and their communities.
As the COVID crisis develops, gaps in our mental health system have become exposed. A time of crisis is a time of mental strain, and this government will be committed to meeting the growing need for mental healthcare. This government will be providing teletherapy services so that those who cannot leave their homes are still able to get the treatment they need. In addition, it will work to reduce the cost of mental health care to ensure that it is easily accessible and end the days of mental health treatments being a luxury good.
In respect to the Treasury, it is a top priority for this government to correct the previous budget statement and it’s inaccuracies, and also institute a new budget for the financial year of 2021-2022, which gives infrastructure projects, suitable programs and reasonable response to the people of Australia in regards to the COVID-19 crisis. This government shall also aim to implement unitary taxation within Australia and to avoid double taxation, cooperate with governments in other countries to implement this policy and a financial transactions tax, so that multinational corporations will pay their share for the amount of profit they create in each country.
My government shall implement corporate tax brackets as well, in order to allow the government to separate small businesses from large businesses, and allow them to keep more of their profit proportionally. My government shall implement budget repair levies in order to repair the deficit that was caused by the COVID-19 crisis, to minimise the deficit and to be able to fund programs which are beneficial for the Australian people. On top of this they will look into putting together an Assets and Wealth tax that will ensure people with a net asset wealth over $1 million will pay a tax of 1% on that wealth, and people with a net asset wealth of $2 million will pay a tax of 2% on that wealth. This tax will feature exemptions for people who are asset poor and income wealthy, and people with major drags on their assets like mortgages and will be used to fund new benefit changes in the COVID-19 response. To encourage more top-down redistributive taxation, and bottom-up growth that can support our many spending initiatives, we will add two new tax brackets at $100k-149.999k earnings, and $150k up.
As economic effects of the COVID continues, my government shall look at the implementation of a Coronavirus Economic Support and Recovery Fund, which is to help provide economic support to industries hit by this pandemic. This Fund will look at providing support and economic relief to the arts and entertainment sector, the manufacturing sector and the renewable energy and electricity generation sector.
The entire economy has been hit hard by this crisis, but it is imperative that industries which have been unable to function, such as the Arts, are recognised and provided the help they need, and that Australian Manufacturing is finally given the opportunity it needs to become a dominant factor of our economic recovery. My government will therefore also put support into Australian Made, to get more money flowing into Australia’s locally made products and locally owned businesses, to support the economy from the grassroots and up during recovery.
As said, my Government will be spending a lot of money on supporting Australia’s residents through COVID-19 recovery, and for that it will undertake an unprecedented effort to close tax loopholes through a Parliamentary commission into loopholes, inefficiency, and evasion; and will work to monetise previously untaxed areas. For example, my government will look into introducing a tax on dynastic and inherited wealth at over $3,000,000 in net assets.
This tax will feature exemptions for people who are asset poor and income wealthy, and people with major drags on their assets like mortgages. Alongside this it will explore a progressive corporation tax that implements separate tax brackets to let small businesses keep more of what they earn whilst larger corporations contribute to Australia’s need for spending.
My Government overall will seek to focus the economy. COVID-19 has given Australia the perfect opportunity to start judging societal progress differently, not just based on GDP which is described by its own creator as inaccurate to judging success. My Government will rather use wellbeing factors such as wages, employment, and other socioeconomic factors that will place wellbeing as the main factor of economic growth, not just GDP.
My Government will work in the area of constitution and governance to correct major holes in our country’s systems and create a fairer Australia. This will start with a Presidential Commission into democratic reform, with the intention to implement a proportional representation electoral system that will consider the low representation of party’s general election votes in comparison to their seats won in the House of Representatives. In the spirit of democratic reform, my Government will also legislate the right of Australian citizens and permanent residents over the age of 16 to vote, and the right of incarcerated people to vote - as everybody deserves participation in our democracy. On top of this, it will legislate the right of public servants in their capacity as private citizens to engage in political advocacy and activism, participate in trade unions, and to represent or be elected to activist organisations - given the unique and often underrepresented view that our civil servants can often have.
To ensure fair elections, my Government will implement a complete ban on political donations from for-profit corporations, ensuring nobody who gets in bet with large corporations gets unfair advantages in campaigning. Alongside this, caps on individual public donations and donations from not-for-profits will be introduced. My Government will also look to introduce optional preferential voting for the senate, and to reduce the deposit required for a candidate to stand for election to Parliament, in the interest of removing financial barriers to democratic participation. Public funding of political parties and candidates for campaigns will be set at a level that increases democratic participation by voters, and reduces the influence that corporations have over the prominence of political parties further. My Government will legislate that all local councils use a form of ranked choice voting, if they do not already, to increase democratic representation in all levels of Government.
In a number of constitutional amendments, my Government will place sections in the constitution to recognise Australia as a constitutionally multicultural society, recognising the importance not only of aboriginal culture but of all non-white cultures in Australia. It will also replace the sections 44 and 45 of the constitution with more modernised and fair statute around corruption, treason, and serious criminal cases; rather than the outdated clause that was originally there. Political enfranchisement will be granted to offshore Australian territories such as Norfolk and the Christmas Islands, ensuring once again that all Australians are guaranteed participation in our democratic processes.
My Government will establish an Australian Bill of Rights that includes provisions in line with the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, that embodies international human, civil, and political rights, and includes factors such as race, sex, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, religion, gender Identity, gender expression, sex characteristics, etc, as classifications protected from discrimination.
After the previously government endeavoured to isolate Australia from the world, and stop Australia’s potential throughout the international community, my government will endeavour to take a new path to those prior. Instead of destroying alliances, or fear mongering trade partners, my government will work with the international community to promote trade, human rights, and unity through these troubling times that the world faces.
Within the new spirit of internationalism, my government will move to build upon the principles established under the First Youmaton Government and pursue an active foreign policy regarding the recognition of emerging nations and protection of human rights. My government recognises the incredible dangers nations such as Kosovo, Israel, Palestine and Sahrawi all face in their ongoing struggles to maintain recognition as other nations seek to gain from their dissolution, and within such my government will move to protect these nations alongside others through the creation of the protected recognition status. Nations with the protected recognition status will become recognised by Australia under law, removing the uncertainty that comes with a change in government revoking certain recognitions recognised by the prior.
The themes of peace and unity shall be recurrent within my government’s foreign agenda, promoting international cooperation and ensuring treaties signed by Australia are properly followed. My government is completely committed to the maintaining of the 1961 Antarctic Treaty, maintaining the incredible nature and wildlife of Antarctica, and ensuring scientific endeavours continue to happen across our portion of the continent. Pursuant to the commitment made by my government, additional funds will be allocated to the assistance of pacific island nations in their race to combat the coronavirus and climate change, alongside general measures to expand Australia’s cooperation with the Pacific region as the world recovers from the ongoing pandemic.
Protecting our Nation from external threats is one of our far most responsibilities as a Government. My Government shall ensure that our Australia is protected and there shall exist continued funding to enable our Armed Forces to purchase modern equipment which will enable them to protect Australia better. Protecting our borders is a duty that we are all bound to, and maritime borders are no exception, therefore my Government has decided on bringing in due legislation to ensure that no nuclear armed or powered forces should be deployed within Australia’s maritime borders.
In continuation with my Government’s desire to ensure that we have a peaceful world, the incoming Government has decided to issue due regulations to ensure that the use of the Australian Defence Forces must be only for defence or peace-keeping, not offensive or invasionary action, unless in the circumstances of averting a major violation of human rights in a foreign nation, or to counter the military invasion of a sovereign country, and this arrangement must take precedent ahead of international agreements.
My Government realizes that wars involve heavy blood shed, and huge losses to families, therefore, to prevent a future situation of war, my Government pledges to work towards a stop on the militarisation of space, supporting initiatives to clear space debris in cooperation with international space agencies and encouraging and participating in treaties that prioritise achieving arms control and global disarmament, my Government will also make it a policy that the use of violence against civilians or against elected governments, undertaken by the state, an organisation, or particular individuals, will be rejected and combated both diplomatically and militarily with all assistance provided to countries which need them.
My Government recognises that the “human” factor of the armed forces plays a very significant role in its operations, and to enable the safety and security of our women in the Armed Forces, my Government will create legislation to ensure that rape and sexual violence during armed conflict are to be tried as war crimes, under the protocols as described by the Geneva Convention. In order to promote an Armed Forces that is efficient and quick, my Government will conduct a Review into the current rank and structure of the Armed Forces and ensure we are having an efficient and workable Armed Forces and also create framework to remove all items with Royal titles and ensure that quality equipment and new generation defence equipment is given to our forces.
My Government understands and recognises the contributions made by our veterans in the Armed Forces throughout their tenure of service to Australia, and therefore, my Government pledges to create and fund a Housing Program using Defence Housing Australia for all Veterans to ensure that every veteran gets access to housing upon completion of tenure of service and also issue a formal Apology to all families whose members were or are involved in wars leading to poor mental health and significant injuries and develop and implement a Veterans Strategy to ensure that all of our veterans have a comfortable return after their tenure of service.
My Government recognises that in today’s world, International Cooperation is required, and at the same time, the limits for it must be drawn as well and therefore my Government pledges to strengthen global cooperation in Intelligence and look at expanding Intelligence sharing and Joint Military exercises with countries across the globe, excluding those who have committed Human Rights Violations, and primarily use arms that are banned as per International Conventions and kill indiscriminately such as landmines, cluster bombs, and depleted uranium; to ensure our military is prepared to fight in every terrain. My Government will immediately phase out joint exercises with all armed forces known to have committed human rights violations.
In continuation to our aims for peace and cooperation, my Government will work to ensure that the signals intelligence base outside Alice Springs designated ‘Pine Gap’ will be closed permanently in the next five years. Our Defence Industry is one to be proud of and at the same time be promoted and therefore my Government pledges to create incentives for investors and researchers in Australia to ensure that we are able to have cutting-edge technology and military sciences in Australia and also ensure that countries that commit Human Rights Violations and their country’s corporations are not included in such schemes. My Government believes that the global arms industry is a dangerous one, and that as long as Australia is mass exporting weapons to foreign countries we have no guarantees that those weapons won’t be used to commit human rights violations, kill innocent civilians, or wage unjust wars. As such, my Government will work to set a 10 year target on reducing the size of the Australian arms industry to be a locally sustained sector that supplied the Australian military and will, eventually, no longer be an export industry. This will begin with an end to the subsidisation of exports of weaponry, weapon components, and arms fairs.
In regards to Agriculture and Rural Affairs, my government shall look into eliminating the Goods and Service Tax on fertilisers and other essential farming goods that increase the yield of crops in order for farmers to gain more of a profit and have a more sustainable livelihood, and shall also look into subsidy programs for both of them. My government shall also aim to create a provincial agricultural scheme in order to increase the yield of agriculture and its efficiency in the long term, and so that farmers may benefit.
My government shall make sure that Australian Postal services and banking services are accessible in rural areas, as both are essential in daily life, and should be accessible wherever people are in Australia. It is important that we also make sure that we protect the ecological health of the Lake Byre Basin, so that farmers who use the resources may be able to do so in the best possible manner with the most effective outcome. My government shall also seek and invest in methods of water extractions so that farmers can gain the water they need to grow their crops, and to counter the effects of natural disasters such as drought.
Last month the people of Australia visited polling booths to decide the future of the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory within their statuses in this nation. Whilst my government expresses its regret in the Australian Capital Territory not being granted equal status to other areas of the nation, it expresses its incredible joy at the notion of the Northern Territory being approved to be a state by the population of Australia. My government holds incredible regard to the mandate given by the people, and unlike prior administrations will implement the results of this national vote in full, and as such the Northern Territory will become a state of Australia by the end of this term.
All aspects of the Australian economy have been hit hard by this crisis, and one of the hardest hit is Australian Manufacturing. Be it industrial hubs found in urban centers, or smaller towns in regional areas, workers and employers have been put under an undeniable stress which nobody should be forced to experience. As such, it is vital that we provide support to these hardest hit industries in our path to economic recovery. My government will follow the recommendations which have been made by the ACCC through various investigations and reports in previous periods across sectors which have been struggling, such as the dairy industry, to ensure that jobs and communities are able to stay afloat in an environment which benefits consumers, workers, and business owners. My Government will key and vital public infrastructure projects all across Australia, be they projects related to public transport, such as the supporting the Victorian Government's suburban rail loop, or projects related to water security which are found in Queensland. These projects help not only create a better environment for the community who will benefit from these projects, but provides essential work to the people who will be involved in the development of such programs.
For too long have the First Nations peoples right across our great continent.had to suffer several burning injustices through their entire life. Be it the average lower life expectancy Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders on average experience, the economic contributions they make which are often swept under the rug, or the systemic racism they experience on a daily basis. We simply cannot sweep injustice aside, ethically, morally, or practically.
My government will work towards implementing the fundamental principles of the Uluru Statement, and the recommendations of the Bringing Them Home inquiry, the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, the Ampe Akelyernemane Meke Mekarie Report, the HREOC Social Justice Reports into suicide and income inequality, and the Evatt Review. My Government will be seeking to pen a proper Treaty with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to address the wrongs done to them since colonisation and grant them a proper voice in Australia. My government will work towards establishing indigenous recognition in the Constitution through a referendum, while recognising and acknowledging the values and contributions of Aborigional People - and furthermore will work to grant aboriginal people with a representative body that will exist in an advisory capacity with the Federal Government, elected from all first nations people in Australia.
My government will continue to support the Makarrata Commission and will work with local land groups to work towards establishing a Voice to parliament, just one of the components of the Statement from the Heart. Furthermore, My government will work with those in the Northern Territory on their way to statehood to ensure that Indigenous people are able to control their own destiny, and are involved through the entire State-building process.
One of the founding principles my government upholds strongly is that of environmental justice, and the ongoing battle against climate change. Climate change is a crucial issue to tackle, which is why my government shall be implementing schemes to transition workers out of non-renewable jobs, into jobs that will support a renewable economy. We shall encourage families to assist in the fight against carbon emissions by looking at a subsidy scheme for families that implement solar panels in their home, and make use of other methods to increase efficiency in the home.
My Government shall seek to create an independent Environment/Climate Change commission, to advise the governments on programs and measures to counter climate change and to protect the environment, for the benefit of the people of Australia and the environment we live in. It will ensure that the Minister responsible for Climate Change will work with the Independent Environmental Commission to create yearly carbon budgets every year through to 2050, supported by a well funded and integrated emissions reduction plan that sets appropriate targets and provides reporting on all economic sectors that produce emissions on their progress towards the net zero carbon goal. My Government shall seek to end tax concessions and subsidies to businesses that actively harm the environment we live in, as the government of Australia should not assist industries that harm our environment and our wildlife. This government shall also seek to make it more difficult for corporations to clear land to protect the wildlife of Australia, as Australia has some of the most remarkable creatures on the planet, which are becoming extinct due to corporate negligence and activity.
Climate change is one of the biggest existential threats facing Australia today, and as such my Government will put together specific legislation that outlines step by step goals for climate change action (phasing out of coal power, energy transition, then carbon zero) in specific legislation, and gives power to the Independent Environmental Commission to consult with and pressure the government on these actions. This legislation would include a loose target of net zero carbon by 2040, with a leeway of 10 years more if the transition experiences holdups.
My Government acknowledges the importance of our watercare, and as such will adopt strong nationwide freshwater quality standards, including for pathogens, dissolved oxygen, nutrients, periphyton a.k.a. slime, and macroinvertebrate health. Furthermore, it will take action to protect waterways, wetlands and estuaries from excessive sedimentation caused by erosion and land use practices (including “spray and pray”) that lead to soil loss. As part of their efforts to protect the environment, my Government will place a complete moratorium on new coal power plants, fracking, and new offshore seabed exploration and mining. This will allow these fossil fuel industries a safe and secure transition that will allow the current projects to close naturally, while support networks are set up to get new workers into green industries and retrain previous workers. My Government will also put an end to subsidies and tax concessions for environmentally harmful industries, instead putting subsidies and support into the development of green industries and retraining to support this effort, through a Green Jobs Fund.
My Government will ensure that major polluting sectors shall pay a Carbon Tax with exceptions in the field of small business and small-scale farming or agriculture. Emissions pricing should be transparently set and managed by the Independent Environmental Commission, and should incentivise emissions reduction . Further consideration will be taken to ensure business sustainability and job protection to ensure equitable outcomes. To support these efforts from the Government end, my Government will be bringing energy generation and distribution under public control in order to facilitate a swift transition to 100% of Australia’s energy being generated from renewable sources, through increases to the energy target as well as other actions such as public investment, regulations to support renewable energy generation and ensure high efficiency standards under Government care in generation, storage, and conservation.
My Government will support the creation of a renewable exports industry, promoting growth in sustainable sectors for the future such as renewably-generated liquid fuel, direct connections to neighbouring countries economically, and the support of developmental green technology and energy alternatives. It will also promote agricultural, forestry, and land use regimes in which absorption of carbon emissions exceeds carbon emissions. A Government fund will be set up to research into the effects of climate change and innovative ways of combating it, alongside increased funding for environmental legal aid. To support the efforts against Climate Change from the grassroots up, my Government will put together a subsidy for individuals, families, and rental owners who work to improve the insulation of their homes, and make their homes more efficient by installing solar power generation to them. This same standard for the subsidy will be applied to new social housing to ensure that the public sector makes the effort.
In respect of Social Services, my government shall aim to provide a COVID-19 Poverty Response plan in order to benefit those who are put in difficult financial situations due to the consequences of COVID-19 and subsequent policies. My government shall also aim to provide a family support payment in order to support those who are less fortunate, but have children to look after. It will consist of $178 dollars for each family for the first child, and then $112 per subsequent child to a cap of three children. This will put money in vulnerable families pockets to support their children, and get families through the hardships of the pandemic.
In these times of COVID-19 and for the future, my government shall also implement a Mental Health Fund that seeks to increase youth health coverage, lower the cost of therapists and psychiatrists, train new mental health workers, and properly support people with mental health issues. This is for an effort to extend mental health support across Australia, so that all Australians may have adequate access to mental health support for the recovery of COVID-19, and beyond. On top of this, my Government will ensure that all Centrelink staff are properly trained and supported to ensure that people can promptly access their full entitlements and provide individual tailored assistance to help people find work, including people with disabilities.
On top of this, my Government believes that our public media entities should be properly controlled by independent democratic boards elected from the people that work there, in order to be truly cooperative and fair businesses. Furthermore we believe that the ABC and SBS should be free from advertising, and should be funded properly to compensate for the funding they receive from advertising.
The money levied off of high net assets and wealth will be used to fund the COVID-19 Poverty Response Plan. This will constitute a massive social services overhaul that will replace *all* working age benefits with a single Guaranteed Minimum Income payment of $306 per week. Sole parents, people with disabilities, and/or people who cannot work will get an additional rate of $103 dollars, bringing their base payment up to $409. The Guaranteed Minimum Income payment will apply to all working age people who cannot earn the amount of money they’re entitled to under it from working, and will have no abatement rate so as to encourage people to work more if they want more money in the pocket. This will put more into the hands of Australia’s most vulnerable workers affected by the pandemic, and will simplify beneficiary administration to lower costs in the long run. This transformative policy will mirror the successful benefit changes seen in other like-minded countries, and will give Australia the grassroots-and-up boost it needs to get back on its feet economically as we push through the pandemic, and help create a better Australia than the one that went into the pandemic.
RunasSudo AK President
Hon. NGSpy MP Prime Minister
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I'mma head out

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In effect, they got people to participate in sports betting without really betting. Yes, the proceeds went to charity, but Betfair also exposed millions to their platform and their business model Advertising, publicity, activities and inducements, public relations, community relations, media relations, personal selling, sponsorship. (could not find any but assume any other professional sport organization). Each team is operated as a separate entity. Sports betting, fantasy leagues, or spending beyond your means for sport Place your sports bets at Riverwalk Casino’s BetAmerica Sportsbook. You can bet on nearly all college and professional sports – football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, boxing and more. Pick your sport, then pick your bet – single wager, parlay or anything in between. Betting on Sports Gambling. Mindful Marketing . DECEMBER 28, 2018. Supreme Court struck down a 1992 federal law that largely outlawed sports betting, thereby giving states authority over such gambling. Several states, like Delaware and New Jersey, quickly legalized sports betting , and many others are poised to follow suit. Let’s talk sports industry trends. We believe these topics are going to affect the business of sports, both on and off the field, over the next 12 months. But invariably, new stories, trends, and themes will emerge that further disrupt the industry, derail the game plan for executives, and delight us as sports fans.

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