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Work At Home Jobs - List of companies who hire from home!

Since alot of people on Assistance are looking for jobs and some people are not able to find a job due to lack of car or just cannot drive like me..

I am going to post some jobs that are hiring for Work at home Customer Service.

Yes, they are legit jobs - I have been doing this type of work for the last 15 years. You are an employee and you get a w-2 at the end of the year.

I do not know what most of these jobs are hiring for. But, I can tell you they are for big companies. The pay rate for most of these jobs are anywhere between $7.25 - $15.00/hr.

I am going to put an FYI in here - if you cannot find the work at home job position in the search bars Just put Remote, Virtual or Anywhere and the job should come up!

Sutherland Global Services - https://jobs.sutherlandglobal.com/ShowJob/Id/1957446/Work-at-Home-Tech-Support-and-Sales-Consultant-(Cable-Industry)-April-9,-2019/-April-9,-2019/) (I can tell you this project is Cox Communications, because my best friend works here!)

Sitel: https://my.harver.com/app/landing/5c337cece165b519df0c1a6e/login?vacancy_id=75351 (They hire for different companies)

Alorica: http://apply.aloricaathome.com/applynow.html

Sykes: https://sjobs.brassring.com/TGnewUI/Search/Home/Home?partnerid=26564&siteid=5606#jobDetails=1175882_5606

Concentrix: https://jobs.concentrix.com/ShowJob/Id/1903085/Work-At-Home-US-Customer-Support-Representative-(FULL-Time-and-PART-Time)//)

Kelly Services - https://kellyconnectjobs.force.com/s/jobdescription?backTo=jobsearch&id=a0K0f000015XtfjEAC

Conduent - https://conduent.taleo.net/careersection/conduent_external_portal/jobdetail.ftl?job=18033814&lang=en

Live Ops - (This one, I'm not sure if it is still true or not but was a couple years ago, you had to pay for your background check - but they give you the money back if you stay with them for more than 90 days.. that is the only out of pocket cost for this one) -https://careers-liveops.icims.com/jobs/1424/customer-service-retail-representative-%28monday-sunday%29---wfh/job?mobile=false&width=1000&height=500&bga=true&needsRedirect=false&jan1offset=-360&jun1offset=-300

Working Solutions : https://jobs.workingsolutions.com/ (Scroll all the way to the bottom to apply)

Arise ( I am going to let you know this is a 1099 job and also you have to pay them to train you - you have to pay for the training materials .. But, they also pay really well. This is the only job that I know of makes you pay for your training. ) https://partnersetup.arise.com/united-states-english/create-user-profile.aspx?utm_campaign=RR_POST_2015-1-1_CallCenter&utm_source=RatRaceRebellion&cookieCheck=true

Asurion - (This is for the cell phone insurance) - https://asurion.greatjob.net/jobs/JobListingAction.action?PSUID=74514101-da98-440c-9f2c-e1109af30f22

CenturyLink - https://careeropportunities.centurylink.com/?rid=careers

Cruise.com - https://www.cruise.com/cruise-information/employment/?skin=001&pin=&phone=888-333-3116

CSR - https://www.csr-net.com/join-our-team/

Direct Interactions - https://www.directinteractions.com/careers/

Dyson ( I am going to let you know for training, they do fly you out to Chicago and pay for your food, hotel and transportation for the weeks that you are there and then you go back to your home and work from home) https://careers.dyson.com/en-gb/search-results/?q=work+at+home&page=1&minPage=1&maxPage=1&sort=Score&countries=1

Expert Planet - http://www.expertplanet.com/become-an-agent

Grindstone : https://grindstone.com/join-b2b-telemarketing-company/

Hilton Hotels: https://jobs.hilton.com/our-brands/hilton.php

HSN (You have to live in FL or VA) - https://jobs.hsn.com/?nolnav=1

Hyatt - https://careers.hyatt.com/en-US/careers/

TurboTax: https://careers.intuit.com/ (They need CPAs, Tax Lawyers and CSRs)

Maritz - https://maritz.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/MaritzCX/job/Virtual/Market-Research-Interviewer---MaritzCX---Virtual_R9143

MicahTek - https://www.micahtek.com/careers/

NexRep - https://nexrep.com/become-a-contact-center-agent/

Next Level Solutions - http://www.dial-nls.com/content.php?link=Careers_ind

O'Currance Teleservices - http://www.istayhome.com/job-listings/?search_keywords=&search_location=

Onpoint Advocacy - https://onpointathome.com/opportunities/

Progressive - https://progressive.taleo.net/careersection/iam/accessmanagement/login.jsf?lang=en&redirectionURI=https%3A%2F%2Fprogressive.taleo.net%2Fcareersection%2F2%2Fmysubmissions.ftl%3Flang%3Den&TARGET=https%3A%2F%2Fprogressive.taleo.net%2Fcareersection%2F2%2Fmysubmissions.ftl%3Flang%3Den

Service 800 - https://www.service800.com/careers

Support.com - https://www.support.com/careers/

FrontLine - http://frontlinecallcenter.com/

TeLCare - http://telcarecorp.com/about-us/career-opportunities/

TTEC - https://www.ttecjobs.com/en/work-from-home#wfh-jobs

Transcom - https://applications.transcom.com/OnlineEmploymentApplication/US%20Home%20Agent.htm

UHaul - https://www.uhaul.com/Articles/About/427/U-Haul-Sales-And-Reservations-Work-From-Home-Program/

Ver-A-Fast - http://www.verafast.net/job_opportunities.htm

VIP Desk - https://vipdeskconnect.com/current-openings/

VoiceLog - https://www.bsgclearing.com/contact_us/careers/live-operator-independent-contractor

Westat - https://sjobs.brassring.com/TGWebHost/searchopenings.aspx?partnerid=82&siteid=5197

Xact Telesolutions - http://www.myxact.com/jobs/jobs-list.asp

YourMechanic.com - https://www.yourmechanic.com/careers

Humane League - https://thehumaneleague.org/work-with-us

Work At Home Editor at Trilogy Education Services - https://boards.greenhouse.getrake.io/trilogyeducation/jobs/1392929?gh_jid=1392929

Book Reviewer - https://onlinebookclub.org/free-books-for-reviews.php

Medical Transcriptionist for SoftScript - http://www.softscript.com/careers.html

QA Analyst Vox Media - https://boards.greenhouse.io/voxmedia/jobs/1576586?gh_jid=1576586

Recruiting Coordinator for TaxJar - https://taxjar.workable.com/j/F9CE03A0A1?viewed=true

Content Updater for Media Bistro - https://www.mediabistro.com/jobs/description/393171/content-updater-verywell/

Online Tutoring - https://www.coursehero.com/become-a-tuto?utm_source=adbloom&utm_campaign=1202&utm_medium=affiliate&transaction_id=1023e03423af83120536564e2acb61

HR - https://recruiting.ultipro.com/PUB1003/JobBoard/f3fb362c-761f-0eab-0b95-2fb7b2ba04e5/OpportunityDetail?opportunityId=17005589-dd95-45dd-bd81-35748bf1a35a

ICA Notes - https://www.icanotes.com/about-us/careers/

Nursing Tutor - https://pearson.jobs/virtual-usa/nursing-tutor-remote-work-from-home/EE178699BABB456AAC07E5CD4905E81F/job/

OkCupid - https://boards.greenhouse.io/okcupid/jobs/1545816

Culinary Chef - https://heinz.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/KraftHeinz_Careers/job/Virtual-USA/Culinary-Chef---Foodservice_R-16301

Product Support Specialist - https://boards.greenhouse.io/lingolive/jobs/1456952

Accounting Expert - http://contractorjobs.study.com/apply/0c001833007b6241467f027150556c455d7b1e56285d2f1b782156061b35124b234d7a/Accounting-Expert-QA-Contract?sid=fozl2KSyvI3BalYpoLAcrdhJ1ldWOgSxetL

Recruiter - https://www.ehealthinsurance.com/about-ehealth/careers?p=job/oVcF9fwF

Advisory Teacher - https://re22.ultipro.com/CON1019/JobBoard/JobDetails.aspx?__ID=*AFAE9DCED7C6CD0B

Substitute School Counselor - https://re22.ultipro.com/CON1019/JobBoard/JobDetails.aspx?__ID=*E43239935FDB95E8

Advanced Tech Support - https://careers.godaddy.com/job/arizona/advanced-technical-support-incident-response-sucuri/18045/8341837

Bilingual Language Coach - https://mangolanguages.com/company/careers/#/jobs/dfc17f90-fff8-48d2-81bf-d9464a5a30ec

Graphic Design - https://employment.byui.net/postings/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&query=&query_v0_posted_at_date=&418%5B%5D=8&commit=Search

Muse PaintBar - https://www.musepaintbar.com/careers-rep/

Video Editor - https://www.planetinteractive.com/careers/jobs/92529/

Enrollment specialist - https://hiip.com/

Basic Photography - https://employment.byui.net/postings/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&query=&query_v0_posted_at_date=&418%5B%5D=8&commit=Search

Design for Social media - https://employment.byui.net/postings/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&query=&query_v0_posted_at_date=&418%5B%5D=8&commit=Search

Medical Coders - https://www.codebusters.com/#what-are-coding-teams

Mobile Developer - https://www.clevertech.biz/careers/senior-react-native-developer

Wildbit - https://wildbit.com/jobs/customer-success-postmark-1

Medical Transcriptionist -http://www.fastchart.com/about/careers/medical-transcriptionist-independent-contracto

Aspire Lifestyles - https://chj.tbe.taleo.net/chj05/ats/careers/searchResults.jsp?org=INTERNATIONALSOSPA&cws=39

Enterprise Rent a car - https://careers.enterprise.com/category/work-from-home-jobs/430-1626-1625-5496/17267/1

Director of Payments - https://automattic.com/work-with-us/director-of-payments/

LionBridge - https://e-recruit.sap.lionbridge.com/sap(bD1lbiZjPTEwMCZkPW1pbg==)/bc/bsp/sap/unrg_appl/application.do?param=cGluc3RfZ3VpZD1FOEU4RjBCMUU3MDU0NUYxODBDRUEwMzY5RjRGRkMwQg%3d%3d&rcfcontext=GR/bc/bsp/sap/unrg_appl/application.do?param=cGluc3RfZ3VpZD1FOEU4RjBCMUU3MDU0NUYxODBDRUEwMzY5RjRGRkMwQg%3d%3d&rcfcontext=GR) (Note:
If you have any issues submitting your application or receiving a notification that your email address is already registered please contact Lionbridge directly by sending an email to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) for assistance.)

Allianz - https://jobs.allianz.com/sap/bc/bsp/sap/zhcmx_erc_ui_ex/desktop.html?jobId=C2EBDE1DCF021ED991EC4E7BE1C79383#/DETAILS/C2EBDE1DCF021ED991EC4E7BE1C79383/

Wyndham - http://wyn-destinations-prod.adobecqms.net/careers/jobs/customer-service-representative-inbound-reservations-work-home-springfield-missouri-1903033

United Health - https://careers.unitedhealthgroup.com/search-jobs?jf=12

PNC bank (Note: You must live within 150 miles of Atlanta, GA) - https://sjobs.brassring.com/TGnewUI/Search/home/HomeWithPreLoad?PageType=JobDetails&partnerid=15783&siteid=5130&jobid=1501564#jobDetails=1501564_5130

Empowered Education - https://health-coach-institute.workable.com/j/88C9A22450

Capital One - https://www.capitalonecareers.com/job/-/-/1732/10757475

Alaska Airlines - https://alaskaair.jobs/jobs/ (Boise, ID Area only!!!)

Guest Services Store for Disney - https://jobs.disneycareers.com/

Cancer Resource Specialist – American Cancer Society: “Must live in Las Vegas or Greater Las Vegas Market… The Cancer Resource Specialist is responsible for handling a high volume of inbound calls from constituents of the American Cancer Society. The CRS responds to a broad range of inquiries that may include cancer prevention and early detection information, requests for community resources, material orders and a variety of other topics related to the American Cancer Society’s work. Position Requirements: Bachelor’s degree preferred; Contact center and/or customer service experience desirable. The American Cancer Society will provide some of the technical hardware equipment for you to perform in your role including desktop computer, two 22 inch monitors, phone, headset, keyboard & mouse, webcam, surge protector, adapters and connectors, and miscellaneous supplies. The position pays $18.00/hr.”

Appen - https://talent-appen.icims.com/jobs/4238/voice-data-collector---usa/job?mobile=false&width=975&height=500&bga=true&needsRedirect=false&jan1offset=-300&jun1offset=-240

Remote Copy Editor - https://www.webfx.com/careers/earned-media/full-time-remote-copy-editor-jobid5.html

Fancy Hands - https://www.fancyhands.com/job/apply/ (FYI - Must have a google email)

Schlag LLC - https://www.ziprecruiter.com/jobs/schlag-llc-dea0c5d7/customer-service-work-from-home-0e8a1243

HireKaiyah Inc . (Note: Location: Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas residents.) - https://www.ziprecruiter.com/jobs/hirekaiyah-inc-853dce24/work-from-home-customer-service-representative-ace5390e

Contractor in Charge - https://www.ziprecruiter.com/jobs/contractor-in-charge-e5390935/work-at-home-virtual-office-solution-associate-a1907736

Andavaris Staffing - https://www.ziprecruiter.com/jobs/andarvis-staffing-inc-16b4441f/customer-success-specialist-work-at-home-1eade8cf

Alliance Advisors - https://www.ziprecruiter.com/jobs/alliance-advisors-llc-5de284d3/work-from-home-call-center-rep-no-sales-87c159de

The Virtual Call Center - https://www.ziprecruiter.com/jobs/the-virtual-call-center-inc-b92e91e9/work-from-home-major-cruise-line-travel-agent-2803db54

Verizon Wireless - https://www.ziprecruiter.com/ojob/d558e3af60ff9c11e94b60854dd45022?u=0QAp8Dy694kpcZLgxxi8bcdJXJ0tqfIvrlZmQ5QahYyGSyY2MfeWzOD8g-7lxPrK8Nbx06uGcqAdQT3I-dsT28FQWwob5BUkUMm0OhvvlzESjima-2LXb6rEMJjoTSSWf7paEb_8wacIsCMxZri-8LCgSLBXjXUgxR89HM6EN_o3H873ZqNeIzgWaRMXJEuTG_u-46qouQwhOwjRngC49xawATMXT0Ea9uh2f9tsuGMG91QyDPQe2jNVF5OaSvq2T-PP9b7-1sX08bmE21OBAL3bi75hWb6Ip5JLbOet6rZb9GX2FavhRuddwMMof2XRiAZBCAB6t99M16s9ElRB-UwovB4tmWGplsZXaKM433ts52jPVQIbbtwJZafdl4QOtnpFIAY7qb71b_GirM1ElcN_pYMQZmKqWcIGYQCpPaux27-mJMyKbB60TBpTp3ug5yrTTEpXeTjA3zKdy3Z6f9D8MYar5BpqMkpN0p8XF2BrRYw4bWHsWUz9dEfrLdzHBOLSetnSal47ecgoBrZwX_GqzADBREvZLQrW7ukwg2q7ebGLGoQ8yWHLAXm-_SuK7edHB42iWwNwKtoZWhKjpMLEbE61oLaNpOu0tsjTTmKAlR0aCJJoZC-06J_PyXdZIFCgcR3AcUUktMcy94I035AatlwPfFj2qL-6zvKq4eYJGErc6rOjShKxgyz9Hitz3DCQTxzKYuaskR9uSFB96VSrhLBjU0yIK-77NcnAy2Sc7L0_w4_MSTDoGXUD1G8pWnxPhH7lFr-Hf9sQBQHlQtU_OQ-fVxCCglin95tIuKQU268kRJzd3cqcZl-h9C6TMN8JfsHRyj1qEhWrW20II_4B2B-au7eP-SwoqaWEH8bzZ9t6BNtCygIOLbkx2sUgWTQrkK_KQVXIUO5EkB0J5edwJJ3EZFiFrijVAr6RRGq7cOidvlAkQVRrBnxvyoiX-EZL9mIwS9Pph_O-lYqXXHK6rNbmsPIyLzc6AdWUCXnHCO9wgrjDun4nV4tj8QVs

Work At Home Transcription - https://udreamjob.com/udream-job/2/55121/Work-at-home-transcription-in-Saint-Paul,MN?https://udreamjob.com/udream-job/2/55121/Work-at-home-transcription-in-Saint-Paul,MN?n=Work-at-home-transcription-in-Saint-Paul,-MN

AAA MotorClub - https://www.ziprecruiter.com/ojob/4be956f9b34da0b887d566039c88a749?u=DuJnLOGAVZydw-Gizs4WfBNY404SPMXOyp-5fzJkhPO8Y_Mnc8n4BhJStDA0KIKie2e-QJ8lRx0kFD83X8Fes65IQAyDHl1_IXjua5APJGlgq5k7wzKGdwwJ8Z0XXlRE0Enink8Z90L6nU8UvlzOGY1pPoTYma7Ty6u2RR10Ehtp8_vD557NVQxR0P4neS789-ac0HQFqntpaCfwn1ydLRqZG7zNGV5lCJjLAQ_AsPYEa_l1n-WdiYKyYgURosMCQ4n9f51NLpju-eDvSVuS1pOy3-4eiilsF5w2VwCOaTUSlmPKFvKLqx8B6tUuv8OfCYlzpQgY-zORwvO5SrYe3c5JmkSY-3XxC0z0aau5d4qs3-_llXJqEj9U_Dzy44oPocL1LMeZ0wCEQGYVQNowN9RSquDbaRz-ThY3Q5ocBkJTUKGlzhVdCUwdt6XfYsZr2VF-XpfVLzXiC_-D_YSEjMsM83_d_Ygx1NrUvEs_4WRuZxVfildMdFm9GxYVfTY-hgBLT4WluMZw_EfEMs4q-UQZGsF0WaUJjZ1teUpF62fwy9zkSmJzqlSbKKNgf1RUTEaAlPbLN9pvkMn9xtvV48-8--0RwbRcSeEgVaxMB5NqFdqCJJ4pzJB5QpB1uw9pd7GMbR6YPOXztCvQPHwxrmkGy70lxcAqM706BsNNyAlKbUVoG9KH9njEofdREoN6t6ekPKpJphPhRuh8VwUjWP_Z-oDOFtoed3GatvZtol-bOJloVB3anXR49NZ-x24kCcs1y0FFpRvrIQqsWhPY_OiuXozEnQf8Um9jKT_xPpvDwENnVYHoYWZuNXsMin_Cqx5B8Dwm4-_0suWJwEo6H58Srpoo9oBjg2rqBRbyCemA5P0_TeHQ9v1k2b6zHA5VJpAZcb2KDT81_BoOjFxg4bn4ZQ_mJ3xQU1izOp9fELdbXaEtjzo_W1soc3YkceteR9CicfO1hWNclbRuiK8fkOVhbnWfzjP32-JTwo6-FyAFLsJF8e1op8Z43rv3tCHeKErEyIWFoE154za6bCY9bg

Ispos North America - https://www.ziprecruiter.com/ojob/a7502e9c86f7bce99b9415ed99ba18c7?u=3uwr0gzkSui7KBmDDkDvcB1DgXupNDvgMa2IdS2SF9jtcxG-CtTSRZaFtiQzwBgIQYMdmLDvfirV_J5-zKLmGtOVodHOrRhZvu3eUW7n6dmR8sCtQwwzkarD8ICOvUrVJIu-qpMYTTRj6Fnowr7P0M-si-5wi5Ln18Z81JT5E7rVKyNq5su0wxTXEvYLKD6YKLZxSXqJghIhUmp3l-w54bZ8brd7wFOHFoGDLLGpyoWSznm3SQyjEApVZBZzhe3ILBOfo2F4msBL9T2VjcsGhJTtagAAPor4wXZOd4od74AmWvwD_-G9FQ1DJI0SSJxkB7t6qezzCfZTJKZIfp-NRWOZ5tvNxNA1VXslzXIEycLzYvYu4T4DGVYEZ5S_dr9CbQ3CHE2DBrTcOMygu3zVWNP4oQIbyoTYqvb1FhXhZH0ZMlRQYuWuYLePX4DejcxXwJUQLw2Bs-wmsYYZp7cwmJhd71-DkfPCA232c3cxVyM8JCd-tCA614sFqHackds2eZABuET-cEoj6qt1Een-QbK_NtFqkKmL7-cF7_NBVD9vHrJkkaHT5hL5QrJtY9ex3lXyy26NmNjpCi7jQtiQpk0h4PQn2Wa8acej4JFLkVf_7jFDXh6aLoWSPAB0GQ0VArPVvgBJfRMihhBwvh5TZC8g5ziFY6_32YObqgwD-WPwg4pfdK7NoY8LRrbUqrfHh8JPfzq5z-qSubPjPmUg0u7IChx1yTpwdSMiIqerKAdFyOvAcw6CWix-rTKbCK03vQGlpxsrDrFFcHP264dLTVF4kTboLfb2TtR5U3-1HSDxyv-gDLHUYplFEA_KQ5TUFQ5DmzhidgYUFFCRiiV8lZYnZoB4xfxrAeSNOrXN0F91MB4AlH38e5mslWvUWDI6oGJjijoXXYofQ2kMZN55cEJ5TVA0aZFl0MJ9czBIdUwwtv9kwer8q3PveZmxeWD36Fi8Raap1cFcaofYgtB8NN-HPuOT2weaZu7xwOK8ATkfuOGmVlz7j_UihVxJoI2HOKqcb96sJSzoN_CpRESwzP0tbqUae68TNFwCUfQfG6Gn_HFOKovjqzQiWOz_J0QUNIg5xRcKZ3xfHjjcaTr8FA

Language Link - https://theapplicantmanager.com/jobs?pos=ll1930&src=zipr

Walgreens - https://www.ziprecruiter.com/ojob/3795b414181b9fd283168335ec29d543?u=SPQ5p6xHI1GzHTUuHVzVvqWEt-wsL2ad3gnNPjiyrCp43t2Na2fLsKez9Is__39kzbOGkEPRtXHqAQrvD6fAoX3mucM2-ag1v399U-OHPmM50Bl9cBppFHRqyiSO2OWyXhUnChQPaTeYIM1IpVe5HxnKAixQobRNekMBEZ5mxOAmjJMD701zp9JAM5FnsgQ6ne7mx7wQ-9FOn4FuoTqkB79YehR3fPXHFgGNKKWdXmofmybglj2BCpKLPGfxXMUtfvgnd-JNIbeew0kCFY5GQrcdQHsaXyss0WhewTvoZ5SrmRNXPATf4icyPq1cZY7CkdcT7CGmSG6Y5igrRI6iafDMNrdl7JjuUg49D12ygTiIcIw7MvChls4Te2aif6QWgiv_zE5hMFurPq1qqLnhXjZUq4VLtwkDaeON9h0lh9qfr0hCEocOpX4r-X0tdh6aG2PA91oc9Y2oHfVDWKI1js5z5Ul8CX0wrg2fZe403t39aFdcwBccAu7u8HXmQvXHSDNJb5E_-tesqycjXpwyohxrxV7qbF0AgqHmcGO6VllW5yODPK-h9WGWA2G1TLvQWMHWOMbSuqaCrfbmJbrsI7pZnJqJtdvFbNd8lJ_OtqTasxVBNQprXZ6rgXLVQXvWXWu1uzRz8xbicuvb6y7whSRKIgrPYgmI26ZRWo0DWW-2qIa0_BmMgRso3XvQZT96faV9AVjlVBRt6JOIZS7Ko15pRsUgTMPhIFohTPGZBoh2k6ZmSJAFS27C2GWGdv74r4y7Eg90_AdZmK2LTS7jszie4pUqu9xUgl6zb7u-yjIXHH6nBtAfUfrg-4lALO7dSRRONRivwHahZTN_Q3KTmPgbUlTd8MK7UOITsZF48aWffaTu4PA5CU7j6uSkSSEyrpOlj3mqhpNs71BKeqXVegP3T2L9J2gyZvRKMU468WpQkRN5PgyArUeyCB0_gGPJPaCDdi3PwtOxjnmBTEaBzzM1Yqj6TcAAFps0KnsGKxo

Amp Smart - https://www.ziprecruiter.com/jobs/amp-smart-05609230/universal-customer-service-agent-5bb5a9e6

Amazon Customer Service (I think this is seasonal work - someone correct me if im wrong,they may not be hiring right now - but keep checking back!) https://amazon.jobs

Full Creative - https://full.io/jobs/us/ (Please note: This job hires in other countries, check the website to see if your country is listed!)

Also note for Full Creative - they only hire in Oregon, Texas, North Carolina, Idaho, Montana, Florida, Virgina

Monday.com - https://monday.com/jobs/C1.801

RM Factory - http://www.rmfactory.com/JobPostings/IQUEUE%20Agent%20Job%20Description.pdf

HelpJuice - https://helpjuice.recruitee.com/o/fastgrowing-saas-customer-success-hero/c/new

Ultimate Software - https://recruiting.ultipro.com/usg1006/JobBoard/dfc53730-57d1-3460-336f-ddafabd108f3/?q=&o=postedDateDesc

Point Click Care - https://careers.pointclickcare.com/job/POINUS485/Customer-Support-Specialist-Clinical

DataBees - Send your resume to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

Philips - https://philips.wd3.myworkdayjobs.com/jobs-and-careers/job/United-States-of-America---Home-Based/Technical-Support-Specialist_311872-1

American Express - (Please note:

Morneau Sheppell - https://trr.tbe.taleo.net/trr01/ats/careers/v2/viewRequisition?org=MSL&cws=37&rid=9121

Karat - https://boards.greenhouse.io/karat/jobs/4220161002

TeePublic - https://teepublic.recruitee.com/o/freelance-customer-service-agent

Chili Piper - https://www.smartrecruiters.com/ChiliPipe743999684762749-customer-success-representative

Apollo Corporate Travel - https://careers-travelleaders.icims.com/jobs/1762/apollo-corporate-travel-specialist/job?mobile=false&width=940&height=500&bga=true&needsRedirect=false&jan1offset=-360&jun1offset=-300

WanChain ( Applications from all locations are welcome.) - Send your resume to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

Agent Pronto - https://agentpronto.com/careers/client-specialist

Juicer - https://www.juicer.io/jobs#customer-support-specialists

Blue Leaf - https://careers.jobscore.com/careers/blueleaf/jobs/remote-customer-support-representative-pt-ft-work-from-home-aoQbsgpp8r6z-DcR_n82lY

Once Hub - https://hire.withgoogle.com/public/jobs/scheduleoncecom/view/P_AAAAABkAAAKDRULbZ63TYd

10% Happier - http://jobs.10percenthappier.com/

Aira - https://hire.withgoogle.com/public/jobs/airaio/view/P_AAAAAADAAADPP0Wc1N1qnC

MaGoosh - https://boards.greenhouse.io/magoosh/jobs/1587983

Doubledot media - https://www.doubledotmedia.com/jobs/customer-support

Abarca Health - https://abarca-health.breezy.hp/1eccaf22a04a-rx-customer-service-specialist

Food Revolution Network - - https://foodrevolution.workable.com/

Wex - https://www.wexinc.com/about/careers/

Ciox Health - https://careers-cioxhealth.icims.com/jobs/5789/client-service-representative-i/job?mobile=false&width=958&height=500&bga=true&needsRedirect=false&jan1offset=-360&jun1offset=-300

Intermedia - https://www.intermedia.net/about-us/careers?uID=&ref=Applied%20Directly&cjobid=91094&rpid=52184&postid=YyvS8uaqin4

LingoLive - https://boards.greenhouse.io/lingolive/jobs/1518270

Deem - http://jobs.jobvite.com/deem/job/ofTn9fwo

Care.com - https://www.care.com/vis/careers/job/1400991

CE Broker (Please note on this one - in the job description towards the bottom it says that if you do not provide a cover letter they will reject any application without it.)- https://cebroker.applytojob.com/apply/job_20190222221737_SIFRCJJMADEM52TM/Customer-Support-Specialist-Telecommute?source=FLEX

Xapo - https://remote.co/job/customer-support-lead-debit-card/

Jitterbit - https://jobs.smartrecruiters.com/Jitterbit/743999684031990-customer-success-manager-us-remote

I will be adding more to this list as I come across other job openings or work at home jobs and will keep this list up to date. Hopefully we can get this stickied in this sub!
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[Review] Taobao Haul feat. Hermès, Ferragamo, Burberry, Chanel, Tory Burch & bonus DHGate buy!

Hey y'all! This is my first TB review made up of a few hauls because of baby-stepping my way into RepLife in the beginning and then quickly getting into OUT OF CONTROL territory. I'm learning so much from everybody here -- you are all brilliant, really -- which is great because I'm a sponge for information I don't need to remember. Why remember a new acquaintance's name when you can remember the minutiae of what the inside of a designer shoe looks like? (W2C a useful memory?)
Buckle up for all the rambling -- I work remotely and sometimes I'm just SO ALONE so this is my daytime social activity for the day.

The PSPs I remembered to download (will add the rest once I can get Ytaopal to show them)
Photos of all babies

Hermès Parures de Samouraïs scarf
Orange ¥129 | Blue ¥188 | Auth $1,100
Backstory: I first saw this scarf styled on a blog as part of a giveaway. I didn’t win her contest, but I won in the end because I found y’all. No sour grapes here. W2C a few extra inches in height in exchange for waist size? Anyway, I like that it has a story because fun facts are fun: “The Parures de Samouraïs from Hermes was inspired by a privately owned collection of Samurai art based in Dallas. The Ann & Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Samurai collection is the largest collection of its kind outside of Japan.” Very cool, and I like being full of useless information (hello, friends).
Quality: 9/10. I’m thrilled with the quality of these scarves. The silk on both is lightweight and luxurious and floats so nicely I want to buy a Vespa so it can flap behind me (like this but probably would be like this). The colors are vibrant, the rolled-and-whipped edge is even around the whole edge of both scarves, and the pattern placement is perfect.
Accuracy: 8-9/10. The pattern and scale are perfect from what I can tell. Several colorways exist, and I can’t say that they’re 100% accurate. The color combinations check out, though. The orange one’s print is not as crisp as the blue one’s — it’s definitely more accurate, but primarily when they’re side-by-side. The tags are nearly the same — the orange is listed as Made in China, while the blue is listed as Made in France.
Satisfaction: 10/10. Even if it were less accurate, I’d be fine with it because you’re tying/wrapping/otherwise concealing large portions of the scarf during wear. When I can afford great framing, I’d be happy to have this on the wall in my house.
Salvatore Ferragamo Varina flats *BIG FOOT ALERT\*
Ginger yellow matte leather and red wine patent, ¥218 each | Auth $575 (Colors medallion and wine not listed right now, but they exist)
Quality: 10/10. Honestly, I can’t find anything wrong with them. They’re very comfortable, they feel sturdy, they look great on. The glue is even, the grosgrain quality is excellent, the shine on the gold part is good. They fit beautifully — I typically wear a US 10-10.5 and ordered the 42. My feet are 26 and 26.2 cm, respectively, and I think I have weirdly tall toes? They don’t provide measurements for these but the length is right in many shoes that I can’t wear because they’re pressing down on my toes (and the next size won’t stay on). These have a generous toe box.
Accuracy: 8.5-9/10? They’re reps, so I feel like I can’t give them a 10/10, but again, I can’t find anything wrong with them. It’s been a while since I’ve tried any on, but from what I remember and looking at photos now, they’re excellent. The insoles look right, the bows look and feel right, the leather smells like leather, the toe shape is right, the vamp height looks right — feel free to correct me if I’m just thrilled and overlooking anything. The stamp on the sole looks like it could be a little shallow but it may just be light from not going outside yet and getting dirt stuck in there. I can find photos of the colors I got but can’t find them for sale, so that might be an issue as well.
Satisfaction: 10/10 LOVE these. My favorite purchase of this haul, and they’re such a good deal that I bought 2 more pairs today (patent navy, patent black). I’ve wanted these for a while but will not spend that kind of money on flats, and my samsquanch feet means that I never found any at vintage/thrift stores, even in very wealthy areas. I prefer the patent to the matte, but they’re both great. This is awesome!
Tory Burch Taylor camera bag
Brown, ¥418 | Auth original retail $350
I already owned this bag (link) and sort of passively wanted another color — it holds way more than it looks -- but felt like I should branch out. And then I found out I could afford to not branch out AND branch out! Anyway.
Quality - 9/10. It’s leather, but it’s a bit dry. I expect it will improve with Our Lord and Savior Lexol because that fixes all bags, right? The interior is good, the zipper is smooth. The strap is a bit stiff but I expect it will soften with use.
Accuracy - 8/10. I’ve seen Tory Burch bags that were this pebbled, but none of the photos showing this bag show it to be quite that big. You can see the contrast easily in photos. It’s a bit dull, but that’s fixable. The lining is exactly the same, as is the logo plate. The pockets are the same size and placement as the authentic. Again, the strap is stiff but it’s indistinguishable unless you’re feeling it. Even the dust bag is very similar. The logo is a little crooked, which I didn’t notice in my PSPs. I expect with wear this bag will lose some stiffness and that will become less noticeable.
Satisfaction 9/10. I wish the logo weren’t crooked but it’s not the end of the world. This is way better than buying an authentic one again. I bought this for when I need a slightly bigger going out bag and this does the job, and pretty convincingly.
Burberry scarf
Khaki ¥48 | Auth - ?? Closest is this, US $420
Quality: 8/10. The material is gorgeous and soft but seems a little shiny - I expect it will dull over time. The pattern is crisp, the edges are even, and the fringe is consistent.
Accuracy: ??/10 I can’t tell if this color actually exists in this scarf. It’s sort of a greige — it’s warmer than the gray and cooler than any of the camel shades. The color looks a little like this scarf, which is from a questionable website so who knows if it’s even authentic. The tag says 100% cashmere, but the 100% lightweight cashmere scarf on the Burberry site now has fringe on the long sides as well. It looks more like the lightweight check wool and cashmere scarf. The tag is… fine. Basically, the more research I do, the less real it looks. But the quality is good and the branding and pattern are proportioned correctly.
Satisfaction: 9/10. It looks great with a lot of things I want to wear. I plan to order the warmer version from them in the camel, which I expect will be closer to accurate. For the price, it’s fantastic. It feels great and is super versatile.
Burberry raglan sleeve open swing jacket
Apricot ¥480 | Auth ??
Bought this after someone here posted the link. I have 2 Burberry quilted jackets, one small and one medium, but I don’t know my numeric size. I first ordered the large, which is a US6 on the tag — I’m usually a 6, sometimes an 8 in other coats. I reordered in an XL, listed as US8, and it fits beautifully. The smaller went on fine but it was smaller in the shoulders and made the sleeves comically short on me. My mother and I will get to match! My childhood Laura Ashley mother-daughter outfit dreams are coming true!
Quality: 10/10. Stitching is even throughout. Buttons and gold hardware are branded. Material is stiff and feels like auth Burberry jackets I’ve handled. Belt and hardware are great.
Accuracy: ??/10: Why not buy first and then find out if it’s real later? If anybody knows what this is, I’d be happy to know (and anybody more familiar with Burberry, feel free to chime in). The closest I found is the Exaggerated Collar Cotton Gabardine Coat, but it’s not the same. From the back, they look VERY similar, and the shoulder construction, pocket placement, and scale are similar. The font on the buttons, tag and gold hardware is spot on. I don’t see any current jackets with this lining, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Placement of the lining seems right.
Satisfaction: 10/10 — so nice, I ordered it twice! I looked closely at all the details and it’s very well made, even if it’s a fantasy piece. I like having an open trench and I think the shape is interesting. Incidentally, even if this hasn’t ever existed, it’s arguably more believable because it’s not a rep of a more recognizable style.
Chanel cap-toe flats *BIG FOOT ALERT\*
W2C | Auth
Quality - 8/10. The leather is supple, soft and smells great. The sole is sturdy but the insole has a good amount of cushion, which is nice.
Accuracy - 7/10 I’m apparently big on ordering things I’ve never had in hand, so bear with me. From photos, there are two flaws I can spot - the edge of the leather sole and the heel are not black, but that can be easily solved with a marker if I decide it bothers me. The CC part of the logo on the sole is a little warped and it appears to be embossed slightly shallower than the authentic ones. Otherwise, the colors are spot on, the height and size of the logo on the toe is great, the logos are even, the bows are the right scale… All great. I think you can get away with shoes even more than other things because they’re so far away from people’s faces.
Satisfaction - 9/10. I wear a 10-10.5 (length nearly always says a 10, but I have… tall toes? Fat sister toes? I don’t know, but it’s weird). I ordered the largest size, a 42, and it’s just a little snug. I was able to stretch them enough to be comfortable and now I love them (using these shoe stretchers and spray). But I’m thrilled with these! I walk a ton and never change shoes for said walking, so I destroy shoes. I’m happy to have some shoes I’ve coveted without worrying about babying them.

Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouch 26
DHGate $43.92, free ePacket shipping | Auth $445
Ordered 10/16, Arrived 11/23.
Quality: 10/10. The canvas has a good sheen to it. The zipper is sturdy and glides effortlessly. The lining is also canvas and will wipe clean easily. Overall, it’s very durable and an excellent size for me.
Accuracy: 6/10. The zipper pull is the right size/shape/style but is matte rather than glossy. The zipper itself is the right color. The pattern is exactly the right scale but is orange (I didn’t know what y’all meant by that because I had only seen comments and not photos — I get it now). The Louis Vuitton stamp on the end looks like the one on my smaller bag. It does have a similar sheen to it, unlike some of the items reviewed here. No Lexol applied. Dust bag (sorry, not pictured) is close but not quite right. Too orange, cheaper material, but the branding is right.
Satisfaction: 10/10. I’m easy to please here. I have an auth Neverfull MM, my mother’s old Speedy 25, and the smaller makeup bag pictured. The color is definitely off, but otherwise it’s really good. I plan to use this primarily for travel or in my bathroom, where it won’t be near any auth pieces to compare it to. I don’t see the sense in spending a lot on a makeup bag in general, but it’s nice to have one this sturdy and durable. I’m happy with it. In the future, I might get a replacement zipper pull for it, but it’s not high on my list.

TB agent: Ytaopal
I can’t give a great shipping cost because this is the result of a few orders, but I shipped through EMS for almost all of it. I had a small package with some no-name jewelry and one of the Hermes scarves that I shipped via DHL because none of it was branded.
Agent service and communication: 10/10. I don’t really have anything to compare it to, but working with Ytaopal was very easy. I can’t remember why I chose to use it over the others, but they ordered my items promptly, their PSPs are excellent quality, and they were easy to communicate with. My first Burberry coat had a small spot on the belt and I asked about it, they examined it further, determined it was a mystery stain, and got the seller to replace it for me. They contacted me when things were out of stock and asked if I wanted to get a refund or choose another color each time, which was easy. They were happy to provide additional photos and/or measurements for me, which I didn’t take advantage of, but I could see myself using that option in the future.
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Upgraded from TWC to Spectrum, getting only a fraction of my TV channels

Up until yesterday, I subscribed to TWC's Starter TV and Standard Internet. I used my own Motorola/Arris SB6141 cable modem and TWC's Cisco Digital Adapter.
I now switched to their 100 Mbps internet and Select TV cable. They gave me a Spectrum 101 cable box, which is slightly smaller than the one with the digital clock on the front panel.
So I set it up last night and all seemed to go well, but I am only getting local network channels, e.g. local ABC, NBC, etc. affiliates, also TBS, QVC, and that's about it. No CNN, MSNBC, HSN, Bravo, Food Network, etc. I switch to one of those channels and I get a black screen with the channel number, program title, current time, etc. in the usual banner at the bottom of the screen, but there is no programming whatsoever.
Between last night and today, I called and spoke with three different customer service reps. They all pretty much did the same thing, e.g. reset the box remotely. Same result.
I can view all the channels when logging on to Spectrum's website on my laptop and logging on with my account credentials. I also installed the Spectrum TV app on my Android smartphone, no problems there either... I can view all the programming. (BTW I rebooted my cable modem and wi-fi router first.)
So they're sending a technician out later in the day on Sunday, which is pretty speedy of them, but I am wondering if there's something I may be missing here? Is it a matter of the cable box just being defective? It was brand new and shrink wrapped when I took it from the Spectrum store.
Thanks in advance for your insight.
UPDATE - Turns out there was a hardware filter (looks like a small metal cylinder) mounted to the cable line coming into the building, which prevented channels beyond #25 from displaying on my TV. The Tech identified and removed it, which did the trick.
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