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[OC] An insight in the world of football kits - 454 teams that play in the most unusual colors

I would like to start with a humble warning, that this will be a longer than "usual" post. Hopefully, it will compensate with the amount of information you might deem as interesting. :)

After finishing my first journey into the world of colors in football, by counting which teams play in red & black color combination, I decided to pursue my next curiosity:
How many football teams in the world play in unusual colors?
By this, I was thinking of teams which have a “main” color that is rarely used (grey, brown, purple, pink, etc.) or use an uncommon color combination.
Because of this coronavirus madness that is going on, I was able to spend more hours for this project than I planned, so in the end I was able to go into almost every single league in the world. I checked teams from over 400 divisions, of different tiers, from all continents. Although it’s not an official list, I tried to include as many clubs as possible on it.
Now, you're probably asking yourself "How do you measure how rare or how common is in football a color / combination of colors?"
An exact answer is impossible to give, so I started the study using my own experience as a football supporter, finally finding an useful purpose for the thousands of hours spent on watching football games. Therefore, I used a subjective point of view and excluded the color combinations that I, personally, considered to be the most common in football teams, namely:

The selection criteria for the teams were as follows:
  1. The team should have their main kit in colors which are different than the ones enumerated above;
  2. The team must have played or been associated with the colors for several seasons;
  3. The team should be currently active (dissolved clubs were not included).

But enough introduction, let’s jump straight into the list of the most uncommon kit colors in the world of football:

CATEGORY I - Teams with 1 main color

1. Purple (includes purple+white or purple+black) - [73 clubs]
Notable teams: Fiorentina, Anderlecht, Toulouse, Austria Vienna, Real Valladolid.
Other teams (by conference):
UEFA (photo gallery here) - CE Carroi (Andorra), SV Austria Salzburg, Austria Klagenfurt (Austria), K Beerschot VA (Belgium), Etar Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria), NK Dubrava (Croatia), Daventry Town FC (England), Istres (France), VfL Osnabrück, Erzgebirge Aue (Germany), Ujpest, Békéscsaba 1912, Kecskemet TE (Hungary), ACD Legnano, AS Ostia Mare, Gioiese, Casoria Calcio 1979 (Italy), St. Andrews FC (Malta), FC Argeș, ASU Politehnica Timișoara, ACS Poli Timișoara (Romania), FK Graficar (Serbia), KFC Komarno (Slovakia), NK Maribor (Slovenia), Real Jaen, Alameda de Osuna EF, CD Becerril, Atletico Guadalajara, CD Guadalajara, CD Liendo, CD Santurtzi, CD Palencia, La Baneza (Spain) (Spain), Afjet Afyonspor, Hacettepe, Orduspor (Turkey).
Rest of the World (photo gallery here):

2. Burgundy (includes burgundy+white, or similar shades: maroon, claret, dark red, wine red) - [74 clubs]
Notable teams: AC Torino, Metz, Sparta Prague, CFR Cluj.
Other teams (by conference):
UEFA (photo gallery here) - FK Sarajevo (Bosnia), Chelmsford City, FC Northampton Town (England), JJK Jyväskylä (Finland), Dynamo Berlin (Germany), AEL Larissa (Greece), UM Selfoss (Iceland), Galway United (Ireland), Reggina, Cittadella, Salernitana, Trapani, Livorno, US Pontedera, Arezzo, Reggio Audace FC, Fano, US Capistrello, AC Morrone, AC Locri, ASD Bovalinese, Borgosesia Calcio, Milano City FC, Union Clodiense Chioggia, USD Breno, Olympia Agnonese, ASD Travestere Calcio, AC Nardo, ASD Citta di Acireale (Italy), FC Džiugas Telšiai (Lithuania), Nardo FK (Norway), CD Fatima, Clube Oriental de Lisboa (Portugal), Rapid Bucharest, Viitorul Ianca (Romania), AC Libertas (San Marino), Heart of Midlothian FC, Stenhousemuir FC (Scotland), NK Triglav Kranj (Slovenia), Independiente de Vallecas, CD Cenicero (Spain), Hatayspor, İnegölspor, Bandirmaspor, Elazigspor (Turkey), Cardiff Metropolitan University FC (Wales).
Rest of the World (photo gallery here):

3. Orange (includes orange+white) - [54 clubs]
--- full photo gallery here ---

4. Pink (includes pink+black) - [7 clubs]

5. Cream - [3 clubs]
Universitario, Universidad Tecnica Cajamarca, Leon de Huanuco (all from Peru).

6. Grey - [5 clubs]

7. Brown (includes brown+white) - [7 clubs]

CATEGORY II - Teams with 2 main colors

1. Green + Red [34 clubs]
Notable teams: Lokomotiv Moscow, Maritimo Funchal
Other teams (full photo galllery here):

2. Green + Blue [16 clubs]
Notable teams: Seattle Sounders
Other teams (full photo gallery here):

3. Blue + Azure (or any other combination of two shades of blue) [28 clubs]
Notable teams: Zenit St. Petersburg, Sydney FC
Other teams (full photo gallery here):

4. Orange + Blue [24 clubs]
Notable teams: Montpellier, Istanbul Bașakșehir
Other teams (full photo gallery here):

5. Orange + Green [5 clubs]

6. Orange + Grey [2 clubs]
AFC Odorheiu Secuiesc (Romania), Forge FC (Canada).

7. Orange + Purple [1 club] - FK Armavir (Russia)

8. Purple + Yellow [6 clubs]

9. Claret + Yellow / Amber [4 clubs]

10. Claret + Gold [2 clubs]
Deportes Tolima (Colombia), Stellenbosch FC (South Africa)

11. Claret + Blue [22 clubs]
Notable teams: Aston Villa, Burnley, West Ham United, Trabzonspor
Other teams (full photo gallery here):

12. Claret + Green [1 club] - Ciudad de Plasencia CF (Spain)

13. Pink + Blue [5 clubs]

14. Brown + Blue [1 club] - Al-Kawkab FC (Saudi Arabia)

15. Brown + Yellow [2 clubs]
Trujillanos FC (Venezuela), Ohod Club (Saudi Arabia)

16. Brown + Amber [1 club] - Sutton United (England)

17. Grey + Red [4 clubs]
UEFA - Cremonese (Italy), Pembroke Athleta FC (Malta), Strommen IF (Norway), Club Esportiu Jupiter (Spain).

18. Grey + Blue [2 club]

19. Lime Green + Black [10 clubs]

20. Lime Green + White [1 club] - Pirata FC (Peru)

CATEGORY III - Teams with 3 main colors

1. Blue + Yellow + Red [3 clubs]

2. Blue + Yellow + White [1 club] - CA Bella Vista (Uruguay)

3. Blue + Yellow + Black [1 club] - Real Sport Clube (Portugal)

4. Blue + Green + White [1 club] - St. Louis FC (USA)

5. Blue + Orange + White [2 clubs]

6. Orange + Green + Black [1 club] - Venezia (Italy)

7. Orange + Green + White [1 club] - Deportivo Masaya (Nicaragua)

8. Green + Yellow + Black [1 club] - GKS Jastrzębie (Poland)

9. Green + Yellow + Red [4 clubs]

10. Green + Red + White [13 clubs]
Notable teams: Fluminense
Other teams:

11. Green + Red + Black [11 clubs]

12. Green + Black + White [2 clubs]

13. Green + Burgundy + White [2 clubs]

14. Red + Orange + Black [1 club] - Nagoya Grampus (Japan)

15. Red + Yellow + Black [8 clubs]

16. Claret + Blue + Yellow [1 club] - Madureira EC (Brazil)

17. Pink + Blue + White [1 club] - Yangon United (Myanmar)

Category IV - Teams with 4 main colors

1. Red + Yellow + Green + White [4 clubs]

2. Red + Yellow + Blue + White [1 club] - ASDC Verbania (Italy)

3. Red + Yellow + Blue + Black [1 club] - Coras de Nayarit (Mexico)

Here they are. 454 teams from across the entire the world, from Feroe Island to Papua New Guinea or the 4th Italian league. This should be about it. However, if there are by any chance teams that I might have missed, please feel free to leave a comment and I will add them on the list.
Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed it!
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Notable Black People in the Bitcoin Community

Notable Black People in the Bitcoin Community
We are now in an era where most people on the street have heard of Bitcoin and understand the very basics of what a cryptocurrency is. However, when many people think about users of Bitcoin, there’s a stereotypical person who comes to mind. As the Black Lives Matter movement begins to take hold and sweep the nation demanding change, many people of color are quick to discount Bitcoin, but the reality is, there are many notable black Americans who abundantly use and support the currency as well as advocate that Bitcoin is for everyone.

Bitcoin is for Everyone

When discussing Bitcoin in general, many people believe it’s only for those anti-government libertarians who want to engage in illegal activities, but there’s simply no truth in that statement. Bitcoin is simply a money transfer system backed by a public ledger and quantifiable technology. Have you ever used a pre-paid card? A payday loan? Or a currency exchange booth? Chances are, you have, and if so—well Bitcoin has the potential to offer a cheaper version of all of these currency services if used to its full potential. Shawn Wilkinson, the founder of Storj (a cloud storage service) advocates its massive potential especially in online microloans. He thinks that cryptocurrency as a whole has a lot of power to change the way even the most impoverished communities use money, regardless of race.

Edwardo Jackson

Edwardo Jackson is perhaps one of the most notable black Bitcoin enthusiasts out there. In fact, he is so passionate about the currency, he currently runs a blog called Blacks in Bitcoin. Jackson is a Las Vegas resident and professional poker player, but found his love of Bitcoin while he was a writer for Upworthy in 2013. Jackson believes Bitcoin is still in the early adoption phase and thinks that now is most definitely the time for anyone who is thinking of getting into it to buy in. Currently, Jackson has developed his own blockchain based technology known as CD3D which is a decentralized app-based token which you can use in a game where instead of betting on sports, or the outcomes of elections, you vote on actors and actresses and win money based on their box office performance. This game is still under development and you can check the CinemaDraft websites for updates on when it may be opened for play. Jackson prides himself in his Bitcoin knowledge and wishes to educate everyone about it, so much so, he even hands out his personal phone number to anyone who asks so they can call him if they have questions.

Richard Sherman

You read that right, Richard Sherman, NFC Championship playing defensive back, is a Bitcoin fanatic! Sherman was born in Compton; California and it became clear early on he was destined to be a sports player. He achieved many high school records not only in football, but also as part of his school’s track team. Sherman received a scholarship to attend Stanford university where he played on their team from 2006-2010. In 2011, Sherman was signed by the Seattle Seahawks and played with the team for many years until 2018 when he signed a 39-million-dollar contract with the 49ers. He is very public about his love of cryptocurrency and his many investments in the technology field, so much so, he even takes Bitcoin for payment in his online store for all of his Seahawks and 49ers merchandise.

Reggie Middleton

Reggie Middleton is an American entrepreneur and CEO of Vertiseum. Middleton’s claim to fame began in the early 2000’s as a financial writer for the Huffington Post. In 2011, he left his job there to start his own company and blog, Boom Bust Blog. He was an early adopter of Bitcoin, citing that its ability to be quickly, and largely, transferred making it one of the best methods of currency currently on the market. He also advocates how safe and cheap it is to transfer Bitcoin as opposed to using cash or the banking system, which has many caveats and difficulties as well as rising costs. Just think, to make a transfer from one bank to the other you either need to withdraw cash and physical drive it from one bank to another to avoid massive fees. If fees don’t scare you, you can wire the money, but this still takes gas, time, and often times there are limits on the amount you can transfer. Bitcoin solves all of these problems. Middleton loves crypto currencies so much, he founded Vertiseum, an Ultracoin technology. Although the legalities of his ICO are currently under scrutiny, Middleton still stands behind his advocacy of cryptocurrencies and posts many YouTube videos educating the public on the many uses of them in everyday life.

Black Influencers to Follow

Want to learn more about Bitcoin before you dive right in? Understandable! There are many influencers of color who know a lot about the cryptocurrency world! Check out Dr. Boyce Watkins, a financial scholar who offers numerous courses in cryptocurrency for beginners as well as an internet club for investors. He also runs Financial Juneteenth, a cryptocurrency group specifically for black investors and it is currently one of the largest cryptocurrency-based communities on the internet, so make sure you pay it a visit!
Lamar Wilson is another notable influencer, widely known for building his own blockchain company Hijro, as well as a cryptocurrency wallet, back before it was even cool! He contributes abundantly to the Financial Juneteenth group listed above, as well as teaches a class about investing in cryptocurrencies on the Black Business School site.
Also follow Ian Balina, a man famous for his unique approach to ICO’s thanks to his analytics background and former employment at IBM. He currently leads a global cryptocurrency investor syndicate, and posts content on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Balina’s content is so revolutionary that he has been featured in numerous articles in many different magazines, most notably Forbes and Huffington Post.
If after following all of these people you are still a little lost when it comes to cryptocurrency, don’t worry! It’s a confusing field at first. Just remember that cryptocurrency is for everyone and it make take time to learn about the ins and outs of the high-level technology. There are many websites which offer free guides you can take advantage of to help you find your way. So, subscribe to a few of them, investigate your questions, and you’ll be a cryptocurrency pro in no time!
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[12/17/2019] Tuesday's Off Topic Free Talk Thread

/LonghornNation Daily Off Topic Free Talk Thread

Today: 12/17/2019
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Your go-to place to talk about whatever you want. From the dumb shit aggies do on a near daily basis, to the latest whatever happening wherever. What ya got?

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  5. @MikeRoach247 Per his snapchat, Temple wide receiver Quentin Johnston will sign with TCU on Wednesday. https://t.co/pNGoNVbjQU
  6. @_delconte RT @TexasFanFirst: Hey Fans, we have two home @TexasWBB games at home this week! We'd sure like to see all of you @ErwinCenter . Make it…

Here's A Look At Todays Longhorn Sporting Event(s):

  1. 12/18 University of Texas Women's Swimming and Diving at USA Diving Winter Nationals
  2. 12/18 University of Texas Men's Swimming and Diving at USA Diving Winter Nationals

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  4. Man Who Bet on Burrow to Win the Heisman gives back to LSU Superfan
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  5. PFF releases their “best at everything” list. DevDuv named WR who runs Slant route best.
  6. 2020 4* WR Quentin Johnston flips to TCU
  7. Austin woman claims to have purchased a storage unit previously owned by Vince Young and puts Rose Bowl MVP award and game helmet on Ebay.
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On Circle's Edge, aka A Hater's Guide to the 2020 Professional Disc Golf Association Tour Season

Can this truly be called a Haters Guide? Well, ask yourself. Are there haters? I see haters. Is this a guide? I see a guide. So shut up and enjoy the shitposting, because it's not like there's much better going on unless you're in a hockey town or REALLY into baseball and even then, things might still be looking shit (looking at you Detroit.)

What is Disc Golf?

Disc Golf is the XFL to regular golf's NFL. Most of the stuff you like about the original, minus lot of the stuff you hate, and traditionalists need not apply.
The players? Forget all the stuffy St. Andrews shit, t-shirts khakis and sneakers are fine. The gear? Forget bulky bags and exploited caddies, grab a backpack and you're all set. The pricetag? How does top of the line discs at $25 and greens fees of nothing strike you? The broadcast? Half an hour for the front 9, half an hour for the back, only watching the players at the top that you give a shit about. The commentators? Active touring pros who don't just know the course, they're PLAYING in the tournament they do commentary for. (Example: Round 1 on Friday, comms for round 1 on Saturday morning, then an afternoon tee time for round 2, and so on) The viewing experience? We've got all the tech - hole layout drone footage, slow mo shots, shot tracers, live scoring, you name it. The courses? A beautiful mix of lush open fairways, treacherous rough where the grass goes up to your waist, looming water hazards, and stalwart trees all standing between you and the basket. Sure these guys make it LOOK easy, slinging discs a mile with a casual flick of the wrist and curling them around trees like a goddamned Wanted sequel, but it's nowhere as easy as they make it look - that's why they're pros.

The Schedule

Every week there are dozens of Disc Golf tournaments around the world. But like regular golf, we don't give a shit about most of them because they're at amateur courses for amateur players. (I say this not as a jab against the Ams, they're still shitloads better than me. But B-tier and C-tier events aren't what this Hater's Guide is about.)
In terms of tournaments we DO give a shit about, there's 20 of them: eleven Disc Golf Pro Tour events, (marked with the [DGPT] tag below) six PDGA National Tour Events, and four Major Championships.

Tier Event Dates Location
DGPT The Memorial Open February 27-March 1 Fountain Hills, AZ
DGPT Waco Charity Open March 13-15 Waco, TX
National Tour Texas State Disc Golf Championships March 27-29 Tyler, TX
DGPT Jonesboro Open April 17-19 Jonesboro, AR
National Tour Glass Blown Open April 29-May 2 Emporia, KS
National Tour Santa Cruz Masters Cup May 15-17 Santa Cruz, CA
Major US Womens Disc Golf Championship May 22-24 Orangevale-Rocklin-Auburn, CA
DGPT San Francisco Open May 29-31 San Francisco, CA
Major PGDA World Disc Golf Championships June 13-20 Ogden, UT
National Tour Beaver State Fling June 26-28 Escadata, OR
DGPT Portland Open July 3-5 Portland, OR
Major European Open July 13-16 Nokia, Finland
DGPT Great Lakes Open July 24-26 Milford, MI
DGPT Idlewild Open August 7-9 Burlington, KY
DGPT Discraft Ledgestone Insurance Open August 13-16 Eureka, IL
DGPT MVP Open at Maple Hill August 18-20 Leicester, MA
DGPT Discraft Green Mountain Championship September 3-6 Smuggler's Notch, VT
National Tour Delaware Disc Golf Challenge September 11-13 Newark, DE
National Tour Music City Open September 25-27 Nashville, TN
Major United States Disc Golf Championship October 7-10 Winthrop University - Rock Hill, SC
DGPT Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship October 16-18 Charlotte, NC
If you're not the kind to go and watch people throw frisbees live, coverage for these tournaments will be found across youtube - JomezPro has been tapped to provide Lead Card coverage for all of the listed events except for the European Open. (TheSpinTV is likely to pick up that one) Second and Third card coverage will be provided by other channels like TheSpinTV and Central Coast Disc Golf. If you ARE the kind to go and watch people throw frisbees live (SeatGeek will not help you here, sorry ad buyers) you'll quickly get addicted. Or maybe weirded out. One of the two.

The Players

Right, the part of the Hater's Guide anyone gives a fuck about. Sorry it took a while, but I have to expect that most of you know about as much about disc golf as I did this time last year, which was fuckall. Obviously there's hundreds of players in each tournament field and it would be impossible to cover all of them, so let's just skip to the people we can reasonably expect to bring home hardware this year. Obviously I can't discount an unknown having a breakout year, but the stars are stars for a reason so let's stick to them.

Paul McBeth - Discraft
Ladies and Gentlemen, if you want either a perennial favorite to cheer on a la Tiger Woods, or a villain who exemplifies everything wrong with the sport a la...Tiger Woods, look no further than Disc Golf's Reigning GOAT. In 2019 McBeth made history, leaving Innova lured by an unheard of 4 year, $250,000/year sponsorship offer by their chief rival. He rewarded them by winning two majors bringing his total to TWELVE, shooting an 18-under par round for the SECOND time (no other disc golfer has accomplished the feat on the national stage) and having one of the most dominant years in recent history. In 2020 he's primed to continue his reign, though he did suffer a foot injury over the winter and just recently was able to walk without a boot. He should be fine, but injuries have bitten PMcB before - time will tell how he bounces back.

Ricky Wysocki - Innova Champion Discs
If McBeth is the Tiger Woods of disc golf, then Ricky is the closest you get to Phil Mickelson. Charismatic, incredibly talented, has a reputation for choking away titles he's got no business choking away, among his most recent the 2019 European Open where he had a 4-stroke lead going into the final round over McBeth - it didn't hold. That said, he's an incredibly gifted athlete and has shown his fair share of resilience - carding a +8 in the first round of the 2019 world championships and still bouncing back to get second place for example. (losing by a stroke to, who else? Paul) If there's any opportunity for the raptor to pounce, don't be surprised if he does it.

Simon Lizotte - Discmania
If you give no fucks about rivalries and sponsorship drama and just want to see long bombs, may I introduce you to the German wunderkind. Eight hundred feet from tee to green? No problem, that's maybe two shots on a slow day. Five hundred feet? Hmm...let's use a fucking PUTTER, that should be the right distance. He always puts up strong performances, and he's due for a few big wins on tour - the 2019 Portland Open slipped away on the 72nd hole, so you can be sure he's hungry for it.

Eagle McMahon - Discmania
The United States and obsession with one-upsmanship -name me a better duo. Easily able to match Simon with not only the crazy distance, but the crazy lines needed to get those absurd shots to actually work. While he's been known for stupid distance, the 2019 season showed that he's added another potent weapon to his game: finesse and touch. He's also got grit, playing the last round of the USDGC with a broken finger and still putting up a solid number - but his true test will be in his ability to keep it together. That broken finger? Self-inflicted when he punched his putter after a missed tap-in. That PDXO win that Simon choked away? Eagle got into a playoff, then blew it by throwing his tee shot out of bounds on the first sudden death hole. There's a high ceiling here, but will he keep himself in check to reach it?

James Conrad - Innova Champion Discs
The Man of A Thousand Putters, James has been a staple on tour for some time, finally claiming his first major in 2019 with a very overdue USDGC victory. With that monkey off his back, expect 2020 to be much of his same style of disc golf - calm throwing, calculated aggression, and nailing tight lines through the woods that can stop the rest of the field cold. And after all the close calls last year, the man is due for an Ace on the national tour - don't be surprised if Sportscenter gets a call.

Kevin Jones - Prodigy Discs
Prodigy is not the biggest manufacturer, and they have something of a reputation among the community that their players always seem to do better once they leave. KJUSA is the biggest star they have, and while he's been...pretty good under their deal, he's not shown some of the flashes of brilliance that people have expected. He's definitely got the talent, but if this season turns flat again, we could have another scramble in the free agent market.

Emerson Keith - Latitude 64 Discs
Emerson came out of nowhere in 2018 as a massive tournament grinder, playing SIXTY-SEVEN sanctioned tournaments during that tour season - many of them smaller B-tier or C-tier events, but it clearly worked for him as he capped off 2019 with a very impressive 4th place finish at Worlds, leading for the first three rounds before finally running out of steam against Paul and Ricky. He's still young, and another big charge at a big tournament title in 2020 should be seen as much more likely than not. Sleep on this kid at your own risk.

Nate Sexton & "Big" Jeremy Koling - Innova Champion Discs
The pairing of "Big Sexy" has been the leading voice of disc golf the past few years as the primary commentary crew for JomezPro and will be this year as well. Both long time veterans of the sport, they still have the arm speed and power to crush shots and hit tight gaps. Nate proved this by winning the Las Vegas Classic last week by two strokes, and Jeremy tied for second at the USDGC last year, losing to James by a stroke. Whether they're in the booth or on the course, it's never a bad video when they're in it.

Brodie Smith - Discraft
Yes, THAT Brodie Smith. The trick shot artist, ultimate frisbee magician, Basically-Sixth-Wheel-of-Dude-Perfect Brodie Smith. He's been picked up by Discraft on a one-year sponsor's exemption, and while I can't say I EXPECT anything out of him, the dude knows frisbees inside and out, so most of the skills should transfer pretty decently. Frankly I would expect him to stay around the B-tier events, maybe pop up for the occasional A-Tier and NT, but who knows? Maybe we'll see some Dark Horse Magic. Just...you know, don't bet on it.

Paige Pierce - Discraft
Yes she's the only woman on this list. No, she's not the only woman out on the course - the Woman's professional disc golf scene is just as vibrant and competitive as the male side, and to imply otherwise would be a grave offense to their skill and dedication. They just don't get the same airtime, whether that's warranted or right is a question I'll leave to non-shitposters. What is warranted is respect for Paige's ability to hang with the big boys, matching them with position and sound play even if she isn't the biggest bomber. Discraft recognized that, and rewarded the five-time world champion with a new contract to pry her away from Dynamic Discs - allegedly the same 4x250 they gave five-time world champion Paul Mcbeth last year. I'm not saying she'll reward them with the same dominance he did...but I wouldn't be shocked if she did.

If you've been paying attention, you'll notice that yes, as I upload this the first round of the first of these 20 tournaments is live underway. Videos for round one will probably be up tomorrow afternoon, or you can use the UDisc app to check scorecards in real time. Or if you're not in a frozen over tundra, use the app to see if there's a disc golf course near you. Who knows? You probably won't be an overnight star, but you might just find a cheap hobby to get you out of the house when the Yinzer's away.
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bathrobeDFS - Daily Analysis for February 25th and Review of February 24th

Hello, everyone! bathrobeDFS here with your daily basketball article. First, I will breakdown my lineup for yesterday’s main slate. Then I will go over tonight’s slate from the perspective of a one lineup player on Draftkings. If you have any additional questions or want to see guaranteed updates in regards to breaking news- I provide additional updates, information, and stats on my twitter @bathrobeDFS. Feel free to throw me a follow cause it’s much easier and more timely to provide updates over that medium. It also should go without saying, this is just a preliminary analysis of the slate: everything can change throughout the day, so make sure you are staying on top of any and all injury news and change your lineups accordingly! I am always available to help with any questions there, as well, even if I can’t do a second article. Let’s get started with the Review!
Yesterday In Review:
My Lineup- -
Name Price DKP Value
Lowry 7300 47 6.4x
Lin 4400 14.25 3.2x
Gay 5700 21.75 3.8x
Kornet 3900 0 0x
Gasol 5600 29.75 5.3x
T. Ross 5300 41.25 7.8x
LMA 7500 26.25 3.5x
Jokic 10200 53 5.2x
Total 49900 233.25 4.674x
Best Possible Lineup- - Using the free lineup rewind tool on fantasycruncher, I find the highest possible lineup that could have been played.
Name Price DKP
DSJ 6800 52
T. Ross 5300 41.25
Dotson 4200 42.25
Millsap 6100 55.5
Vuc 9700 53
DeRozan 8100 53.25
Knox 5200 37.5
Mitchell Robinson 4600 45
Total 50000 379.75
Man, another mess of a slate. First, I am still angry that, when I started my work yesterday, there was no 3 game slate available. That changed everything, and I’m sorry I didn’t do a normal full article in that case. Second, Kawhi was ruled out from out of nowhere, even though it’s not a back-to-back, forcing everyone to scramble and change lineups completely. Including me. Also, I am pissed off to the point I don’t know if I’m going to play any Knicks anymore. With Jordan out, you had to assume Kornet would get at least SOME run tonight at 3900 but, instead, he got 0 minutes in the first half and they let Ellenson get some minutes, which I predicted yesterday, but not at the expense of Kornet who had been getting 30 minutes a game. So ugh. Knicks. Sorry. Not gonna go there again. I locked in Lowry, Lin and Gasol with Kawhi out and Gasol starting. I thought Lin would get more run than he did (like FVV would), but they didn’t use him even close to the same way. I also loved Terrence Ross in that game so I locked him in. This let me get Jokic from the DEN game, who i thought was the best play on the slate, as well as get LMA, Gay and Kornet in the last game of the day. I was looking OK until DeRozan went off (as I predicted. ugh.) and Kornet didn’t get in the game. For some reason. That no one knows. Except Fizdale is a shitty coach we can’t trust. Ever. Enough Sentence Fragments. Let’s. Get. Down. To. Biz. i. Ness. (I think that’s actually Will. i. Am’s brother).
The Daily Slate:
So, I am going to ditch the MSC section. It just isn’t what I was hoping. Most of the time, with the injury news, the play isn’t as good as it should be, and I feel like I am forcing that person into my lineup, regardless of the news, at my own detriment. I will still let you know the players I think will have a better chance of reaching their ceiling, but, especially on a day like today - one with 11 games and a ton of studs questionable or worse - it wouldn’t benefit you to pick someone now when everything will change so dramatically before lock. I do hope to be able to do a Good Chalk/Bad Chalk more often from now on to combat this. But we will see how it all shakes out. We have to remember, I am new to this. I only started this a couple months ago and I’m trying to do something different with this long form experiment. With talking about more than basketball. With everything. So it will be a living, breathing, evolving thing. It also means I am up for suggestions to how to improve it!
Besides the MSC disappearing for the foreseeable future, there is another major change- a significant addition that should help you out, and help increase the amount of communication I can engage in (even more than here or twitter). Ever since someone told me about Slack a month or so ago, I have been looking into a chat app to provide more of a real-time ability to talk to people about the slate. Or discuss breaking news. Or answer questions if I can. I was going to do Slack, but it was too much of a clusterfuck for me. I can understand why it’s popular, but it’s just not as easy to manage as I want something like this to be. While I was looking around, a few of the people that helped start FanDuel got a hold of me and wanted me to try a new chat app called Flick. I downloaded it and gave it a go and I really like it (or I would either use something else, or just not do this yet). I will be able to chat in real time. I will be able to make new topics for everything and anything I want. So I can make a new chat every day for every slate. For MLB and NBA. I can regulate it so it’s invite only, so we won’t be harassed by trolls and people trying to give us bad information. All of this was very important to me, since I really believe in what I am doing and don’t want to hurt its quality in any way. Expanding to something I can’t control, where harrassment is possible and it’s too easy to lose things, just wasn’t going to work for me. So starting tomorrow, I am going to be crossposting everything I do here into Flick, in a new topic, where I can answer questions or just chat about various process issues. It will be faster and easier than messaging me here or on twitter (though, as an older dude, I may not be as good at it as I should be). So, if you are interested, I would download the Flick App and send me a DM here or on twitter and I will send you the invite link. I am excited to give this a try and I hope it helps all of you as much as I think it will. Alternately, you can probably just look me up on the app as “bathrobeDFS” and ask for an invite there, but I have no problem doing it here or on twitter either. Ok. That’s enough with that. Let’s look at this crazy 11 game slate.
Situations to take advantage of (in no particular order):
Situations to monitor:
Man, this is going to be a fun one tonight! This is one of the rare times I didn’t even have to use my “situations to be careful of” section!! Everything is either great, or something we have to watch out for news about. Either way, I am excited to see you all on the new chat app I’ll be using. It should be really cool, and I’m excited to give it a try with all of you fantastic people. Best of luck tonight, everyone! And I guess I’ll talk to you all soon.
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NFL Week 8 Algo Plays from CheatSheetPros! << Posted Best Bets are 9-3 TY >>

NFL Week 8 Sports Betting Picks from CheatSheetPros! << Up arrow if you like the free content we post! >>
We launched our NFL Algo Best Bets in Week 5 and we are currently at 9-3 on the season and we were 0.5 points from a 10-2 run! All of our projected lines and projected algo scores are located on our NFL CheatSheet. This week is rough, I think it’s going to be a big Vegas week and hard to bet but I’ll give you what I have right now.
BEST BETS: < Record 9-3 >
New England (-10.5) over Cleveland – NE is an ATM this year. We have this projected line could be -21 or higher based on the statistical numbers. We have the projected final score with NE winning 31-16 easily covering the -10.5. Vegas line opened at NE -11.5 and has been bet down to -10.5 so money coming in on Cleveland. 95% of the bets on the ML are on NE and 62% of the bets on NE are on the spread. Patriots have the 8th best rushing defense, #1 passing defense and they are playing at home. Gilmore will shadow OBJ, Jonathan Jones will shadow Landry and McCourty will shadow Callaway. This is the best set of CBs in the league right now and PFF has this as -18%, -35% and -40% respectively for WCB matchups. Want more? NE is averaging 32 PPG vs. 20 for CLE, defensively NE is allowing 6.9 PPG while CLE 25.7. CLE is also allowing 154 rushing yards per game (30th) so NE will eat clock after they get a two touchdown lead and Baker (even though I love his commercials) isn’t good enough to mount a comeback vs. this defense on the road. Lay the points or put it into a money line parlay!
Seattle (OFF) over Atlanta – This line opened at -4 but then went off the board because we don’t know if Matty Ice is going to play. I like Seattle but hard to recommend without a line. If the line is in the -4 to -5 I’m going to play this game, if Matty Ice is OUT then I’ll take a much higher line and I’m afraid this could get stupid at -7 to -9. We have Seattle winning this game 26-20 covering the opening line of -4 but with Matt Ryan Q that changes things. Right now ATL can’t play any defense and they are giving up 31.9 PPG (31st) and 387 yards per game (27th). They are also 31st in DVOA pass defense and 32nd vs. fantasy points to WRs. We have this projected line as -7 in favor of Seattle. Watch for the line and consider Seattle a play if the line is less than -6 but without Ryan choose if you want to lay 7 or more if Ryan is out because I would be shocked if it isn’t -9.
I like to put in the “lean” plays that are showing up on the sheet but not jumping out as huge covers. The reason I put these games in here is if you are on the fence this may sway you one way or the other. The “Best Bets” I’m very strict with and taking solid picks.
NY Jets +7 over JAX – We have Jacksonville winning 20-14 plus this line opened at JAX -4.5 and has been hammered out to -7, so why do we like it? Well there is sharp money on NYJs as 63% of the tickets are on NYJ spread. We have this line right on the money as JAX -7 and that is where it has been bet too. So let’s look at Jacksonville – Jalen Ramsey is GONE, their LB core of Leon Jacobs, Najee Goode and Quincy Williams are ALL DOUBTFUL so they will be relying on two guys signed this week in Payne and Smith plus Harris who was promoted from their practice squad. Darnold isn’t terrible and no one has been able to shred that Patriot defense. I’ll take Sammy D, Le’Veon Bell and CrowdeAnderson plus a touchdown. Wouldn’t be shocked if this gets to 7.5 closer to game time. Remember just two weeks ago Darnold beat Dallas 24-22 and went for 338 yards and 2 TDs.
ARIZONA +10.5 over Saints – Rumblings this week of Brees playing which is why this was knocked down to a “lean” instead of a best bet but I can’t imagine them playing Brees when they have a bye next week and they don’t need to win this game. Line opened at Saints -7.5 and has been bet out to -10.5 and that is where I am leaning on Zona. Have the projected line on this game as Saints -4 and we are getting +10.5. We also have the projected final score of this game 24.6-22. Saints are 30th in fantasy points to QBs and 26th in fantasy points to WRs so you are telling me Kyler Murray can’t keep this game within 10 points with Patrick Peterson back? I’ll take the points!
Tampa Bay +3 vs. Titans – Not a huge fan of this game and I think the one blowup is skewing the stats but we have TB winning 27-20 so I have to at least list it. TB is a scoring machine that is also giving up a ton of points and Titans are the opposite on both sides of the ball scoring a small amount of points and allowing a small amount of points. Tampa Bay is averaging 6 more plays per game and 3 more FDs and I’ll always side with the big offense vs. the defensive team that can’t score. I mean do we really have faith in Ryan Tannehill?
TEASER GAMES I LIKE: Most books have 10 points 3 team teasers and those are fun to bet and fun to watch so here are my favorite picks – pick your favorite 3. Last time we posted this we had 5-6 plays and they all covered for us so any 3 you picked you won!
LA Rams -3 – Rams are playing at home, 7th in PPG at 27.1 and added Jalen Ramsey to their defense. CIN only scoring 16 PPG and we have this algo game at 29-17 Rams!
Arizona +20.5 – Saints scoring 23.4 PPG and giving up 21 PPG so I’ll lean on a garbage time cover even if the Saints get out to a big lead!
New England (-0.5) – Easy lock in any teaser, see above write up!
Packers +6.5 – I don’t think there is anyway Mahomes is going to play and can’t see the Pack losing by 7 vs. a Mahomes less Chiefs team.
San Fran +3.5 – That defensive is amazing! The #1 rule in teasers is not to cross the 0 but I don’t mind it with a team that is giving up only 10.7 PPG (2nd)!
NYG +16 – Barkley back and DET without K. Johnson.
Tampa Bay +13 – TEN is only 17 PPG on offensive (27th).
NY Jets +17 – I’d wait for the hook at +17.5 but JAX is 20.6 PPG on offensive and Jax hurting on defense.
FREE FLICK GROUP CHAT -> https://flickchat.page.link/VnJBhbF75TtAjN1J8
< Join us on flick as it is a free app for your phone so we can chat about daily fantasy sports, season long sports and sport betting picks.>
Thank you for reading and good luck!
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Daily analysis of cryptocurrencies 20191027 (Market index 50 — Neutral state)

Daily analysis of cryptocurrencies 20191027 (Market index 50 — Neutral state)


Video Lessons Targeting Blockchain Technology Go Live On CCPPD’s Platform Following the news that XI Jinping, Chinese President and General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, addressed the importance of blockchain in making technological breakthroughs at the eighteenth group learning event organized by the Political Bureau of the Central Committee Oct 24, the Xuexi.cn platform led by the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, or CCPPD, announced Oct 26 the launch of the video lessons targeting the blockchain technology. The videos with a total of 25 lessons mainly include the preliminary introduction to the blockchain technology, the consensus agreement, Bitcoin, Ethereum and smart contracts, blockchain performance improvement, blockchain security, the basic knowledge of big data, in-depth analysis of blockchain instances, as well as the concrete programming code examples.
The Bitcoin Financing Case Accepted By Chinese Court For The First Time A loan dispute caused by the Bitcoin pledge has been put on file in Wuchang District People’s Court, Hubei Province (lying in central China). According to the indictment, the defendant pledged Bitcoin to borrow money from the plaintiff to bet on the rise of the king coin. During the Bitcoin decline cycle in 2018, the plaintiff took measures to liquidate the position forcibly, but still suffered some losses. The defendant does not acknowledge the loan relationship, falling to a material breach. Lawyer SUN Jun from Shanghai SHENHAO Law firm indicated that the financial attribute of Bitcoin would be recognized for the first time in China.
For New Cryptography Law, China Took A Big Step In Right Direction, CZ Comments ZHAO Changpeng, also known as CZ, founder of Binance, reposted an article released by CoinDesk and titled “China’s Congress Passes Cryptography Law, Effective Jan. 1, 2020.” Regarding the issue, ZHAO commented, “This is big! The country with the biggest population on Earth, and one of the highest GDP growth in recent years, just took a big step in the right direction. What is your country gonna do? Follow or get left behind?”
Baidu Search Index For Blockchain Up By 894% In Past 7 Days Amid President XI Highlighting Blockchain Citing data by Baidu Search Index, in the past seven days, daily average searches for the word “Bitcoin” were 31,955, which was 108% more than that of the previous year and 60% more than that of the previous week; daily average searches for the word “blockchain” was 42,444, which was 349% more than that of the previous year and 894% more than that of the previous week. As previously reported by CoinNess.com, Chinese President XI Jinping said on Oct 24 that China would put more focus on blockchain development. Note: Data offered by Baidu Search Index shows recent popular topics/trends in China.

Encrypted project calendar(October 27, 2019)

ICON (ICX): 27 October 2019 Money 20/20 USA Event Money 20/20 USA in Las Vegas from October 27–30. Aeternity (AE): and 5 others 27 October 2019 CoinAgenda Conference CoinAgenda conference in Las Vegas from October 26–28. Electroneum (ETN): 27 October 2019 KRON-TV Interview “… You can watch Richard Ells interview with Jane King on KRON-TV in San Francisco, 6:30am October 27th.” Hype Token (HYPE): 27 October 2019 Token Voting Event Voting for HYPE Token’s burning % and daily freezing rewards % for November is now live! Freeze tokens to vote & receive daily rewards.

Encrypted project calendar(October 28, 2019)

LTC/Litecoin: Litecoin (LTC) 2019 Litecoin Summit will be held from October 28th to October 29th in Las Vegas, USA BTC/Bitcoin: Mt.Gox changes the debt compensation plan submission deadline to October 28 ZEC/Zcash: Zcash (ZEC) will activate the Blossom Agreement on October 28th Stellar (XLM): 28 October 2019 Protocol 12 Upgrade Vote Horizon v0.22.0 has been released, which supports Protocol 12. This gives everyone ample time to prepare for the Protocol 12 upgrade vote Celsius (CEL) and 3 others: 28 October 2019 Litecoin Summit “…The Litecoin Summit offers two fun, jam-packed days with something for everyone.” XFOC (XFOC): The IDAX platform will be online XFOC and will open the XFOC/USDT trading pair at 13:00 on October 28. MEDIUM (MDM): The IDAX platform lists MDM and will open MDM/BTC trading pairs on October 28th at 15:00. ZB/ ZB Blockchain: The “2019 Hamburg Intercontinental Dialogue Conference” hosted by ZB.com will be held from October 28th to November 9th at the Four Seasons Hotel Hamburg, Germany. BQT (BQTX): 28 October 2019 Down for Maintenance BQTX.com will be down for maintenance on the 28th of October from 7 to 12am UTC.

Encrypted project calendar(October 29, 2019)

BTC/Bitcoin: The 2nd World Encryption Conference (WCC) will be held in Las Vegas from October 29th to 31st. ICON (ICX): 29 October 2019 Decentralization “As a result, the decentralization schedule of the ICON Network has been changed from September 24, 2019 to October 29, 2019.” Ark (ARK): and 10 others 29 October 2019 WCC 2019 Second annual Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Technology event, World Crypto Conference (WCC), October 29th — October 31, 2019. Insifa (ISF): 29 October 2019 Prototype Alpha “We from Insifa have decided to be more open. Our Prototype will be developed in scrum. This means new releases every two weeks.” Enjin Coin (ENJ): 29 October 2019 EnjinCraft Stress Test “Join us Oct. 29 at 7:00pm GMT for a stress test. Let’s try to break #EnjinCraft!” IOTA (MIOTA): 29 October 2019 IOTSWC Barcelona IOT Solutions World Congress Digitalizing Industries conference in Barcelona from October 29–31.

Encrypted project calendar(October 30, 2019)

MIOTA/IOTA: IOTA (MIOTA) IOTA will host a community event on October 30th at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles on the topic “How to store data on IOTA Tangle.” TRON (TRX): 30 October 2019 SFBW19 Afterparty “TRON Official SFBW19 Afterparty from 7–10:30 PM in San Francisco.” Horizen (ZEN): 30 October 2019 Horizen Quarterly Update Join our first Quarterly Update on October the 30th at 5 PM UTC/ 1 PM EST. Deeper look into Engineering, BD, Marketing, and more. Aeternity (AE): 30 October 2019 Hardfork “The third hardfork of the æternity Mainnet is scheduled for October 30, 2019.” Valor Token (VALOR): 30 October 2019 Transaction Fees Resume “It’s September and the SMART VALOR Platform is still waiving transaction fees for all members, until October 30th!” Aragon (ANT): 30 October 2019 Singapore Meetup “Aragon on DAOs and DeFi” from 6:30–8:30 PM. Kambria (KAT): 30 October 2019 Outliers Hashed Awards Outliers Hashed awards from October 30–31. Ethereum Classic (ETC): 30 October 2019 Cohort Demo Day “ETC Labs hosts it’s 2nd Cohort Demo Day. Learn about the companies and project being accelerated through the Ethereum Classic ecosystem.”

Encrypted project calendar(October 31, 2019)

Spendcoin (SPND): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) Cross Ledger Mainnet “Cross Ledger Mainnet Release and SPND Token Swap,” during October 2019. Spendcoin (SPND): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) Blkchn University Beta “Blockchain University Beta goes live,” during October 2019. Stellar (XLM): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) Minor Release “We will have 6 Minor Releases in 2019; one each in February, March, May, June, August, and October.” Bitcoin SV (BSV): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) BSV Conference Seoul No additional information. Seele (SEELE): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) Public Network Mainne launch has been moved to Oct 31 . Howdoo (UDOO): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) Howdoo Live on Huawei Howdoo begins its exciting partnership with Huawei with listing as a featured app starting in October. Chiliz (CHZ): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) App Soft Launch Soft launch of Socios App by end of October. Dent (DENT): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) Loyalty Program “Afterburner loyalty program launch for all 21,6 Million mobile #DENT users will be in October!” IceChain (ICHX): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) Wallet Release IceChain releases wallet during October. Chiliz (CHZ): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) New Partnerships New sports and new teams joining Socios (+more updates and events) will be announced in the upcoming weeks. Horizen (ZEN): 31 October 2019 Weekly Insider Team updates at 3:30 PM UTC/ 11:30 AM EDT: Engineering, Node network, Product/UX, Helpdesk, Legal, BD, Marketing, CEO Closing thoughts, AMA. PCHAIN (PI): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) New Website No additional information. IOST (IOST): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) New Game on IOST “Eternal Fafnir, a new role-playing game developed by INFUN is coming to you in Oct.” Achain (ACT): 31 October 2019 Mainnet 2.0 Launch “… The main network is officially scheduled to launch on October 31.” Mithril (MITH):31 October 2019 Burn “MITH burn will take place on 2019/10/31 2pm UTC+8. “ Aergo (AERGO): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) Aergo Lite V1.0 Release AergoLite, which brings blockchain compatibility to billions of devices using SQLite, released during October 2019. TE-FOOD (TFD): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) Complementary Product “Development of a new, complementary product with a new partner, which we hope to be launched in September-October.” Edge (DADI): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) Full Open Source Code base for the network fully open-sourced in September or October. BlockStamp (BST): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) ASIC Miner Prototype In orderr to ensure BlockStamps continued decentralization, we will release a BST ASIC miner for testing. Perlin (PERL): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) SSA Partnership “Perlin has partnered with the Singapore Shipping Association to create the International E-Registry of Ships (IERS)” Skrumble Network (SKM): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) Exchange Release “3rd dApp: Exchange Release,” during October 2019. EDC Blockchain (EDC): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) Blockchain Marketplace “As you already know, our ECRO blockchain marketplace is ready for release, and will open to the global community in October!” BlockStamp (BST): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) ASIC Miner Prototype In orderr to ensure BlockStamps continued decentralization, we will release a BST ASIC miner for testing. XinFin Network (XDCE): 31 October 2019 Homebloc Webinar “XinFin — Homebloc Webinar 2019” from 9–10 PM. Akropolis (AKRO): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) Alpha Release “Delivers the initial mainnet implementation of protocol. All building blocks will be united to one product.” Hyperion (HYN): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) Economic Model The final version of the HYN Economic Model launches in October.

Encrypted project calendar(November 1, 2019)

INS/Insolar: The Insolar (INS) Insolar wallet and the redesigned Insolar Block Explorer will be operational on November 1, 2019. VeChain (VET):”01 November 2019 BUIDLer Reunion Party BUIDLer Reunion Party in San Francisco from 8–11 PM. uPlexa (UPX): 01 November 2019 Steadfast Storm — PoS/PoW split (Utility nodes ie. master nodes) — Upcoming Anonymity Network much like TOR — Privacy-based DApps — Reduced network fees. Enjin Coin (ENJ): 01 November 2019 MFT Binding “ICYMI: On Enjin Coin’s 2nd anniversary (November 1), Enjin MFTs will be bound to hodlers’ blockchain addresses…” Auxilium (AUX):01 November 2019 AUX Interest Distribution Monthly interest distribution by Auxilium Interest Distribution Platform for coinholders. Also supports charity. Havy (HAVY):01 November 2019 Token Buyback “Havy tokens buyback, Only in 1 exchange between Idex, Mercatox & Hotbit. The exchange depends on the most lower sell wall.” Egretia (EGT): 01 November 2019 Global DApp Contest SF 2019 Egretia Global DApp Contest in San Francisco.

Encrypted project calendar(November 2, 2019)

Kambria (KAT): 02 November 2019 VietAI Summit 2019 Kambria joins forces with VietAI for the annual VietAI Summit, with top experts from Google Brain, NVIDIA, Kambria, VietAI, and more!

Encrypted project calendar(November 4, 2019)

Stellar (XLM): 04 November 2019 Stellar Meridian Conf. Stellar Meridian conference from Nov 4–5 in Mexico City. Cappasity (CAPP): 04 November 2019 Lisbon Web Summit Lisbon Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal from November 4–7.

Encrypted project calendar(November 5, 2019)

Nexus (NXS): 05 November 2019 Tritium Official Release “Remember, Remember the 5th of November, the day Tritium changed Distributed Ledger. Yes, this is an official release date.” NEM (XEM): 05 November 2019 Innovation Forum — Kyiv NEM Foundation Council Member Anton Bosenko will be speaking in the upcoming International Innovation Forum in Kyiv on November 5, 2019. TomoChain (TOMO): 05 November 2019 TomoX Testnet “Mark your calendar as TomoX testnet will be live on Tuesday, Nov 5th!” aelf (ELF): 05 November 2019 Bug Bounty Program Ends On Oct 24th, 2019 aelf’s biggest bug bounty will launch with a large reward pool. The event will run for almost 2 weeks.

Encrypted project calendar(November 6, 2019)

STEEM/Steem: The Steem (STEEM) SteemFest 4 conference will be held in Bangkok from November 6th to 10th. KIM/Kimcoin: Kimcoin (KIM) Bitfinex will be online at KIM on November 6, 2019 at 12:00 (UTC).

Encrypted project calendar(November 7, 2019)

XRP (XRP): 07 November 2019 Swell 2019 Ripple hosts Swell from November 7th — 8th in Singapore. BTC/Bitcoin: Malta The A.I. and Blockchain summit will be held in Malta from November 7th to 8th.

Encrypted project calendar(November 8, 2019)

BTC/Bitcoin: The 2nd Global Digital Mining Summit will be held in Frankfurt, Germany from October 8th to 10th. IOTX/IoTeX: IoTex (IOTX) will participate in the CES Expo on November 08

Encrypted project calendar(November 9, 2019)

CENNZ/Centrality: Centrality (CENNZ) will meet in InsurTechNZ Connect — Insurance and Blockchain on October 9th in Auckland. HTMLCOIN (HTML): 09 November 2019 (or earlier) Mandatory Wallet Update Mandatory Wallet Update: there will be a soft fork on our blockchain. This update adds header signature verification on block 997,655.

Encrypted project calendar(November 11, 2019)

PAX/Paxos Standard: Paxos Standard (PAX) 2019 Singapore Financial Technology Festival will be held from November 11th to 15th, and Paxos Standard will attend the conference. Crypto.com Coin (CRO): and 3 others 11 November 2019 Capital Warm-up Party Capital Warm-up Party in Singapore. GoldCoin (GLC): 11 November 2019 Reverse Bitcoin Hardfork The GoldCoin (GLC) Team will be “Reverse Hard Forking” the Bitcoin (BTC) Blockchain…”

Encrypted project calendar(November 12, 2019)

BTC/Bitcoin: The CoinMarketCap Global Conference will be held at the Victoria Theatre in Singapore from November 12th to 13th Binance Coin (BNB) and 7 others: 12 November 2019 CMC Global Conference “The first-ever CoinMarketCap large-scale event: A one-of-a-kind blockchain / crypto experience like you’ve never experienced before.”

Encrypted project calendar(November 13, 2019)

Fetch.ai (FET): 13 November 2019 Cambridge Meetup “Join us for a @Fetch_ai #Cambridge #meetup on 13 November @pantonarms1.” Binance Coin (BNB) and 5 others: 13 November 2019 Blockchain Expo N.A. “It will bring together key industries from across the globe for two days of top-level content and discussion across 5 co-located events…” OKB (OKB): 13 November 2019 Dnipro, Ukraine- Talks Join us in Dnipro as we journey through Ukraine for our OKEx Cryptour on 11 Nov. Centrality (CENNZ): 13 November 2019 AMA Meetup “Ask our CEO @aaronmcdnz anything in person! Join the AMA meetup on 13 November in Singapore.” OKB (OKB): 13 November 2019 OKEx Cryptotour Dnipro “OKEx Cryptour Ukraine 2019 — Dnipro” in Dnipro from 6–9 PM (EET).

Encrypted project calendar(November 14, 2019)

BTC/Bitcoin: The 2019 BlockShow Asia Summit will be held at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore from November 14th to 15th.

In the past two days, there were heavy swing moves in BTC from the $7,500 support against the US Dollar. The BTC/USD pair rallied more than 20% and broke many hurdles near $8,500 and $9,000.
Moreover, there was a close above the $8,500 resistance area and the 100 simple moving average (4-hours). Finally, the price rallied above the $10,000 resistance and traded close to the $10,600 resistance area.
However, the bulls failed to remain in control and a top was formed near $10,591. Later, there was a strong downside correction below the $10,000 level. The price traded below the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the rally from the $7,425 swing low to $10,591 high.
Review previous articles: https://medium.com/@to.liuwen

Telegram: https://t.me/Lay126
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Date (EST) # Team Spread ML Total OPEN SPREAD OPEN TOTAL
2.1.15 (NBC) New England Patriots pk -110 47.5 +2.5 49.5
6:30 PM Seattle Seahawks -110 -2.5
Opening lines taken from Cantor since it's the easiest for me to find a real total on.
Referee Bill Vinovich (52)
Umpire Bill Schuster (129)
Head Linesman Dana McKenzie (8)
Line Judge Mark Perlman (9)
Field Judge Bob Waggoner (25)
Side Judge Tom Hill (97)
Back Judge Terrence Miles (111)
New to gambling? Simply search for the question that is asked every 2 weeks or click this link for more information about sportsbooks.
If you want to post your own view on the game in a thread, please use /sportsbookextra. You have been warned. All individual threads will be deleted.
If there is a safety, for the love of god… don’t post on all
I do not know if they will be a live Super Bowl thread covering in game wagering (there was last year). If so it will be linked here.
Since I've seen posts asking about way to do your own prop contest. I present this message from the app maker Gamblino. It's just for iPhones so screw you guys but it's an option since they added gambling pools to the app. He was nice enough to ask permission first so have at it boys.
"Hey- full disclosure upfront, I'm the founder of this company...but I thought this might be useful to add to your thread. We have over 70 props up on our free iOS app, and you can create your own private Super Bowl props pools. There's a short 1 min tutorial video on our fb page: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=595374283927484&set=vb.150913091706941&type=2&theater&hd=1
Let me know what you think.
Thanks, Frank"
Westgate's props sheet
Odd's Shark prop sheet
Prop's broken down in /sportsbookextra:
Super Bowl Alt spreads and totals
Super Bowl general game props
Super Bowl (non-parlay) general props
Patriots Super Bowl player props
Seahawks Super Bowl player props
The "versus" Super bowl props
NBA v Super Bowl props
NCAA basketball v Super Bowl props
PGA v Super Bowl props
SocceUFC v Super Bowl props
NHL v Super Bowl props
Reserved for anything I forgot. (please feel free to tell me what i forgot) I just felt it would be easier with one clean thread with everything in it that a mod could update.
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Weekly Roundup | Random Chat | Notifications

News roundup for the previous week.
In International news
  1. Ice cream gift from Vladimir Putin to Xi Jinping warms ties between Russia, China at G20 summit
  2. French stage anti-racism protest after Chinese man's death
  3. China’s Advance in Latin America: Geostrategic Implications for Europe, the US, and the Region Itself
  4. G20 ‘staircase snub’ for Obama was United States’ decision, reveals Chinese official
  5. Asia's Most Innovative Universities (China has 22 among top 75, the most of any country, India has only 2.)
  6. Yao's pivot from China to U.S. became center's biggest move: Eight-time All-Star became a gracious global ambassador of game
  7. To become a global leader, China must first be ready to do some heavy lifting
  8. Thousands rally in Paris to protest crime targeting Chinese | At least 13,000 people attended a rally in Paris on Sunday to protest against what they say is a crime wave targeting the Chinese community in France, police said, after a Chinese textile designer died after being mugged last month
  9. Russia Supports China’s Stance on South China Sea
  10. Chinese Tourists Targeted by Upcoming Las Vegas Casinos: “The Chinese do quite enjoy a very Chinese experience,” Fitch Ratings gambling analyst Alex Bumazhny stated. “They do gravitate toward Asian amenities.”
  11. Made in China G20 and its geoeconomic significance
  12. China’s Sports Diplomacy in Africa: Who Gets What?
  13. Chinese Red Star scores 6 goals to win in first KHL home game: The KHL’s first Chinese team is formed by a mix of Russian, European and North American skaters, and only includes five Chinese players at the moment. The team was set up as a vehicle to promote and popularize ice-hockey
  14. Canada joins Alibaba's new online hub in bid to access Chinese market: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Alibaba founder Jack Ma announced the launch of a Canadian "pavilion" on the Tmall platform
  15. China, Turkey pledge to deepen counter-terrorism cooperation
  16. Russia, China Building Yuan-Based Alliance Against Dollar: According to Andrei Ivanov, head of the trade financing department at Sberbank CIB, shifting to national currencies should be considered in the perspective of Silk Road integration plans
  17. Saudi Arabia ‘ready’ to meet China energy demand: “The Kingdom is ready to fulfil the rising energy demand in China in the coming decades,” the SPA quoted Energy Minister Khalid Al Falih as stating
  18. Turkey, China sign energy, nuclear security agreements at G20
  19. Giant panda no longer endangered - WWF: The giant panda's population grew by 17 percent in the decade leading up to 2014, announced the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
  20. Kyrgyzstan says Uighur militant groups behind attack on China's embassy
  21. China's metro tech takes Iran onto faster track - Business
  22. Australia’s growing fear of Chinese business is drenched in hypocrisy
  23. PH, China eye intensified trade, financial ties: Specifically, the Philippine and Chinese governments would like to “revitalize” cooperation in five key areas: agricultural trade; bilateral financial cooperation through currency swap; customs; project financing; and tourism
  24. UAE, China trade to hit $80b in two years: The UAE is one of China's top trading markets in the Middle East and is a strategically important trading hub in terms of imports, exports and re-exports. UAE's open visa policy for China has indeed been a huge boost to the business and trade
  25. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull insists Australia's friction with China is modest, despite being given "disproporionate attention". Mr Turnbull insists Australia has an independent foreign policy and does not have to choose between China and the US, amid growing tensions between the two super powers
  26. The broad relationship between Singapore and China is in "working shape", with bilateral cooperation progressing on many fronts including a new government-led project in Chongqing, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong
  27. Taiwan Tourism Companies plan massive protest on 9/12 (mainland tourism to Taiwan declined 55% overall, "Free"/No-Guide tourists from mainland declined 16%)
  28. Jack Ma: I'm not worried about anti-China sentiment on US campaign trail, people will come to their senses after the election. (lol)
  29. Prime Minister Theresa May said on Monday that Britain and China were enjoying a 'golden era' and the strategic partnership would not be derailed by her decision on whether to back a part-Chinese funded power station at Hinkley Point
  30. India, China plan military drill on terror
  31. Yao Ming, the 'emperor' of Houston and Chinese basketball
  32. Obama's Pivot to Asia Fails to Deter China
  33. Russia and China Taunt NATO with Show of Friendship in the South China Sea
  34. Indonesia leans toward China: China, Indonesia’s top trading partner, is seen as a friendly counterpart with strong innovation in its digital economy, especially in e-commerce and financial technology, said Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and Industry vice chairwoman for international relations
  35. China claimed seven gold medals to top the standings after the first day of competition at the Rio Paralympics
  36. Careless Consumption: Developed Countries Responsible for Worsening Pollution in East Asia ''Although global pollution is largely generated in developing countries, it is foreign demand that drives much of the goods production and associated pollution.''
  37. China’s military arrive in Syria to help Russia!
  38. China has bought back to the country one-third of those on its top 100 list of most-wanted corruption suspects who have fled overseas. Over the past 2 years, since setting up a team to chase graft suspects across the globe, returned 1,915 people from more than 70 countries along with $1.12 billion
  39. China, the US, and Europe have pledged their support for a new deal to cut down carbon dioxide emissions by airlines, which is due to be finalized at a meeting of the U.N.'s International Civil Aviation Organisation in September and slated to go into effect from 2021
In Domestic news
  1. China wary after record voter turnout for crucial Hong Kong election
  2. Hong Kong election: Youth protest leaders win LegCo seats - BBC News
  3. 60 per cent of Chinese women control family finances: Report
  4. China blames "dark shadow of the Stars and Stripes" for Hong Kong independence push
  5. China warns Hong Kong democracy activists after election - BBC News
  6. China Opens First Space Travel Theme Park, Hopes to Take Tourists to Near Outer Space
  7. Liu Yang, 38, hailed as the first Chinese woman in space, became one of the three new part-time vice-presidents of the All-China Women's Federation. Liu credited its efforts in promoting women's development as a major reason why the country began to enroll female astronauts
  8. China is making "big stride" in quality education: UNESCO chief
  9. Luxury clubs closed in China amid graft crackdown
  10. China Pushes Ahead with Independent Committees to Select Top Court Officials
  11. How one man is saving China's endangered bees
  12. Should Genetically Modified Foods Be Legalized? A crop of genetically modified corn found in western China has brought the controversial topic of genetically modified foods back into the national conversation
In SciTech news
  1. Science-led economies: China is focusing on collaborative centres that tap into the success of it's basic research labs and spin out their findings into practical technologies (S8)
  2. Nvidia partners with Baidu to build a self-driving car AI
  3. China Pushes Coding for Kids in Effort to Tackle Innovation Gap
  4. Is China the world's new scientific superpower? - Technology & Science
  5. Revival of Aging Ukrainian Aircraft AN-225 May Serve Chinese Space Program: AN-225 is currently the biggest aircraft in the world, with a takeoff mass amounting to 640 tons and a working load of 250 tons
  6. China: High-tech transformation. Chinese researchers are benefiting as the government looks to science to lead the economic transition to become a world-leader in the production of high-value technology
  7. Chinese scientists convert sand into soil with new method
  8. Huawei talks up cloud ambition, rides IoT elevators with Schindler: Chinese networking equipment vendor outlines future cloud deployments it says are necessary to facilitate enterprise transformation and inks new partnership to build "smart" elevators
  9. Terminator-like liquid metal machine now can 'jump' and 'run': new discoveries on liquid metal made by a joint team of scientists from CAS and Tsinghua University that were published in global academic journals this year
  10. JD's first-ever self-driving delivery vehicle to hit roads soon: The company formed a partnership with robot maker Siasun earlier this year to automate its logistic network and to develop delivery drones and driverless vehicles
  11. Lowering the cost and environmental footprint of white LEDs: Kuang-Lieh Lu, Yang-Fang Chen and colleagues developed more cost-effective and environmentally friendly white LEDs using graphene and a strontium-based, metal-organic framework (MOF) that does not include rare-earth elements
  12. China's homegrown AI sector takes off: China looks to build a native artificial intelligence industry reaching 100 billion yuan ($14.9 billion) by 2018, with over 100 such firms materializing so far
  13. China's Quantum Science Satellite is operating well in orbit after testing and will begin its experiments this month, according to the project's lead scientist Pan Jianwei
  14. The Chinese Academy of Sciences unveiled 60 new science and technology projects to accomplish in the next 5 years. The areas cover organ repair and reconstruction, water pollution control, research on Moon samples, a low-frequency radio telescope and a ground application system for the Mars mission
  15. China successfully develops quantum radar system
  16. First gravitational waves form after 10 million years: Technology Islamabad, the University of Heidelberg and the Chinese Academy of Sciences has now calculated this for the first time using an extensive simulation
  17. Nobel Winner Says China Should Not Build Particle Collider: ChenNing Yang called costs a bottomless pit, comparing to US project that cost $3b then scrapped. Wang Yifang believes collider will attract overseas talent, cultivate young scientists at home, and be a leap for China in high-energy science
  18. Nano-lipid particles from edible ginger could improve drug delivery for colon cancer: according to a study by researchers at the Institute for Biomedical Sciences at Georgia State University...and Southwest University in China
  19. Chinese scientists are developing a family of high altitude airships that can help with Earth observation, maritime monitoring and communication signal relays
  20. China betting on advanced robots. According to the International Federation of Robotics, Chinese are creating an “industrial internet” which gathers information and uses it across manufacturing networks. Their robots are connected systems with advanced sensors, sophisticated software and actuators
  21. China Plans To Build A Deep-Sea ‘Space Station’ In South China Sea: If the plans go ahead, the station would be located 3000 metres below the surface, inhabited by humans, and would be used to hunt for minerals. There are also concerns that it would be used for military purposes
  22. The new breed of cutting-edge catalysts Advances in catalyst research could create a superhighway to clean energy sources and more-sustainable chemical industry. Chinese Academy of Sciences Can Li has used platinum and cobalt oxide nanoparticles to create a catalyst for splitting water with sunlight
  23. Sugar transforms a traditional Chinese medicine into a cruise missile: tests of triptolide in human cells and mice are vastly improved by the chemical attachment of glucose to the triptolide molecule. Preferentially seeks out cancer cells
  24. More Chinese contestants active in robot competition- China.org.cn
  25. China Accomplishes Five Petawatt Laser Pulse Output
In Economic news
  1. China Holds Three High Cards In Hand To Gain Bigger Say In Global Economy At G20 Summit: "Beijing is betting on its key role in a new multilateral bank and in an alternative currency, as well as its pull with the rest of the developing world"
  2. Four Considerations on the Chinese Economy
  3. China Box Office: Growth Returns in August After Prolonged Downturn
  4. Microsoft to sell off MSN China
  5. China Is About to Get Serious With Bad Debt
  6. China's banks had provided a total of 7.26 trillion yuan ($1.09 trillion) in "green credit" by the end of June this year, part of its efforts to steer its economy onto a more environmentally friendly course
  7. Taiwanese travel firms feel the pinch with fewer Chinese tourists
  8. China's Export Machine Is Grabbing More of the Global Market - China’s global export share climbed to 14.6, the highest proportion of exports ever in IMF data going back to 1980, "All the talk we have heard over the last few years about China losing its global competitive advantage is nonsense"
  9. Russian, Chinese Investment Funds Set Up Joint Fund Worth $500Mln: the joint fund will invest in agriculture, transport, retail and tourism projects
  10. Jim Rogers on Oil, Gold and Why China Is a Buy
  11. Behind China’s E-Commerce Success Story: Economists agree that consumption is the most stable component in GDP composition as compared to investments and exports. More significant is the sheer size of the retail market, with e-commerce in China estimated to reach USD 899.09 billion in 2016
  12. ‘Created’ in China: Shenzhen is making hardware like Silicon Valley makes apps
  13. Charting China’s rise to trading superpower
  14. Fast Food Giants Unload Their China Units Amid Increased Competition
  15. The Man Who Incubated Drone Giant DJI Wants China To Fly High On Tech: Prof. Li Zexiang of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has funded a number of student-led projects, including electric boat engine maker ePropulsion and robotics start-up Quotient Kinematics Machine
  16. China's Reform of SOEs May Look a Little Odd to the West: Goldman
  17. China's evolving trade picture, in charts: China now accounts for more than 12 percent of world exports, more than any other single country in the world, according to the IMF. Domestic value added has grown sharply, and especially so in "knowledge intensive" production
  18. In North Korea, China's Xiaomi gets the people's pulses racing
  19. Cashing In On Low Prices, China's Oil Imports Surge: reports indicate that reserves may now be reaching full capacity
In Military news
  1. War with China: Thinking Through the Unthinkable (August 2016 RAND Study on War between China and United States)
  2. PLA Navy eyes China’s deep-sea underwater glider after successful test shows it rivals US vessel: Chinese military’s interest piqued after Haiyi-7000 makes it 5,751 metres down world’s deepest ocean trench
  3. China's Air Force Apparently Receives First L-15 Jet Trainer
  4. China Holds Military Drill with "Local Fishermen": A joint operations system involving the navy, coastguard, and local fishermen has been fine-tuned in recent years through joint drills,” a PLA Navy media outlet said
  5. China says developing new type of long-range bomber
  6. China’s Surface-to-Air Defense Missiles Get Major Upgrade
  7. China: Military deployment along Indian border non-aggressive
  8. Picture: PLZ-05 below firing the ERFB-BBBRA. Rocket Assisted Norinco 155mm projectile has a range of 53KM. It can be GPS guided and with a maximum rate of fire of up to eight rounds a minute
  9. The People's Liberation Army has equipped all of its ground force aviation units with advanced WZ-10 combat helicopters
  10. The US, China, and Anti-Satellite Weapons: Skewed Perceptions, pre-emptive attack on satellites as asymmetric warfare China could use. China’s military dependence on satellites may be greater than US. Perhaps why some US officials argue the US should refuse limits on use of anti-satellite weapons
Other Notables
  1. Obama urges Beijing to avoid flexing its muscles in South China Sea (lmao @ the comments. "oh but it's RT", same thing on CNN actually)
  2. How Modern Cleanses Are an Ancient Taoist Tradition: ‘Bigu,’ a method where people purge their bodies of harmful toxins through fasting, has been practiced by the Chinese for over 2,000 years
  3. Meanwhile in China: Over 100 excavators dismantle overpass bridge
  4. Is rural China safe for living?
  5. The Heat— China Peacekeeping 09/01/2016
  6. Sinophobia, the last acceptable racism
  7. A young construction worker has shot to fame on the internet after videos of him performing death-defying acrobatics on construction site equipment wowed Chinese netizens
  8. G20 in China: Performance and fireworks on 1st day of summit
  9. English-language books on China's Rise?
  10. Italy-China movie cooperation dominates talks in Venice: Current status and future chances of filmmaking collaboration between the two countries were widely addressed at special event "Focus on China" promoted by Italy's National Association of Cinematographic Audiovisual Multimedia Industries
  11. Chinese soldier is hailed as the 'prettiest bodyguard' after being spotted at G20 summit
  12. British Pub Claims Its Ghost Was Stolen, Demands Chinese Artist Return It. Lu Pingyuan said the ghost agreed to be captured for an art exhibition (lol)
  13. Answer on Quora Regarding Chinese Technologies
  14. Exhibition on "ever victorious" Chinese general opens in U.S.: Sun Li-jen, known as Jungle Fox or Rommel of the East during World War II
  15. Shariah With Chinese Characteristics: A Scholar Looks at the Muslim Hui
  16. A 24-year-old graduate from a rural village in central China's Henan Province posted her calligraphy works online recently in an attempt to raise money for her badly-injured mother who is recovering from a traffic accident
  17. A Chinese dad who runs a factory used his resources and nearly $70,000 to build a 13-foot-tall working mecha robot suit for his son
  18. Higher Brothers - Black Cab (Official Music Video) | China
  19. unified moral code of China
  20. How did the Ottoman Empire successfully fight against Western powers when the Qing Empire failed, despite both having inferior technology?
  21. Treasures of the Tang trail - The influence of ancient China on Kyoto and Nara is now attracting more Chinese visitors keen to glimpse their own past
  22. 100 more state-of-the-art 4D cinemas coming to China: 4D cinemas provide audiences with a 360-degree immersive viewing experiences and seats that can simulate scents, rumbles, wind, water and other sensory phenomenon, as well as having full motion capabilities
  23. The History of China (Youtube series)
  24. WWE Signs Seven Chinese Recruits Ahead of Shanghai Live Event
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