SEC Form 25 Definition -

Form 12b-25 provides an extension of public company SEC reporting requirements to certain filers which have difficulty meeting the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (“SEC”) reporting due dates. Rule 12b-25 adopted by the SEC under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, provides an extension of the SEC’s reporting due dates. SEC 12b-25 Form: SEC 1344 Form: Notification of late filing: $45.00: SEC 13F Form Statement by holding company claiming exemption under Rule U-3A-2 of the PUHCA of 1935: $45.00: Report to be filed pursuant to Rule U-13e-1 under the Public Holding Company Act by an affiliate service company or a company principally engaged in the per Rule 12b-22 -- Disclaimer of control. Rule 12b-23 -- Incorporation by reference. Rule 12b-24 -- [Reserved] Rule 12b-25 -- Notification of inability to timely file all or any required portion of a Form 10-K, 20-F, 11-K, N-CEN , N-CSR, 10-Q, or 10-D. EXHIBITS Rule 12b-30 -- Additional exhibits. Rule 12b-31 -- Omission of substantially identical Exchange Act Rule 12b-25 provides that if a company cannot timely file all, or any portion, of a quarterly or annual report then within one business day after the report’s due date the company must file a Notification of Late Filing (on a Form 12b-25) stating the reason why. * Rule 12b-25 also provides that if the report could not have been Smaller reporting company. As used in this part, the term smaller reporting company means an issuer that is not an investment company, an asset-backed issuer (as defined in § 229.1101 of this chapter), or a majority-owned subsidiary of a parent that is not a smaller reporting company and that: (1) Had a public float of less than $250 million; or (2) Had annual revenues of less than $100

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