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Promo Codes

Just trying to do my part here. I put together a lot of the promo codes that have been given to us through podcasts and so on and put them in one place. Feel free to comment and I can edit and add any ones I missed.
The order will go: Company How to claim/promo code What you get
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BetDSI (online betting) spit200 Free $10 for registering + 200% bonus on first deposit
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Stamps.com PMT (click microphone at the top of the home page) 4 week trial plus $110 bonus offer
Five Four Club (clothes) KFC (expires Jan 31) $240 package for $60
TuneIn App (radio app) tunein.com/barstool 20% off subscription
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Indochino (custom suits) PMT $389 premium suit + free shipping
Blue Apron (meal ingredient deliver) blueapron.com/pres First 3 meals free
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1800 Flowers PMT Deal on roses
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Gambling Sector Thoughts and Q's

To preface, about 15-20% of my portfolio falls into this category (heavy on the sports betting side). I am very bullish on this sector for the future. I'm in my late twenties, and the majority of my friends bet on sports through mediums like BetDSI, Bovada, Draftkings, traditional bookies, etc. My question is, does this feel like others' experiences? Am I just living in a sports betting bubble? I have a good feeling that's not the case. I even talked to both of my late grandfathers and they had bookies their whole life. When I get introduced to others who like sports, the conversation usually heads toward betting lines, futures, etc. As online gambling legalization starts to gain traction across the states, I just feel that this sector will continue to strengthen. What do we think?
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Yo, who are some notable enemies of the pod/scene?

I’m working a webmanga/webcomic with an artist from japan, It is actually based on the esoteric and obscure red scare lore but it’s all re-told and re-imagined as a yankee girl (delinquent / punk) street fighting manga setting.
Basically a gender-inverse of titles like: Out, Holyland, Weak Hero, Study Group, Sugarless, Dokgo and Bouncer
Our heroes are ‘delinquents’. a protagonist quintet: Darya N, Hanna K, Emi T, Diana H and Bingqing A’L-F
This is purely a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
I’ve listened to every ep and I have been following the scene/pod for almost two years now.
I have a decent list of enemies/antagonists for the various story arcs and clashes in the webmanga/webcomic but I was wondering if I could crowdsource some good info from the sub: anything I might’ve forgotten about or missed. The heroes need opponents and bad guys.
Twitter beefs, obscure publications that took shots at the ladies, journos, influencers, bloggers, NGOs, etc etc etc. I appreciate anything you guys can throw my way.
There’s a clown college/jester gang called “The jezebels”, furry gang called “The wittens”, a gang of bloggers called “The Maria-Sues”, There is an wokescold/arthoe gang called “The Undivided”, etc kind of like a G-Gundam / The Warriors(1979)-type theme thing, ya know?
Single and team battles are organized through an app called “OnlyFoes”, which is kind of like a three-way cross between “a tinder for street fights”, an online fight streaming service and a BetDSI.com-like gambling service for spectators to gamble on.
As you can see it’s really easy to re-tell the RS lore as a battle manga by recasting real life antagonists as goofyass villains
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As stated in title above, I am looking for new online Sportsbook (I'm in the U.S.) that meets a few criteria.
I come from using BET DSI, INTERTOPS, BETONLINE.AG. All have been great with customer service and payouts but they don"t tick my boxes (personally), so would love some recommendations. Thanks ya'll !

If this sort of post is not allowed, let me know, I will delete.
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A treatise on establishing handheld console generations independent from home console generations

The concept of console generations isn’t new. In the 80s video game journalists spoke of them as “waves.” The first wave was Odyssey, Pong, and the dedicated consoles. The second wave was the era dominated by Atari 2600 and Intellivision. The third wave was ColecoVision and Atari 5200 SuperSystem.
Of course, the great crash occurred during the first year of the third wave consoles, and the American console market shrank by 97 percent, and remained dormant until 1985 when Nintendo launched Famicom in America as the Nintendo Entertainment System.
It wasn’t until around the mid-1990s that authors and journalists began to write about the history of video games and started to frame consoles as being part of generations. A lot of the misconceptions about gaming history comes from these early “video game historians.” There are a lot of famous mistakes, like the role that E.T. played in the crash which has been corrected numerous times, and most recently by the fantastic documentary Atari: Game Over.
One of the more glaring errors that still endures is that the generation of “third wave” consoles was never accounted for and instead they are just lumped in with the second generation. It seems like common sense that the Atari 2600 and its successor, 5200, are not in the same generation, yet here we are. As such, the designations of the console generations are off by one number starting after the second generation, and every gaming historian knows it.
The idea of classifying handhelds in terms of console generations came even later, towards the end of the 1990s as competitors to Nintendo’s Game Boy began to emerge. Instead of recognizing that handhelds and consoles have had separate, distinct evolutionary paths, they were tied in with various console generations, which causes a few problems.
The following is a proposal on how handhelds can be uncoupled from console generations can be classified relative only to one and another.
The first task is to define what constitutes a video game console. The term “electronic games” is broad, and can include a lot of games and toys that only use lights or sounds, like Simon, for example. The term “video game” is much more specific and only includes “games that provide visual feedback on a video device, which is any device that can produce either two dimensional or three dimensional images.” Therefore, Rule 1 is that the handheld must play actual video games. Sorry, Atari. Touch Me is not a handheld video game!
The second task is to define what constitutes a generation. The criteria that I will use is, “A group of video game hardware that has similar capabilities and is able to play games in a similar style.” Basically, in order to determine if two handhelds are in the same generation we only need to ask if the two can play similar games and if they have the same basic capabilities. With that we have our Rule 2.
The third task is to define what constitutes a handheld. This may seem obvious, but is important because several table top video game systems have been produced. “A handheld is a device that is designed to be played while being held only in one’s hands.” That automatically excludes games like Coleco’s line of mini-arcades and Nintendo’s Virtual Boy, as they are designed to be played while sitting on a flat surface. This is Rule 3.
The fourth and final task is to define what constitutes a console. “A Console is a digital device with the primary purpose of playing video games that are developed specifically for its unique hardware.” This is important for a few reasons. First, there were a lot of mechanical handheld games in the 70s that resembled video games. There are also a number of portable emulation machines and computers that do play video games, but either are not primarily handheld video game consoles, like the Tapwave Zodiac, or were open source platforms used primarily for emulation, like the GP2X. Rule 4 is that a handheld device must be a console.
Now that we know the criteria to define what handheld consoles are and how they can be related to each other, we can begin to classify them in their appropriate generations.
First Generation: LED Era
Early handhelds used several different kinds of technology; LED, LCD, and VFD. Each of these kinds of tech will be discussed. By applying Rule 2 it is obvious that, like home consoles, it seems to be most appropriate to classify dedicated handhelds as being in the first generation. However, all technologies are not created equal. LED handhelds, which use light emitting diodes, cannot approach the kinds of games that later LCD and VFD based handhelds are able to play. Therefore the first generation of handhelds are consoles that played only simple LED games. These handhelds began to appear during the second generation of home consoles.
1977 - The very first handheld video game in history is Mattel Electronics’ Auto Race, released in 1977, which used an LED based display. Many may not have heard of it, but I bet people will remember the next game that Mattel Electronics released that year, Football.
Mattel wasn’t the only company producing games based on LED technology. Entex, which was a well-known name in gaming during the early 1980s, took LED technology about as far as it could possibly go with its 1980 release of Space Invader, a rudimentary version of Taito’s Space Invaders.
Second Generation: Dedicated LCD and VFD Consoles
Despite the fact that the technology was developed before LED, handheld consoles using VFD didn’t begin to arrive until 1979. VFD stands for “vacuum fluorescent display.” The technology is still in widespread use today. Hundreds of millions of these kinds of displays are manufactured every year. This is the kind of screen that is found on an alarm clock, car stereo, or Blu-ray player.
Several video game manufactures produced handheld games based on VFD technology well into the 1980s. The advantage that VFD has over older LCD style games is that it can be illuminated. The displays can be made into any shape, and they glow in bright and beautiful vivid colors. Most companies made tabletops utilizing VFD technology, most notably Coleco, but Entex incorporated it into true handhelds consoles, like Space Invader 2.
As LCD technology began to become cheaper and more affordable for consumers it was clear that liquid crystal displays would be the future of handheld gaming. Though the first active-matrix LCD was only produced in 1972, by 1979 it would be taking off in the world of video games. Every major handheld console developer began working with LCDs; Tomy, Atari, Milton Bradley, Casio, Bandai, Entex, and Nintendo. Because the sheer number of LCD handhelds ever released is staggering, I will only review some of the highlights.
1979 - Microvision is a handheld console that is often referred to as being the first ever made. If you’ve read this far then by now you know that isn’t true. What is true is that it was the first to accept interchangeable cartridges. Knowing that we need to check our Rule 2 to see if it belongs in the second generation with other non-LED dedicated consoles. The fact that it uses cartridges can de facto be a more advanced capability. However, in this case the microprocessor and the game are contained on the cartridge and the console is only a portable screen and controller. So Microvision is about as capable as other early LCD handhelds. This is similar to how the Coleco Telstar Arcade is a first generation console despite the fact that it uses cartridges; the games and processor are actually on the cartridge.
Between 1979 and 1982 only ten games were ever produced for Microvision. Despite the small library, it was a successful venture for Milton Bradley and designer Jay Smith, earning Smith over $15 million.
1980 - Nintendo’s first consumer product in the United States was their Game & Watch line of LCD handhelds. A total of 47 Game & Watch games were made and they sold over 40 million units. The first game in the line was released in 1980 and is called Ball. In the game players control a character who juggles balls. The character became the inspiration for Mr. Game & Watch in the Smash Bros. games.
1982 - This is the year that Nintendo would release Donkey Kong as part of its Multi Screen Game & Watch series. The game would be revolutionary in that it would introduce the d-pad for the first time, which has been a staple of gaming ever since.
1983 - Unbeknownst to most, sometime in 1983 a little know company called Palmtex released a little known console called Super Micro. Like Microvision, the cartridges contained the processing unit, so it wasn’t truly programmable. Unlike Microvision, the LCD screen was actually built into the cartridge. In fact, the games utilized different kinds of LCD screens. Most used predefined graphics similar to what’s seen in a Game & Watch unit. At least one game used a “dot matrix” type display more similar to what Microvision games used. Taking lefties into consideration, the console featured two directional pads in addition to eight membrane buttons. It could fold like a clamshell. It even had a backlight lamp accessory. Some refer to it as the first color console, but that’s not correct. Like Vectrex, Super Micro made use of screen overlays to simulate color graphics. Its display was monochromatic. The console was also sold as the PVS. A company called Home-Computer Software also manufactured it. It’s exceedingly rare and difficult to find.
Following Game & Watch, most LCD games would largely copy its general design. Beginning in 1992, Tiger Electronics would become the most prolific manufacturer of LCD games. Similar LCD games are still produced today. In 1995 Tiger released its first handheld console with interchangeable games called R-Zone.
Are newer dedicated LCD handhelds still second generation? Yes, because they’re using the same technology. For instance, the Atari Flashback 2 is a home console released during the sixth generation era, but it’s still a second generation gaming machine.
Third Generation: Reprogrammable Machines
The defining characteristic that breaks the third generation away from the second is the fact that third generation handhelds are reprogrammable consoles that can play ROMs on removable cartridges. They also contain their own CPU. This is the beginnings of the modern era of handheld.
1984 - Epoch was one of the several Japanese companies making standalone LCD games. In 1984 they became the first to release a cartridge based handheld called Game Pocket Computer. The console was not very successful which has resulted in a general lack of information about the console. It had a resolution of 75 x 64 pixels, featured four face buttons, and could play games similar to third generation home consoles. It’s capable of displaying three shades of gray simultaneously, which is one less than Game Boy, which wouldn’t be released for another five years.
1989 - The first mainstream handheld console, Nintendo’s Game Boy is released. It’s the first that most people remember. In many ways it defined what handheld gaming should be with its low price point, small size, low battery consumption, and high quality games. It would face off against several competitors with significantly technological edges, and it out sold every rival combined five times over. With its two buttons, a d-pad, a color pallet of four shades of gray, and a 160 x 144 dot matrix LCD screen over a pea soup green monochromatic background, it could not be stopped by anyone.
Game Boy would see three redesigns, first in 1996 with the introduction of the Game Boy Pocket, a smaller truly pocket-sized handheld that used only two AAA batteries instead of four AAs and replaced the green screen with a silver-gray background, making it truly black and white more like handheld consoles that came before it. The following year a new line called Game Boy Pocket Color would debut, the only difference being that the units would have multi colored shells. Finally, in 1998 Japan would see the release of the Game Boy Light, which is a Game Boy Pocket that is slightly larger, uses two AA batteries, and has a backlight. This version is highly sought after by collectors.
Atari Lynx also came along in 1989, shortly after the release of Game Boy. It was a 16-bit handheld with a full color backlit LCD screen capable of addressing 16,000 pixels. It was designed by Epyx which partnered with Atari to bring it to market. Though far more advanced than Game Boy, it had several problems. First among them was that Jack Tramiel’s Atari Corp. was a totally different company than Atari Inc., which had led the video game craze to astounding heights in the 70s and 80s. The company didn’t know how to sell consoles anymore. Lynx was too big, it took six AA batteries, had a short battery life of around four hours, and very few game developers supported it. Most games were either designed by Atari and Epyx themselves. In 1991 a redesigned and more compact version was released at a lower price point.
1990 - When Tom Kalinske took over the reins at Sega of America he was showed an amazing handheld which would become Game Gear. The console was a handheld version of Sega’s Master System hardware. It is the only one of Game Boy’s rivals in this generation to be considered a commercial success, despite only selling a fraction of what Game Boy sold. Like Lynx, Game Gear had a backlit color LCD screen. Sega even offered an add-on to allow it to display color television. Though smaller than Lynx, it also quickly ate through six AA batteries. Most Game Gear owners also bought power adaptors for the car or home in order to maintain game play beyond five hours. A year after its Japanese launch it would come out in the U.S. and Europe. In 1992 it would see release in Australia.
TurboExpress was also released in Japan in 1990 and the U.S. in 1991. It’s a portable version of NEC’s fourth generation TurboGrafx-16 home console. Though the TG-16’s Japanese counterpart, PC Engine, was successful in Japan, TurboGrafx-16 was dead in the water in the United States when it launched after Sega Genesis with little marketing. Even had the TG-16 saw greater success, the TurboExpress faced other challenges. It had the best screen of any console in its day with a resolution of 400 x 270. That came at a price. For a time the TurboExpress was priced at $299. That’s double the introductory price of Game Gear and triple the price of a Game Boy. Believe it or not, it also had worse battery life than Lynx or Game Gear. TurboExpress could consume six AA batteries in around three hours.
Gamate, sometimes called Super Boy, is a console designed by Bit Corporation, a Taiwanese company founded in 1982 to develop Atari 2600 games. They eventually got to making clone consoles and are best known for developing the DINA 2-in-One which plays both Sega SG-1000 and ColecoVision games. When Bit Corp. saw the success of Game Boy, they released this thing. It was sold in several regions, including the U.S. and Great Britain. Gamate looks a lot like a Game Boy clone, but it actually plays its own games. Bit Corp. developed around 70 of them. It’s among the least successful handhelds of its generation. Gamate disappeared in 1992 when Bit Corp. closed its doors.
Game Master is a handheld also developed in 1990 by the German company Hartung. With only a 64 x 64 black and white LCD display it’s a throwback to earlier times. In fact, like early home video game consoles, this handheld was licensed out to a lot of other companies. Therefore it’s known by several other names, such as Systema 2000, Game Tronic, Game Plus, and Super Game. It’s hard to know if this was even less successful than Gamate, but my gut tells me that it was. Due to its relative obscurity, little is known about it. The 1990 release date is a best estimate.
1992 - Another company in Taiwan decided they’d take a stab at the handheld console market. This time it’s Watara with their Supervision. It used a similar screen to the Game Boy and Gamate, but much larger. Of all of the handhelds that were launched during this generation by relatively unknown companies, this one is by far the most successful thanks to a pretty cool design that features a bendable screen angle and an introductory price of only $49.99. On top of that it came with headphones and a pretty good breakout clone called Crystal Ball. It also had a peripheral called TV Link which was a docking station that allowed the handheld to be played on a standard television. I wish every handheld could do that!
1993 - This era is truly the golden age of handheld gaming. It’s kind of like the home console market’s second generation with the number of companies attempting to compete and the variety of systems. Another Asian company, Welback Holdings, through its Timlex International division, launched Mega Duck. This is perhaps the funniest name for any console, handheld or otherwise. This is really a “me too” console, and it’s like a poor knock off of the Supervision. In some regions it was called Cougar Boy, which really isn’t a much better name.
1995 - Bandai is one of the pioneers of home video game consoles. During the first generation they were a market leader. From 1977 to 2002 they’ve released a total of 15 video game consoles and handhelds. Their first handheld was called Design Master. It was capable of displaying graphic similar to that of a Game Boy. The unit has no built-in controls using only a stylus, making it the first handheld console to have a touch screen. Games played similar to Nintendo DS games such as Drawn to Life. Bandai had access to Capcom licenses as well as their own, so franchises such as Mega Man, Street Fighter, and Dragon Ball appeared on the handheld. It’s extremely rare.
2003 - Hong Kong electronics company TimeTop released a third generation handheld console in 2003. GameKing comes in several flavors. The first model was designed to look like a Game Boy Advance. Upon playing the console it is immediately clear that it is not at all like a GBA. The 48 x 32 monochrome LCD display makes it more reminiscent of Epoch’s 1984 Game Pocket Computer. The system received a cosmetic redesign to make it resemble a PSP, and a later redesign added a color LCD.
Fourth Generation: Renaissance
It’s not easy to tell where the third generation ends and a new one begins. The defining characteristic here is the fact that these consoles are the first to attempt to blend the success of Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis level of quality with advances being made by games for fifth generation home consoles. Overall, the generation is marked by a gradual increase in hardware capabilities over the last. The era also sees a renaissance of sorts. After years of Nintendo domination, several alternative handhelds enter the market.
1995 - The Sega Nomad is a difficult system to place. There’s a lot to consider. Is it a real handheld? After all, it’s a portable Sega Genesis. Referencing Rule 3, yes it is really a handheld. The next question is even harder. Does it belong in the third generation? After all, TurboExpress is a handheld version of a fourth generation home console and it is included in the third generation of handhelds. However, the turboGrafx-16 is a lot closer to being a Master System than it is to being a Sega Genesis. In 1995, when compared to all other available handhelds, Nomad is clearly much more advanced, technically, than all others. It’s the first step forward, even if it was a short lived one. In reviewing Rule 2 Nomad clearly has a lot more in common with Neo Geo Pocket Color than it does with Game Boy, this it fits perfectly as the first in the fourth generation of handheld consoles.
1997 - The Tiger Game.com is truly “next generation” when compared to previous generations. The difference is completely unambiguous. Like Nomad it attempts to recreate the experience of forth generation home consoles with games like Sonic Jam, and it attempts to build a bridge to the future by incorporating 3D based games, like Duke Nukem 3D and Fighters MegaMix. It even had a 14.4 modem and was able to surf the internet with a text only web browser. It is the first handheld in the U.S. to have a touch screen, and it came with a stylus. It even had built-in PDA features. The only part of it stuck in the past was the black and white LCD display. Unfortunately, only Tiger (later Hasbro) ever produced games for it, and they did a downright terrible job, making Game.com one of the worst handhelds in history. Several variations of the console exist, including more compact ones with color shells called Game.com Pocket Pro, and a version with a built-in front light creatively named Game.com Pocket Pro Light.
1998 - I find it very frustrating that the Game Boy Color is usually lumped together with Game Boy. This is not simply a Game Boy with a color screen. In fact, it’s about twice as powerful as the original Game Boy. It was also backwards compatible with Game Boy games. It even had some cross compatibility where some Game Boy Color games could be played on the original Game Boy. This made the transition between the two consoles almost seamless. With GBC Nintendo continued their dominance of the handheld market. It is the first color handheld to have a significant battery life. Its two AA batteries could last up to 10 hours.
Neo Geo Pocket would be released in Japan in 1998. The 16-bit monochromatic handheld was considerably more powerful than Game Boy Color. But SNK soon realized that black and white portables were a thing of the past. Its lack of color was a significant barrier to consumer adoption. In response SNK released the Neo Geo Pocket Color in 1999, which eventually saw a worldwide release. Nearly all games for both versions of the console were cross compatible. The most striking feature of the Neo Geo Pocket Color is its use of a microswitch joystick rather than a d-pad. At the time of its release Sega had not supported a handheld console of its own in three years, and they developed Sonic Pocket Adventure for the NGPC, and even a link cable for it to connect with Dreamcast. Thigh high quality of games and low introductory price of $69.99 made the handheld very attractive to gamers. But not attractive enough to for it to have a major impact against Nintendo. In 2001 SNK was forced to close due to financial difficulties. The Neo Geo Pocket Color disappeared along with it.
WonderSwan was released by Bandai in 1999, which marks the first time in nine years that multiple new handheld consoles were seriously competing for market share. The console was designed for Bandai by Gunpei Yokoi, the man who invented Game & Watch, Game Boy, Virtual Boy, and the d-pad. Though never launched worldwide, the WonderSwan did see some success in Japan. The 16-bit black and white console was replaced with the WonderSwan Color just in time for the 2000 holiday season. The handheld notably saw a lot of support from Square, which ported a number of Final Fantasy games to the platform. In 2002 the console was redesigned yet again as the SwanCrystal which featured a higher quality LCD screen. Each version ran only a single AA battery and had considerable battery life of 15 to 20 hours. One interesting feature of the WonderSwan is its ability to play games in two orientations, vertical and horizontal. In 2003 Bandai discontinued the WonderSwan line after no longer being able to compete against Nintendo’s next generation handheld.
Fifth Generation: Transition
Game Boy Advance dominated the fifth generation. It had very little competition, and almost single handedly bridged the gap between the fourth and sixth generations.
2001 - When Nintendo launched the 32-bit Game Boy Advance it spelled the end for its fourth generation rivals. The original model lacked a backlight, but in 2003 the GBA would be replaced by the Game Boy Advanced SP which contained a front light and could close like a clamshell. It would be the first to include built-in rechargeable batteries, which would become the industry standard. In 2005 the front light would be replaced with a backlit model. In addition, another redesign of the Game Boy Advance, the Game Boy Micro, would be released the same year. Unlike the Game Boy Advance, the Micro would not be backwards compatible with Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. Nintendo remained largely unchallenged for the entirety of the fifth generation of handheld consoles.
2003 - Back in 2003 one company was dominate in the cell phone market. Nokia and their Symbian operating system were everywhere. I’d venture to guess that most people who owned a cell phone in the 90s and early 2000s at one point owned a Nokia phone. They were virtually indestructible and were very advanced. For the first time in history most people were now carrying cell phones, but mobile gaming was in its infancy. In a stroke of brilliance Nokia decided to combine a handheld video game console and a cell phone in a single device which became N-Gage. The capable system was clearly more powerful than Game Boy Advance, but the vertical screen orientation made it difficult to port properly, and the high price made it cost prohibitive due to the American scheme of tying the cost of handsets with carrier contracts. There were some considerable functionality issues as well, such as the fact that the first model had the speaker and receiver on the side of the unit, and the battery had to be removed in order to change games. The redesigned N-Gage QD, which came out in 2004, was more compact and solved the side talking issue, but Nokia’s hybrid handheld console never went mainstream.
Sixth Generation: Modern Era Begins
We may not still use our Nintendo DS and PSP very often. They are over fifteen years old at the time I am writing this. But we still play games in the same style, just on more powerful hardware. Before the sixth generation, games were very limited by their hardware; today those styles of games are now considered to be retro.
2004 - I found it surprising to learn that the next Nintendo handheld was not going to have the name “Game Boy.” There was some speculation that Nintendo has plans of supporting Game Boy Advance and their new platform at the same time. The Nintendo DS became the first in a line of dual screen handhelds that seems to draw inspiration from the Game & Watch. In addition to a second screen, it also reintroduced and popularized the concept of using a touch screen for handheld gaming. Following tradition, it included backwards compatibility with Game Boy Advance titles. In 2006 the DS Lite was released as a slimmer, lighter version with better lighting. In 2008 it was replaced with the DSi, which has a larger screen, adds cameras, and other hardware enhancements. A year later the larger DSi XL would be launched. The DS was the bestselling handheld in history, and it remains as such.
PlayStation Portable, better known as PSP, was Sony’s first foray into the handheld market. Their device featured a single, larger screen than the DS and it used optical media on proprietary technology called UMD, which were discs contained in cartridges. In addition to games, Sony also sold movies in this format. In 2007 a lighter and thinner version of the console was released. A version with an enhanced screen and built-in mic sold in 2008, and a budget version was retailed in 2011 only in PAL territories. A digital only version of the PSP called PSP Go was launched in 2009.
2005 - A company called Tiger Telmatics, which is totally different from Tiger Electronics, decided to launch a handheld. It would be one of the most bizarre stories in gaming history that includes ties to organized crime, sex, drugs, and other stuff. That’s a whole other story. Gizmondo is the handheld console that the company released. It had an extravagant U.K. launch in March 2005, which nearly bankrupted the company. Its October U.S. launch was considerably lower key. The system was only distributed at mall kiosks. Tiger Telematics couldn’t reach a deal with major retailers such a Game Stop or Best Buy. By February 2006 the company was bankrupt. Gizmondo had a unique pricing scheme in which the console was offered for $229, but gamers would have to put up with ads. A $400 ad-free version was also sold. Eight games in total were released.
Seventh Generation: Present Day
After decades of multiple companies attempting to enter handheld console market, only Nintendo and Sony, two giants in the gaming industry, remain.
2011 - The successor to the DS line of handhelds became the Nintendo 3DS. In addition to having more powerful hardware and higher resolution cameras, the 3DS is capable of displaying stereoscopic 3D effects with no need for special glasses. As is now the fashion, the 3DS has seen several upgrades and redesigns. In 2012 the 3DS XL was launched with a 90 percent larger screen; in 2013 a non-folding non-3D version called 2DS was introduced as a “starter” handheld. Finally, the New Nintendo 3DS and accompanying XL version saw release, featuring significant hardware upgrades and additional controls.
PlayStation Vita, often called PS Vita, was released in 2011 in Japan followed by an early 2012 launch in America and Europe. It features a camera, touchpad, incorporates Sony’s sixaxis motion sensing technology, and has connectivity with the PS3 and PS4. Games come on custom flash memory cards and can also be downloaded digitally to a memory card.
Condensed List
For quick reference, here is a list of the handheld console generations showing only major events and releases with years, models, manufacturers. (The year represents its initial release, not necessarily the North American release.)
· First Generation: LED Era
o 1977 – Autorace by Mattel Electronics becomes the first handheld video game console
· Second Generation: Dedicated LCD and VFD Consoles
o 1979 – Several manufacturers bring to market LCD and VFD based handhelds
o 1979 – Milton Bradley Microvision
o 1980 – Nintendo launches Game & Watch series
o 1982 – Nintendo releases the Donkey Kong Multiscreen Game & Watch title which introduces the d-pad for the first time
o 1983 – Palmtex Super Micro
o 1983 onwards – Other dedicated LCD handheld consoles
· Third Generation: Reprogrammable Machines
o 1984 – Epoch Game Pocket Computer (Japan Only)
o 1989 – Nintendo Game Boy
o 1989 – Atari Lynx
o 1990 – Sega Game Gear
o 1990 – NEC TurboExpress
o 1990 – Bit Corporation Gamate
o 1990 – Hartung Gamate
o 1992 – Watara Supervision
o 1993 – Timlex Mega Duck
o 1995 – Bandai Design Master
o 2003 – TimeTop Game King
· Fourth Generation: Renaissance
o 1995 – Sega Nomad
o 1997 – Tiger Game.com
o 1998 – Nintendo Game Boy Color
o 1998 – SNK Neo Geo Pocket (followed by Neo Geo Pocket Color in 1999)
o 1999 – Bandai WonderSwan (Followed by WonderSwan Color in 2000)
· Fifth Generation: Transition
o 2001 – Nintendo Game Boy Advance
o 2003 – Nokia N-Gage
· Sixth Generation: Modern Era
o 2004 – Nintendo DS (series)
o 2004 – Sony PlayStation Portable
o 2005 – Tiger Telmatics Gizmondo
· Seventh Generation – Present Day
o 2011 – Nintendo 3DS (series)
o 2011 – Sony PlayStation Vita
Criticisms There are a few possible criticisms to classifying handheld console generations separately from home console generations. It does alter the congruity between handhelds and consoles as a point of reference in time. The fourth generation of home consoles ran parallel to the third generation of handhelds, which makes them easy to connect in the mind. However, tying handhelds to home consoles makes little sense give the fact that handhelds evolved later and separately.
Some platforms that are considered to be handheld consoles by many sources, such as the DragonBox Pandora or Tapwave Zodiac, are not included in my classification of handheld generations. This is due to Rule 4. The primary function of the device should be to play video games that are unique to its hardware. In the case of Pandora, it’s an open source portable computer that runs Linux and emulators. A console should be its own world with its own games. For the same reason Android devices are not included either. Zodiac is a PDA that also plays games; it’s not a handheld console in the same way that a Windows PC is not a home console. Other platforms not include are table top consoles, like the Entex Select-A-Game and Entex Adventure Vision. This is because of Rule 3. A true handheld can be played “in the air” with both hands. A tabletop is another thing entirely which requires a flat surface in order to be played.
Another criticism is the fact that there are some instances where generations overlap. For instance, the GameKing is a third generation machine even though it was initially released in 2003, far after the 1989 Game Boy which defined the third generation of handheld consoles. This is not an uncommon phenomenon and is true of home consoles too. Many first generation home consoles, for example, were released well after the second generation began, such as Atari Stunt Cycle, Magnavox Odyssey 4000, and Coleco Telstar Arcade. A more recent example is the 2004 release of the XaviXPort by SSD Co., which is a fourth generation home console released during the sixth console generation era.
Eliminating Inconsistencies
There are several discrepancies that have resulted from coupling handheld console generations with those of home consoles, the first of which is that the method doesn’t produce a ‘first generation’ of handhelds. It’s true. The first generation of handhelds arrived during the second home console generation, as a result the first handheld consoles are classified as “second generation.”
The worst issue with tying handheld generations to those of home consoles is the fact that the full picture of the evolution of handhelds and advancements in portable gaming technology cannot be seen. With home consoles it’s easy to look and see the big jumps forward; discretionary circuits to CPUs, joysticks to control pads, 2D to 3D, cartridges to optical media, offline to online gaming, and et cetera. Knowing the order of home console generations tells you that. It doesn’t inform handheld generations, though. LED to VFD and LCD, monochromatic displays to color, poor battery life to extended battery life, advancements in LCD technology, and so on.
By looking at handheld video games consoles in terms of generations that are only relative among themselves and not to home consoles, the picture of the history of handheld gaming becomes clear and its evolution can be easily seen. It eliminates inconsistencies.
It’s clear that history has seen seven distinct generations of handheld consoles which shows lots of interesting advances and offshoots in portable gaming technology along the way.
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ACS | September 6th, 2019 | Bo Eason, Michael Waltrip, and RJ Bell

Download/Listen: https://adamcarolla.com/eason-waltrip-bell/
Adam opens today’s pod telling the story of today’s first guest, Michael Waltrip. Gina then gives an update on her A/C being out all week, and Adam shares another Rich Man Poor Man. Adam also takes a call from Michael Waltrip, who tells Adam about receiving horrific news about the death of Dale Earnhardt while on the winner’s podium. They also discuss how NASCAR changed their policies after the tragedy, as well as the new documentary that tells Michael’s story. Later, Adam starts to rant about an upcoming podcast he taped with Dr. Drew.
Bo Eason is in studio next, and Adam talks with him about their mutual friend, Kevin Hench. They talk about Bo’s motivational symposium, his incredible wife, and attaining greatness in the sport of Football. Other topics of conversation include the next generation needing to toughen up, life lessons learned playing football, and avoiding the victim mentality.
Up next, RJ Bell calls in for the first RJ’s Parlay of the season. Gina then reads news stories about Kevin Hart’s car accident, Scarlett Johansson’s defense of Woody Allen, and Lonzo Ball’s faulty sneakers. As the show wraps up, Gina reads a couple more news stories about an Australian Vegan beefing with her neighbors, and Taylor Swift’s break-in.
‘Blink Of An Eye’ opens nationwide for one night only this upcoming Thursday. For more info, visit http://blinkofaneyefilm.com. You can also follow Michael on Twitter @MW55.
You can also get your copy of Bo’s book, ‘There’s No Plan B for You’re A-Game’
For more info on Bo, visit http://boeason.com, and follow him on Twitter @BoEason.
And for more on RJ Bell, check out http://pregame.com
Lifelock.com enter ADAM
BetOnline.AG enter PODCAST1
Stand-Up with Chris Distefano Podcast
Castrol Edge: Titanium strong for maximum engine performance
BetDSI.com, promo code Adam101
Michael Waltrip Crash at Bristol. Official Footage
Jackie Smith drops sure touchdown
Jackson State Mascot Penalized for Celebrating With Team
Perth Vegan Takes Neighbours to Court Over BBQ Cooking | 9 News Perth
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[Update] Kyrie trade guaranteed profit still available!

Gravy train is leaving the station, slowly. Updated odds as of 1:38PM EST.

I hate to keep spamming this but this is guaranteed free money so I want people to get on it.
Team Odds Bet Win Sum of Other Bets Profit Site
NYK 4.75 86.75 412.0625 288 124.0625 BetDSI
Cavs 5 83 415 291.75 123.25 BetDSI
Field 4 100 400 274.75 125.25 MyBookie
San Antonio 9 49.75 447.75 325 122.75 MyBookie
Minnesota 8 55.25 442 319.5 122.5 MyBookie
Best case, you make $125 and worst case $122, on a total bet of $374. Wager will be graded the first game of the NBA season, so depending on what team he plays for, this would be around Oct 20.
PM for any referrals if you wish, here's my BetOnline link.
If you're part of the "no way he's on the Cavs by game 1" camp, here's an interesting table for you. If he ends up on either the Pelicans or Nuggets, you actually would win that bet + the field bet, because field @ MyBookie includes either of those teams. You would only win $0 if he doesn't get traded.

Updated 1:38PM EST

Team Odds Bet Win Sum of Other Bets Profit Site
NYK 4.75 88 418 329 89 BetDSI
Cavs 5 69.5 347.5 347.5 0 BetDSI
Field (includes Pel & Nug) 4 100 400 317 83 MyBookie
San Antonio 9 50 450 367 83 MyBookie
Minnesota 8 56 448 361 87 MyBookie
Pelicans 16 29.5 472 387.5 84.5 BetOnline
Nuggets 20 24 480 393 87 BetOnline
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BetOnline 7/10 x Bitcoin/Fiat Fiat 2001
Bookmaker ?/10 x Bitcoin/Fiat Fiat 2000
Bovada 7/10 x Bitcoin/Fiat Fiat 2011
Cloudbet 7/10 x Bitcoin Bitcoin 2013
Heritage Sports 6/10 x Bitcoin/Fiat Fiat 2001
Intertops 10/10x Fiat Fiat ?
Nitrogen Sports 8.5/10 x Bitcoin Bitcoin 2012
Vitalbet 3/10 x Bitcoin Bitcoin ?
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1xbet ?/10 x Fiat Fiat ?
Paddy Power 7/10 x Fiat Fiat 2001
Pinnacle Sports 9.5/10 x Fiat Fiat 2004
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New interactive camera learns about you while it records

I have in my possession a 2017 D-Series Interactive Camera with a basic artificial intelligence, designed to actively learn about whatever it records. I can say with confidence that I've never encountered a piece of technology which has so thoroughly terrified me to the core of my being. I could tell you why right now, but you wouldn't believe me until I gave you the full story, so here goes.
My name is Joseph Collins, and I am not a beautiful or unique snowflake. I remember my mom telling me I was special though - way back when I was four. She said nobody else in the world could have drawn that scribble of a six-legged donkey. I heard it again when I was in school where they told me I could be whatever I wanted when I grew up. I read it in my comic books that sent ordinary men into space, and watched it in cartoons that showed the weakest fighter overturning the world if only he stayed true to himself and refused to give up (also screaming a lot seemed to help).
So why would I, someone capable of becoming the president or a rock-star, ever consent to a life of bills and breakups and mediocrity? Why should I stick with a job that only sees me for what I've done, not for the infinite potential of what I might someday do? I didn't have any proof that I was better than everyone else. I wasn't more attractive or smarter. I couldn't lift a car over my head - I was just me. And for some naive, inane reason, I managed to dupe myself into thinking that was all that mattered.
A month in Los Angeles is enough to believe anything is possible. A year is enough to believe nothing is. First I was the fresh blood that would revolutionize the movie industry, next I was a faceless body in a teaming crowd of actors all looking for their chance. I fell for everything to get an edge on my competition, from fad workouts to scam workshops, but after four years the best I could boast of was a toothpaste commercial. (Shine like a star!)
The only thing worse than failing at my dream was having my buddy Ricky succeed. It may seem petty, but it's true - as long as we were both failing, it was the system that was broken. When he booked his first big gig for a speaking role on the Walking Dead, suddenly it was me who was to blame.
"You know how I did it, don't you?" he asked me.
"You acted better?" I wasn't feeling sorry for myself. That would be pathetic. I straight-up hated myself, which had a little more dignity somehow.
"Damn straight, but I didn't do it alone," Ricky said. "This Interactive Camera changed my life, man. And it's going to change yours too."
So there was one gimmick I haven't tried yet? I was in such a pitiful mental state that he could have said "nah man, the trick is to do the auditions on cocaine" and I probably would have listened. I let him lead me back to his studio apartment where he had it setup in his bedroom and I have to admit, the technology looked pretty damn cool.
"All you have to do is record an audition tape like you would with any other camera," Ricky said. "Then it analyzes you based on your appearance, mannerisms, speech patterns, whatever, and it gives you suggestions on how to improve. I did everything it told me to and BAM - Walking Dead. Hey did I tell you that I met Norman Reedus at -"
But I wasn't listening anymore. I was absolutely transfixed by the fantasy of this thing. To think that after years of frustrating, dead-end work, I could just flip a switch and suddenly unlock the secret to my greatest performance. I asked to borrow it, and Ricky was in such a good mood that he practically insisted. He said the onscreen instructions were really simple, so I brought it back to my place and set it up there.
Hello. My name is DSI (D-Series Interactive). What's your name?
The red recording light was flashing. I watched myself awkwardly shuffle around the camera screen, getting the focus and the lighting right. I didn't see any keypad or anything, so just tried replying. The audio bar flashed in recognition as the MIC picked everything up.
Hello Joseph. What audition are you preparing for?
"It's, uh Empire. Season 3 is casting at FOX."
Please begin when you are ready.
The audition was tomorrow and I'd already prepared the speech - some power play by Lucious Lyon - so I recorded myself into the camera. I could feel my voice trembling with emotion, and by the time I was finished, I had to wipe real tears away. A yellow light began flashing beside the display panel.
Please push the yellow button to analyze.
I did so, and it was exciting to watch the camera replaying the recording. I looked confident. Purposeful. This wasn't an actor desperately trying to survive - this was a man who had mastered the subtleties of his craft and knew how to clutch the heart of his audience. I couldn't wait for the results. The yellow light blinked off, and a green light pulsed through.
Analyzation complete. In order to secure the audition, we have found a few suggestions to improve your performance.
My heart was a machine gun. I nearly fell over my bed trying to grab a notepad from my nightstand (I record dreams for inspiration). I scrambled to write the feedback down as fast as it was spoken.
Lucious Lyon dominates his peers. When playing his character, you should maintain 40% more eye contact, extend your chest, and hold your shoulder's back.
How could it know I was reading Lucious's lines? Maybe it was connected to the wi-fi and searched online for the words. This thing was amazing.
You will also need to personally know at least one of the three casting directors. Their names are Jane Callaway, Jimmy Tagifa, and Ned Thorton.
My pen slowed. That wasn't acting advice. How was I supposed to do that?
Analysis recommends that you remain unshaven, lose 15 lbs, increase the muscle mass in your pectorals and deltoids by 35%, and become 4 inches taller.
I dropped the notebook onto my bed. Those things were obviously not going to happen by tomorrow. This was a prank. It wasn't enough that Ricky had to get a spot - he had to humiliate me at the same time. He knew about my audition, so he must have been the one to program it to mention Lucious. To think I got my hopes up over another stupid trick. I was about to shut it off when -
Would you like to see what a perfect audition would have looked like?
There it is. Now I bet it's going to show a video of Ricky doing it instead. Then he's going to have a big laugh at me. I was pissed, but still a little impressed at how elaborate the joke was. Yeah whatever, let's play along. There are worse things than being friends with an asshole with good connections.
"Yeah, show me," I said.
I wasn't expecting what I saw. The yellow light returned, and appearing on the screen was a taller, more muscular, more confident version of myself. The detail was exquisite - all the way down to the individual hairs on my - on his - scruffy face. In spite of myself, I picked up my notebook again and jotted down a few differences that I noticed between the two performances. As much as I hated to say it, the camera was right. This version was WAY better than the one I did.
"Well shit," I said aloud. "Maybe you should go tomorrow instead of me."
A red light flashed in place of the yellow.
Please press the red button to let us handle the live audition.
I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It must mean something else. It's not like the camera could grow a pair of legs and walk in there for me. I'm guessing this option allowed me to send its version of the audition tape to the casting directors. My finger strained an inch from the button.
And why not? They said they accepted video auditions from people out of town. I always figured a live appearance would be better, but looking at the tape I knew it wasn't true. I could just pretend I was away on some other big shoot and was too important to actually go in person. Then I could use the extra time to actually get in better shape and practice, and by the time they saw my performance live, I'd be as good as the recording. I pushed the red button.
Now close your eyes.
Umm... okay. I closed them. Thank God I was doing this alone in my bedroom. It would be pretty embarrassing to be seen taking orders from a camera. I felt an odd sensation of movement outside of my body, like when an elevator starts going up but the interior of the space still appears static. I felt a small surge of panic, but imagining the reception of my perfect tape was occupying all of my thoughts. The whole camera was magic for all I cared - I just wanted my break.
Keep them shut.
The sensation intensified, resolving into an actual pressure like compression along the length of my body. I don't know how to describe it, but imagine a three dimensional object moving into a two-dimensional space without losing any of its characteristics. It was unsettling enough that I opened my eyes - or at least tried to. The pressure increased, and all I could see was a wall of static which moved in such disorienting patterns that I had to force my eyes shut to avoid getting sick. I wanted to scream, but I gagged trying to take full breath into my lungs.
Thank you for the use of your body. Your audition is scheduled for 10:00 AM tomorrow morning at Galaxy FOX studios, building 14, room 207.
The air flooded my lungs and I choked on it. My vision was spotty, but slowly began fading into focus as though someone were playing with the settings of a camera. Squinting, I was able to make out the camera version of myself watching me. His recording smiled with more perfect teeth than I've ever had.
Only he wasn't the recorded version anymore. As my vision cleared, I saw him - I guess I'll call him DSI - putting on my shoes. I tried to turn around and re-orient myself, but instead of the back of my room, I stood in a small grey box like a jail cell. I turned around again just in time to see DSI closing my door behind him. There was no way for me to follow - not with the pane of glass now separating me from the rest of my room.
The situation was beyond my capacity to explain, but the result was clear enough. I was inside the camera, and the recording of myself was freely walking the streets. The pane of glass (the screen) was hard and uncompromising. The grey walls (about 6x10 foot enclosure) had the rough texture of concrete. My cellphone was outside on my bed, and there was absolutely nothing to do or way to know what was going on beyond my prison.
If you haven't stopped believing me yet, then I hope you will believe this too: I wasn't afraid. Not yet. I was actually thrilled. DSI was on my side, and if it had the power to imprison me like this, then it knew what it was doing and could ace my audition too. Maybe I was still disoriented from the transition, or so freaked out that I was just giddy with delirium, but I sat on the grey floor and laughed out loud for a long time. I was going to be famous, and I didn't even have to lift a finger.
My excitement couldn't keep up with the long hours of my solitude. For awhile I could measure the time by the dwindling light in my bedroom, but now all light had vanished and I was only kept company by the baleful reflection off my un-moving doorknob. I'd passed some of the time by rehearsing the audition, singing pop songs, and finally just counting the relentless march of dreary seconds which beat a steady dread into my skull.
What if DSI never let me out again? Or if he did something horrible and I was held accountable? What if I couldn't live up to his appearance and was immediately dismissed as an imposter? The terror of spending a night alone in here intensified a hundred fold when I finally lay down to sleep and noticed the whispering for the first time.
Failure. Fraud. No-one will notice you're gone.
It was coming from nowhere and everywhere. At first I thought it was my imagination, but then the hiss breathed past my ear as though coming from right behind me. They've forgotten you. I spun around, but my room had grown so dark that I couldn't have seen something even if it were there.
A Pounding sound shocked me so badly that I hurled myself to the ground.
"Go away!" I shouted. "Leave me alone!"
Pounding - but the sound wasn't coming from in here. It was on my real bedroom door.
"Joseph? You in there?" The door opened, and the silhouette stood for a terrible breathless second before the light turned on. Ricky was here, but not like I had seen him last. His beard was thick and course, and his wild eyes bulged from pale skin like some kind of subterranean denizen. He approached the camera, and I flinched away from the screen.
"You're not the real Ricky," I said. "Get away from me!"
"Chill man, let's get you out of there."
"You're not the one who gave me the camera. Where is the other Ricky?"
The rugged figure picked up the camera, swinging my viewpoint wildly around my motionless room. He brought it up to his face, which now appeared like a giant peering into my cell.
"DSI gave you the camera. It was a trap. But don't worry, I'm going to get you out of there." The viewpoint swung again, and it seemed like he was holding me under his arm while exiting the room.
"I don't understand," I replied. "Were you locked in here too?"
"Yeah. These things are being handed out all over the city. They'll say whatever it takes to get you to push the red button, and then they use your body to spread the camera to more people."
"How did you get out?"
I know he heard me, but he waited until my building elevator arrived to respond. He was carrying the camera under his arm now, but I have a pretty good idea what his face looked like when he said:
"You've got to switch with someone inside. Mom didn't tell me what was happening until she took my place."
The elevator door opened, and I was confronted with the bizarre, crotch-height view of my more handsome doppelganger. I tried not to hate myself when he smiled.
"Containment breach located," DSI spoke into his cuff-link, not taking his eyes off Ricky.
We were running now. Okay Ricky was running, I was watching the camera bounce up and down and trying not to be sick. All I could hear were his pounding footfalls down the metal fire-escape stairs. That and the whispers.
He died for you. You're a terrible friend. The world is better off without you.
I put my hands over my ears, but I could still hear them. It wasn't until a gunshot broke the air that the voices stopped and I could hear the blood rushing through my temples. The camera toppled to the ground and the world lay on its side.
"Containment restored," came from down the hall.
The camera turned at a vicious angle and I stared into Ricky's giant face. Even without the blood spraying around his lips, he did not look good. Shit, how long has he been in there? Six months? A year? And I had been too jealous of him to even notice? Great friend I was.
"I'm going in now," Ricky said. A bloody hand rose up from the bottom of the screen. "When you're out, you're going to have to run."
"What will happen to you?" I asked.
"Nothing worse than has already happened," he laughed. "Man, what a demo reel this would be if they could see us now."
Press the red button to save your friend.
Ricky's finger shook as it pushed one of the buttons. I forced my eyes to stay open this time until the last of his face was shredded with static. It felt like I could still see his eyes looking out from that nauseating convulsion of white noise. My chest expanded like a bellow and my vision swam into focus. Next I knew, I was lying on my side on the metal stairs with the camera next to me.
"Containment breach commencing."
It came from right behind me. I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure I heard a faint artificial reply "Restore containment."
I grabbed the camera and jumped over the metal railing. Two stories to go - I wasn't about to race a stronger version of myself. Even worse than the sound of the gunshots rattling off the metal around me was the sound of Ricky screaming in agony from the camera the whole way down.
I managed to meet a dumpster before the ground had a chance to introduce itself. I wrapped my body around the camera like I was protecting a child. The landing knocked the wind out of me, but I was on my feet and running before I could even tell if anything was broken. Screw Redbull - running for your life gives you wings.
The camera is still intact, but I can't even look at it. The screaming has stopped, and I haven't been able to force myself to play the video of what used to be Ricky. Even if I destroy it, he said there are a lot more of them circulating the city. If only people knew how right they were when they say Los Angeles is full of artificial people.
I'm going to learn as much as I can from this camera and see if I can't do anything to help the people inside. I'm afraid to go to anyone for help, because I don't know who has already been replaced. If you don't hear any updates from me, then I guess it's fair to assume the containment has been restored.
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    2. I come from 2021 with sad news (377 points, 14 comments)
    3. Adam is bullying me and ive had ENOUGH (271 points, 64 comments)
    4. What if in addition to Cumtown it was Cumbound (228 points, 45 comments)
    5. you can rape anybody, ok. but you try to take my dust? (220 points, 6 comments)
    6. Pokemong hit transplant (184 points, 19 comments)
    7. Saw jake by a place i would never go to (175 points, 20 comments)
  10. 1822 points, 5 submissions: SpecificField
    1. Young Stav (552 points, 16 comments)
    2. Stav trying to cheer up Nick (411 points, 12 comments)
    3. I'm Barack Obama, and I'm gay. (306 points, 50 comments)
    4. Adam and Dasha cosplay (295 points, 31 comments)
    5. Just ran into Adam (258 points, 17 comments)
  11. 1733 points, 6 submissions: Statshelp_TA
    1. Every time someone tries to explain Chapo to me (679 points, 87 comments)
    2. Drag Him Queen 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 (268 points, 121 comments)
    3. This is pretty good for Wardell (218 points, 59 comments)
    4. Why did Nick take Abby on vacation? (217 points, 22 comments)
    5. The king has spoken. Rose emojis get out (182 points, 61 comments)
    6. Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! (169 points, 24 comments)
  12. 1724 points, 5 submissions: Jailey_Bay
    1. some fan art (622 points, 30 comments)
    2. some fresh content while we wait for a new ep (379 points, 17 comments)
    3. fan art (351 points, 52 comments)
    4. - A E S T H E T I C C U M - (192 points, 16 comments)
    5. Don't Forget You're Here Forever (180 points, 19 comments)
  13. 1664 points, 6 submissions: freecostcosample
    1. Jewish kids watching a fight and yelling “COINSTAR” (341 points, 21 comments)
    2. Defend Amber (327 points, 74 comments)
    3. How about instead of Bet DSI it’s (278 points, 20 comments)
    4. Never forget the best Trump Tweet (257 points, 30 comments)
    5. Stav is the most confusing cumboy (245 points, 52 comments)
    6. I like how people’s main problem with the show is that it’s mean to gay and retarded people but gay and retarded people make up 90% of listeners (216 points, 34 comments)
  14. 1661 points, 3 submissions: smellslikepuke
    1. I did it (809 points, 17 comments)
    2. Slippery Slope... (457 points, 22 comments)
    3. How many MDE fans does it take to screw in a light bulb (395 points, 156 comments)
  15. 1647 points, 5 submissions: theuserofusernames
    1. “Attention ladies and gentlemen we now present to you.... gayest couple of the night!!!!” (697 points, 58 comments)
    2. Real ass dudes of the week (390 points, 23 comments)
    3. When you date a chapo listener (223 points, 36 comments)
    4. Nick during his brief time serving as a tier one operator (172 points, 19 comments)
    5. Stavs favourite song (165 points, 36 comments)
  16. 1605 points, 5 submissions: FrankieBianchi
    1. upvote if pizzagate is real. downvote if chapo sucks (597 points, 24 comments)
    2. wow. i didnt know trump was a fan tbh (340 points, 50 comments)
    3. this sub post titles after 10k subs: (244 points, 106 comments)
    4. fuckin cops just came to my house cause of my posts here (241 points, 86 comments)
    5. what do you guys think of dasha's ass? [photo album] (183 points, 69 comments)
  17. 1586 points, 4 submissions: J3WH33BK1K3
    1. "Too ugly to have your actual face as your twitter pic" starter pack (589 points, 57 comments)
    2. Cool tat (474 points, 14 comments)
    3. Real ass dude (281 points, 29 comments)
    4. What do you think is the psychological mechanism behind Adam pretending to not know things? (242 points, 109 comments)
  18. 1577 points, 4 submissions: DickSlinky
    1. I’m gay. (615 points, 38 comments)
    2. I love you guys. (Edit) (417 points, 21 comments)
    3. Can we put an age restriction on the sub? (279 points, 95 comments)
    4. Hell yeah (266 points, 16 comments)
  19. 1535 points, 7 submissions: thankyoudaletech
    1. Warrrioorrrrrrrs, I'm fuckin gayyyyaayyyyyy (267 points, 16 comments)
    2. nick has been getting too sexy on instagram (230 points, 18 comments)
    3. Stavros is quitting the show to write a shopping list (223 points, 27 comments)
    4. How about an "Unsafe space" and it's just a cool room full of weapons, copies of the anarchist's cookbook, asbestos. Stuff that kicks ass. (221 points, 49 comments)
    5. Stavros' Hierarchy of Needs (221 points, 54 comments)
    6. I think now is a good time to let everyone here know...you're all my bros online, and if you need me to, I will fuck you. Fuck your ass, mouth, pussy if you got one of those. If you need to stop being a virgin or whatever, I'll fuck you. I know you'd do the same for me. (197 points, 35 comments)
    7. good character idea that is both racist and transhobic: black transwoman whose pronouns are "Dem/Dey" (176 points, 13 comments)
  20. 1509 points, 4 submissions: simiskaste
    1. do it chapofags (490 points, 61 comments)
    2. Joe "grab em by the dick" Biden (480 points, 31 comments)
    3. trans inclusionary radical misogynist (368 points, 83 comments)
    4. don't be a hypocrtie (171 points, 17 comments)
  21. 1504 points, 4 submissions: spillake
    1. A visual guide to the local subreddit supercluster (759 points, 105 comments)
    2. RapistWithPoopyUndies (320 points, 68 comments)
    3. why do we even bother (257 points, 20 comments)
    4. When Adam votes (168 points, 9 comments)
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    1. His ears start ringing and he's zoning out... (426 points, 23 comments)
    2. My "I found Adam's commercial" post (296 points, 15 comments)
    3. Do you know what your kids are listening to? What every parent needs to know... (258 points, 18 comments)
    4. I made a commercial to help promote Tom's new CD (217 points, 37 comments)
    5. Checkmate. (211 points, 9 comments)
  23. 1363 points, 5 submissions: Just4TheFellas
    1. I sell gay sex (516 points, 24 comments)
    2. Fellas (270 points, 74 comments)
    3. Drake being the number one rapper in the world yet being a guy who grooms underage girls is a really good bit (213 points, 90 comments)
    4. Adam definitely derails great bits but you cannot deny that Nick and Stav are considerably more suicidal when he’s gone (199 points, 52 comments)
    5. Fucking idiots (165 points, 111 comments)
  24. 1338 points, 5 submissions: OGcumBoi
    1. stav regains mobility (326 points, 10 comments)
    2. young Pierre St Pierre (298 points, 16 comments)
    3. stavs Dad (269 points, 38 comments)
    4. advertising is getting controversial (243 points, 10 comments)
    5. tried to promote Adam's comedy, antisemitic mods deleted it (202 points, 35 comments)
  25. 1316 points, 4 submissions: crowhands
    1. Can Tom Myers say the n-word? (380 points, 29 comments)
    2. Tom fires back (359 points, 96 comments)
    3. Nick on the front page again (315 points, 72 comments)
    4. Yes Tom go off (262 points, 28 comments)
  26. 1296 points, 4 submissions: powerbath
    1. Here's STAVBOT. (579 points, 75 comments)
    2. Quick lil thang, just to thank everyone for the kind words. (264 points, 61 comments)
    3. Here's another one boys n ghouls. (245 points, 51 comments)
    4. Death of a Cumboy (208 points, 34 comments)
  27. 1295 points, 5 submissions: PM_ME_UR_LIQUOR
    1. I stopped at a convenience store today (314 points, 24 comments)
    2. Listen up you low-T, Gomer fucks. This is a Myers sub now. All you Mulltards can either join us Myers Maniacs, or fade into obscurity like your midget sperglord leader (284 points, 21 comments)
    3. When the BULLIES over at cumtown call Stav gay for a change (252 points, 66 comments)
    4. Nanette is powerful (229 points, 57 comments)
    5. This is now a hate sub (216 points, 63 comments)
  28. 1288 points, 4 submissions: FoxDieEeE
    1. Good take (678 points, 34 comments)
    2. Stephen Miller go on cumtown (246 points, 41 comments)
    3. i hear chapo trap house has a new epic meme.. gave an attempt myself (197 points, 42 comments)
    4. the modern man's hooters (167 points, 82 comments)
  29. 1266 points, 5 submissions: boahshit
    1. cumtown (458 points, 36 comments)
    2. It’s Nick’s birthday today (246 points, 69 comments)
    3. God he’s so fucking hot fuck fuck fuck (200 points, 68 comments)
    4. This is my president (196 points, 6 comments)
    5. He fuucked my ass (166 points, 28 comments)
  30. 1254 points, 4 submissions: FookWook
    1. LMAO GUISE IT'S THE CUMBOIS xD (524 points, 27 comments)
    2. Deconstructive Comedy (339 points, 65 comments)
    3. Stav using that professional rubin production (219 points, 4 comments)
    4. Bjork finally calling out people racist against sound (172 points, 36 comments)
  31. 1226 points, 3 submissions: nerdtracker
    1. the louis theroux autism doc is really good (594 points, 92 comments)
    2. imagine seeing this between your legs (429 points, 38 comments)
    3. Shouts out to a real one (203 points, 29 comments)
  32. 1216 points, 4 submissions: Caemzi
    1. Pour one out for this real ass dude of the week (503 points, 64 comments)
    2. Can we all just give a shoutout to the bug for his sisters cans (368 points, 165 comments)
    3. Nintendo go on cumtown (181 points, 6 comments)
    4. Hell yeah dude. Art (164 points, 5 comments)
  33. 1212 points, 4 submissions: CHAPO_DEFENSE_FORCE
    1. Life goals 2019! (441 points, 52 comments)
    2. R.I.P. Nick Mullen 5:12 PM - 6 Dec 2018 (304 points, 65 comments)
    3. Original chapo poster Virgil Texas gets owned by generic cum town poster. (300 points, 82 comments)
    4. Which one of you is this? (167 points, 43 comments)
  34. 1168 points, 5 submissions: sensu_lato
    1. damn me too dude (389 points, 14 comments)
    2. Are you doing your part? (231 points, 9 comments)
    3. Officer Back Walls on the scene (206 points, 12 comments)
    4. found this cute photo of dasha and roscoe (173 points, 14 comments)
    5. Cum Town Viral Marketing (169 points, 17 comments)
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    1. Adam caught some hands (438 points, 191 comments)
    2. Akinator is on fire (273 points, 7 comments)
    3. So false alarm about a ballistic missile hitting Hawaii went off today (251 points, 8 comments)
    4. I’m glad nick finally got his first writing credit for a movie (169 points, 45 comments)
  36. 1130 points, 5 submissions: unnecessary_opinion
    1. What’s the most unintentionally cum town thing you’ve done in your youth (309 points, 322 comments)
    2. real-ass dude of the week in the "creepiest thing you've seen on reddit" thread (220 points, 11 comments)
    3. This is what they took from you. (218 points, 27 comments)
    4. getting drunk just to flex on nick (207 points, 56 comments)
    5. Chevy Chase - “modern SNL is the worst fucking humour” watched by “a generation of shitheads” (176 points, 91 comments)
  37. 1122 points, 5 submissions: SexPositiveDickNixon
    1. Woah (368 points, 26 comments)
    2. All these names sound like slurs (212 points, 52 comments)
    3. Norm rules (188 points, 33 comments)
    4. Tom responds (183 points, 105 comments)
    5. Cum Town announces Summer tour! (171 points, 71 comments)
  38. 1119 points, 3 submissions: aksumighty
    1. You wanna know how I got these cars? (575 points, 21 comments)
    2. It was one of my fav words and it got me thru a lot (305 points, 33 comments)
    3. spotted in a terrible cartoon parody of 'How to Catch A Predator' (239 points, 17 comments)
  39. 1053 points, 4 submissions: SNAKKKKESSSSSSSSSS
    1. For many it is trains, cartoons, certain songs, but for my son it is trump (339 points, 109 comments)
    2. Rogan go on cumtown (332 points, 61 comments)
    3. friday is 4 the boys (195 points, 48 comments)
    4. Stav as a child (187 points, 26 comments)
  40. 1043 points, 2 submissions: ddiiggss
    1. Behind the scenes look at how the episode is made (877 points, 13 comments)
    2. Until Nick comes back to Twitter, Jesse is the troll king (166 points, 87 comments)
  41. 1042 points, 4 submissions: wife_swamp
    1. we can go lower (378 points, 28 comments)
    2. fat guy with the queen lol (287 points, 60 comments)
    3. classic Norm lol (193 points, 30 comments)
    4. how bout Harmonica Lewinsky (184 points, 19 comments)
  42. 1036 points, 5 submissions: RacismFactory
    1. Cum boy of the week (254 points, 33 comments)
    2. Real ass Elon (232 points, 88 comments)
    3. You guys see this new comedy special Nanette yet (195 points, 90 comments)
    4. President cumboy (184 points, 7 comments)
    5. Powerful (171 points, 15 comments)
  43. 1028 points, 3 submissions: OTIS_is_king
    1. Shout out to the Indian dude in my economics lecture on his computer switching back and forth between the tesla website where he was designing his dream tesla, a cryptocurrency tracking site, and looking at instagram thots (490 points, 100 comments)
    2. Ruth Bader Ginsberg hospitalized (285 points, 46 comments)
    3. Everyone who likes cumtown is retarded, (253 points, 41 comments)
  44. 1024 points, 2 submissions: Yung_kawaii
    1. Cross posting to madlads (731 points, 59 comments)
    2. MMA fighter to challenge entire indigenous tribe to take over island (293 points, 29 comments)
  45. 1014 points, 4 submissions: imstancedup
    1. Rare photo of Nick holding Dasha hostage (300 points, 10 comments)
    2. Remember ALF? He's back... in PAWG form (253 points, 26 comments)
    3. Really enjoying the new Spiderman game (243 points, 10 comments)
    4. Candid photo of Nick and Stav grabbing a bite (218 points, 19 comments)
  46. 1010 points, 1 submission: AimingWineSnailz
    1. CAN AMBER FROST SAY THE N WORD (1010 points, 64 comments)
  47. 1004 points, 4 submissions: PrehensileDingaling
    1. You know it’s true (368 points, 146 comments)
    2. Tom has absorbed the lessons Cum Town had to teach him, and may now be totally unstoppable (242 points, 50 comments)
    3. My man looking like he lives under a bridge and makes you answer riddles if you want to pass (218 points, 62 comments)
    4. Congrats to Adam on his commercial (176 points, 20 comments)
  48. 1003 points, 2 submissions: Burn1nChrome
    1. what we want on this sub (557 points, 62 comments)
    2. honest, fair, non-trolling observation about the Chapo sub (446 points, 95 comments)
  49. 989 points, 4 submissions: posttentious
    1. "Small Dick Problems" - Linkin Park feat. Nick Mullen (405 points, 55 comments)
    2. So sweet! (237 points, 25 comments)
    3. Tom what the fuck (180 points, 59 comments)
    4. Deep cut Maron tweets (167 points, 23 comments)
  50. 951 points, 4 submissions: theotherwarnerbro
    1. “I’ll go back in the simulation bitch, as long as it’s with a hard ass dick” - stav (294 points, 5 comments)
    2. Sorry babe (287 points, 49 comments)
    3. Some of America’s most influential retards (191 points, 44 comments)
    4. We get it you grew up in Las Vegas (179 points, 19 comments)

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Spotting Fake DS Pokemon games: Things I wish I didn't learn the way I did

I've been had.
I never played Pokemon when I was younger but recently installed a GBA emulator on my phone and started playing FireRed, and now I'm hooked. I found a used DSi, and started hunting for some good Craigslist deals. As someone who's Steam library reflects what has been 70% off, the way Pokemon games hold their value had me looking everywhere for a deal. I found a decent one on eBay, and it didn't show many of the signs of being bootleg other than being from China. No stock images, highly rated seller, and many auctions ending at near retail prices, I figured this was my best bet since I can't find any Gen IV games in stores near me, and I refuse to pay full price for a two generation old used game.
After a several weeks of waiting as the China post made it's way across the Pacific, I got a my games and started on Soul Silver. About a week into playing (4-6 hours game time) the game started freezing occasionally during battles. Googling suggested updating the firmware, done. It froze again a few hours later, and from this point on became more frequent. I was to the point of saving after every battle to keep from losing valuable progress, and as this point finally decided to look into how to identify fake games.
I've been had and I hate that it's happened, and in the research process of trying to figure out if I had really been scammed, I was disappointed by the lack of specific criteria for spotting fake games out there. So here is my collected knowledge of the last day and a half of looking at hundreds of images of game cartridges and examining the ones I had access to, and I want to share it with the rest of you so we can hopefully stop the spread of any more of these fake games.
TL:DR I bought some fake games that looked legit, and it looks like a lot of other people were buying them too. Hopefully they don't wind up selling for full price on the GameStop used shelf. Here's how you can spot them so they can be marked as fake to prevent their spread.
Real or Fake?
Here are four games: three of them purchased as a lot from a Chinese eBay seller, the fourth from Ryan, from the northern United States, who had received the game for Christmas 2007, captured a legendary, won a link battle, and traded with friends. I purchased this game two weeks ago on eBay.
I don't know if you can stop the real one, but to my untrained eye (these are the only DS games I've ever touched) I didn't see anything that screamed fake. I didn't know for sure if minor deviations in text layout or font over the years were common from Nintendo. The don't seem to be, which helps us a lot.
Comparison 1
You can see a few variations here: the first two logos have a thinner font than real one, also, the TM at the end is smaller and not very clear.
The third logo is very close, and for a time I wasn't convinced this cartridge was fake, but close examination of the faded box (beneath the 'O') is probably the best anti-counterfeit device on the label. As you can see when enlarged, the fade is made by alternating dark and light pixels in a checkerboard fashion. In the fakes this is very distinct, but in the real logo, it's canted slightly to the left, the end result being the appearance of the box shape to have varying thicknesses on each of the sides. You can see this with just your eyes if you have it physically in front of you, but with a low quality image online it would be tough to see.
NOTE Many people with store bought Black/White 1/2 are reporting that they do not have the slanted checkering, so this probably only applies to Gen 4 games.
Circuit Board
On the reverse side, the printing on the circuit board for a real cartridge will be white, and are centered with each of the contacts. The fakes will let the letters be partially obscured by the plastic, and they will tend not to be white, instead being the same color as the contacts below them.
The Pokemon Company
Harder to see without magnification, the font and clarity of "The Pokemon Company" is more circular and mono-spaced than most fakes. Easiest to see is the Os are not oval shaped at all, they are perfectly circular. Any hard to read or distorted text is fake.
Comparison 2
The Footer
Two things here. Most apparent is the font: it can be thinner and wider, and immediately looks different. However some fakes have matched this font nearly perfectly, so this method cannot be relied upon.
Second is the corner cut on the left had side. Fakes usually have a shallower angles with a curve between, compared to the two crisp equal angles connected by the perfectly straight diagonal.
The Back
This is the easiest way to identify a fake cartridge is also the most difficult to do remotely. In fact, you can do this with your eyes closed. The debossing of the Nintendo logo and Patent into on a genuine Nintendo cartridge is very shallow, almost to the point you can barely feels it with your fingers. The fake cartridges have a deeper debossing, making it easier to feels and is also deep enough for your fingernail to catch on the edge. The real cartridges are smooth enough that a fingernail should not be able to catch on any of the edges.
If all we've got is a picture, it can be nearly as easy. Fakes will have a wider, thicker font, and will lack a space in the text. The periods are also square instead of round.
I hope this has been enlightening, and I hope this information can help identify and stop the spread of fake games being passed off as real. If you do come into contact with one I recommend marking it as such with a permanent marker.
EDIT:A thousand thanks to BlackKisa for the Reddit Gold, I am grateful for your gift and will find a way in the future to pay it forward.
Also, if anyone has anything to add, good photos of real or suspect cartridges, trading or pokemon validity tests from suspect games, and any comparison info for gen V games. The more info we can pool the better off we'll all be, and hopefully help some more people avoid these things.
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Sportsbook Review Weekly - 3/20/18 (Tuesday)

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TIFU by frying the New 3DSXL through the headphone port

EDIT: Title is supposed to be "my New", not "the New".
Like most TIFUs, this did not happen today. This happened several months ago; last October, I believe.
So, after saving up all summer from working as a summer camp counselor, dog walking, lawn mowing, house sitting and other jobs, including my birthday, I decided I would upgrade my 3DS to the newer model that had just came out; the blatantly-named "New Nintendo 3DS XL". I bought it in August and immediately transferred all of my data from my old 3DS to the new. A few hours later, I was already playing Smash online.
While this was happening, I had been trying to figure out a way to inexpensively record the audio output from one device directly to my computer. I looked up Bluetooth, special cables and modifications, soundchips... everything I was either too cheap to pay for was unsure how to use. That's when I stumbled across something awesome online; a cord with a USB plug on one end and a headphone jack on the other! I ordered it from Amazon a few hours later without doing my research.
I bet everyone who knows anything about USB ports and how they function knows how this story ends. Everyone else, bear with me.
The day the cord came in was the same day that I got another addition for my 3DS; my first amiibo. Instead of testing the cord right away, I instead proceeded to use the amiibo for a few hours, messing around and seeing how it worked with Smash Brothers. I'd temporarily forgot the cord. I now wish that I had forgot it entirely.
The next day, I remembered the cord, but at the same time, I wanted to continue training my amiibo. I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone. I opened up a USB microphone recording program on my computer, grabbed the cord, plugged one end into my laptop and the other into the 3DS.
Silence. Okay, that's to be expected. I focused on my computer screen, convinced the issue was on that side. When I couldn't find the mistake, 20 seconds had passed, and I figured it must be an error on the 3DS's side.
Yep. When I looked at it, both screens and the lights had shut off. Hmm. Did it suddenly die? I unplugged the cord from the audio jack and reached down to grab the power cord.
That's when I smelt it. It was the smell of something electrical burning. My first instinct was to toss it away from me into the center of the room. I sat there and stared at it, worried it was about to erupt into flames and trying to remember where the extinguisher was. Thankfully, nothing that drastic happened.
I instantly realized my mistake; the USB ports on a computer output power to the device they are using in order to transfer data. Audio jacks aren't meant to take in any, if only very little, power. I had fried the system's motherboard through the audio jack.
On the bright side, I had learned three things from this incident. One, read up about cords before using them with expensive new devices. Two, Gamestop will replace a broken system within a month of being purchased for free if it is an internal error. Three, an amiibo's data is easily carried over to another system.
On the other hand, I now had to make a 45 minute drive to the closet Gamestop, and although an amiibo's data carries over very easily, almost nothing on the microSD card does. I ended up having to call Nintendo's support and tell then half of the titles I had ever bought for my 3DS. I've had a DSi since 2007, and every DSiWare title I had bought was included in that list. That was around 100 titles at the time, so I sat there on the phone, struggling to come up with 50 game titles.
I haven't used the aforementioned cord ever since. Not even to test it.
TL;DR: Didn't do my research, fried my New 3DSXL's motherboard through the audio jack thinking I was really freaking clever. 3DS was replaced for free, but I lost over 7 years of save data.
EDIT: Spelling
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[MKDS] - Does anyone know if this can still be played over LAN?

Yo guys. Does anyone have MKDS that has tried playing it over LAN with a friend in the same location recently? Myself and the GF have just bought a DSi and a DS Lite, but I'm unsure if we'll be able to play together over LAN as they've shut down the online servers a few years back. Has anyone tried this in the past couple of years? I've scoured the net but can't find a definite answer. Is MK7 a better bet? Or does that suffer for the same reasons? Any help would be appreciated!
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Sportsbook Review Weekly - 3/27/18 (Tuesday)

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