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[Megathread] CIVILIZATION VI Info and Articles Megathread

Hey there guys! I'll be updating this thread over time with info and articles surrounding Civ VI.
I'll be keeping this updated daily.

The game is set for release on October 21, 2016.

Last Updated: 23/06/2016
  • Greatly expanded the Civilizations Section with tables and updated information
  • Greatly expanded the Wonders Section with tables and updated information
  • Greatly expanded the District Section with tables and updated information
  • Added more confirmed resources
  • Added some information about Spies
  • Added remaining civ speculation
  • Confirmed Religious Victory

Info from Steam:

Details from the Civ6 Steam page:
Originally created by legendary game designer Sid Meier, Civilization is a turn-based strategy game in which you attempt to build an empire to stand the test of time. Become Ruler of the World by establishing and leading a civilization from the Stone Age to the Information Age. Wage war, conduct diplomacy, advance your culture, and go head-to-head with history’s greatest leaders as you attempt to build the greatest civilization the world has ever known.
Civilization VI offers new ways to engage with your world: cities now physically expand across the map, active research in technology and culture unlocks new potential, and competing leaders will pursue their own agendas based on their historical traits as you race for one of five ways to achieve victory in the game.

Additional Mechanic Info (as gathered from articles)


  • Instead of taking up a single tile, cities can now expand across multiple tiles
  • Everything is now placed on the map, blowing the cities apart. All of the upgrades that you build are now spread across the landscape in the area of control of each city.
  • Each City can now be comprised of districts
  • Districts are essentially containers for additional buildings (each district can hold a maximum of three buildings) *NEW*
  • There are a total of twelve district types, each with a different role and different bonuses with the terrain, limited by population
  • 5-6 District types are available from the beginning of the game
  • Districts aren't built for free. You first have to build/ buy a district and then you can start placing buildings on it.
  • Number of Districts a city can support is limited by its Population
  • Cities can still control up to 36 hexes but the number of improvements that Cities will need to work the land has been reduced, with districts moving in to fill the gaps.
  • Harbours can be built on water tiles (additionally "If you do, you can’t build something else in that tile, like a Wonder") So no Pyramids in the water!
  • City tile limits are the same
  • Districts gain bonuses based on what terrain you place them on or surrounds them (eg. Campuses gain bonuses for adjacent mountains)
  • Districts and improvements provide additional housing which allows you to increase your Population Cap (As time goes on and farmland becomes less essential, you can start replacing those farms with suburban communities — called "neighbourhoods" — to house more citizens)
  • There are no more Workers. Instead you have builders that disappear once they complete a task.
  • Builders construct their projects immediately, but only have three charges.
  • China's unique ability allows them to rush wonders with builders and have an additional on their builders.
Appeal and Terrain
  • The Happiness level will be affected by how many Amenities a tile has and the scenery/beauty (Appeal) of the surrounding tiles.
  • Rivers, Cliffs, Woods, Coasts and Natural Wonders add to the appeal of a tile
  • Cliffs prevent embarkation or landing of troops.
Resources *NEW*
  • Confirmed resources so far include Rice, Horses, Wheat, Sheep, Citrus, Tea, Pigs (Truffles; unconfirmed), Fish, Crabs, Bananas, Ivory, Coffee, Dyes, Whales, Cotton, Marble, Stone, Pearls, Cattle, Deer, Copper, Tobacco, Silk, Wine, Chocolate, Oil, Iron, Coal
Known Districts and their Buildings *NEW*
District Specialisation Adjacency Bonuses/Reqs Bonuses/Yields Buildings
Aqueduct Growth River, Lake, Oasis or Mountain A district that brings fresh water from an adjacent River, Lake, Oasis or Mountain to your city, boosting its potential population Sewers
Airport? Tourism ??? ??? Hotel?
Campus Science Standard- each adjacent Mountain. Minor - District tiles and adjacent Rain Forest tiles. +1 Great Scientist Point per turn. Library, University, Research Lab, Observatory?
City Center Misc. N/A Gains a ranged attack when it is upgraded with Ancient Walls. If the city center is captured, the entire city is captured Granary, Monument, Watermill, Ancient Walls
Commercial Hub Gold Adjacency bonus for Rivers ??? Market, Bank, Stock Exchange?
Encampment Military ??? If Walls are built in the city, the encampment also gains a ranged attack. New military units appear in the encampment rather than in the city center. Barracks OR Stables (Mutual Exclusive), Military Academy
Entertainment Complex Happiness ??? ??? Circus, Zoo?, Hippodrome?
Harbour Trade/Naval Requires Coast Tile ??? Lighthouse, Shipyard
Holy Site Faith Major - Adjacent natural wonders. Standard - each Mountain tile. Minor - adjacent district tiles and unimproved Woods tiles. +1 Great Prophet point per turn. Shrine, Temple, Pagoda, Cathedral, Basilica, Mosque, Synagogue, Meeting House
Industrial Zone Production Standard - each adjacent Mine or Quarry. Minor - adjacent district tiles. +1 Great Engineer point per turn. Forge?, Mill?, Workshop?, Factory?
Theater Square Culture Standard Culture bonus for each adjacent wonder. Minor Culture bonus for adjacent district tiles. +1 Great Artist point per turn. Amphitheater, Museum?, Film Studio (American UB)
Spaceport Science Victory Cannot be built on Hills. A district that enables construction of city projects leading to the Science Victory. There appear to be at least 3 different projects that can be built in the spaceport.
? = Unconfirmed Buildings


  • Every technology has its own realism-based mini-quest, which speeds up research when completed, providing a substantial boost to its progress even if the player hasn't reached it on the tech tree yet. For instance, founding a coastal city or building ships will accelerate related nautical technologies
  • For example, the masonry boost requires stone blocks and quarries. You can research that tech by hand without access to stone, but if you can find a quarry site and get one up and going, you unlock the tech boost and that gives you half of the research points needed for masonry.
  • Tech-boosts are called "Eureka Moments"
  • Eureka Moments provide you with 50% of the technology you are aiming to research.
  • You do not have to currently be researching a technology in order to gain their Eureka Moment boost


  • Social Policies are now replaced with Civics, which in essence belong to their own seperate tech tree and utilise Culture.
  • Eureka Moments also apply to Civics
  • New "Deck" mechanic. Throughout the game you gain Civics Cards which you can slot in and out of your deck for specialisation purposes.
  • Your Deck layout changes based on the government type you pick.
  • Like Technologies, each individual Civic has their own unique in-game sidequest. Like techs, some of these you'll get through playing the game regularly, and some will require some extra effort.
  • Advancing throughout the Civics tree allows you to unlock new forms of government.
  • Advancing throughout the Civics tree allows you to unlock new policy cards you can have in your "deck"
  • Advancing throughout the Civics tree allows you to unlock new policy cards you can have in your "deck"
  • New "Deck" mechanic. Throughout the game you gain Policy Cards which you can slot in and out of your deck for specialisation purposes.
  • The Policies you unlock give you a new card to slot into your "Deck".
  • Policies come in four flavours: Military, Economy, Diplomacy, and "Wild".
  • You can change your policy cards for free every time you unlock a Civic, or with gold whenever you want.
  • Advancing throughout the Civics tree allows you to unlock new forms of government.
  • In addition to providing certain built-in bonuses, each government has a different configuration of slots for policies. (i.e One government might have more "Military" slots, whereas another might not have slots for Military policies at all and instead focus on Economy and Diplomacy.)
  • You start the game off as a Chiefdom (as is your govt type) (One Slot Military, One Slot Economy)
Known Govt. Types Bonus Slot Information
Autocracy Bonus to Melee Unit strength and XP generation
Chiefdom ???
Classical Republic Bonus to Amenities and Great People generation
Communism ??? ???
Democracy ??? ???
Fascism ??? ???
Merchant Republic ??? ???
Monarchy ??? ???
Oligarcy Bonus to yields in Capital and Wonder Production
Theocracy ??? ???
NOTE: We are unsure where these lie on the tech/civic trees, so we're sorting them alphabetically
Govt. Legend
  • Military Card
  • Economic Card
  • Diplomatic Card
  • Wildcard Card

Combat and Diplomacy

  • Support units can now be embedded with other units, like anti-tank support with infantry, or a warrior with settlers. (These are units that are more sensibly depicted as special equipment embedded with a larger unit rather than standalone figures on the map.)
  • Similar units can also be combined to form powerful “Corps” units.
  • Corps are available mid-game and later on, three units can be combined together to make an "Army"
  • Units can now be organised into a formation, which means they’ll always move together rather than having to be shuffled across the map one at a time.
  • Formations can be applied to large collections of military units or civilian units and their escorts.
  • Bombers can destroy improvements/districts
  • On-map characters have more exaggerated proportions than those in Civilization 5
  • Combat experience goes into military techs instead of promotions for units.
  • Barbarians can generate scouts now, which in turn look for targets to harass.
  • Barbarians are much more intelligent and launch invasions based on scouting
  • Air Combat mechanics have been completely redone, but we have no specifics on how so far
  • Diplomacy made to focus less on warfare as time goes on.
  • New "Gossip" system. When you interact with another civ, you gain a trickle of information about their agendas and plans.
  • Diplomacy begins very informally, with the sending of gifts, basic trading and declarations of war. Eventually becomes formalised and more complex as embassies and their ambassadors spread across the world.
  • There will be more than one way to declare war.
  • If you declare an unjust and surprise war, you will incur an additional +50% Warmongering penalty
  • If you declare a justified war, the penalty is nowhere near as large
  • Diplomacy screen gives information on how to improve relations with a specific leader
  • Spies will be able to undertake cool missions akin to James Bond *NEW*
City-State Diplomacy
  • Each City-State will have a unique bonus/ability associated with their historical attributes.
  • Influence bar is removed, instead you send Envoys to City-States (not physically though, moreso akin to the placement of Spies)
  • You gain tiered bonuses depending on the amount of envoys you assign to a City-State and their CS Type
  • Completing CS quests may yield additional (permanent or temp is not confirmed) Envoys in that City-States.
  • City-States can have multiple quests at any time.
  • Each City-State has a set of goals that can be accomplished in any order, such as destroying a nearby barbarian encampment or establishing a trade route with them.
  • Accomplishing one or two of these tasks earns you increasing bonuses from that City-State, but accomplishing three makes you that City-State’s ally
  • After achieving Suzerain (Ally) of a City-State, players can pay gold to levy the City-State’s military units for a limited time.
  • Players can send Envoys to a City-State they are at war with, potentially changing the City-State’s allegiance in the middle of the conflict
  • Envoys cannot be withdrawn from a City State unless war is declared. There is another way according to the developers, but this remains undisclosed for now
City-State Bonus Information
CS Type 1 Envoy 3 Envoys 6 Envoys
Scientific +2 Science in Capital +2 Science in every Campus district Additional +2 Science in every Campus district
Religious +2 Faith in Capital +2 Faith in every Holy Site district Additional +2 Faith in every Holy Site district
Trade/Mercantile +4 Gold in Capital +4 Gold in every Commercial Hub district Additional +4 Gold in every Commercial Hub district
Known City-States
City-State Name Type Unique Ability/Bonus
Hattusa Scientific Provides you with 1 of each Strategic resource you have revealed but do not own.
Zanzibar Trade/Mercantile Receive the Cinnamon and Cloves luxury resources. The cannot be earned any other way in the game, and provide 6 Amenities each.
Jerusalem Religious Automatically converts to the Religion you founded, and exerts pressure for that religion as if it were a Holy City.
La Venta Religious ???
  • From the above list we can surmise that the Hittites, Swahili Kingdoms, Israel, and the Olmecs will not be in the game


  • AI is said to have been improved greatly in intelligence
  • Multithreaded AI for superior performance!
  • Every AI leader in the game now has a set of agendas – personality quirks that inform how they approach the game (For example, T. Roosevelt hates it when you start wars on his continent)
  • AI characters will change over the course of a game, based largely on how you interact with them.
  • AIs now have two sets of agendas - one that is always evident and known and one that is randomised and hidden

Other Mechanics:

  • Religion, Archaeology, Trade Routes and Espionage are confirmed to be in the base game
  • Great Works are back, with "gorgeous" new presentation and interactivity
  • Tourism and cultural victory type dynamics are back
  • One victory type removed, one added, and steps to get to others changed
  • Religious Victory confirmed NEW
  • Roads will be auto-created by the way that Trade Routes travel
  • Trade Routes allow you to gain information about your rivals as a form of early espionage
  • Continents have automatically generated names for flavour
  • Units can have automatically generated/randomised names for flavour
  • If a Unit has 1 movement point left, and the tile they're moving into uses 2 movement points, they will not be able to enter the said tile.
  • Once you get enough points for a Great Person you get to pick the next available Great Person, however they all have slightly different bonuses, so you may want to wait for someone else to get them, and see if the next one works better for you.
  • Great Person points are Civ Wide as opposed to per city

Art Style

  • Leaders have watercolour backdrops
  • Leaders have a blend halfway between realistic and stylised.
  • Base Non-Unique units have a cultural flair to them (colours, helmets, ethnicity etc.)
  • Art Style and UI based around the "Age of Exploration" (15th 16th century)
  • Can zoom down to the level where you can see see birds flying around the building
  • Every building in the game is modelled.
  • Fog of War looks like a a pen-and-ink cross-hatch style map map; areas you explore look like a hand drawn map in areas you've already explored.
  • Additionally Fog of War looks like a map to the extent that Firaxis has included drawings of ships and monsters akin to a "Here be dragons" style.
  • Players will be aided with a color code system, so they can drop pins on certain tiles in order to remind themselves that this might be a great place for a factory, some time in the future.
  • Wonder movies are back, but now they're in-game (camera zooms down to the tile, builds it; Additionally there will be a sun rotation feature as some wonders light up at night).
  • New Customisable sun rotation feature
  • There will be 4 individuals units (graphically) per tile instead of Civ V's 12 (halved for civilians).
Lens System
  • New "Lens" System
  • There are now new lenses that are essentially UI filters that get draped over the map that help the player analyze data
  • For example, there's now a religion lens which will color-code the dominant religions on the map.
  • Music in Civ VI is far more dynamic
  • The Music in Civ VI will differ by era, starting off with simplistic instruments, before developing over time to a full orchestra.
  • Each Civilization will have it's own musical motif, and after meeting them, their musical motif will merge with your own for a short while.
  • Civilization VI will have a completely original soundtrack composed by Griffin Cohen, Geoff Knorr, Roland Rizzo, and Phill Boucher.


  • Civ VI will be running on a brand new homebrew engine
  • Civ VI will be far more moddable because of said engine (and is stated to be more moddable than Civ V, although that's not hard).
  • Confirmed 64 Bit Client
  • Confirmed Mods for Multiplayer! (Woo!)
  • New Multiplayer modes intended to be completed within a single session of a few hours.
  • For example, a campaign that starts at the beginning of the middle ages, and runs until the end of the Renaissance.
  • From there, a specific victory condition is added – for instance, the player with the strongest religion wins.
  • Strategic view is back
  • Enhanced Demographics (ala Info-Addict) are included for Civ VI
  • City-view screen has finally been completely eliminated – clicking on a city displays all the relevant information (such as citizen work assignments) directly on the world map.

Civilizations *NEW*

Each Civilization now has five unique components and follows the following formula:
  • Civilization Ability
  • Leader Ability
  • Unique Unit
  • Unique Infrastructure
  • Leader Agenda
As can be surmised from above, the Civilization and the Leader Abilities are separate. The former ability is based around aspects that represent the entire empire and the latter ability is something specifically unique to the time period in which the Leader lived. We can also take this to mean that we can expect to see alternate leader DLCs in the future.
In regards to the Unique Infrastructure, this can be interpreted as a unique Building, Improvement, or even District.
It is also confirmed that we'll be seeing 18 Civilizations in the base game. It is unsure if any of these base game civs will have alternate leaders.

Civilizations (and known uniques) listed so far:

Civilization Ability Leader Leader Ability Unique Unit Unique Infrastructure Agenda Name
America ??? Teddy Roosevelt Rough Rider UU. Bonus Tourism from National Parks P-51 Mustang Building: Film Studio Big Stick Policy*
Greece ??? Alexander? ??? ??? ??? ???
China ??? Qin Shi Huang Can use Builders to Rush Wonders in the Ancient and Classical Eras ??? Great Wall Wonder Envy*
Egypt ??? Cleopatra Maryannu War Chariot ??? Sphinx Queen of the Nile*
Aztecs ??? Montezuma? ??? ??? ??? ???
Japan ??? Hojo Tokimune ??? Samurai ??? ???
Rome ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
England ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
India ??? Gandhi? ??? War Elephant ??? ???
France ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
Spain ??? ??? ??? Conquistador ??? ???
? = Unconfirmed Uniques
The above list is tentative, and can change at any time. These 11 Civs and components are what have been mentioned in articles thus far. We will also be seeing civs we have never seen before in Civ.
TPang's speculation: The final 7 civs is anyone's guess, but my two cents would be a Native American civ that we haven't seen before, and a South East Asian civ we likewise haven't seen. I'm likely speculating the following for the remaining civs:
  • Vietnam
  • Cree/Blackfoot/Wabanaki/ or a Pacific Northwest Civ
  • Germany
  • Russia
  • Inca/Nazca
  • Arabia
  • Mali/Kongo/Zimbabwe
  • Big Stick Policy - Hates when wars are started on a continent they share or against a City-States in general
  • Queen of the Nile - Likes Civs with powerful militaries. Dislikes weak militaries.
  • Wonder Envy (Unconfirmed name) - Qin Shi Huang will dislike you if you build more Wonders than him.

Wonders *NEW*

  • Wonders now also exist on the map, each taking up their own tile.
  • Wonders have terrain requirements
  • Wonder movies are back, but now they're in-game and some feature a day/night transition
  • When watching another player's / AI's city you will see the wonder getting constructed.
Wonder Requirement Information
Stonehenge Flat Land, Stone adjacent +2 Faith and a Free Great Prophet. Allows you to found a religion in Stonehenge instead of a holy site.
The Colossus Coast adjacent ???
The Great Lighthouse Coast adjacent ???
Oracle Must be built on Hills 1 Culture, +1 Faith, +1 of each type Great Person point (Admiral, Artist, Engineer, General, Merchant, Prophet, Scientist) per turn. Patronage of Great People costs 25% less Faith.
Great Library Flat Land, Campus District with Library adjacent +2 Science, +1 Great Scientist point per turn. 2 Great Works of Writing slots
Terracotta Army Grass/Plains, Military Encampment with Barracks/Stable adjacent +2 Great General points. All units gain an additional Promotion upon completion. Archaeologists from Civ with Terracotta Army can enter other civilisations border without Open Borders agreement.
Pyramids Flat Desert +2 culture. Gain a free builder and all builders gain an additional charge.
Hanging Gardens River adjacent 15% Growth in all Cities
Colosseum Entertainment District adjacent
Mahabodhi Temple Built in Forest, Holy Site adjacent Gives +4 faith and +1 Great Prophet Point and 2 "Apostles"
Venetian Arsenal Coast adjacent, Industrial District adjacent Receive a second naval unit each time you train a naval unit.
Chichen Itza ??? ???
Forbidden Palace ??? ???
Hagia Sophia Flat land, Holy Site adjacent, Must have founded a religion Missionaries and Apostles get 1 additional charge. +4 faith and +2 Great Prophet Points
Alhambra ??? ???
Mont St. Michel Floodplains/Marsh required +2 Faith, 2 Relic slots. All Apostles you create gain the Martyr ability in addition to a second ability you choose normally
Big Ben ??? ???
Eiffel Tower Flat Land, City Center adjacent All cities gain +2 Appeal
Times Square/Broadway ??? ???
Natural Wonders
  • Natural wonders can span multiple tiles
  • Great Barrier Reef (Two Tiles)
  • Pantanal (Four Tiles)
  • Crater Lake (One Tile)

Recommended Reading

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